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Backstory The Legacy of Sedriss Nathemus and King Taranos: A Dragona Dynasty Genealogy

Darth Nathemus

King of Firefist
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Sedriss Nathemus, born as Coatlec Bar-Nihl in 132 ABY, was the son of Darth Nihl I. There are conflicting reports on his mother. Some say he was born from Nihl's wife, Darth Kaos I, also known as Darth Viscretus, but others say he was the illegitimate son of Nihl and Darth Talon. Nihl and Kaos also had a daughter that same year: Nirai, best known as Darth Kaos II. Nathemus would marry the daughter of King of Tof, who upon his abdication, would become Queen Ellisana I. This union would birth the family name: Dragona. Nathemus and Ellisana's firstborn son, Leviticus, best known as Darth Nathemus II, was born in 170 ABY. The Sedriss and the Queen's daughter, Sandara, who would become Lady Nathema, was born the following year. Leviticus Dragona (Nathemus II) married a wife, and they had two sons. In 202 ABY, the one who would become King Tonas the Uniter, who united the two Firefist kingdoms, was born. In 221 ABY, the son who became Darth Nihl II, was born. Sandara (Nathema) married a husband, and they had a son and daughter. Their son  Odious was born in 204 ABY, and their daughter who became Darth Kaos III was born eleven years later. Kaos III married a husband and they had a set of twins, a son and daughter, Draven and Ellisana II, in 264 ABY. Nihl II married a wife, and they had one daughter, Reyscha, in 274 ABY. Reyscha married a wife named Kyri, and through a donor they had one daughter,  Marvana, in 341 ABY. Marvana married a husband, and they had two sons. Their firstborn, Thorias, who became King Taranos, was born in 400 ABY. His younger brother, Lakren, was born five years later. Taranos married a Tof Nobleman's daughter who would become Queen Nilana, and the two had a daughter and twin sons. Their daughter Danora, later Lady Danora, was born in 452 ABY. Their twin sons, Asger and  Alvar, were born in 470 ABY. Asger married a wife named Omi, and Alvar married a husband named  Sonel.

As of 617 ABY, the following Dragonas are living:

  • Nihl II (396 years old)
  • Draven (353 years old)
  • Reyscha (343 years old) and Kyri (340 years old)
  • Marvana (276 years old)
  • King Taranos (217 years old) and Queen Nilana (210 years old)
  • Lakren (212 years old)
  • Danora (165 years old)
  • Alvar (147 years old) and Sonel (150 years old)
  • Asger (147 years old) and Omi (144 years old)
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