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Darth Dreadwar

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Welcome, Lords and Ladies of the Sith, to Knights of the Eternal Empire: The True Sith Trials, the long-awaited sequel to The Old Sith Trials (2017-2020), The New Sith Trials (2016-2017), Senate Aflame (2013), Shadow War: Time's End (2011-2017), Shadow Trials (2010-2011), The Sith Wars Saga: Sith Trials II (2006-2008), Passage into Darkness: The Sith Trials (2005-2006), and the many other stories of the ABYverse role-playing and fanfiction continuity.

This is an official Eternal Sith Empire RPG, a formal, epic role-playing game which will advance the Empire's setting forward in time, expand the collaborative storytelling of our Empire, and add another chapter to the episodic saga of the Sith Trials.


Rules & Guidelines

  1. Keep all OOC chatter to a minimum. Only use OOC notes if accompanied by an IC post, and only if it is on-topic to the game. For OOC discussion, use the True Sith Trials OOC chat on Messenger, or the frequent voice & video calls on the Discord server.

  2. No godmoding. Godmoding encompasses a wide range of unacceptable role-playing behaviours, including creating an invincible or overpowered character, taking control of and writing the overall plot or environment oneself (which is the GM's job), taking control of another player's character without their permission (referred to as godmodding), or otherwise playing the RPG as if one has activated "Cheat mode" or "Godmode" in a video game, exerting excessive power or influence beyond one's own character.

    While most forms of godmoding are explicit, there can be more implicit but no less offensive forms, such as describing another player character as weak and cringing when they are actually standing tall and proud, or hurrying through the game at an excessive pace, such as navigating an entire tomb to successfully retrieve an objective in a single post, entirely bypassing the GM's ability to gradually unveil the environment you will be exploring, and its associated puzzles, traps and enemies.

  3. No autohitting. Autohitting is a form of godmoding wherein a player hits an enemy, whether it be a GM-controlled NPC or another player character, without permission from either the GM or the player. Instead, all attacks against an enemy must be described as attempted attacks, rather than successful attacks. The stats system, associated dice system, GM verdicts and the interplay of writing combat (such as attempting to trap an enemy into being unable to plausibly escape an attack without godmoding) will determine success, not you.

  4. No metagaming. Metagaming comprises a player character possessing knowledge he or she realistically should not. This includes 'meta' knowledge (out-of-universe knowledge) that the player would know but the character would not, such as knowledge of the role-playing mechanics and its implications for combat, knowledge of obscure Expanded Universe lore or game-related secrets that the character would not plausibly know (for example, the survival of the eponymous True Sith in the Unknown Regions), or knowledge of what another character is thinking, feeling or planning simply because another role-player described it in their post. While most examples are explicit, there can be more implicit forms; a player character who seems to conveniently know things, guess things, deduce things or escape things using what is clearly out-of-universe knowledge will not be long tolerated.

  5. No powergaming. Also known as munchkinry, powergaming is a form of metagaming wherein one uses one's out-of-universe knowledge of the role-playing system to play with the sole intent to acquire power or artifacts for purposes other than storytelling, exploit or attempt to break the rules of the game or the metaphysics of the Star Wars universe to acquire greater power than is realistic or immersive, or create a character that is solely designed to be the most powerful build possible using one's analysis of the stats system and dice system (called min-maxing). This can also include killing new, less powerful players in ways that do not seem plausible within the story, for the sole purpose of trolling or griefing them, stealing their loot or equipment, increasing one's power, etc.

    More subtle but frequent forms of powergaming include the creation of unrealistically excessive equipment inventories designed to give one's character an unfair advantage; such Character Sheets will be rejected during Character Sheet submission. While some degree of in-universe munchkinry, in the form of a genre-savvy or postmodern character liable to deconstruct fictional tropes or cliches, or simply an exceptionally intelligent one liable to pursue the most realistic or rational option, may be tolerated, this type of character must emerge from plausible in-universe origins, and a character who seems to have such traits tacked on purely to powergame may be rejected at Character creation.

  6. The GM is the ultimate and sole authority in this RPG. The GM is yours truly, the game creator; there may, or may not, be sub-GMs created at a later point. The GM has the final say in everything. That means there is absolutely no arguing with the GM, whether it be over a verdict in combat or other GM call, creative control of the overall story and environment, an element of the game mechanics not to your preference, the level assigned to you at game start, or friendly reminders to post in a timely manner.

    It also means you enter this game, and potentially depart this game, at the sole discretion of the GM. If I, and I alone, deem you to be a negative influence on the game, it will be my decision to remove you regardless of your standing in the wider Empire, and there will be no arguing with or appealing that decision. If I deem you to have been a negative influence in the Empire in the past, or otherwise likely to cause problems in the game, it will be solely my decision as to whether or not you join this game, regardless of your standing in the wider Empire, and I will brook no arguments or complaints over my decisions in these areas.

  7. All Character Sheets must be sent to me via PM (on the forums or Facebook Messenger) for approval. PM me to apply to join the game (alongside a writing sample if you are new to the Trials series and/or have not already received pre-approval to join), to receive your level if approved to join the game, and to receive approval for your Character Sheet upon completing it. Do not post a Character Sheet in this thread without GM approval. When you are approved to post your Character Sheet, post it both within this thread, and the forthcoming Campaign Guide resource thread.


The True Sith Trials is set in the year 157 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope), in the far-future of the galaxy known as the Legacy era. This era is part of the Expanded Universe continuity, also known as Legends; this means the events of the sequel trilogy are not part of the history of this continuity.

The reason the Legends continuity is used, rather than the new canon, is primarily due to the Legends continuity being more extensively developed than the new canon at present, the fact that the future of the Legends continuity is no longer being written and thus will not contradict the fanon of the Sith Trials games, and the precedent that official Star Wars role-playing adventure hooks and scenarios from Fantasy Flight Games still predominantly focus on the Legends continuity; thanks to this material, as well as the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic and other works, the Legends continuity continues to be developed, in a diminished capacity, under the Lucasfilm license in the Disney era. Nonetheless, following the example of both The Old Republic and Fantasy Flight Games, lore from the new canon, such as crossguard lightsabers in the style of Kylo Ren, may be freely utilised.

The Legacy era is built upon the Legacy comics by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons, Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, and the official role-playing campaign guide, the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, by Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey and Gary Astleford. The end of Legacy: War saw the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, supported by the stalwart Jedi Order, ascend as the dominant galactic government, while the dark acolytes of the New Sith Order, having scattered to the far corners of the Outer Rim following the death of Dread Lord Darth Krayt, infiltrated planetary governments as part of Darth Nihl’s plan to patiently rebuild the defeated Sith Empire, pledging that the Sith would again prevail.

Our game is set 17 years after Legacy Volume II, drawing on loose threads in the Expanse Universe and extrapolating from where Legends left off. Aside from the Legacy material, our games draw heavily on the following Expanded Universe works: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords developed by Chris Avellone and Obsidian Entertainment, the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide by Abel G. Peña, Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey and John Jackson Miller, Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side by Dan Wallace with contributions from Abel G. Peña, Cult Encounters by Joe Bongiorno & Rich Handley with contributions from Abel G. Peña, and Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon by Joe Bongiorno and edited by Edward Dodds with contributions from Abel G. Peña.

In past games in our fanon continuity, the fleeing Sith encountered an ancient evil beyond the Rim, the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Ku'ar Danar, who had awakened from temporal stasis in 5 ABY and remained hidden in the Unknown Regions ever since. Proclaiming himself the new Sith Emperor, Darth Dreadwar, the ancient wraith swiftly subjugated the New Sith Order, with the remaining leaders of the Sith, from Darth Talon to Darth Maladi, bending the knee before him.

Under Dreadwar's iron-fisted Rule of One, the Sith succeeded in reestablishing the Sith Empire across the Outer Rim, with Nihl's plan to infiltrate and subvert individual planetary governments succeeding in creating a loose, feudal regime. Signing an armistice with the still-fragile Federation, the Sith reinstituted the Sith Trials at their Temple on Korriban, to replenish their diminished ranks and prepare for the inevitable war. In 155 ABY, the time came to strike, and the Sith launched their invasion of Federation space. Yet despite recapturing Coruscant, slaughtering the Federation Senate and butchering the Jedi, disaster struck the Sith when Emperor Dreadwar vanished at the Battle of Empress Teta. The succeeding reign of Dreadwar's Night Herald, Darth Insipid, lasted only three weeks before he, too, vanished on a mission to find the lost monolith of Mortis.

The New Sith Order, and its fledgling Empire, swiftly split into factions in a cataclysmic civil war that lasted over a year; House turned against House, while splinter factions, from Darth Annihiless' Brotherhood of the Sith to Perkunas Loki's Academy of Thule, tore at the fractured Empire's frayed edges. No sooner had Dreadwar's Hand, Darth Apollyon, secured the loyalty of a plurality as Regent than Kára Volshe emerged from the shadows, using her clout as the newly revealed Empress of Dreadwar to carve out a swathe of territory to restore the New Galactic Empire, ultimately joining forces with Apollyon with the goal of unifying the Sith beneath her as Empress of the Sith.

The civil wars are now coming to an end, and stability is returning to the New Sith Order. Even against a fractured Sith Empire, the Federation remains in retreat. On holy Korriban, the Sith Trials start anew.

While a detailed fanon sits beneath us, familiarity with past games in the continuity is not necessary; neither is familiarity with canonical works of the Expanded Universe. It is typical for Sith Trials RPGs to feature a host of new players, and role-playing is designed with this in mind. However, for those curious about further details on the setting, both fanon and canon, the forthcoming True Sith Trials Campaign Guide will offer a more detailed look at the setting and its history to be perused—or not—at your leisure.

Orientation for New Players

Sith Trials is the formal role-playing counterpart to the Eternal Sith Empire fanclub. Much like role-playing within the Empire, gameplay takes the form of text-based role-playing, specifically called T1 role-playing, with each player advancing the story by posting updates within this thread, describing the thoughts, actions and feelings of their characters as if writing a chapter of a collaborative novel from their character's perspective. Other players contribute their own characters' actions and perspectives with their own posts, and the Gamemaster, or GM, provides the overall environment, direction and moderation of the game, including non-player characters, like the level design and artificial intelligence of a video game. A Sith Trials game can be best described as being akin to role-playing in the Empire, a role-playing video game such as Knights of the Old Republic, or tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons or the various Star Wars role-playing games.

However, Sith Trials is considerably more formal than most role-playing games within the Empire. Updates are expected to be at least two paragraphs in length, with a preference for detail and quality; many players write posts of considerable length, totalling thousands of words. Role-playing, accordingly, tends to be at a slower pace; an update is required every week by the customary deadline of Sunday night, responding to both your fellow players and the GM's weekly updates, which are typically posted at the start of the week.

Sith Trials is also of considerably greater size and length than role-playing games in the Empire. Where a role-playing game in the Empire tends to only last several months (out-of-universe), an episode of Sith Trials can take place over the period of a year to three years (out-of-universe); joining the game is thus a considerable commitment, to write what may often be over a thousand words a week for a period of a year or longer.

Sith Trials is also separated into multiple strands of storyline called “tagsets.” Each tagset is a group of different players, tagged separately from another grouping by the GM (although GM updates tend to include posts, and according tags, for multiple tagsets, each separated by a clear divider), usually correlating with a specific, separate location, adventure or quest. Each tagset is rather like a campaign in Dungeons & Dragons, or a chapter with a radically different point-of-view, location and characters within the same novel or film (such as The Lord of the Rings). However, tagsets are understood to be part of the same overall game, to be largely happening at the same time, and are flexible and fluid; most tagsets evolve and diverge from an initial, larger tagset, and many tagsets meet, combine, exchange players or collapse upon the completion of a quest or plotline.

For example, in The Old Sith Trials, one tagset consisted of a mission to the tomb of Naga Sadow, while another consisted of two assassins journeying to Korriban to assassinate one of the players within the former tagset, another consisted of a Sith acolyte beginning her first day of training at the Sith Academy, and another consisted of a Dark Jedi and his companions travelling to Korriban from Onderon. All four of these tagsets encountered and merged with each other at different times over the period of several months of role-playing, correlating to the passage of approximately one day in-game.

Separating in-character (IC) gameplay from out-of-character (OOC) interaction is absolutely necessary to play this game. From a logistical standpoint, we do so by using different notations. At the top of every post, before the main body of your writing, you should write the following:

IC: Your character's name
Your character's location

All of your writing beneath this header should be entirely in-character; no OOC commentary or explanations, even in parentheses, should be embedded within the text.

You should finish your post by tagging the other players in your tagset (not all players within the entire game; look to the tags within the GM's own update to see which players are in your tagset), as well as the GM, beneath the main body of your post. You do this by typing the @ sign, and the username of the player you wish to tag; their username will appear in a drop-down menu, allowing you to click on the player. This will mean they will receive a notification when you tag them (and vice versa). Use the following format when writing your tags:

TAG: @Another Player, @Another Player, etc​

You may write OOC commentary outside the main body of your post, either after the TAGs, or before the IC header. OOC commentary may include a list of abilities used during combat, a note of clarification, or simply a relevant comment. If you do write OOC commentary, use the format of the following example:

OOC: (Powers used: Force Lightning, Tutaminis.) I'm not diving behind Catalyst here, by the way, just hiding behind the rubble!​

More importantly, however, in-character and out-of-character interactions must be wholly separated in terms of mindset. Aside from the aforementioned rule barring metagaming, it is important to remember this is just a game, and that all in-character interactions are purely and strictly for storytelling purposes. In the Empire, role-playing is often casual, or merely an in-character overlay for primarily out-of-character dynamics for purposes of fun and immersion, particularly in social threads or chats. In Sith Trials, however, in-character immersion is absolute; players should play their characters entirely realistically and true-to-character, no matter where that takes them; given that all characters are Sith characters, this tends to mean that players should play their characters as the competitive, antagonistic, treacherous and murderous villains that they are.

In the Empire, executions accompany breaking the rules of the Empire, and have out-of-character significance; in Sith Trials, on the other hand, in-game death has no out-of-character meaning. A character might die because they got unlucky with a trap in a tomb, took the risk of fighting a player character of higher or approximately equal level, treated a higher-level player character with disrespect (which is not against the rules, merely suicidal) and that player chose to respond realistically and initiate combat, or simply because they encountered a particularly lethal non-player character or situation and did not flee.

Permanent death is one of the many realistic consequences within this game; the stakes are real, and if your character dies, you will have to reroll with a new character. That said, death is uncommon overall; particularly foolish or risky gameplay tends to be required to incur a lethal outcome, although any kind of combat, whether it be with a player character or a non-player character, does carry the risk of injury and death.

Tonally and stylistically, the game nurtures an atmosphere of brutal, grim maturity and gritty, true-to-life realism; Sith Trials games in recent years have been described as blending Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, an open-world RPG such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Game of Thrones. The plot will not be tweaked to save you from death. Story is not prioritised above realism. Every action you take has a consequence; the GM will not metagame to spare you from the most utterly realistic consequences to your actions, no matter how much he likes you out-of-character. Again, the separation between in-character and out-of-character is absolute.

At the same time, the GM will not metagame in favour of being excessively sadistic, either; gameplay is not intrinsically set against you. Rather, the game strives to be as realistic as possible, as if the Star Wars galaxy were a real place, as if you had been whisked from Earth and deposited onto the sands of how Korriban would actually be like rather than Korriban as a convenient plot device within a story, to fight, survive, thrive, love, hate and live as a Sith.

The rating of the game is equivalent to a film rating of R (Restricted), or a video game rating of M (Mature). Mature, dark and/or heavy themes and content, including but not limited to graphic violence, narcotic usage, profanity, sex, and disturbing encounters and backstories, are permitted within the writing, without use of content warnings or the like. That said, use of mature themes should be tasteful and literary in nature; X-rated smut is not the goal, nor is pointlessly offensive writing with the sole goal of being "edgy."

Character Creation

Game Mechanics & Statistics

The True Sith Trials boasts numerous improvements to its statistics system upon previous games. These include restoring several features from the original Sith Trials games, such as popular fanmade Force powers, special powers that can only be taught through training (or through holocrons), and level bottlenecks that may force players to kill players above them in order to advance. These include brand-new changes, such as a 50-level system (rather than a 10-level or 20-level system) for less crowding at higher levels and more rapid level advancement, a far larger pool of abilities to choose from including every canonical Force power in the lore, a far more sophisticated and specialised class system with numerous classes, Prestige Classes, subclasses and skill trees, the potential to combine Force powers to unlock new ones, Attributes in the style of Knights of the Old Republic or Dungeons & Dragons, a Companion system, and a dice system to moderate combat.

This new statistics system is elaborated upon, section-by-section, below. Peruse this section in detail to build your Character Sheet, using the Character Sheet Template provided at the end of the post.

In order to retain the atmosphere of the original Sith Trials games, only Force-sensitive Sith characters will be accepted. Exceptions may be provided only if the character in question is a vital character returning from a previous installation of Trials, with other options exhausted, as such an exception would necessitate the GM to create, and test for balance, an entirely custom class build; such an exception would thus be extremely rare.

All Character Sheets must conform to the new statistics system; with the expansion in the list of abilities, there is no longer any cause to deviate from the template.

In addition, to prevent overcrowding of multiple tagsets and slowing of response times, secondary characters will no longer be allowed; a player's main character (typically one's main character in the Empire) will be a player's only character. For those who enjoy character-building, the equivalent of secondary characters can be found within the new Companions feature. Exceptions to this restriction may be made with extreme rarity, only if the secondary character is deemed a vital or important character returning from a previous installation of Trials, and only if the player has demonstrated the ability to keep up with the weekly update schedule with their main character for a period of several months or longer.

Combat Mechanics & Dice

The True Sith Trials uses a core mechanic to resolve actions that cannot be intuitively or fairly decided by the GM or decided by the player without godmoding or autohitting: the GM rolling a virtual d20 die (an online, entirely random number generator, set between 1 and 20) on behalf of the player. In most cases, the use of dice applies to combat mechanics. Unlike Dungeons & Dragons or Knights of the Old Republic, your (the player’s) ability to persuade an enemy, or a fellow player, will come down to how well you can actually write persuasive dialogue or construct a powerful argument. Similarly, your ability to figure out, say, a puzzle in a tomb will depend on how good you are at actually solving puzzles, and how hard you try to solve it out-of-character, not your character’s arbitrary Intelligence score.

But in combat and other select situations (at the discretion of the GM), where the stakes are high against GM-controlled NPCs and fellow players alike and maximum fairness is appropriate, a roll of a d20 die, performed by the GM in response to a player’s attempted (remember, no godmoding, no autohitting) action, provides a useful pointer—a guideline for the GM, not a dogmatic mechanical rule—to resolve whether your character succeeded or failed at a task (e.g. an attack, the use of a skill or ability, or an attempt to save your character from harm).

The core mechanic works as follows:
  • You write your post, as usual, describing your attempted action.
  • When the GM writes an update in response (this may take the form of a necessary miniature update, in the case of rapidfire player versus player combat, but will ordinarily be the usual weekly GM update), the GM rolls a virtual d20.
  • The GM adds relevant modifiers.
  • The GM compares the result to a target number.
  • If the result equals or exceeds the target number (set by the GM or given in the rules), your character succeeds at the task at hand; if the result is lower than the target number, you fail.
  • The GM will notify you of your roll, and success/failure, in an OOC note attached to his update, as well as write accordingly, of course, in the in-character text of his update.
Overall, you do not need to worry about finicky statistics, modifiers and dice; like the turn-based combat in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, dice rolls are designed to be essentially “invisible” so as to not interrupt the flow or immersion of the game. The GM knows how it works, the GM will be doing all the work for you when it comes to dice, and you can concentrate on writing and enjoying the game as if it were merely a work of collaborative fanfiction; the only thing you need to pay attention to, once you’ve created your Character Sheet, is the in-character content of the GM’s updates, his out-of-character instructions/notifiers, and your fellow players’ updates.

However, if you are particularly curious about the nitty-gritty of how the dice, game mechanics and number-crunching work behind-the-scenes, you may peruse the elaboration of the system in the forthcoming True Sith Trials Campaign Guide. This is not necessary to begin character creation, however, and numerous elements of the system's mechanics are concealed (known only to myself and one other) in order to prevent powergaming and min-maxing.


If you so choose, you may make a party of up to six Companion characters to accompany your Player Character. Companion characters serve as analogues to secondary characters or player-created NPCs; however, you are restricted to bringing to only one Companion with you on a tagset at a time, and the Companion must remain within the same tagset as the player (as far as gameplay allows). Non-Force-sensitive Companions do not possess Force powers (or the ability to skillfully use a lightsaber), and thus do not require formal Skills in the True Sith Trials game mechanics, although have health equivalent to a player character of a given Level, so their Level may be specified as if they were a Player Character. Force-sensitive Companions, who do possess formal Skills in the True Sith Trials game mechanics, are possible as well, and Character Creation for these Companions is otherwise identical to building a Player Character. Regardless, a Companion must be of no greater than half level (rounding up to the nearest level) of the Player Character.

Companions may be listed, in simple summary form, in the Companions section of a player's Character Sheet. Alternatively, you can create full Character Sheets for the Companions and post them in the Campaign Guide, and provide links to these Companion Sheets in the Companions section of your Player Character Sheet.

Level Charts

LEVEL 1 - Equivalent to Level 1
(8 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 2 (9 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 3 (10 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 4 (11 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 5 - Equivalent to Level 2 (12 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 6 (13 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 7 (14 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 8 (15 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 9 (16 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 10 - Equivalent to Level 3 (17 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 11 (18 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 12 (19 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 13 (20 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 14 (21 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 15 - Equivalent to Level 4 (22 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 16 (23 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 17 (24 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 18 (25 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 19 (26 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 20 - Equivalent to Level 5 (36 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 21 (38 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 22 (40 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 23 (42 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 24 (44 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 25 - Equivalent to Level 6 (50 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 26 (55 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 27 (60 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 28 (65 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 29 (70 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 30 - Equivalent to Level 7 (75 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, only 5 players may occupy this level, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 31 (80 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, only 5 players may occupy this level, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 32 (85 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, only 5 players may occupy this level, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 33 (90 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, only 5 players may occupy this level, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 34 (95 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, only 5 players may occupy this level, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 35 - Equivalent to Level 8 (100 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, only 4 players may occupy this level, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 36 (110 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, only 3 players may occupy this level, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 37 (120 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, only 3 players may occupy this level, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 38 (130 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, only 3 players may occupy this level, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 39 (140 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, only 2 players may occupy this level, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 40 - Equivalent to Level 9 (150 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, only 2 players may occupy this level, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 41 (170 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 42 (190 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 43 (210 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 44 (230 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 45 - Equivalent to Level 10 (250 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 46 (300 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 47 (350 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 48 (400 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 6 Godlikes)
LEVEL 49 (450 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 6 Godlikes)
LEVEL 50 - New Level Cap (500 Skill Points, 120 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 7 Godlikes)


At Level 1, you may spend 60 points to buy your preferred attribute ratings. 10 points in an attribute reflects an average rating (for example, a character with 10 points in Strength is a moderately strong individual). Less than 10 points reflects a below-average rating (for example, a character with 5 points in Dexterity is a particularly clumsy individual). More than 10 points reflects an above-average rating (for example, a character with 15 points in Manipulation is a particularly persuasive individual), with 20 points representing the maximum possible (for example, a character with 20 points in Intelligence is an unparalleled genius).

Attributes may not be increased to 14 until character is Level 10.
Attributes may not be increased to 16 until character is Level 20.
Attributes may not be increased to 18 until character is Level 30.
Attributes may not be increased to 20 until character is Level 40.

    Strength refers to one’s raw physical prowess. In Sith belonging to most organic races, particularly of humanoid configuration, this results from intensive and strenuous daily training, such as running obstacle courses and performing kata in training rooms, and the innate and unnatural augmentation of the Force. Some exotic species, such as Celegians, may have very little strength, while others, such as Shards, may have essentially no strength of their own, but can utilise droid bodies with pistons capable of overpowering any organic muscle. Cybernetic limbs, in the case of cyborg characters, also bestow greater strength than the organic baseline, as do the phenomenal musculatures of certain exceptionally large or brawny races, such as Houks.

    A more martially oriented character, such as a warrior or marauder, stands the most to benefit from inculcating greater strength; the stronger a character is, the more powerful and effective their lightsaber strikes and other melee attacks are, useful for most lightsaber forms and martial arts.

    Force Power refers to one’s innate strength in the Force; the extent of their natural Force-sensitivity; their luminous presence in that great energy that binds together all life and matter. It is often measured by a simple blood test that counts the number of midichlorians within one’s cells. Force Power is not inflexible; traumatic injury and the replacement of body parts with cybernetics can result in a reduction of one’s natural potential, such as the fate that befell Darth Vader and Lumiya, and, according to the theories of Darth Plagueis, Force Drain may affect one’s innate Force strength via triggering a mass die-off of midichlorians.

    A higher Force Power score not only allows for greater willpower when it comes to defending oneself against hostile uses of the Force and other spiritual rigours, but directly correlates with the effectiveness and strength of one’s own utilisation of most Force abilities, from telekinesis to Force Lightning.

    Dexterity encompasses general deftness, nimbleness, agility, finesse, speed and adroitness of reflexes, and precision in performing tasks, especially with the hands. Many Sith hone their dexterity through physical training, running obstacle courses and assembling and disassembling weapons; others nurture agility through habitual acrobatics, often enhanced by the unnatural augmentation of the Force.

    A clumsy character is likely to lack dexterity; a Sith who eschews conventional weapons in favour of becoming an expert sharpshooter, on the other hand, is likely to benefit from their dexterous use of a blaster or other ranged weapon, and dexterity is of particular benefit to lightsaber wielders specialising in either Makashi, which requires precision and finesse, or Ataru, which requires great agility and speed. Certain Force powers, such as Force Speed, often require phenomenal reaction time.

    Intellect encompasses all attributes of the mind, from raw intelligence to reasoning ability, knowledge, and familiarity with various academic disciplines and fields of interest. A brainy Sith is often the opposite of a brawny one, although there are exceptions who excel at both. Scholarly Sith often dedicate their time to reading books rather than physical training, honing their intellect as they pour over scrolls of ancient lore, chronicles of galactic history, and compendiums of dark science.

    Intellectual characters are not only more generally knowledgeable and intelligent than their rivals, but better able to learn the arcane arts of ancient Sith sorcery from tomes and spellbooks, and practice the Sith alchemical arts of creating genetic aberrations.

    Constitution refers to one’s endurance, stamina and overall vitality. Whether it be through the innate healthiness of their bodies, the intense physical exercise they have put themselves through, or a tough-as-nails habituation to injury, disease, hunger and thirst built up through years of rigorous experience and battle, a Sith with greater constitution than his rivals is a difficult one to kill.

    Manipulation refers to one’s skill in manipulating and persuading others, one’s guile, glib, charm, deceptive ability, acting ability, oratorical skill and other tools of the trade in navigating hierarchies, bending social situations to one’s will, and rising to the top of the pack. Whether one be a sly, oozing deceiver adept at knowing the time to treacherously strike, or an honourable nobleman swathed in natural charisma, a Sith with the ability to work the masses and one’s peers alike is a Sith with a weapon like no other, a weapon as smooth as frill syrup and as sweet as Githany’s poisoned kiss.

    A Sith with potent manipulative ability is often more adept at seduction—whether it be tempting a Jedi to the dark side or seducing a lover to bed—and the arts of psychological warfare known as Dun Möch, as well as Force-fuelled hypnotism, suggestion and mental domination.

    Perception refers to one’s general awareness of their surroundings, prescience, alertness, and ability to utilise mundane senses, from eyesight to hearing, to their maximum. While a Sith’s ability to perceive their surroundings is often augmented by extrasensory perception, one’s innate awareness, and ability to filter signals from the noise, is vital in terms of interpreting and analysing one’s circumstances or surroundings.

    A Sith more perceptive than another may be more likely to notice important details, whether it be an inscription that stands out from a wall of hierogylphs and allows them to diffuse a deadly snare, or notice potential danger creeping around the corner. It can also be useful when using powers of clairvoyance or farsight.

    Destiny refers to how in-tune one is with the will of the Force, that mystical energy field that some Sith believe controls all destiny. While not all Sith believe in such a concept, seeing the Force as subservient to the will of the individual and seeking naturalistic explanations such as instinctual precognition, it is undeniable that some Force-users appear luckier than others, as if guided by the invisible hand of fate.

    A Sith with a powerful destiny is seemingly supernaturally fortunate, and is deeply immersed in the Cosmic Force, allowing greater power of foresight and prophecy. There might be no such thing as luck - but there is the Force.

Skill Points

Degrees of Proficiency:

– Ability not known. The player cannot use this Skill, and does not need to list this Skill in the Skills section of their Character Sheet.
1 – Novice. The player is able to use the Skill at a low degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Acolyte or Jedi Padawan just beginning their training.
2 – Intermediate. The player is able to use the Skill with some degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Apprentice or Dark Jedi with moderate training, such as Kylo Ren from the new canon.
3 – Advanced. The player is able to use the Skill with advanced proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Darth Vader and Darth Tyranus within the films and the Legends Expanded Universe in their preferred feats.
4 – Master. The player is able to use the Skill with masterful proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Emperor Palpatine within the Legends Expanded Universe in most feats.
5 – Grand Master. The player is able to use the Skill with ultimate proficiency, approximately representing a gestalt of the most powerful and extreme examples of the feat in Legends Expanded Universe lore.

Skill Point Limitations:

Skills may not be increased to 2 until character is Level 10.
Skills may not be increased to 3 until character is Level 20.
Skills may not be increased to 4 until character is Level 30.
Skills may not be increased to 5 until character is Level 40.


Base Classes are available to all. Subclasses are available at Level 10. Prestige Classes are strictly optional classes, specialising in obscure niches with unique prerequisites, available at varying levels.

Base Classes:

Sith Warrior
Warriors are the martial element of the Sith, training rigorously for combat with a particular focus paid to the exquisite art of the lightsaber. Darth Vader and Darth Malgus are among history’s most famous Sith Warriors. Warriors benefit from a +1 bonus to their Strength and Constitution Attributes.​
Sith Assassin
Assassins seek to learn the art of stealth and espionage, and they train in many non-Force related skills in order to be more versatile. Darth Talon and Darth Maul are among history’s most famous Sith Assassins. Assassins benefit from a +1 bonus to their Dexterity and Perception Attributes.​
Sith Sorcerer
Sorcerers concern themselves primarily with academic study of the Force and understanding its properties, as well as studying and chronicling the history of the Sith. Darth Sidious and Naga Sadow are among history’s most famous Sith Sorcerers. Sorcerers do not gain any bonuses to their Attributes.​

Subclasses (Available at Level 10+):

Sorcerer Subclasses:

Sith Thaumaturge
Taking after the Sorcerers of Tund and the Naddists of Onderon, Thaumaturges are pure mages, dedicating themselves to reciting and casting ancient Sith spells gleaned from the dusty pages of forgotten grimoires.​
Sith Alchemist
Taking after the eldritch artisans of the Ninûshwodzakut and the master beast-summoners of the Hundred-Year Darkness, Alchemists dedicate themselves to the manipulation of inanimate matter and the twisting of life into new forms.​
Sith Elementalist
Taking after the Shapers of Kro Var and the Sith Sorcerers of Vitiate’s Empire, Elementalists are storms of nature, foregoing finer arcane mastery in favour of sheer elemental power over the Force, from lightning and fire to earth and water.​
Sith Prophet
Taking after the Prophets of the Dark Side, Sith Prophets or Prophetesses are sinister seers and reclusive hermits, peeling back layers of reality to see realms and places far away - and far in the future.​
Sith Inquisitor
Taking after the fanatical Inquisitorius of Palpatine’s regime, Sith Inquisitors serve the Empire with an almost religious fervour, specialising in mentally probing their victims for traces of disloyalty, indoctrinating the weak, and torturing the unfaithful.​
Sith Illusionist
Taking after the ancient Sith sorcerers of the Golden Age and the Krath magicians of Empress Teta, Sith Illusionists impose their imagination upon the universe, conjuring mind-pulverising illusions that verge on astral creations of raw reality.​
Warrior Subclasses:

Sith Marauder
Taking after the Sith Marauders of the Sith Triumvirate, Sith Marauders are violent, bloodthirsty dark side warriors who use their rage, the dark side, and an arsenal of weapons to swiftly eviscerate their enemies; many dual-wield lightsabers or use more exotic lightsaber variants such as double-bladed lightsabers and lightwhips.​
Sith Juggernaut
Taking after the Sith Juggernauts of Vitiate’s Empire and the various cyborg Jedi-Killers of Palpatine’s era, Sith Juggernauts are hulks of muscle, flesh and even metal, able to overpower their foes through brute strength and power through incredible injury.​
Sith Conqueror
Taking after the Sith Conquerors of Vitiate’s Empire and the Sith officers of Revan’s regime, Sith Conquerors are the sharp military minds that conceive of the most cunning war strategies and battle tactics.​
Sith Saber
Taking after the Sith Sabers of the Lost Tribe of Sith and the Sith Duelists of Vitiate’s Empire, Sith Sabers are duelling champions dedicated to the art of the lightsaber above all else.​
Sith Paladin
Taking after the Paladins of Naddist Onderon, the noble Sith Knights of the Mecrosa and the Krath Holy Crusaders, Sith Paladins are dark knights who serve the Empire with religious conviction and unbreakable loyalty; like the Knights of Zakuul, their zealotry is rewarded with unique power in the Force that makes them difficult to beat on the field of battle, and can choose up to three light side powers.​
Sith Mauler
Taking after the Sith Brutes of Vitiate’s Empire and the thuggish Sith cult known as the Maulers, Sith Maulers use their fists, feet and body to overpower their enemies, mastering brutal hand-to-hand combat or martial arts such as Teräs Käsi.​
Assassin Subclasses:

Sith Stalker
Taking after the Sith Assassins of the Sith Triumvirate and the Sith Shadow Stalkers of Vitiate’s Empire, Sith Stalkers are masters of stealth and subtlety, cloaking themselves from the Force and the senses as they pursue their prey.​
Sith Watcher
Taking after the Sith Watchers of Vitiate’s Empire and the political masterminds of Bane’s line, Sith Watchers are infiltrators and double-agents who use guile, subterfuge and manipulation to subvert enemy governments from within.​
Sith Brawler
Taking after the infamous Hands of Emperor Palpatine, Sith Brawlers are unscrupulous agents and dirty fighters who use anything they can get their hands on to kill their targets, from blasters to vibroshivs to lightsabers.​
Sith Slayer
Taking after the Sith Slayers of Vitiate’s Empire and the various infamous Jedi hunters throughout history, Sith Slayers are highly trained executioners adept at one singular goal: finding and killing Jedi in one-on-one combat.​
Sith Poisoner
Taking after the infamous poisoners of the Sith Mecrosa Order, Sith Poisoners are specialists who combine alchemy, science and assassination to kill their foes without ever needing to lay hands on a lightsaber.​
Sith Spy
Taking after the Sith spies of the Brotherhood of Darkness and Sith Intelligence & Assassination in Krayt’s Empire, Sith Spies are secret agents who retrieve intelligence, sabotage enemies, and kill their foes through cunning preparation, exotic tactics and advanced technology.​

Prestige Classes:

Sith Necromancer (Requires Level 25+, Sith Alchemist or Sith Thaumaturge)
Through blending spellcasting and alchemy, Sith Necromancers tap into the powers of death and dying, invoking the spirits of ancient Sith Lords and raising the corpses of the fallen.​
Sith Warlock (Requires Level 25+, Sith Elementalist, Six Lightsaber Forms)
Battle mages who bend the Force to martial ends, Sith Warlocks are able to learn up to five skills from the Warrior path, as well as their own unique combat-oriented abilities.​
Sith Shadow Guard (Requires Level 35+, Sith Assassin, Six Lightsaber Forms)
Taking after the legendary Shadow Guard of Palpatine's Empire, these black-robed Jedi-killers are well-trained in the usage of lightsabers, and receive a +2 Attack bonus and +1 Damage bonus when using a lightsaber pike. Shadow Guard are able to learn up to five skills from the Warrior path, as well as their own unique martial abilities.​
Sith Wizard (Requires Level 25+, Sith Elementalist or Sith Thaumaturge, Male)
Druidic mages who have mastered the Living Force, Sith Wizards are able to learn up to five skills from either the Elementalist or Thaumaturge paths (whichever their subclass isn't), as well as one skill from the Necromancer path, as well as their own unique nature-based abilities.​
Sith Witch (Requires Level 25+, Sith Elementalist or Sith Alchemist, Female)
Herbs and potions are powerful tools in the hands of Nightsister Sith witches, whose mastery of the natural world allow them to learn up to four skills from either the Elementalist or Alchemist paths (whichever their subclass isn't), as well as up to two skills from the Necromancer path, as well as their own unique nature-based abilities.​
Sith Technomage (Requires Level 25+, Sith Alchemist, Cyborg)
More machine than man, Sith cyborgs are able to understand the relationship between the organic and the synthetic more than any other; some become powerful Technomages able to manipulate machinery with the Force.​
Sith Sharpshooter (Requires Level 25+, Sith Brawler, or, any class but with No Lightsaber Forms and a Ranged Weapon)
Whether gunslingers or snipers, Sith Sharpshooters specialise in mastery of the blaster or other ranged weapons (such as bowcasters and energy bows), using the Force to achieve supernatural accuracy and speed.​
Sith Archon (Requires Level 25+, Alignment Good or Neutral, Sith Sorcerer)
Taking after the Sith Archons of Vitiate's Empire, these religious fanatics are either former Jedi who pursued the light so fanatically they became malevolent or bizarrely selfless servants of the dark side, able to call upon the unique divine powers of the mythological Immortal Gods of the Sith and/or up to five light side powers.​
Sith Masterblade (Requires Level 25+, Sith Warrior, No Lightsaber or Lightsaber Forms)
Taking after the Bladeborn cult of old, a Sith Masterblade eschews lightsabers in favour of bladed melee weapons such as Sith Tremor Swords. The Masterblade possesses unique powers over the blade, and can learn how to forge ancient Sith weapons from the Sith Alchemist tree.​
Sith Artificer (Requires Level 25+, Sith Alchemist)
Alchemists dedicated to the forgery of artifacts and weapons above all else, Artificers receive three free Skill Points each in Create Sith Weapon and Create Sith Artifact up to their level cap, and can use unique powers specific to their class.​
Sith Shadow Mage (Requires Level 25+, Sith Assassin, no more than two Lightsaber Forms, no Wookiees)
Taking after the Sith Shadows cult of Dathomir under Nightbrother Mellichae and the Shadow Magic coven of Nightsister Gethzerion, Shadow Mages are assassins who tap so fully into the darkness that they are capable of manipulating it beyond their peers. Shadow Mages receive three free Skill Points each in the Sith spells Waves of Darkness and Spell of Concealment up to their level cap, and can learn three additional abilities from the Sith Sorcerer path.​
Sith Enchantress (Requires Level 35+, Sith Sorcerer, Female, insanity or mental illness)
As beguiling as the cosmos on the outside, as rotten as hoary Abeloth on the inside, Enchantresses are seductive suzeraines of the beyond who can see past the veil of death and dying, and hypnotise their victims with their starry gaze. Chokla, member of the Five, is an example of the Enchantress class. Enchantresses gain up to four powers from either the Necromancer or Prophetess paths (with the exception of Darksight), as well as unique abilities specific to their class.​
Sith Hermit (Requires Level 40+, Sith Sorcerer or Sith Assassin, Male, insanity or mental illness)
Insane anchorites, mad monks and solitary wanderers, Hermits are reclusive Sith, often of exalted prior rank, skulking on the periphery of society; they can often be found in the tombs of the Valley of the Dark Lords, driven mad by the energies of the dark side, the heat of Korriban's wilds, or simply the isolation of exile. The mad prophet Spindrall and former Academy Headmaster Jorak Uln are examples of the Hermit class. Hermits gain up to four powers from any of the following categories: whichever their base class isn't (Sith Sorcerer if base class is Assassin, Sith Assassin if base class is Sorcerer), the Prophet or Necromancer subclasses (with the exception of Godlikes), as well as unique abilities specific to their class.​


All Force skills are listed below. Esoteric or obscure skills, without descriptions, are linked to Wookieepedia for further reading about the skill. Skills are divided into three broad categories; Lightsaber Combat, Force Powers and Sith Magic. Skills with the label UNIQUE are special skills that only GM NPCs possess, and can be taught to players through encountering the right NPCs and completing quests for them. Skills with the label FREE are skills that do not require additional points to purchase, such as combination powers that alter or add to pre-existing skills. Skills with the label GODLIKE automatically cost 10 points to purchase at any level. Certain Skills have requirements, such as level requirements, Class requirements, Skill requirements or more niche prerequisites.

Lightsaber Combat

Form I - Shii-Cho

Simple and relentless. Bold and kinetic. Somewhat slow. This skill is necessary to learn to use a lightsaber without injury.

Form II - Makashi (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Quick and precise. Elegant and efficient, emphasizing leverage through footwork and positioning. Lacking in brute strength.

Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Tight and efficient. Defensive and quick. Lacking in offense.

Form IV - Ataru (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Aggressive and acrobatic. Fast and strong. Inefficient and tiring.

Form V - Shien/Djem So (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Domination and strength through leverage. Good defense and punishing counterattacks. Less mobile than other forms.

Form VI - Niman (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Balanced and versatile. A combination of each form with no notable strengths and no glaring weaknesses, often used best in conjunction with the Jar'Kai technique.

Form VII - Juyo/Vaapad (Requires Sith Warrior, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Aggressive and unpredictable. Strength through open, kinetic attacks. Less defensively sophisticated than other forms, relying on speed and aggression to ward off counterattacks.

Jar'Kai (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
The ability to wield two (or more, if physiology permits) lightsabers at the same time, or use a double-bladed lightsaber. The Jar'Kai tactic becomes its own form when used in conjunction with Niman.

Tràkata (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
The skill to use a lightsaber's ability to rapidly deactivate and reactivate in combat, allowing for deadly trickery.

Mounted Lightsaber Combat (Requires Vehicle or appropriate Pet, Companion or similar, Form I - Shii-Cho)
The skill to use a lightsaber while mounted, whether on a vehicle such as a swoop bike or an animal mount such as a Tauntaun.

Trispzest (Requires Flying Species, Jet-pack or Repulsorlift Carriage or similar flight technology, or Force Flight, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Drawing on elements of Ataru, Juyo and traditional S'kytri aerial dueling, Trispzest is a unique form of aerial lightsaber combat used predominantly by flying species.

Praetoria Vonil (Requires Sith Warrior, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Developed by the Imperial Knights, this style focuses on moving quickly and striking hard with one's lightsaber while placing greater emphasis on teamwork than on one's individual prowess.

Praetoria Ishu (Requires Sith Warrior, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Developed by the Imperial Knights, this defensive style focuses on protecting the allies of the wielder so that they might find openings in an opponent's defenses. Like the more aggressive Praetoria Vonil, it places a greater emphasis on teamwork than on one's individual prowess.

Saber Throw (Requires Telekinesis, Form I - Shii-Cho)
The ability to throw one's lightsaber like a boomerang, striking an enemy before telekinetically returning to the hand.

Saber Barrier (Requires Telekinesis, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Typically used by dual-wielders, this technique allows the user to create a deadly barrier of lightsabers telekinetically whirling around them.

Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat (Requires Level 25+, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier)
The ability to telekinetically hold aloft a lightsaber or multiple lightsabers with precision and skill enough to wield them in combat.

Focus Discipline (Requires Sith Warrior, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Through entering a light meditative state during combat, the user is able to deal greater damage during lightsaber combat, hybridising the Force with their chosen lightsaber form.

Stance Discipline (Requires Sith Warrior, Form I - Shii-Cho)
Through entering a light meditative state, the user positions their bodies in such a way as to channel the Force in order to increase defense and decrease the amount of damage taken in combat, making defense and evasion easier. A master of stance discipline can draw out a battle for hours until they find a position to overwhelm the enemy.

Alter Damage (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
This technique allows the user to alter the damage inflicted by their lightsaber upon an enemy; through the Force, the user can reduce the damage incurred by an enemy, making the difference between a lethal and a disabling strike against living and non-living opponents alike.

Force Powers


Augmentation entails a wide variety of effects of Force-training upon the body, including enhanced stamina, increased strength and greater speed. While most darksiders are unnaturally physically fit to some degree, the most proficient users of these techniques are veritable superhumans.
Force Jump (Requires Augmentation)
Also known as Force Leap, the user propels themselves with the Force to perform otherwise impossible leaps, both horizontally and vertically, allowing them to easily close the distance in combat or reach high elevations. The most proficient users are able to leap hundreds of feet into the air or jump across city skylines as if skyscrapers were stepping stones.

Force Body (Requires Sith Warrior, Augmentation)
The user pushes their body’s endurance past the safe limit, ignoring and sacrificing their health and wellbeing in order to sustain their connection to the dark side. The ability requires a very powerful connection to the Force, and with this users can survive what would otherwise kill them, as well as survive attempts to sever them from the Force.

Enhance Attribute (Requires Sith Warrior, Augmentation)
Enhance Attribute is an ability that allows the user to increase a physical attribute for a limited amount of time, allowing them to move or react faster, see better, hear better, or similar. However, it can only enhance one attribute at a time.

Force Speed
Also known as Burst of Speed, Force Dash, Force Sprint, Force Run, Force Quickness or Surge, this ability allows the practitioner to attain and maintain excessively fast sprinting speeds via the augmentation of the leg muscles or equivalent. More skilled users perceive their surroundings as slower relative to their speed of thought, allowing them to dodge and attack more accurately and react with the alacrity required for their rapid motion. With greater skill, the practitioner can scale steep inclines, including vertical cliffs, and the most proficient users can run faster than the naked eye can track, as if simply vanishing into thin air, the world around them a blur, easily crossing over 100 meters in less than a second. The ability can also be used to strike and attack the enemy with extreme speed. However, there is a drawback to using this power; using Force Speed has a draining effect on the user's energy and metabolism, and requires a longer recovery period.

Force Sense
Among the most basic of Force abilities, Force Sense entails a Force user's ability to perceive through the Force, beyond the limits of the physical senses. The user is typically able to supernaturally sense their immediate surroundings, such as the presence of other beings or the signatures of other Force-sensitives (unless hidden). At lower degrees of proficiency, the user must stretch out with their feelings and extend their awareness into the Force around them. At higher degrees of proficiency, the user's sensing abilities are greatly expanded in size, more sensitive to ripples or shifts in the Force such as those stemming from events occurring far away, and are passively active at all times.
Farsight (Requires Force Sense)
Also known as Clairvoyance or Farseeing, this ability falls into a spectrum of related phenomena known as Force visions, and allows the user to gain vague impressions or visions of events happening in distant places through tapping into the currents of the Cosmic Force. Those skilled in this technique are capable of detecting when allies and apprentices are in danger, examining details of past events, and glimpsing outside forces that might affect battle. At lower degrees of proficiency, visions typically appear without control or intention, in dreams or long meditation, rarely more than once a week. Advanced users are able to actively probe the Force through farsight, hoping for a glimpse of places far away. The most proficient users can project their awareness beyond their body for a short period of time (akin to astral projection) to complete reconnaissance of a foreign or hostile area, and can tap into farsight at will with great degree of precision and control, scrying on individuals parsecs away or even tracking down an elusive quarry across the galaxy simply by concentrating on them.
Mind Walking (Requires Level 25+, Sith Prophet, Farsight)

Precognition (Requires Force Sense)
Also known as Foresight, Premonition, or Danger Sense or Battle Precognition in the context of combat, this ability falls into a spectrum of related phenomena known as Force visions, and allows the user to gain insight into the future. Users of lower proficiency are capable of sensing danger before it occurs, predicting opponents' moves in battle to an uncanny degree, and may involuntarily receive Force visions of possible futures in meditation or dream states or be unconsciously guided by the dark side to the most fortuitous outcomes (frequently mistaken for luck by ordinary sapients). At high degrees of proficiency, users can willingly see into the future by tapping into the Cosmic Force (particularly in meditation), and possess a degree of foresight so remarkable in both time range, detail and accuracy that the outcomes, possibilities or dangers of many events can become apparent to them, allowing them to plan accordingly; the most powerful precognitives are even able to see millennia into the future.
GODLIKE Darksight (Requires Level 35+, Sith Prophet, Precognition, Battle Meditation)
A terrifying ability mastered by the mysterious sorcerers of Rhand, this technique allows the user to not only see into the future, but to nudge the probabilities of the future in their direction; the user is able to plot a course through time to see their desired outcome to fruition, and impose their will on reality to help make it so. In battle, the user appears to follow a preternatural path to victory; enemies attacking the user find themselves losing the battle, even in unlikely ways, without knowing why. The power has implications far beyond battle, however, allowing the user to see, follow and realise the path to victory or the achievement of their goals on extensive time scales.

