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Event Tournament of Darkness (House Tenebris ~ Shadow Blade)

Nar Shadda ~ Landing pad

As planned the innocuous freighter arrived at a similarly innocuous landing pad without an after-thought. Blending in to an extent was simply commonplace due to the sheer number of similar such arrival points, they would have no issues in it being compromised.

Within the freighter both Cygnuc and Arach would see the flickering blue image of Draconis come to light as hologram transmission of Draconis in real-time to address them. Though they were both near each other they both had access via the holograms they both possessed, something to be noted for future use.

Draconis did not hesitate in beginning to talk in his cold calculating tone which would be innate familiar to them both at this point.

“Your quarry is a Quarren leader named Parapeth. He is a sector boss within the Diman Sca crime family, one of the lesser known crime syndicates on Nar Shadda. However our analysis indicates there to be a significant rise in potential and expanding of influence given a few key factors. One of which hinges on Parapeth’s occupation of his current position”

An image of the quarren from the chest up came up on each of their datapads with a link to his full dossier. The common understanding of quarrens being innately drawn to the underworld through their natural tendencies and skills, made them adept crime bosses as they usually rose quickly through their machinations to prominent positions.

“As such we have a need to replace his misguided mindset…” Draconis mentioned keeping it very simple and to the point, declining to expand upon what exactly that misguided mindset might be. The dossier would offer further details into his business dealings and if both Cygnus and Arach were astute enough they would begin to see the reasoning behind such.

“His second in command, a quarren named Jethpa is uniquely under our payroll and offers a unique possibility to expand said influence on Nar Shadda, his dossier has been equally uploaded to your datapads for your consumption.”

“The task is simply to eliminate and replace him with our designated plant.”

“How you accomplish this, I leave to your discretion.” The task, while simple on its face, was anything but… they were under a strict time-table. And infiltrating a criminal underworld organization, even one that already had established contacts within, gathering reconnaissance, planning out a potential solution and surreptitiously executing said plan were all items that could take years.

They had two weeks. Such was detailed in the broader parameters they had access to in their datapads. They would find a wealth of information on the Diman Sca and its organization if they chose to explore.

“We have two different leads, both with equal promise. Cygnus..” Draconis expressly called out the young man. “Track down a dancer at the Jefria Pazaak Den, her name is Nimo.” Draconis gave no further information as to her description.

Draconis turned his attention to Arach. “Arach, a local merchant named Pipa has been known to smuggle weapons for the Diman Sca family.” Again Draconis offered little more than the general fact of the person's name and occupation.

“See what you can find out.” Draconis spoke, addressing them both with the final bit of information. A slight pause ensued before Draconis spoke up one final time.

“Do not underestimate this world, nor anyone on it.” With that the blue image disappeared leaving them both to contemplate their next moves.

@Arach @Cygnus Luc’idus
Nar Shadda, Landing Pad

Sure enough, Cygnus’ perceptions proved to be true. They were bound for Nar Shadda, one of many hives of illicit hedonism clustered throughout the galaxy. Cygnus’ home was always going to be Nagi, yet there was a nostalgic, and insidious aura lingering within Nar Shadda. He knew these sectors, streets, bars, dens and clubs…which meant he would need to remain vigilant. Relaxing one’s guard on a familiar planet was a deadly mistake.

Upon landing, Cygnus rose to regard the hologram of Lord Draconis whose frigid voice stated their mission in the most simplistic of terms. They were to eliminate a Quarren crime boss named Parapeth. Cygnus didn’t hide his disgust at the species, they were physically repulsive, and quick witted enough to be quite dangerous. They certainly knew how to surround themselves with the lowest of criminals and rise as crime bosses. He did not know the family name Dima Sca.

The mission was similar to others Cygnus had taken on before; remove one figure head from power and leave a power vacuum to be filled with another more fitting crime boss through the lens of his employer. The exact nature of why this Quareen was no longer fit for the role was not mentioned, Cygnus took note of that. Perhaps reconsance might lead him to learn of the transgressions…or perhaps he would never know. He was used to working on mere command. Still, while the mission was similar, that didn’t mean it wouldn’t pose unique, complex challenges, and unseen danger.

His lead would begin with a dancer Nimo, he had no further information but a name held promise. If he could disguise the fact he was gay, he could persuade and charm women if there was need of such skills, perhaps posing as a lustful male might lead him to the name. He pulled off the cheap rings from his fingers and gaudy gems from his pierced ears, and stuffed the jewelry into his pocket. While such jewelry wasn’t uncommon on a Nagai , which traditionally found their own unique fashion, he wanted to avoid appearing effinatinate, and therefore queer. He didn’t pull his hood over his teased hair, as a Nagai covering their individually styled hair would be suspicious. His species was rare throughout this galaxy, yet Nar Shadda wouldn’t be an unusual place for a Nagai.

He briefly turned on his own holoprojector, to regard the details of his mark with closer detail.

He didn’t regard Lady Arach, in the expectation that eyes were already spying and tracing his movements, even before he left the ship. One could view it as an unexpected advantage of paranoid schizophrenia, hyperawareness . He’d rather been seen as another nameless passenger as he left the landing pad, and began toward some of the more popular sectors for Pazzak, usually not far from the Red District.

