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Game Dark Embrace: A Sith Academy Story

Ic: Knight Imperios
Setting: Ziost Ice Caverns- Abandoned City

It seemed his tactic worked a little too well. He felt punches a kicks from different directions, instinctively he braced his body and he held his forearms over his face. He felt the wounds beneath his armor. As if he was standing nude in deaths cold embrace while helplessly getting kicked around. As the barrage of attack continued, Imperios only let the growing anger seep into his every fiber with ever passing blow. But just then his scales began to feel cut open, not deeply, but it enough to make him snarl in anger as well as pain. His minded began to lose focus as his grip on his anger began to loosen.

This reminded him of of his days imprisoned as a slave. Made to fight others for entertainment and gambling. Abused by his captors he thought he had lost everything. He fought back, but a shock collar or a quick threat from a blaster pistol quickly ended those arguments. But one drink too many led to their bloody deaths. He remembers their screams as they begged. Imperios’ remembers that was his first chain, in what he was clueless of but would come to pass; becoming a Sith.

Imperios’ anger began to boil over, he wouldn’t let this end here. Especially in front of the other two. He began molding that fury his mind, attempting to focus through the never ending cuts of his invisible foe. He kept his eyes shut as he attempted to steady his breathing through the pain. He braced his body and tried to fine a rhythm to the attack. He didn’t have much time and would have to retaliate either at an opening or reckless timing.

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IC: Helkosh
Location: Ice Caverns, Ziost

His plan had worked, at least momentarily. The fog dissipated and Helkosh was able to examine his surroundings for a few seconds as the fog quickly rushed back around him. To his dismay, the figures he'd noticed at the edge of the fog were, in fact, spirits, several of which now rushed to attack him, their focus uncoordinated but not to the point where they didn't pose a threat. Simultaneously, there was a loud, blood curdling scream that seemed to come from all directions. He noticed from the momentary lapse in fog that Imperios was in a similar predicament, his lightsaber drawn, though Aalihya seemed not to have provoked them. Hadn't provoked them, he repeated in his mind. Could that be the key?

Aalihya hadn't attacked them, he assumed based on the fact that none now attacked her or even seemed to notice her, and thus they did not attack her. The spirits saw him as a threat, and Helkosh had only seconds to convince them otherwise. It was a toss of the dice, an educated guess that really had no better odds than a regular guess. But there was no time to think of an alternative plan and, besides, if he chose to fight them in this fog he'd likely end up just as dead either way. Helkosh took a deep breath, and sat cross-legged on the stone floor with his eyes closed, feeling the Force around him and letting his energies fade into the ambience of the Force. He could see nothing, feel almost nothing but the fog around him, and he desperately hoped that he hadn't just signed his own death certificate.

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Ice Caverns of Zoist- Abandoned City

The decrepit abandoned city, seemed to pulse with life as the swirling mist of spirits descended upon the trio of Sith. Imperious was being set upon by a violent malevolent spirit mob, intent on drawing flesh from him. As much as he wished to draw some pattern from their assault, there was none. It was an outright wave set against him. Random and frenzied.The sum of it like a pent up demand, released after having been suppressed and dormant for centuries if not longer. Aalihya and Hellkosh were dealing with an equal frenzy in their own manner.

Aalihya whirled about, thus far she had been left relatively unscathed from the overall assault. It allowed her to scan the area and focus on her companions. She eyed Imperios, recognizing that he was in a rather compromising position. In response, she sent a two handed force push in his direction, as if hoping to gain some window of opportunity. If not for the force push directed at him, it may have gone far worse for him. He was already in the process of harm and with no clear target, or at least one that was not swirling around him, his lightsaber only served to act as a figurative beacon for these spirits to home in on. It was getting worse, even with Aalihya having bought Imperious some time. The mist seemed to close back in upon them with a greater speed than it had when it originally creeped through the buildings and narrow streets of this place.

