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"When you die and meet the Maker, you will not be able to say, 'I was only following orders.' Judgment will not suffer you to follow the lead of evil men."
"Immerse in the dark that you chose to surround you
You're so hurt and so weak and you're so damn afraid of the truth
And you chew on your pain
By denying the past and begriming what used to be your nest
You're filled to the brim with a guilt
That you can't come to terms with"

— Atlantic / The Ocean
"As the curtain falls
And devotion is measured in blood
Hear the monarch call
For the lost and the bitter
— Monarch / Soen
"I come as a blade
A sacred guardian
So you keep me sharp and test my worth in blood
You've got me in a chokehold...
— Chokehold / Sleep Token
"Look into the eyes of men
Oceans of despair
Trapped inside a broken sphere
We discover universe a little bit at time
Where you seem to roam"

— Morning Star / Eastern High

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