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The Underworld Registry.

You've stated your pledge to the Underworld, and now your journey begins. Read this post thoroughly, then comment below with your fully completed character sheet to add yourself to the Underworld Registry.

Please note Force-sensitive characters are strictly not allowed in the Underworld.

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Character Sheet Template

Character Summary:

Affiliations and Associates:
Description of Abilities:


* All new Underworld characters begin at Reputation 1.

Levels and Stats in the Underworld

About the Underworld's Class, Point, and Reputation System

The Underworld does not use a skill point allocation system with points to distribute as the Sith do; instead, each class gets a specific type of point that can be spent on class-related feats. For example, Bounty Hunters have Mark points, which can be spent on eliminating an elusive quarry, gaining a lead on an extremely lucrative bounty, or other similarly themed feats. Points from all classes can be used to save your character from any life-or-death situation, but otherwise must be spent in ways that correlate with the hallmark traits of your class.

When you choose to spend a point, you must indicate at the top of your post that you are expending a class point. If you are at all unclear on how or when to spend your points, consult with your superiors. (Tip: Always assume the deck is stacked against you.)

Please note: Once a point is spent, it is spent. You do not gain points back. The goal of this system is to raise the stakes of the game—use your points too quickly and you may find yourself confronted with increasingly more dangerous situations. Be frugal with your points, and you might just save the day.


Pirate (Wealth): Nothing attracts a Pirate like the promise of riches. As a Pirate, you are shrewd, clever, strategic, and keen; you know how to get what you want, when you want it. You have a vast knowledge of astrogation, are a natural leader, and are quite handy in combat, both close quarters and ship-to-ship.

Pirates receive points for Wealth, which can be spent to shore up credits, goods, or manpower, or spent on succeeding in acts of piracy.

Smuggler (Luck): Charming and roguish, Smugglers are the couriers and pilots-for-hire of the galaxy; want something or someone moved from point A to point B, no questions asked? Hire yourself a Smuggler. Smugglers are well-versed in piloting, aerial battle, navigation, and engineering.

Smugglers receive points for Luck, which can be spent to pull off risky piloting maneuvers, give you a lucky break when your ship malfunctions, or give your turbolasers just the aim they need.

Mercenary (Heat): You’re a warrior-for-hire, and your code of honor, whatever it may be, is cortosis-clad. You do all the dirty work those who don’t want to sully their hands won’t do. Your expertise in weaponry, tactics, armor, and combat is unrivalled, and your skill is unmatched.

Mercenaries receive points for Heat, which can be spent to gain an edge over any opponents in combat, a tactical advantage, or grant access to greater weaponry or firepower.

Bounty Hunter (Mark): Whether you work alone or with companions, the job of a Bounty Hunter is always the same: you are a hired huntsman. Bounty hunters could be considered the soul of the underworld—the dealings of the galaxy’s seedy underbelly seem to revolve around what, and who, bounty hunters are after. Bounty hunters are hardened executioners, skilled hunters, experts in finding and eliminating or capturing the galaxy's most wanted.

Bounty Hunters receive points for Mark, which can be spent to gain a strategic advantage over your current target, complete a job, or give you a lead on a better bounty.

Gangster (Loyalty): As a gangster, the dealings of your gang are yours, too; perhaps your crew deals in illicit substances, money laundering, or organized crime. And because of your loyalty to your crew and their loyalty to you, your strength will always be the sum of the whole.

Gangsters receive points for Loyalty, which can be spent to call in or bolster your gang or crew to get you out of a sticky situation or give you the advantage of wingmen in negotiations or fights.

Assassin (Stealth): Wetwork is your business. You could be a hired hitman, an eagle-eyed sniper, or a sociopathic murderer, but in all ways, your talents are simply murderous. You're skilled in stealth, combat, strategy, and weaponry.

Assassins receive points for Stealth, which can be spent on subterfuge, succeeding on particularly difficult kills, or erasing your tracks.

Urchin (Con): Sticky-fingered, shady, and slippery, you could be any kind of back-alley pickpocket, spice dealer, street rat, con artist, or even a professional thief. You can talk your way out of any thorny situation, slip out of any restraints, or bribe and trick just about anyone. You absolute eel, you.

Urchins receive points for Con, which can be spent on a successful grift, steal, or deal, or on slipping out of any particularly severe situations.

Technician (Tech): You're the one who's handy with a spanner, a data spike, or know your way around a blueprint. Technicians are the mechanically- and technologically-minded ones; you're adept at slicing into computer systems, cobbling together weapons from miscellany, or servicing even the most bent-out-of-shape hunks-of-junk-that-fly.

Technicians receive points for Tech, which can be spent to succeed in any mechanical or engineering fix-it or build, slice into a mainframe, or grant you access to just the tools you need to get the job done.

Associate (Influence): You don’t get your hands dirty, but regardless, your involvement in the world of crime is clear. Whether you are a politician with underhanded dealings, a wealthy mogul in need of illegal goods or services, a pretty and vivacious socialite in it for the thrills, or the one pulling all the invisible strings, your role as an associate sets you apart from the action, though keeps you as involved as anyone.

Associates receive points for Influence, which can be spent to pull in favors, succeed in difficult negotiations, or change the way events shape up.

NEW Gambler (Odds): Gamblers are the smooth, suave, fast-talking, high-rolling charmers of the Underworld. Whether it be Sabbac, dice, or some other game of chance and luck, these risk takers always seem to come out ahead. If there's odds to be played and money to be paid, you'll find these thrill seekers putting their hard earned creds on the table to boost their wealth.

Gamblers receive points for Odds, which can be spent to ensure you have the right card in your hand (or pocket), the right roll on a die, or even the right prize in the pot of a high stakes game.


Reputation is essentially the Underworld's level system. The number of class points you receive directly correlates with your reputation level. A Reputation 1 character will have 1 class point, so on and so forth. As you level up, your character's notoriety increases; a Reputation 1 character is unknown to the galaxy, meanwhile a Reputation 10 character's name may be synonymous with the likes of Jabba the Hutt.

All new characters begin at Reputation 1.

Your class points do not reset when you level up. Leveling up will be based on character performance and milestone achievements.