The spirits that had been focusing on Imperios, after a moment of pause, seemed to regain their bearing on him. They once again began to descend upon him, assaulting him as they had before with manifested physical slashes upon his skin that he would clearly feel. As if in a moment of awareness - the attention from the surrounding entities focused upon Aalihya and Hellkosh, both of them had drawn upon the force and used their powers. And as a result once the mist had begun to close back in upon them, the momentary pause against them faded. At the edges of it, the seen spirits or entities stalked back and forth. Disappearing and reappearing like a predator coming into and out of view and being held back. .

The mist began to encircle them once again, the three of them were met once again as the attacks resumed. Annoying at first while building back to the previous level of inflicting light wounds and slashes.

Hellkosh had resigned himself to another course as he sat and settled into a meditative posture. Focusing on the force and allowing himself to fade into it. The attacks upon him continued, as they would the other two Aalihya and Imperios. A wave of intensity hit the unnatural mist and swirling spirits that dance within it, the assault on Hellkosh became more violent, painful, and wild - seemingly in response to his choice. The mist seemed to be trying to goad him, break his focus. Aalihya was hit with an equally violent assault, the force of which would knock her backwards into a stone wall behind her, and Imperios was struck across his back with enough force to perhaps cause him to stumble.

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IC: Knight Aalihya
Location: Ice Caverns, Ziost

It was like jumping into the eye of a storm. Aalihya immediately felt the energy as she broke through the border of spirits on her way to Imperios. She saw that her force push had been briefly successful, but only allowed him a moment before the specters continued their assault.

The Togruta’s eyes locked on Helkosh whose choice of not fighting back had as much of a result as her own choice to do first. It seemed only an instant before both of them found themselves suffering a similar fate to their companion.

Aalihya found herself in a state she hated. She was unsure of what to do. The loss of control brought up a fear in her which she fought to suppress. The attacks were dizzying. It was as if the entities has culminated into a single one, bursts of energy pummeling and slashing at her like a giant weapon.

Finally, she felt her body tossed away from the fray. It was a brief moment devoid of sensory input as she seemed to float. The sudden impact of the wall was momentary, causing Aalihya to briefly black out. As a result, her focus broke completely and all attempts to utilize the force were interrupted. She lay there for a moment, completely vulnerable.

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IC: Knight Imperios
Setting: Ziost Ice Caverns- abandoned city.

Imperios felt the force push against his body, causing his grip to loosen and lose his lightsaber as its red tint fell away into the thick fog. Just like his grip on his saber, the anger began subsiding. Imperios stumbled forward and dropped to one knee panting hard as something seemed to slash his backside. His senses were dulled and the attacks continued to come relentlessly.

Panic began to fill his mind as death seemed to whisper into mind that this was the end. He took a deep breath in and tried to organize his thoughts. He let go of his emotions, and let the force escape from his body. Imperios hoped this would make him less of a target and in doing so; able to lend a claw to the other two.
IC: Helkosh
Location: Ice Caverns, Ziost

For a moment, they'd left him alone. And then, suddenly, as if they'd been whipped into a frenzy, they attacked more, scratching and clawing at him. Whether these spirits were sentient or animalistic, Helkosh assumed that they perceived him as a threat; and his mind raced as he steeled himself against the pain. He'd already died once today; he wasn't exactly waiting in line to do it again. Perhaps his attempt to disappear into the Force had backfired; instead, he imagined that he was a balloon, the gas inside him being the Force. He unknotted himself in his mind, allowing it to fade away from him, leaving him empty in his mind's eye.

He kept his eyes closed, his muscles tense. He remained as still as he could, as if to convince the mist and its spirits that he was simply a statue they'd mistaken for a humanoid. He dropped all pretense of a being a Force user, became who he once was. Convinced himself he was not a Sith, just a young boy on Naboo having a nightmare. The only sign that he was there would be his heartbeat and his slow, steady breathing. I am not your enemy, he thought to himself, pretending he was speaking to the mist and its spirits. I am a simple passerby. Let me be., he continued, before repeating the mantra over and over again in his head.

I am not your enemy. I am a simple passerby. Let me be.
I am not your enemy. I am a simple passerby. Let me be.
I am not your enemy. I am a simple passerby. Let me be.

