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  • "Immerse in the dark that you chose to surround you
    You're so hurt and so weak and you're so damn afraid of the truth
    And you chew on your pain
    By denying the past and begriming what used to be your nest
    You're filled to the brim with a guilt
    That you can't come to terms with"

    — Atlantic / The Ocean
    "As the curtain falls
    And devotion is measured in blood
    Hear the monarch call
    For the lost and the bitter
    — Monarch / Soen
    "I come as a blade
    A sacred guardian
    So you keep me sharp and test my worth in blood
    You've got me in a chokehold...
    — Chokehold / Sleep Token
    "Look into the eyes of men
    Oceans of despair
    Trapped inside a broken sphere
    We discover universe a little bit at time
    Where you seem to roam"

    — Morning Star / Eastern High
    "I found my place among the others
    And realized the stars were all too far
    But no one came to tell me
    This road was overgrown
    And so elusively kept
    Send me back to the evening
    Before our very first day"
    — Devonian: Nascent / The Ocean
    "Radiant collapse
    Planetary scale
    Our indecent errors paved the way
    Truth long known before our last deeds
    And the world we know will go down in flames"

    — Jurassic | Cretaceous / The Ocean
    "Something about you is soft like an angel
    And something inside you is violence and danger
    I knew from the moment we met
    You are a dangerous thing"
    — Dangerous Thing / AURORA
    I see you following me! Come out where I can see you. Both hands visible.
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    Darth Kratos
    Darth Kratos
    The way Neil is sitting there, I feel like I should call sexual harassment!
    "Wish I was there
    Wish I was there
    To turn the blade
    To wipe his tears
    To shield his bones
    And let the lightning gore my soul"

    — Can You Feel The Thunder / Susanne Sundfør (SORIN)
    "Oh, if you could give back all the days that I lost to you
    I’d surrender the way that you begged me"
    — Sane / Fear of Men
    "Someone told me there is light at the end of every tunnel
    Said there’s a light there waiting for me
    But I don’t believe it, not now, not ever"
    — Dark / Siv Jakobsen
    "The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
    You left me in the dark
    No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
    In the shadow of your heart"
    — Cosmic Love / Florence + The Machine
    "Do you hear me, dear? See, this is our final war
    If it isn’t now then when will he ever want to learn
    See all the halls that he had led to build
    They’re wasted by his final will
    And the emperor has come to fall"
    — Emperor / Wilsen
    "My heart swells like the water in waves
    Can't stop myself before it's too late
    Hold on to your heart, because I'm coming to take you

    Hold on to your heart, because I'm coming to break you"
    — Hardest of Hearts / Florence + The Machine
    "Lonely, oh, no, not me
    I have a grave to dig, fast moving feet
    You gave me light
    Where it once was gone
    I made a bed

    Where I don't belong"
    — Esmerelda / Ben Howard
    "I am the dark one in my bloodline
    I fear my shadow like a beast
    It's a lingering mellow that won't leave me
    I fear one day it'll swallow me whole"

    — Dark / Siv Jakobsen (HESPER)
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