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Welcome one and all to Star Wars: Requiem, the central game within this split timeline. This thread will serve as a repository and archive for the character sheets of all player characters and certain NPCs. This initial post will also serve as a guide for creating these character sheets, as we will be playing in a different system than what you would typically find in places such as the Final Sith Order or New Galactic Empire Facebook groups.

I would like to thank @Darth Dreadwar, @Volshe, @corinthia, @Drakul_Xarxes, @Darth Sedicious, and @Jen’nu for their contributions to the Force Powers lists we will be using in this game and future games within this timeline.


Since the second installment of the Prelude to Requiem games, we have operated under the True Sith Trials style 50-level system. We did it in Judgment Day, and we will do so here. There will be some stark differences from what he had in the Prelude Trilogy, however. For our most striking change, we will be introducing Power Slots. Taken from popular games like Dungeons & Dragons and Baldur’s Gate, certain powers and abilities will take up slots that can be replenished with either short rests (1-7 in-game hours) or long rests (8+ in-game hours). Expending all of your slots will leave you far more vulnerable if your character refuses to rest, as many of their powers will become unavailable until they do so.

There will be two separate lists for Sith and Jedi powers, classes, etc. If your character is not technically a Jedi or Sith, simply choose from the Sith list if your character is more dark-side aligned or the Jedi list if your character is more light-side aligned. Do not try to convince me that your character is 100% perfectly neutral in the Force, or you will be made fun of in the group chat.

Level Chart

LEVEL 1 [Acolyte/Initiate] - Equivalent to Level 1 (8 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 2 (9 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 3 (10 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 4 (11 Skill Points, 60 Attribute points)
LEVEL 5 [Apprentice/Padawan] - Equivalent to Level 2 (12 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 6 (13 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 7 (14 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 8 (15 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 9 (16 Skill Points, 66 Attribute points)
LEVEL 10 [Apprentice/Padawan] - Equivalent to Level 3 (17 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 11 (18 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 12 (19 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 13 (20 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 14 (21 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)
LEVEL 15 [Knight] - Equivalent to Level 4 (22 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 16 (23 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 17 (24 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 18 (25 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 19 (26 Skill Points, 78 Attribute points)
LEVEL 20 [Knight] - Equivalent to Level 5 (36 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 21 (38 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 22 (40 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 23 (42 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 24 (44 Skill Points, 84 Attribute points)
LEVEL 25 [Master] - Equivalent to Level 6 (50 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 26 (55 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 27 (60 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 28 (65 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 29 (70 Skill Points, 90 Attribute points, 1 Godlike)
LEVEL 30 [Master] - Equivalent to Level 7 (75 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 31 (80 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 32 (85 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 33 (90 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 34 (95 Skill Points, 96 Attribute points, 2 Godlikes)
LEVEL 35 [Sith Lord/Council Member] - Equivalent to Level 8 (100 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 36 (110 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 37 (120 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 38 (130 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 39 (140 Skill Points, 102 Attribute points, 3 Godlikes)
LEVEL 40 [Dark Lord/Council Member] - Equivalent to Level 9 (150 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 41 (170 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 42 (190 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 43 (210 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 44 (230 Skill Points, 108 Attribute points, 4 Godlikes)
LEVEL 45 [Imperatrix/Grandmaster] - Equivalent to Level 10 (250 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 46 (300 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 47 (350 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, 5 Godlikes)
LEVEL 48 (400 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, 6 Godlikes)
LEVEL 49 (450 Skill Points, 114 Attribute points, 6 Godlikes)
LEVEL 50 - Level Cap (500 Skill Points, 120 Attribute points, 7 Godlikes)


At Level 1, you may spend 60 points to buy your preferred attribute ratings. 10 points in an attribute reflect an average rating (for example, a character with 10 points in Strength is a moderately strong individual). Less than 10 points reflect a below-average rating (for example, a character with 5 points in Dexterity is a particularly clumsy individual). More than 10 points reflect an above-average rating (for example, a character with 15 points in Charisma is a particularly persuasive individual), with 20 points representing the maximum possible (for example, a character with 20 points in Intellect is an unparalleled genius).

Attributes may not be increased to 14 until the character is Level 10.
Attributes may not be increased to 16 until the character is Level 20.
Attributes may not be increased to 18 until the character is Level 30.
Attributes may not be increased to 20 until the character is Level 40.

Strength refers to one’s raw physical prowess. In characters belonging to most organic races, particularly of humanoid configuration, this results from intensive and strenuous daily training, such as running obstacle courses and performing kata in training rooms, and the innate and unnatural augmentation of the Force. Some exotic species, such as Celegians, may have very little strength, while others, such as Shards, may have essentially no strength of their own, but can utilize droid bodies with pistons capable of overpowering any organic muscle. Cybernetic limbs, in the case of cyborg characters, also bestow greater strength than the organic baseline, as do the phenomenal musculatures of certain exceptionally large or brawny races, such as Houks.

A more martially oriented character, such as a warrior or marauder, stands the most to benefit from inculcating greater strength; the stronger a character is, the more powerful and effective their lightsaber strikes and other melee attacks are, useful for most lightsaber forms and martial arts.

Force Power refers to one’s innate strength in the Force; the extent of their natural Force-sensitivity; their luminous presence in that great energy that binds together all life and matter. It is often measured by a simple blood test that counts the number of midichlorians within one’s cells. Force Power is not inflexible; traumatic injury and the replacement of body parts with cybernetics can result in a reduction of one’s natural potential, such as the fate that befell Darth Vader and Lumiya, and, according to the theories of Darth Plagueis, Force Drain may affect one’s innate Force strength by triggering a mass die-off of midichlorians.

A higher Force Power score not only allows for greater willpower when it comes to defending oneself against hostile uses of the Force and other spiritual rigors, but directly correlates with the effectiveness and strength of one’s own utilization of most Force abilities, from telekinesis to Force Lightning.

Dexterity encompasses general deftness, nimbleness, agility, finesse, speed and adroitness of reflexes, and precision in performing tasks, especially with the hands. Many characters hone their dexterity through physical training, running obstacle courses, and assembling and disassembling weapons; others nurture agility through habitual acrobatics, often enhanced by the unnatural augmentation of the Force.

A clumsy character is likely to lack dexterity; a Sith who eschews conventional weapons in favor of becoming an expert sharpshooter, on the other hand, is likely to benefit from their dexterous use of a blaster or other ranged weapon, and dexterity is of particular benefit to lightsaber wielders specializing in either Makashi, which requires precision and finesse, or Ataru, which requires great agility and speed. Certain Force powers, such as Force Speed, often require phenomenal reaction time.

Intellect encompasses all attributes of the mind, from raw intelligence to reasoning ability, knowledge, and familiarity with various academic disciplines and fields of interest. A brainy character is often the opposite of a brawny one, although there are exceptions who excel at both. Scholarly characters often dedicate their time to reading books rather than physical training, honing their intellect as they pour over scrolls of ancient lore, chronicles of galactic history, and compendiums of science.

Intellectual characters are not only more generally knowledgeable and intelligent than their rivals, but better able to learn the arcane arts of ancient Sith sorcery from tomes and spellbooks, and practice the Sith alchemical arts of creating genetic aberrations if they are so darkly inclined.

Wisdom refers to one’s willpower, common sense, and intuition, as well as one’s general awareness of their surroundings. A wise character will have a far easier time resisting any attempts at influencing their decisions, whether those attempts be through mental domination, lies, or obfuscation of the world around them. This attribute encompasses the previously used Perception Attribute, and adds the necessary ability to save a character from a wide variety of oppository rolls.

A character wiser than their peers may be more likely to notice important details in their environment or in other characters, whether it be through the hieroglyphs of an ancient Sith tomb or the minuscule twitch of a smile on a liar’s face. Wisdom also aids in the use of abilities such as Farsight and Mental Shield.

Constitution refers to one’s endurance, stamina, and overall vitality. Whether it be through the innate healthiness of their bodies, the intense physical exercise they have put themselves through, or a tough-as-nails habituation to injury, disease, hunger, and thirst built up through years of rigorous experience and battle, a character with greater constitution than his rivals is a difficult one to kill.

Increasing your Constitution score is vital if you want to have extra hitpoints over other characters that are the same level as you. For every 5th Level you gain, you add your CON modifier to your base HP, which is equal to your total level. If starting at a higher level and therefore starting with a higher CON, this does not retroactively apply to your previous 5th Levels (i.e. if you were to start at Level 40 with 20 CON, you would not go back and add a +5 back to every 5th Level Up). Instead, it automatically applies the maximum CON bonus you could’ve gotten at that level. The maximum a player can have is if they achieve Level 50 and have a CON score of 20, which in total will add up to 70 total HP (+1 at Level 5, +1 at Level 10, +2 at Level 15, +2 at Level 20, +3 at Level 25, +3 at Level 30, +4 at Level 35, +4 at Level 40, +5 at Level 45, and +5 at Level 50).

Charisma refers to one’s skill in manipulating and persuading others, one’s guile, glib, charm, deceptive ability, acting ability, oratorical skill, and other tools of the trade in navigating hierarchies, bending social situations to one’s will, and rising to the top of the pack. Whether one is a sly, oozing deceiver adept at knowing the time to treacherously strike, or an honorable nobleman swathed in natural charm, a character with the ability to work the masses and one’s peers alike is a character with a weapon like no other, a weapon as smooth as frill syrup and as sweet as Githany’s poisoned kiss.

A character with potent charismatic ability is often more adept at seduction—whether it be tempting a Jedi to the dark side or seducing a lover to bed—and the arts of psychological warfare known as Dun Möch, as well as Force-fuelled hypnotism, suggestion, and mental domination.

Destiny refers to how in-tune one is with the will of the Force, that mystical energy field that some believe controls all destiny. While not all believe in such a concept, seeing the Force as subservient to the will of the individual and seeking naturalistic explanations such as instinctual precognition, it is undeniable that some Force-users appear luckier than others, as if guided by the invisible hand of fate.

A character with a powerful destiny is seemingly supernaturally fortunate, and is deeply immersed in the Cosmic Force, allowing greater power of foresight and prophecy. There might be no such thing as luck - but there is the Force.


0 – Ability not known. The player cannot use this Skill and does not need to list this Skill in the Skills section of their Character Sheet.
1 – Novice. The player can use the Skill at a low degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Acolyte or Jedi Padawan just beginning their training.
2 – Intermediate. The player can use the Skill with some degree of proficiency, approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Apprentice or Jedi with moderate training, such as Kylo Ren from the new canon or Luke Skywalker as he appears in The Empire Strikes Back.
3 – Advanced. The player can use the Skill with advanced proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Darth Vader and Darth Tyranus within the films and the Legends Expanded Universe in most of their preferred feats.
4 – Master. The player can use the Skill with masterful proficiency, approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Emperor Palpatine and Grandmaster Luke Skywalker within the Legends Expanded Universe in most feats.
5 – Grand Master. The player can use the Skill with ultimate proficiency, approximately representing a gestalt of the most powerful and extreme examples of the feat in Legends Expanded Universe lore.

Skills may not be increased to 2 until a character is at Level 10.
Skills may not be increased to 3 until a character is Level 20.
Skills may not be increased to 4 until a character is Level 30.
Skills may not be increased to 5 until a character is Level 40.

All Godlike powers/Paragon powers are level-locked, and all cost 10 points.


Regardless of how many abilities a Force User may inherit or learn, one can only use a certain amount of those abilities before their bodies give way to exhaustion. Manipulating the fabric of the Force and channeling its energy even into a simple power can be taxing to the mind, body, and spirit, and that’s not even taking into account far more powerful abilities one may learn further into their training. Thus, each ability you use throughout the game will take up a slot, with the size of the slot determined by the difficulty of the most basic usage of the power.

When a character uses a Force Power, he or she expends a slot of that power’s level or higher, effectively “filling” a slot with the power. You can think of a power slot as a groove of a certain size—small for a 1st-level slot, larger for a power of a higher level. A 1st-level power fits into a slot of any size up to the 5th-level, but a 10th-level power fits only in a 10th-level slot. So when a character uses Force Push, a 1st-level power, they spend one of their four 1st-level slots and have three remaining.

When a Force User wields a power using a slot that is of a higher level than the power, that ability assumes the higher level for that usage. For instance, if a character uses Force Push using one of their 2nd-level slots, that Force Push is 2nd level. Effectively, the power expands to fill the slot it is put into. Most powers have more powerful effects when used at a higher level, as detailed in a power’s description. Think of it as being very similar to using a power at a lower level than your maximum in previous games. Where then that was done to show your character holding back or only using the minimum amount of power it took to complete a task, it now goes beyond that, and is a strategic move if you want to save your other power slots for later.

Skill points determine the maximum level at which you can use an ability. For instance, a character with three points in Force Push will have the choice of using that power at either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level, depending on how many slots they have remaining. There are plenty of abilities, however, that require a higher level, and have a higher minimum Power Slot usage. For instance, Death Field requires you to be Level 20+ in order to learn, therefore its minimum Power Slot usage is at the 3rd level.

Short rests (1-4 hours) can replenish /some/ lower-level power slots depending on your character’s level. A short rest can be described as sitting down and having a meal, taking a nap, or doing any other non-strenuous activity within the given time frame. You can only have a maximum of two natural Short Rests per day (though certain abilities can increase that number).

Long rests (8+ hours) will replenish all of your power slots, save for Godlikes depending on your level. A long rest is most often described as a full night’s sleep, though it can also be described as a multi-day vacation if that is what you’re going for (so long as that vacation does not imply the use of any Force Powers in the duration).

The amount of Power Slots one can have upon ending a Long Rest is determined by increasing intervals every 5 levels.

It is possible to attempt to use an ability after all of your Power Slots are expended and before a Long Rest. However, this will induce Exhaustion, a debuff that will grow progressively worse and worse until your character dies. The levels of Exhaustion will be listed directly after the end of the Power Slots section.

The following is the list of Power Slot Levels:

  • 1st-Level – Your standard fare abilities that any acolyte or trainee could access with intuition or very light training. When a player chooses to use a power at this level, it is approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Acolyte or Jedi Padawan just beginning their training.
  • 2nd-Level – These abilities require a decent bit of training before they can be learned and used effectively. When a player chooses to use a power at this level, it is approximately equivalent to that of a Sith Apprentice or Jedi with moderate training, such as Kylo Ren from the new canon or Luke Skywalker as he appears in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • 3rd-Level – These abilities require extensive training in order to be used properly. When a player chooses to use a power at this level, it is approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Darth Vader and Darth Tyranus within the films and the Legends Expanded Universe in most of their preferred feats.
  • 4th-Level – These abilities require complete mastery over the Force in order to achieve. When a player chooses to use a power at this level, it is approximately equivalent to the proficiency of Emperor Palpatine and Grandmaster Luke Skywalker within the Legends Expanded Universe in most feats.
  • 5th-Level – Abilities of this kind are far and few between, and require a combination of experience and Force potency that few beings are able to replicate. When a player chooses to use a power at this level, it is representing a gestalt of the most powerful and extreme examples of the feat in Legends Expanded Universe lore.
  • Godlike Slots
    • Lesser-Level (8th-Level) – Not all Godlike abilities are created equal, and these ones, while still insanely potent and effective, are not as strenuous to the user. When a player chooses to use a Godlike at this level, they are choosing to sacrifice an ability’s effectiveness in order to be able to use it (potentially) more than once a day, and to also limit its danger to the user.
    • Standard-Level (9th-Level) – This is how most Godlike abilities are meant to be used. When a player chooses to use a Godlike at this level, they are choosing to use the ability to its standard potential, even if it can only be cast once per Long Rest. Standard dangers to the user apply depending on the ability.
    • Oneness-Level (10th-Level) – This is a Godlike taken to the utmost extremes, risking life and limb in order to reach the highest echelons of effectiveness and power. When a player chooses to use a Godlike at this level, they are choosing to risk their character’s well-being in order to unleash an ability that will be talked about for eons. When used, a player must make a saving throw in order to not perish due to the sheer power flowing through their body. If the saving throw succeeds, then that player cannot use another Oneness-Level ability for the remainder of the game. If it fails, then that player will die regardless if the power succeeds or not. The DC for the saving throw depends on the player’s level, and will be nigh-impossible to pass for lower levels.

The following is the list of character levels and their associated Power Slots:

  • Level 1-4: Three 1st-Level Slots (can replenish one 1st-Level Slot per Short Rest)
  • Level 5-9: Six 1st-Level Slots (can replenish two 1st-Level Slots per Short Rest)
  • Level 10-14: Eight 1st-Level Slots, Two 2nd-Level Slots (can replenish three 1st-Level Slots per Short Rest)
  • Level 15-19: Eleven 1st-Level Slots, Four 2nd-Level Slots (can replenish three 1st-Level Slots and one 2nd-Level Slot per Short Rest)
  • Level 20-24: Twelve 1st-Level Slots, Six 2nd-Level Slots, Two 3rd-Level Slots (can replenish four 1st-Level Slots and two 2nd-Level Slots per Short Rest)
  • Level 25-29: Thirteen 1st-Level Slots, Eight 2nd-Level Slots, Four 3rd-Level Slots, One Godlike Slot (can replenish four 1st-Level Slots, two 2nd-Level Slots, and one 3rd-Level Slot per Short Rest. Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per Long Rest, or one Standard-Godlike Slot per two Long Rests)
  • Level 30-34: Fourteen 1st-Level Slots, Ten 2nd-Level Slots, Six 3rd-Level Slots, Two 4th-Level Slots, One Godlike Slot (can replenish four 1st-Level Slots, three 2nd-Level Slots, and two 3rd-Level Slots per Short Rest. Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per two Short Rests, or one Standard-Godlike Slot per Long Rest)
  • Level 35-39: Fifteen 1st-Level Slots, Eleven 2nd-Level Slots, Eight 3rd-Level Slots, Five 4th-Level Slots, Two Godlike Slots (can replenish four 1st-Level Slots, three 2nd-Level Slots, two 3rd-Level Slots, and one 4th-Level Slots per Short Rest. Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per two Short Rests, and/or one Standard-Godlike Slot per Long Rest)
  • Level 40-44: Fifteen 1st-Level Slots, Twelve 2nd-Level Slots, Ten 3rd-Level Slots, Eight 4th-Level Slots, Three 5th-Level Slots, Two Godlike Slots (can replenish six 1st-Level Slots, four 2nd-Level Slots, three 3rd-Level Slots, and two 4th-Level Slots per Short Rest. Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per Short Rest, and/or one Standard-Godlike Slot per Long Rest)
  • Level 45-49: Sixteen 1st-Level Slots, Fourteen 2nd-Level Slots, Twelve 3rd-Level Slots, Ten 4th-Level Slots, Eight 5th-Level Slots, Three Godlike Slots (can replenish six 1st-Level Slots, five 2nd-Level Slots, four 3rd-Level Slots, three 4th-Level Slots, and two 5th-Level Slots per Short Rest. Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per Short Rest, and/or one Standard-Godlike Slot per Long Rest)
  • Level 50: Eighteen 1st-Level Slots, Sixteen 2nd-Level Slots, Fourteen 3rd-Level Slots, Twelve 4th-Level Slots, Ten 5th-Level Slots, Four Godlike Slots (can replenish six 1st-Level Slots, six 2nd-Level Slots, five 3rd-Level Slots, five 4th-Level Slots, and three 5th-Level Slots per Short Rest. Can also replenish two Lesser-Godlike Slots per Short Rest, and/or one Standard-Godlike Slot per Long Rest)


Exhaustion occurs if you attempt to use powers within an expired Power Slot. Each attempt will worsen the effects of exhaustion, which I will detail below:
  • First Attempt: The player will roll with disadvantage on the ability they are attempting to use via an expired Power Slot.
  • Second Attempt: The player will hitherto roll with disadvantage on all ability checks and saving throws until the next Long Rest.
  • Third Attempt: Upon their next failed roll, they will suffer 1d10 of damage.
  • Fourth Attempt: Upon their next roll, whether a success or failure, they will suffer 3d10 of damage.
  • Fifth Attempt+: A coin will be flipped to determine if the character survives the attempt.


Concentration is a new requirement for certain abilities, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. However, there are two kinds of Concentration, which will be detailed below:

  • Active Concentration - The player is able to still move and perform other tasks while holding this ability. However, if they suffer damage and fail a subsequent CON saving throw, the ability that they are holding will be dropped.
  • Total Concentration - The player must be still and cannot move or perform any other tasks while holding this ability. If they suffer damage and fail a subsequent CON saving throw, the ability that they are holding will be dropped.


As characters advance in their accumulation of power and increased individuality and distinction from their peers, some abilities become second nature to them, while others become a more obscure, rarer, and focused power. As such, when leveling up, a character may attain from the list below certain powers when they reach the requisite levels.

All free points, whether purely from leveling up or granted by a class choice, terminate at rank 3. Any increase beyond that point requires investment from the point total for a character’s level.

Level 1: At Level 1, as soon as an Acolyte or Padawan begins making their character sheet, they may choose from Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Force Sense to add to their character sheet for free, as these are three of the most basic abilities of a Force user. They may increase the rank of this power for free as they level up, once they hit the milestone levels for rank increases, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Level 20: Upon becoming a Sith Knight, a Sith may choose between Sith Lightning, Force Wound (assuming they have Telekinesis), and Sutta Chwituskak (assuming they are a Sorcerer) to add to their character sheet for free, up to rank 3 at level 20, as these powers are more aggressive and further help to distinguish the characterization and focus of a Force user from their peers.

Upon becoming a Jedi Knight, a Jedi may choose between Mind Trick (assuming they have Telepathy), Force Push/Pull (assuming they have Telekinesis), and Force Resistance to add to their character sheet for free, up to rank 3 at level 20, as these powers are mainstays of a Jedi’s arsenal and further help to distinguish them among their peers.

Level 30: When promoted to Sith Master, all Sith Warriors gain Force Rage, all Sith Assassins gain Shadowstrike, and all Sith Sorcerers gain a basic sorcery (between Sutta Chwituskak, Qâzoi Kyantuska, Dwomutsiqsa, Waves of Darkness, Aura of Uneasiness, and Sith Illusions) to add to their character sheets for free, up to rank 3. This allows Sith Masters to devote points to other abilities that will help distinguish them from others without detracting from abilities core to the essence of their class.

When promoted to Jedi Master, all Jedi Guardians gain Battlemind, all Jedi Sentinels gain Force Cloak, and all Jedi Consulars gain Battle Meditation (assuming they have Force Bond) to add to their character sheets for free, up to rank 3. This allows Jedi Masters to devote points to other abilities that will help distinguish them from others without detracting from abilities core to the essence of their class.

Level 35: Sith Lords and Jedi Council Masters are naturally assumed to possess the knowledge of storing knowledge, that is, to create a Holocron for themselves with which to deposit their esoteric knowledge or life experiences to help teach future generations, or else to hoard for themselves. This process is a RITUAL, regardless of the class of the Sith or Jedi. They receive 3 points in this power, and may invest further points into it if they so desire, as there is a clear distinction in the quality of holocrons from various Sith Lords and Jedi Masters of the past.


As you read through the list below, you may notice some of the listed powers have certain tags in bold next to them. These showcase something special that anyone desiring to take the power should be aware of.