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Ice Caverns of Zoist- Abandoned City

Aalihya hit the wall hard, the impact causing her to lose her focus momentarily. It was enough to leave her vulnerable as she tried to regain her composure. Imperios was able to compose himself after a moment of imbalance, the panic that had for a split second crept into his mind though was enough to draw continued attention to himself. For the two of them the dense fog that harbored these callous spirits would continue to push them. Assault them in a continual death from a thousand cuts manner. Each attack minor, but building on the last in a never ending chain. Hellkosh was not immune from the continued assault, but as he drew himself down further and further into a calm and focused mantra. As he remained focused, the assault upon him lessened. One by one becoming fewer. While still surrounded by the same fog as Imperios and Aalihya, the attention of phantom-like manifestations drifted away from him as he sat until it was no more.

Imperios emptied his mind in an attempt to sever the emotional reactions to what was happening and allow the force to level out within him. In response, the fog and its malevolent inhabitants reacted as they had to Hellkosh, gradually drawing back on their assault upon him.

The occasional glimpse of something moving, corresponding with an audible noise of the air and fog around them being displaced, would be all that the three of them would see and hear as the attacks gradually lessened. Until finally they stopped altogether. The fog, which had saturated the area began to draw back and within it the spirits as if chained to a point were recalled ever so slightly. At first the veil moved away from Hellkosh, then Imperios as it snaked its way back as it had when it arrived. The occasional wisped of fog protruding out of the retreating line as if the spirits were reaching out in one last effort to try and seize upon something. The veil, while retreating, seemed to coalesce down one of the pathways it had come from. Standing within it was the togruta Sith, Aalihya.

Without warning Aalihya was wretched to the ground, her legs pulled out from under her and drawn back in the direction from where the fog had originated. The sudden jolt brought her face and chest down upon the cobblestone pathway.

The last scene that Hellkosh and Imperios would catch of Ailihya was her being dragged backwards on the ground into the fog and disappearing.

The fog itself lingered momentarily before it resumed drawing back upon itself down the pathways. If either Hellkosh or Imperios followed they would find little initial evidence as to where Ailihya had been dragged off to. An initial cold path, that would offer little evidence of a trail.

The cold silence of the large cavern once again descended upon them. The eerie distant groan of a cavernous expanse the only thing once again heard. Silence. Was this a moment of choice? Their original party so long ago had been five. Was it now down to only two of them? Did they even know a way out of this? What fate was befalling their companion? They were Sith survival of the fittest. Those who fell behind, were left behind.

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IC: Knight Aalihya
Location: Ziost

The loss of control had reminded Aalihya of her instruction on Dark Side Web. It had been excruciating. Being cut off from the force unwillingly has sent her into a panic. The Togruta had had no control over her own life until she had discovered her true force abilities be she valued them for that reason.

After hitting the jagged wall, Aalihya had blacked out momentarily from the impact. She shortly regained consciousness to see the swarm of specters retreating. Her eyes adjusted slowly and her mind didn’t quite register where the spirits were going. She stood to her feet with a sense of relief at seeing the assault cease on her companions.

As she rubbed the back of her head, she failed to see the dark fog snaking around her feet, and before she could move forward to join them, she hit the cold floor of the cavern once more, and felt herself being dragged across the stones.

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Location: Ziost, Abandoned city
IC: Knight Imperios

The force died down against his primal wants. Imperios' body was tense as he felt the attack began to pull away and lessen. His body felt like gravity was against him as he opened his eyes. He breathed heavily as the fog began to pull away. He let a grin loose with a low chuckle followed by a pain filled cough. He looked over to find Helkosh meditating as his eyes were closed. Then his eyes went to Aailihya. The Togruta seemed to be waking up from, what he could only guess, whatever put her against the wall. However, his eyes filled with panic as the fog wrapped around her and pulled her along to where it was receding to.