The maximum Reputation level is 10.


Multiclassing becomes available at Reputation 3. Multiclassing is limited to two classes maximum. To multiclass at level up, simply choose your second class and start it with only one class point; your original class will not level up. For example, to level up from Reputation 2 to Reputation 3 as a Smuggler multiclassing in Mercenary, your character will have 2 class points in Smuggler, and 1 class point in Mercenary, and will be considered a Reputation 3 character.

Example: A Reputation 6 Bounty Hunter multiclassing in Pirate might have 4 class points in Bounty Hunter, and 2 class points in Pirate.

However, when multiclassing, your character's notoriety level is only as high as your highest class Reputation level. So, in the above example, the Reputation 6 Bounty Hunter multiclassing in Pirate will only have notoriety as high as their 4 in Bounty Hunter. So when you take on a second class, your fame stalls. The more things you do, the less known you will be.

Each time you level up after multiclassing, you must choose which class to put your additional point into.

the registry.png

Reputation 10 - The Ruler of the Underworld
The Boisterous Blue Brick, Scourge of he Outer Rim, and King of Pirates Lemmy (@Catalyst), Reputation 10

Reputation 9
Her Eminence of Gilt and Guile, Ruler of the Underworld and Boss of the Golden Rose Syndicate, Pirate Queen Jephego Rose (@corinthia), Golden Rose Syndicate, Reputation 9

Reputation 8

Reputation 6-7

Reputation 4-5

Reputation 1-3 - Recruits

Cicero Arcos, "Nakamura" (@Daxo_Grimmus), Reputation 1 Assassin
Jax Brt'n (@Darth Cruor), Reputation 1 Smuggler
Hrerssk Stosch (@Jonahframe), Reputation 1 Mercenary
Viktor Tarr (@Darth Kain), Reputation 1 Pirate
Devkas Rixian (@Revnus), Reputation 1 Pirate
Danik (@Bril'Kairn), Reputation 1 Smuggler​



Name: Cicero Arcos (Alias for jobs: Nakamura)

Age: 25 Standard years (130ABY)

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Occupation: Assassin

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Brown skin with dark black hair. Slim figured with a broad jaw line. Hazel eyes.

Affiliations and Associates: None

4 Throwing knives
Hidden Vibroblade on both arms
Basic GLIE-44 on hip

Light leather armor. Leather made from a Nexu he had killed. Not much resistance, but lightweight.

Languages: Galactic Basic

Description of Abilities: Likes to work in the shadows. Coming close to a kill and using his stealth to his advantage.

Strengths: stealth and mastery over bladed weapons. Quick learner.

Weaknesses: No true resistant armor and only good with the blaster up close.

Personality: Very quite where it is unsettling for many. He allows his actions to speak for him. Almost as if he is like the boogeyman.

Biography: Cicero grew up on Coruscant, lived on the top parts of the city. Surprisingly was well educated from his parents when he was a child and early teen years. Yet as he grew up, he never truly socialized with others. He was always unnervingly quiet around others, thinking of many possible outcomes. Running scenarios in his head constantly.

Many people of his peers in his classes stayed away from him due to the blank look on his face. Always passing each class with no fails. Some of his peers had become jealous of his success, even with how quite he always was in his classes. Trying to bully him.

The bullying had began to fester in his head, so on his free time, he had picked up lessons to learn to fight and use weapons. His parents never once questioned it, and believed that he was training for the academy beforehand, so he can excel within the academy for the local navy. Learning to proficiently use hidden blades first. His favorite were the throwing knives. Easy to conceal and easy to strike.

It was the last day of class before graduation when Cicero had snapped with his peers bullying him. They cornered him in the halls between classes, but it only amused and excited him. As if a monster had been released from its prison.

He merely smiled as he took out the blades that were hidden on him, killing one by one. Murdering the ones that he despised so much. The terror he had caused there had forced him to go into hiding from the local authorities.

Forcing him into the under city of Coruscant. Forcing him to learn quickly on using the shadows. His reputation of murdering his peers had travelled through Coruscant. Some information being passed around from the local gangs was overheard as he lingered in the shadows.

Learning that some have wanted to give him a chance to see what he is made of. So he created his alias name to protect himself, to protect his family from his horrors. The Alias of Nakamura. He sworn to never give out his real name, exhaling himself from his family as they all believed him to be dead or captured by now from the murders he committed.

Class: Assassin

Reputation: 1


The Cunning Linguist
Staff member
Underworld Ruler
Name/Title: Lemmy


Lemmy's Theme

Age: Nearing 300

Sex: M

Species: Feeorin

Homeworld: Unknown, will claim Nar Shaddaa

Occupation: Small business owner, Acquisition Department

Height: 7’1”

Appearance: If brick walls were blue and had lekku.

Weapons: Left hook, right hook, left boot, right boot, Merr-son Glop grenades, SoroSuub SLX-445 Beam Laser Cannon, Blaster pistol, Phrik-laced hooked vibrosword

Equipment: cybernetic right eye with sophisticated targeting algorithms and variable wavelength sensors, custom heavy armor, stolen and upgraded VT-49 Decimator christened “Dauntless”, Gundark ear necklace.

Affiliations: Independent; Former Hutt Cartel; Former Black Sun; Former Empire; Former Follower of Palawa

Associates: Personal protocol droid 3D-4XR (Turdf*cker or Turd); Binx, a Dazouri gangster operating out of Terminus;

Description of Abilities: Strong enough to rip the ears of a gundark (see above), martial artist and marksman supreme, Expert blasphemer, good pilot and strategist, escape artist

Personality: Gruff, unpleasant, potentially Scottish, particular distrust of “magic” users as he sees the Force as a crutch. Liable to laugh after a good brawl. Also liable to open fire. Goes treasure hunting for sport more than profit anymore.

