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Resource The Classes and Powers of a Jedi: Character Sheet Resource

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Welcome to the Holy Jedi Order's Character Sheet Archive and Force Power Codex.

Here is where you can find all the information you need to build a new character to participate in the ESEF's Jedi faction, the Holy Order of the Jedi. If you have questions about how to fill out your character sheet, please feel free to ask them in this thread, or PM @Darth Nathemus or @corinthia. The HJO is always happy to lend a hand.

Character Sheet Template
Description of Abilities:


Level 1: Initiate/Padawan, 15 points
Level 2: Padawan, 20 points
Level 3: Padawan, 25 points
Level 4: Jedi Knight, 35 points
Level 5: Jedi Knight, 50 points
Level 6: Jedi Master, 75 points, 1 Paragon
Level 7: Jedi Lord, 100 points, 2 Paragons
Level 8: Jedi Lord Protector, 150 points, 3 Paragons
Level 9: Special Appointment, 225 points, 4 Paragons
Level 10: King/Queen of the Jedi, 350 points, 5 Paragons

Skill Point Limitations
Force powers may not be increased to 2 points until character is Level 3. Powers may not be increased to 3 until character is Level 5. Powers may not be increased to 4 until character is Level 7. Powers may not be increased to 5 until character is Level 9.

All Paragon powers cost 10 points and are level-locked to the specified levels.

Skill Point Degrees of Proficiency
0 – Ability not known. The player cannot use this Skill, and does not need to list this Skill in the Skills section of their Character Sheet.
1 – Novice. The player is able to use the Skill at a low degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Jedi Padawan just beginning their training.
2 – Intermediate. The player is able to use the Skill with some degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Jedi Knight with moderate training.
3 – Advanced. The player is able to use the Skill with advanced proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of a Jedi Master.
4 – Master. The player is able to use the Skill with masterful proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of the most powerful Jedi Council members and Grand Masters, such as Luke Skywalker.
5 – Grand Master. The player is able to use the Skill with ultimate proficiency, approximately representing a gestalt of the most powerful and extreme examples of the feat in Legends Expanded Universe lore.

All free points, whether purely from leveling up or granted by a class choice, terminate at rank 3. Any increase beyond that point requires investment from the point total for a character’s level.

Level 1: At Level 1, as soon as an Initiate completes the Guides and begins making their character sheet, they may choose from Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Force Sense to add to their character sheet for free, as these are three of the most basic abilities of a Force user. They may increase the rank of this power for free as they level up, once they hit the milestone levels for rank increases, up to rank 3 at level 5.

Level 4: Upon becoming a Jedi Knight, a Jedi may choose between Thought Resistance, Force Resistance, or Force Stun to add to their character sheet for free, up to rank 3 at level 5, as these powers are more aggressive and further help to distinguish the characterization and focus of a Force user from their peers.

Level 6: When promoted to Jedi Master, all Guardians gain Force Body, all Sentinels gain Force Cloak, and all Consulars gain Force Heal to add to their character sheets for free, up to rank 3. This allows for Jedi Masters to devote points to other abilities that will help distinguish them from others without detracting from abilities core to the essence of their class.

Level 7: Jedi Lords are naturally assumed to possess the knowledge of storing knowledge, that is, to create a Jedi Holocron for themselves with which to deposit their esoteric knowledge or life experiences to help teach future generations, or else to hoard for themselves. This process is a RITUAL, regardless of the class of the Jedi Lord. They receive 3 points in this power, and may invest further points into it if they so desire, as there is a clear distinction in the quality of holocrons from various Jedi Lords of the past.


All base classes are available at Level 1; Prestige classes become available at Level 3.
Jedi Guardian
Jedi Guardians are the martial foundation of the Jedi Order; disciplined and athletic, they place their focus on the physical aspects of Jedi life, training in the art of lightsaber combat and martial arts, and honing their Force abilities for use in battle or protection. Guardians are staunch defenders of the Light and will fight with every fiber for the triumph of justice. Many, but not all, Guardians were traditionally outfitted with blue lightsabers. Jedi Guardians are masters of physicality and receive free points in Force Valor up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at Level 5.

Famous Guardians include Knight Anakin Skywalker, Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Master Mace Windu.

Jedi Consular
Jedi Consulars are healers, historians, diplomats, and seers. Consulars place their focus on the more cerebral aspects of the Force, preferring to leave their lightsabers unignited and placing faith and trust in the power of the Light to guide and sharpen their abilities through meditation and study. Compassionate and studious, Consulars excel in using nonviolent means to uphold the tenets of Jedi philosophy. Most Consulars were traditionally outfitted with emerald lightsabers, but this was not always the case. As their connection to the Force and all that surrounds them tends to be far greater than the average Jedi, Consulars receive free points in Force Bond up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 5.

Famous Consulars include Grandmaster Yoda, Grandmaster Nomi Sunrider, Grandmaster Odan-Urr, and Kreia.

Jedi Sentinel
Jedi Sentinels strike a balance between Guardians and Consulars; they are practical in their approach to the Force and its myriad applications, blending combat and non-combat abilities. Sentinels often lean towards a civilian-style life, putting their skills to use in protecting citizens. They are adept in a wide variety of non-Force skills, using their Jedi schooling to augment their chosen field of expertise. Sentinels generally carried whatever lightsaber color that was bestowed on them, though a substantial portion in the Old Republic carried yellow lightsabers. The most elusive of Jedi, they receive free points in Force Stealth up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 5.

Famous Sentinels include Bastila Shan, Kyle Katarn, Tera Sinube, and Morrit Ch’gally.

Require Level 3

Guardian Subclasses

Jedi Warrior
Jedi Warriors are almost antithetical to the order itself, used as soldiers and brutal combatants on the bloody field of honor. They are extremely physically fit and skilled in martial arts and other techniques of warfare. Due to their extreme combative focus, warriors gain access to two Approaching the Dark skills (not whole trees).

An example of a Jedi Warrior is Master Mace Windu.

Jedi Peacekeepers
Peacekeepers are the protectors of justice and harmony in the galaxy. Peacekeepers are law enforcers, sentries, ambassadors, and negotiators with well-balanced skills in both combat and non-combat areas. Jedi Peacekeepers get two free points in Force Stun, regardless of rank, and two free points in Alter Damage.