"Helkosssh! It's got her!" He yelled out, growling in pain as he forcefully push himself up to stand. But another thought crossed his mind and blurted it out. "It's taking the amulet with her!" He growled but hesitated thinking it may be a trap trying to lure them apart even more. Imperios assessed his wounds as well as his surroundings.
"Do we pursue her or go deeper in, Knight Helkosh. My vote, deeper into the mysstery. See which one of uss can outlive the other." A loose raspy laugh left the reptiles mouth. He was a saber down and looked down at his other saber. He decided he wouldn't use it unless he had no other choice and kept Dragon's Bane on his side.
IC: Helkosh
Location: Ice Caverns, Ziost

Slowly, the assault ground to a halt, until Helkosh was at last at peace. He kept his eyes tightly shut, not daring to provoke the spirits again. He heard a scraping sound against the stone. "Helkosssh! It's got her!", Imperios' reptilian voice called out to him. "It's taking the amulet with her! Do we pursue her or go deeper in, Knight Helkosh. My vote, deeper into the mysstery. See which one of uss can outlive the other."

Helkosh did not open his eyes, but he took the risk of responding. "I vote neither. The spirits, the fog... They're intelligent, at least to some degree. I believe our best course of action is to continue to show them we pose no threat, until they decide to leave us alone. Then, and only then, should we continue. If Aalihya is to survive, she must do it on her own, just as we have."

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IC: Helkosh & Imperios
Location: Ice Caverns, Ziost

“I vote neither. The spirits, the fog... They're intelligent, at least to some degree. I believe our best course of action is to continue to show them we pose no threat, until they decide to leave us alone. Then, and only then, should we continue. If Aalihya is to survive, she must do it on her own, just as we have." Helkosh had responded. Imperios took a deep breath, calming himself
“Sseems logical. They’re already gone, we might as well get going.” He gave a serious look to Knight Helkosh. “Else I’ll have to keep warming by spilling your warm blood all over me.” He said with a sly smile.

“You’re quite selective with those slithering ‘S’s, you know.”, Helkosh replied as he stood up. “Well, we’ve already lost Danatar, Matyr, and now Aalihya. Maybe this whole thing is a constructed competitive scenario to narrow us down to the strongest of the five.”

“It comes and goess. Part of ‘training’ from when I was sssold asss a ssslave.” Imperios gritted his teeth but kept the heat of his anger under the surface. He stretched his mouth, opening it a few times as if it were sore before speaking again.
“Then either you or I will be next to fall if that holds true. Like I, you don’t want it to end here either. But like you, I am willing to end your life to stand on top.” Imperios glared at Helkosh.

“It should be great fun watching you try.”, Helkosh replied with a smirk. “Let’s go on, now.”

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Ice Caverns of Zoist- Abandoned City

The underground city was calm once again and the audible sound of this cavernous place washed over the ruins. The emptiness of it all prominent, leaving no evidence of the struggle only a few moments ago, it seemingly having evaporated like the mist that had so quickly pulled away. There were no signs of the mist and the aura of unease that had permeated the streets and washed over them had subsided. Giving them room to breathe in a sense and further decide on their course of action.

There were many paths before them, the stone cobbled streets, corners around the buildings. Much that could be explored. They could turn back head back to the ice bridges and try to make their way back to the surface. One of them had already been lost to the elements though for his folly in thinking he could do so. There was also the matter of the amulet, given to them by Draconis.

For now this place was silent, though there would be a distinct radiating feeling that both of them would feel coming in the direction of what they previously would have noted as the focal point of this abandoned place, a temple-like structure shrouded in ice.

There was a good bit of distance between them and the structure, they would have to traverse a number of small city blocks and perhaps weave through the city to find a path through the maze of buildings and stone structures.

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GM update 1 of 3

~Ziost ~ Approximately 2000 years BBY~

“Do you think they will come?”
A dark skinned female cathar spoke, reserving her fear, in hope of some unexpected realization that she already knew. Her red eyes focused on the horizon as she stood against the railing of one of the five extended wings of the fortress. She claimed a slender frame for her species, white accents on her face and ears that contrasted her darker fur coloring.