Reputation: 3

Class: Pirate 2, Mercenary 1

You know the cards are stacked against you when you are born in the back of a cargo hold. But hey, when you’re born to lose, you gotta live to win. Nobody exemplified that more than Lemmy. While the Old Republic grew old, he was young and full of fight. Like most Feeorins, he was well built and not one to shy away from fisticuffs. In his early adolescence he was known for being a scrapper at most backwater space stations. By adulthood he was one of the biggest bruisers of Nar Shaddaa. He bullied his way to the top of the food chain and stayed up there for decades until a thankless Hutt named Jarvis put a hit on him for a few hundred thousand credits. All he'd done was beat one of his bouncers to death with another bouncer's arm... So he "snuck" his way onto a freighter (the pilot was too afraid for his life to tell him otherwise) and made his way to the center of the galaxy.

Coruscant held much more potential for Lemmy. Nar Shaddaa may have been seedy but it was entirely Hutt controlled. There were so many different gangs and crime lords on Coruscant that paid handsomely for someone that could mess up faces reliably. The bounty on his head never went away but there was a limited amount of protection afforded by working under crime bosses. There was even a point where he was a bodyguard for a Black Sun vigo.

Until Lemmy enlarged the Vigo's prat of a son's rectal cavity with his boot.

Lemmy was on the run again with a bounty a few orders of magnitude higher than the previous one. This time though, there was a war for him to hide behind. With the Clone Wars in full swing, there was plenty of mercenary work available on both sides. He didn't pick a side, just fought for whoever paid him more. Which more often than not tended to be the Seperatists. It meant that Lemmy was often at odds with Jedi generals. That was how he lost his eye. During a particularly fierce battle, he had stolen a battle droid's blaster rifle and was firing upon the leader of the clone force when the General deflected a blaster bolt up the scope of the rifle. Ironically enough, it was another mercenary named Durge who helped him escape the battle. The intent was originally to collect the bounty on Lemmy but the Gen'Dai saw Lemmy as more valuable as an ally. He helped Lemmy get a cybernetic eye and trained him in the art of dispatching Jedi. With his natural strength, combined with the teachings of Durge, Lemmy was a force to be reckoned with. But Jedi were still besting him at every turn.

Lemmy took some unsanctioned time off from the war and devoted himself to learning how to fight and defeat Jedi. He searched for methods until discovering the art of Teräs Käsi. He made his way to the planet Bunduki and learned the Jedi-killing martial art from the legendary Phow Ji. Lemmy devoted himself to the teachings of the monks, looking to become stronger than the Jedi and their precious magic. Near the end of the war, Lemmy finally had opportunity to use his new skills. While camped out in the outer rim, the battle seemed to come to him. He naturally took his place in the middle firing on both sides. When the Jedi Knight leading the battallion of clone troopers engaged him, he snapped the Jedi's neck in front of her squad. Then he proceded to slaughter the forces of both sides using her lightsaber.

Shortly after Order 66 was given, Lemmy offered his service to the newly christened Emperor to hunt and kill Jedi. He was paid exceptionally well for this and used his new wealth to pay off both the Black Sun and Jarvis the Hutt. For a time he was free. But it was no fun. So he hunted down one of the biggest ships he could fly, which happened to be an Imperial VT-49, and he took to causing as much trouble as he could for the right price. He became a scouge from the core to the outer rim, making problems for the Empire and whatever other powers he could find. Eventually he settled down with his fortune and his first mate, a Barabel named Kishamiir, and they constructed a heavily fortified base on Barab 1, complete with a hangar of exotic ships and a planetary defense system. This was the closest thing to family that Lemmy would ever have. It was dashed away when he outlived Kishamiir. A few years after the Battle of Endor, the Barabel succumbed to old age and died. Lemmy was devastated. He took to the Dauntless' helm and went on a grief fueled conquest to distract himself from the loneliness. Soon he was back to his old ways of hunting and pillaging.

When the Vong invaded the galaxy, Lemmy found himself fighting on the side of good for once. He proved capable of holding his own against their ground forces and was commended by the new Republic for every battle he participated in. Lemmy played at being a hero for the time being, until the Vong surrendered at Coruscant. To prove he was still as independent as ever, he launched a series of petty attacks on the Jedi order. He was back to being chased. And he loved every second of it. He would lead New Republic police forces and Jedi alike in long chases, sometimes even allowing himself to get captured just so he could escape. He always managed to find a way out with a combination of brute strength and centuries of experience more than his captors. There were close calls to be sure but never did Lemmy feel fear. Politics meant nothing to him; money was never important. Only the next adventure. He worked for anyone as long as the job sounded exciting. He didn't make many friends this way, nor were there many who actively sought his services. So he advertised with piracy. He would hit high class ships, steal only a few things and shoot the captain before he left. His name would be said in hushed whispers on backwater moons and shouted in cantinas as a curse upon other pilots. He would even make good on some of the curses he heard about, finding the pilots and harrassing them before letting them flee to spread word of his name to the far corners of the galaxy.

Darth Cruor

Well-known member
Name: Jax Brt’n
Age: 184
Sex: M
Species: Morellian
Homeworld: Morellia
Occupation: Smuggler
Height: 5’10
Appearance: 205

Morellian Enforcer Outfit

Affiliations and Associates:

.48-calibur Enforcer (father’s slug thrower), Model 434 blaster pistol, LaserHone Talon vibrodagger.

Equipment: An extensive collection of tools for both starship and droids, extra parts for his ship, a few spare blaster pistols and a rifle on his ship. His ship is an older and modified J-1 shuttle named The Gamorrean Express (2 enhanced heavy laser cannons on each wing, 1 quad medium ion cannon on each wing, rear facing quad laser cannons) which has an X-83 TwinTail starfighter in the hanger. The ship has a co-pilot droid that has worked with Jax for decades. He owns his father's body armor, oiled cloak, gloves, and boots from his time as a Morellian Enforcer.

Pilot Droid

Languages: Galactic Basic, Morellian, Rodian, Devaronian.

Description of Abilities: Pilot, marksman, smuggler, mechanic, liar, gambler, thief, jack of all trades.

Strengths: Great pilot, excellent marksman, seasoned smuggler.
Weaknesses: While strong doesn’t have the best cardio conditioning, has an overwhelming sense of curiosity, willing to take risks that could prove fatal.