Force Sight (Requires Force Sense)
Also known as Force Seeing, or Combat Sense in the context of combat, this ability falls into a spectrum of related phenomena known as Force visions, and allows the user to see through the Force. The vision achieved through Force Sight is akin to ordinary vision in accuracy, if more hazy and absent ordinary colour, but allows the user to see around corners or through walls into other rooms or locations; the user is able to distinguish life from non-life, and can furthermore see the being's alignment in the Force and emotions, with the dark side and corresponding emotions such as anger, greed, fear and hatred being typically perceived as red, and the light side and corresponding emotions such as serenity, peace and compassion being typically perceived as blue. Those of the highest proficiency possess a Force Sight far beyond ordinary sight, allowing them to see at great distance. Some species, such as the Miraluka, solely see the world through Force Sight; overuse of Force Sight by humans and other species can result in their eyes atrophying through disuse.

Instinctive Astrogation (Requires Force Sense)
This technique permits the user to find a fast, safe route through hyperspace without the help of a navigation computer or astromech droid. The user reaches out with the Force to determine the safest path from the myriad possibilities available.
Instinctive Astrogation Control (Requires Level 20+, Instinctive Astrogation)
Instinctive Astrogation Control is a more complex and esoteric form of Instinctive Astrogation in which the user, rather than sensing a safe course, uses the Force to enhance their cognitive abilities, allowing them to calculate incredibly complex mathematical equations of hyperspace navigation in their heads. It is not used frequently, due to the fact that even the most advanced practitioners are subject to potentially deadly mistakes in their calculations, but the most proficient users are able to chart new hyperspace lanes in ways that instinctive navigators cannot.

Reaching out with the Force, the user is able to manipulate the movement of objects with the power of the mind. At the lowest degree of proficiency, great concentration is required to pull a lightsaber to the hand (known as Force Pull or Force Tug) or move a small training sphere (known as Move Object or Object Manipulation). Those of advanced ability are able to hurl loose shrapnel or larger objects at enemies (known as Force Throw or Pummel), move and hold enemies themselves (known as Force Lift, Force Grip or Force Slam), or attempt to pull an enemy’s weapons from their grasp (known as Force Disarm). The most powerful telekinetic masters can even pull starships to the ground, and hurl entire battalions of enemies with contemptuous ease.
Force Push (Requires Telekinesis)
Also known as Force Shove or Force Thrust, the user unleashes a blast of telekinetic energy (typically from one hand, in humanoid species) through the air itself, shoving an enemy over or back. Compared to rudimentary telekinesis, the user expends careful manipulation and mental lifting of the target in favour of a less accurate, but more effective (particularly when comparing lower degrees of proficiency) attack that can hurl back any loose object or enemy in a straight line in front of the user.
Force Whirlwind (Requires Level 10+, Force Push)
Also known as Force Wind, the user is able to control the direction of a raw blast of telekinetic energy, manipulating the currents of the very air into a cyclonic pattern. The target is lifted into the air and begins to rapidly rotate, rendered helpless and vulnerable to attack as the whirlwind holds them in its tornadic grasp. At the highest degrees of proficiency, multiple enemies can be engulfed by the whirlwind.

Force Burst (Requires Level 20+, Force Push)
The user gathers and concentrates Force power in their hands, creating a sphere of unstable telekinetic energy, before opening their hands and unleashing the burst of power, shooting towards a target with the utmost accuracy and speed. A Burst’s size and intensity can range anywhere from huge and combustible, to small but relatively deadly. The longer one builds up the power, the stronger the Burst; when sufficiently charged, such telekinetic energy affects the air itself, producing a distinct tinge of a colour unique to each caster.

Force Wave (Requires Level 30+, Force Push)
Also known as Force Shockwave, Force Repulse, Force Pulse or Force Bomb, Force Wave represents one of the most devastating telekinetic abilities in the lore. The user unleashes a blast of telekinetic energy in all directions around them, typically in a circular ring, or, when positioned aloft or combined with Levitation, in a spherical explosion. All enemies or objects around the user are hurled over or backwards. At the very highest degrees of proficiency, the user is able to shove entire armies backwards, unleash telekinetic energy so powerful enemies are atomised, or even level entire cities, disintegrating beings, buildings, objects and materials closer to the user, and shredding those at great distance. The longer one builds up the power, the greater the destruction unleashed; when sufficiently charged, such telekinetic energy affects the air itself, producing a distinct tinge of a colour unique to each caster.

Force Rend (Requires Level 30+, Telekinesis)
Through balancing their concentration, the user telekinetically manipulates an object or enemy from two different directions simultaneously. At lower degrees of proficiency, the oppositional forces can severely damage the target; at higher degrees of proficiency, enemies can be promptly torn in two.

Force Wound (Requires Telekinesis)
The user telekinetically reaches inside an enemy to squeeze their internal organs. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user can wreak little damage beyond triggering spasms in the lungs or causing pain and discomfort; at higher degrees of proficiency, the user can inflict serious internal damage to the intestines, stomach, lungs and other organs.
Force Choke (Requires Level 10+, Force Wound)
The user squeezes the exterior of the enemy’s neck, applying pressure to the trachea (an air choke) or carotid arteries (a blood choke). At lower degrees of proficiency, the user’s grip is relatively weak and requires extreme focus, but allows the user to choke a single enemy within line of sight into unconsciousness. At the highest degrees of proficiency, the user may choke multiple enemies to death, and choke at a distance, whether it be an enemy out of sight in the same building or, with great concentration and the means to sense the room (often aided by a Force Bond or the visual of a holographic channel), reach out across time and space to choke an enemy lightyears away. Advanced users can easily deploy Force Choke simultaneously with other telekinetic powers, allowing them to lift, grip or immobilise an enemy while strangling them.
Telekinetic Kill (Requires Level 30+, Force Choke)
Also known as Force Kill, the user’s precision in telekinesis allows them to reach inside an enemy and instantly kill them, whether it be through snapping the neck or crushing the lungs, heart or brain.

Force Crush (Requires Level 30+, Force Choke)
The user lifts an enemy or object into the air and applies pressure from all directions, violently crushing them. Enemies’ bodies are severely damaged, ribs shattering, organs imploding. At the highest degrees of proficiency, multiple enemies can be crushed to death with ease, and objects as large as Imperial Walkers can be turned into balls of scrap metal.

Levitation (Requires Telekinesis)
The user is able to levitate themselves into the air, defying inertia, friction and gravity. At lower degrees of proficiency, levitation a few feet off the ground is possible, and falls can be slowed, allowing for a gliding descent to the ground. Advanced practitioners are capable of greater mobility while midair, as well as attaining greater height and for longer periods of time. Those of the highest degrees of proficiency are able to direct their movement at will, attaining true Force Flight, and are able to fly for kilometers or even remain in flight at all times.

Force Orb (Requires Level 20+, Telekinesis)
The user creates a small, airtight orb of telekinetic power that seals the atmosphere within and repulses the surrounding environment. The ability is most useful in creating a pocket of air to breathe, allowing one to breathe underwater. However, it can be directed at an enemy with violent speed, and is particularly useful underwater, serving as a cannonball of air capable of damaging or destroying targets.

Telepathy allows the user to read sapient and animal minds and mentally communicate with, project the user's thoughts to, and receive telepathic messages from other individuals. At lower degrees of proficiency, only surface thoughts and feelings can be read, and only vague telepathic communication over short distance is possible; at higher degrees of proficiency, the telepath can read a target's mind at a deeper level, and communicate with high fidelity, akin to verbal communication, even over interstellar distances; the latter feat is easier if the user shares a Force Bond with the target.
Mental Shield (Requires Telepathy)
Also known as a thought shield or a mental barrier, this technique provides a form of defense against mental powers wielded by other Force-users, acting as a barrier that shields the thoughts, emotions, and motives of the user from intrusion (such as telepathy) or subversion (such as Mind Trick). At lower degrees of proficiency, the user is able to defend their thoughts against most passive telepathy through mental exercises akin to those taught by the Echani to even non-Force-sensitives, such as counting pazaak cards, repeating mantras, recalling emotionally powerful but irrelevant memories or, even, distracting oneself through imagination and fantasy. At higher degrees of proficiency, the user has a sufficiently strong will to block most passive telepathy from even powerful opponents, and, when concentrating intently, can block most mental attacks or focused intrusions.
Cleanse Mind (Requires Level 25+, Mental Shield)

Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy)
Also known as Affect Mind, this technique allows the user to subvert the will of a target, imposing their own desires upon the victim. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user is able to supernaturally persuade weak-minded non-Force-sensitives, forcing the target to repeat and act out the user's verbal commands (known as Force Persuasion or Voice Manipulation). Advanced and masterful practitioners are able to trick even enemy combatants into fighting for them or even to kill themselves (known as Force Confusion or Force Corruption), more completely - and subtly - mentally dominate non-Force-sensitives and even less powerful Force-users (known as Dominate Mind or Mind Control), and alter the targets' beliefs or perception of reality (known as Alter Mind or Mind Twist). At the highest degree of proficiency, total and indefinite mental domination of even thousands of Force-users (including powerful Sith Lords) is possible, as well as partial possession of pawns or even entire planets.

Beast Trick (Requires Telepathy)
Also referred to as Animal Friendship, Animal Bond or Beast Control, this technique allows the user to mentally pacify or control an animal or animals. Once calmed and tamed, the animal can be used by the user in various ways, including as a mount or guard beast. Advanced practitioners can control multiple animals, and users of the highest degrees of proficiency can create armies of enthralled beasts and sic the denizens of the forest upon their enemies.

Beast Language (Requires Telepathy)

Probe Mind (Requires Level 20+, Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy)
Also known as Drain Knowledge or Mind Probe, this telepathic dark side ability can be used to extract knowledge out of a sapient without his or her consent. Beyond simple reading of thoughts, the Drain Knowledge ability disrupts the Force to steal deep memories and information in a violent and merciless way. Such a process can cause great pain and damage the subject psychologically.

Force Illusion (Requires Level 20+, Telepathy)
This technique allows the user to project hallucinations into the minds of the target or targets, both auditory and visual, creating mental illusions of sounds, objects or people that are not truly there, useful for distracting, intimidating or deceiving enemies. This is purely a telepathic power, and the illusions cannot innately harm the victim, although they can be used to trick an enemy into a dangerous or deadly action (such as falling off a cliff).

Alter Image (Requires Telepathy)
Also known as Masquerade, this technique allows the user to create an illusory disguise, altering his or her own personal features, such as height, weight, skin color, facial features, sex, voice, and body shape; it is easier to imitate the features of an already-existent person. These changes are maintained so long as the user concentrates, but are dropped if the user loses concentration or falls unconscious. A high Mental Shield score allows another player to see through the disguise.

Comprehend Speech (Requires Level 25+, Telepathy)

Memory Rub (Requires Level 30+, Telepathy)
Also known as Memory Wipe, this technique allows the user to alter or erase the memories, knowledge and learned skills of other beings. The most proficient users can wipe the memories of multiple beings simultaneously, perform more complex alterations such as the creation of false memories, and wipe the memory of powerful Force-users.

Force Subjugate (Requires Level 10+, Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy)

Mind Shard (Requires Level 10+, Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy)

Mindspeech (Requires Level 10+)

Force Shock
The user flings a spark of dark side energy at an enemy (typically from one hand, in humanoid species), dealing minor electrical damage. The precursor to Force Lightning, Force Shock is rarely employed by powerful Force-users, as the brief burst of energy is not particularly damaging, typically only stunning, interrupting or mildly injuring an enemy; however, at higher degrees of proficiency, the spark can be let loose to follow and track an enemy until it dissipates (typically within five seconds).
Force Lightning (Requires Level 10+, Force Shock)
Also known as Sith Lightning, the user casts a sustained burst of withering bolts of dark side energy towards an enemy (typically from the fingertips or palm of one or both hands in humanoid species), inflicting electrical damage as well as draining their life-force. At lower degrees of proficiency, Force Lightning is typically used to torture an enemy or render them unconscious; at higher degrees of proficiency, it can be an utterly deadly attack, with the most powerful users being able to turn enemies to ash or even down enemy starships. Force Lightning typically manifests in shades of blue, purple or white, but red, green, yellow and black have also been recorded; the colour does not reflect intensity, and any colour can be chosen.
Lightning Saber (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning, lightsaber or melee weapon, Form I: Shii-Cho)
The user infuses their weapon with Force Lightning, causing the blade to crackle with electricity. A victim struck by the weapon is struck with forks of Force Lightning, dealing additional damage equivalent to the user’s Force Lightning score. Investing additional skill points into this power only determines how long the weapon will keep its lightning charge.

Lightning Variant: Chain Lightning (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning)
This variant of Force Lightning allows the user to project bolts that leapfrog from one enemy to the next, even changing course to strike at multiple foes in succession. Investing additional skill points into this power only determines how many enemies can be struck; damage is determined by the user’s Force Lightning score.

Lightning Grenade (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning, Telekinesis)
The user holds an object or a victim aloft with the Force and infuses it with Force Lightning, before hurling it at the ground or wall; the lightning within the object or victim then explodes upon impact. This explosion deals damage to all within its vicinity equal to the user’s Force Lightning score. If a living victim is used as a grenade, the victim receives damage equivalent to that of the user’s Telekinesis score as well as Force Lightning score in a potentially devastating combination attack.

Lightning Bomb (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning)
The user infuses a victim with Force Lightning, letting the charge built up until the victim virtually - and sometimes literally - explodes, hurling Force Lightning at all enemies unlucky enough to be standing next to the victim. Damage to the victim, and surrounding enemies, is equal to that of the user’s Force Lightning score; proficiency determines for how many rounds the victim can be charged with lightning, potentially allowing for the equivalent of multiple Force Lightning bursts to be unleashed at once.

Lightning Variant: Force Tempest (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning)
Also known as Lightning Burst, the user projects lightning from all of their limbs or body (typically the hands, feet or even mouth, in humanoid species), creating a whirlwind of dark side energy capable of striking multiple enemies at once. Investing additional skill points into this power only determines how many enemies can be struck; damage is determined by the user’s Force Lightning score.

Lightning Variant: Force Storm (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning)
Not to be confused with other powers also bearing the name Force Storm, this variant allows the user to project a storm of Force Lightning that is capable of arcing in all directions (typically by raising one’s hand, or hands, towards the sky), striking all enemies in a radius around them. Investing additional skill points into this power only determines how large the attack radius is; damage is determined by the user’s Force Lightning score.

Lightning Variant: Sith Barrage (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning)
The user channels lightning into the ground or air or summons it directly from the ground or air, allowing bolts to erupt forth from a space above or below a target several meters distant and shower lightning in a radius around that spot, damaging multiple enemies at once. Although some arcane scholars during the reign of Vitiate confusingly referred to this variant as Force Storm, this skill is more usually referred to as Sith Barrage or Lightning Barrage. Investing additional skill points into this power only determines how large and distant the target radius can be; damage is determined by the user’s Force Lightning score.

Lightning Shield (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Force Resistance)
The user ensconces themselves in a writhing bubble of Force Lightning, providing a formidable defense against melee, energy and certain Force attacks. More proficient users can maintain the shield for longer and soak up more powerful attacks; at the highest degrees of proficiency, any opponent striking the shield is repelled with a fork of Force Lightning equal to the user’s Force Lightning score.

Lightning Aura (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning)
The user is so powerful they crackle with an aura of Force Lightning at all times.

Lightning Empowerment (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Tutaminis)
The user lets themselves be charged with lightning, from the environment (such as an electrical generator or thunderstorm) or an enemy’s Force Lightning, and unleashes it in a blast far more powerful than ordinary Force Lightning. All usage of Force Lightning, or Lightning Variants, is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with Lightning Empowerment.

Force Maelstrom (Requires Level 30+, Telekinesis, Force Wave, Lightning Bomb, and Protection Bubble or Lightning Shield)
Also known as Force Bombard, this technique allows the user to ensconce themselves in a protective shield while hurling objects or victims around themselves in a telekinetic maelstrom; the user then blasts the objects or victims away with a shockwave of telekinetic energy, accompanied by a blast of Force Lightning, damaging all surrounding enemies with raw telekinetic power, electrical energy, and impacts from the lightning-infused objects or persons.
GODLIKE Wormhole: Force Storm (Requires Level 40+, Force Maelstrom, Instinctive Astrogation)
Not to be confused with the lightning variant bearing the same name, the power of Force Storm is one of the most apocalyptic feats in the lore. The user rends the fabric of spacetime itself to create a vast hyperspace wormhole, between one hundred meters and one kilometer wide, and projects an annihilating storm of cosmic energy through the rift in space, surrounded by ribbons of dark side lightning. Capable of destroying entire fleets, scourging the surfaces of worlds or plucking targets - including oneself - and flinging them through space or even time, the power of Force Storm is an ability only three users have been confirmed to have wielded throughout history: Emperor Palpatine, Darth Rivan, and Freedon Nadd. Only the most powerful of Sith Lords are capable of controlling the devastating storm, and there is a risk that the storm will devour the caster, particularly if their concentration or Force connection is disrupted.

Summon Storm (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Force Whirlwind)
Dubbed the Spell of Storm by the Witches of Dathomir, also known as Lightning Storm and sometimes, confusingly, Force Storm, this technique, mastered by the Shapers of Kro Var, targets the elements of the atmosphere at an enemy. At lower degrees of proficiency, an enemy is enveloped in gusts of wind, intense vortices and bolts of lightning similar to the Sith ability of Force Maelstrom; at the highest degrees of proficiency, the user possesses almost total control of the weather, allowing the user to summon tornadoes and duststorms, cast bolts of lightning from the heavens, or even generate tropical storms and hurricanes. The cyclones found on Dromund Kaas and the planet-spanning tempests found on Nyriaan are speculated to be creations of atmokinetic dark side rites, and apocryphal works by paleotempestologists have suggested the Senate Building on Coruscant was once destroyed by this power at some point in its history.

Sith Seeker (Requires Level 20+, Force Shock, Force Push)
The user sends a victim flying using Force Push, and pours electricity into the vacated space, building up into an unstable ball of lightning that then relentlessly pursues the target without dissipating, as if following the telekinetic ripples in the Force. It explodes upon impact, dealing damage equivalent to the user’s Force Push and Force Shock scores in a potentially devastating combination attack.

The user places their hands on an enemy and manipulates thermal currents, setting them ablaze even as the user’s hands, remarkably, remain unburnt. Although Convection is often described as the fiery counterpart to Force Lightning, the user is limited by having to touch the target. At lower degrees of proficiency, Convection typically inflicts more minor burn damage; at higher degrees, an enemy can be burnt to cinders in seconds.
Pyrokinesis (Requires Level 10+, Convection)
The user manipulates fire itself, allowing for both telekinetic manipulation of pre-existing fire as well as the spontaneous generation of flames from the hands, jetting out in streams akin to a flamethrower. At lower degrees of proficiency, the enemy is typically burnt by a brief burst of heat; at higher degrees, the user can summon cataclysmic storms of fire capable of turning enemies to ash.
Fireball Belch (Requires Level 10+, Pyrokinesis)
The user is able to hurl fireballs or project pyrokinetic blasts from the mouth, hot enough to scorch durasteel at high degrees of proficiency. Otherwise, the power is functionally identical to conventional Pyrokinesis.

Flame Aura (Requires Level 30+, Pyrokinesis)
The user is so powerful they burn with an aura of flame at all times.

Fire Tornado (Requires Level 30+, Sith Elementalist, Pyrokinesis, Force Whirlwind)
Through manipulating the currents of the air, the user unleashes pyrokinetic power that swiftly swirls into a deadly funnel of flame; the user has some control over the path of the fire tornado, but the movement of the vortex, once summoned, can be unpredictable, particularly at lower degrees of proficiency. The tornado devastates anything in its path, and can set ablaze many victims at once.

FREE Wormhole: Force Fire Storm (Requires Level 40+, Pyrokinesis, Wormhole: Force Storm)
A pyromancer opens up a wormhole to a distant lava world; when a Force Storm is targeted against enemies, fire and magma pours forth from the rift in space, and the cosmic energy storm is surrounded by flame, rather than arcs of lightning. Through this technique, entire continents can be set ablaze, burning long after the initial scourge; the disadvantage, however, is that transporting oneself or victims is no longer possible, as targets are incinerated in the heat. If chosen, this power replaces Wormhole: Force Storm in the user’s power list.

This ability allows the user to manipulate and generate intense cold. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user is capable of drawing heat away from an object or victim, causing its temperature to drop rapidly; the object becomes cold to the touch and more fragile, and a living victim can die of hypothermia, but it is impossible for the caster to channel the siphoned heat vitality into their own body or manipulate ice at this level. At the highest degrees of proficiency, the user can freeze the air itself over large areas, manipulate ice and snow, and project blasts of intense cold, ice or snow at enemies.
Cold Aura (Requires Level 30+, Cryokinesis)
The user is so powerful they are surrounded by an aura of intense cold at all times.

Force Resistance
Also known as Force Shield, Force Guard, Force Deflection, Block, Rebuke, or Force of Will, Force Resistance is a passive ability that allows the user to absorb or resist most hostile uses of the Force (such as Force Push, Force Stasis or the various techniques of Force Drain) by Force-users who do not possess superior willpower or mastery of the Force. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user is typically able to at least partially resist most physical Force attacks by their peers with a weak resistance (known as Force Aura). At the very highest degree of proficiency, resistance is greatly increased (known as Force Armour), certain powers (such as Force Push) can be deflected back at the enemy, and some Force powers are rendered entirely inert, with an absolute, passive invulnerability to powers that induce fear, disorientation, loss of senses, or paralysis (known as Force Immunity). However, Force Resistance is useless against energy or melee attacks, including hostile Force powers that create such, such as Force Lightning (which would be more appropriately absorbed by Tutaminis or a lightsaber), or a bombardment of telekinetically hurled projectiles (which would be more appropriately countered by telekinesis in kind, or Force Barrier).
Adiabatic Shield (Requires Level 10+, Telekinesis, Force Resistance)
While this shield does not protect the user from blaster fire or impact with solid objects, it can disperse gases and airborne chemicals that could affect the user, such as smoke, poisonous vapors like chlorine, or more subtle chemicals like airborne pheromones.

Force Barrier (Requires Level 10+, Telekinesis, Force Resistance)
Also known as Force War Shield and Force Protection, Force Barrier allows the user to create an invisible barrier of telekinetic power around them, deflecting or shielding them against non-energy-based melee attacks, including slashing, bludgeoning and piercing attacks (such as from vibroswords and flying shrapnel). At lower degrees of proficiency, the Force Barrier is weak, ineffective and brief; at higher degrees of proficiency, the user is increasingly invulnerable to attacks from physical objects, with the capacity to even deflect and redirect bullets.
Protection Bubble (Requires Level 30+, Force Barrier, Adiabatic Shield)
The most powerful defensive ability in the lore, a Protection Bubble, also known as a Force Bubble, Force Sphere or Bubble of Safety, allows the user to envelop themselves in a visible, shimmering globe of semi-transparent Force energy, typically blue in shade (although red, green and other colours are possible), capable of defending against a wide range of attacks, including energy attacks, melee attacks (and other physical objects such as boulders), gases, or even vacuum itself. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user must be immobile to sustain the shield, and the shield requires enormous concentration and power to sustain, lasting only briefly and blinking out upon absorbing sufficient damage. At the highest degrees of proficiency, the user need only be momentarily stationary to enact the bubble, the protection bubble can last almost indefinitely so long as sufficiently powerful attacks do not overcome it, can deflect and redirect attacks (such as Force Lightning) at the enemy, can inflict minor to moderate damage upon contact with the enemy, and can even be projected around the enemy, potentially resulting in the enemy damaging or killing themselves if they are trapped within the destructive radius of their own reflected attack.

Tutaminis (Requires Level 10+, Force Resistance)
Also known as Energy Negation, Energy Absorption, Dissipate Energy and Force Absorption, Tutaminis allows the user to absorb or, at higher degrees of proficiency, deflect energy-based attacks, including heat, electricity, plasma and energy-based Force attacks such as Force Lightning. At lower degrees of proficiency, the user is able to channel Force Lightning into their lightsaber in order to dissipate it. Advanced users are able to absorb and even reflect Force Lightning, blaster bolts and other energy with their hands. The most powerful users are able to block or even absorb lightsaber blades with their bare hands, and store absorbed energy within themselves to empower other usages of the Force.

Hibernation Trance
Also known as a healing trance, Force trance or recovery trance, a hibernation trance allows the user to sink into a deep trance that slows the user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill, causing the user to only use one tenth of the air of a normal individual. In this state, the user is able to recover and heal more rapidly, survive torture and other injuries, and can often feign death, with only thorough testing being able to determine their true state. Users are able to hibernate for up to a week without dying of thirst (longer if in a wet climate, or indefinitely with the aid of an intravenous water drip), and up to three months without dying of starvation (up to a year with the aid of an intravenous sugar-solution drip). A predetermined trigger phrase can awaken the user from a hibernation trance; otherwise, the user will hibernate for approximately as long as they choose when they enter the trance. Advanced practitioners can place others in a hibernation trance through placing one's hand on their body; however, it can only be used on a willing participant, as a non-consensual attempt will always fail, and the target must be awoken from the trance by the user, as they cannot awaken themselves.
Mortichro (Requires Level 30+, Hibernation Trance)
Mortichro, also known as Morichro, is an ancient Force technique that can stun or slow down the bodily functions (primarily breathing and heart rate) of another being, enough to put them into catatonia or suspended animation for over a year. Less advanced users must carefully tend victims of mortichro, as they can die of thirst or starvation. Advanced users can use the technique on themselves, and their targets can survive without water, food or air (although the ability cannot defend against vacuum). Jedi scholars mistakenly believe that darksiders are unable to use this power, but the Sith simply employ it under the name Heart Stun; the ability can be used to kill in the hands of advanced users, through stopping the heart of an enemy entirely, or even save a target from imminent death, through slowing their metabolism enough to decrease the effects of injury and blood loss.

Palawan Hibernation Trance (Requires Level 30+, Hibernation Trance)
The Palawan hibernation trance, developed by the ancient Followers of Palawa, is a specific form of hibernation trance that allows for a practitioner to sleep for decades without aging through entering a deep trance state. Certain artifacts, such as the legendary Kashi Mer talisman, allow for the practitioner to sleep for tens of thousands of years. Advanced practitioners are able to use the ability to survive deadly usage of mortichro.

Dark Side Healing (Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer)
Through drawing on one's pain, hate and anger, the user commands the Force to heal oneself or a target of choice. At lower degrees of proficiency, one may only accelerate the natural healing processes of the body. Intermediate practitioners are able to repair more serious injuries and keep themselves alive despite poison or disease, but only so long as they maintain focus on their anger (which depletes when successful healing ebbs the anger), or so long as they use the power in conjunction with Feed on Dark Side. The most proficient users tap into the lost healing secrets of the ancient Sith, and are able to reknit bone, mend flesh, heal fatal injuries, flush out poisons, cure terminal diseases and rejuvenate fallen allies; they may also heal or rejuvenate multiple allies at once.

Force Bond
Also known as Force Bonding, this phenomenon involves an ethereal link forming between one being and others; some Force-users are innately more attuned to creating Force Bonds than others. A Force Bond allows for the conscious and unconscious communication of feelings, thoughts, images and memories across distances and grants greater coordination in battle. Through such connections the Force easily flows, allowing one to bolster the strengths of the other, or to draw upon their strengths. A Force Bond can form through conscious effort and repeated physical exposure, such as a training bond, or through emotional proximity or a single significant effect, such as one saving another's life. Users particularly proficient at forming bonds may form bonds with their allies and troops, subtly sapping their willpower and subconsciously or consciously influencing them to be more like them, and have the capacity to form uniquely strong Force Bonds such as a Force Chain, wherein pain and potentially even physical damage is transmitted through the bond and the effects of enhancing Force Powers (such as Force Body) are shared, or the extremely rare Force Dyad, wherein a supernatural connection is established allowing for even physical contact across parsecs.
Drain Life (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond)
Also known as Drain Life Essence or Drain Lifeforce, this technique belongs to the spectrum of powers known collectively as Force Drain. Through creating a dark parody of a Force Bond with an unwilling target, the user can leech - rather than shore up - vitality from the victim, restoring their own health at the expense of another. At lower degrees of proficiency, only non-sapient lifeforms, such as small animals or plants, can be fed upon. At higher degrees of proficiency, the drain is potent enough to physically manifest as a snaking tendril of crimson to golden energy emanating from the victim to the user's palm, and a single sapient can be leeched of vitality at a rapid pace, resulting in the victim's death if so desired.
Death Field (Requires Level 30+, Drain Life, Drain Force)
Also known as Deadly Field, this technique allows the user to create an invisible field or sphere of pure dark side energy either around them or around a target point; all enemies entering this field are instantly drained of their Force energy and lifeforce, withering away into corpses or skeletons. The power can also be projected at enemies like Force Lightning from the hands, manifesting as a cluster of violet tendrils. Death Field is an extremely taxing power to maintain, and less proficient users are only able to maintain the field for a second; at higher degrees of proficiency, however, the effect of the Force Drain allows the user to rekindle their own Force reserves and maintain or even expand the field for a lengthier period of time.
GODLIKE, UNIQUE Hunger (Requires Level 40+, Death Field)
The most powerful variant of Force Drain in the lore, this technique is a lost art of the ancient True Sith, hoarded away in the Trayus Academy of Malachor V before the planet's destruction. Although no usage of the technique has been recorded for millennia, legends speak of Darth Nihilus, a Sith Lord who consumed entire planets with a word, devouring hundreds of Jedi, millions of sapients, and all the fish, fowl, beasts and bacteria alike. Against this technique, there is no defense, and the user may drain at scales ranging from a single sapient to the population of a planet and its surrounding space, draining Force power or life energy or both at will, either instantanteously or gradually, with tendrils of energy extending from the hand or body, a spreading blast of energy, a spoken word, or simply one's presence. This power represents one of the most ultimate forms of destruction in the universe, for its victims are rendered void within the Force, unable to even become one with the Force. It cannot be taught, but must be learned through experience, through suffering its effects first-hand or experiencing a cataclysm that opens up a breach in the Force, and surviving in spite of it. Overuse of the technique results in the user falling prey to an addictive, macerating hunger; their mere presence slowly drains all life, their body begins to disintegrate into the Force, and their very soul becomes warped by primitive intention even as their power and awareness transforms into something beyond humanity. Using the technique on a dead spot within the Force causes the technique to backfire, weakening or consuming the user.

Drain Force (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond)
The counterpart to Drain Life, this technique allows the user to steal Force energy from a target, replenishing their own depleted reservoirs of Force energy at the expense of the victim. This power is more effective on Force-users, as non-Force-sensitives have little Force power to drain.

Battle Meditation (Requires Level 20+, Force Bond)
Through meditation, the user boosts the morale, stamina, and overall combat prowess of their allies while simultaneously reducing the combat effectiveness of the opposition by eroding their skills and their will to fight. At lower degrees of proficiency, only small parties can be affected; the most proficient users can affect entire armies and fleets, filling the enemy with fear and twisting their minds with the dark side, often deciding the outcome of a large-scale battle.

Battlemind (Requires Sith Warrior)
The user's morale and fighting spirit are augmented through sheer focus, giving them the drive to fight through even the hardest of conflicts. Through pure fighting spirit, the Battlemind ability can push the user's physical limits, allowing them to overcome the disabilities of old age and even fading stamina, and fight with fiery passion.

Breath Control
Breath Control allows the user to numb the body’s instinct to shut itself off after long periods without oxygen (or equivalent vital gases for certain non-human species), allowing them to go without breathing for a period of time. It can allow the user to survive underwater or in toxic atmospheres, for a length of time ranging from minutes at lower degrees of proficiency to days at higher degrees.

Also known as Force Focus, this technique entails the user clearing their mind of distractions and letting the dark side flow through them, allowing them to focus on a single task while in-tune with the Force. If successful, the task attempted by the user, whether it be making an unlikely shot or making a precise landing, has a better chance of succeeding. However, if the user attempts to do anything else while using this power, the attempt fails.

Feed on Dark Side
Also known as Consume Essence, this technique allows the user to feed on the fear, hatred, or other negative emotions of others in order to empower themselves. The cause of such feelings do not matter, only the feelings themselves.

Contort (Requires Sith Assassin)
Also known as Escape, this ability allows the user to escape from restraints by contorting the body in physically possible but painful ways. This is accomplished by using the Force to suppress the painful effects and potential physical damage of the motion. A common use is to dislocate both the thumb and pinky to slip from binders.

Control Disease (Sith Sorcerer)
Control Disease allows the user to direct their own antibodies to combat a disease. In the case of long-standing or particularly virulent diseases, the user can sometimes require weeks or months of intensive control to successfully combat it. If successful, the individual can prevent themselves from being infectious, even if the disease is not cured. At higher degrees of proficiency, the user can control the spread of disease in another individual (more effectively if the target is emotionally or physically close to the user).

Control Pain (Sith Warrior)
This ability allows the user to reduce the pain suffered due to injury or other physical affliction. However, it does not treat the wound or injury, and the user remains needing treatment. At higher degrees of proficiency, the power can be used to negate a stun blast, and suppress pain in another individual (particularly if the target is emotionally or physically close to the user).

Detoxify Poison (Sith Sorcerer)
This ability allows the user to detoxify poisons or eject them from the body in a much shorter time than would normally be possible. It also allows the user to cleanse their body of alcohol, allowing them to remain sober while consuming vast amounts of alcohol. Advanced practitioners are able to detoxify poisons from another individual (more effectively if the target is emotionally or physically close).

Electronic Manipulation (Requires Level 10+, Tutaminis, Mind Trick)
Electronic manipulation allows the user to manipulate the electrical components of computing devices. It involves the user channeling their inner rage into the device, allowing them to reprogram it to varying extents; only a reset to altered versions of the original programming is possible, not a complete rewrite. At higher degrees of proficiency, even intelligent droids can be reprogrammed, although difficulty increases based on the hostility of the droid, their proximity to the user, and the extent of desired alterations.

The user empties their mind and allows the Force to flow through them, entering a deep meditation and becoming oblivious to their surroundings. They hunger and dehydrate as normal, but they are more difficult to detect in the Force, Force powers directed at them have little or no effect, and their connection to the Force is temporarily strengthened upon leaving the state of emptiness.

Flashburn is an innate ability in which a Force-user shuts down areas of their mind in reaction to emotional trauma, losing memories of the traumatic incident but preserving their sanity or mental wellbeing.

Force Sustenance (Requires Level 30+)
Force Sustenance is a power employed by the Mind Walkers of the Maw. It allows the practitioner to survive sustaining themselves on nothing but the essence of the Force. It even allows an experienced practitioner to float in the vacuum of space unharmed.

Inflict Pain (Requires Level 20+)
Inflict Pain is a cruel, excruciating power allowing the user to inflict pain on the victim with no visible cause or contact. The target experiences great, incapacitating agony, and can be tortured into insanity by the most proficient users.

Reduce Injury (Requires Level 10+, Augmentation)
Neither a shielding power nor a healing power, this ability allows the user to reduce the damage of an attack, including injuries that would likely kill them. The user is still wounded, but to a lesser degree.

Force Reflex (Requires Level 20+)
This ability allows the user to effectively slow their surroundings, as if they are navigating the world in slow motion while retaining full alacrity of thought, heightening their reflexes and perceptions.

Remain Conscious (Requires Sith Warrior)
This ability allows the user to draw on the dark side to remain conscious when incapacitated by an injury or other circumstance. Despite the ability to remain conscious immediately after the trigger event, the user is very limited in what they can do, and sometimes can only complete one or two tasks before falling unconscious despite their resistance. When used in conjunction with Control Pain, some users can continue to remain conscious despite their injury, and can prepare themselves for the effect of a stun weapon, allowing them to remain conscious and unparalysed even when hit (known as Resist Stun). The most proficient users can also swiftly return to consciousness after an injury or other effect has knocked them out (known as Return to Consciousness), and can return others to consciousness as well.

Short-term Memory Enhancement (Requires Enhance Attribute)
This ability allows the user to replay recent memories in their head with extreme accuracy and fidelity, allowing for the recollection of minute details.

Conceal Essence (Requires Sith Assassin)
Also known as Force Concealment or Buried Presence, this technique allows the user to conceal their alignment within the Force, their ability to use the Force, their presence in the Force or other aspects of their Force signature (such as emotions) from other Force-users. Advanced practitioners can perform the Quey'tek meditation, not only masking their dark signatures but appearing entirely benevolent to even the most prescient of Jedi, and can permit certain individuals to sense their Force signature while obscuring it from others.

Force Stealth (Requires Sith Assassin)
The user creates a sound dampening field through the Force, allowing one to sneak or hide more effectively; at higher degrees of proficiency, the user is utterly inaudible to all sensors.

Transfer Force (Requires Level 30+)
This ability allows the user to transfer their life force to a mortally wounded target, to save the recipient's life (sometimes even at the expense of the user's own, if injuries are mutual or serious enough). It is essentially the opposite of Force Drain, and achieves similar effects to Force healing, but is rarely mastered by the Sith due to its selfless nature.

GODLIKE Force Ghost (Requires Level 25+)
When the user dies, they leave a dark side bloodstain upon the Force, imprinting a ghost. Such a ghost is visible or audible only to a Force-user (typically appearing as a translucent blue shade or mirage, or only a voice or whisper in the case of a weak Sith), cannot affect the physical world, and cannot stray beyond the physical locale of its death. The ghost is a tortured echo of its former self and may not even be fully conscious; without a physical anchor or body, it is constantly scrabbling for purchase against the dissolution of Chaos, and will inevitably dissolve into oblivion after several years, decades or centuries. A player choosing this power automatically becomes a Force Ghost upon death, and cannot level up past the point of death, nor reroll a new character so long as the ghost exists.

GODLIKE Transfer Essence (Requires Level 35+, Force Ghost)
The user explodes upon death in a burst of dark side energies, and projects their essence as conscious dark force to another body. Through this technique, the user's spirit is able to live again within a new body, although it cannot level up. However, the ritual is fraught with danger; the user must fight the host for control of the body in a battle of willpower, where the loser is consigned to oblivion. This can be overcome via using cloned bodies or specially prepared vessels created using a Sith alchemical apparatus, but there is still the danger that the user's spirit can be intercepted and dragged down to Chaos mid-transfer. Relatively weaker Sith can only transfer their essence to bodies within a thirty-meter radius; stronger Sith can transmit their consciousness across galactic distances to a waiting vessel or victim.

GODLIKE Transfer Essence: Computer (Requires Level 35+, Sith Technomage, Mechu deru or Electrical Manipulation, Force Ghost)
Otherwise identical to conventional essence transference, this technique projects the user's consciousness into a sufficiently complex substrate capable of supporting consciousness, such as a supercomputer or droid body. This technique evades the requirement for a battle of wills.

GODLIKE Transfer Essence: Object (Requires Level 35+, Force Ghost, Drain Life, Drain Force, Alchemical Apparatus)
Frequently - but mistakenly - conflated with conventional essence transference, this technique is in fact an alchemical ritual of mass sacrifice. Requiring an ancient Sith alchemical apparatus and many willing or unwilling victims, the user performs a vast ritual of consumption, killing and draining the sacrificial victims in order to shed their own body and bind their ethereal spirit to a physical object (such as a temple, tomb, amulet or holocron). With a physical anchor and a Force nexus of the user's own creation, the spirit, typically appearing as an opaque dark wraith, is able to sustain itself indefinitely, however it can only manifest in close proximity to the object or location to which it is bound, and cannot level up; for mobility beyond this phylactery, the user must learn conventional essence transference (to possess an unwary victim who trespasses upon or touches the phylactery, who, if killed, causes the spirit to recoalesce around the phylactery), or some other technique. Both the object and the scale of sacrifice is to the user's choice; the ritual is extremely dangerous, however, and greater power beyond death, ability to affect the physical world or use Force powers, and likelihood of the ritual succeeding depends on the scale of the initial ritual.

Dark Spiritual Travel (Requires Transfer Essence: Object)
Mastered by Freedon Nadd, this rare technique allows a spirit bound to an object to manifest at any dark side nexus in the galaxy.

GODLIKE Art of the Small (Requires Level 35+)
Known as Transfiguration or Transmogrification to the extinct Sith sorcerers of Tund, the user narrows their awareness of the Force to the microscopic scale. This allows the user to shrink their Force signature to an unprecedented degree, masking their presence from other Force-users, or even passing beyond the notice of sapients altogether if so desired; although the user is not truly invisible, their presence, existence and actions will simply be ignored or forgotten as if by magic. Within this state, the user may perform molecular or atomic manipulation, altering the configurations of atoms and molecules to his desire, whether it be to turn tears into healing compounds or sweat into toxins. The only true limit is the user’s knowledge of science, and imagination.

GODLIKE Create Holocron (Requires Level 25+)
The user creates a crystalline device with a complex matrix capable of holding a technological imprint of their consciousness known as a Gatekeeper. Through creating a holocron, the user is able to pass on their knowledge - including Force techniques unique to them - to others, although recovery of knowledge from holocrons requires extensive periods of study and frequently the passage of some sort of trial. Those who have mastered techniques of essence transference can implant a spark of their soul into the device in lieu of an artificial intelligence; these fragments of the user's being, when sufficiently fed with Force energy, can take on identity and power of their own, potentially allowing a long-dead creator to live again after a fashion; these corrupt holocrons can also be smashed, allowing shards of Sith spirits to partially possess the unwary.

GODLIKE, UNIQUE Scintillation (Requires Level 40+)
A recondite ability developed by the bizarre ontology of the Sith pureblooded sorcerers of Tund, the user spontaneously generates a malachite substance of incredible annihilating potency. Small quantities of the luminescent green substance, described as looking like emerald flames, are able to kill all life - and indeed all organic chemistry - on a planet, akin to antimatter reacting with matter.

Alter Environment (Requires Level 20+, Sith Elementalist)
More generalised than the likes of Summon Storm, Alter Environment is an extremely broad and powerful technique whereby the Force-user taps into the pre-existing Force energy of nature around them, expending relatively little energy to manipulate it to their will, whether it be to create a fog to conceal one from enemies, manipulate temperatures (from creating freezing sub-zero temperatures in seconds to blistering, even burning heat), generate electrical discharges over broad expanses of ground, vacate areas of air, increase the barometric pressure of the air to burst eardrums, trigger earthquakes or fissures, gather moisture from the air to create a flash flood, influence already-existent natural occurrences such as cause a thunderstorm to rain or hail or sweep seas into massive storm surge or whirlpools, or accelerate the growth of a forest or nature of a biome. All elements, from earth to air, water, heat and nature, are able to be manipulated by this ability. At higher degrees of proficiency (or with a greater scientific knowledge of physics), changes can be far larger in scale and more precisely under the user's control, and can take effect more rapidly; the user can also sense the presence of elements and gain detailed understanding about the matter or energy they are sensing, including the amount or size of elements and whether they are hidden.

Attune Armour (Requires Sith Artificer)
Less powerful than Sith alchemical methods, this Jensaarai technique allows the user to imbue the armor he or she is constructing with the Force.

Ballistakinesis (Requires Telekinesis)
This Jensaarai technique allows the user to telekinetically accelerate a handful of small objects to lethal velocities. Ballistakinesis is not especially accurate, but when blanketing an area with accelerated debris, accuracy is not essential. Evasion is possible, but difficult.

Force Bellow
This technique allows the user to amplify their voice with the Force to give speeches, intimidate the enemy, or, at high degrees of proficiency, amplify the voice to immense proportions to destroy obstructions or sonically attack an enemy, similar to Force Scream.

Force Blinding
The user lets loose a blinding flash of light from the hand, obfuscating an opponent's sight or overloading their vision and, at higher degrees of proficiency, causing temporary blindness akin to a flash grenade.

Shadow Armour
Also known as Cloak of Shadows, this technique, pioneered by the Disciples of Twilight, allows the user to bend light in order to shroud themselves in shadow. In darkness or dim light, the user is almost imperceptible, although this does not provide true invisibility.

Force Cloak (Requires Sith Assassin)
Also known as Force Camouflage, Force Invisibility, Force Haze, Vanish, Evasion or Force Fade, this technique involves the user photokinetically bending lightwaves around themselves like a cloaking device, becoming almost invisible to the naked eye (although a slight shimmer or disturbance of air can be seen) at lower degrees of proficiency, and becoming entirely invisible to all forms of visual detection at higher degrees of proficiency. Maintaining the cloak is extremely taxing and great concentration is needed to make a convincing shroud, but achieving invisibility in this way is effective against droids, surveillance, sensors and those resistant to the Force such as Yuuzhan Vong, unlike mental methods.

Flamusfracta (Requires Telekinesis, Convection)
Also known as Combustion, this technique allows the user to cause objects - or even people - to explode by sheer force of will; the effects on inanimate objects and people alike is devastating, although difficulty in usage depends on the user's proficiency and on the size, density and vulnerability of the target in question. At higher degrees of proficiency, the intensity of the blast can injure an entire room of enemies, particularly if the affected object is made of flammable material.

Corruption (Requires Level 20+)
The user hurls bolts of pure dark side vileness at a target within line of sight; the energy festers with corruption, damaging the victim upon impact and causing slowly diminishing harm for several seconds afterward.

This ability allows the user to focus on another's sensation or interpretation of pain, enhancing it mentally so that an injury is perceive to be more painful than it really is, or to alleviate the amount of pain produced. Alternatively, the user can increase the pain of a target through focusing on the wounds themselves, agitating them telekinetically rather than telepathically and causing great pain to course through the body.

Dark Transfer (Requires Level 30+, Shatterpoint, Dark Side Healing)
This rare ability affords the user the most powerful healing in the lore through perceiving the vital weak points within a target's body, akin to Shatterpoint. Through pouring electrical dark side energy into these points, the user can command the Force to heal the victim, bringing them back from the brink of death in a manner akin to resuscitation or even, at the highest degree of proficiency, regenerate the flesh of the newly-dead even from a rotting state, resurrecting them entirely. All wounds and maladies, including diseases, can be healed or cured using this power. Alternatively, the user can explode the weak spots they perceive in a target body, harming or killing them.

Darkshear (Requires Level 30+)
This terrifying ability, developed by the mysterious warlocks of Rhand, allows the user to project invisible waves of pure entropy. Metal rusts, machines malfunction, bulkheads loosen, joints pop, organs fail and skin withers as whatever lies within the path of Darkshear experiences cumulative years of entropy, chaos and degeneration in mere seconds; what can go wrong, does go wrong. At the highest degrees of proficiency, the user can project waves of Darkshear large and damaging enough to destroy entire spaceships.

Spear of Midnight Black
The user summons energy from the Force, creating a seemingly ethereal spear of deadly dark side power. The spear inflicts damage as if it were corporeal, however, and can be used as a melee weapon in the hand or hurled like a javelin at an enemy.

Deadly Sight
The user harnesses their fury and hatred and projects them through an intense glare onto a victim, as long as that victim is in the practitioner's range of vision. At lower degrees of proficiency or intensity, the user's eyes are merely extremely painful to look upon, glowing an unnatural shade of intense yellow with sheer spiritual malevolence; advanced practitioners can flash their eyes to blister the skin and vaporise the extremities of those they look upon; those of the highest degrees of proficiency possess literally lethal sight, causing victims' bodies to burn, smoke or even disintegrate as they die, and allowing the user to damage or kill entire groups of friends or foes alike within their field of vision.

