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What If One-Shot: Samael’s Return Home

Hadzuska_The Jester

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(Note: This is a What If One-Shot based in a timeline where the New Sith Order was victorious in True Sith Trials (TST), as of this moment TST is not finished and this story bears no knowledge of what the GM has planned for what will happen in TST. That being said I absolutely hope you enjoy this story I bring to you now. Thank you.)

IC: Samael, The Lightbringer
Location: Hidden Jedi Temple, Dantooine

A cloaked man looked down into the valley to see his old home. The home he was exiled from. Would they remember him? It had been so long, he doubted it.

As he walked onto the training grounds he looked around, he saw younglings being taught the physical exercises, and others in meditation amongst a grove of trees. There were many, but only a small few scattered amongst them actually had a connection to the Force. What was going on here?

It was at that moment one of the younglings saw the stranger and came running from his exercise to meet the man, beaming a large smile at the stranger. “Hi sir! Can I help you?” He called out as he ran, huffing from the extra exertion after the physical necessity needed in his exercise.

Samael, still cloaked, looked the child up and down, there was no connection to the Force. “You are extremely lucky to be here. I heard a rumor that anyone that came here could learn to be a Jedi, and I was curious. I’d like to look around a little.

The youngling continued to beam. “Are you thinking of training as well? I think you’d be a great fit, I’d be happy to show you around, and the ropes if you decide to join us. Though,” he looked Samael up and down, noticing his rugged, burnt robes, “do you have the funds for the training? If not, I don't think the Master will let you train.

The talk of this Master requiring monetary compensation to train Jedi infuriated Samael, but he hid it. “If you don’t mind, I'd like to wander instead of taking a guided tour.

The boy’s smile faltered for a moment, possibly because he thought he wouldn’t be of use, before coming back just as bright. “No problem, I’ll still come with you, and tell you about everything as we go.

Samael relented as this was probably the best he could hope for. “Fair enough, it’s your home after all.

As they roamed through the halls, the child enthusiastically told the stranger everything about the place. Until they came to a room up in the higher levels of the temple. “Sir, that room is off limits to everyone. I heard its majorly unstable.

Why wasn’t it ever fixed?” Samael asked as he entered the room anyways.

Sir, please! We’ll get in trouble!” The child cried out, his smile replaced with fear.

Samael ignored him as he looked around. It was the same as the day he left it. So much was charred and damaged, and a burnt corpse still on the bed. Before he could say anything he heard the footsteps coming to the room fast, as the strongest Force user he encountered here so far came rushing to scold them for trespassing in this part of the temple. Curious enough, Samael recognized him.

No one is allowed in this part of the temple, leave or I will be forced to make you!” The child looked even more scared as he bowed to this Jedi that scolded them both.

Sorry Master, I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen.” He said fearfully.

Master? How the times have fallen if a bully is considered a Master of the Jedi Order.” Samael said, still not turning around as he continued to survey the room.

Bully? I don’t know what you mean sir. I AM a Jedi Master.

Samael mourned his first Master’s death until now. It was now, he understood the truth. God had baptized him in their Holy Light. God had been his only constant and true friend, and he had been blind until now. God had shown him how to save the Galaxy, they must all be baptized in his Holy Light.

It was then Samael turned to face this ‘Master,’ his hood falling down as he did so. “Oh but I do know you are one, as you bullied me for years. I was exiled, but I have returned, as I am the Righteous Hand of God! I am the Devil you forgot! And Judgement day has come. I find you guilty.

Samael snapped his fingers and an explosion happened at the end of the hall, creating a massive hole. He then flicked his wrist and a chain came from within his robes, wrapped around the ‘Master’s’ throat and pulled him out the hole to hang from one of the statues. It was then the child finally realized that this man was once a Jedi as well, and begged him to teach him to be strong like him.

Before I will consider it, you and everyone else must be baptized.” He then burnt the child to a charred crisp. As he fell to the ground, he crumbled to ashes. “They must all be baptized in the Light of God.” He dropped from the hole to the training grounds. At this point more actual trained Jedi came rushing to meet him. Judging by their strength Samael recognized them as Jedi Knights.

Halt! Stand Down!” The one at the head of the group rushing forward called out, as they all ignited their blue, green, and purple lightsabers respectively. Samael, not needing to fight them still ignited his own orange blade, matching that of his now visible flaming aura, in respect.

But it was too late for them as with another snap of his fingers living fire had been summoned to devastate the Jedi. It had taken the form of the Master’s he had once thought lost, but now realized were only baptized. The one called Kain had been a Saint, shown the true way by God, and no one had ever acknowledged that fact it seemed. “You must all be baptized. Give in to the Holy Light of Fire!” The Jedi could not stop the flames as they too burned alive.

The Living fire continued to burn anything it came across as Samael exited the Valley and stood above the temple. He called upon a wormhole of immense fiery power to burn the temple and baptize all of its inhabitants in its Light. He had a purpose now, one he was all too passionate about. The Galaxy must be baptized anew in the Holy Light of Fire, The Holy Light of God.