RITUAL: Powers with this tag cannot simply be performed at will. Instead, they require preparation, sometimes taking hours or days, and will require intense roleplay to be used. Often, these will require the use of special materials as well that may be special enough that the user will not have easy access to them and will therefore need to quest for them. The use of these powers generally has to be GMed or approved by the GM to ensure they are used properly.

INNATE: Powers with this tag are extraordinarily rare in the established EU continuity. As such, this should be reflected in how many people can take these powers. These tend to be powers that most Force users cannot learn but are already present in the user and must be developed by study and regular use (such as Psychometry, Flashburn, and Shatterpoint). Acquisition of these powers should take place early on, generally before Knighthood, and will require GM approval.

UNIQUE: Powers with this tag require someone wishing to take it to either be taught the power by someone who already has it OR it must be quested for (which would be GMed). Starting with a UNIQUE power will require GM approval.

FREE: Powers with this tag do not require point investment to attain, only prerequisites, such as point investment in another power, which the FREE power is either rolled into or which the FREE power changes if chosen (such as in the case of the Reanimate Undead sub-abilities).


Base Classes are available to all. Subclasses are available at Level 10. Prestige Classes are strictly optional classes, specializing in obscure niches with unique prerequisites, available at varying levels.

Sith Warrior
Warriors are the martial element of the Sith, training rigorously for combat with a particular focus paid to the exquisite art of the lightsaber. Darth Vader and Darth Malgus are among history’s most famous Sith Warriors. Sith Warriors are masters of physicality and receive free points in Augmentation up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Assassin
Assassins seek to learn the art of stealth and espionage, and they train in many non-Force-related skills to be more versatile. Darth Talon and Darth Maul are among history’s most famous Sith Assassins. The most elusive of Sith, they receive free points in Force Stealth up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Sorcerer
Sorcerers concern themselves primarily with the academic study of the Force and understanding its properties, as well as studying and chronicling the history of the Sith. Darth Sidious and Darth Naga Sadow are among history’s most famous Sith Sorcerers. Focused entirely on the esoteric, including occult rituals known only to their caste, Sorcerers receive free points in Sith Runes up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Subclasses (Available at Level 10+)

Sorcerer Subclasses

Sith Thaumaturge
Taking after the Sorcerers of Tund and the Naddists of Onderon, Thaumaturges are pure mages, dedicating themselves to reciting and casting ancient Sith spells gleaned from the dusty pages of forgotten grimoires. Sith Thaumaturges receive one basic sorcery of their choice between Sutta Chwituskak, Qâzoi Kyantuska, Dwomutsiqsa, and Odojinya for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Alchemist
Taking after the eldritch artisans of the Ninûshwodzakut and the master beast-summoners of the Hundred-Year Darkness, Alchemists dedicate themselves to the manipulation of inanimate matter and the twisting of life into new forms. Sith Alchemists receive two free points each in Forge Sith Artifact and Mutate Life.

Sith Elementalist
Taking after the Shapers of Kro Var and the Sith Sorcerers of Vitiate’s Empire, Elementalists are storms of nature, foregoing finer arcane mastery in favor of sheer elemental power over the Force, from lightning and fire to earth and water. Elementalists may choose two abilities to receive two free points from between Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Sith Lightning, Plant Surge, and Alter Environment.

Sith Prophet
Taking after the Prophets of the Dark Side, Sith Prophets or Prophetesses are sinister seers and reclusive hermits, peeling back layers of reality to see realms and places far away - and far in the future. Sith Prophets receive Precognition, the basis of their perceptive abilities, for free up to the rank available at their level (though they must put one point at minimum into Force Sense to receive this benefit), up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Inquisitor
Taking after the fanatical Inquisitorius of Palpatine’s regime, Sith Inquisitors serve the Empire with almost religious fervor, specializing in mentally probing their victims for traces of disloyalty, indoctrinating the weak, and torturing the unfaithful. Sith Inquisitors receive two free points each in Probe Mind and Mind Shard, abilities that are foundational in breaking insurgent morale.

Sith Illusionist
Taking after the ancient Sith sorcerers of the Golden Age and the Krath magicians of Empress Teta, Sith Illusionists impose their imagination upon the universe, conjuring mind-pulverizing illusions that verge on astral creations of raw reality. Illusionists receive Sith Illusions, the basis of their esoteric abilities, for free up to the rank available at their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Warrior Subclasses

Sith Marauder
Taking after the Sith Marauders of the Sith Triumvirate, Sith Marauders are violent, bloodthirsty dark side warriors who use their rage, the dark side, and an arsenal of weapons to eviscerate their enemies swiftly; many dual-wield lightsabers or use more exotic lightsaber variants such as double-bladed lightsabers and lightwhips. Marauders, who relish in the heat of battle and shrug off injury with ease, receive two points each in Feed on the Dark Side and Control Pain.

Sith Juggernaut
Taking after the Sith Juggernauts of Vitiate’s Empire and the various cyborg Jedi-Killers of Palpatine’s era, Sith Juggernauts are hulks of muscle, flesh, and even metal, able to overpower their foes through brute strength and power through incredible injury. Sith Juggernauts may choose to receive either Reduce Injury or, if they are a cyborg, Mechu-Deru, for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Conqueror
Taking after the Sith Conquerors of Vitiate’s Empire and the Sith officers of Revan’s regime, Sith Conquerors are the sharp military minds that conceive of the most cunning war strategies and battle tactics. Sith Conquerors receive two free points each in Force Bond and Force Meld.

Sith Saber
Taking after the Sith Sabers of the Lost Tribe of Sith and the Sith Duelists of Vitiate’s Empire, Sith Sabers are dueling champions dedicated to the art of the lightsaber above all else. Sith sabers receive two free points in two lightsaber styles of their choice, so long as they have at least one point in Shii-Cho.

Sith Paladin (Requires Lawful Alignment)
Taking after the Paladins of Naddist Onderon, the noble Sith Knights of the Mecrosa and the Krath Holy Crusaders, Sith Paladins are dark knights who serve the Empire with religious conviction and unbreakable loyalty; like the Knights of Zakuul, their zealotry is rewarded with unique power in the Force that makes them difficult to beat on the field of battle and can choose up to three light side powers, one of which they receive for free up to the rank available at their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Mauler
Taking after the Sith Brutes of Vitiate’s Empire and the thuggish Sith cult known as the Maulers, Sith Maulers use their fists, feet, and body to overpower their enemies, mastering brutal hand-to-hand combat or martial arts such as Teräs Käsi. Maulers receive two free points each in Force Punch and Force Kick.

Assassin Subclasses

Sith Stalker
Taking after the Sith Assassins of the Sith Triumvirate and the Sith Shadow Stalkers of Vitiate’s Empire, Sith Stalkers are masters of stealth and subtlety, cloaking themselves from the Force and the senses as they pursue their prey. Stalkers receive two points each in Conceal Essence and Dim Other’s Senses, allowing them to pass not only in the Force but visibly as well.

Sith Watcher
Taking after the Sith Watchers of Vitiate’s Empire and the political masterminds of Bane’s line, Sith Watchers are infiltrators and double agents who use guile, subterfuge, and manipulation to subvert enemy governments from within. Watchers receive two free points each in Affect Mind and Conceal Essence so as best to infiltrate enemy territory and influence their opponents without drawing undue attention.

Sith Brawler
Taking after the infamous Hands of Emperor Palpatine, Sith Brawlers are unscrupulous agents and dirty fighters who use anything they can get their hands on to kill their targets, from blasters to vibroshivs to lightsabers. Brawlers receive two free points each in Force Punch OR Force Kick from the Warrior list and in Force Reflex to enhance their martial arts capabilities.

Sith Slayer
Taking after the Sith Slayers of Vitiate’s Empire and the various infamous Jedi hunters throughout history, Sith Slayers are highly trained executioners adept at one singular goal: finding and killing Jedi in one-on-one combat. Sith Slayers are proficient with suppressing the power of their opponents, weakening them before engaging for the kill, and as such, receive points in Force Suppression up to the rank available for their level (so long as they have at least one point in Telepathy), up to rank 3 at level 20, and can take this ability before reaching Level 20.

Sith Poisoner
Taking after the infamous poisoners of the Sith Mecrosa Order, Sith Poisoners are specialists who combine alchemy, science, and assassination to kill their foes without ever needing to lay hands on a lightsaber. Sith Poisoners gain access to Brew Sith Poison, which allows for the creation of Sith poisons for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20, and gain access to Mutate Life and Sutta Chwituskak from the Sith Magic tree.

Sith Spy
Taking after the Sith spies of the Brotherhood of Darkness and Sith Intelligence & Assassination in Krayt’s Empire, Sith Spies are secret agents who retrieve intelligence, sabotage enemies, and kill their foes through cunning preparation, exotic tactics and advanced technology. Sith Spies receive two points each in Theran Force-Listening and Probe Mind, the latter from the Sith Inquisitor tree.

Prestige Classes

Sith Necromancer (Requires Level 20+, Sith Alchemist OR Sith Thaumaturge)
Through blending spellcasting and alchemy, Sith Necromancers tap into the powers of death and dying, invoking the spirits of ancient Sith Lords and raising the corpses of the fallen. Necromancers gain one Necromancer-exclusive ability for free up to the rank available for their level (excepting Godlikes), up to rank 3 at level 20, as well as access to several exclusive powers built around pure necromancy and the invocation of dark spirits.

Sith Warlock (Requires Level 20+, Sith Sorcerer, At least 4 Lightsaber Forms)
Battle mages who bend the Force to martial ends, Sith Warlocks can learn up to five skills from the Warrior path. They may choose one of these abilities for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Wizard (Requires Level 20+, Sith Elementalist or Sith Thaumaturge)
Druidic mages who have mastered the Living Force, Sith Wizards can learn up to four skills from either the Elementalist or Thaumaturge paths (whichever their subclass isn't), as well as one skill from the Necromancer path, including Godlikes. They receive one of these powers (but not a Godlike) for free up to rank 3.

Sith Witch (Requires Level 20+, Sith Elementalist or Sith Alchemist)
Herbs and potions are powerful tools in the hands of Nightsister Sith witches, whose mastery of the natural world allow them to learn up to three skills from either the Elementalist or Alchemist paths (whichever their subclass isn't), as well as up to two skills from the Necromancer path, excepting Godlikes. They receive one of these powers for free up to rank 3.

Sith Technomage (Requires Level 20+, Sith Alchemist, Cyborg)
More machine than man, Sith cyborgs can understand the relationship between the organic and the synthetic more than any other; some become powerful Technomages able to manipulate machinery with the Force. Technomages learn Mechu-Deru for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20, and receive access to powers only one so aligned with machinery could.

Sith Sharpshooter (Requires Level 20+, a Ranged Weapon)
Whether gunslingers or snipers, Sith Sharpshooters specialize in the mastery of the blaster or other ranged weapons (such as bowcasters and energy bows), using the Force to achieve supernatural accuracy and speed. Sharpshooters receive two free points each in Force Direction and Ballistakinesis to aid their shots in striking their targets with ultimate precision and to shoot without a gun, respectively.

Sith Archon (Requires Level 20+, Alignment Good or Neutral, Sith Sorcerer)
Taking after the Sith Archons of Vitiate's Empire, these religious fanatics are either former Jedi who pursued the light so fanatically they became malevolent or bizarrely selfless servants of the dark side, able to call upon the unique divine powers of the mythological Immortal Gods of the Sith and/or up to five light side powers, and can receive one of these powers for free up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Sith Masterblade (Requires Level 20+, Sith Warrior, No Lightsaber or Lightsaber Forms)
Taking after the Bladeborn cult of old, a Sith Masterblade eschews lightsabers in favor of bladed melee weapons such as Sith Tremor Swords. The Masterblade possesses unique powers over the blade, can learn how to forge ancient Sith weapons from the Sith Alchemist tree, and receive Energy Blade up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20. Blades forged by a Masterblade are regarded as one rank higher than the rank they possess in the skill.

Sith Artificer (Requires Level 25+, Sith Alchemist)
Alchemists dedicated to the forgery of artifacts and weapons above all else, Artificers receive three free Skill Points each in Forge Sith Weapon and Forge Sith Artifact. When using a “Forge” ability, an Artificer may treat any resulting item as one rank greater than the rank they possess in the skill.

Sith Shadow Mage (Requires Level 25+, Sith Assassin, no Wookiees)
Taking after the Sith Shadows cult of Dathomir under Nightbrother Mellichae and the Shadow Magic coven of Nightsister Gethzerion, Shadow Mages are assassins who tap so fully into the darkness that they are capable of manipulating it beyond their peers. Shadow Mages receive two free Skill Points each in the Sith spells Waves of Darkness and Spell of Concealment. They can learn three additional abilities from the Sith Magic tree.

Sith Shadow Guard (Requires Level 25+, Sith Assassin, Six Lightsaber Forms)
Taking after the legendary Shadow Guard of Palpatine's Empire, these black-robed Jedi-killers are well-trained in the usage of lightsabers and lightsaber variations, such as the lightsaber pike. Shadow Guards can learn up to five skills from the Warrior path, except Godlikes, and receive two free points each in Force Shadow and Battlemind.

Sith Magus (Requires Level 25+, Sith Warrior, At Least Three Lightsaber Forms)
Taking after individuals proficient in dueling who dabble in the dark arts, such as Darth Tyranus and Darth Zannah, these arcane warriors delve into the more potent and esoteric abilities of the Sorcerer to grant them diversity in their arsenal. Sith Magi are able to learn up to five skills from the Sith Magic tree, and receive two points each in Sutta Chwituskak and Aura of Uneasiness.

Sith Nightwitch (Requires Level 20+, Sith Stalker OR Sith Watcher OR Sith Poisoner)
Taking after the esoteric Nightsister witches of Dathomir, the Sith Nightwitch is one who has delved into the sorceric harnessing of magical ichor, bolstering their powers of stealth with Nightsister spells. The Sith Nightwitch can choose up to two abilities from the Sith Sorcery tree and three abilities from the Dathomiri Magicks sub-tree, and receive three free points in an ability from this latter category.

Sith Ranger (Requires Level 25+, Sith Assassin)
Taking after the fabled Beast Lords of Onderon, Sith Rangers are the natural beastmasters of the Sith. Studying the summoning and alchemical rituals of the Sith Sorcerers, Rangers are able to access Create Tuk’ata, Create Hssiss, and Summon Terentatek, and receive two points each in Beast Trick and Beast Language to help them control their companions.

Sith Borg (Requires Level 25+, Sith Warrior, Cyborg)
Like the cerebral Technomages, Sith Borg are warriors dedicated to the melding of flesh with metal and wiring. These hulking monstrosities sacrifice their Midichlorian-filled flesh for limbs and organs of artificial make. Sith Borg receive access to Mechu Deru Vitae to augment their cybernetic enhancements, and receive two points each in standard Mechu Deru and Electrical Manipulation.

Sith Hermit (Requires Level 40+, Sith Sorcerer or Sith Assassin, Male, insanity or mental illness)
Insane anchorites, mad monks and solitary wanderers, Hermits are reclusive Sith, often of exalted prior rank, skulking on the periphery of society; they can often be found in the tombs of the Valley of the Dark Lords, driven mad by the energies of the dark side, the heat of Korriban's wilds, or simply the isolation of exile. The mad prophet Spindrall and former Academy Headmaster Jorak Uln are examples of the Hermit class. Hermits gain up to four powers from any of the following categories: whichever their base class isn't (Sith Sorcerer if base class is Assassin, Sith Assassin if base class is Sorcerer), the Prophet or Necromancer subclasses (with the exception of Godlikes), as well as unique abilities specific to their class.

Base Classes are available to all. Subclasses are available at Level 10. Prestige Classes are strictly optional classes, specializing in obscure niches with unique prerequisites, available at varying levels.

Jedi Guardian
Jedi Guardians are the martial foundation of the Jedi Order; disciplined and athletic, they place their focus on the physical aspects of Jedi life, training in the art of lightsaber combat and martial arts, and honing their Force abilities for use in battle or protection. Guardians are staunch defenders of the Light and will fight with every fiber for the triumph of justice. Many, but not all, Guardians were traditionally outfitted with blue lightsabers. Jedi Guardians are masters of physicality and receive free points in Force Valor up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Jedi Consular
Jedi Consulars are healers, historians, diplomats, and seers. Consulars place their focus on the more cerebral aspects of the Force, preferring to leave their lightsabers unignited and placing faith and trust in the power of the Light to guide and sharpen their abilities through meditation and study. Compassionate and studious, Consulars excel in using nonviolent means to uphold the tenets of Jedi philosophy. Most Consulars were traditionally outfitted with emerald lightsabers, but this was not always the case. As their connection to the Force and all that surrounds them tends to be far greater than the average Jedi, Consulars receive free points in Force Bond up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Jedi Sentinel
Jedi Sentinels strike a balance between Guardians and Consulars; they are practical in their approach to the Force and its myriad applications, blending combat and non-combat abilities. Sentinels often lean towards a civilian-style life, putting their skills to use in protecting citizens. They are adept in a wide variety of non-Force skills, using their Jedi schooling to augment their chosen field of expertise. Sentinels generally carried whatever lightsaber color that was bestowed on them, though a substantial portion in the Old Republic carried yellow lightsabers. The most elusive of Jedi, they receive free points in Force Stealth up to the rank available for their level, up to rank 3 at level 20.

Subclasses (Available at level 10+)

Guardian Subclasses

Jedi Warrior

Jedi Warriors are almost antithetical to the order itself, used as soldiers and brutal combatants on the bloody field of honor. They are extremely physically fit and skilled in martial arts and other techniques of warfare. Due to their extremely combative focus, warriors gain access to two Approaching the Dark skills (not whole trees).

Jedi Peacekeepers
Peacekeepers are the protectors of justice and harmony in the galaxy. Peacekeepers are law enforcers, sentries, ambassadors, and negotiators with well-balanced skills in both combat and non-combat areas. Jedi Peacekeepers get two free points in Force Stun, regardless of rank, and two free points in Alter Damage.

Jedi Starfighter
Members of the Jedi Starfighter Corps use the Force in perfect harmony with their piloting. Their unrivaled reaction time and precision in starfighter combat make them the finest force multipliers in aerial combat, and when melded with other starfighters, they can apply significant force to an entire fleet. Jedi Starfighters gain two free points in Force Meld and Force Direction, regardless of rank, and also are given a starfighter to use and customize.

Exotic Weapon Specialist
Exotic Weapons Specialists are Jedi Guardians who have chosen to either forgo lightsabers or use it alongside other weaponry, such as a quarterstaff, electrostaff, flail, force pike, and so on. In the past, this term also applied to those who mastered unusual lightsaber variants, but this is no longer the case. Exotic Weapon Specialists gain access to Force Weapon, enhancing their weapons through the Force to resist lightsabers, deflect blaster bolts, and shatter stone; given that some specialize in use of blasters and slugthrowers, access to Force Direction is also gained.

Consular Subclasses

Jedi Healer

Jedi Healers are valuable members of the Jedi order and invaluable during war, keeping the wounded alive and rejuvenating them. Jedi Healers can heal and energize allies fast enough to put allies back into combat soon after they are disabled, ensuring a heavy reduction in loss of life. Jedi Healers get one free point in both Force Heal and Revitalization.

Jedi Seer
Jedi Seers cross space and time with aetherial vision, viewing places worlds away, in the past, and far in the future. All Jedi Seers are capable of using Psychometry, and thus gain access to it, and have one free point each in Precognition and Farsight.

Jedi Sage
Jedi Sages are the polymaths of the order, typically serving as wise teachers and erudite lore keepers, and many even become Jedi Diplomats, working with governing bodies, monarchs, senators, committees, and so on to establish peace through the pen. Such cerebrally focused Jedi have exceptional talents with mind-affecting abilities, having honed such through constant use, and thus have access to a wider array of mind-affecting Force powers, including one dark mental power of their choice.

Jedi Druid
Jedi Druids are rare among the Order, but those who do decide to immerse themselves in nature embody, in many ways, the principles of peace, serenity, and union with the Force present in the Jedi Order. Druids tend to present themselves humbly, and their work is usually associated with tending to younglings who are misled before arrival. Through their understanding and interactions with nature, they bring a sense of calm to those in spiritual turmoil. Druids are particularly adept, more so than others, at controlling the elements, and receive maximum proficiency for their level in either cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, or plant surge. Druids are also known for their healthy relationships with animals, and often create a Life Bond with one who acts as their friend and guide in nature. In addition to their elemental proficiency, a Jedi Druid receives two points in Force Bond for free, so long as that bond is used to create a life bond with an animal.

Upon attaining Master rank, a Druid’s communion with their Familiar and chosen element is so powerful that the Familiar can channel the elemental abilities that the Druid wills (albeit at half strength). Additionally, the Druid gains three points for free in one of the two elemental skills not previously chosen.

Sentinel Subclasses

Jedi Slicer

Jedi Slicers have an odd affinity for machines, whether it be computers, droids, security systems, or something else entirely, they dedicate themselves to the mastery of technology in an increasingly technological age. Jedi Slicers gain two free points in Electronic Manipulation and their choice of either Technopathy or Technometry.

Jedi Investigator
The Jedi Investigator spends more time “on call” than most, and historically spent more time on Coruscant but out of the temple than any other Jedi. The Investigator acted on behalf of the local and regional police forces, assisting in the capture of dangerous criminals and the finer riddance of crime than the more martial Jedi Guardian. As such, a Jedi Investigator was required to be quiet and observant in all aspects of their jobs. Jedi Investigators receive two free points in Force in both Force Stealth and Force Track in order to both hide themselves and find those who are hidden.

Jedi Shadows
Jedi Shadows are the dedicated enemies of the Dark Side, hunting down darksiders and their artifacts. Skilled in deception and subterfuge, Jedi Shadows often, but not always, view the universe in shades of gray, allowing them to make the most unpleasant moral compromises necessary, as well as allowing them to take one skill from Approaching the Dark at its highest available points for free (i.e. 3 points at Level 20, 4 points at Level 30, etc.). They also gain the power of False Dark Side Aura at the highest available level for their rank, allowing their subterfuge to go unnoticed and unsuspected.

Jedi Rogue
Jedi Rogues are a type of Sentinel, most often, whose occupation as a Jedi generally goes unnoticed. Of all of the Jedi, they blend in with their surroundings most easily. Rogues are experts in falsifying their identities, both physically and legally, and in addition to being more easily able to forge documents and come up with stories about themselves on the fly, and to assist with this, they receive Alter Image/Masquerade at the highest available level for their rank for free. Jedi Rogues also generally train in the use of a weapon outside of the lightsaber to maintain secrecy, and so gain proficiency in the use of one such weapon (a blaster, electrostaff, vibrosword, bowcaster, etc.) when they take this subclass. Lastly, Rogues are often well-acquainted with the criminal Underworld, and many will obtain a dossier on numerous criminal individuals on their adventures.

Prestige Classes

Jedi Ace (Requires Level 20+, Jedi Starfighter)

Jedi Aces are the highest-ranking pilots of the Jedi naval effort and are often the leaders and teachers of the Jedi Starfighter Corp. Jedi Aces weave through hornet nests of turbolaser fire and missile barrages to deliver their explosive payload with bombs guided perfectly through the Force. Jedi Aces have become so attuned to the usage of Force Meld and Force Direction that it is as innate to them as breathing, gaining both at their highest level for their rank, for free, and gaining access to the Talortai ability of Pathfinding.