Force Destruction (Requires Sith Elementalist)
A massive amount of energy is stored up within the user, drawn from the dark side of the Force, and with incredible concentration, the energy is discharged using the arm or hand, manifesting as a sparkling ball of crimson or white energy akin to a tiny star that reaches the enemy almost instantaneously. The energy can kill or vaporise the enemy struck directly as the enemy glows with seemingly radioactive power. Casting rays of light in all directions before dissipating after several seconds, this power can vaporise a large radius at higher degrees of proficiency, and even those who escape direct contact with the blast can be pushed asunder by the power's backlash.

Dim Other's Senses (Requires Sith Assassin)
Through this technique, the user reduces a target's perception of their surroundings, including visual and auditory senses. This can be useful in combat, as well as for purposes of stealth.

Dimension Shift (Requires Level 30+)
Use of this recondite power shifts an amount of inanimate matter into an alternate dimension, making it completely vanish. The object can be recalled to its original state, from wherever the user is, to them; alternatively, the object can be recalled to its original location, leaving no evidence it had ever vanished, allowing the user to create fixed storage spaces inaccessible to others (by dimensionally shifting objects such as cupboards and, at higher degrees of proficiency, even rooms, and hiding objects within the space occupied by the shifted matter).

Doppelganger (Requires Level 30+, Telepathy, Telekinesis)
Also known as Similfuturus or Force Projection, this technique allows the user to create a short-lived duplicate of themselves using the Force. The user can perceive the world through the doppelganger's senses as well as use their Force powers through it (but all abilities used by the doppelganger or the caster while the doppelganger exists are at half strength), and to those interacting with it, the doppelganger seems entirely real, with the user even able to create the illusion of full corporeality by moving objects with telekinesis. A doppelganger is no ordinary illusion, as it displays on both visual and audio sensors, but a disruption in the user's concentration, such as injury, causes the doppelganger to fade away; the range of projecting a doppelganger is generally limited to planetary distances, with only the most proficient users being able to project a doppelganger across the galaxy. The ability is highly taxing to use.

Similar to Force blinding, this technique allows the user to temporarily disable a security holocam with a brief flash of static, allowing the user to pass while only alerting security to a minor holocam malfunction. At the highest degree of proficiency, the user can create a Force-flash so powerful that the visuals and sensors of spaceships across an entire star system are affected.

Teleport (Requires Level 25+)
This ability allows the user to teleport themselves, and themselves only. At lower degrees of proficiency, the range of teleportation is no more than four feet, and the technique is extremely exhausting to use; at higher degrees of proficiency, teleportation to anywhere within line-of-sight is possible.

Fold Space (Requires Level 30+)
This esoteric technique, mastered by the Aing-Tii monks, allows the user to fold the fabric of spacetime itself, allowing for the teleportation of any object or even oneself from one place to another. Proficiency determines the range of the ability, the size of the object being teleported, as well as the rate of success; the most proficient users are able to transport entire spaceships across interstellar distances, and, through continuously folding space around oneself or one's allies, are essentially immune to all telekinetic powers (an ability known as Aura of Freedom). This technique is extremely dangerous to wield in the hands of inexperienced Force-users, with the risk of only partially teleporting oneself.

Force Kick (Requires Sith Warrior)
This technique allows the user to enhance the musculature or outward motion of their legs, kicking an enemy with great force, sufficient to send them flying across a room at unnatural speed. The most proficient users can couple the kick with a telekinetic blast, sending victims flying even if physical contact is missed.

Force Punch (Requires Sith Warrior)
Also known as a Force Charged Strike, this technique allows the user to augment their striking strength in hand-to-hand combat, allowing for punches that, at higher degrees of proficiency, can destroy otherwise indestructible walls or armor of even Mandalorian iron, collapse windpipes, snap necks, smash skulls and even punch through armoured torsos or droid chassis in a blinding flurry. Entire armies of attackers can be destroyed in this way.

Glowball (Requires Level 20+)
Invented during the Yuuzhan Vong War, this technique allows the user to gather ambient photons of light into one location. The resulting phenomenon resembles a small star and can be used to hide ships in battle from an enemy.

Waves of Hatred
The user involuntarily succumbs to utter hatred, and the emotion rolls off the user in palpable waves of dark side energy, inflicting physical and psychological damage upon those in the user's vicinity.

Brew Sith Poison (Requires Sith Poisoner)
The user brews a vial of Sith Poison, an ancient toxin capable of enhancing the victim's rage and turning them almost inexorably towards the dark side.

Energy Blade (Requires Level 25+, Sith Illusionist or Sith Masterblade)
Drawing on the bizarre magics of the Yapi shamans, the caster transforms a pre-existing physical weapon into a weapon of astral Force energy, allowing it to parry lightsabers or, when used in conjunction with Battle Mastery, blaster bolts.

Shadowstrike (Requires Force Sense, Telekinesis, Sith Assassin)
Through sensing their location in the Force, the user is able to land blows on a target without physically touching them, as if punching or kicking them. Range increases with proficiency.


Art of Movement

Aspect of the Storm


Bleed Crystal

Chant of Resurrection

Control Web

Create Force Wraith (Requires Level 20+)

Crush Opposition

Cure Disease (Requires Control Disease)

Daen nosi

Dampen Force

Dark Aura

Dark Plague

Dark energy trap



Ears of the Chiroptix

Energy trap

Enhance Force Sensitivity

Environmental Attunement

GODLIKE Eternal Hatred (Requires Level 35+)

Field Detection

Fiery energy


GODLIKE Flow-walking (Requires Level 35+)

Focused rage

Forbidden Ritual

Force Clouding

Force Focus

Force Light

Force Scream

Force Shockwave

Force Plague

Force Stasis

Force Stun

Force Track

Force blast

Force call

Force empathy

Force familiar

Force form

Force generation

Force immersion

Force in Balance

Force meld

Force net

Force phantom (Requires Level 35+)

Force pulse

Force rage

Force scattering

Force scribe

Force shadow

Force smell

Force suppression (Requires Level 30+)

Force travel

Force weapon

Frangawl sacrificial ceremony

Grand Experiment




Hyper tunnel


Ice image

Imbue Item






Life Bond

Life Detection/Life Sense

Life web

Living Fire (Requires Sith Sorcerer)

Living Sphere

Magical Ichor

Magnify Senses


Malicious Fury

Many Shades of the Force



Memory Walk

Memory rub


Midichlorian manipulation (Requires Level 35+, Sith Sorcerer)

Mind-touch (Requires Species Killik or Joiner)

Mirror illusion


Neural Storm

Noise-Dampening Bubble

Phase (Requires Level 25+)

Plant Surge

Predict Natural Disaster

Progenitor's Call


Remove Fatigue



Revitalization of the Whuffa


Sand levitation

Scream of the Ssurian

Seeking Spell

Sense Force

Sense Force Potential

Sense Path

Sense of the Veshet

Sever Force (Requires Level 25+)

Shadow Vision

Shatterpoint (Requires Level 30+)

Shift Sense

Sickening blast

Soft to Solid

Sound mimicry


Stygian Art

Summon fear

Surge of the Brier





Theran Force-listening

Thought wave



Touch of the Kiin'Dray (Requires Sith Witch)


Voss purifying ritual

Voss Healing Ritual

Water of Life


Weather Sense

Words of banishment

Sith Battlelord ritual (Requires Level 35+

Sith Magic (Requires Sith Sorcerer)

Although ancient Sith magic is a manifestation of what Jedi call the Force, the practices of the extinct Sith species of Korriban are sufficiently different from Jedi - even fallen Jedi - conceptualisations that they are best understood as a separate field of arcane study.

Available only to Sith Sorcerers, Sith magic can be principally divided into spellcasting (or thaumaturgy), ritual magic (involving great preparation and sacrifice), illusions (which involve the power of the mind), alchemy (which can be further broken down into blood magic, weapons forging, artifact crafting, conjuration, necromancy, and the brewing of potions and poisons), and rune magic. However, these divisions are mutable, and there is considerable crossover between certain areas, such as the alchemy of living matter and sacrificial rituals of summoning.

Sith magic works very differently compared to conventional Force usage. Most spells and rituals alike require verbal incantations, which give voice to the power of the Sith sorcerers that went before, as well as complex hand gestures; the incantations or instructions for these abilities are typically found in ancient Sith scrolls and tomes such as the legendary Book of Sith, which warns users that failure to properly recite the spell may result in the ability backfiring. Some abilities require sacrifice as fuel, or ingredients that metaphysically adhere to the principle of sacrifice yielding gain. Unless otherwise stated, all abilities within this section require multiple turns for the player to cast; ritual magic or alchemy may require numerous posts.

Sutta Chwituskak
The caster trails a circle through the air and forms a baleful green bolt of hatred within the hand or hands, and projects it towards an enemy with the incantation "Sutta Chwituskak." The bolt is extremely damaging, usually deadly, if it hits the target. As this spell takes only one turn to cast, it is a mainstay of Sith magicians.

Qâzoi Kyantuska
This spell of enchantment allows the caster to take control of another being with a swaying motion of extended hands and the incantation "Qazoi Kyantuska." It differs from Mind Trick in that the victim is both physically and mentally entirely under the caster's control, like a marionette. At higher degrees of proficiency, the spell can be cast wordlessly, can be used to enthrall thousands simultaneously, and can kill or knock out the victim once control is released. The spell takes two turns to cast; one turn to prepare the spell and begin hand motions, a second turn to incant and take effect.


Odojinya (Requires Sith Thaumaturge)

Through a series of short finger slashes and the incantation "Odojinya," the caster creates a web of dark side energy near or around an enemy, which slowly envelops the enemy and cuts off their connection to the Force. The dark side web immobilises the enemy and renders them almost helpless, and allows the caster to temporarily deplete Skill Points from the enemy's list of Skills and add them to his own, even if it exceeds the Skill Point caps of their current level (up to 5 points). The spell takes two turns to cast; one turn to create the web, the second to envelop and take effect, if not dodged.

Waves of Darkness

Aura of Uneasiness

GODLIKE Dark Side tendrils (Requires Level 35+)

Forge Sith Artifact (Requires Sith Alchemist)

The user spends days or months forging a Sith artifact such as a Sith Amulet. At lower degrees of proficiency, only trinkets can be created that cannot affect power within the Force; those of the highest proficiency can forge any artifact they desire.

Forge Sith Weapon (Requires Sith Alchemist, Imbue Item)
The user spends days or months forging a weapon, such as an axe or sword, and imbues it with the dark side, bathing it in blood and performing complex rituals in a smith or laboratory to achieve the desired magical effect. Alchemically forged weapons are resistant to lightsabers, supernaturally sharp and damaging, and can absorb, and even store, Force energy. Alchemists of the highest degrees of proficiency can forge weapons with powerful magical effects akin to Sith artifacts, such as a blade with an aura of cold or a blade of fire.

Forge Sith Armour (Requires Sith Alchemist, Imbue Item)
The user spends days or months forging a suit of armour, and imbues it with the dark side, bathing it in blood and performing complex rituals in a smith or laboratory to achieve the desired magical effect. Alchemically forged armour is resistant to lightsabers and supernaturally tough, and the most proficient users can even create armour that absorbs, or even stores, Force energy, or has other magical effects (such as an aura of cold or fire).

Mutate Life
The sorcerer mutates pre-existing life forms using a blend of dark side science and Sith power in a ritual or laboratory setting, transforming them into monstrous Sithspawn. Both animals and sapients can be transformed in this manner. As the sorcerer is generally experimenting rather than treading the path of their forebears, only minor mutations and alterations (such as enhanced ferocity and strength, longer claws and teeth, and the like) are possible at lower degrees of proficiency, but those of the highest degree of proficiency are able to practically knit flesh to their will, creating altogether new species of Sithspawn with a frightening array of unique abilities.

Create Chrysalide (Requires Sith Alchemist, Mutate Life)
The alchemist transforms an animal into a chrysalide beast, with armour, teeth and claws stronger than metal.

Create Tuk'ata (Requires Sith Alchemist)
The alchemist kills the calf of a herbivorous animal in its mother's blood, and channels the dark side into the grotesque gore. From the blood and offal arises a Sith Hound. At lower degrees of proficiency, the alchemist can only conjure a Tuk'ata pup; advanced practitioners can conjure an adult Tuk'ata; the most proficient users can conjure large or mutant Tuk'ata such as Dire Tuk'ata and Tuk'ata Queens, or multiple ordinary Tuk'ata.

Create Hssiss (Requires Sith Alchemist)
Through channeling the dark side spirits of Lake Natth, or another dark side nexus, into the native reptiles of Ambria, a dark side dragon, or Hssiss, is created. At lower degrees of proficiency, the alchemist can only conjure a Hssiss hatchling; advanced practitioners can conjure an adult; the most proficient users can conjure mutant Hssiss such as the winged Dark Lizards, or multiple ordinary Hssiss.

Create Underwalker (Requires Sith Alchemist)
The alchemist creates an Underwalker in a laboratory using genetic engineering, the sacrifice of ten thousand insects, fire or lava to melt the insects' shattered carapaces into a single chitinous creature, and nourishing it with poisoned mineral water. Alchemical monsters created by the ancient Darth Vitus of Oricon and the Dread Masters that followed, Underwalkers are fearsome subterranean insectoids. At lower degrees of proficiency, the alchemist can only conjure an Underwalker drone; advanced practitioners can conjure an adult Underwalker; the most proficient users can conjure large or mutant Underwalkers such as Underwalker Titans, Vellocs, Shadow Walkers and Shadow Reapers, or multiple ordinary Underwalkers.

Summon Monolith (Requires Level 35+, Sith Alchemist)
Unlike other forms of Sithspawn, Monoliths are simply raw creations of pure dark side energy, seemingly summoned from the aether. Monstrous and gargantuan, Monoliths are fearsome beasts. Proficiency determines how rapidly one can create a Monolith out of dark side energy, and how large the beast is, with less proficient users being solely capable of creating Minor and Lesser Monoliths, and the most proficient users being capable of creating Worldbreaker and Colossal Monoliths.

Animate Golem (Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer, Telekinesis)
The user creates a semi-sapient golem or golems out of inanimate matter, held together via telekinesis and arcane energy. Earth, rocks, fire, water, junk metal and other substances can be used to create golems. The golem is subservient to the caster and can be used to attack enemies.

Animate Sith Statue (Requires Level 30+, Animate Golem)
The caster bestows unnatural life upon a Sith statue or statues, which become mobile guardians or soldiers subservient to the caster. More advanced practitioners are able to create Sith Jedi Statues, which wield lightsabers, and the most proficient magicians are able to create statues that can teleport whenever a sapient is not looking at them.

Invoke Spirits (Requires Level 25+, Sith Necromancer)
The user gives themselves to the dark side and verbally and mentally calls upon the spirit or spirits of dead Sith Lords, akin to a prayer or seance. At lower levels of proficiency, only a weak spirit the user has some sort of personal relationship to (such as by blood or cultural heritage) may be invoked, and only in the spirit's tomb, place of death or similarly relevant site; the spirit's power floods the user, bolstering their own abilities, and the user may be benefited by whispered advice. At the uppermost levels, a spirit may be invoked at great instance at any location (particularly with the aid of a dark side nexus such as the Temple of Korman Lao or a Sith talisman), multiple and strong spirits can be invoked regardless of personal affiliation, and the spirit or spirits can even manifest as ghosts, although they are not under the user's control and may betray the user or otherwise act with autonomy.
Corpse vision (Requires Invoke Spirits)
The user sets macabre Sith spirits against a victim, plaguing them with telepathic visions; under the practitioner's spell, the spectral corpses metamorphose into intimate images from the victim's past that whisper twisted, potentially psychologically damaging messages and erode the victim's will.

GODLIKE Force Walk (Requires Level 35, Sith Necromancer, Invoke Spirits, Drain Force)
Pioneered by Lord Ergast and expounding upon rituals of spiritual summoning and essence consumption developed by Tulak Hord, this baleful ritual allows the user to bind the ghosts of the dead, feeding upon their energy and stealing their powers. Multiple ghosts may be bound at a time, allowing a Sith Lord to achieve meteoric power, but there is a steep cost; even a single ghost can have a sharply degenerative effect on both the physical body and the mind, frequently leading to insanity or death.

Reanimate Dead (Requires Level 30+, Sith Necromancer)
Known in the Sith tongue as Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut, this dread spell reanimates the corpses and skeletons of the dead. These Sith zombies can only be destroyed by sufficient trauma to the head, where the alchemical elements are concentrated, are faster and stronger than they were in life, have a terrifying presence, and can spread their plight through a necromantic infection via the bite; the zombies of sapients possess a magical semi-sapient intelligence allowing for use of ranged and melee weapons, but they possess no soul and are simply under the general control of the necromancer. 1 point of proficiency allows for the reanimation and control of a single sapient or five small animals; 2 points allows for the reanimation and control of five humanoids, ten small animals or one large beast, 3 points allows for the reanimation and control of ten humanoids, twenty small animals or two large beasts, 4 points allows for the reanimation of fifty humanoids, one hundred small animals as well as five large beasts and the control of thousands of zombies through repeat reanimations or infection, and 5 points allows for the reanimation of thousands of zombies of any type, with a limitless quantity of zombies under the control of the caster at any one time through repeat reanimations or infection.
Reanimate Sith Undead (Requires Level 35+, Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits)
The user reanimates the corpses or skeletons of dead Sith, inhabited by their foul spirits. Although the Sith Undead are enthralled by the caster, they possess souls, and can use the Force powers they once used in life, often blasting Force lightning at enemies or attacking with ancient Sith swords and lightsabers. The power otherwise scales up at the same rate as Reanimate Dead (sans the reanimation of animals).

FREE Infernal Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Pyrokinesis, Dwomutsiqsa)
Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, all zombies reanimated by the caster burn with the flames of mythical hell, and Sith Undead conjured by the caster are instead possessed by ancient demons from Beyond Shadows. This power replaces Reanimate Dead and, if the user possesses the power, Reanimate Sith Undead (which becomes Reanimate Demonic Undead) on the player's statistics sheet.

FREE Spectral Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits)
Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, zombies are replaced by the ethereal ghosts of the deceased, and Sith Undead conjured by the caster are instead powerful Sith spirits; such specters are difficult to kill and can generally only be harmed by Force-imbued weapons. This power replaces Reanimate Dead and, if the user possesses the power, Reanimate Sith Undead (which becomes Summon Sith Specters) on the player's statistics sheet.

FREE Reanimate Carrion (Requires Sith Witch or Wizard, Reanimate Dead, Plant Surge)
Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, this technique, pioneered by the Nightsisters of Dathomir and ancient Sith witch doctors, magically animates vines and plants to pull bloated carrion from the earth. Twice as many animal corpses can be raised through Reanimate Carrion compared to Reanimate Dead. Sith Undead conjured by the caster can attack enemies with their vines, and can include the corpses of Force-sensitive animals or long-dead inhabited by their unquiet spirits. This power replaces Reanimate Dead and, if the user possesses the power, Reanimate Sith Undead (which becomes Reanimate Undead Sithspawn) on the player's statistics sheet.

FREE Fossilised Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Animate Golem)
Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, zombies are replaced by the animated fossils of extinct creatures from an earlier age, and Sith Undead conjured by the caster are fossils of powerful creatures possessed by spirits so restless and ferocious they have persisted across aeons. This power replaces Reanimate Dead and, if the user possesses the power, Reanimate Sith Undead (which becomes Reanimate Prehistoric Monsters) on the player's statistics sheet.

FREE Electrified Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Lightning Bomb)
Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, zombies are electrified with bursts of Force Lightning and crackle with unstable power, and Sith Undead conjured by the caster are instead ghoulish assemblages of different body parts stitched together via dark science to create monstrous new life, lit with a spark of electricity to the dead brain. This power replaces Reanimate Dead and, if the user possesses the power, Reanimate Sith Undead (which becomes Create Monstrous Ghouls) on the player's statistics sheet.

FREE Reanimate Sith Shadow-Ghouls (Requires Sith Enchantress, Reanimate Dead)
The enchantress does not permit the minds of the dead to rest. Silently screaming in horror and driven insane by visions of beyond the veil, the corpses rise with stars in their eyes, attacking all in their path. Otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, these restless shadow-ghouls can be permanently destroyed not through beheading or a shot to the head, but through their eyes being closed forever.

Create Rakghoul (Requires Level 30+, Sith Alchemist)
Through mental domination and Sith alchemy (aided by a talisman), the user is able to rapidly transform any non-Force-sensitive in sight into a monstrous mutant thrall under the control of the caster known as a Rakghoul. Although magic is the vector, Rakghouls carry an alchemical plague which can be spread via the bite or claws, capable of transforming any unvaccinated lifeform - even Force-sensitives and non-sapients - into a Rakghoul over the course of several hours. Rakghouls are not undead, and are also capable of breeding sexually, creating Rakghoul hatchlings, as well as evolving over time into more advanced forms such as Nekghouls. The more proficient the user, the more Rakghouls can be created and controlled at one time (scaling up similarly to Reanimate Dead), the larger and more diverse the Rakghouls are, and the less a talisman is required.

Mechu deru vitae (Requires Level 30+, Mechu deru, Sith Alchemist)
Pioneered by a later-era Sith Lady, the incantation for this ritual is in Basic rather than ancient Sith: "Maggot of metal, dust and rot, Sith life draws breath, old life does not." Blending alchemy and mechu deru, this rite allows for the creation of a technovirus of microscopic nanodroids known as the nanogene spore, which can infect living tissue and convert organics into lobotomised half-cybernetic rotting cyborgs known as Metanecron, or Technobeasts, fully under the control of the caster. The technovirus can then be spread through the Metanecron's bite, claws, stabbing weapons or even ranged weapons grown from its cybernetics in a cloud of airborne spores. The more proficient the user, the more Metanecron can be created and controlled at one time (scaling up similarly to Reanimate Dead), and the more powerful and complex their cybernetics and weaponry.

Summon Terentatek
Through sacrificing a rancor in a torturous ritual lasting many hours, the alchemist conjures a Terentatek of Illathurion. These deadly Jedi-killers have skin hardened by Sith alchemy to be partially resistant to lightsabers, are highly resistant to the Force, can live indefinitely, have venomous claws and teeth, can sense Force-sensitives, and fade into a cloud of noxious gases and vile dark side energy upon death. Although most alchemists believe they are merely transforming rancors using their powers, old Sith myths indicate Terentateks are in fact demons of the ancient world. At low degrees of proficiency, only a small Terentatek hatchling can be conjured, whereas the most proficient users can conjure the largest beasts, as well as elder ancestors of the Terentateks such as the primeval beasts of Belsavis or individual monsters such as Gharj.

Create Jumper (Requires Level 25+, Sith Alchemist)
While some reports of guardian spirits on Sith worlds represent actual spirits or corpses reanimated by Sith magic, many are, in actuality, the corpse-puppets of a carrion worm known as a Zelosian Jumper. These Sithspawn are tiny creatures, invisible to the naked eye, which feed on the dead and puppeteer their motion through what is theorised to be either telekinetic power or electrical stimulation of the brain via enzymes. This power is otherwise identical to Reanimate Dead, but the "guardian spirits" raised by these worms cannot spread their plight via an alchemical plague, nor can skeletons without flesh be reanimated; however, once their current host is destroyed, the worms can jump into new corpses nearby and animate those.

Sith Illusions
The sorcerer conjures astral forms known as Sith Illusions. Unlike Force Illusions, these creations are not merely telepathic projections, but border on imagination made reality; they display as real on sensors, and can send enemies into catatonic shock or harm them (even kill them) as if they were real so long as the victim believes they are real.

Create Object (Requires Level 35+, Sith Illusionist)
Through tapping into a dark side nexus or strange currents of Force energy leaking from rifts in spacetime (such as the spirit ichor of Dathomir or the Ta-Ree of Kathol), the illusionist gives full physical reality to an astral mindform, creating an object out of thin air with a wave of their hand. Only simple objects can be created thus, such as goblets, tables, and knives.

Spirit Blade (Requires Level 35+, Sith Illusionist or Sith Necromancer)
The illusionist summons a glowing blade of hazy Force energy from the aether; the blade is composed of pure dark side power, and can cut materials, absorb blaster bolts and parry lightsabers as if it were a lightsaber. The appearance of the blade is the caster's choice; Mother Talzin's weapon took the form of a sword of glowing green energy.

Blood Magic (Requires Level 25+)
Also known as death magic, this foul art, pioneered by the Presagers of Hakotei, allows the sorcerer to sacrifice innocent victims and view visions of the future in their blood. It can be a potent alternative means to foresight for those obsessed with prophecy or those not gifted in innate precognition.
Dark Illusion (Requires Blood Magic, Sith Illusions)
This complex dark ritual requires several ingredients: a potion cauldron or sacrificial altar basin, a Force-sensitive individual with a Force Bond to the intended victim, and a single drop of blood from that individual. The caster, and their ally if the blood donor is not the caster, channels Force Lightning into the cauldron while chanting the following incantation in the Balc dialect of ancient Sith: "Kintik hadzuska sutta chwituskak! Kintik hadzuska sutta chwituskak! Jiaasjen Jidai, jiaasjen Jidai!" The caster immerses their head in the mist pouring from the cauldron, and the intended victim, even if parsecs away, is then enmeshed in an illusory world impossible to distinguish from reality. Within this dark illusion, the victim can be hurt and killed, and thus be hurt or killed in reality, or be more easily tempted to the dark side.

Blood Trail (Requires Blood Magic)
This technique allows the caster to use their own blood to mark a target (such as a captive or slave) and magically track them through the blood mark in the event of an escape. The shed blood used for a blood trail cannot be removed once the trail is set.

GODLIKE Supernova (Requires Level 40+, Sith Thaumaturge)

GODLIKE Thought Bomb (Requires Level 35+, Sith Thaumaturge)

Speed of the Toocha

Spell of Assistance

Spell of Awareness

Spell of Comfort

Spell of Creature Understanding

Spell of Discovery

Spell of Interpretation

Spell of Lightning

Spell of Mimicry

Spell of Open Mind

Spell of Power

Spell of Protection

Spell of Structure

Spell of Thought-Touch

Spell of Concealment

Sith Emperor's ritual (Requires Thought Bomb)

Sith Fire Ritual

Sith plague

Sith runes

Sith stone ritual

False light side aura

Character Sheet Template

Character Illustration (optional)
Theme Music (optional)
Audio Sample of Character Voice (optional)
Orientation (optional):
Physical Description:
Pets (if applicable):
Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil):
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):
Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both):
Friendships (if applicable):
Masters (if applicable):
Apprentices (if applicable):

STR (Strength):
FPR (Force Power):
DEX (Dexterity):
INT (Intellect):
CON (Constitution):
MAN (Manipulation):
PER (Perception):
DES (Destiny):

Rank/Level (e.g. Level 40 Dark Lord of the Sith)
Base Class:
(if applicable):
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):


Thank you to Darth Vassago, founder and first Head GM of the Sith Trials series of RPGs, for making this all possible, and for his extensive assistance during brainstorming of the new statistics system.

Thank you to Darth Hesper, for her extensive assistance in creating the game mechanics of the new statistics system.

Thank you to my wonderful Empress, Darth Viscretus, for her extensive assistance in compiling the power list of the new statistics system.

Thank you to Darth Cruor, founder of the New Sith Order, for his role as co-GM of multiple Trials games from Passage into Darkness to The Old Sith Trials.

Thank you as well to Darth Catalyst, Darth Kain, Darth Draconis and Darth Ramage, for co-GMing The Old Sith Trials, and for their assistance, past or present, in this great Sith enterprise.

Acknowledgements are also due Zedd-Vega, for his role in founding the precursor to the Sith Trials RPGs, and Darth Insipid and Darth Haretisch, for serving as my co-GMs in The New Sith Trials.

Above all, thank you to the players, for whom this game is made.​
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Admiral Volshe

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:ngegold: Darth Viscretus, Empress of the Sith :ngegold:


Theme Music:

Name: Kára Volshe

Title(s): (Current) Divine God-Empress of the Sith; Chêra Sith’ari; New Galactic Empress; Queen of Naboo.

Nicknames/Aliases: Darth Viscretus the Malevolent, Iella Severina Draav, Dr. Kára Volshe, Dr. Kára Cvetkovic, the Sorceress of Ambria, Vahl, Abeloth.

Age: 201, appears late twenties.

Sex: Female.

Species: Half human, half Vahlan.

Orientation: Pansexual.

Homeworld: Naboo (Keren).

Occupation: Empress

Height: 1.82 m / 5’11.5”

Weight: ~61 kg

Physical Description: See photo. Slender but shapely, golden blonde hair, with deep golden amber eyes and pale skin. Her facial structure is typical of the Naboo and Vahla, with high cheekbones and classic regal beauty. Ornate scars cross her cheeks, the name of her neck to her upper spine, and the small of her back.

Clothing: Elaborate robes and dresses, as is expected for galactic royalty.

Weapons: Double bladed lightsaber, jewelled athame, holdout pistol, three green glass daggers.

Equipment: GPS locating ring disguised as a Corusca studded cocktail ring, poisoned ring disguised as a small pointed jewel of zenda, a greelwood staff, a Vahlan puzzlebox, various amulets and minor enhancing items (circlets, charms, rings, bracelets), necklace with the shard of the Conteska, ring with sigil of Dreadwar, ring with her sigil.

Two other rings of note:
-A fiery stoned ring of gold with elegant band, and golden scrolls, crafted on Naboo, bought from a merchant in her home town of Keren. Worn on her left ring finger.
-A white-silver band of delicate, ornate wire and a deep, nearly-black (yet glassy and translucent) crystal at its centre. The crystal shimmers with a faint image of Firefist and the surrounding stars, and it has been enchanted with a illuminating spell similar to the Jewel of Yavin or Sunstar - it glows when the creator of said enchantment thinks of her, the stars becoming dazzling, the core of the galaxy gently pulsing with light. She wears it on her right ring finger.

Further Stats
  • Talisman of Ensnarement (Allows for 3-Point Force Blast attack, +3 Attack Bonus to all Sith Spells, 75% chance of immediate dark side conversion to any lightsider who touches it, amplifies use of Sith magic and ritual magic)
  • Talisman of Concentration - (Allows for 3-Point Force Blast attack, +3 Attack Bonus to all Sith Spells, amplifies use of Sith magic and ritual magic)
  • Ancient Golden Dress - A beautiful dress of beaded gold, with an ornate avian headdress. It radiates the power of the dark side. Provides +2 Defense bonus against all slash attacks, allows the user to transform their skin into gold (providing a further +4 Defense bonus against all melee and energy attacks), avian headdress is charmed to bestow the power of Force Flight (free 5 Skill Points in Levitation).
  • Talisman of Healing - (2-Point Skill Boost to Dark Side Healing up to 5 Skill Points). In addition, the wearer gains complete immunity to all venom and poison, including alchemical and nanotechnological infections.
  • Shard of Conkesta - (+1 Skill Boost to Beast Trick and Mind Trick up to the maximum of 5 Skill Points)
  • Holocron of Venomis - An unusual Sith holocron. While it is shaped like the traditional pyramid, the colour is an inky black - and the seams of the holocron seem sticky. (NB: do not lick.)
  • Strength Potion - A sealed pot filled with a crimson fluid. When the user ingests this potion, their physical strength is unnaturally amplified by the dark side (allowing for a temporary +5 Attribute boost to Strength). As this affects the legs, jumping range is also highly increased, replicating the effects of a 5-point Force Jump. Only a drop is needed to be effectual.
  • Grimoire - An old, leather-bound spellbook, filled with writings in the ancient Sith language.
  • Scroll - A dusty, yellowed scroll, filled with writings in the ancient Sith language.
  • Holocrons of Vahl, Sorzus Syn, XoXaan, and Nihl Rahap’tor
  • Various Rakatan technologies
Vehicles: Whatever she wants. She has fleets. Her Death Squadron is her transportation method of choice, her flagship is the Triumphant, her shuttle of choice is a Lambda-class shuttle.

Pets: Runa, a turquoise tooka. A Hssiss named Ívidhia.

Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Futhork, Huttese, Sith and High Sith, Vahlan, Hapan, Nagaian, Cheunh (understands/written), Shyriiwook (understanding/written).

Combat Skills: Military trained in melee and projectile weaponry, other training and experience includes piloting, strategy, infantry and capital command.

Other Strengths: Her general skills include diplomacy, medical and biological sciences, logic, agility, general intelligence/knowledge (of many seemingly inconsequential topics), and languages. She has a degree in medicine, specializing in microbiology and acute medicine, especially trauma. She is a first and foremost a perfectionist and a scholar, one who craves knowledge and seeks to hold the universe's worth of knowledge in her mind.

Flaws: Schizophrenic (though arguably decently controlled), spice and tabac addict, can be sensitive and irrational or emotion-driven. Spiteful. Perfectionist, does not respect her own limitations.

Alignment: Lawful chaotic.

Personality: Imperious and reserved to most, she maintains the poise and posture of an Empress. Her ego and goals do not afford her much patience, and she is just as quick with sardonicism or punishment for errant as she is with her pleasantries for those who do not test her. But beyond her outward persona, she is not merely the questionably sane, charmingly, coldly cordial Empress she plays. She is surprisingly warm, her ambitions driven by a chaotic inclination towards the greater good and nurturing the beauty of the Galaxy. Her passions and fears drive her to relentlessly pursue immortality and power as well as forge an ultimate utopian society, no matter how chaotic the path to success may be. Her indulgences are dark and a great many, her darknesses even greater, and her sanity precariously on the edge, balanced on her successes.

Fears: Death, or loss, of herself and others. Chiss men, and men in general. Eternal damnation. Being weak or helpless.

Likes: Shuura, cigarras, blossomwine, the colour imperial plum, tookas, manicures, artifacts and art, the finer things, ...hedonistic things, creative pursuits, neoclassical music, the arts, Galactic history and mythology, biology, intelligence, loyalty, honour, tempered Sith, attention.

Dislikes: Ignorance and stupidity, cruelty (when unnecessary), gluttony, egotists, disloyalty, evangelist Jedi, fanatics (especially of the Dark Side). Most men.

Habits: Smoking, drinking, buying new dresses, being a seductress (though rarely following through).

Relationships/Love Interests: Erastus Sallacine (current)
Darth Nihl (current)
Past: Darth Dreadwar (ex-husband), Grand Moff Anstares (ex-boyfriend), Lord General Elgin Cvetkovic (ex-husband), Darth Arktys (ex-partner). Various other relationships and casual partners. (See wiki for more.)

Family: Deianara (daughter), Primordius (son), Rand Commenor (adopted son, in hiding), Helkosh Yram (godson), Darth Kain ("son"), Mandalore the Undead (great-nephew), Darth Voidwalker, Darth Nathemus, Cordé Venau (Nirai).

Companions: Chek Mosth (Mandalore the Undead), Cordé Venau (Darth Kaos), tbc

Friendships: Darth Kain, Hjörþrimul, Lilja, Særli, Darth Vesper, Darth Solus, Lady A’dola (Darth Kevala), Lady Alisha Tano, Darth Praetor, Darth Apollyon, Princess Sol Kira, Darth Maladi, Moff Fehlaaur'aitel'oro, Moff Konrad Rus, Advisor Trennel, Grand Moff Enric Anstares, Grand Moff Delrus Killran, Grand Admiral Parthavirius Tarkin, Darth Noxia, Darth Catalyst, Darth Xxys, Darth Draconis, Darth Voidwalker, Darth Pravum, Governor Gregar & Jamillia Yram (of Naboo), Hogrum Chalk, Sigel Dare, Valin Resk, Thanier Treece, Xal'den Desani, Loharr Talem (Valac), Jao Assam, Treis Sinde.

Enemies: Darth Dreadwar, Darth Krayt, Darth Arktys. (Hates very few people, is mostly indifferent.)

Masters: Darth Lumiya.

Apprentices: Lady Kevala, Darth Illium, Darth Voxyn, Vongarella, Erastus Sallacine (informal).

Reputation: As graceful and benevolent as she is ruthless and domineering, Viscretus has a reputation of winning the most brutal of wars, while championing progress, and garnering the love of her loyalists. But, she is also the subject of dark whispers from those who know of her secrets. There is unease in those who see past the gilded image she portrays. Patterns of self indulgence, rashness, and relapses into erratic behaviour...all are criticized, especially amongst the Sith. Perhaps her perfect visage is soon to crack, her true self oozing from the very wounds the galaxy has created.

Biography: See wiki here.

STR (Strength): 9
FPR (Force Power): 18 (+2 race bonus - 20)
DEX (Dexterity): 11 (+2 race bonus - 13)
INT (Intellect): 18
CON (Constitution): 11
MAN (Manipulation): 17
PER (Perception): 15
DES (Destiny): 15

Rank/Level: Level 46, Dark Lady of the Sith
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Enchantress

Shii-Cho — 1
Ataru — 3
Jar'Kai — 3
Saber Throw — 2
Augmentation — 1
~ Force Jump — 3​
~ Force Speed — 3​
Force Sense — 5
~ Farsight — 4​
~ Mindwalking — 3​
~ Precognition — 5​
~ Force Sight — 3​
~ Instinctive Astrogation — 2​
Telekinesis — 2
~ Force Push — 2​
~ Force Wave — 3​
~ Force Rend — 3​
~ Force Wound — 2​
~ Force Choke — 4​
~ Levitation — 5​
Telepathy — 5
~ Mental Shield — 5​
~ Cleanse Mind — 5​
~ Mind trick — 5​
~ Alter Image — 5​
~ Beast Trick — 3 (+ 1 from Shard of Conkesta)​
~ Comprehend Speech — 5​
Force Shock — 1
~ Force Lightning — 5​
~ Chain Lightning — 4​
~ Force Storm (Lightning) — 4​
~ Lightning Shield — 4​
Convection — 1
~ Pyrokinesis — 3​
Force Resistance — 5
~ Tutaminis — 5​
Hibernation Trance — 3
Force Bond — 5
~ Drain Life — 5​
~ Death Field — 4​
~ Drain Force — 5​
Transfer Force — 3
Force Ghost — 10
Transfer Essence — 10
Art of the Small — 10
Flow Walking — 10
Fold Space — 5
Shatterpoint — 1
Doppelganger — 5
Force Plague — 5
Prima Vitae — 3
Dark Side Healing — 5
Dark Transfer — 5
Dark Tendrils — 10
Qâzoi Kyantuska — 3
Aura of Uneasiness — 2
Mutate Life — 5
~ Create Tuk'ata — 1​
~ Animate Golem — 2​
~ Animate Sith Statue — 4​
~ Summon Hssiss — 5​
~ Summon Monolith — 5​
~ Summon Underwalker — 1​
Invoke Spirit — 2
Reanimate Sith Shadow-Ghoul — 5
Sith Illusions — 5
Spell of Concealment — 5
Spell of Creature Understanding — 2 (+ 1 from Shard of Conkesta)
False Light Side Aura — 5
Blood Magic — 1
~ Dark Illusion — 5​
~ Blood Trail — 3​
Sith Runes — 5
Sutta Chwituskak — 2
Create Sith Artifact — 4

N.B.: GM approved :ngegold:
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Imperatrix of the Sith
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Sith Empress
Final Triumvirate
Dark Council
Master of the Order
Jedi Council
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< HESPER on Spotify >
TST Theme: New Gods – Grimes

Title: The High Priestess Darth Hesper, the Butcher of Coruscant
Name: Théa Lasena, née Cifra

Age: Appears to be approximately in her early 30s

Sex: F

Species: Human

Homeworld: Naboo

Occupation: Unemployed

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 104lbs

Physical Description: Hesper is a petite human female with a slim face that sports a long diagonal scar that overlaps her left eye; her left eye has become pale and clouded as a result of the wound, and her other eye is a startling shade of bright grey. She has exceedingly long pale blonde hair, which she rarely styles. Her complexion is fair and her cheeks, chest, shoulders, and arms are generously dusted with freckles. Her expressions usually read as being pensively lonely or as grim scowls. She wears minimal cosmetics, save for the occasional dark eyeshadow or deep red lip (though never simultaneously), and keeps her nails short.

Clothing: Hesper favors simple clothes in black, emerald, or white; she has an affinity for long, shapeless kaftans, gowns, and cloaks, or for well-tailored trousers and flowing blouses or tunics. Hesper ascribes to the "modest is hottest" view of fashion, preferring to cover up than expose skin. When dressing for battle, she may don pauldrons and arm armor. Sometimes wears a sheer full-body veil over her clothing.

Weapons: One slim, long-handled lightsaber with a classic red blade.

She keeps, but does not use, her deceased husband's blue-bladed Jedi saber.
Screenshot (2).png
Equipment: None of note.

Vehicles: A Victory I-Class Star Destroyer called Sibyl II: it is well-equipped for planetary defense and assault, ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. This particular Star Destroyer has also had its comm suite upgraded, and hosts a myriad of HoloNet transmitters and receivers, making it an excellent command and communication center. Sibyl II sports a dark graphite-colored hull, with emerald markings. The original Sibyl was commandeered and had to be left behind in 5 ABY.
An Executor-class Star Dreadnought called the Auspex: The Auspex is a fortress in the sky, equipped with extensive armaments and well-suited for planetary assault, ship-to-ship combat, space battles, and sieges. It carries a large complement, along with over 40,000 troopers. The Auspex features customized emerald-colored exterior lighting, and a dark grey hull.
Languages/Alphabets: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Sith, Mando'a, Cheuhn, Naboo, Ryl, Galactic Sign Language

Combat Skills: Hesper is an extremely capable user of Telekinetic Force powers, specializing in its applications to the physical world around her, favoring skills such as Force Push, Wave, and Rend. Also possessing the ability to perceive many of the temporal aspects of the Force, Hesper has phenomenal skills in Farsight, Precognition, Shatterpoint, and Psychometry, and is a God-tier practitioner of Darksight. She is an excellent and extremely athletic hand-to-hand lightsaber combatant. Her favored lightsaber combat forms are Ataru and Niman, and she utilizes Sokan and Tràkata. She also excels in skills such as Dark Side Healing, Tutaminis, and Phase.

She is a highly capable combatant with melee weapons beyond the lightsaber, sometimes using swords and quarterstaffs; she is also an intermediate markswoman, though her skill with a blaster has diminished since she lost the sight in her left eye.

Strengths: Creative, intelligent, and adaptable. Hesper is hyper-aware of spatial relations and is wildly inventive in manipulating her physical surroundings. A quick and skilled lightsaber combatant. She is an accomplished scholar and has excellent historical, philosophical, and tactical knowledge. Knows much about art and culture across the galaxy. Very discerning and endlessly patient. As a sculptor, she has an excellent eye for art.

Weaknesses: Distant and emotionally sensitive. Hesper lacks keen Force empathy—mind tricks, probes, and control are not in her wheelhouse. Despite her reclusive and standoffish nature, she is quick to establish deep (and exploitable) loyalty and affection towards the few she deems worthy, and can be vulnerable to feelings of familial and romantic love, as well as compassion.

Her piety to the Dark Side is both a strength and weakness.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: A woman of few words, Hesper is somber and grim; she keeps a relatively even temper, though this never detracts from her pervasive intensity and the sense that there is always a glimmer of mania just below her surface. She is a master at masking her true emotions, and relies on her reclusiveness to act as an extra layer of emotional defense. She is pensive, thoughtful, articulate, and clever, with a sprinkle or sarcasm.

Fears: Hesper fears the end of all things. She fears loss, betrayal, and non-existence.

Likes: Hesper likes to create art, and greatly enjoys sketching, sculpting with clay, and creating bronzium sculptures of all types. She likes going to galleries, seeing live music and performances, and dining out. She is an avid reader. Enjoys eating sweets and pastries, particularly five-blossom bread from her native Naboo. Likes to win.

Dislikes: People who are cocky, talk loudly, or use a lot of empty words. Dislikes excessive fidgeting like knee bouncing, foot tapping, or drumming fingers. Hates to be interrupted. Strong distaste for politicians.

Habits: Rakes her fingers through her hair when irritated.

Relationships/Love Interests: None.

Companions: Arch Trooper General Naffa ben Jzora; Hesperian Guard Lieutenant Sorin Valantin Ar'váez

Associates: Darth Traya III; Lord Drakul Xarxes; Master Skyllan; Nacros Telcontare

Masters: Emperor Darth Dreadwar

Apprentices: None.

Reputation: Hesper has secured a formidable reputation as the Butcher of Coruscant, the woman who slaughtered the entire Senate and the Moffs and Grand Moffs of the Federation in one bloody go. She is revered by those who know of her, and respected for her martial skill.

Biography: Hesper was born in Theed, Naboo, between 123 and 128 ABY as Théa Cifra. The gloomy and anger-prone daughter of an architect father and royal seamstress mother, Hesper lived a relatively middle-class life within the walls of the Palace; her early childhood was as calm as it possibly could have been as the Sith-Imperial war raged for the first few years of her life. Staunch supporters of the Federation and vehemently anti-Force, her parents eschewed anything having to do with Krayt's One Sith and the New Jedi Order, but remained as uninvolved as they possibly could.

After her father's death following a terminal illness in 134 ABY, Hesper's mother moved she and her younger brother to Dee'ja Peak, where they lived simply in the outskirts of town on a very small family-owned estate. Quiet, stormy young Hesper truly loved the Gallo Mountains and spent hours alone on the nearby trails, and it was where she uncovered her latent Force abilities—though she never spoke of being able to move and reshape the earth to anyone, as she was always told by her mother that the Force was not for people of their ilk. When she was not exploring the trails, she read voraciously.

When Hesper finished her schooling at a small local university at the age of 18, she left Naboo for Coruscant with the dream of becoming a sculptor; she took with her one bag of her belongings, and a recommendation from a family friend and Naboo parliament member for commission work for members of the Senate. She left behind her mother and brother at Dee'ja Peak, and that was the last time she saw or heard from them.

After her arrival on Coruscant, she began work as a sculptor—she lived alone in a modest mid-level apartment, where she collected books, datacrons, antique knickknacks, and where she sculpted. At first, she sculpted only for the lesser-known senators and military officials. A breakthrough finally came a handful of years after her arrival on Coruscant in the form of a grand bronzium statue to be installed in the library of the Jedi Temple. After its completion and during its installation in the Temple, Hesper was confronted by a young Jedi Knight who warned her of her strength in the Force, telling her— with a jovial wink and a laugh—that she could easily have been mistaken for another Jedi.

Hesper was taken aback by this, immediately disbelieving the Jedi. She did believe she possessed he Force—but to that extent seemed unreasonable to her. Carrying on, Hesper ignored the encounter for several months. But as time marched on, she thought on it more and more frequently. What if the Jedi Knight was right? What if she really was that powerful? It made her think back on her childhood and every enraged outburst she’d ever had, too. What if she was predisposed to the Dark Side of the Force? The Dark Side that Krayt’s Sith used, and that her parents hated so much...

Hesper delved deep into researching the Force on her own. She extensively studied the teachings of the Jedi with the hope that her proclivity to the Dark Side wasn’t true, but, finding that Jedi teachings did not suit her views in the slightest, turned to studying what little she could find about the ways of the Sith—and it was like slipping on a tailor-made glove. Never before had Hesper read anything that resonated so soundly with her soul. Now resolute to find the path to the Dark Side, Hesper locked away her dark ambition and began first with attempts to gather basic mastery of the Force.

She was unsure of where to begin, and so she turned back to the Jedi—she committed herself to locating the Jedi who had first confronted her about her presence in the Force. But what Hesper did not plan for was how he would sweep her off her feet.

Naren Lasena, the Jedi Knight Hesper had met a year prior, was all she ever could have wanted and more. Handsome, intelligent, gentle, and philosophical, Naren was perfection in Hesper’s eyes. At first, they became fast friends, and Naren remained unaware of Hesper’s tendencies toward the Dark; he attributed her aura in the Force to his overwhelming feelings for the beautiful and pensive young woman. The two fell faster in love than they had become friends, and Hesper's pure adoration for Naren caused a great conflict within her—were she to continue on her path to the Dark Side, what would become of the man she loved?

Yet even still, over the short years they were together, Hesper gleaned all she could from Naren. Force techniques, saber combat forms, lightsaber construction, and meditation among the most prominent things. She devoured all she learned from him, and still lusted for more.