The filthy streets felt quite familiar to his bare feet, but this time he was not a mere homeless madman. He is an aspiring Sith now. His service raven flew behind him several feet, ready to caw if his illness notably began to manifest. He yearned for spice, but knew now was no time to indulge, even as the fragrant burning of smoked tempted him.

Tag: @dragonsith13

The Wey Ca Cantina was as non-descript as any in this sector, the usual revelry transpired as one could expect all manner of seedy undertakings to transpire. Spice and prostitution were the pillars, murder and theft their companions and holding it all together was a flow of credits acquired in the darkest of manners. No questions asked, as it was best to know only what you needed to know. The dark lit ambience and smoke filled atmosphere affording a natural privacy for those who wish to not be disturbed. There were the usual rowdy exchanges, which alone could keep the sector coroner busy enough.

A group of six gamorreans stood encircling a holographic table, their grunts rising across the section of the cantina as they snorted and laughed at each of their own's misfortune as they waste credits on a menial game of chance that was offering an entertaining flare while draining their credits.The holographic twi'lek dancer in front of them all removed her upper top in a seductive manner before resuming her dancing and they all cheer as if having accomplished something stellar. One of the gamorreans passed his credit fob across the display triggering another revolution of the spin like game of chance. The resulting chimes of loss offered in result of him losing credits on a failed spin were a sour and taunting goad that was amplified by the other five gamoreans who joined in to chastise him along with the holographic twi'lek dancer who pulled her top back down and wagged a finger of disappointment at him. They snorted and laughed, spilling beverages about the floor and themselves while slapping and pushing around their compatriot who had just wasted his credits yet again on a game that ironically they had been captivated by for nearly an hour now. Another one of the group forced his way over to the receptor. Eager to scan his own credit fob, acting as if he was now taking the mantle to be afforded better luck than his now sour compatriot who was sloppily chugging his large stein of liquid, in hopes of drawing his own sorrows of having lost so many credits.

The revolution of chance once again played out. The intense fixation of the group captivated by the spinning dial of chance in hopes of a big payout of credits. Each of them on the edge of their figurative seat. And then. The all too familiar chime of loss and failure. As now the chiding andc ompatriate hazing fell upon the most recent of losers as they all joined in an obnoxious snorting and laughter at his misfortune.

The next gamorrean pushed aside the most recent loser, tasking himself to be the one to break the cycle and win. A series of snorts, spilled beverages, and pushing back and forth brought him to the credit receptor. He scanned his fob eager to take his chance though the device failed to respond as expected. The holographic twi’lek dancer continued on with her virtual intelligence like programming as if nothing had happened. The gamorrean scanned his fob again, eagerly expecting it to work this time. Nothing happened and a slight frustration and anger began to rise. The others in the group were too busy claiming the next round of drinks as they all toasted and began spilling their beverages about themselves as they began to drink vivaciously. Again he scanned his fob with no result. Anger boiled over at the lack of dopamine transference in his brain as the intended craving result of “spinning the wheel” in a sense was denied.

His fist crashed into the side of the holographic projector table, as he grunted and snorted in anger. Nothing changed and again he banged his fist. The others who passed him a drink were now drawn to the situation. While still caught up in their drunken revelry, they all stared in wonder at why the pretty digital twi’lek dancer was not removing more of her clothes. Where was the spin? Another one of the gamoreans seemed to share the frustration of the one who had been scanning his fob and bagging the machine as he too joined in and banged the console and holographic table expecting that his brute force applied fist would somehow “fix” it. Revelry and back and forth chiding was on the verge of turning to full on anger for the group when suddenly the dancer image flickered. The twi'lek dancer, who had seductively been presenting herself in the VI like programmed manner seemed to break character, her detailed blue holographic form was replaced with a red VI image of the same likeness that stood erect and posturing. Her sultry programmatic voice speaking.

“Eliminate the following targets and you will each be paid a sum of fifty thousand credits.”

The red VI flickered out, and the images of two persons became visible. The images matching that of Cygnus and Arach, both of whom would be completely unrecognized as any other beings in the galaxy otherwise. Yet identified to them now as their targets.

“Any means necessary.” The tone of the red VI was as expected robotic and sterile.

"One thousand credits in advance.” The pronouncement caught each of them by utter surprise as their suidae ears perked up at the mention of credits. Simultaneously each one of the sixes credits fobs dinged, their virtual credit cards now showing increased balances of one thousand credits. The shock of more than a months pay for all of them, and the future notion of even more dawning even on their own simpleton-like minds.

“PAd e345ty”

The red VI flickered out and was replaced by the familiar blue twi’lek’sh seductive figurine as the games programming resumed as if nothing had happened. The gamorreans all stood there stunned, trying to figure out what had just transpired. There was no doubt that each of them was now 1000 credits richer and without care as if not missing a beat they resumed their revelry. Beverages once again spilled. Chastising and chiding resumed. Rough displays of violence between them once again predicated each revolution of the game of chance they now pumped newfound credits into, all the while in a back corner a dark green skinned rodian sat watching, observing and noting the events.

There was no doubt that the thousand credits would nearly be spent by the morning's end. Even such a large amount were not immune to the addictions of such seemingly minor and trivial engagements. They would need more credits, and now they had a means to acquire more in the manner in which they were aptly versed.

OOC: This is not a specific update for your characters to respond to directly. Though clearly it is setting potential future interactions up... Think of it as an ambiance and further story telling post to hopefully immerse you. That is my hope.

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