An example of a Jedi Peacekeeper is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Jedi Starfighter
Members of the Jedi Starfighter Corps use the Force in perfect harmony with their piloting. Their unrivaled reaction time and precision in starfighter combat make them the finest force multipliers in aerial combat, and when melded with other starfighters, they can apply significant force to an entire fleet. Jedi Starfighters gain two free points in Force Meld and Force Direction, regardless of rank, and also are given a starfighter to use and customise.

An example of a Jedi Starfighter is Master Saesee Tiin.

Exotic Weapon Specialist
Exotic Weapons Specialists are Jedi Guardians who have chosen to either forgo lightsabers or use it alongside other weaponry, such as a quarterstaff, electrostaff, flail, force pike, and so on. In the past, this term also applied to those who mastered unusual lightsaber variants, but this is no longer the case. Exotic Weapon Specialists gain access to Force Weapon, enhancing their weapons through the Force to resist lightsabers, deflect blaster bolts, and shatter stone; given that some specialize in use of blasters and slugthrowers, access to Force Direction is also gained.

An example of an Exotic Weapons Specialist is Master Siolo Ur Manka.

Consular Subclasses

Jedi Healer
Jedi Healers are valuable members of the Jedi order and invaluable during war, keeping the wounded alive and rejuvenating them. Jedi Healers can heal and energize allies fast enough to put allies back into combat soon after they are disabled, ensuring a heavy reduction in loss of life. Jedi Healers get one free point in both Force Heal and Revitalization.

An example of a Jedi Healer is Barriss Offee.

Jedi Seer
Jedi Seers cross space and time with aetherial vision, viewing places worlds away, in the past, and far in the future. All Jedi Seers are capable of using Psychometry, and thus gain access to it, and have one free point each in Precognition and Farsight.

An example of a Jedi Seer is Grandmaster Yoda.

Jedi Sage
Jedi Sages are the polymaths of the order, typically serving as wise teachers and erudite lore keepers, and many even become Jedi Diplomats, working with governing bodies, monarchs, senators, committees, and so on to establish peace through the pen. Such cerebrally focused Jedi have exceptional talents with mind-affecting abilities, having honed such through constant use, and thus have access to a wider array of mind-affecting Force powers, including one dark mental power of their choice.

An example of a Jedi Sage is Grandmaster Odan-Urr.

Jedi Druid
Jedi Druids are rare among the Order, but those who do decide to immerse themselves in nature embody, in many ways, the principles of peace, serenity, and union with the Force present in the Jedi Order. Druids tend to present themselves humbly, and their work is usually associated with tending to younglings who are misled before arrival. Through their understanding and interactions with nature, they bring a sense of calm to those in spiritual turmoil. Druids are particularly adept, more so than others, at controlling the elements, and receive maximum proficiency for their level in either cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, or plant surge. Druids are also known for their healthy relationships with animals, and often create a Life Bond with one who acts as their friend and guide in nature. In addition to their elemental proficiency, a Jedi Druid receives two points in Force Bond for free, so long as that bond is used to create a life bond with an animal.

Upon attaining Master rank, a Druid’s communion with their Familiar and chosen element is so powerful that the Familiar can channel the elemental abilities that the Druid wills (albeit at half strength). Additionally, the Druid gains three points for free in one of the two elemental skills not previously chosen.

An example of a Jedi Druid is Master Fay.

Sentinel Subclasses

Jedi Slicer
Jedi Slicers have an odd affinity for machines, whether it be computers, droids, security systems, or something else entirely, they dedicate themselves to the mastery of technology in an increasingly technological age. Jedi Slicers gain two free points in Electronic Manipulation and their choice of either Technopathy or Technometry.

An example of a Jedi Slicer is the Jedi known as Rey.

Jedi Investigator
The Jedi Investigator spends more time “on call” than most, and historical spent more time on Coruscant but out of the temple than any other Jedi. The Investigator acted on behalf of the local and regional police forces, assisting in the capture of dangerous criminals and the finer riddance of crime than the more martial Jedi Guardian. As such, a Jedi Investigator was required to be quiet and observant in all aspects of their jobs. Jedi Investigators receive two free points in Force in both Force Stealth and Force Track in order to both hide themselves and find those who are hidden.

While not himself a Jedi Investigator, one might consider Master Tera Sinube to display best the attitude an Investigator should.

Jedi Shadows
Jedi Shadows are the dedicated enemies of the Dark Side, hunting down darksiders and their artifacts. Skilled in deception and subterfuge, Jedi Shadows often, but not always, view the universe in shades of gray, allowing them to make the most unpleasant moral compromises necessary, as well as allowing them to take one skill from Approaching the Dark at its highest available points for free (i.e. 3 points at Level 5, 4 points at Level 7, etc.). They also gain the power of False Dark Side Aura at the highest available level for their rank, allowing their subterfuge to go unnoticed and unsuspected.

While a Jedi Guardian, Master Quinlan Vos could be considered the model of a Jedi Shadow.

Jedi Rogue
Jedi Rogues are a type of Sentinel, most often, whose occupation as a Jedi generally goes unnoticed. Of all of the Jedi, they blend in with their surroundings most easily. Rogues are experts in falsifying their identities, both physically and legally, and in addition to being more easily able to forge documents and come up with stories about themselves on the fly, and to assist with this, they receive Alter Image/Masquerade at the highest available level for their rank for free. Jedi Rogues also generally train in the use of a weapon outside of the lightsaber to maintain secrecy, and so gain proficiency in the use of one such weapon (a blaster, electrostaff, vibrosword, bowcaster, etc.) when they take this subclass. Lastly, Rogues are often well-acquainted with the criminal Underworld, and many will obtain a dossier on numerous criminal individuals on their adventures.

An example of a Jedi Rogue is Kanan Jarrus.

Prestige Classes

Jedi Aces
Requires Level 5+, Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Aces are the highest ranking pilots of the Jedi naval effort and are often the leaders and teachers of the Jedi Starfighter Corp. Jedi Aces weave through hornet nests of turbolaser fire and missile barrages to deliver their explosive payload with bombs guided perfectly through the Force. Jedi Aces have become so attuned to usage of Force Meld and Force Direction that it is as innate to them as breathing, gaining both at their highest level for their rank, for free, and gaining access to the Talortai ability of Pathfinding.