Personality: Realistic, a bit paranoid and untrusting of others, always has his eye out for a scheme that will benefit him. He usually has a somewhat welcoming demeanor, though he is careful to share very little about himself personally and tends to not get involved with others.

Biography: Jax was not fortunate enough to grow up with a traditional family, permanent home, or any kind of stability whatsoever. He was the son of a smuggler named Manx Brt’n, forced into the occupation due to the decline of the Morellian Commonwealth, once his wife had passed he left Morellia with everything he had left….his son. A capable and prosperous smuggler, Manx could thank much of his success to his time as a Morellian Enforcer, the police force of the Commonwealth. They were often times considered brutal, their methods unfair and deceptive, and oftentimes corrupt. By the time Jax was a grown man he had decades of experience smuggling with his father and had learned nearly everything his old man had, which was fortunate as his father passed due to sudden heart failure. Devastated Jax took a long break, settled on a backwater planet for a few years, and worked on his ship most of that time. Eventually he got bored with it, his life was among the stars. Taking his father’s pistol out of the safe he kept it in, he cleaned the old weapon and placed it under his pilot seat for good luck.

He then took off to see what fortune he could find.

Class: Smuggler

Reputation: 1
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Name: Hrerssk Stosch

Age: 36 (middle aged)

Sex: Male

Species: Trandoshan

Homeworld: Trandosha

Occupation: Hunter, bounty hunter, mercenary

Height: 2.5m

Weight: 150kg

Appearance: Exceptionally large for his species. He had thick, brown scales and wore a leather coat made from a Wookiee pelt over a dark blue flight suit. He also wore a thick combat vest capable of stopping a stab from most knives and vibroblades. He sometimes wore a bandolier to house his grenades and grenade launcher

Affiliations and Associates: R9-D5 astromech droid painted dark blue with brown markings

Weapons: Bowcaster (taken from a Wookiee), grenade launcher, Neuronic whip, left hand: wrist gauntlet w/ vibriblade, right hand: gauntlet w/ blaster

Equipment: 3 concussion grenades, 3 stun grenades, spare power packs, wrist mounted vibroblade, wrist mounted blaster, stun cuffs

Ship: Class 720 freighter. Modified with an additional ion cannon and the port cargo hold was refitted to house prey and collected bounties

Languages: Dosh, Huttese, Galactic Basic, understands Shyriiwook

Description of Abilities: incredible strength, regenerative properties, infrared vision, master combatant, master marksman

Strengths: Hrerssk is brave and tough. He has spent many years in the galaxy hunting anything that moves. He knows much of the universe and uses his knowledge to his advantage.

Weaknesses: prideful and prone to angry outbursts, it doesn’t take much to send him on a rampage.

Personality: keen and quizzical he is always watching his surroundings. He has average intelligence but is still a capable tactician. He also has a strong sense of camaraderie and is willing to accept anyone who proves themselves.

Biography: Hrerssk was born on Trandosha, the planet of his people. At the age of thirteen he went on his first Wookiee hunt with his clan. He searched for two weeks before finding a good opportunity and, using only a vibroblade, he killed a Wookiee twice his size. With the hunt being a success he returned home. For four years he hunted between his home world and Kashyyyk collecting many jagannath points. At this point he grew tired of hunting the beasts found in his home star system. So, against the will of his clan, he set out for glory and space unknown.

From seventeen to twenty-two he hunted hundreds of creatures ranging from sentient to non-sentient; gaining much glory as well as many jagannath points. Eventually his skills were recognized and he was called upon by the private sector to collect on bounties. He did a lot of private work and found many jobs working for some of the biggerst crime syndicates. But he soon grew tired of hunting for other people’s glory. By the age of twenty-five he found that he made a great mercenary. And by the age of thirty he had decided to become a mercenary full time, keeping the hunt for himself

Class: Mercenary
Level: Recruit
Reputation -1

Darth Kain

Legendary Member
Dark Council
Character Summary: A ruthless pirate with no regard for anyone but his long-lost brother, who he is searching for to this day.


Name: Viktor Tarr

Age: 41

Sex: Male

Species: Quarren

Homeworld: Dac

Occupation: Fallen Pirate

Height: 5'11 (1.8 meters)

Appearance: Pallid green skin with a multitude of tentacles drooping from his face. Soft blue eyes that appear equally weary and cautious.

Affiliations and Associates: Older Brother (Missing), 3D-4X Administrative Droid

Weapons: Vibrocutlass, K-16 Bryar Pistol

Equipment: Leather Pirate Hat (Worn), Leather Coat (Worn), Leather Boots (Worn)

Languages: Quarrenese (Fluent), Galactic Basic (Fluent), Huttese (Semi-fluent)

Description of Abilities: Skilled Swordsman, Remarkable Marksman, Proficient Pilot, Undeniable Charisma

Personality: Harsh to nearly everyone he comes across, few are willing to argue with this sharp-tongued Quarren. Sees credits as a means to an end.

Biography: Viktor was born to an impoverished family on the planet of Dac. His mother and father struggled to make ends meet, and therefore did not hesitate to send Viktor's older brother to the Jedi Order in order to have one less mouth to feed. The separation left Viktor feeling rather empty in his childhood, morphing him into a colder man than his parents would have ever wished.
As soon as he was of age, Viktor abandoned his family to travel the stars, deciding to use his natural talent in a fight to good use. He took what he wanted by any means necessary, which inspired quite a few men and women to follow his example. He led this band of pirates on quite a few adventures before he learned of what had happened to his parents, and the rest of his homeworld. They had been wiped out, erased by the sinister Sith Empire. Viktor cared little for his parents, but there was an undeniable loathing of the Sith that followed Dac's destruction.
This loathing eventually led him to make one of the most idiotic decisions of his life: he attempted to steal a Star Destroyer. Suffice to say, it did not end well. His entire crew had been slaughtered, and he had been captured. Tortured for months, Viktor owed his escape to an Imperial prison riot. But this has not occurred before he had been both physically and mentally scarred, tortured with visions of his older brother in peril on a world of storms. With no crew to speak of, save a protocol droid he rewired after his escape, he has dedicated the rest of his pirating skill to finding his brother. No matter the cost.
The first step of this journey would, as it does with most tales of piracy, start with finding a ship.