Jedi Battlemasters (Requires level 30+, Jedi Warrior or Peacekeeper, Six Classical Lightsaber Forms)
Utter nightmares to face in single combat, Jedi Battlemasters are the greatest lightsaber duelists in the Jedi Order, and teach other Jedi in the martial art of which they have no equal. So perfectly attuned to the Force and how it harmonizes with saber techniques, Jedi Battlemasters enjoy maximum proficiency in one classical lightsaber form of their choice, and one free point in every other classical form.

Jedi Weapon Master (Requires Level 20+, Exotic Weapons Specialist)
When an Exotic Weapon Specialist of the Jedi Order gains master rank and attains true mastery of their chosen weapon and impressive skill with several others, they gain the honorific title of Jedi Weapon Master. Depending on whether they specialized in a melee or ranged weapon, Weapon Masters enjoy four free points, regardless of rank, in either Force Weapon (melee) or Force Direction (ranged).

Jedi Tech Expert (Requires Level 20+, Jedi Slicer)
Tech Experts went beyond the simple manipulations that Slicers focused on, instead preferring complete mastery of technology. Among these abilities are the skills of Hassat-Durr and Mechu-Deru, which they gain free three points in.

Sith Hunter (Requires Level 25+, Fitting Personality and/or Story [Seek GM Approval])
Based upon the Jedi Shadows, the Sixth Line, and the Jedi Covenant, these Jedi are the most unorthodox when it comes to the manner of hunting Sith. Often bearing purple lightsabers and occasionally bearing red lightsabers as their enemies do, they are well-equipped to slip into the enemy’s ranks to assassinate their top dogs or tap into the other side of the Force to grant an edge in a bloody, desperate battle. A Sith Hunter is able, more so than any other class, to dip into the powers of Darkness without succumbing to the temptation to turn completely, for their adherence to the ideology of the Jedi Order is too strong to allow such surrender. Sith Hunters may access two skill trees from the Approaching the Dark category, in addition to any offered by their base class or subclass.

Jedi Coordinator (Requires Level 25+, Jedi Sage)
Jedi Coordinators are Jedi Sages who chose to maintain a focus on the most cerebral Force skills, and are the most powerful support unit on the battlefield, orchestrating strategies and providing mental artillery. Jedi Coordinators gain three free points in Battle Meditation and Force Meld.

Jedi Prophet (Requires level 30+, Jedi Seer)
Responsible for the Prophecy of the Chosen One, Jedi Prophets are Jedi Seers with extraordinary foreknowledge, and instantly gain the maximum proficiency in Precognition possible and gain at the highest level for their rank one other power from the Force Sense tree of their choice.

Jedi Specialist (Requires level 20+, Jedi Sentinel [except Jedi Shadow])
These Jedi Sentinels specialize in whatever area they see fit, and often do so in more than one area, arranging for themselves a wide array of skills for any situation. Jedi Sentinels who choose the path of the specialist may acquire access to three skills from whatever subclasses they choose (only one skill may be learned each subclass).

Jedi Temple Guard (Requires Level 20+, Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Peacekeeper)
Upon attaining sufficient skill as a Jedi Knight, a Sentinel or Peacekeeper may choose to become security for the Jedi temple. Unlike previous iterations, this position is permanent. Sentinels become the gold-white masked legion of guardians ever patrolling the halls and yards of the various Jedi temples and are given special lightsaber-resistant armor and phrik saberstaffs. Physically imposing Jedi Peacekeepers become Jedi Brutes and guard the entrances, warding off aggression through intimidation, and are given Force-imbued phrik armor and lightsaber-resistant saberstaves. Less physically imposing Jedi Peacekeepers become Jedi Snipers, patrolling the heights of temples and striking farther and more accurately than any other, and are endowed with their choice of Force Focus or Saber Throw at maximum proficiency for their rank, depending on whether they are exceptional with their sabers, or elect to use actual rifles.

Jedi Saint (Requires Level 30+, Jedi Healer)

Healers often tout their ability to save lives on the battlefield, but none match the number of lives saved when compared to a Jedi Saint. These Jedi are often pacifists, taking that belief to such an extreme that they believe no man is too far gone, whether it be because of their terminal wounds or their evil ways. Jedi Saints are trained at minimum proficiency in Aura of Healing (4 points), Cure Disease (3 points), and Morichro (4 points) for free.


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Name: High Legionnaire Volacius
Faceclaim: Clancy Brown
Nicknames/Aliases: Camion Ishar (formerly)
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Species: Mirialan
Homeworld: Ossus
Height: 5’11
Weight: 174 lbs
Occupation: High Legionnaire, Admiral
Allegiance: Starborne Legion, King Kain
Physical Description: Well built and muscular, various scars across his back, chest, arms, and legs; Golden yellow flesh, rigid cheekbones and sharp facial features; strong, square, clean-shaven jawline; jagged, black tattoos on his chin, cheeks just below the eyes, and central forehead. Sickly yellow-red eyes from Dark side corruption; Short, black hair slicked back.
Clothing: Burgundy tunic with black undershirt, pants, utility belt, and combat boots; dark steel gray armour plates on his chest, shoulders, arms, forearms, back of his hands, knees, and shins.
Weapons: Single-bladed Lightsaber, crimson crystal; Lightsaber Shoto, crimson crystal; Ancient Sith Sword retrieved from Lotho Minor capable of channeling and enhancing elemental attacks such as Force Lightning (+1 bonus to elemental attacks); “Volacian Edge” Saberstaff, blades generated by barab ingot and firkrann crystal, respectively; Wristblaster (mounted to gauntlet)
Equipment: Grappling hook, stun grenades, holocommunicator, medkit
Vehicles: Modified TIE/D Defender (Modifications: Slightly enlarged cockpit, collapsible passenger seat doubling as bunk, small storage compartment), Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer Angelus Mortis.
Languages: Galactic Basic, Droidspeak/Binary, Huttese
Description of Abilities: Volacius is balanced between his prowess in direct combat, and his tactical and strategic skills. He is known for making heavy use of Force Lightning and Pyrokinesis, as well as relentless Makashi, Juyo, and Jar’Kai onslaughts with a small variety of weapons he has accumulated across his time in the Empire, but his bulk lends itself well to overpowering enemies in hand-to-hand combat if necessary. In wartime, he serves in a command role, specializing in space combat but capable of effectively directing ground forces as well. He is also a capable pilot, particularly when in the cockpit of a starfighter.
Strengths: Volacius long ago cast aside any sense of honour or fairness, and is willing to play as dirty as necessary to survive, if not emerge victorious outright. He is also unconcerned with the opinions of his peers, preferring instead to simply pursue his own goals in the context of serving the Empire.
Flaws: Volacius is somewhat singularly-focused on eradicating the Jedi Order, or at the very least preventing it from rising from the ashes. He is, therefore, not fond of Sith infighting and rivalry, rendering him somewhat vulnerable to such endeavours, though not any less aware of them. Volacius will often attempt to avoid such situations rather than deal with them directly, as he prefers to keep his focus on who he views to be the true enemy. Volacius also struggles with social interaction at times due to both his troubled childhood and adolescent years and his singular quest to exact vengeance upon the Jedi, both of which contribute to a general apathy for most personal relationships. His hatred for the Jedi is also causing internal conflict within him, as at this point in his life he has spent years dominated by primarily negative emotions. Additionally, the disappearance of his longtime compatriot and close friend, Darth Kore (formerly Trinaya Dur), as well as the untimely death of his former master, Lord Kain, have both taken a heavy emotional toll on him.
Personality: Volacius is generally agreeable, at the very least. While not the most talkative, the remnants of his Jedi heritage make him capable of some level of diplomacy. Volacius sometimes attempts to use this to his own advantage to gain the trust of his peers, as well as to keep control of his temper and appease his superiors.
However, more often than not Volacius comes across as a silent brute; his build is intimidating, and he is often very blunt and to-the-point.
He can sometimes be impatient, but is usually able to stop short of recklessness. He harbors extreme hatred for the Jedi and wants to fight them at every turn, and most actions he has taken since joining the Sith have reflected this goal.
He greatly enjoys Lightsaber combat and offensive Force powers, and though he wasn’t always fond of the hardships of training during his time as an apprentice, he now views such practice as both routine and important.
Fears: Losing his power; Dying a meaningless death, before determining who he really is once and for all.
Likes: Power, strength, cunning, discipline, effective strategy and tactics, unity against a common foe; achieving victory, particularly against unfavourable odds, commanding armies and fleets, flying a starfighter, killing his enemies, combat simulations, games of strategy and/or intellect, peace and security.
Dislikes: Weakness, lack of self-control, reckless waste of resources/poor strategy, infighting amongst allies, defeat, disrespect toward superiors, gratuitous violence (according to his own dubious tolerance), being sidelined in a battle, games of chance, endless and/or cataclysmic wars.
Habits: Training/sharpening combat skills, running battle simulations, running drills, meditating/building up well of emotions.
Relationships/Love Interests: Trinaya Dur
Friendships: Lord Kain, Lord Voidwalker, Darth Skyllan, Damian Kento †, Trinaya Dur, Captain Raigil Teltif, Stormtrooper Captain Elian Bransk
Masters: (former) Sitri Yar, (former) Darth Kain
Apprentices: (former) Darth Skyllan
Reputation: Stoic and cold, blunt but well-mannered, Known for commanding the fleet that defended the planet Hapes during the Civil War, as well as commanding fleets in numerous battles against the Federation, and later against the True Sith.
Camion was born into a Jedi family at the start of the Sith-Imperial War. During the Massacre of Ossus, he was one of the fortunate younglings to escape, though his parents were killed in the fighting. Having lost his parents very early in his life, he garnered a deep hatred for the One Sith who had taken them, but also resentment for the Jedi Order who had failed to anticipate the attack and let his parents and many of his friends perish.
After several years on the run with his de-facto Master, Sitri Yar, he showed promise in the area of Lightsaber combat, killing Stormtroopers on multiple occasions, and using his hatred to fuel his ambition. His master became worried that Camion was giving in to the Dark side, and those worries were justified. Even after the death of Darth Krayt and his One Sith, Camion’s feelings of hatred and anger were not quenched. Many of the One Sith’s members had escaped capture, leaving Camion feeling cheated and deepening his belief that the Jedi were not fit to defend the galaxy.
Soon after, he was assigned along with his Master and a team of Jedi to investigate the ruins of Vjun and ensure there was no One Sith presence there. The team was quickly ambushed upon arrival, and Camion was separated from the rest of the Jedi. Having been struck by a powerful telekinetic attack, both the Jedi and Sith wrote him off as dead, and Camion was able to see the Jedi leaving him behind before he lost consciousness. Fortunately for him, the remaining Sith also left the battlefield before he awoke, and Camion spent subsequent months surviving on his own. Feeling betrayed by the Jedi Order, and even by his master whom he had previously trusted and held as a rare example of a good Jedi, Camion completely gave in to the Dark side during this time. When he finally faced the disgruntled and malnourished One Sith who had ambushed the Jedi before, he was able to outwit and outmaneuver them. He escaped Vjun using a stolen Sith shuttle, killing one of them in his escape attempt and marooning the rest of them.
Following this, Camion spent years on his own as a mercenary for hire, often finding himself employed by less-than-reputable organizations and individuals for equally unruly tasks. This saw him encounter the Jedi as enemies, and transformed his resentment of them into full-blown hatred.
With the rebirth of the Sith under Emperor Dreadwar, and the revitalization of many ancient and forgotten Sith traditions, Camion eagerly clamored to their side for the chance to strike back at the Jedi—his allies and friends no longer—while also hoping to eventually use the power of the Dark side to exact vengeance on the remaining members of the One Sith. At the academy on Korriban, Camion chose to take up a new name for himself: Volacius, both to leave his former life behind him, while also to make it harder for the Sith to learn of his intentions for them.
Volacius excelled at his studies as well as his combat skills and Force powers, and was selected alongside Trinaya Dur as one of two Acolytes to embark upon a mission under the leadership of Darth Malos. The trio ventured out into the desert to locate the missing Acolyte Damian Kento. Their mission would lead them to a ruined Sith Temple filled with undead husks and psychological horrors, and they would soon discover that an ancient Sith Lord, Darth Quetzu, had kidnapped Kento in hopes of transferring his essence into the young man’s body. Though hopelessly outmatched, through timely interference from an unexpected entity as well as Quetzu’s own madness and overconfidence, the pair of Sith hopefuls were able to kill the ancient Sith Lord and rescue the missing Acolyte. The events of the mission forged a strong bond between Volacius and Trinaya, one that would endure even after they parted ways and graduated from the Academy.
Some time after graduation, Volacius would be recruited by Dark Lord Kain for an undercover assignment to root out traitors to the Empire. He would pose as a Jedi and attempt to rally Jedi supporters to himself in order to expose them. The mission was a success, and his performance secured him a position as Kain’s apprentice. Lord Kain’s teachings greatly improved and expanded Volacius’ potency in combat, and the Mirialan would undertake several daunting missions for his master. Most notable among these were the retrieval of an ancient Sith Sword guarded by a horde of Technobeasts on Lotho Minor, and the ambush of a group of five Jedi on Naboo, of which Volacius dispatched three. He would take their Lightsabers as trophies, and after further training he was released from Kain’s tutelage as a fully-fledged Sith Knight.
Free to choose his own path in the Empire, Volacius joined House Cruor, becoming involved in both the House Fleet and the Imperial Fleet. The Mirialan Sith also trained his own apprentice, one Pallas Acherjon, culminating in a battle against Federation special forces during which the young S’kytri slew their Jedi leader, Knight Kemuel Hallsch. With the completion of this task, Volacius saw fit to Knight his apprentice, himself ascending to the rank of Sith Master and taking on the title of Darth.
Volacius continued serving in the Imperial Starfleet as the cold war between the Empire and the Federation continued, however the sudden disappearance of his dear friend Trinaya Dur, then Darth Kore, was a blow to his morale that he never truly recovered from. Further, the sudden and unexpected death of his former master, Lord Kain, exacerbated those feelings, leaving Volacius in a state of internal turmoil and emotional devastation. In spite of his mental instability, Volacius fought tirelessly against the True Sith regardless of the obscene casualties each battle wrought.
Following these personal losses and the defeat of Typhojem, and with tensions between the Federation and the Empire rising, Volacius was promoted to the rank of Sith Lord. He continued serving in the Imperial StarFleet until he was called upon by Lord Vaer—whom he did not respect—to join a team preparing to investigate a communications disruption on the Planet Nysis. During this mission, Volacius learned that Lord Kain had been resurrected, and was soon summoned along with several other veterans of the True Sith War to visit him at his fortress on Hastur. There, Volacius found himself reinvigorated with purpose once more, and pledged himself to the service of King Kain. Once again in service to his old master, Volacius journeyed to Verdanth alongside Lord Catalyst and Lord Nathemus, and working together with Eva, the group captured Darth Nephthys, a dangerous True Sith fugitive.
Since the forces of Dark Illathurion began their hellish onslaught across the galaxy, Volacius has once again taken to the stars, engaging this new implacable enemy at every turn on behalf of the Starborne Legion.

Attributes: (lvl 38 = 102 pts)
Strength — 15
Force Power — 18
Dexterity — 15
Intellect — 11
Constitution — 14
Charisma — 5
Wisdom — 12
Destiny — 12

Rank/Level: level 38 Sith Lord
Base Class: Sith Warrior
Subclass: Sith Conqueror
Prestige Class: Sith Sharpshooter
Skills: (lvl 38 = 130 pts)

Saber Forms (13)
Form I Shii-Cho — 1
Form II Makashi — 1
Form VII Juyo — 4
Jar’Kai — 4
Saber Throw — 3

Control (14)
Augmentation — 4
-Force Jump — 3
-Force Speed — 3
Battlemind — 4

Sense (21)
Force Sense — 4
-Precognition — 4
-Force Sight — 3
-Farsight — 3
-Instinctive Astrogation — 4
Truth Sense — 3

Alter (79)
Telekinesis — 3 (3 free points from level 1)
-Force Push/Pull — 3
-Force Rend — 4
-Force Wound — 3
-Force Choke — 3
-Ballistakinesis — 2 (2 free points from Sith Sharpshooter)
Telepathy — 4
-Affect Mind — 3
-Mental Shield — 4
Sith Lightning — 4 (3 free points from level 20)
-Chain Lightning — 4
-Lightning Variant: Force Storm — 4
-Lightning Shield — 4
-Force Maelstrom — 4
Pyrokinesis — 4
-Fire Tornado — 4
Force Resistance — 4
-Tutaminis — 4
-Force Barrier — 3
Force Bond — 3 (2 free points from Sith Conqueror)
-Battle Meditation — 4
-Force Meld — 3 (2 free points from Sith Conqueror)
Force Suppression — 4
Force Rage — 4 (3 free points from level 30)
Create Sith Holocron — 3 (3 free points from level 35)
Force Direction — 4 (2 free points from Sith Sharpshooter)
Force Punch — 3
Crucitorn — 4
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Theme Music:
Name: Sitri Yar
Faceclaim: Hugo Weaving
Nicknames/Aliases: Korvan Mirlon, Wallon Davris, Strafal Dros, Levio Tyr
Age: 101
Sex: Male
Species: Sephi
Homeworld: Thustra
Height: 6’1
Weight: 208 lbs
Occupation: Jedi Master
Allegiance: Jedi Order, Galactic Federation
Physical Description: Lean and fit, tan-coloured skin, shrapnel scars up and down the left side of his body; sharp, angular jaw and cheekbones, ocean blue eyes; tall, thin nose, neatly trimmed black hair graying on the sides, scar across left cheek and ear
Clothing: Typical oversized brown Jedi cloak, dark tan Jedi tunic and trousers, dark brown leather knee-high boots, dark brown utility belt
Weapons: Single-bladed Lightsaber, blue crystal
Equipment: Grapple hook, holocommunicator, emergency medkit, macrobinoculars
Vehicles: X-83 Twintail starfighter
Languages: Galactic Basic, Droidspeak/Binary, Huttese (basics), Military hand signals
Combat Skills: Sitri is a seasoned duelist, having defeated many Sith in single combat, and survived many other duels. As a veteran of the Sith-Imperial War, Krayt’s Jedi Purge, the Second Imperial Civil War, Federation-Sith War, and even the War of Typhojem, Yar has had decades to hone his skills, both in direct physical confrontations with all manner of opponents, as well as with tactics and strategy.
Other Strengths: Sitri has a knack for keeping calm and collected regardless of the circumstances. Having to survive as a fugitive, Yar is highly capable of thinking on his feet and improvising even in dire situations. His willpower is indomitable, and his determination to do good—be it improving the lives of those around him or defending the innocent against those who would seek to enslave or destroy—is unbreakable.
Flaws: Sitri’s selflessness can often border on total neglect for his own wellbeing, both physical and mental. Sitri also has a soft spot for children, and can be more easily manipulated if the life of even one child is at risk. Despite his best efforts, Sitri has not fully dealt with his past traumas, and as a result he suffers occasional flashbacks, which he has neither admitted nor wished to discuss with anyone. Part of Sitri sees himself as an old man who is beyond help. These traumas have left him afraid to become close with anyone, in friendship or romance.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Sitri possesses a high degree of personal restraint, and often comes across as reserved and logical. However, under the right circumstances, and particularly when in the presence of younglings, he demonstrates great kindness, patience, and empathy. Privately, he regrets having not made the time to settle down with a family of his own.
Fears: Dying without purpose, causing direct or indirect harm to innocent people, being corrupted to the Dark side, Darth Dreadwar, Typhojem, Ooradryl
Likes: Freedom, democracy, justice, innocence, forgiveness/reconciliation, peace, children, the Jedi Order, the Galactic Federation, outsmarting opponents, flying starships
Dislikes: Oppression, dictatorships, crime, war, the Sith, the New Galactic Empire, Darth Dreadwar, Tyhpojem, Darth Kain, Ooradryl, torture, being a fugitive
Habits: Meditating, polishing Lightsaber hilt before a mission, telling stories (when in the presence of children), drinking caf, reading crime drama holonovels, listening to classic cantina songs, small talk with allies
Relationships/Love Interests: N/A
Friendships: Camion Ishar (formerly), Kei Durron, Dreymon Aelswyn, Korda Salim †, Sho Temm †, Kemuel Hallsch †
Masters: Korda Salim †
Apprentices: Camion Ishar (former), Ira Tekoa (former, fate unknown)
Reputation: Highly respected by his fellow Jedi as both a survivalist and a war veteran
Born on Thustra in 72 ABY, Sitri’s Force potential was discovered when he was very young, and he was brought to the Jedi Temple on Ossus in late 74 ABY. His training was not particularly noteworthy, neither exemplary or lackluster. His apprenticeship saw him traveling the galaxy as a relatively successful peacekeeper. Sitri’s master, Korda Salim, was a Jedi consular, historian, and particular expert on Sidious’ Jedi Purge. As a result, Salim firmly believed that practical knowledge of how the galaxy really operates and how to survive in it were essential skills for every Jedi, and went out of her way to show Sitri both the best and the worst that the galaxy had to offer. This proved to be an overall positive experience, and Sitri graduated into Knighthood with a balanced perspective on life.
Due to their team synergy, Sitri and Salim continued to work together until Salim was tragically killed by rebel forces during Thustra’s Succession Crisis of 107 ABY, and following the mission, Sitri returned to the Jedi Temple for a period of grieving and introspection. Though he came out of this time seemingly back to his former self, some members of the Jedi Council familiar with him would note that he had lost all interest in returning to his homeworld and tended to avoid traveling there whenever possible, and that he had also put off taking an apprentice of his own.
Sitri continued his career as a peacekeeper alone until 127 ABY, when the Sith-Imperial War erupted across the galaxy. Sitri fought hard, but his efforts alone were hardly enough to stop Krayt’s onslaught, and Sitri was recalled to Ossus at the conclusion of the war in 130 ABY. Before he could return, however, the Sith launched the infamous Massacre of Ossus, where many of his long-time comrades and friends were killed. Sitri rendezvoused with the survivors, and as they scattered to avoid being corralled and altogether annihilated, Sitri took one of the younglings as his apprentice out of necessity: Camion Ishar.
The survival skills and “street smarts” that Salim had taught Sitri served him well in exile, and he was quick to pass these skills on to Camion as well. The pair narrowly avoided capture numerous times, and while Sitri was proud of Camion’s lightsaber prowess and quick-thinking, he worried that having killed people at such a young age was having a negative impact on Camion’s growth. Sitri and Camion survived Krayt’s Jedi Purge, and in 139 ABY, they were assigned as part of a larger team to investigate a reported Sith presence on Vjun. Unbeknownst to anyone on the team, this was a deliberate ambush by a group of particularly rash and hateful Sith remnants. Several Jedi were killed in the ensuing battle, forcing Sitri to take command and try to organize a retreat. Camion was separated from the remaining Jedi, and in a particularly flashy feat of telekinesis, it seemed to Sitri and the other Jedi that Camion was killed. Devastated, Sitri nonetheless continued to conduct the Jedi withdrawal.
Once again, Sitri withdrew to the Jedi Temple to mourn and protect himself from the Dark-side temptations of hatred and despair. He was quickly drawn back into military service and into training a new apprentice—Ira Tekoa—as Darth Dreadwar reconsolidated the Sith Empire and plunged the galaxy into yet another war. This conflict saw Sitri face a particularly infamous Sith Admiral, his old apprentice: Camion Ishar, now Darth Volacius. Though he survived his encounter with his bitter former apprentice, Volacius captured Tekoa and spirited him away to an unknown fate. Sitri was thoroughly distraught, and strongly dissuaded from training another apprentice. Sitri survived the war, and even led some of the limited Federation counterattacks during the Sith civil wars that followed. He was a seasoned combat veteran and tactician by the time the True Sith unleashed their onslaught, and used his skills to help the Federation weather that storm until Typhojem’s death and the defeat of his eldritch hordes.
Now, with the return of King Kain, and in the wake of the attack on Tython and the relentless assault by the forces of Dark Illathurion, Sitri once again finds himself a warrior and a general instead of a peacekeeper.

