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Casual Training on Tython: Sparring Ring [Open RP]


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[ Open RP ]
Against the lulling rush of a waterfall, the iconic thrum of lightsabers filled the air of a large, open ring jutting out from the side of a verdant mountain. This space was on the far side of the Northern Temple on the venerated planet Tython; it was a sparring ring, a wide arena dedicated to the study and practice of lightsaber forms and combat. Here, Jedi tested their skill against one another, engaging in spars and duels. Green and blue plasma flashed and danced, carving out the telltales shapes of the seven lightsaber forms in the misty air. The floor of the ring was smooth stone, embellished with a large design of the Ashla symbol, and around the rim of the circular arena was a waist-high wall, so as to prevent any duelers from falling off the edge.

At the edges of the wide sparring ring were seats and tables for more studious Jedi to gather and pour over their 'crons and tomes, near where the wide doors to the open-air ring stood always open. This space was accessible via tunnel from the main temple, which stood on the opposite side of the mountain that this arena jutted from. Above and below this sparring ring were similar such spaces, though much smaller in size, available for more private sparring, or for quiet meditation.

This shaded and cool arena overlooked a lush valley, where a lazy river cut its path between mountains; craggy rocks thrust forward from these great ranges, and tenacious trees and shrubs clung to their rocky sides. The gentle calling of birds and creatures were beautiful descants to the hum and roar of lightsabers and waterfalls. Even the Force sung its telltale melody here. It was peaceful, grounding. A perfect marriage between untamed nature and civilization, a precisely struck balancelike the Jedi and the galaxy.

Rules of the Sparring Ring
  1. No autohitting. Autohitting means inflicting harm on another player character in or out of combat without permission.

  2. No godmoding. Godmoding means roleplaying without limits or boundaries, including taking control of another player's character without express permission, taking control of the environment provided by a GM (game master), or otherwise taking excessive control or power over the setting, or performing feats that would be realistically impossible or implausible, including demonstrating absurdly overpowered or godlike abilities.

  3. No metagaming. Metagaming means using out-of-character knowledge that would be impossible for your character to know in-universe and in-character, e.g. intimate knowledge of another player's character sheet, thoughts, secrets, etc; or obscure knowledge you may know as an OOC (out-of-character) Star Wars buff that may be something entirely unknown to your character in-universe.

  4. Always be respectful of your opponent. This thread is for learning and helping your fellow Jedi improve; help your brethren whenever you can, with kindness and fairness. Masters may utilize this thread to train their padawans in the ways of lightsaber combat, or friends may host friendly duels to improve their skill.

  5. If you have questions, tag a GM in this thread. The GMs (game masters) of this sparring ring are any available Council Member or Jedi Master. Masters will do their best to assist you; simply make an OOC notation and ask your question. Likewise, if a GM has questions for you, they can tag you in an OOC note.

  6. This sparring ring is open to members of the Jedi faction only; if you wish to spar or duel with a member outside of the New Jedi Order, please create a dedicated thread in the The Galaxy subforum, which is galaxy-wide and cross-faction.

    Additionally, this thread is an Open RP, which means you do not need permission to participate or use this space. Simply go ahead and post!

  7. Most importantly, have fun!


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IC: Master Chalcedony Isosi Kast
Tython Northern Temple Sparring Ring
The silver hilt of Master Isosi Kast's lightsaber pike was so familiar and comfortable in her hands; each groove and knob along its length fit perfectly with the grooves and knuckles of her freckled fingers, each digit finding its right place to grasp. She focused with a laser-sharp keenness as she flowed through her kata, striking each pose with precision. She listened to her body as she moved, noting each creak of her knees and the persistent pinching in her right hip-- a constant reminder that while she may not feel physically whole, the Force completed her. She was one with the light when she allowed it to flow through her thus, in her practiced motions and the honing of her mind.

Ah, how she loved the life of a Jedi. Restarting her kata sequence, she allowed her mind to meditate on what brought her to the Order, reminiscing on her fraught youth. She recalled the feel of a blaster rifle in her hands as she swung her pike across her body, its blue blade humming. She recalled the feel of the loamy dirt of trenches beneath her knees as she lunged. She recalled the way she felt lost and adrift after that fateful incursion as she slashed upward with her blade; and then she allowed that feeling of despair to be supplanted by hope as she stepped back into a neutral pose, symbol of the Jedi held straight and just before her.

Truthfully, she was only practicing these basic forms because she was waiting for a promising initiate to arrive whom she wanted to get to know better; a man by the name of Stryker Kai. He had once been of their Order, though Isosi had not known him, and now found himself wiped of all he knew, a canvas emptied of its artwork. She'd sent him a message to his personal comlink earlier that day, asking him to come meet her at the sparring ring, so that they might discuss what he hoped to give and receive from the New Jedi Order. Stepping back into another round of kata, she continued to patiently wait for his arrival.

TAG: @Stryker Kai

Stryker Kai

Stryker walked the halls of their Jedi Temple. He had only returned for a short time and yet it was as if he had never left his people. At least, that’s how he felt in memory, but in almost all things regarding his training and skills through the Force, they were all but gone. Forgotten due to time pushing him away from such things in order to survive. The only thing he did have on his side was his athleticism and some semblance of his old combat forms. Surviving on Kashyyyk is no small task and one he confronted for decades.

He had been wandering when his comlink went off requesting his presence in the sparring ring. Asking for some guidance as to where that was, he finally made his way to the large circular room. There he saw the Jedi Master who summoned him in the center of the ring. As he got close, he bowed to the woman before he spoke.

“Master Kast, I am Stryker Kai. It’s a pleasure to properly meet you face to face. Though I must confess, I’m curious as to why you would want to meet me in the sparring ring rather the council chambers. Regardless, how may I be of assistance to you?”

Tag: @corinthia
Ic:- Knight Keldro
Sparing ring; Tython

Keldro sat in deep meditation. His thoughts rest with his late Master. Tython was a planet of peace and prosperity, War was coming and they had best begin to prepare. Never again would Keldro lose another life, he had been blessed with affinity for healing with the force and he would use it.

He had also received the most rewarding of training. The time had come to pass on that training, no longer could he sit idle and hide from his duty.

Keldro poured his consciousness forward. Searching for one mind that seemed to stand out from the rest. A shining beacon or hope and potential, could this initiate be the answer to rebuilding the order?. Only time would tell

“Initiate Laheera, come as swiftly as your legs will carry you. I am at the sparing grounds and we have much to discuss.”

Drawing the force back with in himself Keldro emptied his mind,
‘There is no emotion…’

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