An example of a Jedi Ace is Grandmaster Luke Skywalker.

Jedi Battlemasters
Requires level 7+, Jedi Warrior or Peacekeeper, six classical lightsaber forms
Utter nightmares to face in single combat, Jedi Battlemasters are the greatest lightsaber duelists in the Jedi Order, and teach other Jedi in the martial art of which they have no equal. So perfectly attuned to the Force and how it harmonises with saber techniques, Jedi Battlemasters enjoy maximum proficiency in one classical lightsaber form of their choice, and one free point in every other classical form.

An example of a Jedi Battlemaster is Master Kao Cen Darach.

Jedi Weapon Master
Requires Level 5+, Exotic Weapons Specialist
When an Exotic Weapon Specialist of the Jedi Order gains master rank and attains true mastery of their chosen weapon and impressive skill with several others, they gain the honorific title of Jedi Weapon Master. Depending on whether they specialized in a melee or ranged weapon, Weapon Masters enjoy four free points, regardless of rank, in either Force Weapon (melee) or Force Direction (ranged).

An example of a Jedi Weapon Master is Master Vodo-Siosk Baas.

Jedi Tech Expert
Requires Level 5+, Jedi Slicer
Tech Experts went beyond the simple manipulations that Slicers focused on, instead preferring complete mastery of technology. Among these abilities are the skills of Hassat-Durr and Mechu-Deru, which they gain free three points in.

An example of a Jedi Tech Expert is Master Kazdan Paratus.

Sith Hunter
Requires Level 6+, fitting personality and/or story [seek Council approval]
Based upon the Jedi Shadows, the Sixth Line, and the Jedi Covenant, these Jedi are the most unorthodox when it comes to the manner of hunting Sith. Often bearing purple lightsabers and occasionally bearing red lightsabers as their enemies do, they are well-equipped to slip into the enemy’s ranks to assassinate their top dogs or tap into the other side of the Force to grant an edge in a bloody, desperate battle. A Sith Hunter is able, more so than any other class, to dip into the powers of Darkness without succumbing to the temptation to turn completely, for their adherence to the ideology of the Jedi Order is too strong to allow such surrender. Sith Hunters may access two skill trees from the Approaching the Dark category, in addition to any offered by their base class or subclass.

Two examples of a Sith Hunter are Cade Skywalker and Lucien Draay.

Jedi Coordinator
Requires Level 6+, Jedi Sage
Jedi Coordinators are Jedi Sages who chose to maintain a focus on the most cerebral Force skills, and are the most powerful support unit on the battlefield, orchestrating strategies and providing mental artillery. Jedi Coordinators gain three free points in Battle Meditation and Force Meld.

An example of a Jedi Coordinator is Master Oppo Rancisis.

Jedi Prophet
Requires level 7+, Jedi Seer
Responsible for the Prophecy of the Chosen One, Jedi Prophets are Jedi Seers with extraordinary foreknowledge, and instantly gain the maximum proficiency in Precognition possible and gain at the highest level for their rank one other power from the Force Sense tree of their choice.

An example of a Jedi Prophet is Kreia.

Jedi Specialist
Requires level 5+, Jedi Sentinel [except Jedi Shadow]
These Jedi Sentinels specialize in whatever area they see fit, and often do so in more than one area, arranging for themselves a wide array of skills for any situation. Jedi Sentinels who choose the path of the specialist may acquire access to three skills from whatever subclasses they choose (only one skill may be learned each subclass).

An example of a Jedi Specialist is Kyle Katarn.

Jedi Temple Guard
Requires Level 5+, Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Peacekeeper
Upon attaining sufficient skill as a Jedi Knight, a Sentinel or Peacekeeper may choose to become security for the Jedi temple. Unlike previous iterations, this position is permanent. Sentinels become the gold-white masked legion of guardians ever patrolling the halls and yards of the various Jedi temples and are given special lightsaber-resistant armor and phrik saberstaffs.

Physically imposing Jedi Peacekeepers become Jedi Brutes and guard the entrances, warding off aggression through intimidation, and are given Force-imbued phrik armor and lightsaber-resistant saberstaffs.

Less physically imposing Jedi Peacekeepers become Jedi Snipers, patrolling the heights of temples and striking farther and more accurately than any other, and are endowed with their choice of Force Focus or Saber Throw at maximum proficiency for their rank, depending on whether they are exceptional with their sabers, or elect to use actual rifles.

An example of a Temple Guard is, despite his fall, the one who became known as the Grand Inquisitor. Because of their largely anonymous nature, others who bore the title of Temple Guard seldom have names or faces attached to them.


The powers of a Jedi are divided into three basic categories, just as the classes are; these categories are Control, Sense, and Alter.

There are certain abilities which do not fall under any of these categories; these are Lightsaber Forms and the Force powers which augment their practice, Paragon abilities, and powers whose practitioners are Approaching the Dark. You must have Council approval to be Approaching the Dark.

For powers marked as INNATE, the character must have some hereditary, genetic, or cultural predisposition towards using these powers. For example, if your ancestors were well known for being powerful practitioners of Psychometry, you too would have access to this INNATE power by hereditary means. Please seek Council approval before selecting innate powers.

Powers marked as UNIQUE are extraordinarily rare powers for Jedi to possess, and require Council approval.

Lightsaber Forms and Augmenting Techniques

Classical Forms

—Form I - Shii-Cho
Simple and relentless. Bold and kinetic. Somewhat slow at lower levels, but more skilled users become a waterfall of fluid slashes. Masters of this martial art release themselves into the Force, channeling it deeply and possibly endangering their spirit, but becoming an unpredictable hurricane of lightsaber strikes.

At least basic skill in this martial art is necessary to learn to use a lightsaber efficiently without injury.

—Form II - Makashi (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Quick and precise. Elegant and efficient, emphasizing leverage through footwork and positioning. Lacking in strength.

Martial artists of lower levels have an excellent and very active defense against lightsabers, but lack the precision to mount an effective offense. More skilled users are dreadful to face in lightsaber duels, utilizing expert precision and speed to slip beneath an opponent's defense and swat aside an opponent's offense.

This form relies the least on one's connection to the Force, and relies more on the user's intellect and skill than physical ability, though taller user's will have advantage in reach.