Attributes: (lvl 38 = 102 pts)
Strength: 10
Force Power: 17
Dexterity: 14
Intellect: 14
Constitution: 14
Charisma: 7
Wisdom: 14
Destiny: 12

Rank/Level: Level 38 Jedi Master
Class: Jedi Guardian
Sublcass: Jedi Warrior
Prestige Class: Jedi Battlemaster
Skills: (130 Skill Points)

Saber Forms (17)
Form I Shii-Cho — 1 (1 free point from Battlemaster)
Form II Makashi — 4 (3+1 free point from Battlemaster)
Form III Soresu — 4 (3+1 free point from Battlemaster)
Form V Shien — 3 (2+1 free point from Battlemaster)
Form VI Niman — 3 (2+1 free point from Battlemaster)
Form VII Vapaad — 5 (4+1 free point from Battlemaster, proficiency)
Saber Throw — 3

Control (29)
Force Valor — 4
-Force Jump — 4
-Force Speed — 4
Battlemind — 4 (1+3 free points from level 30)
Breath Control — 3
Serenity — 3
Remove Fatigue — 3
Hibernation Trance — 4
-Dreambubble — (Free)
-Mortichro — 3

Sense (19)
Force Sense — 3 (3 free points from level 1)
-Precognition — 4
-Farsight — 3
-Force Sight — 3
-Restful-Sleep-in-Danger — 3
Truth-Sense — 3
Force Bond — 3

Alter (66)
Telekinesis — 3
-Force Push/Pull — 3
-Force Wave — 3
-Force Crush — 3 (Warrior)
Mental Shield — 4
Telepathy — 3
-Cleanse Mind — 3
-Mind Trick — 3 (3 free points from level 20)
-Beast Trick — 3
-Beast Language — 3
-Force Illusion — 3
-Probe Mind — 3 (Warrior)
Doppelganger — 3
Force Resistance — 4
-Tutaminis — 4
-Force Barrier — 3
Force Light — 4
Force Stun — 3
-Force Stasis — 4
Technometry — 4
Noise-Dampening Bubble — 3
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Name/Title: Darth Arach, The Harbinger of the Serpent and the Dark Wyrm, Overmistress of Beasts and Toxic Poisons
Nicknames/Aliases: none
Age: 36
Sex: female
Species: human
Orientation (optional): heterosexual
Homeworld: Rikku (Onderon)
Weight: 135
Physical Description: Long black hair, pale skin, gold eyes, a scar on her right shoulder.
Clothing: she preferably wears a dark tunic with leggings and knee- high boots.
Weapons: her lightsaber, a pair of daggers
Languages: basic
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Neutral Good
Level: 42

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Voidwalker(husband), Scarlett (daughter)

Bio: After settling down on Tanalorr, Arach began training her daughter harder, worried for her daughter's safety. The more she trained Scarlett, however, the assassin began to notice that something wasn't quite right with herself.

Strength: 13
Force Power: 14
Dexterity: 13
Intellect: 13
Wisdom: 13
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 15
Destiny: 11

Rank/Level : lvl. 42, Dark Lady of the Sith
Base Class: Assassin
Subclass (if applicable): Stalker
Prestige Class (optional): Shadow Mage
Shii-Cho- 5
Tràkata- 5
Augmentation- 4
Force Jump- 5
Force Speed- 5
Force Stealth- 2 (+3 free pts, Assassin class)
Contort- 4
Transfer Force- 5
Force Sense- 5
Force Sight- 5
Force Shadow- 5
Force Bond- 5
Drain Life- 5
Death Field- 4
Telekinesis- 5
Force Wound- 5
Force Rend- 5
Mental Shield- 5
Telepathy- 2 (+3 free pts, lv 1)
Affect Mind- 5
Force Fear- 5
Cleanse Mind- 5
Force Illusion- 5
Alter Image- 5
Sith Lightning- 2 (+3 free pts, lv 20)
Chain Lightning- 4
Force Resistance- 5
Force Barrier- 5
Pyrokinesis- 4
Cryokinesis- 4
Force Cloak- 5
Dim Other’s Senses- 3 (+2 free pts, Stalker subclass)
Conceal Essence- 3 (+2 free pts, Stalker subclass)
Shadowstrike- 2 (+3 free pts, lv 30 Assassin class)
Dwomutsisqa- 2(+3 free pts, lv 35 RITUAL)
Waves of Darkness- 2 (+2 free pts, Shadow Mage)
False Light Side Aura- 5
Spell of Concealment- 3 (+2 free pts, Shadow Mage)
Dark Side Spirit- 10
Transfer Essence- 10
Force Ghost- 10

Name/Title: Scarlett Nethervoid
Age: 12
Sex: female
Species: human
Height: 4’9
Weight: 92 lbs
Physical Description: Scarlett has her mother's black hair and pale skin, but her eyes are crimson like her father's.
Weapons: an amethyst lightsaber, the Force, and a blaster locked on stun
Equipment: commlink
Languages: basic
Alignment: True Neutral
Level: 10
Relationships: Voidwalker (father) Arach (mother) Apollo (friend)

Strength: 8
Force Power: 9
Dexterity: 8
Intellect: 10
Wisdom: 9
Constitution: 10
Charisma: 8
Destiny: 10

Rank/Level : 10
Base Class: Sith Assassin
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Stalker

Shii- Cho- 2
Force Speed-1
Force Jump- 2
Force Stealth- 1(+ 1 free pt. Assassin class)
Force Scattering- 1
Force Sense-2
Force Sight- 2
Force Track- 1
Force Shadow- 2
Theron Force-Listening- 1
Conceal Essence- (+2 free pts, Sith Stalker)
Dim Other’s Senses- (+ 2 free pts, Sith Stalker)
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Name/Title: Calla Gaumont
Nicknames/Aliases: Custos, Custos Lucis
Age: 38
Sex: female
Species: human
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 130lbs
Physical Description: Long black hair, fair skin, deep blue eyes
Weapons: her lightsaber, a small blaster, and a dagger.
Equipment: med pack, commlink
Languages: basic, Huttese,
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 30

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Her father, Elbrus Gaumont (a.k.a. Letifer- MIA), Her mother Ione Gaumont (deceased)

Bio: Calla was born to Jedi Knight Elbrus Gaumont and Ione Gaumont. Calla and her family had discovered her abilities with the Force when she was a young child. Since then, Elbrus had taught her how to meditate, control her ability, and to never use the Force out of anger.

Her life was peaceful and happy until she was sixteen. Her father had been called away by the Jedi. While he was away, a skirmish had broken out near her home. Citizens had been caught in the crossfire, including her and her mother, who perished in the incident. She had gone to the Jedi for help in finding her father. They offered her help in exchange in continuing her training. She agreed.

Time had passed before Calla learned of the rumors. A rogue Jedi slaughtering his way up the chain of command. It would be years later before she discovered the awful truth. The Jedi told her that they could not find her father. She felt a fierce rage at the news, but managed to control it. She finished her training with the Jedi and continued her own search, knowing her father still lived.

Ten years later, the Jedi had sent her to investigate the string of recent, gruesome murders believed to be committed by a Force- user. She was to investigate, report back, then await further instructions. She investigated and discovered the crimes were being committed by a man the locals called Letifer who performed “dark magic.” Calla never got to report her finding to the Jedi. She discovered where Letifer would be and confronted him. There was a fierce fight before he suddenly surrendered.

She learned that her instincts had been right. Elbrus Gaumont was alive. She learned that he was the rogue Jedi that had murdered his way up the ranks after learning of his wife's and daughter's deaths. He had fallen to the dark to learn different rituals to raise his family's spirits to speak to them, but he had only managed to contact his wife.

Calla, feeling rage and grief over the destruction he had caused, nearly killed him. At the last moment, she remembered her childhood and her training. She felt an almost forgotten bond between father and daughter begin to stir in her heart.

Instead of killing him, Calla disowned him and threatened to hunt him down again if he even thought about continuing committing these atrocities. He agreed and has since disappeared.

For her part, Calla withdrew from the Jedi, never telling them the true identity of the murderer. She opted to remain on the planet and do her best to repair the damage her father had done. Also, keeping an eye out for any signs of Letifer's return.

The locals noticed that the end of the death- bringer's reign of terror coincided with the young woman’s appearance. They came to see her as their guardian and named her Custos, or Custos Lucis.

After a time, Calla found herself begin to relax. She had found that she had built a life for herself. She had made friends among these people. She did her best to help protect them. In return, she earned their respect and even some of their trust. Though, that was very reluctantly given.

The former Jedi’s peace was not to last. Late one night, while she meditated, Calla felt that something terrible was coming. She also felt a strong pull to come out of hiding.

The dawn found her packing her meager belongings and saying a farewell to the friends she had made.

Where the Force was leading her, she didn't know. Calla only knew that something was on it's way and the Force was calling her to fight.

Strength: 11
Force Power: 13
Dexterity: 10
Wisdom: 13
Constitution: 15
Charisma: 11
Destiny: 11

Rank/Level: 30 Jedi Master
Base Class: Jedi Sentinel
Subclass (if applicable): Jedi Investigator

Shii- Cho- 4
Force Valor- 3
Force Speed- 4
Force Jump- 3
Force Stealth- 1 (+3 free points, Jedi Sentinel)
Force Sense- 4
Precognition- 3
Force Sight- 4
Force Track- 2 (+2 free points, Jedi Investigator)
Restful- Sleep- in- Danger- 4
Truth Sense- 4
Telekinesis- 4
Force Push/ Pull- 4
Force Burst- 4
Mental Shield- 4
Telepathy- 3
Comprehend Speech- 4
Force Resistance- 4
Force Cloak- 4
Malacia- 4
Character Theme
Battle Theme
Orchestral Theme

Character Summary

Kain is the spawn of Abeloth and the newly-risen Beloved King of the Stars. His death at the hands of the vile Darth Venomis earned him the title of martyr, but he has now returned from death, ready to go to any lengths to save the galaxy once again.


The Beloved King of the Stars, The Seed of Chaos, The Dark Messiah, The Spawn of Vanity

34 (44 including time deceased)


Old One Spawn



Beloved King of the Stars


180 lb.

Physical Description:
With dark hair, piercing green eyes, and a deep scar on the bridge of his nose, Kain appears to be a handsome human. However, this is an illusion he maintains for the sake of those around him, as his True Form has inspired madness in any who have seen it.
His green eyes turn into stars in the center of black wells. His grin turns into a smile almost too wide for his head, with rows of needle-like teeth filling his smiling maw. His flesh turns an unnatural pale, and his limbs malform into twisted tentacles that are reminiscent of frayed knots. As he was born from fire, flame runs through his veins, causing the bright orange blood vessels to peek through his translucent skin.
He has recovered from the frailty caused by the effort to hold back the tear caused by Ooradryl and his torture at the hands of the cenobites of Chaos. However, the extended time since his bathing in the Pool of Knowledge and drinking from the Font of Power (before their destruction) has caused his True Form to become something far more celestial and incomprehensible.

Royal robes fill out much of his wardrobe, though he can truly appear to wear whatever clothing he deems necessary for the occasion.

Abaddon -
an alchemized sword with edges and crossguard lined with beams of plasma for increased cutting power, imbued with runes that make it impossible for others to wield it unless Kain views them as worthy
Operates under Exotic Lightsaber Combat - Upon a successful hit, the GM rolls 5d6 of Plasma Damage and 5d6 of Sharp Damage.
Equipment: The Holocron of Darth Gravid, Scrolls of the Aing-Tii, Crown of the Beloved King of the Stars

The Black Phoenix
- a massive destroyer, said to be created from recovered fragments of fallen Tho Yor star pyramids

Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, Ancient Sith, Binary, Vahlan

Description of Abilities:
Born in a pit of fire, Kain has an unprecedented affinity for pyromancy. He can manipulate flames in unique ways, forming armor or even Force Storms from them. Due to his ability, he is immune to temperature-based attacks; fire cannot burn him, and ice cannot freeze the inferno of his heart.
Beyond this, Kain was well-educated in the ways of the Force even before his dip into the Pool of Knowledge. He has studied from scrolls of the Aing-Tii, the Holocron of Darth Gravid, and one of the mysterious holocrons known as the Eyes of Typhojem. His broad stretch of knowledge had afforded him a variety of powers, from Fighting Sight to Sith Alchemy. His powers of illusion were also unnaturally powerful, amplified by the Force Psychosis he inherited from his mother. But ever since his return from the grave and after bathing in the Pool, Kain has gained access to a nearly unlimited amount of powers. The only cost has been what little sanity he has remaining.
When it comes to the blade, Kain practiced saber combat as an art form rather than a necessity. What he does know of swordplay is advanced, but he had not pushed himself to master it as he had with his Force abilities, as he realized a powerful sorcerer would defeat a powerful warrior a majority of the time. With his lightsaber replaced with a Sith Sword, however, he simply began translating his knowledge of Djem-So to swordplay. Whether or not he has continued training his bladework after losing his sword is yet to be known.
Lastly, his bloodline affords him a certain amount of immortality on the same level of his mother; though he is much younger than her. This did not save him from the ability known as Hunger, but his return from death and his exploits since then seem to have made him a sort of wound in the Force. It was theorized that the Mortis Dagger could slay either him or his mother, but that can no longer be proven thanks to its required destruction at the hands of the Final Sith Order.

Neutral Good

Kain has become whole once again. With his family reunited and his focus on balance in the Force, he is more confident and willing to do anything to protect life. His arrogance has not abandoned him, despite his best attempts, and it is quick to blind him to threats that he would sooner underestimate than account for.

Harm coming to those he cares about

Painting, Tatooine Sunset (drink), Horror Vids, Sparring, Fire, Wookiees

Swimming, Romance Novels, Slavery, Disloyalty

Eva (Adopted Daughter), Apollo (Son), Darth Abaddon (Wife - Deceased), Abeloth/Tilotny/Onrai/Vahl - (Mother), Pandora

Voidwalker, Darth Nathemus, Darth Volacius, Darth Catalyst, Darth Makaria, Darth Drakul Xarxes, Darth Kolasi, Darth Ānhrā Māhnîu (MIA), Darth Skyllan (MIA), Kint Dranlor (MIA)

Darth Volacius (High Legionary), Zorn (MIA), Aleister Zyn (MIA), Baskara (MIA), Bril'Kairn (MIA)

Kain is the talk of the galaxy. Known for his meteoric rise to power, his mastery of pyromancy, and (most of all) his honorable sacrifice during the True Sith War, Kain is an infamous celebrity who’s known by anyone within the galactic scene. Those who follow him revere him as a god or as the best possible leader for a new galaxy. The Jedi and the rest of the Federation fear him, save for the upper echelons who have dealt with him personally and know his good intentions. The Final Sith Order is split in its opinions of him, either wanting him dead or wondering whether or not he’s still accepting new people.

It began with the cries of a woman, as most births do. But this woman, an offworlder named Delylah, was not screaming from the pain of childbirth. Maddened, Dathomirian cultists had taken her from her home, dragging her to the forest and pinning her to a tree. Their leader had died of disease, and they begged their goddess - The Mother - to give him life once again. In exchange for this life, the cultists believed they would need the life of Delylah's unborn child.
They cut it from her belly, tossing the bloody fetus into the flames of a great pit of fire. They danced and sang to their goddess as Delylah bled to death. But the Mother had no pity for these madmen, nor their leader. She did, however, have pity for this unborn child. And so she breathed life into the babe, birthing it in a womb of fire.
The baby crawled from the flames, driving the cultists even further into madness. Guided by his Mother, the babe crawled amongst the chaos and slaughter, making his way to the ship that Delylah had once used to come to Dathomir. His Mother set a course for the planet where her son was destined to survive: Kashyyyk. As her power began to fade as the ship grew further from Dathomir, she planted a subconscious ability into his mind: to disguise his True Form. He took the traits of Delylah and her husband, a Dathomirian warrior named Zul'tar, combining them into the form of a human newborn. The key to maintaining the illusion was the focus on a single trait, one that could forever remain; a scar on the bridge of his nose.

The ship crashed into the Kashyyyk jungle and was found by a tribe of Wookiees that made their home in the wroshyr tree nearby. They found the baby boy, taking him in and raising him to the best of their ability, despite the mystery surrounding him.
After being raised by the Wookiees for three years, a smuggler who often traded with Kashyyyk happened to spot the young toddler. The Twi'lek's name was Hassan, and he knew that this boy had no place among the Wookiees. And so he consulted with the family that had taken the boy in, coming to an agreement. Hassan went on to raise the boy, naming him Corvar and instilling a sense of virtue and whimsy in the young lad. However, Hassan knew that Corvar was gifted in the Force; after all, any time Corvar threw a fit, things aboard his ship would randomly set on fire.
Hassan had no love for the Jedi and feared the Sith even more, so he took it upon himself to find material that would aid Corvar in taming his power. Smuggled Jedi texts, datacrons, and scrolls were occasionally found and given to Corvar. Though they made for dull reading to Hassan, the boy seemed to be fascinated. Seeing Corvar happy was perhaps one of the few things that brought Hassan peace in his chaotic life.
But all good things must come to an end. After stopping on Tatooine for business, the cantina that Hassan and Corvar were visiting was struck by a band of slavers. At only the age of nine, Corvar watched his adoptive father die, and he was taken as a slave thereafter.

For years the young boy toiled away as a slave. It was on Tatooine that Corvar learned the one thing that Hassan never taught him: how to hate. This hatred culminated in a horrible accident during the mining of a cave in the desert. As the slaves - children and the elderly, specifically - worked themselves to the bone, a Krayt Dragon arrived, threatened by these beings that were nearing its eggs. A cave-in separated Corvar and one of his friends from the rest of the group, leaving them trapped underground. His friend, a boy just a bit younger than him, died of exhaustion before help would arrive. Starving, Corvar forced himself to eat the remains of his fallen friend to survive.
After being found and returned to servitude, Corvar released his hatred on his masters. He set aflame their camp, burning them and any slaves foolish enough to fight for them alive. In his heart, he would always remember the name of his slave master, the one who taught him the meaning of cruelty.

Only twelve years old when he regained his freedom, Corvar cut out the explosive tracker in his neck and put it in a pendant. He tried to sell it for credits but none would take it. And so he kept it, deciding to use what Force abilities he knew to become a freelance mercenary. Work came at a slow pace at first; after all, one would have to be truly desperate to hire a child. But he began to build a reputation, earning more and more paid jobs for years and years. He used these credits to visit the Aing-Tii, which he'd only heard of in Jedi texts written by Luke Skywalker. For the months he learned from them, he gained their trust, earning a scroll that detailed their ability of Fighting Sight before he was contacted by a mysterious figure. Upon meeting them, he learned who this figure was.
Darth Maladi.
She had heard of his ability and how he'd constructed his own lightsaber, and she offered him an opportunity to join the Sith Empire. He accepted, but she had a task for him to complete as a test—one of impossible proportions.
He was to find Kubjo the Hutt, a powerful crime boss on Nar Shaddaa, and overthrow his criminal empire. This was a tall task, but one that Corvar took on happily; after fourteen years of mercenary work, he was eager to become part of something bigger than himself.
And so he went to Nar Shaddaa, signing up to be a pit fighter in service to Kubjo himself. After a battle against two other fighters and a prototype spider droid, Corvar impressed the slug and was given an opportunity to rid himself of the debt he'd accrued by helping destroy the droid. He was to find the sword of Jen-Sin Caal in the abandoned mines of Corbos. After an adventure with a fellow dark-side adept named Reaper, a Sith apprentice named Feros, and a droid named D-3PO, they found the sword, guarded by a living Leviathan.
After a grueling battle, the Leviathan was defeated, and Corvar brought the sword back to Kubjo the Hutt. But with his power in the dark side growing so exponentially, his Mother, the Beloved Queen of the Stars, appeared on Nar Shaddaa and told him of his origins.
His world unraveled. And as he felt himself transform into his true self, he realized that she was no liar. He was the son of Abeloth. He was a monster.

Corvar went on to join the Sith Empire, despite not fulfilling his quest to overthrow Kubjo's Empire; his work with Feros spoke volumes in his favor. He took the name of his old slave master, becoming the master of his own destiny. And so Darth Kain, the Beloved Prince of the Stars, was truly born.
He skyrocketed through the ranks of the Empire, becoming a Dark Councillor weeks after joining. Months later, he earned the high esteem of becoming the Empress' Second, taking the title of Vengeance. It was at this elevated stature that he remained for quite some time before he discovered the location of the Eyes of Typhojem. Ancient holocrons that supposedly held the knowledge of the Left-Handed God in equal parts, Kain found them both and delivered one to Emperor Dreadwar while keeping the other for himself.
In this holocron, he learned what it would take to become the Sith God he was born to be, and so he resigned from his position, journeying to Kashyyyk in secret. His time on the planet in his True Form unwittingly caused the inhabitants to suffer extreme bouts of psychosis, drawing the attention of both Jedi and Sith. When discovered by a group of Sith adventurers, Kain returned to the Empire with a furry companion he named after his old self: Corvar.

After his return, he had gone on many ventures, most notably destroying the ice moon of Kelcium with a Force Storm. It was there, in the ruins of his destruction, he first met Darth Abaddon, who pursued a romantic relationship with. Meanwhile, he began raising his adopted daughter, Eva, a Jedi Padawan rescued from carbonite-induced slumber. He cared for no one in the galaxy more than they, save perhaps Abeloth.

Things began to turn for the worse. He and Eva were captured by strange sisters in the Unknown Regions, sisters that worshipped the Old Ones that Kain had made himself an enemy of. He escaped with their lives, but was cursed with a demonic entity that fed upon his pain. This made the following events all the more difficult, when his mercy in sparing a Jedi that had also been captured alongside them made him a target for the Federation. A fleet arrived in orbit of Vitae and, after a strike team of Jedi failed to kill him, bombarded his home. It was in this bombardment that Darth Abaddon died, and the demon attached to Kain moved to her.

He tracked her down and was able to bring some small semblance of Abaddon back, though the demon was seemingly forever latched onto her soul. He made the most of it for the few weeks they had, as Abaddon revealed she was pregnant with their child only days before the feast on Korriban, the feast that would change the face of the galaxy forever.

The True Sith arrived. In his determination to see the rest of the galaxy survive, Kain unleashed one of his Force Fire Storms upon the True Sith’s armies and fleets. He successfully destroyed most of the enemy forces but paid the ultimate price. Darth Venomis, the dreaded Mnggal-Mnggal, devoured Kain’s soul.