Class: Pirate

Reputation: 1

Name: Devkas Rixian

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Species: Devaronian

Homeworld: Devaron

Occupation: Pirate

Height: 6’ 5’’

Appearance: He has brown skin and facial hair. His eyes are a deep green. He is bald, with a short but full beard covering his face. He is fairly well-built, with well developed muscles all over his body. He is covered in several scars, including one that goes across his face between his eyes. Beneath his armor, his typical attire is a leather jacket over a plain shirt, cargo pants, and combat boots.

Affiliations and Associates: He is a member of the Crimson Dawn syndicate, and heads up a pirate crew tasked with attacking and claiming targets such as fuel supply trains or cargo ships.

Weapons: A-180 blaster, A-310 blaster rifle, durasteel one-handed sword, vibroblade

Equipment: Medium-class armor chest place and a pauldron taken from a Mandalorian with a Crimson Dawn symbol painted on, lockpicks, garrote wire, thermal detonators, CR90 Corvette nicknamed “Dawnbreaker”

Languages: Devaronese, Basic, Droid

Description of Abilities: Expert pilot and marksman, skilled in armed and unarmed melee combat, skilled tactician for battles, well-versed in the art of naval combat.

Strengths: Devkas is loyal and committed to his cause. He is fierce in a fight and won’t give up on a job in the face of adversity. He also has a tactical presence of mind that is surprising to those who have only gathered a first impression of him.

Weaknesses: Devkas’ tenacity during a job is just as likely to become a liability than it is a strength. He has a tendency to put the end goal above all else, even when the situation becomes quite dire.

Personality: On the outside, Devkas is loud and brash, just another thug in Crimson Dawn’s employ. On the inside however, lies a man with ambition and drive. He maps out his hits before the engines on his ship even warm up, and in a naval battle has countless scenarios cycling through his mind simultaneously. He presents himself as a brutish figure to throw off potential opponents, hiding his true face until the time is ripe to strike. Devkas also longs for wealth and power, and to have his name remembered long after he leaves this plane of existence.

Biography: Born on Devaron, Devkas lost his family while quite young due to a freak house fire. After that, he ended up living on the streets for years, picking up various unsavory skills. At 19, he felt the call of the stars like so many males of his race, and began travelling the galaxy as a nomadic thief. A year after he left, Devkas found himself on the wrong end of a Crimson Dawn higher up’s blaster after a botched burglary, and ended up being pressed into service to the syndicate. Since then, he’s operated as a pirate, taking jobs for the syndicate to stay alive. He now bears the scars of the life of a pirate, and has found that it is the perfect outlet for his desires and dreams.

Reputation Level: 1


Imperatrix of the Sith
Staff member
Sith Empress
Final Triumvirate
Dark Council
Master of the Order
Jedi Council

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Character Summary:

Jephego Rose is an Iridonian Zabrak pirate with a penchant for credits and gold and a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Garrulous, gaudy, aggressive, and cocky, she's well-versed in holding her own in a fight with her fists, a blaster, or a vibroblade and can fly (or steal) just about any ship out there. She takes no flak and believes the Force is nothing more than a hokey religion for gullible idiots.​

Name/Title: Pirate Queen Jephego Rose, Ruler of the Underworld and Boss of the Golden Rose Syndicate; Her Eminence of Gilt and Guile

Age: 30 (220, b. 64 BBY) – as of 156 ABY

Sex: F

Species: Iridonian Zabrak

Homeworld: Jedha

Occupation: Pirate Queen, Syndicate Boss

Height: 6'

Appearance: Jephego Rose is a tall and athletic Iridonian Zabrak woman; her long face is decorated with the traditional linear tattoos of Iridonian Zabraks and adorned with a multitude of aurodium piercings in her cheeks, lower lip, tongue, septum, and ears. Two large gold hoops in her right ear and a large gold hoop and long threader earring in her left ear is her signature earring style. Her complexion is a medium olive, and her honey-colored eyes are upturned and usually underlined with black kohl. She has long jet hair with narrow bangs that she wears parted down the middle and in two braids that start close together at the nape of her neck—her braids are decorated with plenty of aurodium cuffs, rings, and baubles. Her other piercings include three aurodium barbell knuckle piercings on each hand, and two dermal piercings at the nape of her neck. She has one gold tooth; her lower left canine.

If it isn't obvious, Jephego loves gold; she wears aurodium rings on almost every finger, aurodium bangles, and at least one chain necklace. She wears a burgundy surplice blouse tucked into slim-fitting high-waisted black trousers, with slick shiny black boots with gold-plated heels; and, of course, her deep purple greatcoat. She wears two leather belts; one with her blaster holster on it and an ostentatious gold belt buckle, and the other with her curved vibroblade scimitar and her rapier-styled darksaber hilt.

Affiliations and Associates: The Sith Empire, Aurelia Illium, Cash Moheji, the Golden Rose Syndicate. Formerly Black Sun, Yana Medine, various small-time gangs.

Weapons: One DL-18 blaster pistol, a scimitar-like vibroblade, and a rapier-styled darksaber.

Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki, Huttese, various bits of languages spoken on Jedha. Speaks with a thick Zabraki accent.

Description of Abilities: Jephego is a very competent markswoman and swordfighter; she's handy in a brawl, likes to fight dirty, and isn't averse to shooting someone in the back to get what she wants. She's a phenomenally accomplished pilot and navigator, and is especially skilled at breaking into and hijacking ships of all varieties. She's relatively handy at mechanics, but can't work miracles.

Strengths: A fast thinker and even faster doer, street-smart, and logical. Exceptional and creative pilot and navigator. Grade-A bullshit detector. Fast and convincing talker.

Weaknesses: Not Force-sensitive, and believes the Force isn't real. Not the best listener and struggles to make good on her promises. Rushes into confrontations. Vulnerable to feeling displaced or excluded. Impatient.