Hesper loved Naren more than anything, and two years after she had found Naren again, they wed in secret. They lived a life full of art, philosophy, literature, and love, and for three years, they were happy. Even despite the secret nature of their relationship and the long stretches of time Naren spent away from Coruscant, Hesper could not have asked for a more perfect marriage. When Naren was not away on Jedi business, they travelled together, read together, dreamt together, came to know every intimate inch of each other... and soon, Hesper was with child—and had almost entirely forgotten her secret ambition of joining the Sith. An expecting mother, she began to consider abandoning her private quest for the Sith in order to better protect the secrets that were her husband and child from those who would seek to tear their family apart: The Jedi Order—who, according to Naren, strictly forbade marriage—and the politicians and media that so closely watched Hesper's career.

But it was not destined to last.

Much to her heartbreak and horror, Hesper lost the child at five months in a tragic and bloody airspeeder accident that left her physically broken and her unborn child dead. The grief drove Hesper to the edge—in hysterics and unwilling to cope, Hesper locked herself away for months following “the accident”, while the media pounded at her door to cover the story of the acclaimed young artist Théa Cifra and the mysterious pregnancy she had seemingly so viciously ended. Branded the “deranged mystery mother” and “infant butcher” on the HoloNet, Hesper turned to her art as a means to cope, creating disturbing, macabre sculptures as her career took an epic nosedive. During the time she spent in self-isolation, she repeatedly begged her husband to return home from the mission that had kept him away since before the child had been lost—Hesper pleaded for him to come home and help her cope, but each time, Naren refused.

Hesper then realized that her husband, whom she loved dearly, would always place the Jedi Order before her. She hadn't seen it before, as she'd been lovestruck, but after the realization dawned on her, she came back to her original desire to join the Sith. A new desire for power blossomed in her.

Nine months after their unborn child’s violent demise, Naren finally returned home from his mission; briefly hopeful they could return to life as it was, Naren made every effort to repair the damage he had done by not returning when Hesper had begged him to. But Hesper would have none of it, for she had become resolute to pursue becoming a Sith, and with her career all but decimated, there was no forgiveness in her. She attacked training herself with a ferocity she had never possessed before.

Then, one day, Hesper made a decision to get back at her flake of a husband: she would reveal her and Naren’s marriage to the Jedi Council... the marriage they had so meticulously kept secret over the years.

This backfired tremendously, for Hesper then discovered that the relationship Naren had insisted be kept so hush-hush was not unsanctioned by the Jedi, and there had been no need for secrecy. Naren had insisted the marriage be kept secret simply so Hesper would not interfere with his ability to perform his Jedi duties. Astonished and furious at Naren, Hesper demanded the Jedi Order reprimand such deceit. The Council obliged by temporarily suspending Naren from the Order, much to Hesper’s relief.

Naren was devastated. But Hesper, too, was devastated. How could the man she loved so dearly keep her secret in such a way, and for so long? All those years! Wasted! Every kiss, every moment they spent together had been an absolute lie. Naren didn’t want to spend forever with her. He only wanted to serve a corrupt and vile order. Hesper had been right strung along. Rage and the painful desire for retribution burned in Hesper’s chest.

With her trust shattered and her connection to the Dark Side of the Force growing ever stronger by the day, Hesper took it upon herself to kill Naren several nights later in their apartment. She divulged to him her plan to pursue the Dark Side, and admitted to him that she had been learning from him all along before revealing the lightsaber she had built in secret using the knowledge he had unknowingly imparted to her. Breaking down into hysterics, Hesper drove her lightsaber into Naren's chest, killing him.

The next day, Hesper gathered only a few things she owned into a crate, took her husband's lightsaber, and fled from Coruscant. For the following year, Hesper chewed on what she had done and what had happened on Coruscant as she traveled the known galaxy. She did not meet many people, and kept herself under the radar until she arrived at Korriban, ready to find a Sith master and begin her quest for higher power.

She was apprenticed to Emperor Dreadwar, and became immediately embroiled in a short but furious battle. Over the course of a few short whirlwind days, Hesper completed her training, and was promoted to the rank of High Lord. The power she had merely tasted during her self-training on Coruscant and in her travels around the galaxy had multiplied beyond her wildest dreams. And now with a scar from the Sith's trip to Mortis, Hesper's original strength in spatial relations morphed into a different sense, one in which she could sense time, and foresee the future.

Hesper then found herself catapulted through time to 5 ABY alongside the Triumvirate and the Dark Tribunal. Shortly after, the Triumvirate self-destructed, and the War of Three began. With her position as High Lord revoked and her trust in her fellow Sith broken, Hesper found herself at immediate odds with each of the now separate Triumvirs. Needing a moment of respite, Hesper slipped into the shadows aboard her Star Destroyer Sibyl, waiting for the right opportunity to return to the side of the one she considers to be the one true ruler. But by the start of the civil war, Hesper could no longer judge who deserved her loyalty. Once again disappearing into the shadows, Hesper searched for a way to return to her original timeline…

STR (Strength):
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 15
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 8
PER (Perception): 17
DES (Destiny): 18

Level/Rank: Level 41, Dark Lord of the Sith
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Prophet
Prestige Class: Archon

Shii-cho – 3
- Soresu (Shii-cho) – 3
- Ataru (Shii-cho) – 4
- Niman (Shii-cho) – 5
- Tràkata (Shii-cho) – 3
Augmentation – 3
- Force Jump (Augmentation) – 4
Force Sense – 4
- Farsight (Force Sense) – 5
- Precognition (Force Sense) – 5
- - Darksight (Sith Prophet, Precognition, Battle Meditation - God-tier) – 10
Telekinesis – 5
- Force Push (TK) – 5
- - Force Whirlwind (Force Push) – 5
- - Force Burst (Force Push) – 5
- - Force Wave (Force Push) – 5
- Force Rend (TK) – 5
- Force Wound (TK) – 4
- - Force Choke (Force Wound) – 3
- - - Force Crush (Force Choke) – 4
- Levitation (TK) – 5
Telepathy – 4
- Mental Shield (Telepathy) – 3
- Mind Trick (Telepathy) – 3
- Force Illusion (Telepathy) – 3
Force Resistance – 4
- Adiabatic Shield (TK, Force Resistance) – 3
- Force Barrier (TK, Force Resistance) – 5
- - Protection Bubble (Force Barrier, Adiabatic Shield) – 4
- Tutaminis (Force Resistance) – 5
Dark Side Healing – 4
Force Bond – 3
- Battle Meditation (Force Bond) – 3
Feed on Dark Side – 3
Inflict Pain – 3
Phase – 4
Psychometry – 3
Shatterpoint – 4
Ballistakinesis (TK) – 5
Dimension Shift – 3
Force Scream – 3
Force Light – 3
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Darth Kain

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Dark Council
*GM Approved*

Darth Kain

Character Images



Character Theme Music

Battle Theme Music

Character Summary

Darth Kain is the spawn of Abeloth and the former Vengeance of the Empress, who rests on the knife-edge between being a menacing Dark Lord of the Sith and a loving family man.

Name/Title: Darth Kain

Nicknames/Aliases: The Beloved Prince of the Stars, The Seed of Chaos, The Dark Messiah

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Species: Old One Spawn (appears as human)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Dathomir

Planetary Claims: Vitae (Abeloth's Planet), Nevarro, Kashyyyk

Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith, Dark Councillor

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lb.

Physical Description: With dark hair, piercing green eyes, and a deep scar on the bridge of his nose, Darth Kain appears to be a handsome, young human. However, this is an illusion he maintains for the sake of those around him, as his True Form has inspired madness in any who have seen it.
His True Form is much more horrifying. His green eyes turn into stars in the center of black wells. His grin turns into a smile almost too wide for his head, with rows of needle-like teeth filling his smiling maw. His flesh turns an unnatural pale, and his limbs malform into twisted tentacles that are reminiscent of frayed knots. As he was born from fire, flame runs through his veins, causing the bright orange blood vessels to peek through his translucent skin.

Clothing: Often wears simple robing, save for special occasions where he dresses far more fashionably.

Weapon(s): Alchemized Sith Sword, forged from Spirit Ichor (as pictured below)

Equipment: (On his person at all times) Portable Holocommunicator, Datapad
(Not on his person at all times) The Holocron of Darth Gravid, an Eye of Typhojem (+6 Defense Bonus against Force Fear, Force Horror, and Force Insanity), Scrolls of the Aing-Tii, Rakatan Mindspear

Vehicle(s): Blacksmoke - YG-4210 modified to maintain modern standards of speed and travel; it is also equipped with a cloaking system and basic defense guns [DESTROYED]

: Corvar - black Loth-cat with a large scar across its face, male

Language(s): Galactic Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, Ancient Sith

Description of Abilities: As he was born in a pit of fire, Kain has an unprecedented affinity for pyromancy. He can manipulate flames in unique ways, forming armor or even Force Storms from them. He also has an immunity to temperature-based attacks due to his ability; fire cannot burn him, and ice cannot freeze the inferno of his heart.
Beyond this, Darth Kain is well-educated in the ways of the Force. He has studied from scrolls of the Aing-Tii, the holocron of Darth Gravid, and the mysterious holocron known as the Eye of Typhojem (of which only Emperor Dreadwar possesses another of). His broad stretch of knowledge has afforded him a variety of powers, from Fighting Sight to Sith Alchemy. His powers of illusion are also unnaturally powerful, amplified by the Force Psychosis he has inherited from his mother.
When it comes to the blade, Darth Kain has practiced saber combat as an art form rather than a necessity. What he does know of swordplay is advanced, but he has not pushed himself to master it as he has with his Force abilities, as he realizes a powerful sorcerer will defeat a powerful warrior a majority of the time. With his lightsaber now replaced with a Sith Sword, however, he has simply begun translating what he can of his knowledge of Djem-So to swordplay.
Lastly, his bloodline affords him a certain amount of immortality on the same level of his mother; though he is much younger than her. It is theorized that the Mortis Dagger could slay either of them, but that has not been proven.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Kain has a peculiar personality for one of his station. He often presents himself as a kind and understanding Dark Lord, but he does not share this same kindness with those who either annoy or oppose him. In execution he is undoubtedly sadistic, twisting his victims both physically and mentally far beyond their limits. He boasts an inquisitive mind with his superiors, witty humor with his peers, and advice beyond his years for his subordinates.
With time he has also grown into a fatherly figure for his adopted daughter, Eva, displaying kindness and love that he shows no other but his lover, Darth Abaddon.

Fear(s): harm coming to those he cares about, mild claustrophobia

Likes: painting, Tatooine Sunset (drink), horror vids, sparring, fire, Wookiees

Dislikes: swimming, romance novels, slavery

Habits: bounces feet when stressed, chews inside of mouth

Family/Relationship(s): Eva - Adopted Daughter, Darth Abaddon - Partner/Love Interest, Darth Viscretus - "Mother", Abeloth - Mother

Friend(s): Darth Skyllan, Darth Voidwalker, Darth Ānhrā Māhnîu, Darth Nathemus, Kint Dranlor, Darth Volacius, Darth Catalyst, Darth Traya

Apprentice(s): Darth Volacius (Sith Master), Zorn (MIA), Aleister Zyn (Now Apprenticed to Darth Noxia), Baskara (Current), Bril'Kairn (Current)

Darth Abaddon - sister of Darth Apollyon, Kain's love interest - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u9QBacUagAuVT1wpnLLzYhD0UchFMT8f3Py8KYt5q14/edit?usp=drivesdk

Eva - former Jedi Padawan, adopted daughter of Kain - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pOLDk567Zj1HoJPsutSyr_a5yxH-YzmpLVRHAbQETGA/edit?usp=drivesdk

Darth Bubonis - former Sith Acolyte, ally of Kain - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oJtUc6tI_tnQxLBVRnOlpHUi9eNB96IPdfTc3L8qxNc/edit?usp=drivesdk

Helvara - servant of Darth Dreadwar, (potential) ally of Kain - https://docs.google.com/document/d/17P4ixpXYShqJMBlIQ_CsZHUuOFw5R6vK-hjAzpH1WD8/edit?usp=drivesdk

Reputation: Darth Kain is one of the more well-known members of the Eternal Sith Empire. Known for his meteoric rise to power, his generally likeable personality, and (most of all) his mastery of pyromancy, Kain is considered one of the most reputable Sith alive today.

Biography: It began with the cries of a woman, as most births do. But this woman, an offworlder named Delylah, was not screaming from the pain of childbirth. Maddened, Dathomirian cultists had taken her from her home, dragging her to the forest and pinning her to a tree. Their leader had died of disease, and they begged their goddess - The Mother - to give him life once again. In exchange for this life, the cultists believed they would need the life of Delylah's unborn child.
They cut it from her belly, tossing the bloody fetus into the flames of a great pit of fire. They danced and sang to their goddess as Delylah bled to death. But the Mother had no pity for these madmen, nor their leader. She did, however, have pity for this unborn child. And so she breathed life into the babe, birthing it in a womb of fire.
The baby crawled from the flames, driving the cultists even further into madness. Guided by his Mother, the babe crawled amongst the chaos and slaughter, making his way to the ship that Delylah had once used to come to Dathomir. His Mother set a course for the planet where her son was destined to survive: Kashyyyk. As her power began to fade as the ship grew further from Dathomir, she planted a subconscious ability into his mind: to disguise his True Form. He took the traits of Delylah and her husband, a Dathomirian warrior named Zul'tar, combining them into the form of a human newborn. The key to maintaining the illusion was the focusing of a single trait, one that could forever remain; a scar on the bridge of his nose.

The ship, crashed into the Kashyyyk jungle, was found by a tribe of Wookiees that made their home in the wroshyr tree nearby. They found the baby boy, taking him in and raising him to the best of their ability, despite the mystery surrounding him.
After being raised by the Wookiees for three years, a smuggler who often traded with Kashyyyk happened to spot the young toddler. The Twi'lek's name was Hassan, and he knew that this boy had no place among the Wookiees. And so he consulted with the family that had taken the boy in, coming to an agreement. Hassan went on to raise the boy, naming him Corvar and instilling a sense of virtue and whimsy in the young lad. However, Hassan knew that Corvar was gifted in the Force; after all, any time Corvar threw a fit, things aboard his ship would randomly set on fire.
Hassan had no love for the Jedi, and feared the Sith even more, so he took it upon himself to find material that would aid Corvar in taming his power. Smuggled Jedi texts, datacrons, and scrolls were occasionally found and given to Corvar. Though they made for dull reading to Hassan, the boy seemed to be fascinated. Seeing Corvar happy was perhaps one of the few things that brought Hassan peace in his chaotic life.
But all good things must come to an end. After stopping on Tatooine for business, the cantina that Hassan and Corvar were visiting was struck by a band of slavers. At only the age of nine, Corvar watched his adoptive father die, and he was taken as a slave thereafter.

For years the young boy toiled away as a slave. It was on Tatooine that Corvar learned the one thing that Hassan never taught him: how to hate. This hatred culminated during a horrible accident during the mining of a cave in the desert. As the slaves - children and the elderly, specifically - worked themselves to the bone, a Krayt Dragon arrived, threatened by these beings that were nearing its eggs. A cave-in separated Corvar and one of his friends from the rest of the group, leaving them trapped underground. His friend, a boy just a bit younger than him, died of exhaustion before help would arrive. Starving, Corvar forced himself to eat the remains of his fallen friend to survive.
After being found and returned to servitude, Corvar released his hatred on his masters. He set aflame their camp, burning them and any slaves foolish enough to fight for them alive. In his heart he would always remember the name of his slave master, the one who taught him the meaning of cruelty.

Only twelve years old when he regained his freedom, Corvar cut out the explosive tracker in his neck and put it in a pendant. He tried to sell it for credits but none would take it. And so he kept it, deciding to use what Force abilities he knew to become a freelance mercenary. Work came at a slow pace at first; after all, one would have to be truly desperate to hire a child. But he began to build a reputation, earning more and more paid jobs for years and years. He used these credits to visit the Aing-Tii, which he'd only heard of in Jedi texts written by Luke Skywalker. For the months he learned from them, he gained their trust, earning a scroll that detailed their ability of Fighting Sight before he was contacted by a mysterious figure. Upon meeting them, he learned who this figure was.
Darth Maladi.
She had heard of his ability, how he'd constructed his own lightsaber, and she offered him an opportunity to join the Sith Empire. He accepted, but she had a task for him to complete as a test; one of impossible proportions.
He was to find Kubjo the Hutt, a powerful crime boss on Nar Shaddaa, and overthrow his criminal empire. A tall task, but one that Corvar took on happily; after fourteen years of mercenary work, he was eager to become part of something bigger than himself.
And so he went to Nar Shaddaa, signing up to be a pit fighter in service to Kubjo himself. After a battle against two other fighters and a prototype spider droid, Corvar impressed the slug and was given an opportunity to rid himself of the debt he'd accrued by helping destroy the droid. He was to find the sword of Jen-Sin Caal in the abandoned mines of Corbos. And after an adventure with a fellow dark-side adept named Reaper, a Sith apprentice named Feros, and a droid named D-3PO, they found the sword, guarded by a living Leviathan.
After a grueling battle, the Leviathan was defeated, and Corvar brought the sword back to Kubjo the Hutt. But with his power in the dark side growing so exponentially, his Mother, the Beloved Queen of the Stars, appeared on Nar Shaddaa and told him of his origins.
His world unraveled. And as he felt himself transform into his true self, he realized that she was no liar. He was the son of Abeloth. He was a monster.

Corvar went on to join the Sith Empire, despite not fulfilling his quest to overthrow Kubjo's Empire; his work with Feros spoke volumes in his favor. He took the name of his old slave master, becoming the master of his own destiny. And so Darth Kain, the Beloved Prince of the Stars, was truly born.
He skyrocketed through the ranks of the Empire, becoming a Dark Councillor weeks after joining. Months later he earned the high esteem of becoming the Empress' Second, taking the title of Vengeance. It was at this elevated stature that he remained for quite some time, before he discovered the location of the Eyes of Typhojem. Ancient holocrons that supposedly held the knowledge of the Left Handed God in equal parts, Kain found them both and delivered one to Emperor Dreadwar while keeping the other for himself.
In this holocron he learned what it would take to become the Sith God he was born to be, and so he resigned from his position, journeying to Kashyyyk in secret. His time on the planet in his True Form unwittingly caused the inhabitants of the planet to suffer extreme bouts of psychosis, drawing the attention of both Jedi and Sith. When discovered by a group of Sith adventurers, Kain returned to the Empire with a furry companion he named after his old self: Corvar.

Since his return, he has gone on many a venture, most notably destroying the ice moon of Kelcium with a Force Storm. It was there, in the ruins of his destruction, he first met Darth Abaddon, whom he's now pursuing a romantic relationship with. Meanwhile he is currently raising his adopted daughter, Eva, who is a Jedi Padawan rescued from carbonite-induced slumber. He cares for no one in the galaxy more than they, save perhaps Abeloth.

Skill Sheet
Rank/Level: Dark Lord of the Sith, Level 42
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Wizard


Strength - 10
Force Power - 20
Dexterity - 10
Intellect - 13
Constitution - 13
Manipulation - 12
Perception - 10
Destiny - 20


Augmentation - 3
Force Speed - 4
Force Jump - 2

Force Sense - 3

Farsight - 4
Instinctive Astrogation - 2
Precognition - 1

Fighting-Sight - 5

Telekinesis - 5
Force Push/Pull - 4
Force Wave - 4
Force Wound - 1
Force Choke - 4
Telekinetic Kill - 5

Levitation - 2

Telepathy - 5
Mental Shield - 5
Mind Trick - 4
Force Illusion - 5
Alter Image - 4
Memory Rub - 5

Force Shock - 1
Force Lightning - 1
Lightning Bomb - 1
Force Maelstrom - 1

GODLIKE Wormhole: Force Storm - 10 (Modified into Force Fire Storm)

Convection - 5
Pyrokinesis - 5
Fireball Belch - 5
Flame Aura - 5
FREE Wormhole: Force Fire Storm

Force Resistance - 5
Adiabatic Shield - 3
Force Barrier - 5
Protection Bubble - 5
Tutaminis - 5

Dark Side Healing - 2

Force Bond - 2

Inflict Pain - 4

Alter Environment - 5

Force Bellow - 2

Flamusfracta - 5

Shatterpoint - 2

Dark Transfer - 5

Deadly Sight - 5

Fold Space - 5

Force Stun - 1

Force Stasis - 5

Ionize - 3

GODLIKE Supernova - 10
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Darth Cruor

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Character Theme Song:

Character Voice:

Name/Title: Xen Gaal / Darth Cruor,
Nicknames/Aliases: Taral, Battlelord, and Harbinger
Age: 7,217
Sex: Male
Species: Gen’Dai
Homeworld: Gen’Dai
Occupation: Taral
Height: 2.8 meters/9’2”
Weight: 161kg/355lbs

Physical Description: Standing at just over nine feet in height he strikes a physically imposing image, when not wearing armor his body is wrapped completely in black mummy-like linens over which he wears ancient and ragged black zeyd-cloth hooded robes, when in his armor he wears a cloak of the same color and material. Regardless, his face is entirely covered by a Hendanyn death mask in the likeness of a skull. The light around him is always muted, and shadows gather upon his clothing, at times writhing as if the darkness was itself alive. An unnatural chill emanates from him, those nearby find the cold touches not only their skin but soul as well.

Armor of King Adas: Given by his Master, Darth Nemesis (Typhojem). This ancient Sith Battle Armor is capable of deflecting lightsaber blows and energy weapons such as blasters, the gauntlets are often times a brutal weapon of choice for Darth Cruor as the knuckles are wickedly spiked and the fingertips end in impossibly sharp talons.

(Grants a +9 Defense Bonus against Energy and Melee Attacks)

Battle-Ax of King Adas: The weapon of Adas was created using powerful Sith Alchemy granting it the strength needed to resist lightsaber strikes, and making it capable of absorbing a measure of Force energy.

Sith Warblade (Bastard sword sized, named “Asha”): Sith Warblade, a bastard sword forged using various metallurgical and arcane means by the hand of Darth Cruor himself. This weapon is made in the style of the Krath Dire Sword making the weapon able to pierce almost all other known metals, in all other ways it has all the properties of a Sith Sword.

Sith forged Flail (Hâsk'Itsu or the "The Chain of Anguish"): A flail created by the hand of Dark Cruor, forged in the same fires which birthed his sword and lanvarok, like the others it is forged of phrik and utilized the same alchemical means to make it a powerful relic worthy of a Dark Lord.

Soulsaber: Hilt is made of a deep black cylinder 17.7" long, around it is wrapped in bronze-like metal shaped like a dragon. When the weapon is activated, a 4'11' blade of energy is emitted from the jaws of the dragon. It's blade is violet hued with an obsidian colored core, has blood red flecks that run along the length of the blade.

It is a nexus of Dark Side energy, when activated anyone within 10' can sense it. Non-Force sensitive beings feel uneasy, if they touch the saber they are hit with a powerful blast of dark energy. Those who are Force sensitive feel great discomfort and can experience headaches or nausea, and find it hard to concentrate. Any being struck will feel a stab of unbearable and penetrating cold, and is flooded with dark emotions.

Wielder is benefited with the ability of “Battlemind”. The Soulsaber can siphon the Force energy from any being it strikes, and temporarily channel it to the wielder. Energy can also be drawn from the surroundings.

(Grants +2 Cold Damage. When activated provides an Aura of Uneasiness - 3 emanating from the weapon, a Drain Force - 1 attack to any target it strikes, a Feed on Dark Side - 1 effect to any Force Nexus it strikes, a Force Fear - 1 attack to any target it strikes, and finally grants free Battlemind - 3 to wielder)

Lightclub (2): Red blade. Phrik hilt, engraved with various ancient Sith runes of protection.

Force-Imbued Blade (Dagger - 24" blade): Pure black, created by Darth Cruor.

Sith Lanvarok (The Destroyers Gauntlet): The right gauntlet of Darth Cruor's armor is in fact a Sith lanvarok which contains 8 discs - each poisoned (powerful neurotoxin causing paralysis, eventual death if not treated). The poison was crafted by Darth Cruor using Sith Alchemy.

D'vouran Amulet: The amulet emitted a force field that protects the wearer and anyone or anything directly touching the wearer.

(+2 Defense bonus against Blaster attacks.)

Sharka'k Noor: Is made up of three short cylinders attached via small arms to a larger central cylinder, decorated with several glyphs. It can manipulate the geology of a planet, allowing its user to create volcanoes, earthquakes, and other such planetary changes. This machine was created to serve as a terraforming tool as it changed a planet's core.

Sith Pyramidal Crystal (Soul Snares): Darth Cruor has a number of these artifacts which are capable of holding a sentient being's life force for all eternity. Each Pyramidal Crystal holds a single life force, and the Crystals allow the owner to commune with these beings to gain ancient knowledge and teachings.

Hendanyn Death Mask of Darth Cruor: Forged of phrik by the power of the Dark Lord's malice, this mask has established a mental link with it's creator and preserves the wearers memories, in many ways it can act much like a holocron to any who dares claim and wear the mask. The Dark Lord also bound his life-force to it in order to anchor his spirit to the material realm, and it is painfully cold to the touch.

Equipment: As a Dark Lord of the Sith has nearly unlimited access to mundane equipment and resources.
Vehicles: Nemesis-class Dreadnought / The Taral
Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Gen’Dai, High Sith, Rakata, Columi, Sharu, Dathomari, Taung, and Mando’a
Combat Skills: In addition to mastering the use of numerous kinds of hand held weapons the Dark Lord is also a skilled hand to hand combatant and has mastered many styles of martial arts such as Echani, Teräs Käsi, and Wrruushi. He has spent his entire life becoming a well rounded warrior
Other Strengths: His Gen’Dai physiology gives him a wide array of natural advantages. These include, but are not limited to; the ability to survive extreme injuries, rapidly heal damage sustained (able to regrow lost limbs in minutes), nearly instantaneous reflexes (causing others to appear to move in slow motion by comparison), heightened senses (smell, hearing, can even feel a human heartbeat from 200 meters away), cannot be physically permanently killed unless vaporized on an atomic level. He is immensely strong (able to overpower the likes of Wookiees with ease, shattering thick slabs of stone, and catches a swoop bike in his bare hands and uses it as a club). He is exceptionally fast (Gen’Dai with no Force sensitivity have been able to keep up with Jedi Masters such as Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker). His stamina is nearly endless, the Gen’Dai species has been shown capable of fighting continuously for days at a time without any sign of fatigue. He can survive extended periods of time without oxygen, even showing the ability to survive in the void of space with no ill effects.
Flaws: Complete confidence in his nigh indestructible body, especially while wearing the armor of King Adas. As such he has no fear of engaging in combat against almost any adversary, this has led to his defeat at and near death numerous times in his long life. If his body sustains enough physical damage he can be forced into a healing coma, depending on the severity of the damage to his body this coma can last decades. Socially he is uninterested, at best, and in fact oftentimes acts hostile towards those who seek to engage in petty interactions to gain his favor.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Everything about Darth Cruor is intimidating; his size, deep rough sounding voice, his appearance. He uses others to achieve his goals by playing on their emotions and appealing to their senses of greed and ambition, in order to do this he will use his vast wealth and influence in order to reward them for their loyalty and success. He considers non-Force sensitive beings to be worthless, completely expendable, while those who are Force sensitive will be tolerated until they are no longer beneficial to him. Viewing himself as all powerful, the Sith Lord believes that he has the right to choose when to end the lives of any living creature, he considers it acceptable for the strong to make decisions for the weak and believes that most beings were never destined to be anything other than slaves. He is a remorseless killer, having ended the careers of an untold number of Jedi and Sith alike, and has created the downfall of numerous civilizations. In his long life there are only a few individuals he has found worthy of fearing, in being powerful enough to inspire that fear they have earned his respect, and ultimately his loyalty. Darth Cruor is evil in alignment, pure and irredeemably evil to his very core. He has no remorse, no empathy, or compassion towards others. In all ways he seeks to serve the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force, everything he has done is necessary for the survival and continued greatness of the Sith Empire. At least that is the way he sees it.
Fears: Typhojem, Dreadwar, Viscretus, Vassago, and other beings who have exhibited power that dwarfs his own. Oblivion.
Likes: Power over others, to dominate them and bend them to his will is something he takes pleasure in. If the dominance becomes physical, all the better. Has a deep admiration for weapons and armor, the finer the craftsmanship the deeper his love for the item.
Dislikes: Politics. While no stranger to politics he finds it distasteful, even so his military power and power through the Force makes him extremely influential. He has no love for Jedi, seeing them as servants to their compassion and empathy, and views them as little better than the Forceless vermin who populate the galaxy.
Relationships/Love Interests: He views emotional relationships as a distraction from his true purpose, and agenda, and absolutely refuses to engage in any form of physical relationship outside of his species.
Companions: Lorekeeper, Mariel the Wistie
Pets: Woyunoks the Plague Hound, Draa'zekyl the Duinuogwuin.
Friends/Acquaintances: Darth Noxia, Darth Dreadwar, Darth Viscretus, Darth Invadator, Darth Voidwalker, Darth Vassago, Darth Draconis, Darth Solus, Woyunoks the Plague Hound, among others. Too many to list, he tends to view friendships as expendable, and most who he considers friends are based on pragmatic considerations. He also is unwilling to trust “friends” too far or unconditionally, he recognizes that each are Sith who harbor ambitions of their own and will likely not hesitate to move against him if the benefit is great enough.
Master: Typhojem, the Left-Handed God.
Apprentices: None currently. Formerly Darth Nemisis, Darth Xxys.
Reputation: Is widely known as a ruthless, and remorseless, killer who in fact enjoys snuffing out the life of those who have crossed him, the Duumvirate, or betrayed the greater goals of the Empire. He has also made himself known for using his considerable assets to benefit those in his service, to such an extent that he has helped others rise to the station of Dark Lord in their own right.

Born Xen Gaal, he knew peace with his fellow Gen'Dai for barely three centuries before the arrival of the True Sith, the arrival of Typhojem. Under the Left-Handed God’s command the True Sith armies pillaged the world for resources, killing hundreds of thousands of his kind in the process and destroying the planet's ability to support life. Those few who survived were sold as slaves to the True Sith Masters or fled and were dispersed into the galaxy, but never again would his species thrive or call a planet “home”.

Typhojem took one personal prize from the world before he left, the child Xen Gaal, his potential was too great for the Left-Handed God to ignore. The child was taken as his own in order to benefit from the Dark God’s instructions, the apprenticeship began immediately and was to last more than a century. Xen Gaal’s new Master, Daritha Nemesis as he was known to the Rakata, spared no brutality or cruelty in his methods of instruction. Over the next hundred years Xen Gaal was transformed into a vessel of destruction, a sower of chaos, an agent of strife.

It was during his apprenticeship where the Gen’Dai had been introduced to Ku'ar Danar, a fellow apprentice of the Dark God and a sorcerer of immense power. It was also during this era which under the instruction of Darth Nemesis that Xen Gaal constructed a personal armory on Athiss, it was there that his lanvarok and warblade were forged. This signaled the end of the apprenticeship for the Gen’Dai at which time Darth Nemesis named the Gen’Dai Darth Cruor, Harbinger of the True Sith. Typhojem gave Darth Cruor one more thing, a massive suit of ebon armor, once worn by King Adas of Korriban

Together Danar and Gaal served their Master’s will through instigating the Hundred-Year Darkness, Xen Gaal on the front lines of battle as a massive and imposing warrior covered in black armor who fought alongside Marchioness XoXaan and her Black Legions, while Danar expertly manipulated events from the shadows to ensure the rift between the warring factions of Jedi remained deep and irreparable. Soon after the wars Danar, in his quest for true immortality, trapped himself on Nilrebmah.

While Danar was sequestered away in the monolith on Nilrebmah the Gen'Dai travelled the galaxy, it was a time of great exploration for Xen Gaal and he eventually came to discover the Hendanyn people and their ability to create a "death mask" which when bound to the wearer stored their memories and knowledge in order that it be passed on after death, a holocron of sorts. Xen Gaal took this knowledge and traveled back to Athiss where he forged a mask of his own and in that forging bound his soul to the powerful relic, he has worn it off and on for the next six millennia and it at times used it as an anchor to the mortal realm. The creation of the mask however took a heavy toll on the mighty Gen'Dai, and he was forced into a regenerative coma that would last hundreds of years.

The machinations of Xen Gaal was not seen again in the galaxy for a long time, and upon awakening from his coma he searched tirelessly for signs of his Master Darth Nemesis, or the Sorcerer Ku'ar Danar. Finding neither, Xen Gaal did what he was trained to do, he resumed the manipulation of galactic events in order to prepare it for the return of the True Sith. Wars were instigated, rebellions stoked, planetary governments toppled, millions died in the centuries that followed. While the results of his work was seen, the Gen’Dai was careful now reveal his presence in order to hide his motives. He also utilized this time to travel to Khar Delba where he enslaved the population and constructed a temple in honor of Typhojem, and later to travel again to Athiss where he forged a massive flail.

His activity during these many centuries was interrupted from time to time by long periods of absence, one can only speculate as to his activities but legends suggest that the Sith Lord had learned to travel Beyond Shadows so that he might commune with ancient beings and the spirits of Chaos. For almost 1,500 years did this cycle repeat itself, each time the Sith Lord returned his power was greater and his knowledge deeper.

In the year 5000 BBY the powerful Dark Lord, Marka Ragnos, passed and gave rise to Naga Sadow whose scheming began the Great Hyperspace War. The war did not go as the new Dark Lord had envisioned, and after an initial period of success the forces of the Republic and Jedi was able to turn the tide against the armies of Naga Sadow. After Sadow’s demise Shar Dahkan took the mantle of leadership and further drove the Empire towards a decisive defeat at the hands of the Republic at which point various factions of Sith fled into exile on planets such as Vjun, Ambria, and Tund. Xen Gaal led a faction to Thule where they joined with those Sith already present, eventually helping to form a powerful military dictatorship led by eight generals. It is not known at what time Xen Gaal left Thule, but the society he helped build continued on and grew in power while they awaited the opportunity to exact revenge on the Republic and the Jedi Order.

In 4,400 BBY on the ancient Sith planet of Athiss a Jedi exploration team encountered a trio of dark side entities, each faceless spirits garbed in black. These entities were feeding on the power emanating from ancient ruins upon the planet, upon confronting the Jedi the entities drained them of their ability to use the Force and one of the spirits fought a Jedi named Chamma, though Chamma seemed to defeat the entity when he struck it with his lightsaber the Jedi succumbed to the influence of the dark side and fled the planet. Though the true nature of the Athiss entities was never discovered they were in fact Sith, two of their number would later be known as Darth Dreadwar and Darth Cruor.

Xen Gaal would rise up once again some years before 4250 BBY, it was then that he began to plant the seeds for conflict yet again, the resulting period of conflict eventually became known as the Third Great Schism. After leading a group of Jedi to secrets of the Sith, the Jedi Order on Coruscant fell into conflict, those Dark Jedi he influenced were driven from Coruscant at which time the Gen’Dai led them to the Vultar System. There he assisted them in finding and utilizing the Cosmic Turbine, ultimately causing the Vultar Cataclysm.

This was the beginning of centuries of unrest and war throughout the galaxy, the Vultar Cataclysm and the events leading to it being the underlying causes for both the Great Sith War and Jedi Civil War. While his efforts to initiate war succeeded Xen Gaal could not entirely escape the Cataclysm on Vultar, his body ravaged by the power of the Turbine he fled to the armory on Athiss where he once again fell into a healing slumber.

He awoke more than two hundred years later to a time where the Jedi Revan had become a Sith Lord, Darth Revan, and commanding the Mandalorian clans the Sith Lord waged war on the Jedi. Xen Gaal joined these efforts and came to take an apprentice, under his instruction the apprentice grew to become a brilliant commander and would take the name “Darth Glovoc”. Though a great asset to the Sith armies he increasingly spent his time in meditation and began seeing visions, he became so proficient at seeing these visions that he started to refer to himself as “Lord of the Mind’s Eye”. At the end of the Jedi Civil War Darth Glovoc abandoned both the Sith remnant and his own Master, taking his ship the “Dying Sun” and the crew that served him, he sought out the planet of Nyriaan which he had glimpsed in a vision.

To his great misfortune Glovoc was ambushed by Republic forces upon arriving at Nyriaan, the ship was so badly damaged that it crashed upon the planets surface, but Glovoc and some of his crew survived. Darth Glovoc suspected it would be years, if not longer, before he could be free of Nyriaan so he placed himself in stasis and his loyal crew lived on. Once every hundred years descendants of the crew would awaken Glovok, each time his grip on sanity diminished and he never remained awake for long before returning to stasis, more than four thousand years would pass in this fashion before he would eventually leave the planet.

At some point after 2000 BBY Jedi Master Phanius who ultimately came to be known as Darth Ruin falls to the dark side and revives the long dormant Sith Order, after uniting the existing Sith clans and cults into a new Sith Empire he starts a series of wars that is now known as the Fourth Great Schism. Darth Cruor, known at the time by the alias of Eradicus and wearing a suit of black plate armor infused with the dark side of the Force, became a “squire” of Dark Lord Ruin during these New Sith Wars. Darth Ruin’s arrogance ultimately led to his demise, but the New Sith had a solid foundation and continued with their wars.

Around 1750 BBY under a new alias of "Dark Underlord” and appearing in the form of a Sith spirit rose to power by gathering various factions of the New Sith, and establishing the Black Knights of Malrev IV, this alliance of Sith was dedicated to continuing a bloody and terrifying campaign against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. The “Dark Underlord” was eventually beaten by a Jedi Master, Murrtaggh, forcing the Gen'Dai to enter a healing slumber in order to regain his strength.

It took Xen Gaal nearly five hundred years before he was able to regain his power, awakening again in 1250 BBY by a mysterious yet familiar calling through the Force. The Gen’Dai followed it to a planet called Almas only to discover that he had arrived too late and what drew him here had disappeared, unbeknownst to him it was a Sith known as Darth Rivan in possession of the Darkstaff which was a relic created by an old companion, Ku’ar Danar, he would not sense their presence again for hundreds of years.

The New Sith Wars which had continued in his absence and threw the Republic into a terrible Dark Age, these wars had caused both the Sith and Jedi to become greatly diminished to such an extent that neither was able to gain a decisive victory to end the long period of violence. The galaxy was ripe for a being like Darth Cruor, and he worked tirelessly to continue this era of destructive conflict in order that the Republic and Jedi would continue their long demise. The Sith, for their part, were eventually drawn into an arduous Sith Civil War which lasted more than fifty years.

Ironically it was a Jedi who would end the civil war and bring the crumbling Sith Empire together, Skere Kaan gathered the Sith who survived and reorganized them into a Brotherhood of Darkness, Xen Gaal was among those Sith who answered the call of this new leader. Kaan’s success in uniting the SIth eventually become a threat to the Jedi and caused a respected general, Lord Hoth, to gather his own forces and engage the Brotherhood, the Army of Light. It was during these waning years of the New Sith Wars that Xen Gaal once again felt the familiar call of Danar’s Darkstaff, the call led him to Ruusan where he tried desperately to obtain the staff for himself but it eluded him yet again. Xen Gaal stayed on Ruusan to engage the Jedi in the final battles of the campaign before becoming aware of the plan to use a ritual created by Ku'ar Danar, the Thought Bomb, knowing the danger it presented he deserted the battles on Ruusan and fled before the ancient ritual decimated the rival orders.

In the ensuing centuries Darth Cruor reformed the Black Knights numerous times, eventually coming into conflict with the likes of Yoda where the Black Knights were ultimately defeated. This period of time was also marked by Xen Gaal returning to Athiss in order to forge twin axes, inspired by the spirit of Adas whose spirit was bound to the armor he wore.

Many years later Xen Gaal, working under the alias of Darth Despicari, discovered the descendant of a long forgotten Sith cross breeding experiment, a being known as Bataal Bandu, and made an apprentice of him. Under his instruction Bandu plagued the Sith Lord Darth Vader and founded a New Sith Order in order to continue the legacy of earlier Sith Empires and spread the teachings of the True Sith to others. While Bataal Bandu perished early in this new Order, the Order itself began to thrive and began to grow in secret right under the nose of Darth Vader and his Master, Darth Sidious.

In the year 45 ABY, Darth Despicari was present along with Darth Dreadwar in the Chilloon Rift manipulating two Columi brothers, Craitheus and Marvid Qreph, in order to take control of the vast resources within the Rift. Through a series of blunders the brothers eventually drew the attention of Luke Skywalker when they had crossed a friend of his, Lando Calrissian, there they confronted Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo inside the Monolith.

In the subsequent years the New Sith Order flourished, but Darth Despicari’s time as it’s Dark Lord came to an end when a seemingly young and ambitious Sith Lord named Darth Vassago seized the mantle of leadership. Despicari met an unfortunate demise at the hands of a supposed ally Darth Draconis, in the throne room of Draconis’ master, Darth Vassago. That would not be the end of the Gen’Dai however, for Darth Draconis was tasked with removing his charred husk and depositing it into the wilds of Korriban. Draconis roamed the wilds for years in order to find an appropriate burial place for Darth Despicari, but he kept one powerful artifact for himself, the Hendanyn Death Mask, and eventually fell into madness as he made the uninhabitable lands of Korriban his home.

In the year 132 ABY during a period of time when the New Sith Order was led by Darth Krayt the one time apprentice of Xen Gaal, Darth Glovoc, was discovered while still in stasis and brought back to Korriban.

Less than two decades later assassin, Darth Draconis, returned to the burial place of Darth Despicari in order to reunite him with the Hendanyn death mask, after performing a ritual that brought the body of the Gen’Dai back from death the fallen Dark Lord rose and revealed his true name. Darth Cruor had returned to the world, he and Darth Draconis would venture out of the wilds of Korriban and reunite with the New Sith Order which was still under the command of Darth Vassago, and allied with the Eternal Sith Empire who was led by Empress Viscretous and an old acquaintance...Emperor Dreadwar.

It was some time after this that Darth Cruor discovered the slumbering body of his former apprentice, Darth Glovoc, and released his from stasis. Now thoroughly mad and having forgotten much of his past life he sequestered himself in the libraries of the Empire, hoping to make sense of what he had seen in his dreams and visions his vulnerable mind became prey to an unknown Sith spirit, over the years he eventually came to be known only as The Lorekeeper.

Rank/Level: 45 (250 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, only 1 player may occupy this level, 5 Godlikes)

STR (Strength): 20 (+2 Warrior Class)
FPR (Force Power): 20
DEX (Dexterity): 13
INT (Intellect): 10
CON (Constitution): 20
MAN (Manipulation): 10
PER (Perception): 10
DES (Destiny): 13

Total Defense Bonus: +9 Defense Bonus against Energy and Melee Attacks / +11 vs Blasters (+9 from Armor of Adas/+2 additional vs Blasters from D'vouran amulet)

Base Class: Warrior
Subclass: Sith Juggernaut
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Lightsaber Forms:

Shii-Cho - 3
Niman - 5
Jar’Kai - 5
Tràkata - 3
Focus Discipline - 5
Stance Discipline - 5

Force Abilities:

- Augmentation - 5
Force Jump - 5
Force Body - 5
Force Speed - 5
- Sense - 5
Precognition - 5
- Telekinesis - 5
Force Push - 5
Force Burst - 5
Force Wave - 5
Force Wound - 5
Force Choke - 5
Telekinetic Kill - 5
Telekinetic Crush - 5
- Telepathy - 5
Mental Shield - 5
- Cryokinesis - 5
Cold Aura - 5
- Force Resistance - 5
Adiabatic Shield -2
Force Barrier -3
Protection Bubble -5
Tutaminis - 5
- Force Bond - 5
Battle Meditation - 5
Inflict Pain - 5
Reduce Injury - 5
Force Reflex - 5
Force Ghost - 10 (GODLIKE)
Transfer Essence (Object) - 10 (GODLIKE)
Shadow Armor - 3
Darkshear -5
Deadly Sight - 5
Fold Space - 5
Force Punch - 5
Dampen Force - 5
Eternal Hatred - 10 (GODLIKE)
Fighting-sight - 5
Force Stun - 1
- Force Stasis - 5
Force Suppression - 5
Phase - 5
Sever Force - 5
Shatterpoint - 5
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Darth Nathemus

Sedriss of House Dreadwar
Staff member
Grand Master
Dark Council
Jedi Council
Dreadwar Approved. ;)
🔺 Shadow Hand Nathemus, Lord of Pain 🔺

“In umbris potestas est.” “In the Shadows, there is Power.”

: Shadow Hand Nathemus, Sedriss and Dread Battlelord

Nicknames/Aliases: Darth Nathemus, Lord Sedriss, Lord Coatlec (formerly), Lord of Pain, Darth Nathemus the Conqueror, Darth Luzion (occasional guise)

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Species: Nagai/Twi’lek

Orientation: Heterosexual, though has a disdain for romantic attachment

Homeworld: Korriban

Occupation: Shadow Hand, Sedriss, Dark Lord

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 280 pounds

Physical Description: The Sedriss is a hulking lich. A macabre Lord of Pain rotting in his armor, his once vibrant red skin has greyed from years of Pain and atrophy. His eyes often glow a bright crimson when using more recondite abilities.


Clothing: Full body Phrik Armor, providing lightsaber resistance. The armor has had many modifications over the years, allowing for the installation of ancient gauntlets, talismans, and amulets.

-A single Sith sword (4' blade), poison dipped, capable of conducting Force Lightning and energy-based abilities, as well as being strong enough to withstand a lightsaber
-A jet black Yuuzhan Vong Amphistaff
-Asimikots: An Electricity-charged Alchemical Axe-Hammer, capable of absorbing, deflecting, and redirecting electrical and fire-based attacks, lightsaber-resistant. Asimikots has an enchantment placed upon it by its Master that allows him and only him to wield it. If anyone other than the Sedriss were to attempt to lift, move, or wield it, it would remain in place. (+1 Defense bonus against Heat and Electricity attacks.)

• Phrik Armor (+4 Defense bonus against lightsaber, energy, and melee attacks and a -2 penalty to Dexterity)
• Helm of the Sedriss (+3 Defense bonus against mental attacks)
• Gaunlets of Phrik: Crushgaunted fist, fitted with Cortosis Weave, equipped with dagger launchers
• Cortosis daggers laced with worrt venom (three daggers are housed in each launcher)
• Talismans of concentration (the two talismans of concentration are embedded in the Gauntlets) (Allows for 3-point Force Blast attack, +3 Attack bonus to all Sith spells)
• Talisman of healing (housed in his chest armor) (Allows for 2-point Dark Side Healing effect)
• Shield Talisman (housed in his chest armor) (+6 one time Defense Bonus, must be recharged with Force Energy before reuse)
• Raspir's Holocron (Raspir's Mind Trap)
• Staff of Raspir
• The Book of Pain

His flagship is the Harbinger, but as former Shadow Hand of the late Emperor Dreadwar and Sedriss of House Dreadwar, he has access to almost any vessel he desires.
Name: The Harbinger
Classification: Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought
Length: 16,000 meters
Hyperdrive Equipped: Yes, 2.0 class (Class 10 backup)
Description: An Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought, the Harbinger is a formidable war ship. It is well-suited for planetary assault, ship-to-ship combat, space battles, and sieges. The Harbinger has been customized with green-colored exterior lighting.

• Xerxes (sentient, non-sapient): An undead Duinuogwuin (star dragon) measuring 150 feet in height. Xerxes can breathe fire just as any dragon and can breathe in space.
• Sith Battle Hydra (2, Housed on Nur)
• Chrysalide Rancor
• Sithspawn Darkghast

Languages: Sith (all variants), Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic, Anzat, Shyriiwook (can understand, not speak), Huttese, Kaleesh, Binary (can understand, not speak), Twi'leki, Kushiban

Combat Skills: The Sedriss eschews lightsabers, but is masterfully proficient in both Greatsword and Axe combat, as well as being able to channel the arcane energy of the Force through his weapons. Though not masterful, he is also highly adept at hand to hand combat, however, prefers not to use it unless absolutely necessary. As for the Force, whereas traditional abilities such as telekinesis and lightning leave something to be desired, he is capable of some of the greatest feats in history with more unique abilities, especially Sith spells.

Other Strengths: He has a wide knowledge of the vast histories of the galaxy and Force using groups. From Sith to Jedi to Jensaarai, Nathemus knows a great deal, for he was once Loremaster of the Empire. He has serviceable knowledge of Sith Alchemy and forgery, but does not apply such to being an alchemist or forgesmith himself.

