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Leo Gorgano Tritum

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Greetings admins!

I have a friend who is active in Roleplay Forums and I have tried to rope him in to the ESE facebook page. However, he is not interested in role-playing as a Sith and is more aligned towards the Federation.

So far I haven't seen much activity in the Federation or Underworld sections of the forum compared to the Empire.

Are there plans to bring in admins and moderators (like Grand Master, Chancellor and such) to fill up the ranks of the aforementioned sections of the forum?

Just curious. Thank you!


Imperatrix of the Sith
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Hello again, Aaric! Yes, there are plans, but unfortunately as our group is so Sith-oriented, we've generated only small, passing interest in groups such as the Federation, the Underworld, the Jedi, and the Mandalorians. Have your friend create an account here and point him my direction and I would be happy to help him kickstart our Federation faction if that is his interest.

Darth Kratos

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It just takes one or two dedicated players to get it going!

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