Eleven years later, Kain was returned to life thanks to the efforts of a maddened Darth Bubonis and Helvara, who possessed his famed Blade of Kain. Within that sword was a fraction of Kain’s soul, which had been enough to resurrect the fallen Beloved King of the Stars. Sensing that Abaddon’s life was in danger, Kain made little time to thank his resurrectors. Using a Force Storm to travel to Vitae instantly, it was an unfortunate tragedy when he arrived to find that he was too late. After having the demon ripped from her soul and left with barely a wisp of her own, Abaddon was inconsolably depressed without her husband by her side. She ended her own life.

Kain attempted to bring her back by carrying her corpse into the Pool of Knowledge but only succeeded in bathing himself. The effort was enough to split his consciousness and drive him mad, making him believe that he had brought her back again. But it is only an illusion he has subconsciously conjured for himself. Eva saw through this, and after receiving a vision of Kain forcing his son, Apollo, to destroy the galaxy, she took Kain’s son and fled. Eva and Apollo have since taken refuge with the Jedi, which Kain intends to rectify.

But before he even learned that Eva and Apollo were hiding on the world of Denova, Kain received a vision of a world beset by nuclear winter, the planet where he would begin building his kingdom. There he was ambushed by Pandora, a member of the Hasturan race that initially intended to feed Kain to her tribe. After utterly annihilating her warriors, Pandora realized that Kain was their prophesied god of legend and that he could restore Hastur to its glory before the war that ended their civilization. And so he did, altering the environment of Hastur to its original volcanic self over the course of three days. The Hasturans made him their God-King, and thanks to his scarily growing power in the Force, nearby star systems began to worship him similarly. His influence has spread since then, and now entire sectors are starting to rise in Kain’s name.

Upon returning to Vitae, Kain was horrified to find that a tear in the fabric of space was beginning to form, a gateway between this realm and the realm of Dark Illathurion. He began to focus his might on holding that rift closed, relying on Phantoms and illusions to spread his influence.

Upon a failed peace summit, which went to ruin largely because of Kain’s absence, the Beloved King of the Stars totally alienated the Empress of the Final Sith Order, Darth Hesper. But he gained other allies during his simultaneous exploits, including the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Kei Durron, and his distant family, the Architects—Horliss-Horliss and Splendid Ap. This unity with his bloodline began the first step at uniting his fractured mind, and the final piece required a second death.

Thanks to the vile Darth Vaer, Kain was made the target of the cenobites of Chaos. Powerless to defend himself on Vitae, with his energy drained from so many abilities at once, and his constant guard against the tear of Otherspace, the cenobites stole him from the galaxy. In Chaos, they brutally tortured him, with the Hellpriestess taking the lead for much of it. It was only through Pandora, who Kain previously learned was Thargorograht in disguise, that Kain was able to escape and eradicate that torturous plane of Chaos. But on his path back to Skyriver, he had a detour.

The spirits of the Father and Anakin Skywalker confronted Kain, deeming him their most likely chance of restoring balance to the Force, so long as he stayed true to the path set before him by the Architects. Kain accepted this holy mission, and upon returning to the galaxy, began to form the Starborne Legion, his kingdom of the stars. For five years, the dual capitals of Hastur and Tanalorr, a place of darkness and a place of light, have been the staging grounds for Kain’s war against the Old Ones and all that serve to sow discord in the universe.


Level 50
Sorcerer - Elementalist - Wizard


Strength - 8
Force Power - 20
Dexterity - 10
Intellect - 14
Constitution - 18
Charisma - 18
Wisdom - 16
Destiny - 16


Form I: Shii-Cho - 1
Form V: Djem So/Shien - 1
Exotic Lightsaber Combat - 5

Augmentation - 5
Force Speed - 5
Force Jump - 5

Feed on the Dark Side - 5
Control Disease - 2

Cure Disease - 5
Force Healing - 5
Detoxify Poison - 5
Many Shades of the Force - 5
Instinctive Astrogation Control - 5
Fold Space - 5
Force Travel - 5

SENSE (50)
Force Sense - 5
Precognition - 5
Force Sight - 5
Farsight - 5
Instinctive Astrogation - 5

Mind-Walking - 5
Shatterpoint - 5
Force Bond - 5

Drain Force - 5
Battle Meditation - 5

ALTER (297)
Telekinesis - 5
Force Push/Pull - 5
Force Burst - 5
Force Shockwave - 5
Force Wave - 5

Force Wound - 5 (2 + 3 - Level 20 Bonus)
Force Choke - 5
Force Crush - 5

Force Rend - 5
Levitation - 5
Ballistakinesis - 5
Flamusfracta - 5
Mental Shield - 5
Telepathy - 5 (2 + 3 - Level 1 Bonus)
Affect Mind - 5
Beast Control - 5
Beast Language - 3
Force Fear - 5
Cleanse Mind - 5
Force Illusion - 5
Dreamscape - 5
Alter Image - 5
Comprehend Speech - 5
Memory Rub - 5
Memory Walk - 5
Sith Lightning - 1
Lightning Bomb - 2
Force Maelstrom - 3
Aing-Tii Fighting Sight - 5
Image - 5

Mirror Illusion - 5
Force Resistance - 5
Adiabatic Shield - 5
Tutaminis - 5
Force Barrier - 5
Protection Bubble - 5
Energy Resistance - 5
Pyrokinesis - 5 (3 + 2 - Elementalist Bonus)
Dragon’s Flame - 5
Flame Aura - 5
Fire Tornado - 5
Fiery Ritual - 5
Alter Environment - 5 (3 + 2 - Elementalist Bonus)
Darkshear - 5
Force Call - 5
Force in Balance - 5
Force Stun - 2

Force Stasis - 5
Force Bellow - 5
Dark Plague - 5
Deadly Sight - 5
Create Holocron - 5 (2 + 3 - Level 35 Bonus)
Crucitorn - 5
Crush Opposition/Malicious Fury - 5
Dimension Shift - 5
Force Scream - 5
Force Destruction - 5
Doppelgänger - 5

Force Phantom - 5
Mechu Macture - 5
Inflict Pain - 5
Malacia - 5
Phase - 5
Revitalize - 4
Words of Banishment - 5

Reanimate Dead - 5 (2 + 3 - Wizard Bonus)
FREE Infernal Dead
FREE Reanimate Sith Shadow-Ghouls

Sith Illusions - 5 (2 + 3 - Level 30 Bonus)
Sith Runes - 3 (FREE - Sorcerer Bonus)

Heartshadow - 5
Revitalization of the Whuffa - 5
Mesmerism - 5

Sever Force - 10
Art of the Small - 10
Midichlorian Manipulation - 10
Dark Transfer - 10
Flow-Walking - 10
Wormhole: Force Storm - 10

FREE Wormhole: Force Fire Storm
Aetheric Manipulation - 10
Darth Mavros


Name: Darth Mavros
Nicknames/Aliases: The Blackwing, Cardun Vrek
Level: 40
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Dantooine
Occupation: Sith Lord, ‘Honoured Guest of the Royal Court of Onderon’
Height: 5’11
Weight: 160 lbs
Physical Description: Mavros is thin, with curly black hair and brown eyes. His skin is pale, his eyes are often heavy looking, and his cheeks are sunken. This all creates the impression of someone unremarkable.
Clothing: Mavros normally wears simplistic clothing, normally a black tunic, trousers and boots with either a black or red cloak worn over the ensemble.
Weapons: Red Lightsaber, Obsidian Shikkar
Equipment: Commlink. Breath Mask. Datapad. Upgraded Electro Binoculars with thermal vision.
F-3PO: Cybot Galactica 3PO Class Protocol Droid with silver plating and masculine programming.
HK-57: Hidden secondary personality programmed into F-3PO which the primary personality is not aware of. Programmed with assassination, surveillance, espionage, and combat protocols. Code Phrases activate this hidden second personality which overrides the primary. Though once confided to the Black Fury, during his years of residency on Onderon Mavros was able to repair the droid’s memory core, which restored both F-3PO and the hidden HK-57 assassin programming to full functionality.

Vehicle: Black Fury- VT-49 Decimator retrofitted to current technological standards, and modified to be flown by only 1 person.

Languages: Basic, Huttese, Sith, Ancient Sith, High Galactic, Bocce, Shyriiwook (understanding)

Description of Abilities: Mavros is a decent enough swordsman, though prefers to use the force in combat, in which he is very proficient. He is trained in the use of firearms but mostly eschews them unless he feels it absolutely necessary.

Strengths: Mavros is intelligent and good at reading people. He also has a knack for picking up Languages quickly. Has an exceptionally strong connection to the Force.
Flaws: Physically he is not particularly strong.

Cold, calculating and without any sense of morality, Mavros is, for lack of a better term, Evil. He has a cruel sense of humour with a sharp sarcastic edge and delights in the downfall of others. He is entirely self-serving, always doing what is best for himself. This means he can appear to be a loyal follower until the moment he feels the momentum has shifted, at which point his loyalty ends. He has a taste for the finer things in life. The years following the True Sith War have seen him grow increasingly bitter, resentful and mentally unstable, as the trauma of the war affected him and his progression up the ranks of the Order stalled. This has led to him becoming increasingly aggressive and cruel, taking out his anger upon those unfortunate enough to cross his path, though his recent trip to Dantooine has led to a slight ‘spring in his step’ of late, and he has been unusually bright.


Darth Mavros was born on Dantooine with the name Cardun Vrek, the son of two local homesteaders. An adventurous and intelligent child, he soon became bored of the mundane life that his parents led. The only relief were the visits of his mercenary uncle Zarrit Teagol, who taught him how to fire weapons, drive speeders, and speak Huttese and Bocce. Zarrit would even let the young Mavros fly his starship on occasion, though Mavros’ requests to leave with his uncle were always refused.

Mavros was awakened to his force sensitivity at the age of 14, when, after travelling to some ancient ruins with a few friends, he fell down into what was an ancient Rakatan structure, and a nexus of Dark Side energy. Sensing the strange power of the place, Mavros began to explore, being unaware of his immersion into the Dark Side. He felt the power it offered, and he embraced it, realising he was ‘special’. He drew on the force to open the great stone doors that guarded the exit, and returned home, eager to experiment with his powers.

For the next two years, he experimented. His parents refused to see the changes in him, but after several local children threw themselves off of a cliff and nearly killed themselves because ‘Cardun told them to’, his parents finally confronted him. Mavros explained that his powers were a gift, that they made him superior, and that he could make them all wealthy. His father refused to even contemplate his arguments, calling his own son a ‘freak that needs locked up’. Mavros’ mother nodded in agreement through a stream of tears, and Mavros snapped. In a fit of rage, he telekinetically snapped both of their necks, killing them both. He then fled Dantooine that very night, stowing away on a freighter headed to Nar Shaddaa.

For several years, Mavros survived on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, using his powers to swindle people out of money and supplies and running with several different street gangs, until he was caught trying to steal a case full of credits from a Sith’s ship aged 20. Sensing potential in the boy, the Sith did not kill him but instead sent him to the Academy to be trained, where Mavros excelled as an Acolyte, quickly gaining the attention of his fellow Sith. It was the future traitor, Darth Halcyon, however, that claimed him as his apprentice.

Halcyon attempted to forge Mavros into a Sith of his ilk, one who favoured obscure powers and who supplemented his limited skill with technology. Mavros refused to follow his master’s lead, however, instead delving into the ancient, more esoteric arts of the Ancient Sith, developing a talent for Sith Sorcery, Alchemy, and an interest in Necromancy. He also briefly returned to Dantooine, confronting his past and even killing his uncle, who had come to live on the planet and had developed a hatred of the Sith.

Mavros graduated as a fully fledged Sith, though his Master had failed entirely at forging Mavros into his servant, and the two went their separate ways. Halcyon was later executed for Treason after plotting to form a splinter group made up of his own loyalists, who all followed their leader to the embrace of death. Though Mavros was in no way implicated in the plot, nor even questioned over his loyalty, he could not help but feel that a mark had forever been placed against his name. Though he cared nothing for honour, nor loyalty, he knew that his would always be in question, even after training his own Apprentice, an Ithorian named Do’Mar Neelig.

Made a Sith Master aged just 26, the sky seemed to be the limit for Mavros.

Until Typhojem came.

Mavros had been on Korriban, having thrown his lot in with Darth Viscretus, Empress of the New Galactic Empire, when the True Sith came. He barely escaped the initial attack on Korriban, and contemplated fleeing to the edges of the galaxy to escape the war. But, he decided to stay and fight, deciding that a life living as a hermit in some godforsaken corner of the Outer Rim was not for him. He participated in the defence of a world that Typhojem personally attacked and consumed. Though he escaped with his life, his connection to the force was damaged, and he spent the rest of the war recovering.

But he did not recover, not for a decade. His power was diminished. Worse still, he stagnated, forced to watch other Sith, including some that had not even fought in the war, rise above him in rank. He grew angry, bitter and resentful, becoming a recluse plagued by nightmares and uncontrollable shaking fits. He tried in vain to restore his connection to the force, but nothing worked.

After the Nysis mission and the revelation Darth Kain, once thought dead, had been reborn, Mavros left the Sith Capital and returned to Dantooine once more, in the seemingly vain hope that his connection could be restored at the place it had first been awakened. He travelled to the old ruins and entered them, being confronted by a phantom that took the forms of Typhojem and his former master. Finding his strength once more, he was able to destroy the phantom and restore his own connection to the force, and set off from Dantooine to truly return to the fold.

Since the Mission on the Tsushima, Mavros has resided on the planet Onderon, officially as a guest of the Queen, and always accompanied by his silver protocol droid. What exactly he has been doing for the five years that have passed are unknown, though rumours link him to the mysterious ‘Blackwing’ who leads Onderon’s secret police force. Hundreds of disappearances have been linked to Blackwing, who is believed to have used the unfortunate prisoners in his experiments to help grow his own understanding of the force, and how to live on after death itself...

Attributes: 108 pts

Strength- 8
Force Power- 20
Dexterity- 12
Intellect- 16
Constitution- 12
Charisma- 14
Wisdom- 14
Destiny- 12

Class: Sith Sorcerer
Sublass: Sith Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer

Skills: 150 pts

Lightsaber Combat- 9
Shii-Cho- 2
Soresu- 4
Saber Throw- 3

Control- 18
Augmentation- 3
Force Jump- 3
Force Speed- 4
Dark Side Healing- 4
Teleport- 4

Sense- 27
Force Sense- 4
Precognition- 4
Restful-Sleep-in-Danger- 4
Force Bond- 3
Drain Life- 4
Death Field- 4
Drain Force- 4

Alter- 56
Telekinesis- 4 (1 + 3 ‘Level 1’ Bonus)
Force Push/Pull- 3
Force Wave- 3
Telepathy- 4
Mental Shield- 5
Affect Mind- 3
Sith Lightning- 5
Lightning Bomb- 3
Lightning Shield- 5
Force Lightning Storm- 5
Force Maelstrom- 5
Force Resistance- 5
Tutaminis- 5
Force Barrier- 3
Imbue Item 3 (1+2 Alchemist bonus)
Create Sith Holocron- 3 (Free ‘Level 35’ Bonus)

Sith Magic- 20
Sutta Chwituskak- 4 (1+3 Level 20 Bonus)
Qâzoi Kyantuska- 5
Sith Illusions- 5 (2+3 Level 30 Bonus)
Sith Runes- 3 (Free Sorcerer Class Bonus)
Mutate Life- 3 (1+2 Alchemist Class Bonus)
Animate Golem- 4
Invoke Spirits- 3
Corpse Vision- 3
Reanimate Dead- 4 (1+3 Necromancer Bonus)
Electrified Dead- FREE


Sever Force- 10
Dark Side Spirit- 10​
Cal Vastrom


Name: Cal Vastrom
Level: 38
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Height: 6’0
Weight: 160 lbs
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Jedi Councillor
Appearance: (see picture)
Clothing: Cream coloured Jedi robes, with a brown robe worn over the top. Also wears a simple white shirt with black trousers and a brown flight jacket when travelling incognito. In battle scenarios, he utilises a set of plastoid armour plates with a light cortosis weave that go over the top of his Jedi robes, not unlike those worn by Jedi during the clone wars.
Weapons: Green bladed lightsaber. Utilises a modified bryar pistol when travelling incognito.
Equipment: Commlink, rebreather, datapad, R9 Astromech Droid known as ‘Bolt’


Mediator-II Class Battlecruiser ‘Defender of Light’

StealthX Starfighter, Retrofitted YT-2400 Freighter
Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Bocce, Shyriiwook (understanding),
Description of Abilities: An expert duellist, Cal is well versed in all 6 traditional lightsaber forms utilised by the Jedi. He is strong in the force, and uses it primarily to enhance himself and for defence.
Strengths: Intelligent, determined, in very good physical condition.
Weaknesses: Trusting of others, has a tendency to overthink certain situations.
Personality: Cal is warm and friendly, able to easily form friendships with those around him. He is extremely protective of innocents and will work relentlessly to ensure their protection, though he will only ever kill as a last resort. Despite this, he is hesitant to form close connections with those around him and prefers to stay on the move, as the trauma caused by the deaths of his family during the True Sith war almost pushed him towards the Dark Side.


Born on Coruscant in 132 ABY, Cal Vastrom grew up in a poor family that lived in the lower levels of the wealthy planet. His father had worked as a local customs officer, but lost his position when Krayt’s Sith Empire took over the planet two years before Cal’s birth, as he was deemed to have ‘Alliance sympathies’ by the new Imperial authorities. This led to the family's descent into poverty and the lower levels, where Cal’s father Edric was forced to take a low paying job working at the local cargo docking bay. The first six years of Cal’s life were spent in the lower slums, with the family, which included a brother and two sisters, terrified that the Sith authorities may arrest Edric for his openly anti Sith views. After the Sith were defeated, Edric was able to get his old job back and the family moved back up to a more comfortable apartment in the mid levels of the planet. Cal’s nascent force sensitivity revealed itself one day in the local market, where the six year old used telekinesis to trip up a would-be robber trying to steal a local seller’s stock. Coincidentally, a Jedi Knight was making their way through the marketplace en route to an investigation on behalf of the local government, and spotted Cal’s instinctive use of the force. The Jedi, named Silas Vord, later visited the Vastrom residence and told Cal’s parents that their son could be trained as a Jedi. Though hesitant, Edric and his wife Kallie eventually agreed, and Silas took Cal with him to be trained as a Jedi.

As one of the first group of Jedi to be trained following the Second Imperial Civil War, special emphasis was placed on combating the Dark Side and the Sith during Cal’s formative years as a Jedi initiate, though he proved to be an excellent student who excelled in lightsaber training. He was eventually taken on by Vord, now a Jedi Master, as the older human’s Padawan, and accompanied his master on numerous missions throughout the tumultuous years that followed, though he still found time to visit his family on Coruscant as often as he could, despite the occasional difficulties. Cal offered to relocate his family several times to protect them, but they refused him every time, as they were too attached to Coruscant, and could never leave. Made a Jedi Knight at the age of 23, he quickly took on his own padawan- a young Zabrak named Tero Dao. Only two years later, however, the galaxy was plunged into chaos when the True Sith emerged. Cal was on a routine mission on Corellia when he felt Typhojem’s destruction of Coruscant, which had created a massive disturbance in the force. He also felt an inexplicable sense of personal loss, which he only understood when he learned it was Coruscant that was ravaged, and that his entire family had presumably been killed by the True Sith. Angry at himself for not being more forceful with his family, Cal volunteered for frontline service during the ensuing war, with many of his fellow Jedi noting a drastic change in the previously warm and friendly knight, and they began to fear the loss of his family was driving him closer to the Dark Side, as he fought the True Sith and their thralls relentlessly, seeking revenge for his family and his home planet. The death of his old Master during the war also made him even more determined in his actions. It was only when he began to notice his own padawan mimicking his actions, and actually beginning to actually use the Dark Side, which led to the two actually duelling, that he realised how close he himself was to falling under its spell. Realising that there was nothing more he could have done to save his family or his world, he re-devoted himself to the preservation of life and protection of the innocent, as opposed to the revenge and anger that had driven him before.

After the war, Cal volunteered to travel the Galaxy and help in the recovery efforts of worlds affected by the brief but extremely destructive conflict. He spent the next several years with his padawan travelling to far flung systems and helping the locals rebuild, occasionally fighting off groups of pirates and slavers that were seeking to take advantage of the chaos caused by the war for their own ends. On one planet, he fought and defeated a group of Sith deserters that had set themselves up as would be kings, led by a Sith Master that had cowardly fled to the far outer rim during the war to save himself. He rarely stayed anywhere longer than a few months, and only visited the Jedi Temple once a year to report on the state of his mission to the Council before returning to his YT-2400 freighter and moving on to the next group of worlds that needed the assistance of a Jedi. He also took the time to continue to train in the ways of the Jedi, becoming a deadly combatant with a lightsaber in hand as well as becoming extremely proficient in Telekinesis, the ability to tap into the force to sense his surroundings and in using the force for protection. In recognition of his service to the Order, he was made a Jedi Master, and oversaw Tero’s ascension to the rank of Knight. Since becoming a Master, Cal has spent much more time around his fellow Jedi, often instructing classes of initiates in the basics of lightsaber combat.

Following the Massacre on Nar Shaddaa and the death of Master Sho Temm, Cal was elevated to the Jedi Council by Grandmaster Durron to take Temm’s now vacant seat, something Cal was reluctant to accept and did so only after reassurance from Durron. In the five years that followed, Cal has served on the Council whilst attempting to uncover any further evidence of shadow-being infiltration within the Federation, as well as helping to coordinate the war against the dark forces assaulting the Galaxy at large.

Attributes: 102 pts

Strength- 14
Force Power- 14
Dexterity- 14
Intellect- 12
Constitution- 16
Charisma- 10
Wisdom- 12
Destiny- 10

Base Class: Jedi Guardian
Subclass: Jedi Peacekeeper
Prestige: Jedi Battlemaster

Skills: 130 pts

Lightsaber Combat- 26 pts

Shii Cho- 3 (2+1 BM bonus)
Makashi- 4 (3+1 BM Bonus)
Soresu- 4
Ataru- 4 (Free- Battlemaster)
Djem So- 4 (3+1 BM Bonus)
Niman- 4 (3+1 BM Bonus)
Saber Throw- 3
Focus Discipline- 3
Stance Discipline- 3
Alter Damage- 4 (2 +2 Peacekeeper Bonus)

Control- 16 pts

Force Valor- 3 (Free Guardian Bonus)
Force Speed- 4
Force Jump- 4
Force Body- 4
Force Focus- 3
Battlemind- 4 (1+3 Level 30 Bonus)

Sense- 23 pts

Force Sense- 4 (1+3 Level 1 Bonus)
Precognition- 4
Force Sight- 4
Force Track- 3
Restful-Sleep-in-Danger- 4
Force Bond- 3
Battle Meditation- 4

Alter- 55 pts
Telekinesis- 4
Force Push/Pull- 3
Force Burst- 3
Force Wave- 4
Telepathy- 4
Mental Shield- 4
Cleanse Mind- 3
Mind Trick- 4
Force Suppression- 3
Force Resistance- 4 (1+3 Level 20 Bonus)
Tutaminis- 4
Force Barrier- 3
Adiabatic Shield- 3
Protection Bubble- 4
Force Stun- 3 (1+2 Peacekeeper Bonus)
Force Stasis- 3
Force Light- 4
Create Jedi Holocron- 3 (Free Level 35 Bonus)


Force Ghost- 10​
Character Theme
Orchestral Theme

Character Summary
Apollo is the son of Kain and the fallen Abaddon, born of a union between celestial and mortal. But a third hand had a part in his birth, with the demonic Envilyn planting in him the seeds for what could very well be the destruction of all the galaxy. Only time will tell whether he fights this desire for decay or obeys it.

