Execution The Execution of Acolyte Malignus

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When Acolyte Malignus awoke, he did so in a panic. The room surrounding him was dark, so dark. He had only just been in the Horuset Lounge, what had happened? He could not move, and upon further investigation his limbs were all restrained by something… no, someone. Or was it?

The Acolyte let out a yelp as the things restraining him sunk into his skin. The warm trickle of blood cascaded down his arms, but still he could not see what had wounded him. He tried to fight it, but the creature kept its claws in him.

“Acolyte,” The sinister voice of Lady Kolasi rang. Not in his ears, but his mind. The Lady’s presence could be felt nearby, but he would not see her. The silence of the room still lingered, and his lack of senses was almost overwhelming.

“You disrespected the Dark Council, and when called on it you chose to not correct your mistakes, and quit in a fit of rage. This weakness is not suited for our Order, or to be in my presence. I warned you to correct your mistakes, you did not. Therefore, you will die.”

The Dark Lady allowed the silence to linger, allowed the Acolyte to begin whimpering and begging for his life. It humored her, enough to make her smirk in response.

“Odojinya,” She whispered, finally breaking through the silence of the room. A web of side energy bursted from the other side of the room, hurling itself towards the Acolyte so quickly he could not react. The smoke demons released him, allowing his small, frail body to be encapsulated by the Sith Spell. He began to feel his energy, and life, slowly leach from his body. The room was now bright, revealing the demons and the Dark Lady standing only a few feet in front of him.

“You will stay here, until you die. This will slowly leach the energy from your body, until you are too weak to even breathe. Your death will be meaningless, coinciding with the theme that was your life. Goodbye, Acolyte. I did try to warn you.”

The Acolyte tried to scream, but could not. The Dark Lady turned on her heal and walked out, the smoke demons following behind her and sealing the Acolyte’s tomb.
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