Hadzuska_The Jester

Well-known member
Dark Council
Name/Title: Samael
Nicknames/Aliases: The Lightbringer
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Species: Deveronian
Orientation (optional): Heterosexual
Homeworld: Unknown
Occupation: Sith
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Physical Description: Red skin, Black horns, Sharp teeth
Clothing: Black robes, black hooded cloak
Weapons: One orange lightsaber
Equipment: A heavy duty chain
Vehicles: None
Pets (if applicable): None
Languages: Basic
Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Lightsaber combat
Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Able to be around extreme heat.
Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Unable to control his emotions.
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Chaotic Good
Personality: Has always had a hard time controlling his emotions.
Fears: The unknown
Likes: Meeting new people
Dislikes: Bullies
Habits: Playing with fire
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A
Friendships (if applicable): Shalyx’har’zan
Masters (if applicable): Lord Xirr, Hadzuska
Apprentices (if applicable): N/A
Reputation: N/A
Biography: The Jedi found baby Samael discarded in a dumpster on Coruscant, and took him in after noticing his sensitivity to the Force. As the child grew they noticed he was having a hard time controlling his emotions. When it was time to leave the stage of becoming a youngling and being trained as a padawan by a Master the Council chose one that they felt would be able to help Samael learn to control his emotions. The night before the ceremony Samael snuck into his soon to be Master's room whilst they slept to get a sneak peek at who he would be training with. Samael always had a thing for for fire, the Council had no idea he had learned to summon it theough the Force. When he saw his soon to be Master he felt he should celebrate and summoned fire burning the man to a crisp. Samael has no idea what he did was wrong. Upon learning what happened the Jedi Council expelled the young man from their order. Now he travels from place to place no longer having a place he could call home. Eventually on his travels, he met a Sith that taught him the ways of the Dark Side. He two met a crispy end amidst the night.

Eventually he found himself in the Sith academy. Called upon by Lord Catalyst for a mission to Yavin IV, he was placed under the apprenticeship of Lord Xirr. Upon landing on Yavin IV he met the beautiful Lady Apollyon, whose beauty was the first to eclipse that of his fire’s. Their mission went along without any problems other than the fact what they were there for was not.

In the next three years, Samael’s Master would be too busy to show him any recognition or training in the least. Looking to challenge himself, Samael began exploring different tombs around Korriban, never going too deep however. One day as he came to a cave he had mistaken as a hidden tomb he found the Star Dragon Shalyx’har’zan (Shalyx for short) still healing from his own past adventure. Leaving for a short while Samael would return and perform basic first aid on the dragon as he slept. Over the course of a year the two became best friends.

One day Samael would start having terrifying visions as well as hear a voice calling to him. He would search for this voice, leaving Korriban to do so. Upon finding the owner of the voice, who introduced himself as Hadzuska, he was offered the right to serve him in doing so he was told he would get everything he desired. Not knowing if it was true or not, but not wanting to pass up the chance if it were, he accepted.

It had been 10 years since that deadly feast that killed Hadzuska. Over that period everyone he came to trust either betrayed him or died, even the Star Dragon Shalyx. The Dark Side and Corruption had affected his mind too much and had driven him insane. He began to not trust anyone, even Samael who had always treated him with kindness. It had gotten so bad that he attempted to kill him. Things did not go the way Shalyx envisioned them as the Lightbringer showed the dragon his true strength and why he had that title. He summoned fire the likes of which Shalyx had never felt before, burning and ultimately obliterating the Star Dragon into ashes.

That battle had been a month ago. Recently he had heard of a Jedi Temple that was teaching anyone that came to use the Force. Curiously it was the same Temple he grew up in originally in a valley on Dantooine, so he deemed it worth looking into.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 10
INT (Intellect): 15
CON (Constitution): 15
MAN (Manipulation): 10
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 18

Rank/Level: 43
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class (optional): Sith Archon
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): 8

Form I - Shii-Cho - 5
Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 5
Convection - 5
Pyrokinesis - 5
Fireball Belch - 5
Flame Aura - 5
Fire Tornado - 5
Telekinesis - 5
Force Push - 5
Force Whirlwind - 5
Force Wave - 5
Force Shock - 5
Force Lightning - 5
Lightning Bomb - 5
Force Maelstrom - 5
GODLIKE Wormhole: Force Storm - 10
FREE Wormhole: Force Fire Storm
Force Resistance - 5
Adiabatic Shield - 5
Force Barrier - 5
Protection Bubble - 5
Tutaminis - 5
Force Push (Requires Telekinesis) - 5
Force Wave - 5
Levitation (Requires Telekinesis) - 5
Force Sense - 5
Precognition - 5
Instinctive Astrogation - 5
Telepathy - 5
Mental Shield - 5
Force Sustenance - 5
Flamusfracta - 5
Fiery Energy - 5
Living Fire - 5
GODLIKE, UNIQUE Scintillation - 10
GODLIKE Eternal Hatred??? - 10
Alter Environment - 5
Sever Force - 5
(Light Side) GODLIKE, Force Ghost - 10

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