This form is weak to blasterfire, Form V Djem So, but not Shien, and Form VII Juyo, but not Vaapad. This form is strong against Form I, Form IV, Form VI, and the lower levels of Form III.

— Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Subtle and tight. Conservative and economic, prioritizing defense over offense in the ultimate philosophical showcase of Jedi non-aggression.

Novice users are quite exceptional when defending from blaster bolts and other projectiles, but in heavy fire scenarios and against skilled opponents, they only delay the inevitable. A master of this form can be considered nearly invincible, able to walk through hornet nests of blaster fire unscathed and defeat powerful duelists through patience and masterful timing.

This form has no dedicated attack sequence, and the user must rely on the deflecting parries and ripostes, or another form, to defeat an enemy.

The lower levels of this form are weak to Form II and Form VII, but beyond that, it has no weakness to another form. This form is strong against blasterfire.

— Form IV - Ataru (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Acrobatic and flowing. Elaborate and aggressive, reliant on the physical agility of the user in conjunction with their strength in the Force. Lacks dedicated defense, relying on agility to dodge attacks.

Beginners may disorient their opponents with spins and flips, but may have trouble closing off all openings in their motion for the enemy to attack. The most proficient users become an offensive omnidirectional dervish of blades, striking more swiftly than any other, evading too quickly for an opponent to catch and overwhelming them.

The user becomes a conduit for the Force, but one can only be a conduit for so long before burning out. Thus, this form is best used on single opponents and to end a fight quickly, or to be supplemented with another style.

This form is weak to Form II and Form III. This form is strong to Form V.

— Form V - Shien/Djem So (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
A dual discipline of two separate forms too similar to teach separately: Shien and Djem So.Most Form V users express a preference for one of these forms like one expresses a preference for a left or right hand when writing. Both forms were created by Soresu masters who felt Form III was insufficient in keeping the peace.

Shien: The Lesser Krayt
Technical and aggressive. Energetic and mildly acrobatic. Utilizes a full 360 degrees of motion. Contains some Ataru inspiration.

The Shien lightsaber form was the original variant of Form V, utilizing a counterstrike-focused fighting style that was technical, quick, and energetic, but still very aggressive. Nowadays, it’s taught more for its deflection capabilities than dueling practicality, as it possesses no other clear advantages over other forms.

Unlike the later Djem So, this form has no mobility weakness, and thus is not weak to Form IV.
This form is strong to blasterfire.

Djem So: The Greater Krayt
Stout and imposing. Strong and domineering, relying on physical strength and powerful counterstrikes following an even stronger defense to defeat an enemy. Advances upon a straight line.

The style is characterized by deflecting oncoming attacks before responding in kind with a harsher counter strike. Beginners may find their counterattacks to be slow, but will find their defense and general attacks more than adequate for most situations. An advanced user will be fast and fluid in their death dance, deflecting and striking back with incredible strength and fluidity to dominate their opponent. Masterful users become something incredible to view, taking on a Makashi-esque level of precision and finesse while maintaining a monstrous level of dominating, offensive power, betraying its Makashi influence.

One of the most physically demanding of the styles, dependent on the physical strength of the user, but by no means a slow style.
Due to its lack of mobility, this form is weak to Form IV. Due to its emphasis on quick, powerful strikes, this form is strong to Form II.

— Form VI - Niman (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
Balanced and moderate. Intermixed and relaxed, most often combined with the practiced use of telekinesis to supplement the bladework.

Niman is truly the most balanced of the styles, not being sincerely advantageous anywhere, but lacking drawbacks that other styles hold. It could be incredibly dangerous in the hands of a patient, cunning, and calculating practitioner, a trait which gained it the moniker of “the Trickster’s Form” among Jedi Battlemasters. A trainee could keep up with students of other forms fairly well, but would risk being overcome by the clear advantages of another style. A master would take advantage of the lack of Niman’s own drawbacks, pressing their opponent to prevent the advantages the other possesses without letting themselves be taken advantage of, and will often harmonize with the opponent, responding to attacks with the equal and opposite.

One of the least physically demanding styles, but also the one which allows for the most individual creativity from its user, making it a very cerebral style best used when combined with other techniques, whether implementation of telekinetics or other practices like Jar'kai, which can become its own style in combination with this form.

This form is weak to Form II.

— Form VII - Vaapad (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho, Level 8+, Jedi Guardian & Approaching the Dark or Level 7+ and Jedi Battlemaster)
— Jar’Kai (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)

Style Forms

— Fast Style
— Medium Style
— Strong Style
— Three Rings of Defense

Other Techniques

— Praetoria Vonil (Requires Jedi Guardian OR Jedi Temple Guard, Form I - Shii-Cho)
— Praetoria Ishu (Requires Jedi Guardian OR Jedi Temple Guard, Form I - Shii-Cho)
— Tràkata (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)
— Tripszest (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho, winged species, Force flight, or flight device)
— Saber Throw (Requires Saber Style, Telekinesis)
— Saber Barrier (Requires Saber Style, Telekinesis)
— Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat (Requires Level 6+, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier)
— Focus Discipline (Requires Jedi Guardian, Form I - Shii-Cho)
— Stance Discipline (Requires Jedi Guardian, Form I - Shii-Cho)
— Alter Damage (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho)

Force Powers


— Alchaka
— Force Valor
— Force Speed (Requires Force Valor)
— Force Jump (Requires Force Valor)
— Force Body (Requires Force Valor)
— Enhance Attribute (Requires Force Valor)
— Short Term Memory Enhancement (Requires Enhance Attribute)
— Inertia (Requires Force Valor)
— Reduce Injury (Requires Level 3+, Force Valor)
— Force Stealth
— Battlemind (Requires Jedi Guardian)
— Breath Control
— Force Focus
— Force Healing (Requires Level 4+, Jedi Healer)
— Aura of Healing (Requires Level 7+, Force Healing)
— Control Disease (Requires Jedi Healer)
— Cure Disease (Requires Level 5+, Control Disease)
— Control Pain
— Dampen Force
— Detoxify Poison
— Dream Walking
— Serenity (Requires Level 3+)
— Emptiness (Requires Level 4+)
— Flashburn
— Altus Sopor (Requires Jedi Consular)
— Force Channel (Requires Jedi Consular)
— Force Potency (Requires Jedi Consular)
— Force Affinity (Requires Jedi Consular)
— Force Mastery (Requires Jedi Consular)
— Force Scattering
— Force Sustenance (Requires Level 7+)
— Force Reflex (Requires Level 5+)
— UNIQUE Immerse
— UNIQUE Many Shades of the Force (Requires Level 7+)
— Remove Fatigue
— Tapas
— Transfer Force (Requires Level 7+)
— Waveform (Requires Telekinesis)
— Hibernation Trance
— Palawan Hibernation Trance (Requires Level 7+, Hibernation Trance)
— FREE Dreambubble (Requires Hibernation Trance)
— Mortichro (Requires Level 7+, Hibernation Trance)
— Teleport (Requires Level 7+)
— UNIQUE Fold Space (Requires Level 8+)