Personality: Jephego has a nasty habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it has her convinced the galaxy is out to get her. Talkative, gaudy, hot-tempered, cocky, and impulsive, she tends to act first and think second. She loves credits, gold, and nice ships above all else. She doesn't believe in the Force at all; in fact, she'll be quick to tell you off if you try to convince her otherwise. She's quick to make promises she can't deliver on. She doesn't like being told what to do and handles criticism very badly. However, Jephego's outward demeanor is an unshakable defense for a soul that's just looking to find where it fits in the galaxy—she's felt like an outcast for almost all her life.

Biography: Though she was born on Iridonia, Jephego Rose and her mother moved to Jedha two weeks after Jephego's birth in 64 BBY. Jephego's mother, Jirika Rose, was a deeply religious believer in the Force, and thought it was necessary to raise her daughter on Jedha so that Jephego would be as holy and spiritual as possible. Jephego's father was a spacer who thought that idea was a load of bantha crap and disappeared just days after Jephego's birth; he was never seen since.

Jephego's childhood was a sheltered one of poverty—Jephego and her mother lived in the Holy Quarter of NiJedha, where Jirika spent her mornings at the Temple of the Kyber and her afternoons peddling chintzy souvenirs to tourists. They ate little, owned little, and lived in a room barely big enough for the two of them where Jephego would stay while her mother was out. As Jephego grew older, she was homeschooled by her mother, learning to read and write and studying religious texts. She was sheltered and isolated from others her age. By age ten, Jephego had grown to deeply resent her homeschooling. All she wanted was to go to school and play in the streets with the other children. When the day finally came that she was allowed to venture outside while Jirika was off selling her wares, Jephego was confronted with her lack of socialization, and felt anxious and unable to step in and join the games being played in the alleyway. She hovered at the edges of the gathering of children until she was elbowed out of the way and pushed down by a rambunctious boy. Overwhelmed, Jephego retreated to her home.

But Jephego was starving for anything other than isolation and her mother's religious texts—after all, no matter how frequently her mother said it, the Force didn't seem to be providing for them. They were still sequestered in the dirtiest, most cramped corner of NiJedha, where they starved often, and where her mother would abandon her daily to worship at a temple that did nothing for them. Emboldened and determined, Jephego continued to chip away at becoming braver and braver with the other kids that played in the alleyway, until Jephego was the one who did the elbowing and shoving. And she loved it. For once, she felt in control and a part of something.

Once Jephego hit her teen years, she was questioning everything her mother taught her. She had begun to refuse to believe that the Force was even real; if the Force was so omnipresent and omnipotent, why did they have to work so hard just to survive? Didn't the Force see she and her mother were starving? Couldn't the Force do something about it? And if it's truly as fulfilling as they say, why did she feel so incomplete? Growing more and more restless, Jephego began to dream about life offworld. She dreamt about the father she never knew, an intrepid spacer with a ship who went on adventures and brought her mother trinkets. What sort of trinkets did he bring? Were they precious? Where were those trinkets now? Jephego wanted to go on adventures, too. She wanted to see the whole galaxy and know its riches! No, not just know its riches—she wanted its riches.

Jephego sought out how to leave Jedha—she worked odd jobs until she could afford a ticket to Corellia, where she believed she could find opportunity as a pilot, despite having no prior experience. So at age seventeen, Jephego bade her mother goodbye, took a small satchel of all her belongings, and moved to Corellia.

On Corellia, Jephego felt lost and small on a planet so big and bustling. She found work in a shipyard moving ship parts and making repairs, and worked there tirelessly, doing her best to not allow herself to succumb to feeling alone and out-of-place. She learned how to swear like the spacers who came through the shipyard did, copied their swagger and casualness, and observed with enthusiasm when fights broke out on the docks. She studied them with zeal; and when she wasn't watching the spacers, she was familiarizing herself with the cockpit of every ship she worked on. After a few months, she bought herself a blaster; carrying it on her hip was a confidence boost like no other. It was like a switch had flipped on, and tall, gangly and awkward Jephego from Jedha was no more—now she was Jephego Rose, rough and tumble shipyard lackey and aspiring pilot.

After a year and some weeks on Corellia, though, Jephego saw an opportunity: pirates had come to the shipyard and were about to hijack the ship she had been ferrying upgrade parts to all day. This could be her ticket to a life of adventure and riches! She had watched them stealth into the ship's cockpit: three burly ones and a smaller pinkish one she assumed to be the leader. Mustering her courage and all the spacer swagger she could—she followed. Confronted in the cockpit with four blasters aimed at her head, Jephego swore up and down that the ship wasn’t operational, but if they could give her two hours to get it into flying condition, she would let them have it and wouldn’t say a peep. To her amazement, they agreed.

Shoved off the ship, Jephego hit the ground running, hijacking a coworker’s speeder to race home, throw her clothes in a bag, and race back in time to pretend to fix the (already fully operational) YT-2400 light freighter. She faked fixing it for the better part of an hour, stashing her bag of clothes in an out-of-the-way compartment and scoping out a place to hide herself on the ship.

So, when she gave the pirates the all clear signal and they began to take off, Jephego grabbed hold of a landing strut. Terrified of falling to her death, Jephego clamored to the airlock, and let herself inside—only to come face to face with Zeltron pirate captain Yana Medine pointing her blaster at Jephego and laughing hysterically. Expecting to be swiftly dealt with, Jephego flinched when Yana lowered her blaster and held out her hand for a handshake. Jephego had impressed Yana with her spunk.

With that handshake, Jephego Rose joined the crew of the Silver Thunder, as the stolen freighter would later be known as.

Under Yana's tutelage, Jephego learned how to properly use and care for her blaster, how to fist fight, how to pilot, how to use a vibroblade, and how to navigate the galaxy. Jephego absolutely doted on Yana and the seasoned galactic swindler and traveler that she was. With Yana Medine and crew, Jephego began to craft herself an image: she would be Jephego Rose, purveyor of aurodium trinkets and lover of credits, a flashy and charming scoundrel.

The time she spent with the crew of the Silver Thunder was the time of Jephego's life—she wouldn't have traded it for anything.

That is, until four years later when Jephego dumps the crew, re-names the ship the Damask Rose, and makes off with quite a considerable amount of loot, leaving Yana Medine and company high and dry.