“Yes.” A response from a humanoid male with long white hair. A black veil covered his face, indicative of his race, which had no need for physical sense of eyesight. She would have known better than he, in regards to future events but deep down he knew she was desperate for confirmation from him. Her inquiry was more of a last hope that maybe something different would transpire.

The both of them continued to stare out across the landscape as the wind blew slightly. The eternal winter of this place was as serene as it was deadly. The sun below the horizon, which made the blue and white landscape glow even further as it bathed in the twilight of the coming night. The snow covered mountains, the black, ash, grey, and silvery rocks that dotted the peaks. The azure fractures in the ice that opened up into massive fissures and blue caverns of endless expanse. The only thing out of place was this abomination of iron and dark stone, that was nestled and carved within the ever present walls of ice was an ancient temple fortress of dark stone and iron

“The cold dark embrace never leaves this place, does it my love?” The cathar woman offered up, hoping to draw Telkat’s attention away from what she sensed in him. There was beauty in this place, as deadly and barren as it was.

For a moment there was silence, not that he refused or declined to respond. Just simply that, as he looked out upon the landscape, the reality of things continued to set in.

“No my love.” Telkat responded as continued to stare out across the frozen expanse. He almost wished she had not shared with him the coming events. But what choice did she have? Telkat had wished in the recent weeks and days that perhaps they could ignore it. Her revelation was simply a confirmation of what he knew had already been in motion. What he knew was inevitable.

“The brotherhood is weakening” Telkat responded, adding to his one word response earlier and extrapolating. “For all their hubris, they are stagnant... and as a result... desperate.”

“We can flee! Disappear, leave all of this!”
Merian responded, believing and knowing that despite everything, as deep as they were, she was willing to give this all up. She was willing to walk away, and to the extent that he wished they could, so was he. He wanted to believe what she said was true, that they could flee. Disappear. But it was too late. As embroiled as the brotherhood was, their desperation melded with a fanaticism and zealous vengeance that spurred rash consequences. Their work here was important, critical!

“I refuse to send you into that chaos!” Telkat responded with a fervent and stern voice, as if there was already an understanding between the both of them as to what they knew was about to transpire. His jaw quivering slightly as he had let his emotions get the better of him. “I refuse to send any of us.” He spoke, composing himself slightly, his hands reaching down to Merian’s stomach as he caressed her belly. Embracing her, as she moved closer. Merian smiled, as she held back her emotion as best she could, warmed by his show of affection and fire to protect her, and their unborn. She was nearly eight months pregnant now, and it would not be long.

Their conviction was admirable, their intentions true. But the darkside that embraced them both so fervently seemed to respond within both of them unknowingly, the realization that its influence had suddenly been challenged was something one would not think attributed to an inanimate flowing force of energy. But nonetheless it did, such was the nature of the darkside. As a result, while the both of them seemed to be convinced of the path they needed to take, it clung to them even more and ripples of their dissent extended out like small waves in a pond. Extending out and growing.

Four months earlier….

“Milady.” A servant girl rushed to the side of her mistress. Lady Merian. “Are you alright?”

Deep within the fortress, near its pinnacle and below the massive promenade that was on the top of the fortress, the cathar woman was sprawled out across the floor in her robes. Throughout the chambers the roar of the many fires pits were audible as were her struggling moans.

The flashes of events that she had been assaulted with were fresh in her mind and continued on, playing in her mind, appearing again and again as she attempted to gather herself. There was a noticeable steam coming from the area of the altar she had been standing next to and performing a ritual upon. Visions were never completely carved in stone, and those with the gift of sight knew better than to base any decision on the literal interpretation of such. Reflection, patience and reverence for them always gave way to further interpretation and potential understanding and meaning in pursuit of the true purpose of anything seen.

But some things were always clearer than others. Some things were meant to be seen. Meant to be known. And when it took hold in the mind, it was never something easily expelled.

Obliterated, pulverized. They were all simply gone.