— Force Sense (roll in Sense Force, Sense Force Potential)
— Precognition (Requires Force Sense)
— Farsight (Requires Force Sense)
— Mind-Walking (Requires Level 5+ Farsight)
— Quicksight (Requires Level 5+, Farsight)
— Force Sight (Requires Force Sense)
— Force Track (Requires Force Sense)
— INNATE Psychometry (Requires Force Sense)
— Instinctive Astrogation (Requires Force Sense)
— Instinctive Astrogation Control (Requires Level 5+, Instinctive Astrogation)
— Pathfinding (Requires Force Sense, Jedi Ace or Jedi Seer)
— Field Sense (Requires Force Sense)
— Ice Image (Requires Force Sense)
— Life Web (Requires Level 5+, Force Sense)
— Theran Force-Listening (Requires Level 3+, Force Sense)
— Restful-Sleep-in-Danger (Requires Force Sense)
— Weather Sense (Requires Force Sense)
— INNATE Shatterpoint
— Truth-Sense
— Force Bond
— Battle Meditation (Requires Level 5+, Force Bond, Telepathy, Precognition)
— Merge Senses (Requires Level 3+, Force Bond)
— Environmental Telepathy (Requires Level 4+, Force Bond, Telepathy, Beast Language)
— Force Meld
— UNIQUE Time-Drifting


— Telekinesis
— Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis)
— Force Whirlwind (Requires Level 3+, Force Push/Pull)
— Force Burst (Requires Level 5+, Force Push/Pull)
— Force Shockwave (Requires Level 5+, Force Push/Pull)
— Force Wave (Requires Level 7+, Force Push/Pull)
— Ballistakinesis (Requires Level 5+, Telekinesis)
— Force Orb (Requires Level 5+, Telekinesis)
— Levitation (Requires Telekinesis)
— Flamusfructa (Requires Level 5+, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis)
— Telepathy
— Mental Shield (Requires Telepathy)
— Cleanse Mind (Requires Level 4+, Mental Shield)
— Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy)
— Beast Trick (Requires Telepathy)
— Beast Language (Requires Telepathy)
— Force Illusion (Requires Level 4+, Telepathy)
— Dreamscape (Requires Level 7+, Force Illusions)
— Alter Image (Requires Telepathy)
— Comprehend Speech (Requires Level 4+, Telepathy)
— Mnemotherapy (Requires Level 6+, Telepathy)
— Memory Rub (Requires Level 7+, Telepathy, Jedi Sage or Jedi Shadow)
— Mind Shard (Requires Level 3+, Jedi Sage, Telepathy)
— Neural Storm (Requires Level 3+, Telepathy)
— Force Suppression (Requires Level 5+, Telepathy)
— Progenitor’s Call (Requires Level 4 +, Telepathy)
— UNIQUE Aing-Tii Fighting Sight
— UNIQUE Image
— UNIQUE Mirror Illusion (Requires Image)
— Force Resistance
— Adiabatic Shield (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance, Telekinesis)
— Tutaminis (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance)
— Force Barrier (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance)
— Protection Bubble (Requires Level 7+, Force Barrier, Adiabatic Shield)
— Energy Resistance (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance)
— Pyrokinesis
— Fire Tornado (Requires Level 7+, Pyrokinesis, Force Whirlwind, Jedi Druid)
— Cryokinesis
— Alter Environment (Requires level 4+, Jedi Druid)
— Force Light (Requires Level 7+) *Many users of Force Light together can generate a Wall of Light. The amount it takes and their individual potency needed to create such an event is determined by the Jedi Council
— FREE Force Harmony (Requires Force Light)
— Aura of Light (Requires Level 8+, Force Light)
— Force Blinding
— Force Call (Requires Level 8+)
— Force in Balance (Requires Jedi Sage or Jedi Shadow)
— Force Stun (Requires Level 3+)
— Force Stasis (Requires Level 5 +, Force Stun)
— Golden Flash (Requires Level 5+)
— Force Kick (Requires Jedi Guardian)
— Force Punch (Requires Jedi Guardian)
— Force Bellow
— Force Cloak (Requires Jedi Sentinel)
— Dim Other’s Senses (Requires Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Ace)
— Conceal Essence (Requires Jedi Sentinel)
— Dimension Shift (Requires Level 7+)
— Force Flash
— Electric Judgment (Requires Level 6+)
— Lightning Variant: Chain Lightning (Requires Level 6+, Electric Judgment)
— Lightning Saber (Requires Level 6+, Melee Weapon or Lightsaber + Shii-Cho, Electric Judgment)
— Lightning Variant: Force Storm (Requires Level 7+, Electric Judgment)
— Summon Storm (Requires Level 8+, Electric Judgement, Force Whirlwind)
— Doppelgänger (Requires level 6+, Telepathy, Telekinesis)
— Mechu Deru (Requires Jedi Tech Expert)
— Mechu Macture
— Technometry
— Technopathy
— Malacia (Requires Level 3+)
— Sand Levitation (Requires Telekinesis)
— UNIQUE Scribe
— Sound Mimicry
— Soft-to-Solid
— Spear of Midnight Black
— Noise-Dampening Bubble
— Phase (Requires Level 6+)
— Plant Surge
— Revitalize (Requires Jedi Healer)
— Hassat-Durr
— Ayna-Seff (Requires Hassat-Durr)
— Force Weapon (Requires Exotic Weapons Specialist)
— Words of Banishment (Requires Level 6+)

Paragon abilities are reserved for the upper echelons of Jedi, with some taking lifetimes to master. Through hard work, dedication and much time spent within the Order, a Jedi may come to obtain powers many, even the Sith, could not stand to comprehend. All Paragon abilities cost 10 points and may require prerequisites based on level, Class, Subclass/Prestige class, or requisite abilities.

