Discussion The retcon of the rule of 2.


Apparently, Disney has decided that the rule of two instead of being as we all know it.

"One Master to embody the power and one Apprentice to train under them and fulfill their purpose." Whether that purpose was like Maul, to die and be replaced or like Sidious and kill the Master and replace him. "

To now we hear that it was actually implemented to eventually create a force dyad on the dark side of the force.

I want to know what everyone's opinion on this change is.


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I think it's an interesting change. The concept of a dyad, being that those who are connected as such will have their abilities enhanced, is very cool. I think it gives bigger purpose, beyond just securing victory for the Sith by leveling the Jedi, as it feels like a more logical endgame.


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It does add an interesting dynamic and open up new possibilities. I do not believe that it sours or tarnishes the original intentions and statements associated with the Rule of Two, as I think all of those things can still apply. All this does is add another layer to the Rule of Two.

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I agree with Draconis. The RoT is still alive and well.

The Dyad is a different concept. As @B3rzerker said, it is a connection between two Force users. It enhances their abilities.

The RoT was specifically for training new blood. It ensured the Sith would go on. After all, what dummy would kill their master only to convert and die right after?


About this subject . You may find this film on YouTube intresting

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