She tried to reconcile it. Despite her best intuition to not delve into the vision immediately and come to conclusions, this one was so clear. Prominent. It was like a spike being driven through her forehead, more painful and sharp than any other vision she had ever experienced. She continued to try and push it out of her mind as she crawled about the floor in an attempt to regain her feet. Two more servants rushed to her side, attempting to grasp her and provide some semblance of support. She screamed as it hit once more. Her body convulsed with pain. This time the vision of the man was even more clear, with pale eyes that suddenly turned to fire, a stern jaw and a gaze that cut through her like molten lava through the ice that surrounded them. His very image conjured fear deep within her, further driving her to frantically claw at the stone floor of the chambers.

~Chambers of Lord Telkat ~

“We need to increase the number of excavation units as well as increase the harvesting convoys from the site.”
Lord Telkat stated as he pointed to a map of the underground city. Next to him was a twilek man, adorned in a set of black colored light armor, a silver lightsaber hanging at his waist. Master Silbrar was a twilek dark jedi, under the command of Lord Telkat, a trusted adviser, and due to his nature as an astute warrior, he was also an excellent motivator. He had been instrumental in the excavation and delivery of many of the artifacts found along with the steady stream of minerals from the site. The demand for such from the brotherhood, had driven their resources to be constrained severely. There was little to contest however, as failure to provide them had already elicited responses. Telkat’s predecessor had been thrown from the pinnacle nearly two years prior for his failures. A fortunate turn of events as the poor man had been only a few months away from the discovery of the city, a reward which Telkat had kindly reaped and taken advantage of.

Mirian entered the chamber, nearly dislodging the door. Something one would not have expected from someone with such a smaller frame, however a dark aura hung over her. She was swirling with dark energy, her eyes even showing a darker red than normal as she came up to the large desk of her husband Lord Telkat.

She stared at Telkat for a moment unable to speak, for as much energy as she exuded, her face was frozen in fear and indecision as if unable to verbalize what she had just experienced. Even if she had the perfect words, it would have been received with disbelief and utter confusion.

“Kaan… the brotherhood is no more! Gone!” Mirian tried her best to compose herself, hiding her rapid breathing and nervousness.

Silbrar, whom was standing next to Lord Telkat and next to the large desk he presided over, furrowed his brow. His arms behind his back as he offered a quick shake of his jaw in a dismissive manner. Telkat simply stood in silence for another moment, composing himself, a bit caught off guard by his wifes entrance and her proclamation of the Bortherhood of Darkness, the same brotherhood that had been savaging and beating back the Lord Hoth’s Army of Light, was gone. “Gone, Miria...Milday?” He cut himself off, deferring to her formal title in the presence of another Sith. “What do you mean gone, milady?” Silbrar spoke up, offering his own inquiry to receive clarification as to her sudden bursting in and rant.

“I mean they are all DEAD!” Mirian exclaimed. Looking at them both with her blood filled red eyes.

“Milady, I spoke with Lady Githany not a few hours ago…” Silbrar spoke up as if trying to quell her mild hysteria.

“Kriffing listen Silbrar.” The Lady Mirian screamed, implying she was having none of his questioning of her understanding. With that she had finally begun to compose herself, as she took her hands off of the desk in front of her to stand up straight and gather herself.

“The man with pale eyes!” She spoke softly. Neither of them would have known what she was referring to, but the image of him was so firmly burned into her mind that she could not shake it. Even when she closed her eyes she saw him and subsequently saw the obliteration of them all.

“He brings an end, the prophecy of a Sithari.”

Telkat spoke, almost taken aback. They all knew the legends, and as powerful beings that were within the brotherhood, even he doubted for there to be such a being alive or in their presence. Mirian stumbled once again as the vision hit once more, she winced and let out a slight muffled scream. “Milady, you need to rest.” Telkat moved from around the desk to come up to her and bracing her from collapsing.

Eight months earlier…

Telkat stood within the temple at the epicenter of the city, the breakthrough into the city had yielded more than they could have imagined. And for nearly a year they had been excavating the site. The temple itself in the center of the city had turned out to be a shell that housed a unique mining vault, there was no floor to the temple, it simply opened into a massive cavern that went down, and what appeared to be an endless pit. The walls of which were lined with ladders, scaffolding, ropes and pulleys. The constructed web of construction materials acting as the platform from which it seemed that the walls of the pit were mined. The only structure that stood out was a rock formation that jutted out into the pit from one of the sides. The large rock formation ended near the center of the pit and gave way to a large area upon which an altar and nearby sarcophagus rested beside it.