Flaws: His great pride. He also dwells on mistakes for quite a long time instead of moving along and becoming better.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: The Sedriss has always been very bold, blunt, and passionate. He will not spare his opinion in face of a disagreement, which has landed him in hot water before.

Fears: He does have a pathological fear of his own death, and he has taken many preventative steps against his death.

Likes: He extols the virtue of loyalty to his God-Emperor, Darth Dreadwar, and he refuses to believe the Emperor truly perished. Enjoys food, fun, friends in a social setting. Learning Ancient knowledge from tomes, books, manuscripts, or straight from the Emperor.

Dislikes: House Halcyon. Over reliance of some Sith on technology rather than the Force or their Own wits.

Habits: When having off days or overwhelming days, he may often recuse himself to his studies in his library or Meditation Sphere.

Relationships/Love Interests: None

Companions: Dread Knight Yenøh

Friendships: Lord Voidwalker, Lord Sedicious, Lord Xarxes, Lord Anhra Mahniu, Lord Kain, Master Xiannar

Masters: Emperor Dreadwar (mentor), Darth Nihl

Apprentices: Darth Blade, Darth Ti’inald, Knight I-Ron Butterfly, Apprentice Varanus Rex, Apprentice Rathan Jakarta, Darth Alvah (deceased)

Reputation: His reputation since his return to the Dark Council and his stint as Shadow Hand to the late Emperor has been quite a bit different from prior reputation. In the past, he was seen as impotent, worthless, and sometimes even a traitor. But after he returned from the Shadows anew, as Lord Nathemus, has been one of a staunch and stalwart member of the Dark Council and of House Dreadwar. A Dark Lord to not be trifled with.

Looking to create the ultimate Sith warrior, Darth Krayt dominated the minds of two of his apprentices, Darth Nihl and Darth Talon, to procreate with each other. Born Carn Marr, his father Darth Nihl trained him in the ways of the Dark Side until he became a Sith Lord of his own right. He was given the title of Darth Coatlec by his father. Nihl and Coatlec were abandoned by Talon as she never consented to the ordeal in the first place. Coatlec gathered knowledge and power from sources across the galaxy.

Coatlec would face many tribulations and Sith Trials throughout his quest of life. He journeyed into the false Tomb of Naga Sadow, down into its Unknown lower level. There he faced great losses. His youth was stolen from him by Darth Viscretus and Darth Apollyon, and his head nearly severed by a blade of alchemical steel. But it was in this, and in a bout with Dathomirian Warlord, Zhav'vorsa, coupled with a rather simple but memorable lesson from the Emperor himself, that Coatlec learned to lose. For everyone must first lose something before they can win in life.

Following his lessons at the Emperor’s and Zhav'vorsa's hands, Coatlec stepped into the Shadows an deeper into his studies. Though no longer a public face, he was simply biding his time until he again gained his power back. Finally, after many months of being in the Shadows, he stepped forward again. This time, he was a new man. A new Sith. Now, Sedriss Darth Nathemus stepped forward for a Kaggath to elect the next Dark Lord of the Sith. Upon his win, he was elevated to the Dark Council.

After the disappearance and presumed death of the Emperor over Empress Teta, he alongside Darth Apollyon and Empress Darth Viscretus, led the Dreadwarian Sith against many Houses, many so called Empires of the Sith. Some were led by Darth Annihiless, some by Perkunas Loki, and some by others. But they were inconsequential in the end, and all would fall. After the disappearance of Dreadwar’s Night Herald and previous Shadow Hand, and those who were with them, at Mortis, the Dark Council was bereft of many of its members.
The Sith are broken, but not vanquished. Under the leadership of the Empress and Lady Apollyon, with Lord Nathemus still claiming the title of Shadow Hand to succeed Haretisch, and many more, the Sith will find their vanquished Emperor and once again return to their glory.

STR (Strength): 16
FPR (Force Power): 16
DEX (Dexterity): 10
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 16
MAN (Manipulation): 14
PER (Perception): 10
DES (Destiny): 14

Rank/Level: Shadow Hand/Level 40
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Thaumaturge
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer
Force Powers
-Augmentation: 3

-Force Sense: 1
Precognition: 3

-Telekinesis: 2
Force Push: 1
Force Wave: 3
Force Wound: 1
Force Choke: 1
Force Crush: 4

-Telepathy: 5
Mental Shield: 5
Mind Trick: 5

-Force Shock: 1
Force Lightning: 3
Lightning Shield: 4

-Cryokinesis: 5

-Force Resistance: 5
Tutaminis: 5

-Force Bond: 4
Drain Life: 1
Death Field: 5
Drain Force: 1

-Force Sustenance: 4

-Darkshear: 5

-Deadly Sight: 5

-GODLIKE Eternal Hatred: 10

Sith Magic
-Sutta Chwituskak: 5

-Odojinya: 4

-Qazoi Kyantuska: 4

-Waves of Darkness: 5

-Invoke Spirits: 5
GODLIKE Force Walk: 10

-Reanimate Dead: 5
Reanimate Sith Undead: 5

-Sith Illusions: 5

-GODLIKE Supernova: 10
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The Cunning Linguist
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Darth Catalyst CS
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Theme Music

Audio Sample of Character Voice

Name/Title: Cal They'ron/Dark Lord Catalyst/High Inquisitor Catalyst

Nicknames/Aliases: The Cunning Linguist,

Age: true age roughly 190, biologically about 40, appears to be mid thirties, stopped aging due to the use of Darth Drear's immortality ritual

Sex: M

Species: Human

Orientation: Pan

Homeworld: Rhommamool

Occupation: Dark Councilor, High Inquisitor

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs

Physical Description: Tall and slender, with long dark hair and dark eyes to match. Relatively toned skin, though much lighter under the robes. Well groomed beard. Imperial sigil permanently branded onto his right shoulder, mystical glyphs of the Dark Force adorn the left shoulder. Crisscrossing black rivulets spread across his chest as after effects of Drear's ritual.

Clothing: Tight, black, sleeveless robes with deep red accent pieces. Thin black cloak with slits cut for arm holes. Elbow length fingerless gauntlets.

Weapons: Orange bladed saberstaff with quick-release in the center to split it into two single blades.

Backup single bladed orange saber,

Model 22T4 ISB Special Blaster pistol,




The lanvarok is an ancient Sith weapon. This one is small and wrist-mounted. Launches a spray of deadly, whirling metal discs with a careful flick. These may be dipped in poison if one wishes. Some of the discs provided in the case seem to be pure cortosis - brittle and useless against armour or conventional weapons, but able to short-circuit lightsabers.



A dagger made of alchemically imbued glass. Evades weapons detectors due to its glass composition. When a victim is stabbed, the glass blade twists and breaks off, festering beneath the skin and causing great pain. (Causes damage equivalent to 50% of initial attack damage every turn until the target is dead.)

Poison Sword


A medium-length scimitar with a twisted metal hilt and a poison-coated blade, all infused with Sith alchemy. Much heavier than it looks, requiring two hands to wield. Can block lightsabers. Can deflect, absorb, store and unleash energy-based attacks (such as Force Lightning and blaster bolts). The blade is magically sharp, able to cut through any metal. Any successful strike on an enemy will result in the enemy being poisoned by a lethal alchemical agent that cannot be cured by any healing power, resulting in death within 5 in-game minutes or 2 game turns (whichever is quicker).

Equipment: Light helmet that conceals face,

CryoBan-tipped climbing gauntlets

Linen Wrappings
These wrappings of yellowed white linen seem fit for a mummy. They have soaked up the malignant energies of the dead, and brim with strange shadowy power. When worn, these wrappings allow one to fade from sight at will, becoming invisible, inaudible and undetectable in the Force (granting 3 free Skill Points each in Force Stealth, Force Cloak, Conceal Essence and Shadow Armour up to the maximum of 5). They also grant a +5 Defense bonus against telepathic attacks.

Talisman of Translation
A talisman embedded within a bracer which allows one to read, write and understand all dialects of ancient Sith.

Love Potion
A sealed pot filled with a lavender fluid and a single hair from the head of Lord Catalyst, unused for over two years. The user may slip it to their desired target. Only a drop is needed to be effectual. The potion ensnares the senses of the target when ingested, resulting in overpowering lust and infatuation towards the user for several weeks.

Poison Vial
A small glass vial filled with the same kind of Sith poison brewed by the Krath to convert Ulic Qel-Droma to the dark side. Ingestion of this poison causes extreme rage and hatred and amplifies one's emotions, clouding one's better senses and moral compass and gradually but inexorably swaying the victim to the dark side over the course of several days. It is an efficient way to convert captured Jedi.

Vehicles: Personal starfighter: TIE/ph Phantom, callsign Whisper; Raider I class Corvette, callsign Solution; Mandator IV Siege Dreadnought, callsign Cunning Stunt

Languages: Fluent in Basic, Bocce and Huttese, conversational Jawa trade and pidgen Ewok, can understand and read Shyriiwook and Binary,

Combat Skills: Trained to Jedi Knighthood, Anti-jedi techniques refined as an Inquisitor, expert at hit-and-run tactics, capable battlefield commander and naval officer, exceptional pilot, knows which way to point a blaster, Dun Möch specialist

Other Strengths: Good at talking his way out of a problem, or just talking in general. Carries a quiet wisdom about his presence, when he isn't cracking a joke. Knows his way around the Galaxy, and uses his charisma to keep himself out of trouble, or get into better trouble.

Flaws: Talks too much at the wrong times. Can be distracted by a pretty face. Tends to push the boundaries of respect. Holds grudges. Puts more faith in his lightsaber skills than Force Powers. Highly egotistical, even if he takes pains to hide it.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Witty, charming and rather upbeat for a Sith. Always has a quick retort or biting remark ready. Frequent punisher of stupidity, prefers to wound those who invoke his ire with words more than swords. Overall cares for little more than himself, but is not above building friendships and alliances. Known to use his tongue to invade many a bed chamber. Those who are on his good side will find a ready companion if needed, though he almost always has an ulterior motive. Beneath his charismatic exterior is a schemer whose mind is always looking for the next quick route to increase his power and influence. Ultimately, he is a self serving and short sighted individual who doesn't care what the state of the galaxy is, as long as he can continue to ply his linguistic skills to his advantage, he is content to indulge himself while the stars burn.

Fears: Death, loss of power, feeling helpless or trapped, building a true intimate connection with someone, not being able to read someone

Likes: Arkanian sweet milk, whatever being happens to be serving the drink to him, maybe the being next to them too, quick wit, playfulness, conversation, his ship, his hair, being able to order people around

Dislikes: being ordered around, stupidity, tactlessness, losing, haughtiness, overly conspicuous consumption, attachment

Habits: wordplay, talking, flirtation, talking, fiddling with the hilt of his saber, flippancy, casual disrespect.

Relationships/Love Interests: Lady Apollyon (dubiously, though he would not have it any other way), Darth Talon (casual but frequent), Darth Xirr (platonic... mostly), many other casual encounters

Companions: Darth Arancia, Lem

Friendships: Darth Viscretus, Darth Kain, Lady Kevala, Darth Xxys, Darth Noxia, Darth Praetor, Lem, Darth Halcyon, Darth Arancia, Ermir Marcus

Masters: Klar Ka-Lel (deceased),

Apprentices: Darth Neoplix (briefly, deceased), Darth Nivek, Darth Halcyon, Zareel Jhenan'doka

Reputation: A quick witted and sharp tongued Sith Lord who rose to prominence and held his position with tenacity and determination under Dreadwar’s rule. Mysterious and elusive, the Dark Lord’s past remains shrouded in mystery to all but those who knew him before. If you talk to him, be prepared for a verbal sparring match.

Biography: Cal They'ron was born on Rhomamool to a family he would never know. Early in his life his force potential was discovered by the Jedi Order, who took him in for training. Cal was quiet, and never one to make waves during his youngling years and was quickly apprenticed by Jedi Master Klar Ka-Lel, who he came to view as a father figure. The two of them went on many adventures, Cal's habit of hiding and sneaking often being countered by his master's very direct approach to every situation. When the Clone Wars erupted, Cal was quickly promoted to knighthood and forced to take part in the war. Knowing that he would be facing many droid troops, Cal chose to construct a yellow saberstaff and intensified his training in Soresu, supplementing it with Jar'Kai to best utilize his dual blades. He became a respected and effective Jedi Shadow. During his tenure as Jedi Knight, Cal was sent on many stealth and infiltration missions, only seeing large scale battles when there was no other Jedi General available.

When Order 66 was given, Cal was on a solo mission on the planet Dromund Kaas to investigate a dark resurgence in an ancient temple, only hearing the Jedi Temple's distress signal when he turned on his comlink after his mission. Deciding that he would be safe out of reach of the new Empire, Cal set up a small camp and lived as a hermit for years, surrounded by the abandoned Sith temples and haunted marshes. Over time, through a combination of boredom and temptation, Cal took time to venture deeper and deeper into the temple of Darth Millennial, learning more and more about the ways of the Sith and slowly being corrupted by the Dark Side. He found many ancient texts and knowledge from the Sith Empire, including the location of Vitiate's Dark Temple, where his devotion to the Jedi Order was tested and he fell to the Dark Side. It was here where he achieved the black brand on his left shoulder. The dark spirits of the temple simply told him that the mark would signify his importance to the coming Sith Empire.

Eventually he was found by Imperial Inquisitors searching for the Dark Force practitioners that Cal had been hiding from. Cal quickly surrendered his services to the Empire, his self preservation and new knowledge of where he belonged overriding any lingering devotion to the light. After a long session of torture to test his conviction, Cal was branded with the Imperial sigil and given synthetic red crystals for his lightsaber, which he combined with his original yellow to produce a bright orange color. He was given the codename Catalyst to reflect his role as a being to bring change, and placed in the role of Inquisitor to hunt his former Jedi companions and maintain peace in the galaxy. It was now his true purpose.

Cal was dead. Catalyst became a master of finding and killing Jedi. He knew their tactics and secrets. He could dispatch them quickly and mercilessly. And he enjoyed it. He rose to the rank of High Inquisitor after the destruction of the first Death Star left a position open, electing not to reach for Grand Inquisitor and place a larger target on himself. During this time he was given a personal Tie Phantom, which he named Whisper. With its massive firepower and sophisticated cloaking device, Catalyst became all the more dangerous. He was even given command of a Raider Class Corvette which he dubbed the Solution. He continued his hunt for enemies of the Empire but quickly began finding himself bored with hunting rebels and insurgents. There were few Jedi left for him to find. Catalyst continued his work for the Empire simply for the sake of survival. The Emperor began assigning him reconnaissance missions to keep his mind occupied and his thoughts of usurping control of Imperial Intelligence at bay. During one of these missions Catalyst was tasked with resurrecting the Carbonite Sith Army to crush the Rebellion. After Palpatine gave him vague direction to the sealed tomb, Catalyst departed in the Whisper, leaving the Solution docked aboard the second Death Star.

Upon opening the tomb, Catalyst was immediately overwhelmed by a great tremor in the force; Palpatine and Vader had died. The Empire had fallen, or at least he thought so. He thought about the prophecy told to him by the spirits of Dromund Kaas, about his place in the galaxy. Knowing the Carbonite Army would only be awakened when the Sith ruled the galaxy once more, Catalyst resealed the temple and subjected himself to Carbonite sleep.

When Dreadwar reopened the temple and awakened the army, Catalyst was ready. Seeing that Dreadwar was the true Emperor of the Sith now, he immediately pledged himself as servant and bodyguard. Dreadwar bestowed the title of Darth upon Catalyst, completing his ascension to the Dark Side. His Phantom, waiting where he left it all those years ago, would now be an enforcer of this new Empire, his sabers would cut down Jedi once more.

Catalyst quickly climbed the ranks of Dreadwar's court. His experience as an Inquisitor for Palpatine naturally put him in a role under Darth Talon's Imperial Intelligence. His quick wit and efficient approach to tasks helped him build a repartee with the Twi'Lek Sith, and they bonded as compatriots and sometimes more. It was in this capacity that Catalyst was chosen to accompany Lady Apollyon and Darth Viscretus into the False Tomb of Naga Sadow. During the expedition, he befriended another Lord, Darth Xirr, who quickly became Catalyst's most trusted companion during the adventure. He attempted to save the life of Lord Coatlec after the son of Nihl and Talon wandered off, but was met with hostility for his offered generosity, even if it was only for the sake of pragmatism. He also rescued the trapped Darth Neoplix from a spiked pit, and took the thankless Gen'Dai as his apprentice shortly afterwards. The tomb revealed to them the final piece of the prophecy they sought. After some research, and a small romantic moment with Darth Apollyon, Catalyst was sent with a small group to the Praxeum of Yavin IV to find more information on the prophecy and its mentioned peoples.

In the following years, Catalyst rose in rank to Tribune of the Emperor's Dark Council, taking a variety of mundane roles to supplant himself as a necessity of the Empire. During this time, his fear of death came to a head, and he began experimenting with ways to suppress the effects of age. He remembered the cursed Project Blackwing that had been commanded by Lord Vader during the Rebellion. He traced its origins to Odacer-Faustin and the Ritual of Darth Drear. With the help of multiple successive apprentices and a few dead bodies, he perfected the recipe and performed the ritual for himself, granting eternal life and an inoculation to the undeath that now sustained his organs.

Catalyst became a trusted confidant to Empress Volshe during this period as well, having learned of their shared history within Palpatine's Inquisitorius, and kicking himself for not recognizing her sooner. He continued trying to increase his standing in the Empire, eventually vying for the seat of the Emperor's Shadow Hand. A fierce kaggath ensued between himself and his old rival, the former Lord Coatlec, now rechristened as Lord Nathemus. Catalyst faced a humiliating defeat, and returned to the Council a far more reserved and scheming Lord. He would find his way to have revenge one day.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 15
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 16
PER (Perception): 15
DES (Destiny): 12

Rank/Level Level 39 Dark Lord of the Sith

Base Class: Assassin
Subclass: Slayer


Form I Shii Cho: 1

Form III Soresu: 4

Form V Shien: 4

Jar’Kai: 4

Augmentation: 1

Force Jump: 4

Force Speed: 3

Telekinesis: 4

Saber Throw: 2

Force Push: 4

Levitation: 3

Force Wound: 3

Force Choke: 4

Force Crush: 3

Force Sense: 2

Farsight: 2

Telepathy: 2

Mental Shield: 4

Mind Trick: 4

Force Illusion: 4

Comprehend Speech: 4

Memory Rub: 4

Force Resistance: 4

Adiabatic shield: 2

Force Barrier: 4

Protection Bubble: 4

Tutaminis: 4

Force Bond: 2

Drain Life: 3

Force Cloak: 2(+3)

Force Stealth: 2(+3)

Conceal Essence: 1(+3)

Many Shades of the Force: 3

Force In Balance: 3

Shadowstrike: 4

Fold Space: 4

Dimension Shift: 2

Force Suppression: 3

GODLIKE Art of the Small: 10

Shatterpoint: 3

GODLIKE Ritual of Darth Drear: 10
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Darth Vesper
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Character Illustration:

Kahlan Amenll (Bridget Regan)

Main Alter. Image Völ:

Eva Green

Lt. Cassia Rhane Image:
Gal Gadot

Theme Music:

All For One
By Qntal

Audio Sample of Character Voice:

Vesper, Public:

(0:51) “Don’t...ruin my morning.”

Vesper, Private:
Kahlan Amnell
(0:30) “You can get out of my chair.”

Eva Green
(0:45) “There isn’t enough room for me and your ego.”

Lt. Cassia Rhane:
Kahlan Amnell
(0:30) “You can get out of my chair.”


Darth Vesper, Regent of Tenebris, Shadow Lord


Erisi Amrei Ziaen


Erisi Ziaen-Iceay, Allegra Caldan, Lady Massarah, Queen of Darkness and Shadows, Zanel Zaren, Lt. Cassia Rhane.


31 standard years (born roughly 6 BBY). Erisi, powerful in the ways of light and dark, created a Dark Point hiding herself and her son behind the stain of darkness, freezing her in time around 28 standard years until reawakened in 154ABY. (Roughly 13 years of age when Luke Skywalker discovered her fleeing from her home). Essentially, she would be approximately 160 standard years.




Human, Half-Mind-Witch

Orientation (optional):




Shadow Lord, Regent of Tenebris, Mind Witch


1.7 Meters



Physical Description:

Gentile and agile in stature, Vesper stands at 1.7 meters. Her skin paled in comparison to most. Dark locks are held intricately in minimal stately design. Holding herself with an air of grace her attire matches that of her regality. Her lips drip with crimson color, khol adorning the silhouettes of her once warm brandy orbs, now steeled, spiraling deep with the blood fueled passion and lust of one that craves the Darkness. A small scar is etched above her lips, from her time as a former Queen, when the beast of the Former Dark Lord attacked her, another graces her left arm, just below her shoulder, a sign that she still lives from her first fall. An ornate Sith marking ordains her spine, one that bears much heat in times of anger and passion, a gift from the Former Dark Lord. Another ornate marking takes its place upon her sternum, just beneath her breast, the remains of a spell to reverse the visions that have plagued her since she was a child.


Unless on mission, Vesper’s wardrobe consists of very regal textiles, flowing gowns, in hues of midnight blue, pitch black, or blood red. As of late her attire was rather simplistic. On mission she dresses accordingly per mission information and or a white or burgundy hooded over gown and obsidian pants that hug her slender legs.



Erisi wields dual lightsabers.

A dark amethyst blade the hilt polished silver with ornate etchings.


The second, a curved hilt, polished silver and black scaled metal, the blade crimson.


During her time with the Sith she abandons the first saber and carries the lightsaber bestowed to her during her first rising in its place. Dark Crimson leathered hilt with delicate golden designs adorning the darker sections. The blade, crimson.


Vesper also keeps two miniature, ceremonial Shikkar daggers, usually in her tightly bound hair. The daggers were a gift from the former Dyniana de Res, now known as Komari Shadow.



Vesper carries few items on her person besides a com, credits, and the various likes, however she is in the position of several items befitting of her station, as well as items she has acquired over the many years of being a Sith. These items were hidden before her descent into the Shadows. Currently, also in the possession of the Holocron of Rur.


Vesper is the owner of a Sith Meditation Sphere, Phantom’s Damnation.


Pets(if applicable):

White Raven, unknown whether the aviary creature is a figment of the beholder's imagination or a living, breathing creature.



Speaks broken yet successfully fluent Echani. Fluent in GSL (Galactic Sign Language), Old Corellian, to name a few. Erisi is gifted in Xenolinguistics.

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section):

Vesper is skilled in a graceful form of hand to hand combat. An observer would quite possibly consider it a waltz across the floor leading to one’s demise. Vesper was trained in the use of blasters and firearms. She has basic combat medical knowledge, though she rarely uses the skill itself.

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section):

Vesper is rather charming, cunning, bold. Skilled and graced in diplomacy. She has strength in stealth and moving without detection given the training she received as a young Jedi Padawan. She is accurate, precise, logical, independent, detail oriented and persuasive. She can also be quite practical, strategic and versatile. She is trained in negotiations and has survival instincts. She is also streetwise from her time as a slave on Corellia.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section):

Vesper is quite blunt and stubborn, not easily giving up her passions and desires. She is complex and has a streak of impatience that runs through her veins. She is overzealous and a perfectionist. She is a woman without remorse. She is pious.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil):

Lawful Neutral


Some would call her rigid, cold, vicious, many words there are to describe such a woman. Yet she prefers, regal, passionate, and steadfast. The air and grandeur that would be expected from a former Queen of the Sith graces her like the finest cloth one could buy in the galaxy, yet with the might and strength of the strongest armour. Sharp tongued and witty, she drips seduction from her crimson lips, like the poison from a Kodashi Viper. She is a force to be reckoned with, like the raging winds on Kamino. Darkness fills her far within the depths of her very being.


Vesper fears the unknown.


Vesper likes structure, researching the crons and scrolls, practicing her magic, weaving elaborate illusions, her children.


Frivolity, unprofessionalism, slavery, disrespect for the heiarchy.


Vesper has the tendency to pace in a feline like prowl when in battle or during interrogation; she rubs her thumb and forefinger together when in thought; tucks stray strands of hair behind her ear; has a habit of being straight to business, no dallying or foreplay, just to the matter at hand; Vesper insinuates often.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both):

Friendships (if applicable):

What are friends? Vesper has allies, yet as a well trained Sith is fully aware, friendships can be fleeting and no one is to be trusted.

Masters (if applicable):

Former: General Oochy, Unnamed female Jedi, Unnamed Male Jedi Grandmaster, Soriph

Apprentices (if applicable):

Current: Liora Ixas, Loharr Talem

Former: Darth Kreuger, Sacarious (Searching the Force), Ayla (Deceased), Darth Illium (Training terminated)


Vesper has an air of dark grace and foreboding. She is religious about decorum and conduct and has a deep sense of what she thinks is proper. She is quiet but highly effective in all she does.


Vesper holds quite the history among the Jedi and Sith alike. The history of the great lady can be found within the holocrons of history. Vesper, formerly a great Dark Lady, a Queen of the Sith, the right hand to a Great Dark Lord, ruled at his side. Reigning with an iron fist, as the Dark Lord called it, the New Sith Order flourished under their reign of passion. Yet all was not to last forever, whilst Vesper was on an away mission off planet, the Dark Lord changed his ever-alluring tune, scorning her, the Dark Lord banished her from the Sith Order. Broken and betrayed Vesper returned to the Jedi. It was in this time she bore a son, Kaden Jace, forged in the dark lusts of passion. He was the very son of darkness itself. Hearing intel that the Dark Lord’s Order was crumbling around his feet, Vesper knew that any knowledge of a son would enrage the Dark Lord into a galaxy wide search for his heir. In an attempt to protect Kaden from the same fate she had come to know she hid her family behind a Dark Point, suspending them in time. Knowing that one day Kaden would rise and defeat his Father. Vesper knew full well that any rumors of the Dark Lord being lost to the Force was bantha foder, she knew him too well to believe that. He was alive, somewhere within the galaxy and she would not wait for him to rise from the ashes. Vesper began her time suspension at 30 standard years, her children followed in later years. Yet, only to rise again, when the time came. It was by chance that the Dark Point failed, earlier than she had hoped, upon her waking Vesper realized it was her son, Kaden who had awoken them. Strong in the ways of the Force, much like his father, the pull to the Darkside was strong. Weakened and drained from their time of solitude Vesper caved when her son heeded the calling of the Dark. Unable to tether to the light, she felt herself slip, farther and farther into Shadow. Yet again she would be known as Darth Vesper, she would guide her son to glory, dedicating her life to the Sith once more, she would help the Sith rise once again to glory. However, she bid her time well. Upon awakening from under the protection of the Dark Point, Vesper returned to the last place she had resided with the Dark Lord, Ziost. What once was her home was now a desolate battlefield. Much to her dismay the Dark Point had not resolved her visions. As she searched for that which she had come for she discovered that the Holocron of Rur was located on the planet. As she roamed decrepit yet familiar halls she was plagued by the visions of a man in a mask once more. In the end she was thrown into an elaborate unsteady illusion where she faced a rather unusual trial and was brought face to face with the holocron. Upon leaving she returned to her son and was welcomed by a request from a Dark Lord of the Sith Empire, Lord Solus. He requested her assistance on a mission, he was only one of three who had sensed her awakening through the Force. It was soon discovered that the two were connected through the Force. Once she returned from the mission on Canto Bight, the woman of darkness pledged service to the Sith Empire, rising high among their ranks. That was until Lord Insipid attempted his rise to power. Vesper had lost her rank on the Empire’s council and after an ugly battle between herself, Lord Solus and Lord Insipid, Lord Solus departed to roam the galaxy after the unfortunate events. Feeling the distance within the life bond, Vesper’s visions increased in severity, plaguing her to the point of feeling her own life seep away. She tried everything to remove them, going as far as dabbling into Blood Magic under the guidance of Komari Shadow (formerly Dyniana de Res) and her Priestesses of Shadow. With the blood of the ancient Mind Witches running through her veins, Vesper underwent a transition period. Obtaining more attributes of a Mind Witch, similar to that of S’ybll. With the visions under control and yet another dire warning from Komari - much like the one given to her by Insipid in regards to the visions - Vesper took to the galaxy in search of Lord Solus. Yet with one secret. Mind Witch blood coursed through her veins, she would be unable to touch anyone with her bare hands again, lest they relive every memory, every horror that had come to be within their life; all in an illusory setting. The visions would create such a reality that the emotional and physical trauma would render the victim lifeless. As such, if too much time lapsed between victims, Vesper’s hair would lighten in color, as if she starved for the memories. When satisfied, her hair would turn as dark as a raven’s feathers. Following the breadtrail crumbs she would come to find, the now Half-Mind-Witch would find herself working her way through the ranks of the Grazero Crime Syndicate under the alias of Cassia Rhane. Using her wiles she became Voren’s most trusted lieutenant and his right hand. Voren was a violent man in private and used her on more than one occasion. Yet Vesper held to her mission to find Solus and locate him Vesper did. The two returned to the Sith Empire. Vesper to House Tenebris, receiving the rank of Regent. Once again she rose through the ranks and was acknowledged as a Sith Lord not long later.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 13
DEX (Dexterity): 13
INT (Intellect): 14
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 14
PER (Perception): 14
DES (Destiny): 14

Rank/Level: Level 36
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Illusionist
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Form I - 4
Form II - 4
Jar’Kai - 4

Force Sense - 4
-Precognition - 3

Telekenesis - 4
-Force Push - 2

Telepathy - 4
-Mind Trick - 4
-Alter Image-4
-Illusion - 4
-Beast Trick - 2
-Mental Shield - 4

Emptiness - 4
Shadow Armour - 4
Doppelganger - 4
Sutta Chwituskak - 4
Sith Illusions - 4
Blood Magic - 4
-Dark Illusion - 4

Convection - 4
-Pyrokinesis - 4
Force Bond - 4
-Drain Life - 3
-Drain Force - 4

Battle Meditation - 4
Spell of Concealment - 4

Resistance - 4
Tutaminis - 4

Darth Xirr

**GM Approved**

Name/Title: Darth Xirr
Nicknames/Aliases: Sacious Starruner. Lord of the Veil
Age: appears around 35
Sex: M
Species: Human
Orientation (optional): Heterosexual
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Drifter
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 200
Physical Description: Xirr stands tall and broad-shouldered, though his frame is not as bulky as it once was. Where in years past there would have been densely packed, rippling muscles across his body, he is now slimmer, with less muscle and more tone. Angular features that once were obscured by an ever present mask now sit softly darkened by the shadow of a tattered hood and covered by locks of shoulder-length dark hair.
Clothing: Plated armor of onyx black and gold, worn underneath it is a suit of black mail. The armor covers the large man from head to toe, gauntlets covering his hands and large sabatons for his legs and feet, though armor plates that once shone with glinting light are now dull and scarred from many years of use and many battles fought, and cloth hems that were once straight and perfect now lay tattered and frayed beneath them. The deep blacks and brilliant golds now muted or replaced with more natural and cold colors. With many changes though, one thing that stayed stalwart in the wardrobes of Lord Xirr was his flowing black hooded cloak, intricately woven with knotwork and tattered from use.
Weapons: two crossguard bladed lightsabers, he also carries an alchemized sith sword looted many years ago from a tomb on Korriban, Ice Sword: A medium-length ancient Sith sword with a grey metal hilt and crossguard, yet with a blade of magical ice, all infused with Sith alchemy. Can be wielded with one hand. Can block lightsabers. Can deflect, absorb, store and unleash energy-based attacks (such as Force Lightning and blaster bolts). The blade is magically sharp, able to cut through any metal. The blade radiates an aura of intense cold; contact with an enemy can result in the enemy being frozen and encased in ice and frost (equivalent to a 3-Point Cryokinesis attack with an automatic +3 Cold Damage Bonus). However, the blade melts in hot climates, and if this occurs, it takes several days to regenerate (through absorbing water from the air and freezing it).

Equipment: Holocommunicator, spare clothes (Non-armored), Suit of Red Armor recovered from the Tomb has been reforged to Xirr’s preferences: Can block lightsabers. Can absorb, store and unleash energy-based attacks (such as Force Lightning and blaster bolts). When curled into a fist, the gauntlets allow the wearer to punch through any material. The helmet harnesses and transforms the power of the dark side into fear; the wearer can instill a supernatural, stupefying terror in anyone within 10 meters (although this can be resisted by a sufficiently strong Mental Shield).

Vehicles: Victory I Class Destroyer (ISS Brotherhood)

Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Sith

Combat Skills: Xirr fights with two twin lightsabers and has mastered form IV lightsaber combat. His force abilities are none to be scoffed at, but for sith of his skill level and above they are nothing more than average.

Other Strengths: Charismatic and witty, Xirr can make light of most situations, though when words alone aren't enough, the large man can strike fear into the hearts of most, and at least give others reason for pause.

Flaws: Hot-headed and quick to anger, it doesn't take much to send Lord Xirr into a rage. Despite his generally charismatic nature, Lord Xirr has few friends, and to those few, he is loyal to a fault. He is also not considered generally powerful among his peers when it comes to force abilities

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving are all words that can be used to describe Lord Xirr on a good day. Though when duty calls or things are rough, those adjectives are the furthest from the truth.

Fears: Betrayal, Loss, and confronting his past.

Likes: Xirr spends his leisure time in the training hall many days, slaving away to perfect his footwork and achieve the highest mastery of his craft and his art. However, he is also a social creature, often to be found at cantinas or clubs. When reading in his quarters Xirr can often be found with a glass of bloodwine in hand.

Dislikes: Bullies or people who would take from those who are defenseless, sitting still for long periods of time in a non-meditative state, pointless literature, slavery

Habits: Paces, talks with his hands, a flair for the dramatic.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): none

Lord Catalyst, Lady Appolyon

Reputation: At one time, the name Lord Xirr Tribunes Hammer, Commander of the Imperial Navy, would have been a name of power in the Empire, but those years have passed, and most who knew them are gone with them. Now Xirr is all but alone in the galaxy.

Biography: Xirr was born in the slums of Coruscant and was exposed to crime and poverty from the day he stepped foot onto the streets. He was never really accepted by his peers, and thus was forced into a life of solitude, only opening up to the very few people that would become close to him, Specifically one Idiian Airer, who grew to become His best friend for all of Xirr’s schooling years. In his spare time, he and Idiian would spar with each other in his backyard, or on the streets using sticks fashioned to look like lightsabers, for they both dreamed of one day being the steward of one of those masterful weapons. This went on for years and Xirr and Idiian became what many people would call proficient with their faux blades, learning flourishes and complex guarding maneuvers of all manner. This piqued the interest of Xirr’s father who had happened to observe the aspiring force users from inside of the family home. As Idiian and Xirr became better and better with their weapons, Xirr’s father became more and more sure of what he had to do. He had to pass on the legacy that he held on his shoulders, the legacy of being sith. On Xirr’s 17th birthday, his father had finally mustered the confidence to reveal this legacy to his son, and so he called the boy into the small dingy living room of the family home, flickering orange light cast long, irregular, shadows over the old tattered furniture. Behind one of the sconces that lined the walls of the room, was some manner of mechanism which released a section of the wall behind it, allowing the slab of stone to slide slowly into the floor, revealing a small room filled with imperial artifacts and other miscellaneous items.

On the walls of the secret chamber hung banners bearing the insignia of the Galactic Empire lit from below by lamps mounted to the floor, bathing the walls in white light of varying intensity. Between the banners stood several pedestals, one contained a book, bound in red leather, another an urn seemingly worn down by the sands of time to almost nothing, a pair of boots sat on the third, well worn and clearly old. And finally, on the wall opposite the entrance, atop a pedestal of white stone laid on a cloth of velvet red sat a lightsaber. More specifically, Xirr’s lightsaber. He was presented the weapon by his father, given a week or so to familiarize himself with the blade, and was sent to Korriban to undergo his trials and acquire a master.

Xirr was no extraordinary student on Korriban, his interest in the crusted tomes in the archives was lacking at best, and the attention he gave in book learning classes was at most passing. Though where Xirr did shine was the training room, he spent many nights here over his years at the academy practicing guards and footwork rather than studying his ancient languages and warbeast biology. These long nights in the training hall, however, would prove to be more than worth it. Xirr happened to be there late one freezing Korriban night when one of the Dark Lords who presided over the temple found his way in as well. Darth Krynn seemingly took notice of young Xirr and took him as his apprentice after Xirr completed his final trial.

Eventually, after the process of apprenticeship had concluded, and Xirr had become Lord Xirr and after many, risky rituals that the new Dark Lord knew he had little to no control over the outcome, the dark side finally found a way to creep its way into his psyche and the ensuing voices drove him to the brink of insanity. In 154 ABY he was called into a private meeting with the Sith Emperor, Emperor Dreadwar, where the eldritch spirit revealed that he had full knowledge of Xirr’s risky bids for power. And sent him, along with Lady Talon, to scrape together the components of a ritual to rid himself of the voices that plagued Xirr’s mind.

This led Xirr to join up with the adventuring party located within the Valley of the Dark Lords, on their way to the Tomb of Naga Sadow. Through many trials and tribulations, the apparent death of another latecomer to the party, Lord Coatlec, the Blinding of Lady Apollyon, and more. The party made it to the end of the tomb, the treasure hoard, the sarcophagus chamber, and a shocking realization that this was not the Tomb of Naga Sadow, but the Tomb of Emperor Dreadwar.

Nearly a year later, following the resolution of the dire business on Korriban, Lord Xirr found his way, somewhat surprisingly into politics, following the Shadow Wars he was Elected to the Dark Council of the Empire. There he sat for many moons, though as time passed, Xirr’s interest in politics faded, and with it his presence around the Empire.
It wasn’t long before Xirr hadn’t been in contact with his long time comrades in longer than he could remember. He travelled the galaxy as more or less a drifter. From the outer rim to the core planets, and back again he travelled in search of various things. Missions he picked up from Cantinas, smuggling goods, assassinations, anything he could do to keep fuel in his cruiser and keep himself afloat. Naturally as time went on, Xirr changed, the regal black and gold in his armor fading to grey and bronze with time, his beard and his hair grew unkempt often, and he knew that it was high time to return home, and so he did, setting a course once more for Korriban.

STR (Strength):17 (+1 Class Bonus)
FPR (Force Power):11
DEX (Dexterity):16
INT (Intellect):12
CON (Constitution):14 (+1 Class bonus)
MAN (Manipulation):10
PER (Perception):12
DES (Destiny):10

Rank/Level Dark Lord of the Sith Level 36
Base Class: Warrior
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Saber
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):
Form I- 3
Form IV- 4
Form VI- 3
Trakata- 3
Jar’Kai- 4
Telekinesis- 3
Saber Throw- 3
Saber Barrier- 4
Focus Discipline- 3
Alter Damage- 3
Augmentation- 4
Force Jump- 3
Force Speed- 3
Force Sense- 3
Force Push- 3
Precognition- 3
Force Rend- 2
Levitation- 2
Telepathy- 3
Mind Trick- 2
Alter Image- 3
Force Shock- 4
Force Lightning- 3
Hibernation Trance- 3
Mortichro- 3
Battlemind- 4
Concentration- 2
Control Pain- 4
Inflict Pain- 3
Force Resistance- 3
Tutaminis- 3
Emptiness- 4
Spear of Midnight Black- 3
Teleport- 3
Force Kick- 4

Darth Solus

Darth Solus CS


Character Illustration

Solus (B&W).jpg

Theme Music

Into the Fire- Asking Alexandria
Name/Title: Commandant Solus
Nicknames/Aliases: The Consulate of Carrion, Lord Solus, Commandant, Dr. Dane Grazero
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Species: “Human”
Orientation: Straight
Homeworld: Terminus
Occupation: New Galactic Dark Councilor, Head of House Tollere, Owner of Ironworks, Sith Lord
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 200 lbs
Physical Description: Solus had Deep Red eyes that glow lightly, He is clean shaven and has lightly angular features. He is considered quite attractive by most that interact with him. He is very well built, quite muscular and defined.

Clothing: Usually wearing a Grey Imperial Officer Uniform with High boots (Riding style) that come up to his knees and click when he walks, unless he is attempting to be silent. He has a mask that can we put on and removed at will. Gauntlets adorn his hands and wrist and are made in a way that they do not interfere with his saber abilities.

Battle Uniform- More stereotypical with black robes and armor for protection he wears lighter armor to not detract from his ability to move. Still has the high black boots that click, his gauntlets, and mask.

Weapons: Twin Clawed Main Sabers & Twin Back Up (Deep Crimson Blades)- All four hilts are imbued with Sith alchemy to be immune to lightning/fire/ice damage (simple so Solus can use those powers while holding them) and are able to be activated under water.

Solus' Saber.jpg

(Main Saber)

Solus Backup Sabers.png

(Back Up)

Saber Staff- Former Master’s, hilt protected from lightning and can be activated under water

Wyyrlok Saber Staff.png

House Tollere Sword- Iron sword bought from Ironworks enhanced with eversharp and durability.

Tollere Sword.JPG

EMP & Fire Grenades

Equipment: Amulet of Concentration- Grants Force Blast attack equivalent to 3 Skill Points when the amulet is used, decreases Exhaustion when using Force Powers (barring physical from running and actually dueling) (Given By Emperor Dreadwar)

Rings of Elemental Enhancement- (Given By Empress in RP) Grants a +1 attack bonus to their respective elements attacks. (Lightning, Fire, Ice)

Cortosis (Weave) Mask- Mask is enhanced with durability. Has rebreather (gas mask) and underwater breathing abilities. Night and heat vision in crimson lenses

Solus Mask.jpg

Cortosis (Weave) Gauntlets- Enhanced with durability
Gauntlets Pair.jpg

Vehicles: Eclipse Class Dreadnought (Lilith)- Specially designed for inter ship battle and defense of planetary systems. The ship has been specially equipped with 16 hyperspace canons to launch freight ships at enemy vessels. The freight ship may be filled with flash, incendiary, or any other combination in order to inflict extra damage, blind, or distract the targets. The ship is equipped with 600 Bes’uliik fighters, 100 Bes’uliik Bombers, 200 Tra’kad Bombers, and 300 Tra’kad transport ships. The engines were also modified to bring Lilith’s max acceleration to 1000g.
Eclipse Flagship.jpg

Languages: Basic, Sith, Ancient Sith, Galactic Sign Language
Combat Skills: Solus is somewhat extra focused on force powers revolving around the elements. His favorite being lightning. This is accompanied with the ability to alter and change strategies on a whim. As a whole Solus is quite fond of more aggressive saber tactics using Juyo as a fighting style, while also trying to remain well rounded and branching into Soresu to complete a defensive style. His plan is ever changing and no fight is the same for him therefore his plan alters quite easily.

However, Solus is generally untrusting of any one tactic and therefore works hard to learn defensive abilities such as Tutaminis and Force Bubble. He wants to be sure he is not at a huge disadvantage if a favored tactic fails.

Combat comes easily to the Consulate of Carrion and is something he has spent most of his life involved in. Be it hand to hand, saber, or force. He does prefer to stay away from mental intrusions of any kind. They may be valuable strategies for the right time, however, Solus is rather disgusted by their use.

Other Strengths: Loyal, Master Strategist, Adaptable, Quick Decision Maker, Strong and Capable Leader, Well Spoken, Self-Aware, Sleepless Elite (2 hrs max), Confident, Sterile
Flaws: Loyal, Over-analytical, Sterile, Idealist, Opinionated, Emotionally Distant/Controlled
Alignment: Lawful-Evil
Personality: Passionate, well spoken, strong willed, stubborn, Cold and Calculating, Master Strategist, and able to recognize battlefield key points rapidly, due to previous mental torture he has a resistance to mind trick and mental infiltration (natural mind shield). Solus is hugely focused on discipline and respect and works hard to maintain it on all levels. He is also a gentleman to the best of his ability.
Fears: Mind Invasion, Loss of Control, Loss of Everything, Betrayal
Likes: Control, Discipline, Order, Decorum, Reading, Strategy, Discussion, Training, Education, Respect, Military Officials/Members
Dislikes: Darth Apollyon, Promiscuity, Power Trips, Chaos, Stupidity, Stereotypical Sith, Grey Jedi, Cruelty without reason, Alcohol, Messes, Drunks, Egotists, Greed, Laziness, Overindulgence, Mind Infiltration, Undead, Flattery, Lies
Habits: Trains Brutally and without the enhancement items he has, All water he consumes is Ice cold (usually frosted by Cryokinesis), Reads Constantly, Daily routine to wake up at 4:00 am, Bathes/Shaves daily
Relationships: Darth Vesper (Former)
Companions: Crew and Fighters of Lilith
Friendships: Empress Viscretus, Lady Kevala, Lady Vesper, Knight Gwinwyndd, Lord Cruor, Darth Halcyon, Darth Gwæthręn, Darth Deleritas, Knight Reatith
Masters: Darth Wyyrlok IV/ Saarai (Chagrian) (Female)
Apprentices: Tinca Bratex, Deleritas (Former, Graduated), Reatith Bloddrald
Reputation: Well known for his time within the Empress’ military. Solus holds the title of the Consulate of Carrion after working to draw out Jedi by brutally murdering padawans/knights to get to masters. Known to be cold and rather intimidating to most and well known for the electrical anxiety inducing aura that surrounds and follows him. Lady Hesper described him as an “Overall Scary Dude.”

Biography: Solus Internet Bio

*STR (Strength): 18
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 10
INT (Intellect): 15
*CON (Constitution): 18
MAN (Manipulation): 8
PER (Perception): 10
DES (Destiny): 7

Rank/Level: 36 Sith Lord
Base Class: Sith Warrior
Subclass: Sith Conqueror
Form I (Shii-Cho)- 1
Form III (Soresu)- 4
Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad)- 4
Jar’Kai – 4
Saber Barrier- 1
Augmentation- 4
Force Jump- 2
Force Speed- 2
Force Sense- 4
Precognition- 4
Instinctive Astrogation- 2
Telekinesis- 1
Force Push- 2
Force Wave- 1
Force Wound- 1
Force Choke- 2
Telepathy- 2
Mental Shield- 4
Force Shock- 1
Force Lightning- 4
Chain Lightning- 4
Lightning Bomb- 1
Force Tempest- 3
Lightning Variant: Force Storm- 4
Sith Barrage- 3
Lightning Aura- 4
Lightning Empowerment- 4
Force Maelstrom- 4
Convection- 2
Pyrokinesis- 4
Cryokinesis- 4
Force Resistance- 2
Adiabatic- 1
Force Barrier- 1
Protection Bubble- 4
Tutamanis- 4
Feed on Dark Side- 3
Force Punch- 1
Force Kick- 1
Shatterpoint- 2
Darkshear- 4
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Name: Darth Noxia

99136376_607857870080214_3187330260114866176_n.png 89181738_561390771393591_6930978850872492032_n.jpg 64922153_392607634938573_5974147385289342976_n.jpg

Theme Music: The Scorpion, Megadeth

Voice Claim: Regina/ Evil Queen, Once upon a Time

Theme Music: The Scorpion, Megadeth

Voice Claim: Regina/ Evil Queen, Once upon a Time

Name: Darth Noxia, Tribune of the Sith

Nicknames/Aliases: Aalihya Savruu

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Species: Togruta

Orientation: Asexual/Aromantic- Noxia does not feel sexual attraction or romantic attraction. This is not to say that she has never participated in sexual acts or encounters, but these interactions have never been based on sexual attraction. Noxia is drawn to personalities above all else and tends to find certain personalities alluring. This, combined with her curiosity and impulsiveness can lead to brief or prolonged casual relationships that are driven by her whims and inquisitiveness as well as for the purpose of manipulation.

Homeworld: Noxia was born on Shili, but lived most of her life as a slave on Nothoiin.

Occupation: Noxia is the Tribune of the Dark Council, the Head of the Sphere of Arts and Culture, and the Head of The Sphere of Records

Height: 6’ (5’6 to top of forehead and 6’ to top of montrals)

Weight: 135 lbs

Physical Description: Noxia is 6’ with a slender build. She has copper skin with white body markings. One eye is amber, and the other is a luminescent violet due to the implantation of a Lorrdian crystal shard. She is missing half of her right headtail and has scars and lightning trails covering her back and shoulders. She also has a large scar on down a section of her leg where her slave transmitter was cut out. Noxia’s left hand is blackened due to a Charron bio-parasite. The parasite will morphs into a chitinous armor when her adrenaline/fight or flight hormones are activated (physical danger, anger, fear, etc.).