Name/Title: Apollo

Age: 15 (Appears as 11 due to Vitae’s time dilation)

Sex: Male

Species: Human/Force Demon/Old One Spawn

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Vitae

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 80 lb.

Physical Description: Apollo appears to be your average human child, with light brown hair and plenty of youthful exuberance. But what is different from most are his eyes, which are heterochromatic. His left is a piercing green, while the right is a more ominous golden shade. He’s of average size for his (appeared) age, though perhaps a bit taller.

Clothing: He often wears warm-colored shirts with brown trousers, though in colder climates, he will opt for a hooded jacket.

Weapon(s): Apollo’s Lightsaber - a beginner’s saber with an indigo kyber crystal, shortened to better fit in his grip
Equipment: Holocommunicator, Rations

Language(s): Galactic Basic, Bocce

Description of Abilities: Having only begun his training, he is still a novice despite his immense potential and power in the Force. One could describe him as one describes an infantile snake, whose bite is often more potent than an adult counterpart, but only because they cannot control the amount of venom in their attacks.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Apollo wants nothing more than himself and those he cares about to be safe and loved, and he is not shy about making that known to all. He is good-hearted but cautious. If a risk has to be taken in order to protect those he cares about, he will often be racked with indecision and will need advice in order to proceed in one direction or the other. As he grows older, he grows more impulsive, thanks to the example of Eva.

Fear(s): Death, Death of His Loved Ones, The Fleshbane Virus

Likes: Hardcopy Novels, Spicy Food, Starry Nights, Hard Isotope

Dislikes: Crowds

Family/Relationship(s): Kain (Father), Darth Abaddon (Mother - Deceased), Eva (Adopted Sister)

Friend(s): Scarlett Nethervoid, Brooke, Keldro Unmar, Voidwalker, Volacius

Reputation: To the citizens of the Starborne Legion, Apollo is treated as royalty with all the care and deference they can muster for the future heir to the throne. To those who know Apollo personally, he is still a child in dire need of protection from all of the dark forces that desire to either kill him or use him for their own means.

Biography: Born after Kain’s first death, Apollo was initially raised by his mother, Darth Abaddon, and his adopted sister, Eva. As he was taken care of on the world of Vitae, the strange time dilation of the world affected his aging, slowing it compared to the rest of the universe’s time progression. He was too young to remember the day his mother took her own life. In fact, his first memories were of leaving Vitae in the company of his sister, who was convinced that their newly risen father was a threat to their wellbeing.

After the fiasco on Denova that saw Apollo nearly kidnapped, and after the events in the hangar on Hastur, Apollo has matured very quickly. He’s begun to realize just how dangerous the galaxy is, and that’s more true than ever in regard to the disease that churns within his blood. The Fleshbane Virus, placed there by the demonic entity that once possessed his mother, has been activated and is eager to be released. Thankfully, Apollo seems to have a hold on it, though he has revealed this sinister development to none save his father, who wants nothing more than to teach Apollo how to control it. Others have begun to teach him as well, especially aiding him in combat scenarios where he will have defenders protecting him.


Level 10

Guardian - Peacekeeper

Apollo’s Potency: On critical successes or failures with Force Abilities, Apollo will automatically use the said ability at the 5th Level, either to his benefit or everyone’s detriment. He can only do this twice before inducing the second level of Exhaustion until his next Long Rest.


Strength - 8
Force Power - 12
Dexterity - 10
Intellect - 6
Constitution - 10
Charisma - 8
Wisdom - 6
Destiny - 14


Form I: Shii-Cho - 1
Praetoria Vonil - 1
Praetoria Ishu - 1
Alter Damage - 2 (FREE with Peacekeeper Bonus)

Force Valor - 2 (FREE with Guardian Bonus)
Force Speed - 1

Force Sense - 2 (FREE with Level 1 Bonus)
Precognition - 1
Force Sight - 1
Farsight - 1
Instinctive Astrogation - 1

Shatterpoint - 1
Force Bond - 1

Telekinesis - 1
Force Push/Pull - 1
Force Scream - 1
Mental Shield - 1
Telepathy - 1
Force Resistance - 1

Energy Resistance - 1
Force Stun -2 (FREE with Peacekeeper Bonus)
The Noble House of Adasca

Darth Drakul Xarxes

00708-2955761135-(masterpiece, best quality_1.2),   , eredinW3_soul3142, solo, 1boy, upper bod...jpg

Name & Title: Darth Drakul Xarxes, Triumvir of the Final Sith Order



Aliases: Nightfather Amit, Makarov Amit, Hand of Order, All-Seeing Eye, Patriarch of House Adasca, Ar'Adas, The Ari of Adascopolis, Patriarch Amaunator Adasca, Lord of the Cron Drift

Age: Mid-Seventies (based on approximate birthdate of 100 ABY)

Sex: Male

Species: Dathomirian Zabrak/Arkanian Hybrid

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Dathomir

Throneworlds: Arkania; Zeffo; Eredin; possesses property on both Dathomir and Rhelg; Oricon (Governor), Cron Drift

Occupation: Patriarch of Arkania, Nightfather of Clan Amit, Dread Lord of the Kissai, Commander of the Hesperian Guard, Arbiter Sancti of the Final Sith Order

Height: 7'2" (7’8” in armor, 8'2" with the horns included.)
Weight: 350 lbs. (425 lbs. in armor)

Physical Description: Imposing in every respect, Xarxes stands tall, broad-shouldered, and stoic. His muscles are well-defined, evoking a sense of awe in inferior beings. Regular use of the Art of the Small has shifted his features and wiped away all trace of Dathomiri tattoo from his face, chiseling his jawline, pronouncing his cheekbones, sharpening his teeth, and pronouncing his nose, giving him the appearance of a noble Arkanian. He has locks of raven hair cascading past his shoulders. His single organic eye is golden and piercing, while his Vong Mqaaq’it is ever-shifting in color to reflect his mood. Beneath the latticework of Art of the Small surgery, his flesh has partly decayed, the result of overuse of the Darkshear power he learned from the Rhandites. His face and hands once reflected this exertion and decay, but the Small has repaired both. The scars which he bore from his upbringing have all been removed in his efforts to become perfect. On the side of his neck is a cybernetic port, built to house some form of a chip, which sits filled presently, glowing slightly. His body is covered in a maze of cryptic, runic tattoos, meaningless to those without the same knowledge of arcane rituals.


Clothing: When not regaled in his armor, with which he is bonded, he wears short Arkanian robes, which allow for regular movement. When in such attire, he also dons pieces of Beskar armor, which he has possessed since before joining the Sith. These pieces cover his forearms and chest, and he wears carved Songsteel as more of a decoration than anything on his shins. He possesses a decorative silver crown, which he dons in truly formal circumstances.

Armor: The Dark Armor, composed of the souls of damned Arkanians, their sins and minds constantly scream in the head of the wearer. As such, Xarxes, who is symbiotically bonded with the suit, must constantly stave off the personalities of the damned to retain his own. The helm he wears, specifically enchanted to strengthen the mind [Mental Shield +1], assists with this, as does the regular consumption of lifeblood to mix and dilute the voices in his mind. He also has difficulty sleeping, instead resting in a trance which is usually accomplished inside a meditation chamber. Since so much of him has gone into the creation of his armor and blade, it physically pains him to be away from them, though he does receive some mental clarity when separated from them. The suit also dilutes the decaying pain brought on by overuse of Darkshear, which left his true face and other parts of his body gaunt. Having been further augmented with Art of the Small, it is capable of withstanding more than even armors created by other Lords. In the same way that the suits of Belia Darzu and Warb Null, the armor grants him exponentially increased physical strength, allowing him to physically crush opposition and contend with both historic and modern behemoths. Lastly, the suit contains a sealed environment, allowing for survival in a vacuum. The helm, importantly, possesses an alchemized and augmented crystal shield behind the eyeholes, which prevents them from being used as targets for opponents, while also keeping the sealed environment of the armor.

Weapons: The Sword of Order, An Ostrine blade with a Haysian Smelt intertwined core. This alchemized, Art of the Small-augmented weapon emanates waves of cold and freezes whatever it contacts (on the blade) potentially shattering it through brittleness. Additionally, the alchemized property and those of the Haysian Smelt allow it to convert Force Lightning into energy to be utilized and hurled back at the attacker. The hilt is made of Beskar, and through alchemy is immune to the effects of the freezing Ostrine, protecting the one bearing it from its chill. The greatsword is perfectly balanced and is enchanted in such a way that Xarxes is, in part, bound to it. While both the Sword and his armor can be separated from him, it pains him, as they both possess his blood, and the latter staves off the pain caused by the overuse of Darkshear. The Sword also serves as a link to the fear he feeds from on Raxus Secundas, granting him extra power in addition to already being a small Dark Side Nexus (as all Sith Swords are).


—The Sword of Order (Claymore, Heavy) When an enemy is successfully struck with the Sword of Order, they receive 4d10 Sharp Damage + 2d10 Cold Damage, with a bonus based on the wielder’s STR score. Enemies killed by this weapon shatter into crystalline shards of ice, including anything they were wearing or carrying not made of alchemized or reinforced materials (up to GM discretion). Weapon clashing with the sword might also have a similar effect.

Misc. Equipment: A Vong Mqaaq’it; bone and silver jewelry, which he only wears when dressed in his non-armored attire; A datapad; The Eye of Typhojem; The Holocron of Drakul Xarxes; A datachip encoded with an engram; Codex Potentia Deum

Pets: Saalohkonir, the Arkanian Dragon

The Apocrypha, modified space transport

The Naglfar, Domina-Class Star Destroyer

The Tithonus, Supremacy-Class Super Star Destroyer

Languages: Galactic Basic, Dathomiri, Droidspeak, Ancient/High Sith, Mando’a, Arkanian, Huttese, High Galactic Basic, Bocce, Cheunh, Durese, Hapan, Kaminoan

Combat Skills: Xarxes’ physical prowess is nothing to sneeze at. His bodily regimentation allows him to wear heavy armor without being hindered as much as others beings might be, and his raw strength is further bolstered by the enchantments placed on it. His ability with a Sith Sword has surpassed his older skill with a saber, and he is able to swing and parry quickly and with astonishing strength, in particular, he carries a greatsword, which he is large and strong enough to wield as a longsword. He is adept in hand-to-hand combat and some styles of martial arts, in part due to his trained physicality. The art of the blade is his primary focus, but that has not stopped him from studying quarterstaff and chain weapon combat. His Mqaaq’it makes the use of firearms viable, though he has never cared to hone this skill. Through delving into the Dark Side, his hands have become clawed and fierce, possessing great, sharpened nails, and his teeth are also so augmented.

Other Strengths: Xarxes was bred to be a perfect guard and slave, but he learned how to be an intellectual from reading the ancient Sith Zolkhest Dagon’s work, the Codex Potentia Deum. While able to think critically and come to wise conclusions, as well as being an above-average tactician and puzzle-solver, Xarxes embodies wise judgment and sound argumentation over raw mathematical intellect, where he is slightly less honed than in the fields of philosophy. Xarxes is also immune to the effects of pheromones, due to his mental sturdiness brought about in his upbringing, and both Force Horror and Terror, due to gazing into the Eye of Typhojem. His heightened metabolism allows him to consume things that would normally be mildly toxic or infectious, such as raw meat or blood. This trait was significantly bolstered by his craft in Art of the Small, wherein he automated a system of diffusing and nullifying toxic substances ingested or injected, or in any way exposed (skin contact, bloodstream, ingested, etc.) Xarxes is also incredibly resistant to the persuasions of others, having been used his entire upbringing before reaching a breaking point. Now, his mind is locked up tightly.

Flaws: Xarxes will never do something he considers disorderly, and he has great loyalty to the well-being of Arkania, the denizens of which he sees as his own collective children (though he punishes those who misbehave harshly). Separation from his armor and sword is possible, but since these things belay the pain brought on by bodily decay, and because they are tied to him by blood, it causes minor discomfort for the latter and a great level of physical torment for the former. Perhaps his greatest flaw, however, is his unwavering willpower towards a defined goal. He will not sway from any goal he commits himself to, save unless his family is put in danger.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Xarxes is stoic in almost every way, though there are a few things he is incredibly passionate about. While he believes the spirit to be more important than the body, he also has certain beliefs regarding the sanctity of the body, including chastity, temperance, and continence, for allowing bodily pleasures to dominate the higher pursuits of the soul will dilute the latter of those things and bring the value of the individual down. As such, he is strict in his beliefs and how he views others, as well as harsh and absolute in punishing those under him who violate bodily sanctity (by committing crimes against the bodies of others). In addition to his somewhat prudishness, Xarxes has a peaceful, almost serene side, where he takes value in poetry, art, tea, and other relaxing activities to ease his constantly assaulted mind. He tends to give off the impression that he is full of himself, but in truth he is dedicated to the ideals he prescribes to, and this dedication comes across as self-love.
Since the True Sith War, Xarxes cares little for political alliances or hierarchies, instead devoting himself wholly toward the apolitical goal of ensuring the safety of the galaxy no matter the cost. As such, he no longer withholds his opinions of the actions of his political superiors, unless he finds that doing so will end with him dead.

Fears: Xarxes’ greatest fear in the post-True Sith War world: is that it will all have been for nothing and that the galaxy will fall into chaos. He seeks to avoid this fate by any means necessary. This is in large part due to his fear of his wife and children suffering death due to the chaos of the world.

Relationships/Love Interests: Xarxes married Alcina Adasca two years into his secret conquest of Arkania. After the two revealed their inner natures to each other, they worked together to poison her father, and when the head of House Adasca was no more, the two wedded and ascended together. She has since become the rock on which he braces himself and relies upon, as he has likewise become for her.

Updated Biography: In the years since Kain’s second death, Xarxes has undertaken the task of keeping the Final Sith Order intact with the aid of Darth Kolasi. From his home on Arkania, he has delved deeply into Beyond Shadows to convene with the Architects who remain. Refining his skill to do so even without the aid of the Eye of Typhojem, he has forgone his mental powers of dominion in favor of attuning more greatly to the Cosmic Force in order to perceive far beyond the capabilities of others.
In the vacuum of Empress Hesper’s coma, Xarxes became the most powerful of the remaining Sith, organizing the remaining Sith machines of war while plumbing the galaxy for the location of Daritha Ptolemekh, a being he has foreseen as presenting a most serious threat to the galaxy, and one against whom he has a personal vendetta. From the seat of the Arkanian Patriarch, he watches over the galaxy and communicates with a variety of powers to the other Sith remaining.
While still allied with the Sith, he has had no qualms in approaching those who would rather call themselves his enemies. Most notably among these was the Jedi Master Auberon Adasca, one of Xarxes’ cousins who had been entirely blind to the dual nature of the Patriarch. The Sith Hunter, though slow to convince, was eventually swayed by the evidence that the galaxy was facing another threat equal to or greater than Typhojem. Absolving each other of past grievances, Auberon and Xarxes began to work more closely with each other to optimize the productivity of both the Jedi and Sith on Arkania and elsewhere as they prepare for war.


Rank/Level: Level 45, Triumvir of the Sith Order
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Prophet
Prestige Class: Sith Archon

Xarxes’ Armor (full): immunity to plasma and shock damage; 50% resistance to fall, magic, sharp, acid, cold, and sonic damage; 20% susceptibility to heat damage; +8 to hit DC; life support allows for survival in a vacuum.

Helm of Order: +1 to Mental Shield

Xarxes’ Mqaaq’it: Advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks relying on sight, x-ray, telescopic, and infrared vision.


STR: 15 (+5 from Sith Armor): 20
FPR: 18
DEX: 10
CON: 14
INT: 16
CHA: 11
WIS: 20
DES: 10




Augmentation: 1
Enhance Attribute (Requires Augmentation): 5
LIGHT Force Healing: 5
Force Sustenance: 3
Force Reflex (Requires Augmentation): 4
UNIQUE Many Shades of the Force (Requires Lawful or Neutral Alignment): 5
Transfer Force: 5
UNIQUE Fold Space: 5
Teleport: 5


Force Sense: 5
Precognition (Requires Force Sense): 2 (+3 from Sith Prophet): 5
Farsight (Requires Force Sense): 5
Mind-Walking (Requires Farsight, Sith Prophet): 5
Quicksight (Requires Farsight): 4
Force Bond: 5
Battle Meditation (Requires Telepathy, Force Bond, Precognition): 5


Telekinesis: 2 (+3 from Level 1): 5
Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis): 3
Force Wave (Requires Force Push/Pull): 5
Force Wound (Requires Telekinesis): 2
Force Crush (Requires Force Wound): 4
Force Rend (Requires Telekinesis): 4
Levitation (Requires Telekinesis): 4
Mental Shield: 4 (+1 from Helm of Order): 5
Telepathy: 5
Force Illusion (Requires Telepathy): 4
Dreamscape (Requires Force Illusion): 5
Memory Rub (Requires Sith Sorcerer, Telepathy): 5
Memory Walk (Requires Telepathy): 5
Force Resistance: 5
Adiabatic Shield (Requires Force Resistance, Telekinesis): 2
Tutaminis (Requires Force Resistance): 5
Force Barrier (Requires Force Resistance): 2
Protection Bubble (Requires Adiabatic Shield, Force Barrier): 4
LIGHT Force Light: 2 (+3 from Sith Archon): 5
FREE, LIGHT Force Harmony (Requires Force Light, Sith Archon): 5
Force Stun: 3
Force Stasis (Requires Force Stun): 5
LIGHT Golden Flash (Requires Sith Archon): 5
RITUAL Create Sith Holocron: 1 (+3 from Level 35): 4
UNIQUE Words of Banishment: 5


Sith Runes: 2 (+3 from Sith Sorcerer): 5
Sutta Chwituskak: 2 (+3 from Level 20): 5
RITUAL Dwomutsiqsa: 2 (+3 from Level 30): 5
Sith Plague: 5
Summon Fear: 4


Heartshadow (Requires Precognition): 5
Chant of Resurrection: 5
Spell of Creature Understanding: 5
Spell of Thought-Touch: 5


LIGHT Force Ghost (Requires Sith Archon): 10
UNIQUE Postmortem Influence (Requires Force Ghost): 10
UNIQUE, RITUAL Gravemind (Requires Sith Sorcerer, Sith Runes, Force Ghost, Sith Plague): 10
UNIQUE Art of the Small: 10
LIGHT Wall of Light (Requires Force Light): 10


Alcina Adasca


Name & Title: Alcina Adasca, Matriarch-Consort of Arkania

Aliases: Lady of Ice; The Pale Lady



Age: 45

Sex: Female

Species: Arkanian Pureblood

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Arkania

Occupation: Matriarch-Consort of Arkania

Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs.

Physical Description: Pale, porcelain skin, framed by elegant raven locks, with piercing golden eyes gazing betwixt them. She stands tall, even for her species, though not as tall or broad as her husband. Buxom and voluptuous in form, with traces of her three childbirths, she carves a figure of matronly, mature beauty.


Clothing: Alcina wears either midnight blue or snow white robes, tailored to be unrestrictive of movement. This is complimented by a circlet of silver, encrusted with sapphires and diamonds. Her boots are tall, black, and form-fitting.

Weapons: The Queen’s Tears, a pair of songsteel-hilted dual-phase sabers. The first is of crimson blade, and the other is pale sapphire in colour. She also bears Xarxes’ cryokinesis staff (Cryokinesis 3) forged of Beskar.

Misc. Equipment: A holocommunicator

Languages: Galactic Basic, Dathomiri, Droidspeak, Ancient/High Sith, Arkanian, High Galactic Basic, Cheunh, Hapan

Combat Skills: Extremely dexterous and skilled in one-on-one combat, Alcina is a whirlwind of lights and words when she takes to the combat arena. Her mastery of Dun Möch has aided her in the past when hunting Sith insurgents for sport with her husband.

Other Strengths: Alcina’s greatest asset is her indomitable calm, which has never so much as swayed in all the time that Xarxes has known her. She is an excellent orator and linguist, and possesses much skill in the art of persuasion.

Flaws: With the exception of her somewhat lacking physical power, Alcina may as well be considered flawless.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Calm, loving, tender, gentle. These are all the most notable qualities that the people of Arkania have taken note of. What they do not see, however, is the untempered fury of a mother whose children are threatened, which she is more than capable of dishing out to those unwise enough to earn her ire.

Fears: Losing her husband or children.

Relationships/Love Interests: She has been married to Drakul Xarxes for 19 years, and has never had interests outside of him.


Biography: Born into the highest of Arkanian nobility, Alcina Adasca was raised to become the ideal Arkanian monarch. Her opinion of the position, however, would shift as her father’s behavior as Patriarch deteriorated, leading her to consider him unfit for his status. When she was still a young woman, the appearance of Amaunator Adasca changed all of that. Immediately seeing through his guise, she pledged herself to him, believing wholeheartedly that this man would prove superior to her own father, so much so that she conspired with Amaunator to poison the man.
When Amaunator ascended the Arkanian throne, so too did Alcina. As Matriarch-Consort, the bride of the newly-crowned Adasca, she had achieved the status her deceased father had desired for her in a way she more ravenously coveted.
Within a year of their marriage, she had born a son for her husband. Ladon was raised, regrettably, on the run as Alcina was commissioned by her husband to hude away on Zeffo during the True Sith War. The training she had received from her served her well enough, and her passion to defend her child overruled her tactics in remaining hidden.
In the aftermath of that conflict, Xarxes returned to her broken, and she began the difficult task of nursing him back to his healthy mental state. Since then, she has remained by his side, comforting him when necessary, and ensuring he always remains on the path of goodness and order set out before him by the Architects.
Since Ptolemekh’s identity was revealed to them, Alcina has spent much time training her son to defend his siblings, and ensuring that regardless of what may approach Arkania, the people will be prepared to survive and rise once more from the ashes.


Rank/Level: Level 30, Sith Master
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Inquisitor
Prestige Class: Sith Warlock


STR: 8
FPR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 12
CHA: 16
WIS: 12
DES: 10


: 16

Shii-Cho: 1
Makashi (Requires Shii-Cho): 4
Ataru (Requires Shii-Cho): 3
Shien/Djem So (Requires Shii-Cho): 3
Niman (Requires Shii-Cho): 3
Saber Barrier (Requires Saber Style, Telekinesis): 2


Augmentation: 3
Force Jump (Requires Augmentation): 3
Battlemind (Requires Sith Warrior): 1 (+3 from Sith Warlock): 4
Feed on the Dark Side: 4
Force Sustenance: 2


Force Sense: 2
Precognition (Requires Force Sense): 4
Farsight (Requires Force Sense): 4
Force Bond: 2


Telekinesis: 3
Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis): 2
Mental Shield: 4
Telepathy: 1 (+3 from Level 1): 4
Affect Mind (Requires Telepathy): 3
Probe Mind (Requires Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy): 2 (+2 from Sith Inquisitor): 4
Mind Shard (Requires Sith Inquisitor, Telepathy): 2 (+2 from Sith Inquisitor): 4
Sith Lightning (Requires Force Sense): 1 (+3 from Level 20): 4
Force Resistance: 4
Tutaminis (Requires Force Resistance): 3


Sith Runes: (+3 from Sith Sorcerer): 3
Sith Illusions: 1 (+3 from Level 30): 4


Blood Magic: 4
Dark Illusion (Requires Blood Magic, Force Bond, Sith Lightning, Sith Illusions): 4


Ladon Adasca


Name & Title: Ladon Adasca, Crown Prince of Arkania



Aliases: N/A

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Arkanian

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Arkania

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs.