After the initial reporting of the discovery to the Brotherhood, Telkat had returned to the site, unable to break away from it. Spending night and day within the temple for months and months. Only returning to the fortress at times when the call from his beloved was so strong that he dare not disappoint.

The glyphs, inscriptions, and runes were somewhat of a mystery to even one such as him that was so well versed in the ancient tongues of the Sith. Variations in the syntax puzzled him as he worked to decipher and understand things further. In the meantime excavation crews had been brought in to begin exploring the pit, scouring the tunnels that jutted out from the walls of it and into the rock. The crews suring up the decrepit scaffolding and ladders with more modern amenities where it was needed. The discovery of the rare cortosis mineral here was a shock. Only found on a few planets throughout the galaxy even a small deposits like this could be priceless. It did not take long for Telakt to surmise that the small mining village built around the temple had been built from the stones mined from this unique quarry. There were other veins of minerals running from the formation in the center that descended down into the pit. Geologically this site was one of immense value. There had been no sign of kyber crystals, however one of the base minerals, kyberite flowed extensively down the walls of the pit and up into the jutting rock formation. He had sent samples of nearly a dozen different minerals he had identified away for further testing.

Over the months, the slave crews had begun to extract some of the cortisis, hefting it back to the surface on their backs while they worked to establish a more effective conveyor system to ferry it to the surface. Evcen after months they simply did not have the resources in place yet, and with everything being focused on the war effort it seemed they would receive little help in that category. .

~Fortress Glacies ~

“I am convinced, the samples from the pit are an exact match to the stones in this fortress.”
Telakt stated as he mused over the origins of this place. It seemed inconsequential, especially given the fact that the Sith armies were lightyears away fighting. The slow attrition of the many conflicts had spurred interest in ways to tip the balance and give the Sith the advantage in the war. Hence their arrival here. What had initially been a simple exploration of the fortress had yielded the information that had brought them to the underground city, and even more unexpectedly what they discovered there. “Whoever built this place did it from that city.” Telkat stated referencing the underground city that was now an excavation site.

“What of that sarcophagus?” Mirian asked, as she stepped forward, her slender body accentuated by the sheer nightgown she was wearing, a goblet of wine in her hand. She felt the cold biting at her feet, even with as many chamber fires as they had. This place never fully warmed.

“Sealed, I am finding little clues to how it is even sealed let alone how to open it.” Mirian could tell how frustrated he was. Telkat was never the warrior, but his devotion to the darkside and the Brotherhood, culminated with this latest discovery which he hoped would garner him the notoriety he deserved. Mirian shared that same sentiment. They were a unique pair. A Sith priestess and a Sith archaeologist. She could not remember the last time she saw her husband use his lightsaber, he was better off using a rock hammer and a trowel. But his intuition and knowledge of the ancient languages had allowed him to wield substantial influence and power, and the fact that the information he found they both utilized to grow together in power had allowed them both to rise within the Brotherhood.

“I have a gift for you, my love.” Telkat said as he produced a ruby red amulet. That glowed like fire in the light of the many fires in their chamber. Mirian’s eyes grew large. It was mesmerizing, it held a raw elegance and exuded a slight aura. “Where did you?” Mirian inquired with a slight gasp, in a shocked but loving tone.

“I found it while excavating and searching the altar.” Telkat moved around to her back, unclipping the golden chain as he placed it around her neck.

“A beautiful gem, required an equally radiant woman to wield it.” Telkat spoke as he clasped it, then grasped her shoulders to lean in and kiss her on the neck. Mirian blushed, gently caressing the gem while embracing the touch of her husband. She turned slightly to see her reflection in one of the nearby polished fire pits. Admiring herself and the newly adorned gem piece. The red gem contrasted her dark fur and matched her red eyes.

