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Greetings, folks!

With the forum upgrade last month, one of our new features is the ability for members to request to change their usernames through the forum itself.

Now, instead of messaging me on Messenger or sending me a PM here to grovel for your username to be changed, you can simply request to have it changed by going to Account Settings, and clicking "Change" next to your username.

username change 1.PNG

username change 2.PNG
username change 3.PNG

If for some reason you make a typo in your username change request, don't worry, just let a moderator know and we will decline the change. You can then try again, or have an admin set your username for you. Additionally, if you need your username changed a second time before the probationary period between username changes is over, simply message me or another administrator (not a moderator) and we will make your name change for you.


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There is still utility in groveling... just saying.

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