— Sever Force (Requires Level 8+)
— Art of the Small (Requires Level 8+, Jedi Consular)
— Wall of Light (Requires Level 9+, Force Light)
— Alignment Pinnacle (Singularity Influence) (Requires Level 10, Telekinesis and 5-point Instinctive Astrogation)
— Dark Transfer (Requires Level 8+, Shatterpoint, Prestige class with allowed access to Approaching the Dark powers)
— Force Ghost (Requires Level 8+)
— UNIQUE Postmortem Influence (Requires Level 9+, Force Ghost)
— UNIQUE Flow-Walking (Requires Level 8+)

Approaching the Dark
Powers under this category require a certain Subclass or Prestige class, and most often a requisite level as well, since Dark Side powers, or powers traditionally associated with the Dark Side, are not easily accessed by Jedi Force users.

— Crush Opposition
— Inflict Pain (Requires Level 5+)
— Electronic Manipulation (Requires Level 4+)
— Force Rage (Requires Level 4+, Jedi Warrior)
— Force Phantom (Requires Level 8+, Doppelgänger)
— Force Travel (Requires Level 7+)
— False Dark Side Aura
Tree: Brutal Telekinesis
— Force Wound (Requires Telekinesis)
— Force Choke (Requires Force Wound)
— Force Crush (Requires Level 7+, Force Choke)
— Telekinetic Kill (Requires Level 7+, Force Choke)
— Force Rend (Requires Level 6+, Telekinesis)
Tree: Dark Mental Prowess
— Probe Mind (Requires Level 4 +, Telepathy)
— Memory Walk (Requires Level 5+, Telepathy)
— Force Fear (Requires Level 3 +, Telepathy)
Lorias Caston


Name: Lorias Caston
Titles: Sovereign Protector of Rendili, Champion of Rendili, Lord Admiral, Jedi Lord Protector
Rank: Jedi Lord Proctector
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Rendili
Occupation: Jedi Lord Protector, Ruler of Rendili
Height: 6”1
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Description: (see picture)
Weapon: Blade of House Caston- The Lightsaber of Renalus Caston, first Sovereign Protector of Rendili. Only given to the current Champion of Rendili
Equipment: Commlink, Datapad, Rebreather. Sovereign Protector’s Holocron, Jedi Protector Battle Armour
Vehicles: ‘Star of Rendili’: Castus Class Star Destroyer. Flagship of the Rendilian fleet.
Based on recovered schematics for the Victory-II Class Star Destroyer, but with modifications to account for scarcity of certain resources.
Pets: None
Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, High Galactic, Bocce
Description of Abilities: Trained from birth in both Lightsaber combat and the force, Lorias is an exceptional fighter able to both utilise his skills with Lightsabers and an array of force abilities in combat, focusing on ways to end conflicts non-lethally.
Strengths: Charismatic, intelligent and well educated, strong connection to the force.
Flaws: Morally inflexible, tends to take people at their word due to wishing to see the good in everyone.
Relationships/Love Interests: Married to Renala Janus, a fellow Jedi, with whom he has two children- Lionas and Kyara


Born in 584 ABY, Prince Lorias of House Caston was the son of Prince Lionas and Princess Temyra. Lionas was the heir to Ostus Caston, the ruling Sovereign Protector of Rendili. Lorias was raised in the Sovereign’s Palace until old enough to begin his training, when he was sent to the Rendilian Jedi Temple to be trained along with the other initiates, and was treated no differently. Found to be exceptionally skilled from a young age, Lorias trained with a vibrosword instead of a lightsaber, as was then the tradition amongst Jedi trained on Rendili, where the weapons had been exceptionally scarce during the Dark Age. Upon his 12th birthday, his father Lionas took him on as his own Padawan, as was tradition amongst House Caston. Over the next six years he trained under his father and continued to hone his skills as a Jedi. At the age of 18, however, tragedy struck. Whilst on a routine trade mission along with father, mother and younger sister Vyra, their transport was attacked by the notorious Trandoshan slaver Vassok, who murdered both Lionas and Kyara and took Lorias and his sister, along with the rest of the crew, hostage, intending to ransom them for a fleet of ships and supplies to build up his own forces on Trandosha. Lorias knew that his grandfather could not hand away an entire fleet for their lives, so offered Vassok another proposal. Playing on the Trandoshan’s sense of personal honour, he offered to fight the slaver one on one. If Lorias won, Vassok would release them. If Vassok won, he would get his fleet, and Lorias would submit himself to a life of slavery, as long as his sister was spared the same fate. Vyra begged Lorias to reconsider, but he considered it the only way to guarantee her safety. Tantalised by the prestige that having a Jedi slave of royal blood would bring him, Vassok accepted the fight.

The Trandoshan had the size and strength advantage, and used a pet Ysalamiri he kept on the ship to nullify Lorias’ force abilities. Vassok tossed Lorias his father’s vibrosword, which was still stained with Lionas’ own blood. The slaver used a double edged Vibrosword as well as his own sharp claws. Lorias was badly wounded by several strikes from both blade and claw, but saw that Vassok had a weak spot- an old wound under his shoulder that had not properly healed and that the slaver was always trying to protect. Launching one last desperate attack, Lorias was able to stab his blade into the wound, which caused Vassok so much pain that he dropped his weapon and desperately tried to remove the blade with both hands. Lorias picked up the dropped weapon and held it towards Vassok’s throat, one thrust away from killing the Trandoshan. Vassok yielded and begged for his life, and although tempted, Lorias let the being that had killed his parents live, staying true to the Jedi teachings. Vassok stuck to his word, and all the captives were released. Upon his return to Rendili, Lorias received a hero’s welcome. His grandfather decided to complete his training personally, and also named him the Champion of Rendili, presenting him with the lightsaber of the legendary Renalus Caston, the first Sovereign Protector. When asked why he was being made champion, Ostus told Lorias that Renalus had set the conditions upon sensing his oncoming death: a Champion must be a great warrior, yes, but one that fights not for glory, nor conquest, nor out of anger, but one who fights to protect those they love, and who will always show mercy even when given every reason not to. As Lorias had met every single one of these conditions by defeating, but not killing, the being who killed his parents only to save the lives of his sister and the innocent crew, at great personal risk, he was, in Ostus’ mind, worthy to be Champion, and wield the lightsaber.