Physical Description: Taking largely after his father, Ladon is pale of complexion, though with far fewer creases in his face due to stress. His ears, slightly pointed, cut through locks of silvery blonde hair. Tall and lithe, though still diminutive next to the figure of his father, Ladon appears as a young prince ought to: regal and stern. His pale, pupilless eyes are made less eerie by the false lenses he wears, alleviating the naturally unsettling image he usually cuts.

Clothing: Ladon dressed in dark clothes complimented by midnight blue. His velvet waistcoat covers a white frilly shirt complete with a golden cravat. Over this, his black overcoat is decorated with buttons showcasing the phases of the moon, with the buttons around his cuff being shaped to the lunar cycle. He completes the outfit with tall leather boots, the cuffs of which are akin to those of the coat.

Armor: None

Weapons: A long sword of Songsteel craft, its blade thin as a needle. A lightfoil with a pale blue blade, its hilt carved of the same songsteel. A Sith Shikkar. A BlasTech A-180 pistol with attachments.

Misc. Equipment: A holocommunicator, a capsule of nutrition tablets.

Languages: Galactic Basic, Dathomiri, Droidspeak, Ancient/High Sith, Mando’a, Arkanian, Bocce, Hapan

Combat Skills: Nimble and agile, Ladon approaches the battlefield in a whirlwind of saberlight. Adept at pairing sword with blaster, and excellent in the art of the duel for his age, Ladon embodies noble refinery with every move.

Other Strengths: Having spent most of his upbringing in times of crisis and war, he has been something of an introvert without much opportunity to socialize and refine his charisma with others. As a result, he is inept in conversation, even if his appearance does much of the work when speaking with the lowborns.

Flaws: Exceptionally introverted, not physically strong.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Quiet yet noble, well-spoken and stern. Constantly under self-imposed pressure to live up to the expectations of his father, contested with the turmoil through which he has been put through in his adolescence.

Fears: Not living up to his father’s expectations, nor those of his people.

Relationships/Love Interests: N/A

Biography: The eldest child of Amaunator and Alcina Adasca, Ladon has been burdened with great expectations from before he could talk. Since that time, he has been trained intermittently between galactic disasters. Unfortunately, due to the hectic nature of the galaxy during his training years, his presumably higher-than-average Force potential has yet to be active. His physical agility, however, is admirable, and has aided him in refining his dueling skills to be able to fend off numerous Arkanian and Sith soldiers simultaneously. Over the past five years, his parents have taken the time to train his specifically to defend his younger siblings, knowing that they will need to be defended from the long hands of Ptolemekh when his parents confront him.



Rank/Level: Level 15, Arkanian Knight
Base Class: Sith Warrior
Subclass: Sith Saber


STR: 8
FPR: 10
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 12
CHA: 8
WIS: 10
DES: 6



Shii-Cho: 1
Makashi (Requires Shii-Cho): (+2 from Sith Saber): 2
Ataru (Requires Shii-Cho): (+2 from Sith Saber): 2
Saber Throw (Requires Saber Style, Telekinesis): 2
Saber Barrier (Requires Saber Style, Telekinesis): 2


Augmentation: (+2 from Sith Warrior): 2
Force Jump (Requires Augmentation): 2
Inertia (Requires Augmentation): 1
Battlemind (Requires Sith Warrior): 2


Force Sense: 1
Precognition: 2


Telekinesis: (+2 from Level 1): 2
Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis): 2
Mental Shield: 2
Telepathy: 1
Force Resistance: 2
Tutaminis: 2​


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Name: Keldro Unmar
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Home Planet: Stewjon
Faction Affiliation: Jedi
Position/Title: Knight
Jedi: Consular-Healer-Saint
Appearance (eyes, hair, etc): blonde hair, cut short now, he has also grown out a beard
Blue eyes
Height/Build: 5”8 stocky but nimble

Extras -
Clothing: traditional Jedi robes
Weapon(s): A single green-bladed saber forged as he neared the end of his apprenticeship this is his second saber and has remained in perfect condition as he follows the philosophy that a lightsaber should be a last resort- Lost on Hastur, in the Possession of Samael

A purple-bladed shoto with a shorter-than-normal hilt clearly damaged previously, this is what remains of his original blue lightsaber the hilt sliced in half and since salvaged when wielded, it fits exactly into his palm - Left at the Jedi temple. As he felt its usage and Memory Drove him closer to anger and the Darkside

A single-bladed saber, given to him by Lord Voidwalker upon reaching Tanalorr. It emits a scarlet blade containing a tinge of pink. A testament to Keldros's unsuccessful Attempts to Purify the Blade.

Ships/Transportation: Federation transports, has access to a Jedi starfighter owned by the Jedi themselves

Skills - Repair and Computer Slicing
Languages: Basic, Huttese, and a weak understanding of Sith
Non-Force Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat expert, above human average reflexes (before force bonus), a commitment/dedication to the light
Non-Force Weaknesses: Quick to anger when witnessing disrespect to the order or to himself and other superiors.

Personality: Keldro is your standard Jedi, he thinks only of the good of the galaxy and not of his self-preservation, he will always try to turn an opponent rather than kill them. Now 5 years later, he has mellowed out a lot more, and laughter comes easier in these hard times. Accepting the will of the Cosmic Force has opened Keldro up to possibilities he never thought possible.

Friendships; Apollo, Brooke, Cal Vastrom, Kei Durron, Thana, Dreymon Aelswyn, The Tanalorr Family (Sith who have been on Tanalorr the Last 5 Years

Bio (and pic, optional):
Like many Jedi during the time of the Galactic Federation, Keldro was taken as an infant to be trained in the arts of the Jedi. Quickly rising through the ranks, he showed a natural affinity for the light side of the Force. Opting to defend rather than attack and redeem rather than kill, Keldro has spent his life, so far, striving to be the perfect Jedi. With the Galaxy in disarray, Keldro has recently been promoted to knighthood. Unmar wishes to earn a council seat and restore order to the galaxy, starting with achieving the rank of Master.

5 years have passed, and with that time, so too have Keldro’s powers grown. Isolated with his new renegade family, he has redoubled his focus on healing, becoming a natural with the Living Force and healing those around him. Sadly, pacifism would no longer cut it; Keldro has also developed his Force abilities. No longer would he just defend those close to him. Now it would be time to strike first where necessary. He has spent his time split between his saber craft, Voidwalker pushing him to the bounds of his physical abilities, and deep meditation, for he knows that he had been flawed. So much of his life had been filled with rules, limits, and duty. He spent the first three years trying, in vain, to find the answers he needed: how to protect the others, how to sense, find and stop that which sought to harm them. He sought the guidance of his Master long since passed, yet still a beacon of knowledge, what to do and how to do it. It was three years into their trip when Keldro’s ability in Shatterpoint manifested itself. He had long since abandoned his search for answers. No longer did he grieve and focus on his Master's death, no longer did he push the Force to do what he needed it to do, and no more would he reach out to his Master's consciousness for the answers to his problems. The Force would provide him with what he needed when he needed it. As such, he felt the Force surge more powerfully through him. Where once it was like he had been pushing open a door against its hinges. Now, he had let go of the door and it flung open towards him. The Force could now truly be his ally.

Keldro had been centering himself in a clearing not too far from the temple. A Roaring wide river was to his left. Its rushing current helped Keldro focus on the flow of the force through himself as the sun set over the top of it.
As the Jedi emerged from his six-hour Meditation, he spotted Apollo approaching, likely to notify him that the evening meal was nearly ready.

As the boy stepped closer to the river, a flicker appeared above his heart. Keldro blinked and it was gone. Try as he might, Keldro couldn’t replicate the phenomenon.

It wasn’t until many weeks later, this time just after he had awoken, that it happened again. Keldro had been dismantling and cleaning the saver given to him three years earlier by Voidwalker. Several pieces, such as the power cell and Kyber crystal, briefly flashed, yet when reassembled, they flashed and remained, showing him how the saber could be disabled.

Keldro skipped his Force meditation that day, instead spending it in the archives of Tanalorr. He had nearly given up his search when he finally read the passage on Shatterpoint.

From here, more readily able to accept what it was Keldro was able to grow his power over many months.

First, he started seeing links; Apollo to Kain, then Voidwalker to Arach.

Eventually, he came to see how all the Sith were connected in one way or another,

Others surprised him; Apollo had a link to Keldro, something in the boy's kind nature made the Jedi smile at this fact. Even Voidwalker had a connection to Keldro, something the Master never thought he would say of a Sith.

Then a year later, he started seeing more than just exploitations.
There were destruction points in everything, pinpricks that, if put to pressure, could make even the biggest structures crumple.

Finally, a month out from the 5-year anniversary of their travel. He could see most things as an intricate lacework of connections, exploitations, and destruction points.


Skills List- Jedi Consular-Healer-Saint

Lightsaber (9)

Control (23)
Augmentation(1st level+) - 1
Force jump(1st Level+) -1
Force Healing(2nd Level+) - 4 (3+1 free point)
Aura of Healing(4th Level+) - 4 (free)
Cure Disease(3rd Level+) - 3 (free)
Serenity(2nd Level+) - 4
Emptiness(2nd Level+) - 4
Force potency(1st Level+) -3
Force Affinity(1st Level+) - 3
Morichro(4th level+) - 4 Free
Teleport(3rd Level+) - 4

Sense (10)
Force sense(1st Level+) - 3 (free)
Precognition(1st Level+) - 3
Innate Shatterpoint (1st Level+) - 4
Force bond(1st Level+) - 3 (free)
Force meld(1st Level+) - 2
Battle Meditation (3rd Level+) - 4 (1+3Free)

Alter (23)
Telekinesis(1st Level+) -3
Force push/pull(1st Level+) -2
Force Whirlwind(2nd Level+) -2
Mental shield(1st Level+) - 4
Telepathy(1st Level+) - 3
Mind Trick(1st Level+) - 3
Force Resistance(1st Level+) - 3 (free)
Force Barrier(2nd Level+) - 3
Electric Judgement(3rd Level+) - 3

Paragon (10)
Force Ghost(9th-Level+) - 10

1st Level : 14
2nd Level: 10
3rd Level:6
4th Level:2
God Like:1
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*Approved by GM @Darth Kain*

Character Illustration

Theme Music
"Regal Ancestor Spirit" by Yuka Kitamura:
Sample of Character Voice
Camille, by Emily O'Brien:

Character Summary
An ethereal and enigmatic lady with too many secrets for her own good, but distinguished by an ominous drive and uncompromising devotion.

Name/Title: Khatt Douw
Nicknames/Aliases: Kintik Midwan Qorit. Shentha Mazrakh. Khot. Duwin’tchilat.
Age: 41.
Sex: Feminine.
Species: Near-Human.
Orientation: Asexual.
Homeworld: [REDACTED].
Occupation: [REDACTED]. [REDACTED]. Missionary. Scout.
Height: 7’5 - 223,5 cm.
Weight: 300 lbs - 136,7 kg.
Physical Description: *Reference Image above*
Clothing: Usually clad in [REDACTED] ornate priestly robes. Specific biotic implants are placed on her face and clothing [REDACTED].
Weapons: [REDACTED].
Equipment: [REDACTED].
Vehicles: [REDACTED].
Languages: Galactic Basic. Galactic Sign Language. [REDACTED].
Combat Skills: [REDACTED]. Seems to rely mostly on Force ability.
Other Strengths: [REDACTED].
Flaws: [REDACTED].
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Personality: [REDACTED], her demeanor is frequently overly reserved and often off-putting to others.
Fears: [REDACTED].
Likes: Combat training, religious rituals.
Dislikes: Complacency, [REDACTED], heresy and sacrilege.
Habits: Obsessively tapping and stroking her weapons and armor in the many cases of anxiety she experiences. Occasionally meditates under the instruction of [REDACTED].
Relationships/Love Interests: Possessed by a divine reverence, though also dread, for [REDACTED].
Companions: None.
Friendships: [REDACTED].
Masters: [REDACTED].
Apprentices: None.
Reputation: N/A.
Biography: [REDACTED].​

Rank/Level: Level 39.
Base Class: Sorcerer.
Subclass: Illusionist.
Prestige Class: None.
Skills: 140 Skill Points.

102 Attribute Points:
STR (Strength): 8
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 15
INT (Intellect): 8
WIS (Wisdom): 15
CON (Constitution): 15
CHA (Charisma): 8
DES (Destiny): 15

Power Slots:
1st Level: □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
2nd Level: □□□□□□□□□□□
3rd Level: □□□□□□□□
4th Level: □□□□□
Godlike: □□

Augmentation > 4
Force Speed > 4
Force Travel > 4

Force Sense > 4
Precognition > 3
Instinctive Astrogation > 4

Telepathy > 4 (Including 3 free points from Level 1)
Mind Trick > 4
Alter Image > 3
Beast Trick > 3
Probe Mind > 4
Memory Rub > 4

Force Bond > 4
Battle Meditation > 4

Telekinesis > 4
Force Push > 3
Force Whirlwind > 3
Force Wound > 4

Mnemotherapy > 4

Pyrokinesis > 4

Sith Lightning > 3 (Including 3 free points from Level 20)

Force Resistance > 4
Tutaminis > 4

Enhance Force Sensitivity > 3

Force Plague > 3

Corruption > 4

Create Holocron > 3 (Including 3 free points from Level 35 Sorcerer class)

Fiery Energy > 4

Memory Walk > 4

Mirror Illusion > 3

Surge of the Brier > 3

Sith Illusions > 4 (Including 3 free points from the Illusionist subclass)

Dwomutsiqsa > 3 (Including 3 free points from Level 30 Sorcerer class)

Summon Fear > 4

Blood Magic > 4
Dark Illusion > 4

Mesmerism > 3

Force Ghost > 10
Art of the Small > 10

Name/Title:Apprentice Mardinga

Nicknames/Aliases: The Magician

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Species: Teevan

Orientation (optional): Demi, Straight, omnispexies

Homeworld: Teevan

Occupation: Former Stage Magician

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 91 kg

Physical Description: Ever changing multi color hair, slim slight build, paler skin than is normal for a teevan. Slender built and tall. Teevans are naturally far more flexible than most similarly built sentients.

Clothing: Typically; white clothes Rarely; pink and green

Weapons: Red dual phase lightsaber

Equipment: Cards and coins used as either weapon or distraction or just a fidget item

Languages: Basic, Clawdite, Rodese

Combat Skills: Natural flexibility makes him extremely good at dodging and attacking from unusual angles.

Other Strengths: Sharp minded and a master of performance he is capable of keeping the average person enthralled with stage magic, which equates to sleight of hand and misdirection.
Flaws: His life in the circus has left him jaded by people's horrendous nature. He doesn't trust easily at all.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Humorous, boisterous, vile, immoral

Fears: Truly being as worthless as he felt in childhood, main reason for the overachiever mentality he has now.

Likes: Beautiful things and strong opponents

Dislikes: Being bored
Habits: rolls coins between knuckles and palms items from muscle memory
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):

Master: Knight Anokou

In Glausa, known for its shows, a young Mardinga had been found on the ground by Canzassenn, ringmaster of the Canzassenn Troupe. Canzassenn's stunts bewilder audiences, and now he has the opportunity to perform at the Bar Jack, in Princess Hotel. Canzassenn asks Mardinga if he is able to perform any magic tricks. Mardinga surprised Canzassenn with a card trick, astonishing him and forcing him to note that the boy might have more talent than him. Canzassenn encourages Mardinga to hone his talent. Canzassenn's performer Brae warns him that Mardinga could have an unsavory past, seeing how he was found on the side of the road.

Brae and Canzassenn are walking in the marketplace where they see a picture of a serial killer who crushes his victims to death, provisionally called Ashrea Manstar. While the manner of the killings was consistent between victims, the one doing it seemed to change, this led to his epithet "Hundred Face". Ashrea Manstar craved attention, which was why he allows himself to be recorded by surveillance. When they return, they find that a performer has injured herself, rendering her unable to perform. Mardinga volunteers to do the act for him, showcasing his extraordinary dexterity. A jealous co-performer, Yasuda, vows to get revenge on Mardinga. During the performance, Yasuda throws the batons in an odd manner in order to overwhelm him, but Mardinga successfully catches them. Yasuda leaves the circus, and the other performers begin rehearsing in secret to prevent Mardinga from learning their techniques.

Mardinga notices a film around Canzassenn, and Canzassenn explains to him that it is an aura of the force, he never told the child what kind it was. He begins teaching Mardinga the basics of the force. Brae reveals that she is the only one of the troupe that managed to learn to control the force. She divulges Canzassenn's past: he attempted to become a Jedi but failed the difficult testing, but she believes that he teaches force in order to have a pupil to be able to pass the testing he couldn't. Mardinga displays his unbelievably quick learning of the force principles, something that would typically take a year. Canzassenn then has Mardinga determine his force strength, which was nearly uncannily high.

Sometime later, Brae gets lost while on a shopping trip. She gets accosted by a man, whom she believes to be Ashrea Manstar. She attempts to overpower him with meager force abilities, but he is capable of using the force too. He nearly kills Brae, but Mardinga saves her by slicing his eye with a card and manages to drive him off. Mardinga notes that he feels like he didn't truly hurt Ashrea Manstar. Mardinga takes a shower, where he begins to work on a force ability, telekinesis.

A few days later, Mardinga performs at the Royal Glam Hotel, attended by the head of the Glass Clan, the authority of Glausa. The head applauds the act, giving the troupe worldwide popularity. Outside of the hotel, Mardinga confronts Canzassenn alone, where he accuses Canzassenn of being Ashrea Manstar. Canzassenn claims that he enjoys surprising people, to the point that he killed his younger sister to see the expression on her face. He created a circus to have his enjoyment in a non harmful way but still couldn't resist the urge to hurt people. He confesses to being Ashrea Manstar, but Mardinga merely wants to fight him. They get into a duel, with Canzassenn revealing how he swapped faces because he was a changeling. Mandinga Feels as though he is being crushed so he pushes back hard with telekinesis aimed directly at the center or Morotino's chest. Mardinga explains how he observed that audience members' things began to move around whenever Canzassenn performed his air walk. Canzassenn goes all out with the fight finally, but Mardinga manages to use his force ability to pull down the bars above them and crush Canzassenn, killing him. Before he left, Mardinga watched as his face changed to look like he had the night on which he attacked Brae, the one of Ashrea Manstar. Freeing his emotions and lashing out had changed him far more than he expected, he had killed before but it was always in defense of himself or because he needed to get something for survival, this was different.

Later that night he couldn't help but think about how he was not even sure he had even known the changeling's name. At that once again he was alone in the galaxy. Teevan had lost all of its allure so he decided to jump on a freighter and get away.

Making his way across the galaxy was harder than he ever imagined. His destination was Korriban, a place where someone with his gifts could be accepted. The freighter Captain stuck to his rounds strictly as they went from planet to planet. Dathomir was first and Mardinga was truly stunned by the red planet, at least what he could see from the ship's loading ramp. All he knew for sure was he wasn't allowed to follow for whatever was going on. Within the hour they were back in the vastness of space heading for Telos.

Months and many planets later and they finally landed on the desert of Korriban. Mardinga exited the ship and set off to find his future.

Rank/Level: Level 23

Base Class: Sorcerer

Subclass: Sith Elementalist

Prestige Class: Wizard

84 points (16 max)

FP 14
DEX 16
INT 10
WIS 10
PER 13

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

42 points (3 max)

Sith Runes (free)

Force Sense (free)

Pyrokinesis (free)

Cryokinesis (free)

Sutta Chwituskak (free)

Bond 3

Drain Life (free)

Death Field 3

Lightning 3

Telekinesis 3

Push/Pull 3

Force Weapon 2

form 1 1

Form 6 2

Resistance 3

Tutaminis 3

Shatterpoint 3

Telepathy 3

Mental Shield 3

Ballistakinesis 2

Hassat-Dur 3

Dark Side Healing 2

12 1st-Level Slots
6 2nd-Level Slots
2 3rd-Level Slots

(can replenish four 1st-Level Slots and two 2nd-Level Slots per Short Rest)


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Grand Master Kei Durron, Jedi Master Druid

Name: Kei Durron

Age: 91

Sex: Male (by birth), does assume Genderfluid identity through Alter Image

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Occupation: Jedi Grand Master

Height: 6'7"

Appearance: Though into his venerable years for a normal human male, Kei has kept a youthful build through the sustaining power of the Light Side. His striking features are his emerald eyes and his flowing white hair.


• Green-bladed lightsaber fitted with two synthetic crystals. The main blade projects at 4', but there is also a secondary ventral blade at the bottom which projects a 9" blade.

• Yellow-bladed lightsaber fitted with a standard Adegan crystal, 4' blade

• White staff (6') with a purple gem at the apex; the gem is a Great Force Talisman used to focus energy based Force Powers and Spells


• Floor length hooded white Jedi robes

• Cortosis forearm gauntlets

• T'ra Saa's Holocron

• Plo Koon's Holocron

• Kyp Durron's Holocron

Pets: Kei has a Convor as his animal familiar companion.

Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic, Shyriiwook (understanding), Binary/Droidspeak (understanding), Old Corellian, Huttese

Description of Abilities: Is a Master of both the conventional and non-conventional. Basic telekinesis all the way to altering the environment around him are not out of the wheelhouse. Through his many years of service within the Jedi Order, he has studied from many ancient Holocrons providing access and instruction in esoteric powers of the Force.

Strengths: He would consider his biggest strength to be his compassion for life of all kinds. He is skilled in negotiation and talking his way out of potential issues. In combat, his esoteric Force abilities are his strength, but they are a burden on his energy.

Weaknesses: His compassion for life and the people of the galaxy at large is his greatest weakness in the eyes of those who oppose him.

Personality: Kind, Compassionate, Is not quick to fight, Negotiable, Will fight for a cause that he believes in, Believes wholeheartedly in the goals of the Jedi Order

Relationships: Kyp Durron (grandfather, deceased)

Biography: Kei Durron was born on Coruscant, at the time the home planet of the Jedi Order, in 70 ABY. A member of the powerfully Force sensitive Durron family, Kei was brought to the Jedi Temple when he was only 2 years old. He began studying the Force and the lightsaber as soon as his training began, taking as many chances as he could to enter the Jedi Library and learn the history of his Order.

His Master for 10 years was the legendary Neti Jedi Master, T'ra Saa. His training under Master Saa was unlike any other Master in the Jedi Order. She focused primarily on irregular aspects of the Force, most notably developing Kei's power of Alter Environment, which he uses for control over various phenomena such as rapid plant growth and control, or conjuring storms such as tornadoes and thunderstorms.

During his Mastership, he took a Padawan learner which he trained for seven years, and in the year of his Padawan's potential Knighthood, he was killed by the Emperor's Hand, Darth Nihl in the Massacre at Ossus in 137 ABY. This took a heavy toll on Durron, who had never lost an Apprentice before. But after a couple weeks of mourning his Padawan, he, like any other true follower of the Jedi Code forced himself to remember that "there is no death, there is the Force." Durron took great solace in this fact of existence.

