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"I found my place among the others
And realized the stars were all too far
But no one came to tell me
This road was overgrown
And so elusively kept
Send me back to the evening
Before our very first day"
— Devonian: Nascent / The Ocean
"To contend with Xizor is to lose. As far as any reasonable person is concerned, attacking me will be judged a suicide."
Rivers of crimson lead me now
Trail of fire
In a place of fire eternal
Left in flames

Scattered in a world of thorns
Torn from my earthly self
Aggrieved in tears and bitterness
I fall beyond stars, beyond stars.

In Flames, In Flames
"Radiant collapse
Planetary scale
Our indecent errors paved the way
Truth long known before our last deeds
And the world we know will go down in flames"

— Jurassic | Cretaceous / The Ocean
“Heimlich schiebt sich eine Wolke (A cloud moves in secret)
vor die Sonne es wird kalt ( in front of the sun, it gets cold)
Doch tausend Sonnen brennen nur für dich (But a thousand suns burn only for you.” Spring, Rammstein
"Something about you is soft like an angel
And something inside you is violence and danger
I knew from the moment we met
You are a dangerous thing"
— Dangerous Thing / AURORA
I see you following me! Come out where I can see you. Both hands visible.
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Darth Kratos
Darth Kratos
The way Neil is sitting there, I feel like I should call sexual harassment!
"From the old world's demise, see an Empire rise. From the north reaching far; here we are!" -Sabaton, Gott Mit Uns

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