After two more years of training, Lorias was knighted aged twenty. Over the next decade, he operated as a regular Jedi, undertaking missions for the greater Order and training his own Padawan, who was also his cousin. He spent much of his time on Ossus, where he met fellow Jedi Renala Janus. The two formed a relationship and later married, having two children together. After Knighting his Padawan, Lorias was made a Jedi Master aged 29. One year later, Ostus Caston passed away, and had named Lorias his successor. Rising to the position of Sovereign Protector of Rendili and Jedi Lord Protector, Lorias spent the next two years forging greater ties with the greater Order at large as well as working on expanding Rendili’s ship producing capabilities. The first two ships in the new line- the Castus Class, which was based on the old Victory Class produced by Rendili Stardrive for the Old Republic, were named the ‘Star of Rendili’ and the ‘Star of Ossus’. The first was to be his own flagship, and the second was to be offered as a gift to the King of the Holy Order of Jedi.

Level: 7
Class: Jedi Guardian
Subclass: Jedi Peacekeeper
Prestige Class: Jedi Battlemaster


Lightsaber Combat- 19
Shii-Cho- 1 (+1 BM Bonus)
Makashi- 3 (+1 BM Bonus)
Soresu- 4 (Free- BM Bonus)
Ataru- 3 (+1 BM Bonus)
Shien- 3 (+1 BM Bonus)
Niman- 3 (+1 BM Bonus )
Saber Throw- 3
Stance Discipline- 2
Alter Damage- 1 (+2 Class Bonus)

Control- 12

Force Valor- 3 (Free- Guardian bonus)
Force Jump- 3
Force Speed- 3
Force Body- 3 (Free- Level 6 bonus)
Force Focus- 2
Battlemind- 4

Sense- 15
Force Sense- 4
Precognition- 4
Force Sight- 3
Force Bond-2
Battle Meditation- 4

Alter- 54
Telekinesis- 1 (+ 3 level 1 bonus)
Force Push/Pull- 4
Force Whirlwind- 3
Force Burst- 3
Force Wave- 4
Leviation- 4
Telepathy- 3
Mental Shield- 4
Mind Trick- 4
Force Resistance- 1 (+3 Level 4 Bonus)
Tutaminis- 4
Force Barrier- 4
Protection Bubble- 3
Force Light- 4
Force Harmony- 1 (Free)
Force Stun- 1 (+2)
Force Stasis- 3
Electric Judgement- 4
Create Holocron- 3 (Free Level 7)​
Theme Song:

Name/Title: Jason
Nicknames/Aliases: The Dragon
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation (optional): Asexual
Homeworld: Lothal
Occupation: Druid
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 225
Physical Description: White, green eyes, brown hair and beard


Clothing: Brown cloaked robes
Weapons: An orange lightsaber with a Brylark wood hilt, two staffs made from Wroshyr trees
Equipment: Holocom, a handwritten journal written by someone now long dead
Vehicles: Vanya-class Jedi Courier
Pets (if applicable): Loth Wolf (Ember)


Languages: Basic
Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Lightsaber combat
Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Able to be around extreme heat.
Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Chaotic Good
Personality: Stoic, Caring, Loves Nature
Fears: (Unknown at this time)
Likes: Flora, Fauna, and the Elements
Dislikes: Cruelty
Habits: Using his staffs to help him focus
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A
Friendships (if applicable): King Jonar Droma
Masters (if applicable): Joreel
Apprentices (if applicable): Sam
Reputation: Friendly, but stern
Biography: Born on Lothal to a relatively wealthy family, Jason was never wanted. His parents, if not physically abusing him, were either emotionally or mentally abusing him. It was so bad that at the age of four, he ran away from home to the joy of his parents.

It was soon after this, he seemed to get really close to nature itself. The animals around him instinctively helped him when he needed it, bringing him food, or helping him find shelter from the elements.

At the age of five, a pack of Loth wolves took him in with them for the span of a week, sheltering him and making sure he was fed. At the end of this time they took him to a hill where a lone man was standing, waiting for who knows what. Apparently he was waiting he was waiting for Jason. The man reached out his hand and placed it on the pack leader and thanked them, promising to make sure the boy was taken care of.

And so Jason was taken, though not willingly as he attempted to fight wildly until the man did something and Jason fell asleep. When he awoke he was on a new world, and being told by the man who took him from his home that he would be safe with them, and could learn with them.

The concept of being safe with people was still awkward after his previous upbringing, so when he wasn’t being taught he was usually alone amongst nature, avoiding contact with people. There was only ever one person outside his Master that was ever able to pull him away. His name was Jonar, and he usually pulled him away from his time amongst nature to study with him. Jason, really wasn’t a fan of studying, but he did it anyways on this boy’s request because he always treated him kindly enough, seemingly understanding when Jason just needed to be alone, and speaking on his behalf when his Master just didn’t seem to want to understand. Loyalty and Friendship. That was what he learned from Jonar.

While their paths split later in life, Jason told Jonar, “While I might not always be around, I will always be there when you need me, my friend. You only need to call.”

Jason would show up randomly to teach lessons to the younglings being trained, mainly about nature, and attuning to the Force through it. But the younglings didn’t seem to care about that over the control of fire that Jason had, they were in awe of the beauty he could perform with it. Though it didn’t help that his Loth Wolf Companion, Ember, distracted them as well from their studies, just by being the sweetheart she was.