Clothing: Noxia owns clothing fit for many situations. She is used to her black attire with a set of open, flowing robes,(general style depicted in character image), cortosis bracers and pauldrons. However, she also owns formal and casual dresses, jackets, pants, shirts, and accessories for almost any occasion or adventure.

-Cortosis weave armor with scorpion chiton plates (+3 defense bonus)


-Wrist-mounted lanvarok, 6” durasteel with

-Durasteel vibroblade, 12 inch

-Death hammer blaster pistol

-Alchemized phrik dagger,

-Force imbued blade

-Sith sword: Alchemized alloy, deflects lightsabers, slugs, melee weapons, light-based weapons, lightning, particle weapons and laser bolts, ability to raise the dead, reversed magnetic polarity make the Sith sword a walking power source (ability is natural to Sith swords with altered molecular structures which can be achieved by skilled users of alchemy), Acts as a focal point for dark-side energies, amplifying Noxia’s power and control of the force, making it a dark-side nexus.

As a Dark Councilor with 9 planets under her domain, Noxia has access to a wealth of resources such as mines and mineral deposits -including diamonds, lightsaber crystals, Tsil, ships soldiers, botanicals, alchemy equipment, weapons and laboratories. She also keeps some personal equipment close at hand:


-wrist com

-blaster repair kit

-binder cuffs


-Sith med kit

-smoke grenades

-reverse polarity pulse grenades


YT-1930 freighter (The Serpentine)

Embolus-class Battlecruiser

Hathor-Class Pleasure Yacht

Ripper Speeder

Pets: Although Noxia does not prefer the companionship of animals, she is not opposed to keeping creatures for her use. Her favorite is her zombie chrysalid gizka, Gizmo.

Languages: Basic, Ancient Sith (reading not speaking)

Combat Skills Noxia is proficient in basic hand-to-hand combat with no specialized style

Other Strengths
-“Echolocation/sonar, (passive and natural to Togruta)

-Increased ability to metabolize toxins (passive and natural to Togruta-efficient livers)

-Reflective lenses to aid nocturnal vision and reduce glare from light sources. (passive and natural to the Togruta race).

-Basic piloting skills (in backstory)

-Extensive knowledge of geology (in backstory).

- Basic working knowledge of long-range weapons (sniper training with Lord Xxys.)

- Precognition (can only be used when observing someone) via Lorrdian crystal shard placed in her right eye by Lord Cruor. (Active ability: grants target-specific precognition equivalent to 3 skill points when looking at target.)

-Venomous canines (venom glands obtained via Art of the Small, Active ability)

-Increased ability to rapidly metabolize and dissipate toxins, venom, and poisons in the body and on the skin. (Passive, obtained through Art of the Small)

-Noxia’s left hand is blackened due to a Charron bio-parasite. The parasite will morphs into a chitinous armor when her adrenaline/fight or flight hormones are activated (physical danger, anger, fear, etc.).

Flaws Noxia can be impulsive. This paired with her curiosity has gotten her into tricky situations in the past. She is also prone to mood swings, which makes her appear volatile. Her determination to succeed can lead to stubbornness and the alienation of others and is also the reason she does not keep people close.

Alignment: Neutral Evil: Noxia is primarily concerned with herself and her own advancement. Her intense desire to always be better and to rise higher in spite of her perceived flaws drives her beyond caring about the well-being of most others. Though Noxia may have allies, acquaintances, and companions, Almost everyone is disposable if need be. She has a survivalist mentality and, although she has those whose company she enjoys, if it came down to it, she would sacrifice others for her own survival and success. She is drawn to evil because it frees her from many of the limitations of morality and allows her to accomplish her goals whatever the cost. Noxia’s bio-parasite lays dormant most of the time, but when it activates, she is pulled mentally towards the Void of Otherspace.

Personality: Noxia has a deep respect for the hierarchy of the Empire and its culture, many acolytes and apprentices have experienced the Dark Lady’s anger at ignoring decorum or forgetting their place in the hierarchy. She is highly volatile, suffering from manic depression, and, while she likes to maintain an air of propriety, she is also prone to bouts of hypomania. She is manipulative, cunning, vicious and mischievous. She has a natural curiosity and a desire for knowledge. Noxia also has a deep sense of self-loathing and impulsiveness that leads to self-destructive behavior and a fixation on making herself into something wholly different than herself. Noxia has a fascination with the realm of Chaos and death-worshipping societies/cults.

Fears: Above all, Noxia fears her own inadequacies. She fears that she is worthless and will never be anything more than a slave. This drives her to constantly push to change and enhance herself, physically, emotionally and politically.

Likes: Noxia enjoys indulging in alcohol and occasionally spice. She also enjoys frightening her lessers for sport and to see who shows strength, dedication and resolve. Noxia enjoys reading and research, particularly of the Ancient Sith and death cults/cultures

Dislikes: Noxia dislikes egotism and childishness in others. She feels that these traits show weakness in others. She also despises lack of decorum, feeling that everyone should respect rank and act appropriately around those of higher and more prestigious rank.

Habits: Noxia frequently partakes in alcohol and spice, but had no other habits to speak of.

Relationships/Love Interests Noxia does not have true relationships, preferring to keep most people at arm’s length. She does have a need for acceptance and belonging which drives her to seek out casual relationships and she also understands that trust and bonding can lead to the loyalty of others, so she fosters alliances and mutual relationships.

Allies and Acquaintances: Although Noxia doesn’t have people she considered friends, she does have “mutually beneficial relationships,” or those whose company she prefers or those who are useful to her in some way. These include members of the Dark Council or others in high-ranking office as well as useful underlings. Noxia has many allies in the Empire (stated below as well as those unstated)

Noxia has a deep respect for Emperor Dreadwar and Empress Viscretus and the Council and would consider most on the council as allies if they needed her assistance.

Lord Voidwalker: Noxia and Voidwalker have attended events together and share an appreciation for the power of death. Voidwalker is a seasoned member of the Sith Empire and is the Dread Heir, characteristics that Noxia holds in high regards. She admires his strength and determination.

Lord Xarxes:Noxia and Xarxes have become allies through mutual teaching and a shared desire for power.

Knight Meliae: Noxia has an alliance with Meliae where she provides protection from those who would seek the Sylphe’s blood or to harm her people. In return, Noxia has the ability to call on Sylphe soldiers for aid.

Master: Lady Traya

Apprentices (if applicable): Knight Chaos (former), Knight Omrock (former), Apprentice Aleister Zyn

Reputation: Known to many of the lower ranks as the “Mistress of Pain,” Tribune Noxia is a staunch proponent of decorum and rank and often teaches “hard lessons” in regards to such. She is also known for her elegance, style, viciousness, and work ethic.


Aalihya was born in 130 ABY and grew up on Shili in a small rural village. The village was close-knit and conservative and lived by traditional togruta lifeways and practices, avoiding many of the advances of modern society. From the time she could walk and talk, she was out on the plains learning to survive in the wild and hunt thimiar. The village would often go on collective hunts, bringing back their bounty and having community celebrations, sharing food and stories.

There were several force sensitive togruta in Aalihya’s village and it was an ability that was looked upon with great respect. For generations, the village collectively denied the Jedi access to force-sensitive children, maintaining that force abilities were a gift of nature and to be used in conjunction with a reverence for the natural world. Aalihya’s mother was also force-sensitive and taught Aalihya how to use her own abilities to hunt and strengthen her connection with nature, but was always taught to be wary of using her abilities around those outside of her village.

When Aalihya was 5, slavers and pirates raided her village. Aalihya’s family was murdered and she was taken to a labor processing facility where she spent the next two years of her life living in squalor, waiting to be purchased. She was isolated and neglected, being fed only enough over-processed food to keep her alive and in decent condition. The facility was the polar opposite of the life she had previously led. Warm sun and tall grasses were replaced with cold durasteel, fresh meat was replaced with food that was unfit for a togruta and the girl was prone to bouts of illness as a result. Isolation took a toll on her well-being and the child fell into a prolonged state of anxiety and depression.

Aalyhya was finally sold to a diamond mining operation on Nothoiin when she was 7. Even from this age, she was tasked with manual labor. 18 hours a day, she spent hauling rock and carbon dust from the mines as others worked to purge crystal from the stone. Her lifestyle and quality was standard for any labor slave. Poor living conditions, cheap food and regular abuse. Aalihya began to use the force once again on Nothoiin. She used it in ways that others wouldn’t notice. She used it to stay alive and functioning, but she was overcome with fear.

When Aalihya was 17, after an instance with a mining employee where he had beat her and threatened to hole her up in the mines, Aalihya unleashed her fear and anger. She locked the employee in a force choke and didn’t let go until his body lay lifeless on the ground. When the foreman found out, he dragged Aaliyah out into the commons yard, stripped her, beat her and cut off her right headtail, leaving her there to suffer and bleed. After that, Aalihya found her force powers to be more unpredictable. She isolated herself in a desperate attempt not to lash out.

When she was 20, Aalihya was rescued from the mines by pirates. She was finally free. They cut her transmitter from her leg and took her with them as part of their crew. Things were great for the first year as Aalihya found herself learning new skills like flying, technology, and discovering the new cultures that the galaxy had to offer. She even eventually fell in love with one of the crew, an Atoan named Kep Vero. However, the relationship quickly turned abusive.

For four more years, Aalihya lives in fear of her captors. Her ability to harness the force grew as her anger, fear and hatred of her captors and herself intensified. Aalihya began to feel the lure of the dark side. She hated feeling helpless and scared. She bottled it all up until she reached her breaking point.

When she was 25, Aalihya finally killed her captors and took their YT-1930 back to Nothoiin to wreak havoc on her former masters and their mining operation. She then set off, gathering information until she learned of the Academy on Korriban. She spent the next year in study of the Sith, serving the ranks of the academy until finally joining herself.

Aaliha’s start at the academy was rocky. She had spent so much time engrossed in study that she had failed to learn patience. This became painfully apparent when she was called to perform a task for a potential master. She was to go to Oderon and spy on a senator. The senator had been a target for some time, and it didn’t take long for word to reach him. On Onderon, the togruta stuck out like a sore thumb. Feeling that the mission would be a failure, Aalihya changed courses and decided to track two Jedi, stowing away on their ship. If she failed at one task, perhaps a substitution would save her life. The ship landed on Dxun and Aalihya continued to follow them. Once more, fear took hold of the Acolyte as a grey substance overtook the two and left them dead in a matter of seconds. Running from the Mnggal-mnggal, Aalihya found herself hiding in the Temple of Freedon Nadd. In the pitch black and silence of the temple, Aalihya soon found herself tormented by voices and the tortures of her own memories and fears of inadequacy.

Freedom found the Acolyte in the form of a new master, Lady Illium. The Sith Knight was impressed with Aalihya’s will and ability to survive the tortures of the tomb. Under the tutelage of Illium, Aalihya learned patience, discipline and the skills of a sorceress. The togruta developed an obsession for the ancient sith and the old ways, learning alchemy and necromancy and honing her skills in those practices. She also found that she excelled in diplomacy, manipulating her way into social circles and various minor governments of the galaxy to bring new Sith hopefuls to the Academy and alliances to the Sith Empire. Her hard work led to her promotion of second in the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy.

Despite her success as an apprentice, Aalihya always felt herself behind her peers and struggled with emotions of inadequacy and self-loathing. She kept relatively to herself except for her work and study attempting desperately to catch up in knowledge and ability.

After months of training and study, Aalihya achieved knighthood with her master proudly labeling her as a star apprentice. As a knight, Aalihya found a new sense of self-confidence. She used her station to promote decorum and learning among the lower ranks. She became known for delivering hard lessons to her underlings and continuing to work hard for the betterment of the Empire. She became obsessed with serving the Emperor and Empress and with their lives and stories. However, her fascination didn’t end there. She revered the history of the Empire and the great Sith who had built it up; Lord Cruor, Lord Vassago, Lord Draconis were among the legends she hoped to emulate.

Not too long after her ascension to knighthood, a Kaggath was upon the Empire. Aalihya made an impulsive decision to run, as low-raking as she was. She was surprised to find that many high-ranking members backed her politically. Even though her knowledge of history and lore were not as advanced as most that she ran against and her skills in battle were still growing, the togruta held her own and ran on a platform that highlighted her determination, loyalty to the regime and dedication to decorum and the culture of the Empire. Aalihya defeated her rivals for office and ascended to the council. Though the Kaggath was taxing and caused Aalihya to consider many of the flaws she possessed, she was determined to excel in her role on the Council. On Exegol, Aalihya was coronated “Darth Noxia, Dark Lady of the Sith,” but even then, she knew that her journey was not over. She would always aspire to improve and change. She became the Head of the Sphere of Records as well as the Sphere of Arts and Culture. She carried out her responsibilities faithfully, reforming and refining the Spheres, and bolstering their work forces, making them more efficient.

Noxia found new confidence in herself as a leader and counselor, but her underlying feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing remained. She began to turn more to her studies, researching necromancy and cults of death, studying Sith artifacts and how to make improvements to herself biologically. The togruta longed to rid herself of the flaws of her race, a slave race, and become something wholly different.

Noxia began to manipulate matter and molecules through alchemy and art of the small. She made herself venomous while increasing her own ability to metabolize toxins. She crafted a soul snare talisman that she hoped would eventually double as a phylactery in the same way that Karnes Murr’s talisman had. It was a contingency. Really, the togruta desired to release herself from the weak form she possessed and place her spirit into something stronger in the eyes of the Sith.


(102 points)
STR (Strength): 10

FPR (Force Power): 18

DEX (Dexterity): 14

INT (Intellect): 15

CON (Constitution): 10

MAN (Manipulation):15

PER (Perception): 10

DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level 38

Base Class: Sorcerer

Subclass: Alchemist

Prestige Class Necromancer

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

(100 points at level 4 + 1 godtier) 130 points

Augmentation 2

-Force Jump 2

-Force speed 2

TK 4
-Force push 2

-force rend 3

-Force wound 3

Telepathy 3
-Mental Shield 3

--Cleanse Mind 4
-Memory Rub 3
-Mind Trick 3

Darkshear 4-

Fold Space 3-

Force Bond 1

-Drain life 1

--Death Field 4

Drain force 1

Control Disease 3

Force Sustenance 3

Force Resistance 4

GODLIKE Force Ghost 10

GODLIKE Transfer Essence Object 10

GODLIKE Art of the Small 10

Balistakinesis 3

Force Net 3

Qazoi Kyantuska 4-

Imbue item 2

-Forge Sith weapon (requires imbue item) 4-

Forge Sith Artifact 4

Summon leviathan 3

Reanimate dead 4

Reanimate sith undead (Requires reanimate dead and invoke spirits) 4

Invoke spirits 4

Corpse vision 4-

Animate Golem (Requires TK) 3
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Well-known member
Final Triumvirate
Dark Council

Lord Drakul Xarxes
(Approved by Emperor Dreadwar)


Theme/Battle Music: Unreleased Track, "The Witcher III," by Marcin Przybyłowicz

Alternative Theme: Hearts of Stone, by Marcin Przybyłowicz

Audio Sample of Character Voice: "The Shadow," or "Eredin," both voiced by Steven Hartley

Name/Title: Darth Drakul Xarxes, Jen'ari, Governor of Oricon
Nicknames/Aliases: Nightfather Amit, Makarov Amit, Hand of Order, All-Seeing Eye, Father, Ar'Adas, The Ari of Adasca
Age: Mid-40s (exact age unknown)
Sex: Male
Species: Dathomirian Zabrak
Orientation: Strictly Heterosexual (inactive)
Homeworld: Dathomir
Throneworlds: Arkania; Zeffo; Raxus Secundas; Gatalenta; possesses property on both Dathomir and Rhelg; Oricon (Governor)
Occupation: Father of Arkania, Nightfather of Clan Amit, Dread Lord of the Kissai, Commander of the Hesperian Guard

Height: 7'2" (7’8” in armor, 8'2" with the horns included.)
Weight: 350 lbs. (425 lbs. in armor)

Physical Description: Imposing in every respect, Xarxes stands tall, broad-shouldered, and stoic. His muscles are well-defined, evoking a sense of awe in inferior beings. The Mask alchemical ritual shifted his features and wiped away all trace of Dathomiri tattoo from his face, chiseling his jawline, pronouncing his cheekbones, sharpening his teeth, and pronouncing his nose. He has shoulder-length locks of black hair which occasionally shifts white. His single organic eye is golden and piercing, while his Vong Mqaaq’it is ever-shifting in color to reflect his mood. Beneath the Mask, his flesh has partly decayed, the result of overuse of the Darkshear power he learned from the Rhandites. His face and hands both reflect this exertion and decay, but the hands were repaired by his Art of the Small. The scars which he bore from his upbringing have all been removed in his efforts to become perfect.

Clothing: When not regaled in his armor, which he is bonded to, he wears short Sith robes, which allow for regular movement. When in such attire, he also dons pieces of Beskar armor, which he has possessed since before joining the Sith. These pieces cover his forearms and chest, and he wears carved Durasteel as more of a decoration than anything on his shins. He possesses a decorative silver crown, which he dons in truly formal circumstances.

Armor: The Dark Armor, composed of the souls of damned Arkanians, their sins and minds constantly scream in the head of the wearer. As such, Xarxes, who is symbiotically bonded with the suit, must constantly stave off the personalities of the damned to retain his own. The helm he wears, specially-enchanted to strengthen the mind [mental shield enchantment], assists with this, as does the regular consumption of lifeblood to mix and dilute the voices in his mind. He also has difficulty sleeping, instead resting in a difficult trance which is usually accomplished inside of meditation chambers. Since so much of him has gone into the creation of his armor and blade, it physically pains him to be away from them, though he does receive some mental clarity when separated from them. The suit also dilutes the decaying pain brought on by overuse of Darkshear, which left his true face and other parts of his body gaunt. Having been further augmented with Art of the Small, it is capable of withstanding more than even armors created by other Lords. In the same way that the suits of Belia Darzu and Warb Null, the armor grants him exponentially increased physical strength, allowing him to physically crush opposition and contend with historic behemoths, and modern ones. Lastly, the suit contains an enclosed atmosphere, allowing for breath in a vacuum. The helm, importantly, possesses an alchemized and augmented crystal shield behind the eyeholes, which prevents them from being used as targets for opponents, while also keeping the sealed environment of the armor.


^The Dark Armor (Maskless)^​

Weapons: The Sword of Order, An Ostrine blade with a Haysian Smelt intertwined core. This alchemized, Art of the Small-augmented weapon emanates waves of cold and freezes whatever it contacts (on the blade) potentially shattering it through brittleness. Additionally, the alchemized property and those of the Haysian Smelt allow it to convert Force Lightning into energy to be utilized and hurled back at the attacker. The hilt is made of Beskar, and through alchemy is immune to the effects of the freezing Ostrine, protecting the one bearing it from its chill. The greatsword is perfectly balanced and is enchanted in such a way that Xarxes is in part bound to it. While both the Sword and his armor can be separated from him, it pains him, as they both possess his blood, and the latter staves off the pain caused by the overuse of Darkshear. The Sword also serves as a link to the fear he feeds from on Raxus Secundas, granting him extra power in addition to already being a small Dark Side Nexus (as all Sith Swords are.) [Approved by Lady Noxia, Lord Catalyst, for various different features.]


^The Sword of Order^

—A collection of four Beskar daggers
—A staff forged of Beskar by Knight I-Ron, bearing a caged crystal in its head and enchanted with Cryokinesis (3) (approved by Lord Catalyst.)
—An alchemized Morningstar whip with three meters of chain, lightsaber resistant, bought from SlonaTsis and alchemized personally.
—An alchemized Sith longsword with a songsteel crossguard. The hilt contains a bled lightsaber crystal which, when activated, coats the blade of the sword with a deadly red laser.
Misc. Equipment: A Vong Mqaaq’it, gifted to him by Lord Ānhrā Māhnîu; A grapnel capable of launching up to 30 meters of cable and towing his immense weight at 45 mph; bone and silver jewelry, which he only wears when dressed in his non-armored attire. A bone flute and a bone pipe, carved from the leg bones of Zemilok Derriphan (gifted by Sedriss Nathemus); A datapad.

Pets: Voranth, a male Drexl; A Dathomirian Gizka named Diogenes (gifted with TK 1); Saalohkonir, the Arkanian Dragon

  • The Apocrypha, a modified space transport built by Sienar Fleet Systems of the same model as Lord Starkiller’s Rogue Shadow. 65 m in length, max atmospheric speed of 1,350 kph, equipped engine units, Class 0.5 hyperdrive (equipped), Superior shielding (equipped), Advanced sensor array, Superior Cloaking device countermeasure, an armament of unspecified laser cannons and tracking missile launchers, Crew: 1, Passengers: 8, Cargo: 15 tonnes, Consumables: 1 year, Equipped life support for maximum passengers, Roles: transport, Affiliation: Eternal Sith Empire [gifted by General Reiis Invadator]


^The Apocrypha^


^The Naglfar^

  • The Naglfar, Domina-Class Star Destroyer [approved by Lord Catalyst]
    • Class: Domina
    • Length: 1.2km
    • Engines: KDY Destroyer-1 Ion Engines (3)
    • Hyperdrive: Class 3 Hyperdrive (Main), Class 11 Hyperdrive (Emergency)
    • Power Plant: Large Solar Ionization Reactor
    • Shielding: Deflector Shield Generators (5)
    • Armament: Double Heavy Ion Cannon, Quad Turbolasers (8), Heavy Double Laser Cannons (24), Double Light Laser Cannons (50), Tractor beams (8), Double light ion cannons (2), Anti-missile octets (8)
    • Complement: 288 Starfighters
    • Consumables: 16months
    • Crew/Troop Size: 21,000/4,800
    • Roles: Assault Vessel, Blockade Vessel, Command Vessel, Carrier Vessel
    • Detailed Explanation of Hull: See attached graphic for visual appearance of vessel. The armor plating of this vessel is crafted from an uncommon Matrix Armor. This vessel also comes equipped with a chamber that can be used for meditation and is located behind a hidden access panel within the commanders’ quarters.
    • Detailed Explanation of Weaponry: The Domina-Class Star Destroyer is host to a wide array of weapons. Armed with 8 Quad Turbolasers, 24 Heavy Double Laser Cannons, and 50 Light Double Laser Cannons for main offensive and defensive armament. The Quad Turbolasers are split evenly, on both sides of the superstructure on the dorsal hull. The Laser Cannons, both Heavy and Light variants are also evenly split between the port and starboard halves of the vessel, but 8 Heavy cannons and 20 Light cannons are located along the ventral hull, instead of the dorsal hull, allowing for a more widespread defensive firing arc when dealing with hostile fighter detachments.
    • The Domina is also equipped with 3 Ion Cannons, 1 Dual Heavy and 2 Dual Lights. The Heavy Ion Cannon is located at the base of the bow prongs, between prongs themselves, on the front half of the dorsal hull. The 2 Light Ion Cannons are located at the base of the bow prongs on the front half of the ventral hull. Finally, this vessel comes equipped with 8 Anti-Missile Octets. With both the ventral and dorsal hulls being partitioned into quadrants, each of said quadrants are assigned a single Octet, which can act independently or in conjunction with other Octets in the event that missiles or other such projectile-like weapons are deployed against the Domina-Class.
    • Complement Starfighter & Starbomber details: With 4 Large Hangars aboard this vessel, this Star Destroyer can hold host to no more than 288 Starfighters. The hangars of this vessel are located on the outer edges of the hull, and the hangars themselves are lined with 8 tractor beams (4 each side) to help guide in returning starfighters.
    • Shield System Details: This vessel holds an astonishingly high number of shield generators, a total of 5. These generators are assigned to different sets, there are the first two generators making up the first set, the second two generators make the second, and the final generator makes the final set. The generators will run together, creating a stronger shield, but will in turn take longer to recharge. They are set up in such a fashion that they get weaker over time, which will help save the systems from a greater risk of overloading and causing potential damage. This tiered absorption system also works to ensure the shields last for as long as possible, working to prolong the vessels’ survivability.
    • Engine and Reactor Details: The Domina-Class Star Destroyer is equipped with 3 KDY Destroyer-1 Ion Engines, aligned like they would be on an Imperial II-Class SD. The vessel as a whole is powered by a large solar ionization reactor, to not only power itself and its systems, but the large number of starfighters onboard.
    • Ship Pitch: Domination upon the battlefield is the single most, sought after goal among any warrior. Domination through attrition or utter destruction, the means of which victory are achieved matter not, so long as the battle is won. The Domina-Class Star Destroyer is the very tool in which victory is achieved and chains are broken.
    • Crew: 21,000 Fully-stocked, recruited among trained units on Arkania.
    • Navigator: Cass’goash’uormor, a Chiss female
    • Lead Mechanic: Novak, a human male
    • Lead Officer: Khan Taa, a Kel-Dor male
    • Troops: The full Zealot [non-FS lvl 5 warriors] force (numbering 500,) all trained in mounted combat aboard Drexl, which have been cloned on Arkania using the DNA of Voranth, Xarxes’ own pet Drexl. 300 Seekers (ESE FS Level 4 Sith Sorcerers). 2,500 Arkanian light foot soldiers, 500 Arkanian Heavy foot soldiers, 500 Arkanian jet troopers, 80 Arkanian pilot units, 220 Arkanian Specialist troopers.
    • Accompaniment: 200 adolescent cloned Drexl, 80 Sith starfighters

Languages: Galactic Basic, Dathomiri, Droidspeak, Ancient/High Sith, Mando’a (roughly), Arkanian, Huttese

Combat Skills: Xarxes’ physical prowess is nothing to sneeze at. His bodily regimentation allows him to wear heavy armor without being hindered as much as others beings might be, and his raw strength is further bolstered by the enchantments placed on it. His ability with a Sith Sword has surpassed his older skill with a saber, and he is able to swing and parry quickly and with astonishing strength, in particular he carries a greatsword, which he is large and strong enough to wield as a longsword He is adept in hand-to-hand combat and some styles of martial arts, in part due to his trained physicality. The art of the blade is his primary focus, but that has not stopped him from studying quarterstaff and chain weapon combat. His Mqaaq’it makes the use of firearms viable, though he has never cared to hone this skill. Through delving into the Dark Side, his hands have become clawed and fierce, possessing great, sharpened nails, and his teeth are also so augmented.

Other Strengths: Xarxes was bred to be a perfect guard and slave, but he also learned how to be an intellectual from reading the ancient Sith Zolkhest Dagon’s work, the Codex Potentia Deum. While able to think critically and come to wise conclusions, as well as being an above-average tactician and puzzle-solver, Xarxes embodies wise judgment and sound argumentation over raw mathematical intellect, where he is slightly less honed than in the fields of philosophy. Xarxes is also immune to the effects of pheromones, due to his mental sturdiness brought about in his upbringing, and both Force Horror and Terror, due to gazing into the Eye of Typhojem. His heightened metabolism allows him to consume things that would normally be mildly toxic or infectious, such as raw meat or blood. This trait was significantly bolstered by his craft in Art of the Small, wherein he automated a system of diffusing and nullifying toxic substances ingested or injected, or in any way exposed (skin contact, bloodstream, ingested, etc.) Xarxes is also incredibly resistant to the persuasions of others, having been used his entire upbringing before reaching a breaking point. Now, his mind is locked up tightly.
Above this, Xarxes is a surprisingly persuasive individual even when not utilizing his horrifying aura in influencing the decisions of others. He is more than capable of offering, completely fairly, to grant the wishes of others, with something he wants of theirs as collateral if they cannot pay up.

Flaws: Xarxes will never do something he considers disorderly, and he has great loyalty to the well-being of Arkania, the denizens of which he sees as his own collective children (though he punishes those who misbehave harshly.) The act of opposing the greater hierarchy of the Empire does not come easily to him lest they, in some way, betray his ideals of order or the greater ideals of the One Sith. He is unswerving in his loyalty to House Dreadwar. Xarxes may be considered to be mildly sexist, given his past, though this is not the case, as he merely prefers to abstain from physical relations. However, he does desire to have biological offspring in the form of a singular heir, something which, when the time comes, he will pursue with great vigor. He is aware that this pursuit could lead to hurt and leverage against him along the way.
On a more practical note, Xarxes is by no means a trained marksman, even though he has gear to assist him if he ever were to use them. He himself is not a great pilot, and so avoids getting into a single-piloted starcraft, and never will sit in the pilot or copilot seats. He has some bodily decay (covered by Mask and stabilized with Art of the Small,) which bring him pain he either tunes out or harnesses depending on the scenario, and this is the result of overuse of Darkshear. The voices in his head, the result of heavy alchemical experimentation on his armor, prevent him from sleeping, and so he must either rest artificially in a meditation chamber, or drinks blood to intermingle the voices inside him. His helm acts as a passive mental shield, in addition to his own skill, to drown out these voices and grant him respite. Separation from his armor and sword is possible, but since these things belay the pain brought on by bodily decay, and because they are tied to him by blood, it causes minor discomfort for the latter and a medium level of physical torment for the former.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Xarxes is stoic in almost every way, though there are a few things he is incredibly passionate about. While he believes the spirit to be more important than the body, he also has certain beliefs regarding the sanctity of the body, including chastity, temperance, and continence, for allowing bodily pleasures to dominate the higher pursuits of the soul will dilute the latter of those things and bring the value of the individual down. As such, he is strict in his beliefs and how he views others, as well as harsh and absolute in punishing those under him who violate bodily sanctity (by committing crimes against the bodies of others.) He does, reluctantly, make exceptions for those who are more powerful than he, for though he believes their actions to be impure and unholy, he admits that because of their status above him, it would be unwise and imprudent to project his beliefs onto them, though he truly desires to do so. In addition to his somewhat prudishness, Xarxes has a peaceful, almost serene side, where he takes value in poetry, art, tea, and other relaxing activities in order to ease his constantly-assaulted mind. He tends to give off the impression that he is full of himself, but in truth he is dedicated to the ideals he prescribes to, and this dedication comes across as self-love. However, Xarxes sees himself as a continuous student on the path of becoming the perfect ruler, but his expressions of the “truth” or of his objectively true views often are interpreted as pride or believed superiority.

Fears: Xarxes has two fears that are ever-present. First is the thought that he will die before either Alcina (his wife) or Ladon (his son) are prepared to rule Arkania to the same degree of perfection as himself. Secondly, he fears losing control of his mind, hence his incredible devotion to his own mental integrity and shielding. Another fear is that of building something that is not eternal, and thus he fears losing an already-accomplished goal, such as the product of matrimony, or the loss of romantic ties.

Likes: Tea, art, genetic engineering, symmetry, reading, poetry, occasional cigars, hookah, and vodka, competent individuals not addicted to bodily pleasures, traditions (esp. of the Sith.) He enjoys taking occasional retreats in the mountains of Gatalenta, or spending nights reading in the libraries of Veeshas Tuwan.

Dislikes: Rapists, bad parents, degenerates, addicts, those who cannot critically think, those who hold no value in traditions, those who believe only in traditions. He is especially averse to those who cannot follow through with their word, or else are liars. While he has a level of disdain for Jedi doctrine, he is not naturally averse to them.

Habits: Xarxes often drinks blood in order to sustain himself and dilute the voices of spirits in his mind. He psychoanalyzes every new face, though he does so as subtly as possible. His daily regiment includes physical and mental training, with the addition of philosophical nurturing through reading, and the further study of Sith history, religion, and sorcery. Apart from these things, he is not much of a creature of habit.

Relationships/Love Interests: Xarxes married Alcina Adasca two years into his secret conquest of Arkania. After the two revealed their inner natures to each other, they worked together to poison her father, and when the head of House Adasca was no more, the two wedded and ascended together. Granted, Xarxes does not truly have the emotional capacity to “be in love,” so the affection between the two of them, while occasionally burning with passion, is mostly stoic in nature, and exists via the proxy of the adherence to a set of ideals.

Companions: Hellion Valroj, Warrior Apprentice of Xarxes; Sister Namira, Nightsister Witch and Pilot

  • Lord Kain, the Beloved Prince of the Stars. Xarxes and Kain have had little interaction, but what they have had is all positive. He looks at Lord Kain as one whose power should be pursued. He recently assisted Kain in crushing an attack against the Prince's home on Vitae.
  • Darth Skyllan, the Winged Sorcerer. Few others in the Empire have been as close to Xarxes as Skyllan, in large part because they were close allies during their apprenticeships. However, though he ascended beyond Skyllan, Xarxes did not forget about his ambitious friend.
  • Lord Sedicious, the first teacher he had in the ways of sorcery. Sedicious introduced him to the Rhandite Entheos who taught him the principles of Darksight, Darkshear, and other sorcerous abilities. Sedicious is, in Xarxes’ eyes, somewhat misled, but has pursuits which he can only hope to emulate.
  • Lord Ānhrā Māhnîu, the one who gave him new sight. Though their thoughts regarding the Force and its nature could hardly be more different, they are situational allies.
  • Knight I-Ron, the one who forged his blade, and one who shares his thoughts of conquering.
  • General Reiis Invadator, his former Master, though he disagrees with her on many matters of philosophy and the Sith.
  • Tribune Noxia, one whom he disagrees with on a great many things, yet admires for their shared interest in control over the body. He bears some small level of disdain for her since she both took his eye and one tricked him for his blood.
  • Wultar Bradley, the first friend he ever had. Now, however, Wultar is far more of a slave than a friend. Xarxes considers him, in a way, his first child, since he had experimented heavily on his body and has used his own blood to accomplish much of it.
  • Lady Hesper, the Grand Auspex. Though he has never actually met her physically, he does have a great deal of admiration which he has obtained after studying her and being influenced by her through the Force.
  • Lady Traya, the Saarai-Kaar. He bears some level of hatred for this particular housemate, given her status as head of the Hapan Cluster, which proliferates the gender inequality he had to live under. She is one of the few Councilors he would not at all associate with if he weren’t forced to. However, he does respect the sort of orderliness she brings where she goes, even if it is horribly bigoted.
  • Sedriss Nathemus, the Shadow Hand of the Emperor. The Sedriss has been a sort of encouraging mentor and role model for Xarxes throughout his time in the Empire.
  • Alcina Adasca, the Beloved of the Nightfather. She adores her husband with every fiber of her being, and he reciprocates it, though the love is mutual because of the shared vision, and not because of the individuals who bear it, save insofar as each is able to work towards the vision's fulfillment. Alcina is totally loyal, with a will nearly equal in strength, and has become a decently formidable Sith herself over the past few years.
  • Ladon Adasca, heir-apparent to House Adasca. The firstborn of the Nightfather, Ladon is now three years old and without blemish. Xarxes and Alcina have plans to train him when he comes of age.
  • Darth Eschaton, the Black Steward. A deformed Muun Sith holding many Rhandite beliefs and powers, he is Xarxes's most trusted lieutenant and he oversees Veeshas Tuwan in the absence of his lord. When he must leave the citadel, he is Jorah Tassak, a very wealthy and powerful member of the Intergalactic Banking Clan.
  • Hellion Valroj, his current apprentice. Hellion was a Nightbrother among Clan Amit before the Nightfather took over. Having grown up in the same harsh conditions as Xarxes, and being found to be Force-sensitive, he was given the same chance that Xarxes believed were deserved. Unfortunately, he is significantly less bright, despite being physically gifted. Xarxes quickly shifted from training him as an apprentice to using him as a personal bodyguard, despite being less than a fourth of his strength.

^Alcina Adasca, the Beloved of the Nightfather^


^Darth Eschaton, the Black Steward^​

Masters: General Reiis Invadator

Apprentices: Knight Rayge Vigör (former), Alcina Adasca (informal, now wedded), Hellion Valroj (current, Companion)

Reputation: Xarxes is commonly feared by the majority of the Empire, and with fear comes a great deal of respect. For the intermediaries of the Sith, he is seen as a strong, competent, formidable figure, and his peers view him as more standoffish and mildly arrogant, though none of it comes from an inflated vision of himself. Those above him, to his knowledge, view him as hard-working and a valuable asset to the Empire, though whether they have any fear of his ambition or not is yet to be determined.
Outside of the Empire, Xarxes is loved above all by the denizens of Arkania, who look at him as their god and protector. Establishing order on their planet and providing their every need while clearing his threshing floor of the blood of the damned, he is their Father.
House Adasca is obedient out of fear and respect, though many among the House are still wary of him.


Xarxes was born as Makarov Amit on the planet Dathomir in around 120 ABY, the son of Djistra of Clan Amit and an unknown father. An illegitimate child whose father was coldly murdered before his birth, Makarov grew up under the harshest of conditions, subjected to both physical and psychological abuse to the greatest extremes, possessing very few personal freedoms, and being stunted in nearly every possible way. His physicality had to become perfect in order to withstand the harsh magical punishments concocted by his mother, and the solace he took in secretly reading in the library was the only respite he got from the thought of her regular violation of his body.

Despite this suffering, he was able to give himself an education, particularly by reading the works of Zolkhest Dagon, an ancient Sith priest who had a vision of the perfect ruler of the perfect society, and the true freedom which came with it. Latching onto the idea of “true freedom,” of which he had experienced none of, Makarov plotted his way, at roughly 20 years of age, to escape Dathomir, especially his mother.

The plot was altogether successful until the final step, wherein his mother confronted him. Engaging in a battle using his makeshift saber against her conjured mystic blade, he ultimately won out through superior physicality and trickery, as well as discovering his Force sensitivity, leaving the half-crushed body of his matron for dead.

His first time flying a starfighter was catastrophic, and if several Mandalorians hadn’t saved him when he crashed on their planet, he would have died in the desert. Thankfully, they were generous enough to help him recuperate, and they taught him valuable survival skills. Spending but a few months with them, he moved on to Coruscant, though he never personally used a starship to pilot himself again. On Coruscant, he spent the vast majority of his time in libraries, studying history, philosophy, mathematics, science, and art, in an attempt to clear his mind of his past sufferings. Alas, this was not to be. The five years spent on the hub planet did little to alleviate his scarring.

The only interesting development apart from his increased mental and physical acuity was the development of his more minor Force abilities, notably telekinesis and telepathy, though he did begin to delve into the study of augmenting his own strength. At this time, he had no particular inclination towards the Light or the Dark, and was, as Zolkhest Dagon had been, disillusioned by the harsh dichotomy, instead seeing the Force as the Ultimate philosophical Good, quite possibly an intelligible deity. This understanding, however, did nothing for his resolve, for he was still too afeared of his past defining him. Without a solution found in the texts of Dagon, nor in anything he had learned of the Jedi, he moved on to Gatalenta, understanding that it was a place of serenity and peace.

While he did not find the peace he so desired, Makarov did meet his first friend, a warrior named Wultar Bradley. A native of Gatalenta, Wultar was a young yet grizzled soldier who had fought for the militias of other planets, as he would have had no business on Gatalenta. Though certainly warlike, Wultar also possessed some level of wisdom and encouraged Makarov to do what he felt to be the sincerest way of being true to himself.

Thus, Makarov joined the Academy on Korriban, initiated into the Sith Order in 145 ABY. Over the next ten years, he perfected and solidified his views on the Force and wrote a dissertation on the works of Zolkhest Dagon, agreeing mostly with his view, yet having a couple of key differences in what he believed a perfect ruler out to be. However, he still lacked motivation and drive to improve his own strength, and since his resolve was still weak, no master chose him. He was still fierce for his experience and was one of the better Acolytes for the duration of the decade, eventually catching the eye of General Invadator and becoming her apprentice. His time under her wing was long and arduous, but he was an exemplary apprentice, never once disappointing his master.

In 155 ABY, a message was intercepted by the General, directed toward Amit, which indicated coordinates on Yavin IV. The anonymity was disturbing, but it did not deter Makarov from pursuit. It was revealed on his search that it was a trap, and several Nightsisters from his resident clan dragged him back to Dathomir. When he awoke, he found that Djistra had become the Nightmother of Clan Amit, and she had dark intentions for her son. But she had underestimated him, and Makarov broke free of his restraints, immediately killing the nearest Nightsister with his bare hands and stealing her sword, using it in a furious duel with his mother. It quickly shifted to a battle of sorcerous knowledge versus strength in the Force, with the sheer brutality of Makarov ending the fight by decapitating Djistra, though not before her enervating spell began.

Now feared by the whole of the Clan, he broke the back of the nearest Nightsister, proclaimed her his second in command, and declared that he was their new Father before returning to the General with his mother’s corpse. As soon as he arrived, however, he could tell that something was off. A mental struggle ensued between him and the transferred essence of his mother, where the loser would be consigned to Chaos, or worse.

Through manipulation and the realization that if Djistra won, Invadator wouldn’t hesitate to kill her, Makarov overcame the foul spirit and consumed her essence, bolstering his own power and defeating his mother once and for all. The following day, he was made a Knight of the Sith Order.

His ambition didn’t stop, for he took on an apprentice, one not so different from himself. Shortly afterward, Rayge Vigör did his Master proud, and graduated as a Sith Knight with a stellar record. Makarov ascended from the status of Knight Amit to bear the title which had lurked in his mind for years now: “Drakul Xarxes.”

Having studied alchemy in all its forms, and delving into the darkest teachings of the Rhandites, Xarxes underwent a dramatic, albeit momentary, transformation, casting off at times the orderly cloth he was cut from and embracing, to the surprise of everyone, a life of violence and debauchery. He slew several out of rage, with no regard for his bodily integrity, which declined as his use of Darkshear began to consume him.

He discovered, in a matter of months, that his mother’s spirit had left a dark imprint, a shadow, self-dubbed “Drakul.” This persona did battle with the Xarxes mentality in his head, eventually falling to the orderly superior. Lastly, to ease his own suffering and grant himself greater mental clarity, Xarxes buried the part of himself that was Makarov, adopting the persona of Xarxes as his only one. This caused him to abscond from his use of Darkshear and refocus himself on the studies of the mind and its capabilities. His progress was not unseen by the Order, and he was soon made a Sith Lord. Renewed in mind and body, he now prepared to fulfill his ultimate mission: to become the perfect ruler.

On Dathomir, delving into Clan Amit’s archives revealed a number of secrets. Firstly, an ancient Neti, corrupted by the presence of the Dark Side on the planet, had lain dormant as a white tree beneath their temple, and was now waking up. Secondly, Djistra had kept records of visitors and victims of the clan, and it was revealed that Xarxes’s father had been Lathander Adasca, a member of House Adasca of Arkania, and one in line to succeed the position fo Head of House. This, at last, gave him a window of opportunity.

He made his move for Arkania, a place ripe for conquest, first taking hold of the ancient Sith stronghold Veeshas Tuwan. After killing or dominating the remnants of Krayt’s One Sith located there, he set to work forming a new identity for himself. Through the use of the Art of the Small, he changed his face, shifting it from his Zabrak appearance to a more Arkanian face, devoid of tattoos. He even cut off his horns, and would later affix them to his helm, the crown of his Dark Armor, alchemically. He grew long black hair, made his skin pale, elongated his ears, and removed all traces of decay caused by his past use of Darkshear. Taking the name Amaunator, he forged credentials for himself and became a prolific geneticist and philosopher in Adascopolis, eventually climbing to high society and catching the eye of the Adasca family. When invited over for a banquet by the family, he revealed his lineage, proven via blood test, and laid claim to a place among them. Though initially reluctant, they eventually accepted him, in large part at the behest of Alcina, the daughter of Toldoth Adasca, who pointed out his several major contributions to Arkanian science over the past year.

Now a part of their family, Xarxes implemented heavy use of precognition and farsight in order to keep tabs on all members of the House, plotting to take over through trickery and treason. A wrench he didn’t expect in his plans was that of Alcina, who attempted to poison him one night when she discovered his plan. Realizing he underestimated her, he pretended to be oblivious to the plan, but came to know her cordially. Though at first angry at him, they came to a common understanding of what true strength and weakness are when he revealed his true identity to her. Falling in love with his vision of Arkania, she consequently fell in love with him. Xarxes and Alcina plotted her father’s downfall together, and when the deed was done, the two of them were publicly wed, and Xarxes became, as Amaunator, the head of House Adasca.

As a celebration, and as a mark of his new status as a grand ruler, Lord Xarxes poured countless hours and resources into the forging of the armaments of a god, creating a set of Dark Armor resembling that of his ancestor, King Adas, and a blade to rival any the galaxy had seen. With his Dark Armor, crowned with his own horns, and his Sword of Order, a deadly Ostrine Sith Sword, he led the Sith on Arkania, while in full regality and bearing an elegant longsword, coated in a red plasma energy, he ruled Arkania as its king. His final act of asserting dominance was to mentally ensnare an Arkanian Dragon, Saalohkonir, and use it as his mount.

Throughout the coup, he received intimations, visions foretelling an oncoming storm, an end to all, prophesied by an unmistakable, scarred prophetess. At the behest of these smoky visions, which he was totally unable to respond to, he assembled a royal guard, separated from the militia he was already forming. These were skilled swordsmen of religious fanaticism, designed specifically for expert and ruthless melee combat, able to operate in strike forces. He had the perfect name for them, but would not reveal them until the time came. This intention was nearly violated when he encountered Darth Skyllan, a fellow housemate, on the planet Khar Delba, the same location he was housing his newly-formed force. Though both he and Skyllan became aware of each other’s plots, they kept it a secret, though discerned the deeper intentions of the other.

Xarxes began the training of his bride, molding her into a Sith like himself in order to preserve his values and teachings, and forged her a set of armor in his image, though without the same grandeur. She learned well, became powerful, and the two together conceived a child. In 154 ABY, their child, Ladon Adasca, was born, and the day was celebrated across Arkania. The infant quickly displayed signs of inheriting his father’s Zabrak traits physically, and so he was always at Alcina’s side, a constant illusion over his appearance to make him appear as an Arkanian.

Then the wars came. The Battle of Coruscant and the subsequent battles led to Xarxes spending much time away from home, his wife and son left under the watch of the now-enslaved Wultar Bradley, and Veeshas Tuwan left under the guidance of Darth Eschaton, the Black Steward. The Nightfather’s most recent endeavors included the discovery of his direct ties to King Adas and the rescuing of Darth Kain above Vitae, where he slew many men, women, and Jedi. He now returns to Korriban at the behest of Empress Apollyon, to join her and the remaining loyal Sith Lords in council.


Rank/Level: Level 35, Dark Lord of the Sith
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Inquisitor
Prestige Class: NA

STR (Strength): 12
FPR (Force Power): 19
DEX (Dexterity): 11
INT (Intellect): 15
CON (Constitution): 12
MAN (Manipulation): 15
PER (Perception): 8
DES (Destiny): 10


Augmentation: 2
Force Jump (Requires Augmentation): 1
Force Speed: 1
Force Sense: 3
Farsight (Requires Force Sense): 3
Precognition (Requires Force Sense): 4
Telekinesis: 4
Force Push (Requires Telekinesis): 3
Force Wound (Requires Telekinesis): 1
Force Choke (Requires Level 10+, Force Wound): 1
Telepathy: 4
Mental Shield (Requires Telepathy): 4
Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy): 3
Probe Mind (Requires Level 20+, Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy): 4
Memory Rub (Requires Level 30+, Telepathy): 4
Force Resistance: 4
Force Barrier (Requires Level 10+, Telekinesis, Force Resistance): 4
Tutaminis (Requires Level 10+, Force Resistance): 4
Force Bond: 4
Battle Meditation (Requires Level 20+, Force Bond): 4
GODLIKE Force Ghost (Requires Level 25+): 10
GODLIKE Art of the Small (Requires Level 35+): 10
Deadly Sight: 3
Fold Space (Requires Level 30+): 4
Force Suppression (Requires Level 30+): 4
Qazoi Kyantuska: 4
Sith Illusions: 3

"I deign not to question the power of those above me. I but hesitate to say that might makes right."

†~Lord Drakul Xarxes~†
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Name/Title: I-Ron-Butterfly-Traya, Dread Knight.
(Approved by Emperor Dreadwar)
Nicknames/Aliases: I-Ron, Butcher of Medbay, The Black Telescope.
Age: 2500
Sex: Non Binary.
Species: Shard
Homeworld: Orax
Occupation: Eldritch Priest of the Imperial Cult of Dreadwar, Inquisitor.
Height: 40 centimeters
Weight: Probably just a handful of kilos.
Physical Description: He is, literally, a piece of sharp quartz, color skyblue
Clothing: He does not wear anything.