From there, Jephego zig-zagged across the galaxy, following whatever lead would bring her the most credits, collecting a crew of her own, and leaving a trail of mild destruction and awe in her wake. She built herself a reputation for her splashy and brazen personality and her ability to swindle just about anyone; she taught herself to be one hell of a pilot, and folks from the galaxy's underbelly began to recognize her for it. Jephego and her crew became known for their showy piracy and dubious fighting methods, and Jephego savored every drop of attention it brought her. Finally, she felt at home. And for about a year, everything was coming up roses for Jephego Rose.

But she had gotten a little too confident a little too quickly and made one half-assed deal too many, and soon found herself being pursued by the Hutt Clan and Black Sun for not following up on a deal. Forced into hiding, Jephego stashes the Damask Rose on some remote desert planet and spends almost a year narrowly evading capture until she finds herself at long last in the wrong place at the wrong time—and is handily apprehended by one Yana Medine, now a leader in the Black Sun syndicate and Jephego's new nemesis.

Jephego spends several months in a Black Sun prison cell, until she's broken out by what's left of her crew and taken to where the Damask Rose has been hidden. And so begins Jephego's habitual cycle of capture and escape, punctuated by her crew's mutiny, the capture of the Damask Rose, and Yana Medine's tireless pursuit, until finally, after years of brassily negotiating herself into deals and promises she can't make good on, she's put into a prison she can't break out of: a block of carbonite.

At 28 years old, Jephego sees her last glimpse of the galaxy as she knows it, and meets her static fate.

Jephego's carbonite-encased body is loaded onto a cargo ship for delivery to a member of the Tenloss Syndicate in the Mandalore sector; en route to its destination, the cargo ship suffers a freak accident along a hyperspace lane, and with Jephego and a slew of other priceless artifacts sealed inside, the ship is left to float in Wild Space, deemed unsalvageable.

And then she's forgotten.

190 years later, the cargo ship is found and unsealed by an intrepid junker, and Jephego is rescued. After a day of hibernation sickness that put Jephego near death, she's dumped and left to fend for herself in a galaxy she no longer recognizes—only to find herself once again in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Two years after emerging from her carbonite prison, a twist of fate finds Jephego put at the top of the Underworld as its reigning Queen, with a syndicate of her own and all the riches she could ever desire.

Reputation: 10

Class: Pirate
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Character Sheet Template

Character Summary:

Name: Danik







Weighing in at 190 pounds, Danik has an athletic build. His skin is a light blue color and his eyes are crimson, both being typical of his race. Black hair cut short and slicked back. Wearing black pants and knee high black boots as well as a white t-shirt. He wears a shoulder holster concealed under a black leather jacket. On his waist is a gun belt with a holster.

Affiliations and Associates:

ELG-3A blaster pistol concealed in a shoulder holster under his left arm beneath his jacket.
Westar-34 blaster pistol in the holster on his belt.
Vibroknife in a sheath in his boot.

XS Light Freighter dubbed the Banshee


Description of Abilities:
Well rounded pilot and smuggler
Skilled thief
Proficient Marksman excelling in quickdraw
Unarmed brawler

Quick witted

Has a heart
Quick to anger
Quite trigger happy


Danik's earliest memory comes as a child on Corellia. He never knew his parents both what happened to them. The closest thing he ever had to family was the elderly Rodian woman who adopted him and raised him from birth. She didn't know his name or where he came from as she only found a newborn sleeping in an abandoned pram. Taking pity upon the poor boy she took him in. Life was good with his adoptive mother.

She ran a droid shop where the pair spent much of their time. There Danik learned much about droids as well as other forms of technology. When he was eight years old however the Chiss boy's world shattered when his adoptive mother hugged him good night before passing away in her sleep. Her shop assistant took over her droid shop and looked after him but things weren't the same. At the age of ten years old Danik ran away from home.

Living on the streets wasn't easy by any means. Scraps of food had to be fought over with other orphans. Many nights he shivered in the cold. This went on for another two years until he ran afoul of a gang of local thieves. The Chiss was beaten and bloodied before being brought before their leader, a young man by the name of Shil Goss. Upon seeing his potential Shil took Danik under his wing.

For the next twelve years Danik made a life for himself as a thief. A natural at his craft, the Chiss was able to expand the gang's operations offworld. Using his appearance to his advantage Danik was able to pose as a dignitary to discover priceless artifacts and works of art. When he was able to steal his own ship the gangs operation grew tenfold. Danik found many opportunities open up to him.

Many times the Chiss found himself smuggling cargo in his XS Light Freighter. He developed quite a reputation for himself as a capable smuggler among many criminal organizations. Before long his gang on Corellia grew jealous at his success and wanted a stake in what he grew to become. Setting an ambush in the hanger he was docked in through a fake smuggling deal they sought to tarnish his reputation.

Their plan failed however as Danik drew his trusty blaster and gunned down many of his now former gang. His heart grew heavy but he knew it was their lives or his. Departing from the hanger, the Chiss exited the atmosphere and ventured off in search of new beginnings.

Class: Smuggler



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Hadzuska_The Jester

Well-known member
Dark Council
Character Summary:


Name: JJ (Real name unknown)

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Mandalore

Occupation: Religious Zealot

Height: 6’0”

Appearance: Bleached white skin, long green dreadlocks, wears a ripped up straight jacket for flair

Affiliations and Associates: None

Weapons: a blaster pistol, a fake blaster pistol with a flag in it (when fired a second time acts as a spear gun)

Equipment: Joy Buzzer (charged up to be like a taser), razor cards

Languages: Galactic basic, Mandoa, Huttese

Description of Abilities: Trained in hand to hand combat in the form of Teras Kasi, prefers to get up close and personal in a fight but is a good marksman, new weapons take a minute or two to be understood, makes homemade explosives when needed

Strengths: Highly resistant to pain from years of being tortured, due to his consistent devotion to his God anyone that tried to enter his mind would find themself in a labyrinth dedicated to his insanity

Weaknesses: Certifiably insane

Personality: Believes he was remade in God’s image, only truly happy when doing “God’s” work

Biography: As a boy [redacted] was playing outside, pretending to be a warrior like his father, then God appeared and entered his house, and he decided to eavesdrop on what happened. Apparently his father failed a contract for them, he had never heard his mother scream in terror like that, or his father scream in such pain as a green glow could be seen under the door along with the sound of crackling energy. Then he heard the first words ever from God himself. “I gain nothing from this, you learn nothing from this, so here is what I’m gonna do. That child on the other side of that door belongs to me now. He will live for me. He will kill for me. And he will die for me.” With those last words he heard his mother shriek, he heard a slap and then a hard crash as if something, or someone was thrown through a wall in their home. Then the door opened and God dragged him by the back of his shirt away from his home, from his family, and everything he knew for the last time.