“It is exquisite my love.” Mirian lovingly and admiringly spoke of both the presented gift and the bearer of said gift. “Come my love.” Mirian spoke in a soft tone, as she pulled away but not before grasping Telkat’s hands, drawing him deeper into the chambers and towards the bed. Telket responded by following as their hands linked, pulling close they both embraced and kissed.

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@Sith_Imperios @Helkosh @DarthNoxia
IC: Knight Imperios
Setting: Ice Caverns of Ziost, Abandoned City

The trandoshan looked around him cautiously as they continued on. Though the threat of the mist was gone, the cold still lurked with every step. Imperios did not want to attract the mist again by using the force to warm his body. The cold was also the reason his S' began to show more. Though the pain and adrenaline kept him fine for while, he'd soon would face the choice of risking it to continue his survival. He looked to the knight wondering if bathing in his blood would provide enough warmth to last. A thought then occurred to the reptile.

"If we need to esscape, we'll need each other for help if we need to go back. It would be great if an exit was at the end. Maybe a hidden passage." Imperios only sighed and took a deep breath. "Tell me Helkosh. What are your true thoughts about our ssituation? Enlighten me with your intelligencce. Ssurvival is my priority. Though coming back empty handed wouldn't be great either."

Imperios used his infrared vision for a moment to check around for any unusual heat signatures. One could call it overly cautious, but this was instinctive of Imperios to do so. For many years he had to look over his shoulder. Here in his place, after what he had witnessed as well as endured, he didn't want to take a chance being caught off guard.

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Ice Caverns of Zoist- Abandoned City

The silence of the cavernous expanse was once again deafening, not even a wisp of wind to stir things. The ice present had been frozen for countless years. The energy present that lashed out at the presences of the three arrivals, was driven by a deep malice. It was tormented, still stuck in the past and fixated on events that had transpired hundreds of years prior.

Aalihya would feel a sense of disorientation, she had been brought into this place through sudden and violent means. A faint glow of light from cracks in the temple allowed a slim amount of light in, barely enough to illuminate more than the grander features of the inside of the cap-temple. The very top of the temple, the apex of the pyramid was obscured in darkness, the faint light not able to illuminate it enough to discern where the apex truly was. Nor what was up there, if anything.

While she might not have recognized it initially upon coming to, she would be inside the temple-like structure they had all seen upon discovering this place. The hollowed out temple was simply a cap that covered the cavernous void that was a black hole descending downward. The outcropping stretched into the center of the pit, the same as it had been years ago, a stalwart horizontal pillar of stone that supported a ritualistic altar area.

The amulet was right in front of her, sitting on the stone in front of the altar. She would find resistance in her movements, not entirely such that she could not move, but she was clearly bound and restrained to an extent that it hampered her abilities to move and free herself fully on the first effort. As such it would take a considerable effort to do so. The bindings were not of a mechanical nature, she was neither chained or roped into anything, it simply fused onto her, a living binding that pulsed and despite the frigid environment offered a slight warmth.

The rhythmic pulse would flow, balancing out every eight or nine seconds as a slow steady but elongated pulsing was heard. It flowed into the living bindings that ensnared Aalihya nearly entirely. Before her she would see a pulsing chrysalis hanging above the altar that was centered on the outcropping, and only a few meters from her. The translucent nature of it revealed a clear humanoid shape within, that seemed suspended like an embryo in some sort of stasis only a few meters above the stone altar and seemingly ceremonial area. The full extent of the chrysalis not being in full view as it hung suspended from the very top of the pyramid, tether by a number of living channels that acted as the supports to the living apparatus.

The trandosian and human would find themselves once again in silent solitude. There was the matter of the amulet, whether either of them had noticed, it was Aalihya who had possessed it last, and it was Aalihya who was now deep within the city, which was referenced in the trandosians musings about them coming back empty handed. And at this point in time it would be difficult for either of them to know what the amulet, whom Hellkosh had been entrusted with initially, truly represented, or what value or purpose it held. They had both along with Aalihya experienced the pillars back in the ice caves and seen that it clearly held some dark alchemy properties.

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