Songs of I-Ron:


The Alma Maula:
The Alma Maula is a greatsword made of the bones of a krait dragon, refined with a geological compressor around the original claws, now standing around 213 centimeters, from pommel to tip. I-Ron used the same techniques as creating a lightsaber crystal for the making of the weapon, but making an extremely sharp fossil instead of a carbon based crystal. As it is, it is saber resistant, but not proof, repeated saber blows can completely destroy the weapon beyond repair. The hilt has a small neuranium rod to help balance the sword, with a total weight of 6 kilograms, making it impossible for a non augmented human even at peak condition to wield it. Both its sharpness and weight allows the sword to even cut light tank fuselage, spacer armor, etc. But against more exotic materials, like impervium, phrik, songsteel, etc, it is utterly useless.


One double edged beskar knife.
A maser pistol.
A DC-19 Stealth Blaster (with a scope of X4 distance upgrade).


A Great Force Talisman (+1 Force Resistance)

Multiple Droid bodies. The three most prominent models are:

Saint Alia of the Knife, body:

Duranium alloy metal feminine figure.
IG-110 servos
Substance analyzer (Taste and smell),
Optics including: Night Vision, thermal, and zoom function up to 25 m (Sight).
Advanced hearing sensors (Hearing).

Dexterity: 16
Strenght: 8

Its primary use is to appear as a human handmaiden of Lady Traya, Chume of Happan, not designed for combat, only to have extra eyes and ears on the royals of the planet. And of course, to use it in Sith banquets, feasts, etc.

imagen_2020-10-18_020219.png imagen_2020-10-18_023550.png

The Mauller, body:

Systems: Advanced Sensor Package including thermal photoreceptors and night vision
Upgraded servomotors originally intended for a IG-110 for human-like locomotion, specially to mimic Jedi and Sith smooth movements.
Full-Spectrum receiver
Commlink antenna attached
Magnetized hands and feets
Twin Thorium Fusion Reactors (1g/reactor) with tibana gelatin coolant system
Medical Sensors to gauge: pheromones, cardiac sensor, and calculate how damaged an enemy is overall.
Equipment: Coltan-Duranium alloy endoskeleton capable of withstanding Temperatures of 3000°. Lore-wise its the same endoskeleton used for the YVH model, but with another material used for its construction.
The head of a YVH to have the exact same sensors of them, but with cosmetic changes to resemble Darth Maul.
Chassis and Helmet made to resemble actual armor, not a real chasis. Made from an alloy of Turandium and Agrinium, and on top of the chassis there is 2mm of Dallorian alloy dyed black for maximum protection.
A permanently attached black robe made of Syntmesh that grants him limited resistance to environmental hazards, acid and blaster bolts.

Dexterity: 8
Strength: 16

Impressive war droid, with a weight of 300 kg its extremely heavy and hard to topple with basic TK. Built for combat and combat only, its main purpose is to be a shoocktroper for other troops to rally around in a charge. Its origin lies in a combination of the YVH and the IG-
110 models. Extremely costly and unique, if this one breaks its extremely hard to replace, let alone get new parts to replace old ones.


Chume´s Jihad, body:

Systems: The exact same system for the eyes, the ears, and the nose and taste that the Saint of the Knife has. This body is nothing more than the head of the first body on top of a different chassis, allowing more options when going into battle in the Hapes Consortium, near Hapes troops, or near its territories.
The body is a repainted BL-Battle Legionnaire droid, with special painting to appear as if the Handmaiden was using armor.
The only difference in sensors is that the zoom on the optics is upgraded to military standards, up to 100 meters of zoom.
The Right arm of this model is lightsaber proof and with upgraded blaster resistance, thanks to an alchemizing process.

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 13

Since I-Ron cannot break character at any moment, she is unable to use the Mauler Body when going into battle alongside the Hapes Cluster, so she created this body to act as the middle ground.



The Hawkwind:

A Shadow Droid from the old Dark Empire. It houses the shard in the same place where it would house a brain. Contains room for one droid body, and a spring loader to, at a moments notice, jettison the shard inside the droid and drop it like a paratrooper in the middle of combat. It also has a layer of dallorian alloy, completely removing the stealth capabilities, but letting the ship tank two times more damage than it should.
It has a completely different loadout of weapons. Instead of proton torpedoes it has 6 Baradium Armor Piercing misiles. And, a turret mounted tri maser cannon to replace the rest of the weapons.


Apollyon´s Jihad:

I-Rons personal battleship, won in the strugle against the disgraced Master Halcyon, it was meant to be his flagship when he became second of House Halcyon but the greedy master, jealous of I-Ron´s power and potential kept it away from him. Until I-Ron took matters into his own hands and invaded alone the perimeter of Mechis 3 on its own, and beat the Master into a bloody pulp, taking the ship by force of cunning and magic, leaving the disgraced Sith a shame and a disgust to everyone.

Languages: All of them thru a connection with the holonet inside every droid he houses itself in.

Combat Skills :
He is a veteran of many galactic conflicts, such as the Galactic Civil War, the Yuuzhan Vong War, etc. The marked thing of all this conflicts is that I-Ron, and by large, the factions he fought with, were the use of guerrilla tactics, of fourth generation warfare. Terror and propaganda tactics, intelligence gathering, weaponry manufacture under resources shortages, power shortages, manpower losses, etc. The type of warfare I-Ron always have fought is a slow grind and climb to the top. Under this circumstances he had developed and honed his skills as a combat engineer and sapper. He is extremely knowledgeable on explosives handling, weapons maintenance, military hardware and equipment, bunker and other military emplacements building, general repair skills from droids, materiel and vehicles, and etc. Of course, for every thing he knows how to repair, he also knows how to blow it up, for he who can destroy a thing controls the thing.
Once he arrived in the empire he started lessons on assassin and sharpshooter techniques with Lord Xxys. He finds that precision strikes with silent weapons are not his forte, being just competent enough with blaster and sniper rifle handling. Of course, when pairing this lessons with his previous knowledge of explosives he started to develop a taste for artillery surgical strikes, being rather skilled at that.

After that, he is very good at fencing with swords. Not lightsabers, but real swords. Its his weapon of choice.

Other Strengths:
He is, in the time of the ESE, a renowned armor and weapon smith. He created armor for every member of the houses, from his sworn enemy Halcyon, to Feros, Tenebris, Vahl, Vassago, and of course to his fellow Dreadwar.
She also has some degree of skills on medicine, with enough experience working at Medbay. Overly relying on medical scanners to do all the hard work for her, but still with easy to confirm experience on the field.

I-Ron is a complete Gun Nut. Gun Nut is “A character whose life revolves around guns. They like to read about them, have memorized large amounts of facts about guns, know all the models and ammo types, subscribe to the magazines, make frequent trips to the gun range, and have a large collection of them.” Of course, while the trope only speaks about weapons, the obsession of I-Ron goes beyond weapons, but also to armor, from tank fuselage to personal armor, materials, thickness of the material, etc.

He maintains a close relationship with a Hive of Shards in his homeplanet of Orax. With the help of Inquisitor Valthena he managed to convert all the Shards in the hive to the faith of Dreadwar, in order to empower his God with Passive Force Drain. The problem is that the hive instead started to shower I-Ron with praises, and so he is the actual beneficiary of the power surge.

I-Ron´s main weakness is hand to hand combat. Against saber wielding warriors the best thing he can do is to overpower them with the sheer mechanical speed and strength of the servos he has, using spells to try to get away as far as he can from short range before he gets eviscerated. That is his main weakness. He has 0 saber skills whatsoever, and his fencing skills can only get him so far against a superior blade master.
And, of course, EMP. Its not just that ion weapons and EMP weapons are better at destroying droids, and he lives inside a droid. But actually are PTSD triggering for him, its use against him capable of lowering his mental defenses by reminding him of his time in the Galactic Civil War, reducing him to a husk of cleavage long before destroying his body by EMP radiation.
Another extremely difficult thing for I-Ron are extreme low weathers. All his bodies are made for the deep desert, with coolant in the bodies of the droids to avoid high temperatures inside the machinery that could break it down. On the downside, powers like cryokinesis and Alter Environment, when they decrease the temperature around oneself, or straight up freeze I-Ron, are extremely dangerous for him, able to freeze him solid without much contingencies against it. Perhaps on the spur of the moment something can be done against it, but not equipped on any body beforehand. Ice Blast are particularly mortal because of this.
Rather clumsy, it is someone not accustomed still to have a body and so it cannot properly use all the range of motions that each body it is housed inside offers.
Being bizarrely selfless for a Sith I-Ron also overly trusts a lot of people. He would be completely shocked and immobile for perhaps a minute if someone in his list of friends (including companions) betrays him, leaving him unable to compute what is happening. Also teamwork is his weakness, going out of his way to protect others and minimize allied losses before the objective of the mision. No man is left behind, no matter the cost. So, in a way, the best way to defeat I-Ron is going against his allies before him.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

I-Ron is a deluded zealot, his whole world view hangs on the ability to lie to himself. She is a deeply religious individual, that in its darkness moments turned to god in search of guidance, when everything had been lost, and the fighting was too much. As a PTSD stricken war veteran she has turned to religion in search of meaning, using god to justify all the past carnage that she has caused to try to atone for the terrible things done. Because, if there is no god, if nothing of this is true, then why have the war crimes and atrocities been committed? Was it all a lie? Was it all for nothing?

Things cannot be for nothing, there is no randomness. Everything must be part of a master plan that we mortals do not understand. Or else one has to admit the guilt and sheer horror of all the bodies left in the wake of a crusade.

As such, her connection to the dark side does not come from the rage at his enemy, nor the sadness and terrible guilt that 200 years of war had left inside of her. But, from the sheer uncontrolled, savage and raw blind belief on god. By escaping the guilt of the things done I-Ron found the darkness again, but this darkness did not caused terrible feelings inside her, but bliss. As such, she is not a sad and edgy Sith, but rather a happy and positive one, more happy and with joy that on any other circumstance would hinder its connection to the force. But for I-Ron, she cannot hide her happiness at chanting with fanatical zeal the word of god. A feeling that, ironically, originated from escaping the crimes committed, and now it only bolsters her need to commit even more Jihads, more Pogroms, more etnic cleansings of the unfaithful, the unbelievers, those who the Sith deem a treat.

I-Ron comes from a hivemind, and that certainly frames everything he does on a very different light. In the Shards hivemind, you share everything with everyone. There is no “You”, only the “We”. There is no private ownership of thoughts, everything is a collective sharing of thoughts at all times. As such, he can process vasts amount of information and multitasking that could overwhelm even the most trained individual, because his mind is already accustomed to listen and participate in the shared conscience of all the millions and millions of Shards in the hivemind.

He has the imperious need to have structure and order in everything he does, the rule of law is the most important aspect of a society for him, at the same time that having powerful religious convictions. Structures and the iron cage where society sets the individual is always to be clear, an efficient and clear bureaucracy with clear people in charge. "A place for every man and every man in his place."

A being with highly compartmentalized life and goals, he fails a lot at social interactions, clearly missing innuendos or understanding basic concepts that are alien to a being made of silica. He has terrible attacks of anxiety after being pressured to improvise and adapt on short amounts of time. Specially because time goes extremely slow to a Shard, a race that can practically live forever, he experiences time passing slower, not enough to give him super reflexes or anything, but to process the new information and stimulus. Meaning that he also has a total recall of all the things he has lived, said and done.

Fears: He fears ion weapons and EMPs, able to induce a PTSD like state in him.
Likes: Apollyon, Crabs, praising god, brains.
Dislikes: House Halcyon, selfish people, lobsters.
Habits: He has no discernible bodily language whatsoever, being clumsy when adjusting to a new droid body until he can learn to walk properly again.
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Lady Traya, the Saraai-kar, is the adopted mother of I-Ron.
He currently has a powerful connection due to a passive Force Drain with a large colony of Shards in Orax. Giving him more power and stamina in exchange with complete and total worship like a god.

The companions of I-Ron are his personal team of inquisitors that help him on misions to figth against threats abroad and inside the empire.
They represent, for him, the completion of his Five Man Band.
With himself being the leader, Darth Malebolde being the second in-command, Valthena the muscle, Karin the tactician and Jojo the infiltrator bruiser.


Friendships: Lord Sedicious, Knight Omegon, Master Thana, Knight Slayer, Lord Xarxes, Master Mirtis.

Apprentices: Sol Kira, Darth Malebolde (companion), Karin Welko (Companion), Godteri (Dead, like the failure she is).

Reputation: The butcher of Medbay, someone who should not work in a hospital. A deluded zealot, with great drive and energy to move mountains. One of the best apprentices of Lord Nathemus, treated as a Knight when he was an apprentice, treated as a Master when he is a Knight, just by his sheer adherence to decorum and the rule of law.

Born in Orax countless years ago, I-Ron became a real individual just 2500 years ago, after absorbing enough memories and intelligence from his peers to have a conscience of its own. Inside his hivemind he completely loved to be part of political and philosophical debates that could last hundreds and hundreds of years, reviewing just a single argument to look for its weakness or strengths, etc.
In 100 BBY he was finally put inside a droid body, taken offworld by the B´oomar Order to further research the intricacies of philosophy, in order to bring new knowledge to his hivemind.
There he trained himself as a monk without a name nor moniker, separating the physical world from the realms of the unseen, he was able to grasp during 100 years of training the subtle teachings of the B´oomar Gurus and Monks. Shunning the physical world completely, not needing anything else but the force to see, starting to train in the use of mental powers of the force meanwhile. He was self taught, as his training with the monks made him shunn speech or communications of all kind, I-Ron was forced to learn others ways of communications, telepathy was one of his first abilities that he taught to himself. There, inside the brains of others, he learned how to pull strings and started the early and primitive motions that later, with Sith training, would turn into Mind Shard, Mind Probe, Mind Trick, etc.
He rose to the top of the order, spending 27 years in total seclusion as a show of utter devotion to the monks, where he was not allowed to see anything from the outside world, speak no anyone, etc. He was his own universe, completely centered on himself.

I am the centre of this universe
The wind of time is blowing through me
And it's all moving relative to me
It's all a figment of my mind
In a world that I've designed
I'm charged with cosmic energy

Has the world gone mad or is it me?”

After he emerged the Shard was in a state of Nirvana. He chose the name of I-Ron-Butterfly by scrambling human words in a semi coherent succession. Letting go of everything he started to sow the seeds of what one day would turn into his personal Sith Philosophy.

"Instinct is a lie, told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong."
Here I-Ron shuns all human behaviour, all animal instinct.

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.”

The most important thing to this enlightened being is self discipline, the mastery over one's body and mind. Complete control of everything one has on the inside and the outside. From that moment onward I-Ron would at least hold to those teachings of the B´oomar, shunning the physical in favor of the esoteric, what which cannot be quantified by man-made science, setting the path of the Sith Eldritch Sorcerer in the future.
In 0 BBY he came back to his planet Orax with a multitude of Shards that were able to use the force in a similar way as he. Finding only the Empire inside. I-Ron had meditated for so long that a great war had happened under his nose, and now a Galactic Empire rested on the place of the Old Republic.

When the planet Orax started to be strip mined the answer of the Shards was not really a surprise to anyone.

They launched a Jihad, the first in Shard history, against the oppressors. Vowing to never stop until the Galactic Empire was completely destroyed and devoid of life, a concept borrowed from the Ar´Krai of the Bothan, adopted and renamed by the Shards of Orax.

Fighting a defensive war, purely to eradicate the enemy invading the planet, and fueled by the complete detachment to suffering and pain that the Shards now possessed by their training under the monks, they launched a terrible war of guerrilla, sabotaging countless tons of materiel, killing every imperial citizen inside Orax to create a sense of total dread inside the invaders. This Jihad did not ended in the liberation of Orax, since I-Ron, now war savvy, assumed that the Empire would just come back, and so he rebranded himself a member of the Rebel Alliance to defeat the Empire as a whole, understanding that in order to free his people, the entire system, the iron cage, had to be brought down. Everything else would be a transitory experience.

After that point I-Ron with some of the Shards, both force sensitive and non force sensitive alike, helped in many campaigns against the Empire. The Mindor Campaign, where he learned Mechu Deru, The Battle of Endor. He was hunted by Inquisitors time and time again, helping the Rebel Alliance to create Anti Vader Drills by learning the tactics of dark jedi from killing inquisitors. Of course, they proved to be completely useless, and only created a sheer dark awe in the memory of I-Ron the visage of Lord Vader. He recalls the death of at least three inquisitors in single combat, dark jedi Iblis Beria in 2 ABY, Inquisitor Jorah Sevastel in 10 ABY, and Nigthsister turned Inquisitor for the Shadow Academy Sammus Enko in 23 ABY.

At the end of 20 ABY I-Ron was finally able to rest safe with the rest of Shards in Orax, only rising to action sparingly across the years for minor campaigns that did not fully needed from his Shard warriors. He was able to rest, yet his mind was all the time in a state of alert. He had no enemy to fight now, but he felt as he was still at war, the energy spent at last and his droid destroyed. He exiled himself to Tatooine, traveling from Orax to the place where now the Monks rested, in the palace of Jabba the Hutt. The order of the B´oomar Monks grew exponentially, with countless brains in jars that had been enlightened just like I-Ron was in the past. He made the planet his home, taking a liking to the Tusken population. Eventually, his restlessness turned into a plan.

The Tusken culture amazed I-Ron, a hardiness like no others in the galaxy, a planet that shaped them into great warriors in total control of their own bodies, that lived in a permanent state of scarcity and fighting for their lives. He went native. Studying the tribes long enough until his mind, so accustomed to a Hivemind, started to think itself as part of the “Tusken Hive”.

A great number of Iron Knights from the Jedi Praxeum of Luke Skywalker came to enlist I-Ron into their ranks at the same time, but his dominion over mind trick lured them into his will, and made them part of that so called “Tusken Hive”. Easy were the knowledge of the jedi was absorbed into the Shards, and the warlike customs of the tusken, and the philosophy of the Monks. A weird brand of Dark Jedi they were, being extremely war torned by the horrific war crimes committed to ever see the light again, they had no choice, I-Ron had no choice, but to embrace the rage and despair that it brought.

After the Vong War, where Jihad was called once again to defend Tatooine from an invader force, I-Ron was decided to muster all his forces to make sure something like that would never happen again.
A plan was devised, the Tusken Raiders were now part of the B´oomar Monks, and the monks were now part of the Shard Hivemind. Creating a parasitic hive that would be, during 140 years, turned into a holy army. A breeding program that mixed all the characteristics of the three mentioned orders to create something new, just like the Sorcerers of Rhand did once. The details of the breeding program and the cultural crisscrossing is neither here nor there, written in the form of 6 Fanfics in the ESE facebook page.

But, in time, that gave the basis for the coming of I-Ron into the Empire after the fall of Krayts Empire. After the Sith Trails were once again open I-Ron enlisted on it to try to hoard as much knowledge as he could to bring back to his Hive Home.

He went native, extremely hard.

Completely immersed in the teachings of the Sith, I-Ron finally was happy, after finding that which was far away from him, a purpose. He started to believe all the lies that the breeding program told the natives, and now he christened himself as an eldritch priest of Dreadwar, forgetting his original home and his original people, being completely loyal to the Sith and the Sith only.

From there, he rose thru the Sith Ranks, being an apprentice of Lord Nathemus, a prominent member of House Dreadwar, Eldritch Priest and Inquisitor. The joke was finally on I-Ron, he was now an inquisitor after all the years of fighting against them. But he could not be more happy about it.


STR (Strength): 0
FPR (Force Power): 16
DEX (Dexterity): 0
INT (Intellect): 16
CON (Constitution): 13
MAN (Manipulation): 16
PER (Perception): 13
DES (Destiny): 16

Rank/Level : Knight, lvl 26.
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Inquisitor
Prestige Class: N/A
Skills: 55 Points

Sith Spells:

  • Sutta Chwituskak 3

  • Qazoi Kyantuska 3

  • Sith Illusions 3

Force Powers:

  • Mechu Deru 3

  • Force Bond 2, Drain Life 3, Drain Force 3.

  • Telepathy 3, Force Subjugate 3, Mental Shield 3, Probe Mind 3, Mind Trick 3, Mind Shard 3.

  • Consume Essence 3

  • Crush Opposition 3

  • Force Resistance 3

  • Telekinesis 2, Force Wound 3.

  • Force Weapon 3
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Character Illustration

Theme Music:
Audio Sample of Character Voice (optional)

Name/Title: Darth Voidwalker, Sith Lord
Nicknames/Aliases: Dread Heir, War Priest of Death, Synister Lord, Allfather of Syn
Age: 30 (Due to time shifts on Mortis but actually 21)
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Onderon
Occupation: Sith Lord, Councilor of Expansion and Diplomacy
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210lbs
Physical Description: Tall and slender with an athletic build, dark hair, facial hair. Crimson red eyes, medium to fair skin tone. Has a bio-mechanical prosthetic hand made of Pyronium that’s infused with the healing agents of Bota that courses through his veins. His chest and torso is riddled with scars from years of battle, along with some ancient runes that have been cut into his skin.
Clothing: Voidwalker is for the most part a simple being. Opting for more basic clothing such as black pants, boots, tops, and cloak. He does own a set of Songsteel armor that he does wear when the time or situation calls for armor. Such as knowingly going into battle or meeting with others who could be hostile.
Weapons: Voidwalker has many weapons at his disposal. He has two twin single red bladed lightsabers. A single bladed purple saber, and a orange single bladed saber.

Mace of Phrik - A gift from Lord Cruor himself, which has been enhance through alchemy and the Dark Side. After prolonged use, the user succumbs to utter hatred, and the emotion rolls off the user in palpable waves of dark side energy, inflicting physical and psychological upon those in the user's vicinity.

Three thermal detonators and four smoke bombs.

Voidstorm - a custom made Axe capable or resisting lightsabers. The Firkrann crystals inside the axe can naturally generate lightening; upon a contested clash, this blade will send flares of lightening around and between you and your opponent. As the Firkrann crystal generates more and more lightening, it’ll eventually overload and release a outward EMP (usually after the 3rd or 4th swing) shutting down all electronic equipment opponent has within a 5ft radius for 1-2 turns (GM call). Consistent use of the axe will cause the blade to dull over time.
Equipment: An alchemy forged bioengineered hand made of Pyronium/ Crystalline matrix infused with Bota. That can collect energy from laser blasts and Force Lightning. The hand pumps Bota through the veins on the user allowing him to heal quickly over time.

Holocom for receiving and transmitting messages.

Two Basic survival ration vials.

Talisman of Concentration - The talisman allows the wearer to focus and gather their force energy and remained focused even in the most chaotic of warzones without breaking their concentration.

Songsteel armor - lightweight and highly resistant to lightsabers.

Talisman of Self Appearance - The talisman allows Voidwalker to change his physical appearance. He can look older or younger, or reflect his true combat appearance.
Vehicles: As a high ranking Sith, Voidwalker has access to any of the shuttles of House Syn should he need one.
Pets: None
Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Sith, High Sith.
Combat Skills: Voidwalker is creative in adapting to any scenario, to find a way to either survive or overcome. His combat experience has given him a certain view on how others around him work. He follows a simple statement of strike hard, and show no mercy. He has a strong mental defense due to the lovely gift if a mind plague the Empress bestowed upon him. (+1 to Mental Shield)
Other Strengths: Voidwalker has a strong will, and a never quit attitude. He doesn't give us easily if at all on something he believes in. He's a quick thinker and able to go with the flow until he can changed the flow to his favor.
Flaws: Voidwalker is very hard headed. He wants to constantly push himself to be better, to the point where he clouds his own judgement. He's over confident, and has immense pride. He would rather die than surrender.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Personality: Voidwalker is a hardened man who can be as tough on others as he is himself, he has very specific views and standards that he expects to be upheld. He is as charismatic as they come, and draws people to him easily enough that he could be a cult leader. He has a longing for battle, and does not fear the outcome, for he accepts and finds strength in death. He can be social when the times call for it, yet he's also very reserved and keeps to himself mostly. He thrives to be seen as a Sith of his own merit and not just for the title that's associated with him. He's more than just the Dread Heir, he's his own person and has fought to get what he's achieved. His biggest fear is failing. He hates being restrained by his own limitations. He fears of only being seen as a passover. He doesn't have to have absolute power, but he does want respect and recognition.
Fears: Voidwalker's biggest fear is winding up a failure in life. He strives to prove himself but fears that he'll only fail and be nothing more than a failure.
Likes: Loyalty, Strength, Passion, Drive, Respect
Dislikes: Disrespect, Disloyalty, Laziness, Weakness, Failure, Limitations, Mind Plagues
Habits: When in deep thought or nervous, bored, or at almost anytime, Voidwalker fidgets constantly keeping his hands busy but touching his fingers to his thumb and back. Repeatedly.
Relationships/Love Interests: Tinca Bratex (Former Casual Fling) Trinaya Dur (Former Love Interest - Deceased)
Companions: None
Friendships: Sedriss Nathemus, Lord Kain, Lady Noxia, Lord Cruor
Masters: Lord Cruor (Mentor)
Apprentices: None that are worth noting. All have failed and been executed.
Reputation: Kriffing Legend
Biography: Darth Voidwalker was raised and trained early at a young age on the planet Onderon. His "birth name" was Draven Nethervoid. He knows nothing of his parents so he has none to speak of. His earliest memories are of his training. The man that trained him was more of a master than a father. The name of the man was Dzoun.

Dzoun trained Draven in the ways of the force. Neither in the ways of the Sith or Jedi but the force itself. A group of resistance fighters on Onderon had came and killed Dzoun one early morning while Draven was out training. Draven returned to their make shift home and discovered his master had been killed. Never truly dealing with death before at that young of an age Draven was consumed with anger and sought out revenge for the death of the only person he'd ever truly known. He slaughtered the resistance fighter that had came to his home and killed his master. His anger giving him clarity in his actions. After he got his revenge he decided it was time for him to leave Onderon and move on.

For the better part of 10 years he held himself as a Dark Jedi only out for his own good. After a strange Force Vision he returned to Onderon to the only home he knew. In the attempts to learn more of the Force and after going though his old Masters's belonging he came across the ancient writings and teachings of Sith before. Draven studied every form and tactic he could from the scrolls and tried to learn as much of the Sith as he could. In his Masters's personal writings he found the term Dread Heir mentioned frequently and had originally brushed it off as nothing. After coming across a section pertaining to him he once again noticed the term Dread Heir as describing the young boy. Referring to him in further detail as a "Void Walker" and comparing him to the ancient Sith Darth Dreadwar. Then it was confirmed that Draven was a distant and direct descendant of Dreadwar. Being taken back by this Draven knew that it was time for him to seek out Dreadwar.

Draven decided it was time to be more than he was. As he grew older in knowledge, strength, and power, he took on the name of Darth Voidwalker and journeyed to the Sith Homeworld of Korriban. Through many trials an obstacles, Voidwalker arrived to become one of the hopeful Sith. It was in Korriban where Voidwalker would first meet the likes of Darth Viscretus and Darth Apollyon, where he would accompany Viscretus on a mission to Dantooine.

It was in this mission that would set Voidwalker on a completely different path and change him forever. Through his own young foolish actions he faced what he assumed to be certain death at the hands of none other than Darth Viscretus. Rather than kill the young Sith, she destroyed him through her use of Sith Magic and riddled him with a Mind Plague. A damning plague that would cause Voidwalker pain and to see horrible images should he allow himself to feel any sort of passion towards another. The effects of the plague took a greater toll on the young man than he cared to allow others to believe. Truthfully it caused him to be able to carry on and complete the mission.

Upon returning to Korriban, Voidwalker knew he was nothing more than a failure. He vowed to get stronger and never feel helpless again. He departed from Korriban and set off to grow and explore the galaxy in his trainings. Shortly after leaving Korriban, his ship was damaged from an unexpected astroid field which caused his ship to crash land on a strange planet. The planet of Mortis.

For years he remaines on Mortis. Never encountering another living soul. He was stranded due to the etensive damage done to his ship. He was able to live off the rations that were in board the small shuttle he had taken, but eventually even those rations ran out. He was able to survive off the land. Hunting the wildlife and collecting water in the day time. The nights on Mortis were a different story all together. During his time on Mortis, Voidwalker did what any Sith would do, he trained. He trained as much as he possibly could, growing stronger in the Force. Mortis was a strange place and the Force flowed strong acrossed the odd planet. In the light of the day Voidwalker would feel renewed and healed. On other parts of the planet he could feel the Dark Side striving as if a living beast.

It was in these pools of the Dark Side where Voidwalker would train the most. Focusing his mind and body movements to flow as if being guided by the Force before he'd take control and strike on his own. He would purposely sit in these pools and trigger the effects of his mind plague, over and over again building up a natural tolerance to its effects. He was strong in both mind and body. During one such training session instead of the plague showing him horrible visions, it was as if another presence had entered his mind. One who explained to Voidwalker that his lineage was much more in-depth than he had known, but not just of Dreadwar. The Eldritch presence also provided him a vision of a ship. A ship that would be his way off Mortis. Whether this was truly a vision for him to escape the prison he found himself stranded on, or just some cruel trick that the Force was using to torment him, he would not know. But he knew he had to find out to be sure.

Voidwalker followed the directions and came upon the ship. A ship that strangely looked newer and had not been there before. The ship was empty. If there had been other on board, they were long gone by now. Using the ship Voidwalker broke through the atmosphere of Mortis and headed for Korriban. Upon reaching Korriban, Voidwalker was shocked to see that people had remembered him. They spoke as if the knew him. He didn't know how this was possible since by his records he'd been on Mortis alone for ten years. Yet for the rest of the galaxy, only nine months had passed since the month he left prior. This was baffling to Voidwalker, how could that have been possible?

Over the course of the following two years, Voidwalker dedicated himself to training and growth. He'd known loss, such as that of his hand. He'd known victory as when he became a member of the Dark Council. He'd even known battle such as the civil war that had unfolded under the leadership of the new "Emperor" Nathemus, following the disappearance of the true Emperor, Emperor Dreadwar. Voidwalker gained much in his time back in the Empire, but there was always more to gain. One level higher if you would.

STR (Strength): 13
FPR (Force Power): 17
DEX (Dexterity):10
INT (Intellect):12
CON (Constitution):12
MAN (Manipulation):11
PER (Perception):10
DES (Destiny):11

Rank/Level Level 32 Sith Lord
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Warlock (Requires Level 25+, Sith Elementalist, Six Lightsaber Forms)
Saber Skills:
Form I - Shii-Cho - 1
Form VI - Niman (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 1
Jar'Kai (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 1
Saber Throw (Requires Telekinesis, Form I - Shii-Cho) - 1
Saber Barrier (Requires Telekinesis, Form I - Shii-Cho)- 1
Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat (Requires Level 25+, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier) - 3

Force Powers:
Force Sense: 1
Precognition (Requires Force Sense) - 1

Telekinesis: 1
Force Push (Requires Telekinesis) - 1
Force Whirlwind (Requires Level 10+, Force Push) - 1
Force Wave (Requires Level 30+, Force Push) -1
Force Wound (Requires Telekinesis) - 1
Force Choke (Requires Level 10+, Force Wound) - 1
Telekinetic Kill (Requires Level 30+, Force Choke) - 4
Force Crush (Requires Level 30+, Force Choke) - 2

Telepathy: 1
Mental Shield (Requires Telepathy) - 3
Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy) - 2

Force Shock: 1
Force Lightning (Requires Level 10+, Force Shock) - 1
Lightning Bomb (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning) - 1
Lightning Variant: Force Storm (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning) - 3
Lightning Shield (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Force Resistance) - 1
Force Malestorm (Requires Level 30+, Telekinesis, Force Wave, Lightning Bomb, and Protection Bubble or Lightning Shield) - 3

Convection: 1
Pyrokinesis (Requires Level 10+, Convection) - 3
Fire Tornado (Requires Level 30+, Sith Elementalist, Pyrokinesis, Force Whirlwind) - 2

Force Resistance: 1
Tutaminis (Requires Level 10+, Force Resistance) - 2

Force Bond: 1
Drain Life (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond) - 1
Death Field (Requires Level 30+, Drain Life, Drain Force) - 4
Drain Force (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond) - 1

Dark Side Healing (Requires Level 20±, Sith Sorcerer) - 1
Inflict Pain (Requires Level 20+) - 1
Alter Environment (Requires Level 20+, Sith Elementalist) - 2
Flamusfracta (Requires Telekinesis, Convection) - 3
Dark Transfer (Requires Level 30+, Shatterpoint, Dark Side Healing) - 4
Darkshear (Requires Level 30+) - 4
Spear of Midnight Black - 2
Force Destruction (Requires Sith Elementalist) - 2
Shatterpoint (Requires Level 30+) - 2

Sith Magic: (Requires Sith Sorcerer)
Sutta Chwituskak - 2
Qázoi Kyantuska - 3
Dwomutsiqsa - 2
Animate Golem (Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer, Telekinesis) - 2
Animate Sith Statue (Requires Level 30+, Animate Golem) - 2
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Ānhrā Māhnîu

*Approved by GM Darth Dreadwar*

Character Illustration (optional):
dede2e5f73dd639080ead9d183aac5f6.jpg E9DC68F4-9008-4960-9F19-B39BC615DD7B.JPEG IMG_5182.JPG

Theme Music (optional):
’’Totenkopf’’, by Shiro Sagisu:

Audio Sample of Character Voice (optional):
Smaug, by Benedict Cumberbatch:

Name: Ānhrā Māhnîu.
Titles: Dread Lord. Danar’een. Champion of House Dreadwar. Khattazz al’Yun’o. Eternal Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong. Supreme Ruler of Lwhekk and the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. Jen’nu. Lord of Life.
Aliases: Ākādo Vraith. Volcryn. Jen’nu.
Age: 30 (biologically). 8 (chronologically).
Sex: Male.
Species: Near-Human.
Orientation: Pansexual.
Homeworld: Grown on Lehon. Currently the ruler of Lwhekk and inhabitant of Nilrebmah XIII

Occupation: Dread Lord, Danar’een, Eternal Supreme Overlord of the Sii-ruuk Star Cluster.
Instructor, lecturer, executioner, Ironworks employee, Curator of the Arcane and Esoteric, compulsive compiler of conversations.

Height: 6’5 - 195.6cm.
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5kg.

Physical Description: A product of genetic manipulation and implantations, Ānhrā Māhnîu towers over many of his fellow Imperial Sith and cuts a striking presence in his rare public appearances. His tall frame supports a lean and agile body, his pale face crowned by dark hair falling backwards over his shoulders. Having ingested Darth Drear’s Murakami concoction and spent much of his time isolated from the greater Empire, his appearance gradually altered: his face growing abnormally pale, smoothly taut and uncanny. His piercing red eyes also grew unnaturally large before being replaced by polychromatic Vong mqaaq’it.

Clothing: The Dread Lord’s apparel is defined entirely by the situation and the specified needs of any given mission. After reaching the rank of Sith Lord and in preparation for the looming threat he perceived from beyond the unknown, he infested himself with the orbalisks of Dxun. With or without this armor he commonly wears voluminous, though otherwise innocuous Sith cloaks. For celebratory occasions he has donned tunics in the colors of his House: red, black and gold. For the purpose of Sith ceremonies and rituals he dons his most elaborate outfit, a set of alchemically enhanced armored robes, with a cape reminiscent of wings spilling from his shoulder.

Weapons: The Scepter of Power, a custom-bred amphistaff gained upon his ascendance on Lwhekk. Over two meters in length, with oily black scales and decorated with the symbols of the Yun’o.
A plain claymore and saber, both enhanced through Sith alchemy.
Lumiya’s lightwhip, recovered from the planet Terephon, enhanced through Sith alchemy.
Vor’cha stun stick.
A Crushgaunt in each hand, both containing concealed monofilament wires, enhanced through Sith alchemy and internally layered with nihil smokestone armament to protect his wrists from orbalisks. Similar armament is layered into his helmet and can be extracted.

Equipment: The piece of equipment always on his person is the Brace of Lustre, an alchemical gauntlet made to protect him against the arcane and destructive powers of the looming Dark threat (+2 Defense bonus against Death Field). Aside from his orbalisk infestation he owns a plated suit of alchemical Sith armor, though it is at this time rarely used and stored in a pocket dimension, alongside a pair of Talismans of Concentration and Ensnarement. He also occasionally carries three daggers, two twi’lek daggers and a Muun dagger given to him by Lord Kain, alchemically enhanced and capable of cauterizing the wounds of its target at the wielder’s discretion. While not necessarily used as equipment he does possess a large storage of nihil smokestone.
Dark_Gauntlet_Travel_Book.png 5668815-belmont gear silver daggers (1).jpg 82524815_2644191199034289_1807860663846961152_n.jpg

Vehicles: Any ship he can get his hands on. His preferred mode of transportation is ‘’The Dread Lordship’’, a continuously expanding Yuuzhan Vong worldship grown around ‘’The Event Horizon’’, a Nebula-class Star Destroyer, equipped with modified hyperspace capsules, which serve as his main form of transportation when not using the Force.
juergen-rau-www-juergenrau-com-0068-2016-07-29-01-thrust-giant-mothership-concept-art-sci-fi-j...jpg NebulaSD_8.jpg

Pets: Thaurog, Sithspawn created during the execution (and using the body) of Darthpaul Dutil.

Languages: Capable of understanding most spoken languages, due to tizowyrm insertion. This does not transfer to written languages however. Fluent in Galactic Basic, Galactic Sign Language, Cheunh, Anzat, Arkanian, Sith (all variations), Yuuzhan Vong, Ssi-ruuvi, Rakatan, Huttese.

Combat Skills: Created to be a pure killing machine, Ānhrā Māhnîu possesses highly advanced knowledge of prominent unarmed combat forms like Teräs Käsi; Bakuuni Hand; Stava; K’tara and the Echani arts. With intelligence implants and combat computers slaved to his brain, later fused with Vong biots, his analytical and adaptive ability was enhanced to superhuman levels. Having remained in seclusion, he put his lightsabers aside in favor of Sith swords and simpler weapons, alongside athletic expertise. A predator and parasite at his core, he has extensively studied the arts of the ancient Sith, with an emphasis on stealth, alchemy, necromancy, and Force siphoning techniques. Though rarely used, he also has a basic familiarity with sniper rifles. Through his interaction with the Eye of Typhojem he has also developed a resistance against Force Horror and Force Insanity, in addition to training under Ulic Qel-Droma to resist Force Draining effects (+2 Defense bonus against Drain Life and Drain Force).

Other Strengths: Through his extensive study into modern academic fields and ancient Sith lore, he gained an advanced knowledge of genetic and biological alteration, dabbling in alchemy; cloning; genetic engineering and alteration; midi-chlorians and similar fields. He is also versed in the Yuuzhan Vong science of Shaping.
Flaws: Despite his encyclopedic knowledge his mind is underdeveloped and unfledged. This has resulted in immense arrogance and significant emotional immaturity. He is also incapable of feeling empathy towards others, though he himself does not regard this as a weakness. Despite his emphasis on caution he is prone to recklessness and thoughtlessness, resulting in frequent cases of underestimating his adversaries and is frequently distracted by his own random whims.

Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Personality: On the surface Ānhrā Māhnîu appears relatively courteous, even at times quite formal and friendly. In most situations he remains calmly quiet, rarely speaking his mind except in specific situations, though this is fundamentally the result of his underdeveloped understanding of social situations. His demeanor is the same when encountering a fellow Sith in a Cantina as a prisoner for him to torture and execute, maintaining a relaxed posture and casually professional tone.

As a result of his extended isolation he has grown increasingly self-absorbed, his cold self-control slipping away. Mostly living uninhibited by the greater Empire his own self-interest and paranoia grew far more prominent. Unable to properly self-reflect and evaluate the nature of his own actions beyond their physical consequences, his emerging sadism and covert cruelty grew into an active part of his behavior, along with a love for chaos. He has no concept of honor or a code of ethics, solely finding worth in the material and provable. As a result he frequently finds the viewpoints of his fellow Sith amusing, be it Drakul Xarxes’ obsession with order or Voidwalker’s emphasis on his personal lineage.

After his takeover of Lwhekk and establishing himself as their ruler he gradually developed a god-complex, obsessed with his own personal power and ability to affect the galaxy. Believing himself to be a being completely unique to galactic history, he views the rest of the galaxy as subservient to his desires and himself as the sole arbiter of fate, chafing under anything that challenges this notion and desperately searching for a pathway to become the ultimate lifeform.
In all possible ways, he is a parasite.

Fears: Overtaken by an obsessive fear of death and final insignificance.
Likes: Science; biology; arcana; history. Possessing a curious interest in the concept of life, he has a penchant for experimentation, particularly genetic alteration of living beings. Over time he also developed a lust for combat, violence and torture, though this usually lies dormant.
Dislikes: Incompetence, arrogance, and thoughtlessness, particularly in combination. Inadequacy, failure, and anything else that he considers worthless or wasteful. Droids and similar replications of life. Contemptuous towards superficial and hypocritical judgment.
Habits: Flying without mechanical transportation. Genetic engineering and experimentation with the invention of hybrid species and integration of Force-related genetic abilities. Swapping different Vong implants into his body. Dramatic flair.

Relationships: Lord Kain; Lord Nathemus; Lord Sedicious; Lord Drakul Xarxes (closest associates).
Lady Reiis Invadator, Knight I-Ron-Butterfly-Traya, Knight Kint Dranlor (associates).
Love Interests: None with any particular fervor.
Companions: Azhura Mazrakh (Yuuzhan Vong Royal Guard).

Friendships: None.
Masters: Darth Insipid.
Rayne (unsuccessful).
Corrosis (executed).
Hoss (completed).

Reputation: Ānhrā Māhnîu has remained an enigma in the greater Sith Empire, with substantial amounts of the Imperial population not even aware of his existence. Even among his peers he is known as something of a recluse. In his occasional appearances his rank alone demands admiration from his inferiors and respect from his peers. Renowned for his impressive knowledge of arcane lore as well as history, he is also known as an extremely ambitious dark scientist.
The subjects of his rule on Lwhekk view him with religious reverence, blindly believing in his every action as a result of the brainwashing they have been subjected to. They view him as their sacrosanct savior and heed his every word without question.

Biography: Cloned from a Force-sensitive Near-Human, Ākādo Vraith himself knows practically nothing of how he came to be. He does however know that his creators were a collection of Dark Jedi in hiding on the planet Lehon. Directionless and incapable of challenging the Jedi Order or Sith Empire by themselves, the renegades resorted to a haphazard collection of cloning technology in order to create Force-sensitive killing machines. Using rudimentary Arkanian flash pumping to implant memories and knowledge into their various experiments, the band impatiently rushed their work with various genetic implants to increase the strength, intelligence and astral ability of their creations. This resulted in various imperfections in their work, eventually leading to the inception of individual consciousness within at least one of their units. As an ambush was launched by the Jedi, the clone saw a chance to escape. Killing its creators indiscriminately and fleeing into the wilderness of the Unknown World, he was able to evade detection by the Jedi. Implanted with the artificial memories and knowledge of his creators, but no actual life experience, it would eventually stow away on a passing smuggler’s ship and roam the galaxy aimlessly.

That changed upon a chance encounter with the Dark Lord Darth Kain, who introduced him to the Empire after testing his abilities. Under the name Volcryn he enrolled in the Sith Academy on Korriban. His skill quickly noted, he earned the attention of the Dark Council, eventually being sent on a mission alongside the former One Sith Master Darth Havok and fellow student Theron to Yavin IV. Stealing a scroll from the Jedi Praxeum Library, capturing a Jedi trying to stop them and making their way to the moon’s South Pole, they uncovered an underground pyramid constructed by the mysterious Black Son. After narrowly escaping death by quicksand and Sithspawn, Volcryn and Havok uncovered a Murakami orchid and its Jedi keeper on the lowest floor of the underground building. Retrieving the Force-sensitive plant and its guardian, they made their way back to their encampment, their Sith companion drowning in the quicksand. Killing a Jedi Padawan that had arrived to intercept them, their victory was cut short by the arrival of an unknown ship. Unable to identify it they fled with their Jedi prisoners and the necessary equipment. Upon fleeing into hyperspace Havok set about concocting the elixir of immortality. However as soon as the concoction was completed Volcryn made a choice that would alter his place in history. As the arrogant Iktotchi regarded the mixture with reverence, Volcryn stabbed him through the back and stole the elixir for himself. Still fearful of the risks he would undertake consuming it, he hid it away along with the three prisoners.

Upon his return to Korriban he would keep the elixir to himself, and despite attaining positions as an Imperial Inquisitor and a direct ally of Emperor Dreadwar, his reclusive nature and a newfound interest in the arcane higher mysteries of the Force led to continuous periods of isolation in the Kathol Sector and similar areas near the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. As a result he was almost entirely absent from the Empire’s invasion into Federation territory. Instead he would dedicate himself to learning alchemy and genetically experimenting with sentient living prisoners and clones. This combined with his extended solitude and experimentation on his own body would gradually warp his appearance and intellect.
Around this time he was approached by the Dark Lord and Night Herald Darth Insipid and made his Sith Apprentice. Their relationship had neither depth nor breadth however, as Insipid would betray the Empire shortly after, leaving for the Unknown Regions. Finally returning from his isolation to assist the Emperor’s Hand Lady Apollyon against other factions within the fracturing Empire. His own apprenticeship already finished, he took on his own apprentices with varying degrees of success, eventually attaining the status of Master and Lord of the Sith, taking on the name Ānhrā Māhnîu.

Shortly after his ascension to Mastery he finally took it upon himself to become immortal. Having taken every precaution he could think of, he finally ingested the Murakami elixir, ate the heart of its Jedi keeper and attained a body practically immortal. Yet he was ultimately not satisfied: the more power he obtained and the closer he came to immutable eternality, the looming threat of death and ultimate insignificance seemed to similarly draw nearer every instant. Even as the Empire remained unstable his focus turned inwards; where once he had desired no more than to make a tangible contribution to the Empire’s success, now he found himself unable to escape a newfound self-awareness and all-consuming dread. The Void into which every life would fall and be forgotten grew into a tumor within his mind. With his mind never truly maturing he was unable to reconcile the seemingly irrational fear for his own life.

Upon his ascension to the position of Lord he claimed ownership of the planet Lwhekk within the Unknown Regions: the capital of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. Hoping to exploit the resources of the native Ssi-ruuk and the immigrated Yuuzhan Vong, he conceived a grand deception to make them his own loyal followers. Using the various clones he had developed during his time in isolation he infiltrated the planet and enlisted the aid of two treacherous Shamed Ones. With their inside knowledge he was able to gain access to Shaper codexes and steal a massive yammosk. Using his own telepathic capabilities alongside those of enslaved Dread Duinuogwuin and the yammosk he acquired, he weaved an illusion presenting himself as a messianic figure, one who had appeared to return them to the True Way. The Ssi-ruuk and Vong alike were at least temporarily convinced, which gave him the opportunity he needed. Using their own beliefs, resources and methods against them, he let them implant him with various biots and similar implants before putting his true plan into motion. Fully aware that skepticism regarding his true nature would surface, he would gradually employ his knowledge of biology and genetics to alter their brains through use of the Force, instilling within them infrangible loyalty and belief in his word. Now capable of sensing and affecting the Vong, he set about turning the entire Ssi-ruuvi Imperium into his unquestioning devotees, spreading his influence across the regime’s 135 planets. This would be his buffer against an apocalyptic threat he could only vaguely perceive, looming in the Unknown Regions. Gathering new allies and weapons, experimenting with the entechment technology of the Ssi-ruuk and feeding upon the pain and worship of his subjects, his power steadily grew.
After winning the Eye of Typhojem and the allegiance of Darth Kain for his allies, he set out to prepare for the unknown threat any way he could. Yet in the back of his mind a lust for power, a continuously growing ambition, and the crippling fear of death still follow his every step…

STR (Strength): 12
FPR (Force Power): 15
DEX (Dexterity): 15
INT (Intellect): 15
CON (Constitution): 12
MAN (Manipulation): 11
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level: Level 35 (ESE Level 8) Sith Lord (100 points).
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer.
Subclass: Sith Alchemist.
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer.