Rank/Level: 7
Base Class: Consular
Subclass (if applicable): Jedi Druid
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Lightsaber Skills and Augmenting Force Techniques
Shii-Cho - 4
Soresu - 4

Force Healing - 1 (+3 From Level 6 Bonus)

Force Sense - 1 (+3 From Level 1 Bonus)
Force Bond - (+3 From Jedi Consular Bonus) (+2 From Jedi Druid Bonus)
Precognition - 4

Force Resistance - 1 (+3 From Level 4 Bonus)
(Ritual) Create Holocron - (+3 From Level 7 Bonus)
Pyrokinesis - (+4 from Jedi Druid Bonus)
Plant Surge - 1 (+3 From Jedi Druid Bonus)
Telekinesis - 4
Force Push/Pull - 4
Force Whirlwind - 4
Flamusfracta - 4
Telepathy - 4
Mental Shield - 4
Mind Trick - 4
Beast Trick - 4
Beast Language - 4
Comprehend Speech - 4
Tutaminis - 4
Adiabatic Shield - 4
Force Barrier - 4
Protection Bubble - 4
Fire Tornado - 4
Force Light - 4
Phase - 4
Words of Banishment - 4
Alter Environment - 4
Ballistakinesis - 4
Levitation - 4
Jedi King Jonar Droma

Name: King Jonar Droma

Age: 44

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Ossus

Occupation: King of the Holy Order of the Jedi

Height: 6’1”

Appearance: See above.

Weapons: His main weapon is a single-bladed amethyst lightsaber with an ancient hilt design modeled after the greatest member of his lineage, Revan.

-Jedi utility belt
-Repulsorlift boots: these allow for short distance hovering
-Cortosis wrist bracers painted gold
-Family heirlooms: the Mask of Revan (location unknown to anyone outside the Qel-Droma line, powers REDACTED), the Holocrons of Ulic Qel-Droma, Revan, Satele Shan, and Qaga Lok

Languages: GBS, Mando’a, Huttese, Bocce, Binary, can read the “Old Tongue” (Sith) and more

Description of Abilities: Jonar is a masterful Force wielder, proficient in many different Force styles from the elemental, to bonds, to control over time and even cutting off his opponents from the Force itself.

Strengths: Strong in lightsaber combat, strong in the Force, and a charismatic leader and negotiator.

Weaknesses: Is set in his ways, adheres closely to the ideals of his family.

Personality: Jonar is noble, compassionate, true, and filled with hope and zeal for the galaxy’s well-being.

Biography: Jonar Droma is the current patriarch of the powerful Qel-Droma line. Over 4500 years ago, their line began with two Jedi Knights born to a Jedi mother; their names were Ulic and Cay. Ulic Qel-Droma was a powerful Jedi Knight who fell to the Dark Side and served as a powerful Sith Lord alongside Exar Kun. After being defeated and stripped of the Force, he found balance later in life. Unbeknownst to him, he had previously had a son with an unknown woman who had already been taken and began his Jedi training. This son would later come to be known as Revan. Revan was a hero of the Mandalorian Wars, a villainous conqueror in the Jedi Civil War, but the eventual savior of the galaxy when he returned to the Light and defeated his friend, Darth Malak. Revan would eventually fade into obscurity but return hundreds of years later as a symbol of the mighty Balance of the Force and would assist in putting the final nail in the coffin of the Sith Emperor. The Qel-Droma family also produced a powerful Jedi Grand Master around the time of Revan’s return, Satele Shan.

Jonar was born in 572 to his mother, the Jedi Queen Rakka Droma, and his father, a non-Force-sensitive man named Balar, the Queen’s husband. Rakka had previously united the feudal clans of the Jedi into a new Holy Order of Jedi that would strive not for power in the Light and strength against the ancient enemy, the Sith, but for true Balance in the Force for the greater good of the Galaxy. Over Jonar’s first twenty years of life, he would learn the Jedi arts and the Ways of the Force from his mother and from the Holocron Gatekeepers resembling his ancient ancestors. At the age of 30, he trained his first Apprentice to Knighthood and became a Jedi Master. Ten years later, he was elevated to the rudimentary Jedi Council helmed by his mother. This year, in 616, Rakka Droma retired from her place as Queen and left the Holy Order of the Jedi in the command of her steadfast son, Jonar. The galaxy will know hope and peace again.

Class: Jedi Guardian Warrior Battlemaster
Level: 10, 350 points
Powers: +3 to Telekinesis, Mental Shield, Force Body, Create Holocron, and Force Valor, maximum proficiency in one saber form and +1 to all others due to Battlemaster

-Lightsaber Combat
Shii-Cho: 4(+1)
Makashi: 4(+1)
Soresu: 4(+1)
Ataru: 4(+1)
Shien/Djem So: 4(+1)
Niman: 4(+1)
Vaapad: (+5)

Force Valor: 2(+3 free from Jedi Consular)
Force Speed: 5
Force Body: 2(+3 free from Level 6)
Enhance Attribute: 5
Battlemind: 5
Dampen Force: 5
Detoxify Poison: 5
Control Pain: 5
Dream Walking: 5
Many Shades of the Force: 5
Transfer Force: 5
Force Stealth: 5

Force Sense: 5
Precognition: 5
Farsight: 5
Quicksight: 1
Mind Walking: 5
Force Sight: 5
Instinctive Astrogation: 5
Shatterpoint: 5
Force Bond: 5
Battle Meditation: 5
Merge Senses: 5
Force Meld: 5
Teleport: 5
Time Drifting: 5

Telekinesis: 2(+3 due to level 1)
Push/Pull: 5
Force Burst: 5
Whirlwind: 1
Wave: 5
Ballistakinesis: 5
Levitation: 5
Flamusfracta: 5
Telepathy: 5
Mental Shield/Thought Resistance: 2(+3 due to level 4)
Cleanse Mind: 5
Mind Trick: 5
Beast Trick: 5
Neural Storm: 5
Comprehend Speech: 5
Force Resistance: 5
Adiabatic Shield: 5
Tutaminis: 5
Force Barrier: 5
Protection Bubble: 5
Pyrokinesis: 5
Cryokinesis: 5
Force Light: 5
FREE Force Harmony: Free
Force Stun: 5
Doppelganger: 5
Electric Judgment: 5
Chain Lightning: 5
Summon Storm: 5
Spear of Midnight Black: 5
Phase: 5
Plant Surge: 5
Words of Banishment: 5
RITUAL Create Holocron: 2(+3 free from level 7)

-Approaching the Dark
Force Travel: 5

PARAGON Sever Force: 10
PARAGON Post-Mortem Influence: 10
PARAGON Force Ghost: 10
PARAGON Dark Transfer: 10
PARAGON Wall of Light: 10


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