That was the last and only thing he remembered from his past life. After that it was pain and torture as God remade him in his own image. And remade him he did, his skin matched, his hair matched, but that wasn’t good enough for his gracious Lord.


He spent days, weeks, months, maybe even years focused on turning him into perfection to do his will. It was pain, but it was necessary. His mind had to be remolded, just like his body, but it was much harder to do. But if anyone could do it, it was God. Then finally it was done, the pain, the suffering, God had made him perfect. Then the training began, it was brutal, it was intense, it was deadly. But most importantly, it was perfect. He trained with many types of weapons, he quickly learned the best way to use them as if it was second nature, of course God would give him this ability. There was no way he would have been able to do this in his past life as a [redacted].

Last year his God released him with several words of wisdom. “Go. Live, laugh, kill. Live for me. Kill for me. Die for me, and no one else. Be an agent of Chaos, spread a little anarchy. And most importantly, there is no slaughter without laughter.” That was a year ago today, and he still hasn’t heard from his God since, but he continued to do his work.

Class: Assassin
Reputation: 1

Dark Lady Makaria

Dark Council

Name: Na’hir Sanghera

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Homeworld: Kuat

Occupation: Smuggler

Height: 5’10

Appearance: (Banita Sandhu faceclaim) A little broad-shouldered, and moderately muscled, imposing in glamour, with an inscrutable smile. While not quite towering, she enjoys leveraging her height over others. Her eyes always seem to have a mysterious air.

Affiliation: Na’hir is part of the Golden Rose Syndicate. Obviously affiliated with the Sanghera family and their shipyards.

Associations: No known associates.

Weapons: Typically, Na’hir keeps two or three blasters on her person, and several knives and vibroblades, both throwing and stabbing types.

Equipment: An astromech named Spook, for how silent his casing is. She also has some lightweight gear, mostly good for reducing the impact of blaster shots and deflecting blades.

Vehicles: Na’hir has her favorite personal ship, called the Aurora, modified for speed and a couple extra blasters, and a variety of ships she keeps on hand for smuggling. However, she does have access to her family’s above-board ships if need be.

Languages: Na’hir, as befitting her family, is fluent in several languages. Basic and Kuat, of course, Huttese, Mando’a, Duros, High Galactic, Rys, Cheuhn, Twi’leki, and Bocce.

Abilities: Na’hir has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, and training to increase her speed, strength, and stamina. Along with training to resist interrogation and escape tactics. This was because as the main daughter of an important political Kuati family, kidnappings and ransoms were constant threats.

Strengths: Because of her family, Na’hir has access to her family’s resources, transport, wealth, and other privileges of the Sanghera name. Also Na’hir is remarkably charming and ingratiating. Her confidence makes it easy for her to enter any group.

Weaknesses: Other than the obvious vulnerabilities that constant smugness and overconfidence will give you, Na’hir’s next greatest flaw is that she loves partying. Most frequently, Na’hir will come off a mission, take a few days off, and go on a bender for a day or so, most frequently alcohol, ryll, and millaflower, but when that isn’t enough, she’s been known to use avabush spice as a downer. Once she’s ‘leveled out’ she’s ready for the next mission. She’s also very wary of taking jobs or going into situations that might get her captured and tortured, or disfigured.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Raised and groomed to lead her family, Na’hir is cunning, gregarious, adaptable, and ruthless. In the cockpit Na’hir is focused, but entirely an adrenaline junkie. In the club or at bars Na’hir is warm and generous, and incredibly friendly, though don’t let it fool you into thinking she cares. As befitting her heritage, Na’hir can be quite smug and pompous. Also notably, Na’hir learned early that the Sanghera name gave her the power to do almost anything she wanted, meaning she quite frequently acts like she owns something until she does own it. It’s very effective.

Biography: Na’hir was born to the Sanghera family, cradled in the palms of the Kuati spacedocks. Her parents, brilliant and cutthroat strategists in their own right, poured everything into ensuring that their two daughters, who were just as brilliant and just as willing to dirty their hands. Their house could easily trace their ancestry back to the Ten, and they ensured that Na’hir knew just what that meant.

Her parents whetted her and her sister on Kuati politics, forcing her to sink or swim in the treacherous waters of her home planet. After all, she had a sister and cousins who could take her place if she failed. And as her parents saw what was coming on the horizon of the Sith Empire, they groomed her for Imperial life.

After all, greasing palms and sabotaging your enemies was just as useful in the Empire as it was on Kuat.

Still, no life is lived in stasis. As soon as she was old enough to start her own backroom dealings, Na’hir also began spending nights in the city. It was dangerous, of course, and Na’hir happily foiled small plots by enemy houses to discredit or kill her, and escape kidnapping attempts. She loved exerting her power over the common people in these areas, and cultivated a slavish fanbase that did anything she said and kissed her boots on demand. It was delightful.

For fun, she decided to personally smuggle some small, but illegal, trinkets. It was a short run, but the adrenaline rush changed her life. Piloting had always been of high interest, but now she couldn’t get enough. The thrill of anticipation, the creeping fear of getting caught, the back alley dealings.

Her family was not thrilled, but were soon swayed by her argument and skills. Her sister could take over the ‘legitimate’ side of the family and, like the turn of a coin, Na’hir could handle a more discreet smuggling empire. There the family would hold reins of power above and below, and bring great amounts of money to the family. And if Na’hir were to be caught or dead? Well, they had a nice cover story for that.

Class: Smuggler

Reputation: 1

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