Defense bonus: +2 against Drain Life and Drain Force. +2 against Death Field.

Augmentation > 4.

Force Sense > 2.
- Precognition (Requires Force Sense) > 3.

Telepathy > 1.
- Mental Shield (Requires Telepathy) > 4.
- Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy) > 2.

Force Suppression (Requires Level 30+) > 4.

Telekinesis > 4.

Convection > 1.
- Pyrokinesis (Requires Level 10+, Convection) > 3.

Force Resistance > 3.
- Force Barrier (Requires Level 10+, Telekinesis, Force Resistance) > 3.

Force Bond > 1.
- Drain Life (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond) > 3.
- Drain Force (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond) > 4.

GODLIKE Art of the Small (Requires Level 35+) > 10.

Phase (Requires Level 25+) > 3

Deadly Sight > 3.

Dimension Shift > 3.

Forge Sith Artifact (Requires Sith Alchemist) > 3.

Mutate Life > 2.

Summon Monolith (Requires Level 35+, Sith Alchemist) > 3.

Invoke Spirits (Requires Level 25+, Sith Necromancer) > 4.
- GODLIKE Force Walk (Requires Level 35+, Sith Necromancer, Invoke Spirits, Drain Force) > 10.

Reanimate Dead (Requires Level 30+, Sith Necromancer) > 3.
- Reanimate Sith Undead/Summon Sith Specter (Requires Level 35+, Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits) > 3.
- FREE Spectral Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits).

GODLIKE Ritual of Darth Drear > 10.
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Darth Traya

Lady of the Sith, the Saarai-Kaar, the Dark Sun
Darth Traya, the Third

And there must always be a Darth Traya…”

Character Illustration:


Theme Music :
Audio Sample of Character Voice: Firekeeper; Dark Souls III

Name/Title: Birth: Lilium Kyrie
Adopted: Aurelia Illium
Sith Title: Darth Traya III
Nicknames/Aliases: Aurelia Chume, the Saarai -Kaar, The Dark Sun
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Species: Miraluka
Orientation (optional): Bi-curious
Homeworld: Katarr via birth. Dathomir via adoption.
Occupation: Queen Mother, Chume and Ereneda of Hapes, Queen of Dathomir
Height: 5’7
Weight: 100lb
Physical Description: Upon arrival among the Sith, Aurelia was a beautiful, stunning young Miraluka who often refused to cover her naturally missing eyes. When venturing off planet from Dathomir the rarity of her species was fetishized, thus she found herself an enslaved dancer in the Red District of Nar Shaddaa. Now reborn as Darth Traya the Third; when dropping all illusion, she is a twisted and scarred creature.
When using her illusions she wears the visage of a fair Hapan Queen; with a golden sun disk shaped crown covering half her face. Her white blonde hair is thick, wavy and flowing down to the middle of her back; her body appears more curvaceous and femaine, however at one point she began to wear the illusions of serpents writhing about her from rather than human legs. The overuse of this horrific illusion caused her mind to twist and believe that these serpentine appendages are her true limbs. Only rarely does she change this projection, now believing she must assume illusions of human legs.
Her true form is ravaged by the Dark Magicks she channels, and by her trial and tribulations in becoming a Sith of her standing. Her arms are covered in lightning shaped scars via Darth Solus. Her eyesockets are burned completely black; horrific voids to belhold unmasked, a cosmetic fate that she shares with another ancient Miraluka of legend. A swath of black rot bisects her face; her right arm has shriveled to blacked bone due to use of Dark Shear, and as such is replaced with a basic cybernetic. She is thin and emaciated, often shunning food in favor of Force energies and freshly plucked eyes. She resembles a slowly decaying mummy rather than a living human; and knows her time within this fragile body is limited.

Clothing: While in her queenly garb Aurelia Chume tends to wear stunning white or lavender silks, trimmed with gold. Her face is often veiled in the manner of Hapan style. Her crown is a dramatic pointed head piece of rainbow gems and songsteel.
When in a more casual setting she will wear either tattered black cloaks and dresses, either of black or the deep reds traditional to Dathomir.
Blackwing and diamond golden wedding band.

Weapons: Phobos; a full grown amphistaff. Demios; a smaller amphistaff.
Yew Longbow; etched with Sith Runes.

Songsteel alchemised arrow, typically used as a catalyst to project an illusion of thousands of arrows, which can minutely drain their victims of their Force energy if they connect.

One standard Lightsaber with a rainbow gem.
One Rapier style saber, grey blade, with Blackwing crystal
Arrows, 20 handcrafted from Dathomirian wood.
30 forged of beskar. Tips poisoned with Amphistaff venom, or cortosis edged, or simply filed to a razor sharp point to pierce armor.
10 slugs that ignited into plasma bolts.
Equipment: Songsteel Armor forged by Darth Skyllan,its graceful form appeared before her in a dream. Very lithe and lightweight, face covered by a beaded veil, an ethereal pale veil flows from the back of the helm.

(Optional armor image)

Round Songsteel shield
Talisman of Transformation (into a serpent)
Talisman of Counterspell
Mask once belonging to Darth Nihilus; not his legendary death mask however.
Holocron of Darth Nihilus; but it cannot communicate with her directly nor teach her additional power. It says but a single phrase.
Flag Ship : “A-vek Iiliumnauk” Yuuzhan Vong Capital ship, capable of producing fleets of coral skippers..
“Star Home” Hapan Space Station

Pets (if applicable): Shipsbane, a dreaded gizka.
Languages: Basic, Miralukese, Dathomirian, Hapan, Sith and Ancient Sith
Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Weak in traditional melee combat, but strong in archery and the use of amphistaffs. Strong in the use of Mind Control, Illusions and Force Drain.

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): A strong connection to animals and nature; as was her Dathomirian upbringing. This worship of nature has led her to form alliances with the Vong. Traya is also a passionate educator, and has trained Sith greater than herself; in keeping with her namesake.
Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Detests the rigors of combat, unskilled in lightsaber battle. She suffers from a crippling inferiority complex and has been known to self sabotage in moments of extreme duress. Unskilled with machinery and would rather see it destroyed than to allow its proliferation. High functioning Auspergers syndrome, possibly bi-polar. Unapologetic cannibal.
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Lawful Evil
Personality: In keeping with her species she is generally calm, collected and approachable but her passions run deep. She holds high ambitions, but will wait patiently for the moment to strike for a higher calling. When slighted her anger can be swift and merciless and typically manifests as clawing out and consuming the eyes from those that dare cross her. She’s curious and generally prefers the company of animals rather than a crowd of people; yet when the need is there she is capable of inspiring masses. Her anger can manifest quite sadistically; she will gladly jump at the chance to execute traitors slowly and painfully. She takes the words of Darth Traya the first with a religious fervor.

Fears: Death, but only a meaningless Death. Given the chance she would gladly take immortality. Even as she yearns for more life energy she also fears hunger slowly consumed and transforming her. Unlike the first Traya; she doesn’t loathe the Force; rather she craves it.
Likes: Animals. Nature. Training and Academics. Mead. Spice. Consuming Energy.
Dislikes: Intense Melee Duels. Anzats. Petty squabbles. Machinery. Technology. Cruelty to gizka.
Habits: Habitual collector of animals and seeker of knowledge. Collector of eyes, and aspiring to add more impaled corpses to her adorne stronghold on Dathomir.
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Dhe Ta Dalv, husband. I-Ron Butterfly-Traya (adopted Shard)
Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): Dhe Ta’ Dalv - former Hapan guard.
Shipsbane - her loyal gizka
Friendships (if applicable): Master Sedicious, Lady Noxia, Lady Hesper, Lord Xxys, Darth Skyllan, Darth Drakul, Darth Kain, Metus Aurelus
Masters (if applicable): Empress Viscretus
Apprentices (if applicable): Master Anklyn, Lady Noxia, Metus Aurelius, Spade, Volk

Reputation: In a short amount of time Traya became known for her ambition and work ethic, and dedication to education of future generations of Sith. She can be both reclusive and seemingly omnipresent. She made progressive changes within the Sith Academy leading to more highly trained Siths. She can be both nihilistic and shrewd as well as pleasant and generous. Traya is largely rather reclusive outside her duties, and timid in large social groups, and prefers the pursuit of knowledge and training rather than social prowess, but despite her eyeless physical form she is able to peer into the depths of many.

“There is no truth in the Force. There is no great revelation. There is only you.” - Darth Traya

One met the dark with learning. But in the end, learned knowledge was wanting.The world began without knowledge, and without knowledge will it end.Dost not this ring clear and true?
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.” - Dark Souls III

On the ravaged planet of Kataar, after a devastating crash landing on the dead planet, twins were born to an inbred Miraluka family. Hastily they hired an ill equipped ship for passage off their colony, and warned none of their departure. Swiftly afterward the ship was hijacked by Lorell raiders, the parents were slaughtered and the twin infants sold as slaves. One, Lilium….to the witches of Dathomir. The other, Umaya, to moisture farmers on Lah’mu.
Lilium was adopted by the barren clan mother of the Singing Mountain; and renamed Aurelia Illium. Aurelia adapted remarkably well to her life as a witch of Dathomir; her naturally missing eyes were worshipped among the witches, and life was relatively calm and peaceful for the Aurelia until the age of 8 when a total solar eclipse gripped the planet. While blind to the physical sights of the phenomenon; she was not blind to the dramatic shifts of energy; to the moment when the darkness and shadow overpowered the day. Aurelia became transfixed; obsessed with finding some means in which the ethereal darkness could return.
She departed and journeyed to the ruins of the Infinity gateway; where she believed she would find the key to bringing back the Darkness. There she found a reliec that seemed to be placed there just for her sight; perhaps ejected from the gate before its destruction and hidden to all that possessed mere mortal eyes. It was a bone white mask.
Upon touching the mask she briefly saw the world as many sentiants do. Saw as it truly is, full of color, shadow and light. The encounter improved her vision, allowing her to see the Force more definitively and the auras of others with more color. At this moment a parasitic entity invaded her in an brutal act of symbolic rape and attached to her mind although it’s presence was unknown until she joined the Sith. She later learned it was in fact a lingering fragment of the spirit of Darth Nihilus that had attached to her. The mask itself wasn’t the genuine article, merely a copy with a sliver of his essence meant to infect another. Meant to infect her.

The clans Mother however noticed the infection and darkness within her and cast from the clan despite her young age. She found solace and care with the Nightsisters that embraced darkness.

At 16 she decided her destiny lay beyond the planet and stowed away on a transport ship. She found the galaxy to be horrifically disappointing, filthy, infested with mindless vermin. All was grey and translucent, nothing glowed as it did on Dathomir. She believed herself blessed that she possesses no eyes in which to look upon the vermin of the galaxy. When she became desperate for credit in the streets of Nar Shadda she wandered to the red sector where she was encouraged to audition as a cantina dancer. The rarity of her species and natural Nightsister grace made her a mesmerizing dancer, soon she drew customers. She earned contracts, and credits and when she took customers to her bed she earned more than enough credit. She spent a few years allowing herself to be blinded in the haze of drink, spice, lust and credit with the occasional kill to satisfy her true lust. However when a truly luminous being came to watch her dance she heard the first echos of her true calling. The male glowed with a burning crimson alignment, so magnificent it filled her vision. She invited him to her private chambers where he proudly proclaimed he was Sith. When their encounter was over the man drew an energy blade that glowed like him, and swung it in a blow meant to kill her. While she had never sensed such a blade she was used to clients attacking out of sheer cruelty ,but she had to call upon the magics within her to dodge the glowing blade. The Force as she’d heard it called outside Dathomir. She had killed with the Force before but this Sith didn’t fall easily, she cast aside all hesitation and clawed into the Siths mind and drove him mad with illusions she’d been gifted with. He took his own life with his glowing blade. Aurelia kept the lightsaber and raided the body for any clues as to where she might find more of these Sith.

She booked passage off Nar Shadda and searched for more Sith.
Shortly after enrolling in the Academy on Korriban...she found herself on a ship headed to Dathomir, headed back home. Only this time she had direct orders to conquer it from the Dread Emperor himself; in fact she swore an unbreakable vow via the Crown of Verity to serve him. With the help of several other Sith and a pirate named Jephego; she slaughtered the Singing Mountain clan and turned her encompassing gaze upon the White Throne of Hapes; for to rule Dathomir was to rule it’s sister, Hapes. Slowly she wore down the Royal Guard, and slipped within the fractures and confronted Amelia Chume in a final battle. They fought viciously, but in the end the Chume fell victim to the attack of her pet gizka, grasping an enchanted knife in its mouth. The slash delivered to the Chume’s ankles was enough to allow Aurelia to overpower her and slaughter her, and thus take her mantle as Aurelia Chume.
Soon after her reign began the first of many attempts was made on her life by a Hapan assassin; but she was able to break his mind and instead tempt him into swearing a vow of loyalty to her. She later accepted his request for marriage.
In shadow, she served the Sith Empire and after much trial, loss and betrayal she took the mantle of Darth Traya; an inherited title that had been missing from the galaxy for eons. As the echoes of the Force wounds rendered so long ago still echo in the galaxy, she knew she had to become the new bearer of the title of Darth Traya.

Attributes: 102 points
STR (Strength): 8
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect):16
CON (Constitution):10
MAN (Manipulation):12
PER (Perception):14
DES (Destiny):12
Rank/Level: 38; Dark Lord of the Sith

Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Illusionist
Prestige Class (optional): Sith Enchantress
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):130 points
Saber: Shii-Cho Form 1- 1
Niman Form VI - 1
Trakata - 1
Saber Throw - 2
Saber Barrer - 2
TK Lightsaber Combat - 2
Force Sense: 2
Far Sight: 2
Precognition: 4
Force Sight: *species power*
Telekinesis: 2
Force Push: 1
Force Rend: 2
Force Wound: 2
Force Choke: 2
Force Crush: 3
Telepathy: 4
Mind Trick: 2
Beast Trick:3
Force Ilusion: 3
Alter Image: 3
Sith Illusions : 4
Doppelganger: 1
Qazoi Kyantuska: 4
Force Resistance: 4
Tutamintis: 4
Mind Shield: 3
Cryokinesis: 2
Cold Aura: 1
Darkshear: 4
Force Bond: 4
Drain Life: 4
Drain Force: 3
Death Field: 4
Force Sustenance : 3

Force Phantom: 4
Shatterpoint: 3
Water of Life: 1
Spirit Blade :2
Sith Runes: 1
False Light Side Aura: 1

Dark Side Tendrils: 10
Force Ghost: 10
Essence Transfer - Object: 10



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Character Sheet Template

Character Illustration

Theme Music
Audio Sample of Character Voice (Tom Felton’s Draco Malfoy)
Name: Helkosh Yram
: Marquess of Kaadara; Head of Laws and Justice (On Volshe’s Dark Council)
Nicknames/Aliases: Darth Pravum, Undying Lord
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation (optional): Pansexual
Homeworld: Naboo
Occupation: Sith Lord
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical Description: Darth Pravum is extremely pale. His hair is a medium shade of red, with a few blonde streaks intermixed. He often, if not always, dresses in extravagant Naboo fashion, wearing fine robes of cyrene silk in the traditional Naboo style of bloused sleeves. He is known to dress in black with gold lace, or alternatively purple with silver lace. Many of his robes feature monogrammed Futhork. He is noticeably short, standing at 5'6", with a slight build, weighing in at about 120 pounds.
Clothing: He often, if not always, dresses in extravagant Naboo fashion, wearing fine robes of cyrene silk in the traditional Naboo style of bloused sleeves. He is known to dress in black with gold lace, or alternatively purple with silver lace. Many of his robes feature monogrammed Futhork.
Weapons: Lightweapons: Pravum wields a lightfoil made in the style of the Tapani Sector nobility. Unlike those used by the saber rakes of the Tapani Sector, this lightfoil is made with legitimate Sith lightsaber technology and is not prone to the various ignition failures and electrical issues that plague the former. Its crystal is a corusca gem, giving it a brilliant violet blade, whose beam appears as a burning flame, and its hilt is forged from phrik. He also owns and occasionally utilizes an electrum-plated, curved hilt lightsaber, which also utilizes a corusca gem for its crystal.

Sith Swords: The Sword of Calipsa, alchemized with the blood of the Warsheld family line, along with Pravum’s own, and imbued with the power of Create Force Wraith.
Equipment: A set of armor alchemized with the blood of Darth Pravum himself. The chestplate is designed to appear as an obsidian-colored dress jacket, accented with actual gold lace, made entirely of synthweave and fortified by a cortosis beneath. The pants are made from ballistic nylon, known colloquially as flak, and are coated in Dallorium alloy. They too are a deep obsidian to match the chestplate. Through the technique of Sith alchemy, which tied the armor with Pravum’s life essence, the armor was converted into Dark armor, giving it nigh-indestructibility up to the level of the creator’s proficiency; i.e., protecting against Force abilities used by adversaries up to and including Level 35, as well as almost all non-Force sources of damage. There are a few exceptions to this, most notably that Dark armor is not immune to the manipulation of shatterpoints. The armor also grants the wearer enhanced physical and Force energy.

Vehicles: Darth Pravum's personal vessel is a J-type Star Skiff, a yacht engineered by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps. It is plated with chromium and designed for comfort, not combat.
Pets (if applicable): A Force Wraith named Cordelia taking the form of a tabby cat, with an ethereal glimmer of varying colors shining in its eyes that can either delight or terrify those around it... depending on Pravum's mood.
Languages: Basic, Gunganese, Naboo, Sith (some; not fluent), Huttese (some; not fluent), High Galactic (written), Futhork (written)
Combat Skills (brief summary, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Abilities section): Pravum’s mastery of the arcane allows him to avoid most physical combat. Nevertheless, when forced into a physical confrontation, he is nimble and acrobatic, able to maneuver his body with the utmost discipline and control. In terms of larger-scale combat, Pravum is observant and tactical, intuitively strategizing and improvising, even in the midst of a firefight.
Other Strengths (brief summary, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Abilities section): Pravum is a born politician, speaking persuasively and with ease. He is both empathic and lacking in empathy, able to easily manipulate the emotions of others while simultaneously remaining unafflicted by most forms of emotional manipulation. He is also extremely proficient on swoop bikes and speeder bikes, having spent most summers as a child riding them in the Lake Country region of Naboo. His tiny frame has allowed him a natural acrobaticism and agility that allows him to stand toe to toe with larger foes.
Flaws (brief summary, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Abilities section): The one, glaring exception to Pravum’s otherwise emotional detachment is his extremely frail ego; the slightest insult or perceived insult is able to drive him into a frenzy. Only fear can control said frenzy; only if the offender in question is perceived to be more powerful than Pravum can he prevent himself from lashing out. Pravum is not particularly good at maneuvering starfighters; he much prefers the role of passenger than pilot. His small frame is also a boon; despite his agility, he can be easily overpowered by larger foes due to his physical frailty. He is addicted to tabac.
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Lawful Evil
Personality: Sultry, intellectual, and somewhat eccentric, Pravum also exhibits major symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Nearly every move he makes is dominated by a constant hunger for power, which, in turn, comes ultimately from a desire to be revered. He can be seen as strange by others, as his self-centric worldview has led him to make several assumptions about the nature of the galaxy and of sentient beings, without any real evidence for these assumptions. His self-centeredness is often obscured with a false visage of modesty, especially when he is speaking to a person of authority. The only time his true nature is revealed is when speaking to those who are inferior to him; or, at least, those he deems inferior. Pravum highly values honor as a means of differentiating commoners from nobility, seeing those who do not act with high class as lesser than.
Fears: Death, obscurity, being seen as weak or inferior.
Likes: Villainy, debauchery, hedonism, swoop bike racing, sparring, sadism, the arts, and psychoactive drugs.
Dislikes: Weakness, stupidity, poor people, beds with less than 6 pillows, aliens.
Habits: Pravum smokes often, though not constantly, as a result of his tabac addiction.
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/a
Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): Sparky, IG-100 bodyguard droid.
Friendships (if applicable): N/a
Masters (if applicable): Knight Ignotus (formerly), Darth Vassago, Darth Noxia (in alchemy)
Apprentices (if applicable): Knight Crimson, Knight Anokou, Urizen
Reputation: Pravum is known to be a man of honor, having taken great care to quash any rumors to the contrary. Those who have heard of him or interacted with him before can and should expect him to deal in fairness. In more personal circles, Pravum is seen as immature, self-centered, and pampered.
Biography: Pravum was born Helkosh Yram in the year 136 ABY on the planet Naboo, a direct descendant of Queen Yram on his father’s side. His wider lineage is shrouded in mystery, though it is known from family lore that an unnamed ancestor traveled from Obulette to Naboo some 3000 years before his birth.

His ancestors were all deeply involved in planetary politics; in governance, inter-species relations with the Gungans, and eventually inter-planetary relations. Helkosh’s father Gregar Yram was no exception, working as a member of the Royal Naboo Council. Helkosh was primed to follow in his father’s footsteps, attending the Royal Naboo academy until age 13, and then Theed University until age 17. However, Helkosh was destined for something greater than planetary politics.

His father’s position was very demanding, causing him to neglect his family. Both of Helkosh’s parents engaged in infidelity, remaining together only for public appearance’s sake. This, in turn, also led to both of his parents being quite dismissive of Helkosh, ignoring his emotional needs while abusing their extravagant wealth to give him everything he ever wished for. This led to Helkosh never developing an emotional connection with his parents, and soon after, never developing an emotional connection to anyone. The lack of love or attention from his parents also led to Helkosh developing a compulsive need for attention and admiration from others.

Spending much of his time alone as a child, Helkosh developed a proficiency for blaster pistols and swoop bike racing. As a teenager, he began to experiment with the milieu at his schools, learning to manipulate and torture his peers while avoiding punishment from the adults.

In the year 140 ABY, while working in planetary governance, Gregar and his wife, Jamillia, became friends with a woman named Kàra Volshe. In the year 147 ABY, immediately following the events of the Senate Aflame Crisis, during which Kàra Volshe became the Empress of the New Galactic Empire, Gregar was appointed to the position of Head of the Royal Naboo Council and Governor of Naboo. Helkosh was subsequently bestowed the peerage title of Marquess of Kaadara.

At age 14, in his first year studying politics at Theed University, Helkosh discovered his Force sensitivity during the Battle of Naboo, the same battle in which Empress Volshe was ousted from power. The Yram family were among the select few Volshe loyalists who remained behind on Naboo, and also of the even fewer who kept in semi-regular contacted with the ousted Empress.

Upon graduating from Theed University with a degree in politics in 153 ABY, Helkosh worked under his father for the next two years in planetary governance, while privately practicing and honing his newfound ability, learning to generate lightning and manipulate objects with telekinesis.

In 155 ABY, upon learning of Volshe’s connection to the Sith, Helkosh confided in her about his Force sensitivity and it was she that instructed him to attend the Sith Academy on Korriban. Traveling to Korriban, Helkosh, armed only with an S-5 blaster pistol, immediately caught the attention of a particularly lowly overseer, by the name Knight Ignotus, who claimed him as an Apprentice. It was during this time that Helkosh built his first lightsaber, an electrum-plated, curved-hilt lightsaber, and discovered his aptitude for sorcery. Helkosh trained vigorously under Ignotus, quickly surpassing him in skill and reputation. Ignotus, in a fit of rage and jealousy, attacked the young Naboo, beating him within an inch of his life. Helkosh narrowly escaped, currying favor with the recently returned Darth Vassago, who took him as an Apprentice.

Darth Vassago instructed Helkosh in all manners of the Force, with particular focus on the ancient customs and practices. Helkosh began to develop an appreciation for the older ways of the Sith, becoming a staunch traditionalist. He also began to adapt to the Tapani Sector culture exemplified by his Master, crafting a lightfoil, adopting the Tapani Code of Honor, which served as further rationale for his self-centric worldview, and abandoning the use of blaster pistols and other weapons that he deemed beneath a Sith’s usage.

By the turn of the year, his training completed, Helkosh was officially Knighted and formally inducted into the Sith Order. Spending the next several months at the Academy, Helkosh performed the duties of an overseer. Taking an Apprentice of his own, Helkosh trained him in the same manner Darth Vassago had trained Helkosh, continuing to stress the virtue of tradition and honor.

It was ironically during this time that Helkosh and another spurned Apprentice of Ignotus took revenge on their one-time Master, beating him to death in the very spot Helkosh himself had nearly been killed.

By the end of 156 ABY, Helkosh had been granted a Lordship, taking the Sith name Darth Pravum. Upon becoming a Sith Lord, Pravum traveled to Wayland where he studied the arcane art of alchemy under Darth Noxia.

He subsequently traveled to the planet Calipsa, where he commanded a fleet to capture the planet and massacred the ruling line of House Calipsa. Installing himself as Grand Lord and dedicating the House’s resources to the Sith Empire, he has remained there ever since, reclused in a laboratory where he pores over The Science of Creating Life. The number of missing civilians continues to increase, and faint screams can be heard both night and day in the deepest bowels of Pravum’s castle…

STR (Strength): 8
FPR (Force Power): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 14
INT (Intellect): 18
CON (Constitution): 8
MAN (Manipulation): 16
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 12

Rank/Level (e.g. Level 40 Dark Lord of the Sith): Level 35 Sith Lord
Base Class: Sorcerer
(if applicable): Thaumaturge
Prestige Class (optional): Sith Wizard
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Form I 1
  • Form II 2 (Requires Form I – Shii-Cho)
Force Sense 2
  • Force Sight 2 (Requires Force Sense)
  • Instinctive Astrogation 1 (Requires Force Sense)
Telekinesis 4
  • Force Push 1 (Requires Telekinesis)
  • Force Wave 2 (Requires Level 30+, Force Push)
  • Force Wound 1 (Requires Telekinesis)
  • Force Choke 2 (Requires Level 10+, Force Wound)
  • Telekinetic Kill 3 (Requires Level 30+, Force Choke)
Telepathy 4
  • Mental Shield 4 (Requires Telepathy)
  • Mind Trick 4 (Requires Telepathy)
Force Shock 1
  • Force Lightning 4 (Requires Level 10+, Force Shock)
  • Lightning Bomb 1 (Requires Level 20+, Force Lightning)
  • Lightning Shield 4 (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Force Resistance)
  • Lightning Empowerment 1 (Requires Level 30+, Force Lightning, Tutaminis)
  • Force Maelstrom 3 (Requires Level 30+, Telekinesis, Force Wave, Lightning Bomb, and Protection Bubble or Lightning Shield)
Force Resistance 4
  • Tutaminis 4 (Requires Level 10+, Force Resistance)
Force Bond 1
  • Drain Life 3 (Requires Sith Sorcerer or Assassin, Force Bond)
  • Death Field 4 (Requires Level 30+, Drain Life, Drain Force)
  • Drain Force 1
Force Reflex 4 (Requires Level 20+)

Alter Environment 4 (Requires Level 20+, Sith Elementalist (1/5 Elementalist Subclass Skills))

Deadly Sight 4

Create Force Wraith 4 (Requires Level 20+)

Force Plague 4

Force Suppression 3

Midichlorian Manipulation 4 (Requires Level 35+, Sith Sorcerer)

Sutta Chwituskak 2

Animate Golem 4 (Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer, Telekinesis)

Reanimate Dead 4 (Requires Level 30+, Sith Necromancer (1/1 Necromancer Prestige Class Skills))
  • FREE Reanimate Fossilized Dead (Requires Reanimate Dead, Animate Golem)


Active member

Name/Title: Darth Skyllan, formerly Pallas Acherjon
Nicknames/Aliases: The Windborn Sith, The Winged Sith, Monster, The Fallen
Age: 27
Sex: Agender - they/them pronouns, born with male genitalia - but they no longer possess them.
Species: S'kytri
Orientation: Aromantic, Pansexual
Homeworld: Marat V (or Skye)
Occupation: Being Skyllan.

Height: 2.25 meters or 7'4"
Weight: 92 kg or 202 lbs
Physical Description: Patchy ash grey skin, black hair and yellow/orange irises, with large black wings sprouting from their back. White tattoo on forearm, 'The Windborn Sith', in Galactic Basic script. Left foot is missing. Replaced with a peg leg.


Theme Music: Start a War - Klergy with Valerie Broussard
Audio Sample of Character Voice: Mr Sinister, from Wolverine and the X-Men


Armor weave body suit with wing slits.
A cortosis lightsaber holster which wraps around to serve as a bracer on their left forearm.
Alchemized armor covering right forearm, chest, shoulders and shins - strong, light, lightsaber and element resistant.
A bone anklet on their right leg, made from the finger bones of Kemuel.
Alchemised Peg leg instead of left foot.
Dathomirian Talisman of Transformation - Dragonsnake, hanging around their neck.
Alchemized pride badge pinned under their armor and above their heart.

The Skybound Sceptre - An ever sharp (rhyolite) alchemised crystal spear/staff hybrid that is a personal Dark Side Nexus containing the echoes of my dead (s'kytri) clan. It is also connected to a Planetary Nexus created by Skyllan and Lord Xarxes (Raxus Secundus) This sceptre serves as a focus and amplifier, but mostly a huge force battery to starve off exhaustion. It has the properties of a dantari crystal and it doubles as an amulet of concentration.
(Rarely used, but in Skyllan's possession: Lightsaber/blaster hybrid (from Lord Kain), standard crimson lightsaber)

ILF-5000 Life Form Scanner, six species are permanently programmed in (S'kytri, Mirialan, Zabrak, Iktotchian, Nautolan, Human) with four other slots that are swapped out depending on the planet they're on.
Datapad with plenty of upgrades, software packages and translation programmes due to Headship of Propaganda.
One Attuned Dantari Crystal

Magaerra - Kazellis Class Light Freighter
Celaeno - Harpy Class Battlecruiser (https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1mBY-QOejUOiXjQ_98479FFEgMynhV94lxhErzpj_kA/mobilebasic),

Languages: S'kytric, Galactic Basic, Sith, High Sith, Ancient Sith, Mirialan, Iktotchian, Dathomirian, Nautolan, Nabooian (the last of which is a more recent addition)

Combat Skills: Flight, Marksmanship, S'kytric Spear Combat, Application of Momentum.

Other Strengths: Flying again - casual this time. Creativity, poetry and wordcraft. Ritual work. Smithing. Data-mining and Research.

Flaws: Forgets they can actually run out of power, tends to hold others to their own standards, is running on a nearly constant sleep deficit due to a desire to a near inability to rest properly.

Non-Carried Belongings:
Body of the Jedi known as Kemuel, his lightsabers and blood
Raijin's Blades (I've never used them, and likely never will, but they were cortosis weave)
The Blood of Clan Acherjon (roughly 400 or so litres left).
The Blood of a Witch of Dathomir
A vertical half of a Rancor, and all the parts that came with it.
Alchemy apparatus and equipment, including a large rhyolite grindstone amongst other things.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Skyllan is polite as a rule, but takes personal offence at the concept of honour. They are a bit of a recluse, preferring the company of books and archaic knowledge to people, but will happily engage in intellectual debates. Skyllan is no stranger to lies and manipulation, nor do they object to being lied to. It is all one great war after all. They won't take it personally if you attempt to lie or mislead them, and in turn, Skyllan hopes you will not take it personally when they tear your life from your body. They respect those stronger than them. Relatively sociopathic, once you have gained their actual attention… that tends not to be a good place to be.

Fears: Peaking prematurely, failing to fulfill their duties to the sith. Losing control.

Likes: Knowledge, power, the Force, competence, respect, complexity, challenges, creativity, reading, the Arcane and Esoteric, control. The odd glass of Kaminoan white wine or Felucian Absinthe.

Dislikes: Idiocy and the concept of honour, which Skyllan views as the same thing. Immaturity and other s'kytri. The concept of 'unconditional' anything. Also, eating necromancers, their flesh always tastes a little off.

Habits: Collects trophies from challenging kills, collects and redistributes knowledge, subconscious use of power to aid in emoting, using library style archive settings for work despite only working on a datapad for the most part, consumes the flesh of pretty much anything.

Relationships/Love Interests: N/A, too many disappointments

Amelia West - Commander of the Celaeno
Jade Tymel - Second of the Ecclesiae.
Zara - Nightsister

Vulcan - R6 Unit
Fritz - Buzz Droid

Personal Connections: Lord Kain, Lady Hesper, Lady Traya, Lord Sedicious, Lord Xarxes,

Masters: Darth Volacius, Lord Kain, Lady Noxia, Entheous

Apprentices: Knight Bathori (former), Apprentice Jinx (former)

Reputation: Diversely talented, skilled combatant with few moral limits, a talented writer and administrator. Elegant and respected (apparently). Primarily a force user over a melee practitioner. Hard worker, competent, genuine but not without cunning.


Biography (TW: abuse, child abuse, self mutilation, cannibalism. Might be more but those are the big ones.)

(done this way because I didn't want to disrupt the thread with a five page backstory, click if curious)


Rank/Level: 32 - Sith Master (85 Skill Points, 96 Attribute Points)
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Artificer (three free points in artifact and weapon)

Stats -
STR (Strength): 8
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 16
CON (Constitution): 8
MAN (Manipulation): 12
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 10

Skills -
Concentration (4)
Create Force Wraith (3) - Requires Level 20+
Dark Side Healing (4) - Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer
Dimension Shift (3) - Requires Level 30+
Feed on the Dark Side (3)
Force Bond (4)
> Drain Life (4) - Requires Sith Sorcerer, Force Bond
> Drain Force (4) - Requires Sith Sorcerer, Force Bond
>> Death Field (4) - Requires Level 30+, Drain Life, Drain Force
Force Ghost (10) - Requires Level 25+
Force Reflex (4) - Requires Level 20+
Force Sense (3)
Imbue Item (4)
> Forge Sith Artifact (4) - Requires Sith Alchemist
> Forge Sith Weapon (4) - Requires Sith Alchemist, Imbue Item
> Forge Sith Armor (4) - Requires Sith Alchemist, Imbue Item
Telekinesis (4)
> Force Push (3)
Telepathy (1)
> Mind Shield (4) - Requires Telepathy
Force Resistance (4)
> Force Barrier (4) - Requires Force Resistance, Telekinesis, Level 10+
> Tutaminis (4) - Requires Force Resistance, Level 10+
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Hadzuska_The Jester

Well-known member
Dark Council
Character Sheet
Theme Music (optional)

Name/Title: Hadzuska
Nicknames/Aliases: Jester
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Myke
Orientation (optional): Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Occupation: Sith, Priest
Height: 6’
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Description: Pale white, Silver blue hair, Silver eyes with a tinge of corrupted yellow, bone spur chin
Clothing: Blue robes
Weapons: a blue with black core light whip, a blue with black core lightsaber, and a ceremonial dagger
Equipment: N/A
Vehicles: N/A
Pets (if applicable): N/A
Languages: High Sith, Basic
Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Proficient with a lightwhip
Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): N/A
Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Unknown at this time
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): True Chaotic
Personality: Charismatic, controlling, chaotic, and calculating
Fears: Losing
Likes: Messing with minds
Dislikes: Losing control
Habits: Overthinking
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A
Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): Samael
Friendships (if applicable): N/A
Masters (if applicable): N/A
Apprentices (if applicable): N/A
Reputation: Unknown
Biography: Created in a lab by use of DNA from long dead Sith, Hadzuska broke out of his stasis and ran. Not long after he came across a mysterious Sith that spoke the language of his people and offered to teach him, for the price of his freedom. After accepting the offer Hadzuska was bound to this Sith through sorcery he didn't understand.

Later on he took part in a ritual to help his Master regain lost power, in the process breathing in toxins he shouldn't have, toxins that began a change. Over the next few months his tendrils turned to bone spurs, his black hair turned a silver blue, and his precious red skin turned pale white. Finally he felt his connection to his Master broken, taking the moniker of Jester, he instigated an attack on his former Master costing him scars on his face to make him look like he is forever smiling.

Barely escaping with his life he traveled to the unknown regions, and was found by a cult to the Old Gods. Upon testing him, they accepted him and placed him in the care of the temple to teach him their heritage and religion.

One day Jester prayed to the Gods, asking them to allow him vengeance, in return he would serve them eternally. In a deep contorted voice he was answered.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 16
DEX (Dexterity): 10
INT (Intellect): 14
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 16
PER (Perception): 10
DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level: Level 30
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable):
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Form I - 1
Form VI - 4
Telepathy - 4
Mental Shield - 4
Mind Trick - 4
Force Illusion - 4
Mind Speech - 4
Force Resistance - 4
Tutaminis - 4
Crucitorn - 4
Hypnosis - 4
Sutta Chwituskak - 4
Qâzoi Kyantuska - 4
Sith Illusions - 4
Force Sense - 4
Telekinesis - 4
Force Wound - 4
Force Choke - 4
Doppleganger - 4
Force Shock - 2
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Theme Music: Nightmare-Avenges Sevenfold

Audio Sample of Character Voice:

Name/Title: Reatith Neirtal Blodraald Iron Apprentice of Lord Solus

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Species: Half Umbaran, other half is unknown

Orientation: Demisexual

Homeworld: Umbara

Occupation: Assassin and mechanic

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 265lbs

Physical Description:
Reatith has a deep blue skin tone with many scars over his ravaged body. Most notable is a large implant in the right side of his face and neck, replacing missing flesh from when he was injured as a child.
He is very large in stature with long, straight black hair that is always neatly brushed, with a thin amount of hair grease. His eyes glow with a deep red, a stark contrast to his hair and skin. Despite being Umbaran, he is extremely large and muscular and if one did not know that he was from Umbara, they would be unable to guess his origins.

The Umbaran is wearing either a clean black tee shirt with black leather pants and boots, or his uniform from House Feros. He also has a cortosis weave mask that is covered in strange markings that are carved and painted red.

2 Vexxtal Crystals
Dual lightsabers, deep red with black cores.
Garrote wire.
A green saber that once belonged to a Jedi Knight,
DH-447 sniper rifle.
Dual miniature slugthrowers 3 shot burst with 4 inch durasteel blades.
A double barreled (shotgun) slugthrower with 5 different ammo types- bola shot, anti-personnel flechette, light anti-vehicle flechette, depleted Uranium Buckshot, and Dragons Breath munition.

A small snakelike droid for reconnaissance, espionage and more.

House armor:
Cannot be used in duels.
Temp control. Can handle high heat and low cold.
rebreather for underwater.
can be used in open space for small periods of time. 2 hours.
12 pockets. 2 pockets on each thigh. 1 on the forearm, one pocket on each upper bicep. One on the lower back. Three on the upper chest and one large on the stomach.
Completely sealed suit.
Mask allows for ventilation against some but not all airborne toxins or toxic atmospheres.
tracking devices installed.
Comms installed as well.
Thermal night vision goggles.

A light model of E´Yaujta armor. A light yet flexible plate of duranium on top, with a mesh of the same material underneath to protect the extremities. Pauldrons of durasteel with the signet of House Feros, and a human leather balaklava to watch the face. It's a very lightweight material, it weighs around 6 Kg. It's just the breastplate, while the arms and legs are covered in a mesh. It would resist a glancing blow of a saber.




Class: Scorpinox-class
Length: 39meters
Engines: Ion Engine Thrusters(3)
Hyperdrive: class 2 hyperdrive
Power Plant: Solar Ionization Reactor
Shielding: deflector shield generator(2)
Armament: turbolasers(4), concussion torpedo launching tubes(2), concussion mine launcher(1) anti-missile octet, tractor beam generator.
Consumables: 3 weeks
Crew/Troop Size:
Roles: personal ship.

Detailed Explanation of Hull:
This ship has an armor made of Quadranium. A strong metal that can indeed take a fair amount of damage.

Detailed Explanation of Weaponry:
The Scopinox has 4 turbo laser cannons these cannons are able to swivel to better attack from any direction, next it has 2 concussion torpedo launching tubes located near the front to better angle for max effect. It also has a launcher of concussion mines in the rear to protect its back against any who would give chase. Lastly it has missile defense in its Octet. And a tractor beam generator to pull in any smaller ships or cargo that is required.

Complement Starfighter & Starbomber details:
This ship only has the one Cyrax-Class fighter that can attach to the special made port in the back.

Shield System Details:
The Scorpinox has two deflector shield generators to better protect the ship before the would give out against an overwhelming attack, then it will be up to the armor to hold out if the ship needs time to escape.

Engine and Reactor Details:
This Ship has 3 of the standard ion engine thrusters, to give a ship this size the speed and agility to out run most ships it is against.

Ship Pitch:
The Scopiniox is a semi unique ship as it has a fighter, The Cyrax-Class, that can dock to its rear. Not unlike the infamous “Ghost” from days long gone. The coloring of this ship helps it keep a stealthy course as it travels in the black of space. Combine that with its armor and its array of weapons, this ship is one to deal death to those who come against it.


Length: 13meters
Engines: Sol-Mk. VI Ion Engine
Hyperdrive: class 2 hyperdrive
Power Plant: I-a3b Solar Ionization Reactor
Shielding: standard shield generator
Armament: light rear facing laser cannons(2), front facing laser cannons(6), flare launcher.
Consumables: 3 days
Roles: personal fighter

Detailed Explanation of Hull:
This fighter has an armor made from Quadranium. This armor is very hardy, meaning it can take a punch right before it deals one back before birthing with the main ship.

Detailed Explanation of Weaponry:
This fighter has 3 pairs of forward facing laser cannons to dish out damage to whatever is unlucky to being chased or faced by this ship, it then has a pair of rear facing laser cannons to protect its back and if those weren’t enough it has its flare launchers to protect against enemy missiles and torpedoes. All in all this fighter can defend and attack in equal measure.

Shield System Details:
The Cyrax has a standard deflector shield generator. Able to take some damage before failing then its up to the armor to hold out.

Engine and Reactor Details: the Cyrax has the Sol-Mk. VI Ion Engine, which will give it the speed it needs to get its job done. It also has a standard solar ionization reactor to keep power to all of its systems.

Ship Pitch: The Cyrax is a unique fighter, as it is a fighter like the “Phantom” a ship that berthed with a larger ship, the infamous “Ghost”. This ship is a powerful one with its weapons and its armor. With its style and colors it is a fearsome fighter to behold with the bite to back up its bite.

Roshkas, the small snakelike droid


Languages: Umbaran and common

Combat Skills:
Reatith trains every morning to be unusually strong and flexible. He trains himself in different martial arts that he observes in holograms. Umbarans have the ability to see the Ultraviolet spectrum and in the dark.

Other Strengths:
He truly wants to make something of himself. He doesn't want to just follow in the footsteps of others, but wants to carve his own path and be a pioneer in the art of the force and of killing.
He has already given up his whole way of life to become the best Sith he can be.
He is not afraid of death.
He is always willing to admit his mistakes and to learn new things even if it is out of his comfort zone or field of understanding.

He is not book smart at all.
He doesn't know much of history or the galaxy as a whole.
When it comes to being drawn or guided by the force he is almost completely unreceptive.
He is not very capable of understanding complicated things, most especially politics and social situations.

Lawful Neutral would best describe him.

He is introspective and critical of everything he does, perhaps too much. While at times he may seem rude or strange in his interactions, he is just simply not book smart or doesn't understand social cues. When an opportunity presents itself to learn more he will jump on it with a voracious attitude to learn as much as he can, though he may only understand and learn a little of what he is taught. Even though he is uneducated, he is a master survivalist. He grew up on the streets and the dangerous, man-eating wilds of Umbara. His senses and reflexes are quite sharp, and if given a physical task, whither it be training or working with his hands, he will pick it up quickly and do it well.
When approached, it is difficult to read his face and body language. He may be bored, angry, hungry or asleep for all you can see. He is often soft spoken and doesn't like to speak unless it is necessary. But when he does, it is a deep gravel that is half synthetic and metallic. A nervous tick that one might observe is rubbing the skin around his implant on the right side of his face and neck, almost as if he is trying to stretch the scarred flesh over the metal, willing it to grow and cover the disfigurement.
Around others, he often carries himself in a formal, yet stiff, straight backed fashion. Since joining The Empire he has found that he respects each Sith and their achievements, but he is unsure of how to express it, so he tries to emulate how to address royals that he sees in holograms, but it is obvious that he doesn't know how to.

Disappointing his superiors.
He doesn't ever want to be oppressed or enslaved again.
He fears getting too attached to anyone.
He fears what he is capable of doing to those he cares about. So he tries to keep everyone at arms length. He will call them friends, but won't allow himself to get attached.

Training and learning.
Food and fun.
Killing and going on missions.

Bullies and egomaniacs.
Being in a room full of people and not understanding what is going on.

Workout and diet regiment everyday.

Relationships/Love Interests: None


Friendships: Ky'skara, Jinx, Roshkas, Lord Kain, Tribune Noxia, Darth Drakul…..

Masters: Lord Solus

Apprentices: None


He has no love for his parents, family, or for the people of Umbara...
He doesn't have any memories of his parents. Shortly after he was born in 28 BBY, he was left in the care of his grandparents who raised him to the age six. He was told that his parents were off-world on Geanosia assisting in the production of the separatist droid army.
When he reached six years old his grandparents told him that they were going to leave him in the care of Verbah, a childhood friend of his grandfathers, to join his parents on Geanosia.
Verbah was lazy and abusive, he treated him like a slave in his house and reminded him every day that if he ever stopped receiving his weekly credits from his grandfather that the young Reatith would no longer be welcome under his roof and no one else would ever take him in.
A year later that is exactly what happened. The boy was told that Geanosia had fallen and his family was never coming back.......

Umbara is not kind to street orphans, so he was forced to work with other orphans to survive on the fringes of the city and in the wild's. There were fourteen of them to begin with, but it quickly became apparent that the weak did not survive long. Between the monsters and the people, most of the group were lost after just one month. It was the first time that he had ever felt grateful for Varbah's cruelty. He was tough, and learned an important lesson, this life is kill or be killed, no matter who you are or where you are. You must use others, or be used yourself.

He gathered more younglings to the group and used them to gather resources and to steal. As soon as they proved to be a liability, they were eliminated. After two years there were two others that showed promise of strength, Oshkas and Roshen.
Together they made a life for themselves, using the younger, weaker orphans to their advantage. That is, until the Clones and the Jedi master Obi-Wan came and laid siege to the planet.
They kept our heads low until the city started to fall, in Reatiths heart he knew that this was his opportunity for revenge on Varbah.
He planned to sneak in and kill the bastard in the confusion of battle.
He brought Oshkas and Roshen to watch his back. When they reached Varbah's house Reatith saw the flash of a lightsaber and the sound of blaster fire. He burst through the back door only to be faced with two troopers who quickly opened fire. He dodged, just in time and leaped at the nearest trooper and wrestled him for his blaster. It went off killing the other trooper. In the troopers surprise he was able to grab a nearby knife and stab him in the neck, killing him. As he looked behind him, he saw the smoking bodies of his two friends.
He stood there, bloody knife in one hand and a blaster in the other, and turned toward Varbah and a Jedi. Varbah was dead on the ground, the Jedi stood proudly, lightsaber lit. Reatith lost all control and fired the blaster only to have the bolt reflected back and knock the blaster out of his hand. He leaped with the knife in both his hands, screaming at the top of his lungs in rage. Not for the loss of his friends, not for the loss of his caregiver, but because his vengeance had been stolen from him…

He was severely injured and was put in stasis by Roshkas, his robot friend, who slowly healed and fixed him over many years. After waking up he became a drunkard who would get into bar fights every night until he found The Empire.


Rank/Level: Level 10 Sith Apprentice

Base Class: Assassin

Subclass: Sith Stalker

Prestige Class: None


1 - Form I - Shii-Cho

1 - Jar'Kai (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)

1 - Force Sense

1 - Telekinesis

2 - Force Resistance

1 - Hibernation Trance

1 - Feed on Dark Side

2 - Conceal Essence (Requires Sith Assassin)

1 - Force Stealth (Requires Sith Assassin)

2 - Force Cloak (Requires Sith Assassin)

1 - Dim Other's Senses (Requires Sith Assassin)

2 - Shadowstrike (Requires Force Sense, Telekinesis, Sith Assassin)

1 - Tutaminis (Requires Level 10+, Force Resistance)

STR (Strength): 12
FPR (Force Power): 9
DEX (Dexterity): 13
INT (Intellect): 7
CON (Constitution): 13
MAN (Manipulation): 5
PER (Perception): 11
DES (Destiny): 4

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