Kei Durron was elected by a contingent of the Jedi Council and other prominent members of the Jedi Order as its Grand Master in 156 ABY, roughly 12 years ago, and has steadfastly served in his role ever since.

STR: 14
FPR: 18
DEX: 12
INT: 18
CON: 15
CHA: 6
WIS: 15
DES: 16

Level 47 (350 points) Jedi Consular Druid
3 free in Telekinesis, Force Resistance, Battle Meditation, Create Holocron, Cryokinesis
5 free in Force Bond, Plant Surge

-Saber Forms
Form I Shii-Cho: 1
Form VI Niman: 1
Medium Style: 5
Three Rings of Defense: 3
Jar'Kai: 5
Tràkata: 5
Saber Barrier: 5
Trispzest: 5

Force Valor: 5
Force Jump: 2
Inertia: 3
Force Speed: 5
Reduce Injury: 4
Transfer Force: 5
Force Channel: 5
Force Potency: 5
Force Mastery: 5
Remove Fatigue: 5
Force Sustenance: 5
Teleport: 5

Force Sense: 5
Precognition: 5
Farsight: 5
Mind-Walking: 5
Truth-Sense: 4
Force Bond: (+5 from Jedi Consular and Jedi Druid)
Battle Meditation: 2(+3 from level 30)
Merge Senses: 5
Environmental Telepathy: 5
Shatterpoint: 5

Telekinesis: 2(+3 from level 1)
Force Push/Pull: 5
Force Whirlwind: 5
Force Burst: 5
Force Shockwave: 5
Force Wave: 5
Levitation: 5
Mental Shield: 5
Telepathy: 5
Cleanse Mind: 5
Mind Trick: 5
Beast Trick: 5
Beast Language: 5
Force Illusion: 5
Dreamscape: 5
Alter Image: 5
Comprehend Speech: 5
Force Suppression: 5
Force Light: 5
Force Harmony: Free (5)
Electric Judgment: 5
Lightning Saber: 5
Lightning Variant: Chain Lightning: 5
Summon Storm: 5
Force Stun: 5
Force Stasis: 5
Plant Surge: (+5 from Jedi Druid)
Phase: 5
Pyrokinesis: 5
Cryokinesis: 2(+3 from Jedi Druid)
Force Resistance: 2(+3 from level 20)
Tutaminis: 5
Adiabatic Shield: 5
Force Barrier: 5
Protection Bubble: 5
Energy Resistance: 5
Alter Environment: 5
Doppelganger: 5
Malacia: 2
Create Holocron: 2(+3 from Level 35)

Sever Force: 10
Wall of Light: 10
Flow-Walking: 10
Force Ghost: 10
Post Mortem Influence: 10
Name/Title: Dreymon Aelswyn
Faceclaim: Mark Rowley
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Corellia
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs
Allegiance: Jedi Order


Physical Description: Lean and fit, pale colored skin, sharp, angular jaw and cheekbones, brown eyes; tall, neatly trimmed black hair and beard
Clothing: Non-traditional Jedi attire. Black tunic, pants, and boots all trimmed in gold. Black Jedi robe.
Weapons: Two purple single-blade lightsabers
Equipment: Holocom, survival rations, tool repair kit, macrobinoculars

Vehicles: The Stingray, a CR90 Corvette
Dreymon Aelswyn Corvette.jpg
Pets: None
Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Rodian, Huttese, Sullustese, Twi'leki
Combat: Skilled fighter in hand-to-hand and lightsaber combat
Other Strengths: Excellent Pilot and well-diverse in multiple languages
Flaws: Has a constant need to train and feels that battle could break out at any point. Always being prepared for battle he borders on the line of paranoia. He can come off as bullheaded and standoff-ish
Alignment: Lawful Good
Likes: Freedom, democracy, justice, innocence, peace, the Jedi Order, the Galactic Federation, flying starships
Dislikes: Oppression, dictatorships, crime, war, the Sith, the New Galactic Empire, Darth Dreadwar, Tyhpojem, Darth Kain, torture
Habits: Constantly training and pushing his body to its limits.
Relationships/Love Interests: N/A
Friendships: Sitri Yar (Mentor), Sho Temm (Deceased), Master Cal Vastrom, Grandmaster Kei Durron, Keldro Unmar (MIA)
Reputation: Known for his intense training and preparations for combat

Bio: A surviving Jedi Knight of the True Sith war. Since the war ended he's felt a need to be prepared to face a threat of that magnitude again, so he has trained relentlessly non-stop in his pursuit to grow stronger to defend the Galaxy and the Republic. He has trained numerous younger Jedi Padawans and Knights to help prepare the future generations of the Jedi Order. After learning the fate of the Jedi Battle Master Sho Temm, he doubled down on his efforts to prepare for the coming war. Eventually, he was granted the rank of a Sith Hunter, and trained to be sent in deep undercover to try and learn as much about the Jedi’s enemies as he could, and if possible to eliminate any threats.

Attributes: (lvl 33 = 96 Points)
Strength: 10
Force Power: 12
Dexterity: 14
Intellect: 10
Wisdom: 12
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 10
Destiny: 10

Rank/Level: Level 33 Jedi Master
Class: Jedi Guardian
Subclass: Jedi Warrior
Prestige Class: Sith Hunter

Skills: 90 Skill Points
Saber Forms:
Form I, Shii-Cho - 2
Form VI, Niman - 4
Jar’Kai - 4
Focus Discipline - 1
Stance Discipline - 1

Force Valor - (+3 from Jedi Guardian)
Battlemind - (+3 from lvl 30 bonus)
Force Speed - 1
Force Jump - 1
Reduce Injury - 2
Control Pain - 1
Dampen Force - 1
Force Reflex - 3
UNIQUE Fold Space - 3

Force Sense - 1
Precognition - 1
Innate Psychometry - 1
Instinctive Astrogation - 1

Telekinesis - (+3 from lvl 1 bonus)
Force Push/Pull - (+3 from lvl 20 bonus)
Force Whirlwind - 2
Force Wave - 4
Force Orb - 2
Mental Shield - 2
Telepathy - 1
Cleanse Mind - 3
Mind trick - 1
Mnemotheray - 3
Force Resistance - 1
Tutaminis - 2
Force Light - 4
Force Harmony 2 (+1 free)
Force Punch/Kick - 2

Approach The Dark
Crush Opposition - 4
False Dark Side Aura - 3

- Tree: Brutal Telekinesis
Force Wound - 2
Force Choke - 1
Force Crush - 3
Force Rend - 3

- Tree: Dark Mental Prowess
Probe Mind/Drain Knowledge - 4
Memory Walk - 2
Force Fear - 3​
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Name/Title: Legate Voidwalker
Nicknames/Aliases: The War Priest of Death, Cursed Champion of the Stars, The Crimson Warlord
Age: 46 (Due to time shifts on Mortis but is actually 37)
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Onderon
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210lbs
Occupation: Legate
Allegiance: Starborne Legion
Physical Description: Tall and slender with an athletic build, dark hair, facial hair. Crimson red eyes, medium to fair skin tone. Has a bio-mechanical prosthetic hand made of Pyronium that’s infused with the healing agents of Bota that courses through his veins.
Clothing: Voidwalker is for the most part a simple being. Opting for more basic clothing such as black pants, boots, tops, and cloak. He does own a set of Songsteel armor that he wears when the time or situation calls for armor. Such as knowingly going into battle or meeting with others who could be hostile.
Weapons: Voidwalker has many weapons at his disposal. He has two twin single red-bladed lightsabers. A single-bladed purple saber, and an orange single-bladed saber.
Mace of Phrik - A gift from Lord Cruor himself, which has been enhanced through alchemy and the Dark Side. After prolonged use, the user succumbs to utter hatred, and the emotion rolls off the user in palpable waves of dark side energy, inflicting physical and psychological upon those in the user's vicinity.
Three thermal detonators and four smoke bombs.

Equipment: An alchemy forged bioengineered hand made of Pyronium/ Crystalline matrix infused with Bota, that can collect energy from laser blasts and Force Lightning. The hand pumps Bota through the veins of the user allowing him to heal quickly over time.
Holocom for receiving and transmitting messages.
Basic survival ration kits
Talisman of Concentration - The talisman allows the wearer to focus and gather their force energy and remain focused even in the most chaotic of warzones without breaking their concentration.
Songsteel armor - lightweight and highly resistant to lightsabers.
Talisman of Self Appearance - The talisman allows Voidwalker to change his physical appearance to take on any form.
Vehicles: The Crimson Conqueror, Imperious Class Star Destroyer
Voidwalker Flagship.jpg
Pets: None
Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Sith, High Sith, Onderonian.
Combat Skills: Voidwalker is creative in adapting to any scenario, to find a way to either survive or overcome. His combat experience has given him a certain view of how others around him work. He follows a simple statement of strike hard and show no mercy. He has a strong mental defense due to the lovely gift of a mind plague bestowed upon him long ago.
Other Strengths: Voidwalker has a strong will, and a never quit attitude. He doesn't give up easily if at all on something he believes in. He's a quick thinker and able to go with the flow until he can change the flow to his favor.
Flaws: Voidwalker is very hard-headed. He wants to constantly push himself to be better, and to protect those he holds dearest. He's very confident and has immense pride.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Personality: Voidwalker is a hardened man who can be as tough on others as he is himself. Seemingly more aggressive and he seems to just have a darker mindset about him as the years have passed. He can be social when the times call for it, yet he's also very reserved and keeps to himself mostly. He's fiercely protective of his wife and daughter
Fears: Voidwalker's biggest fear is losing his wife or daughter.
Likes: Loyalty, Strength, Passion, Drive, Respect
Dislikes: Disrespect, Disloyalty, Laziness, Weakness, Failure, Limitations, Mind Plagues, Anyone that would try to hurt his family.
Habits: When in deep thought or nervous, bored, or at almost any time, Voidwalker fidgets constantly keeping his hands busy by touching his fingers to his thumb and back repeatedly.
Relationships/Love Interests: Arach (Wife), Scarlett (Daughter)
Friendships: Kain, Lord Volacius, Samael, Lord Voxyn, Lord Catalyst, Lord Nathemus, Apollo, Eva, Lady Kolasi, and Avery Sunka
Apprentices: Keldro Unmar
Reputation: Kriffing Legend

Bio: After the events of Kain’s return to the living world, yet again. Voidwalker and the others all contributed to setting up their new base on the planet of Tanalorr. Since then Voidwalker has steeped himself in the teachings of the past by studying holocrons and literature that his library at his home once held. Diving further into the Dark Side looking for some sort of possible answer to the invading forces of Dark Illitharuion. Between his studies and training, as well as helping any others as he could with training and preparations, Voidwalker can only hope it wasn’t all for nothing.


Attributes: (lvl 44 = 108 Points)
Strength: 12
Force Power: 20
Dexterity: 10
Intellect: 14
Wisdom: 10
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 8
Destiny: 18

Rank/Level: Level 44 Sith Lord
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Warlock
Skill Points: lvl 44 = 230

Saber Skills: = 16
- Form I - Shii-Cho - 2
- Form VI - Niman - 2
- Form VII - Juyo - 3
- Saber Throw - 1
- Saber Barrier - 1
- Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat - 5
- Jar'Kai - 2

Force Powers:
Battlemind - 2 (Prestige Bonus)
Dark Side Healing - 2
UNIQUE Many Shades of the Force - 4
UNIQUE Fold Space - 5

SENSE: = 32
Force Sense - (+3 lvl 1 Bonus)
Precognition - 5
Weather Sense - 2
INNATE Shatterpoint - 5
Force Bond - 1
- Drain Life - 5
- Death Field - 5
- Drain Force - 5
- Environmental Telepathy - 4

ALTER: = 115
Telekinesis - 4
- Force Push/Pull - 2
- Force Whirlwind - 4
- Force Wave - 5
- Force Wound - (+3 lvl 20 Bonus)
- Force Choke - 4
- Force Crush - 5
- Force Rend - 5
- Ballistakinesis - 5
Mental Shield - 5
Telepathy: 5
- Affect Mind - 5
- Beast Language - 3
Sith Lightning - 5
- Lightning Bomb - 2
- Lightning Variant: Force Storm - 5
- Lightning Shield - 3
UNIQUE Aing-Tii Fighting Sight - 5
Force Resistance: 5
- Tutaminis - 5
Pyrokinesis - 5
- Fire Tornado - 5
Alter Environment - 3 (+2 Subclass Bonus)
UNIQUE Darkshear - 4
Force Kick - (+3 Prestige Bonus)
UNIQUE Dark Plague - 5
RITUAL Create Sith Holocron - (+3 lvl 35 Bonus)
Force Destruction - 5
Spear of Midnight Black - 3
Plant Surge - 3 (+2 Subclass Bonus)

Sith Magic: = 14
Sutta Chwituskak - 3
Qázoi Kyantuska - 3
Animate Golem - 3
- Animate Sith Statue - 4
Sith Illusions - 1 (+3 lvl 30 Bonus)
Sith Runes - (+3 Class Bonus)

Godlike: = 40
Eternal Hatred - 10
Sever Force - 10
Dark Transfer - 10
Dark Side Spirit - 10​
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Samael’s Theme Song:

Name/Title: Samael, The Lightbringer, Saint of Fire, and Will of the Flame

Nicknames/Aliases: The Lightbringer, The Saint of Fire, The Hand of God

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Species: Deveronian

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Unknown

Occupation: Sith, Saint of the Religion of Fire

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Physical Description: Red skin, Black horns, Sharp teeth, Blue eyes, a small pointed goatee

Clothing: Black robes, black hooded cloak, and a golden fire emblem amulet

Weapons: One orange lightsaber, one green lightsaber (Keldro’s lightsaber)

Equipment: A holocom

Vehicles: Fury Class Starship - The Flame’s Fury

Pets (if applicable): None

Languages: Basic

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Lightsaber combat

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Able to be around extreme heat.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section):

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Chaotic Good

Personality: Keeps his emotions bottled up since being forced to kill his friend.

Fears: Losing those he cares about again

Likes: Helping others, Doing God’s work

Dislikes: Bullies; False Gods; Heretics

Habits: Playing with fire

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Kya - deceased

Friendships (if applicable): Shalyx’har’zan - deceased, Lord Catalyst, Lord Voidwalker, Jamie, Susanna, Declan

Masters (if applicable): Lord Xirr, Hadzuska

Apprentices (if applicable): Sith Apprentice Ash, Jedi Apprentice Aster

Reputation: Everything will burn in God’s light

Biography: The Jedi found baby Samael discarded in a dumpster on Coruscant, and took him in after noticing his sensitivity to the Force. As the child grew they noticed he was having a hard time controlling his emotions. When it was time to leave the stage of becoming a youngling and being trained as a padawan by a Master the Council chose one that they felt would be able to help Samael learn to control his emotions. The night before the ceremony Samael snuck into his soon to be Master's room whilst they slept to get a sneak peek at who he would be training with. Samael always had a thing for for fire, the Council had no idea he had learned to summon it through the Force. When he saw his soon to be Master he felt he should celebrate and summoned fire burning the man to a crisp. Samael has no idea what he did was wrong. Upon learning what happened the Jedi Council expelled the young man from their order. Now he travels from place to place no longer having a place he could call home. Eventually on his travels, he met a Sith that taught him the ways of the Dark Side. He two met a crispy end amidst the night.

Eventually he found himself in the Sith academy. Called upon by Lord Catalyst for a mission to Yavin IV, he was placed under the apprenticeship of Lord Xirr. Upon landing on Yavin IV he met the beautiful Lady Apollyon, whose beauty was the first to eclipse that of his fire’s. Their mission went along without any problems other than the fact what they were there for was not.

In the next three years, Samael’s Master would be too busy to show him any recognition or training in the least. Looking to challenge himself, Samael began exploring different tombs around Korriban, never going too deep however. One day as he came to a cave he had mistaken as a hidden tomb he found the Star Dragon Shalyx’har’zan (Shalyx for short) still healing from his own past adventure. Leaving for a short while Samael would return and perform basic first aid on the dragon as he slept. Over the course of a year the two became best friends.

One day Samael would start having terrifying visions as well as hear a voice calling to him. He would search for this voice, leaving Korriban to do so. Upon finding the owner of the voice, who introduced himself as Hadzuska, he was offered the right to serve him in doing so he was told he would get everything he desired. Not knowing if it was true or not, but not wanting to pass up the chance if it were, he accepted.

It had been 10 years since that deadly feast that killed Hadzuska. He came to realize that his first ever friend, Fire, was truly a primordial God showing him the true way of life, and those that the fire touched were baptized by God’s light. After Typhojem had been defeated, Samael founded the Church of Fire, known to most outside the church as a cult of pyrokinetic fanatics.

After the Church of Fire grew large enough, Samael left the church to a successor, who named him a Saint, to continue to do God’s work. The past few places that Samael was sighted, many gangsters were found charred to a crisp. When questioned he responded that he was on a mission of Peace, performing ceremonies in the name of God. He was never detained after this response.

In his search to check in on an old friend, Samael found himself on the planet of Hastur, and pulled into yet another Galaxy wide conflict against yet another Heretical Sith God. If it had been anyone other than an Avatar of God who asked him to join him in the efforts of this upcoming war, he might have respectfully declined. But it was, and so he would.

About a month after agreeing to help, Samael found himself on Tython with that Avatar of God, Lord Kain, there to retrieve Kain’s son from the Jedi temple. The enemy mounted a surprise attack while they were there. Whilst Kain broke away to find and protect his son, Samael confronted the enemy as they came from reflective surfaces. He went into a PTSD episode as he realized what they were, and proceeded to not only blow up his opponents, or burn them to ashes, but to also set the temple ablaze in his heightened emotional state.

Finding Kain with his son, they left through a portal and the still burning Jedi temple. Not long after, Samael greeted yet another guest of Kain’s who was badly hurt from the explosion of his own ship. When Samael came to after the explosion, he found that the Force had gifted him with a lightsaber, possibly he would need it for the future. When the Force intervenes like that, you don’t want to question it. Instead you accept and prepare for the coming trials.

After making sure Kain’s guest got much needed medical attention, he greeted even more guests alongside Lord Kain. Unfortunately something would happen not long after this, and Kain would once more disappear from the land of the living, killed by a jealous malcontent.

A few days after Samael made sure Kain’s guests were safe and under the protection of those Samael felt Kain would trust more, he left on a journey to try and find Kain and bring him back to his family.

To commune with God to receive their advice on how to find their avatar, Samael decided to return to the Church to be able to focus on God’s guidance. However, this would not happen. Instead it set Samael on a separate path.

The church had been attacked and all its members killed. Finding two of the culprits, Samael flew into a fit of rage. If he had been calm he would have noticed that Kain’s presence had returned to the Galaxy. Instead Samael focused on the slight to God, by killing their worshippers. He immediately killed one of them, whilst torturing another until he took them to his boss.

Samael went on a rampage, killing all but the pirate captain that had ordered the attack on the orders of another. Forcing him to take Samael to them, the ship would have two elfish humanoids on it that had been kept for ransom by these pirates. Freeing them, he told them they would have to stick around for the ride, but would bring them back home after his work was done.

The pirate captain took them to an unknown moon, where Samael would confront someone he had not seen since he had met Hadzuska, Shalyx’har’zan. His friend who had grown bitter. His friend who accused him of betraying, and abandoning him. His friend who became jealously obsessed with him. Going so far as to claim if he couldn’t have him no one could.

They began to fight, Samael though much smaller than the Star Dragon, found himself equally powerful. The dragon however attacked the innocent, and Samael who was reluctant to kill his friend finally realized he had to or more innocent people die from Shalyx’s madness. Focusing on all the kindness and love that he had witnessed over the years, Samael channeled it into a beam of light. Killing Shalyx, Samael’s heart broke even more in the process.

The elfish humanoids, Ash and Aster, requested that he teach them to be able to do what he could do, Aster wanted to help others, Ash just wanted to protect his sister. Samael having been on both paths knew the galaxy didn’t need just one or the other, and came to a decision. As Aster wanted to help others she fit more of the path of the Jedi, and would be taught what Samael knew of the Light Side of the Force. Ash however, who seemed to only care about his sister and no one else, fit more of the possessive and conquering Sith, and would be taught in their ways. And so he began their training on Tanalorr, occasionally leaving to handle business elsewhere but leaving them there to continue practicing and training in a safe environment when he was gone.

STR (Strength): 12
FPR (Force Power): 16
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 12
CHA (Charisma): 10
WIS (Wisdom): 12
DES (Destiny): 16

Rank/Level: 35
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class (optional): Sith Archon
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): 100

Lightsaber Skills and Augmenting Force Techniques
Form I - Shii-Cho - 4
Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 4
Form VI - Niman (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 4
Jar’Kai - 4

Augmentation - 1
Force Speed - 4
Force Healing - 1 (+3 From Sith Archon Prestige Class)

Force Sense - 4
Precognition - 4
Instinctive Astrogation - 4

Telekinesis - 1 (+3 From level 1 bonus)
Force Push - 4
Force Wave - 4
Mental Shield - 4
Telepathy - 4
Sith Lightning - 1 (+3 From level 20 bonus)
Force Resistance - 4
Lightning Shield - 4
Tutaminis - 4
Pyrokinesis - 2 (+2 From Sith Elementalist Subclass)
Fireball Belch - 4
Flame Aura - 4
Alter Environment - 2 (+2 From Sith Elementalist Subclass)
Flamusfracta - 4
Force Light - 4
(Ritual) Create Holocron - (+3 From level 35 bonus)

Sith Magic
Sith Runes - 1 (+3 From Sorcerer Class)
Sith Illusions - 1 (+3 From level 30 bonus)

Dathomiri Magicks
Living Fire - 4

Eternal Hatred? - 10
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Theme Song:

Name/Title: Ash


Age: 23

Sex: Male

Species: Elfish Humanoid

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Nar Shadda

Occupation: Sith Apprentice

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Physical Description:


Weapons: Red lightsaber

Equipment: A holocom

Vehicles: N/A

Pets (if applicable): N/A

Languages: Basic

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Lightsaber combat

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section):

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Trusts almost no one

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): True Evil

Personality: Manipulative, Careful, Only cares about his sister

Fears: Losing his sister; Samael

Likes: Controlling a situation

Dislikes: His sister’s recklessness

Habits: Always looking for more power and control

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A

Friendships (if applicable): Aster, Jamie

Masters (if applicable): Samael

Apprentices (if applicable): N/A

Reputation: N/A

Biography: Ash was born a few minutes before his twin sister Ash. As they grew up together, he protected her from the negative things in life. He just wanted to see her happy. He hid their parent’s vices from her. Their mother was a spice addict, and their father a compulsive gambler.

Unfortunately their father’s vice would end up affecting them anyways. Owing money to a pirate after gambling it away, Ash and Aster were taken hostage by the pirate’s crew, holding them for ransom until their father could pay what he owed.

It was by miraculous chance they were rescued by a Devaronian. This Devaronian even risked his life to protect him and his sister from being slaughtered by a fearsome dragon. His sister, ever the impulsive one, who didn’t understand that everyone has a dark side, asked the Devaronian to teach her so she could help others. While Ash thought it was sweet of her, he wasn’t going to let her go alone into what could be a dangerous situation, so he volunteered to learn as well.

He seemed to have pulled the short end of the stick however as while his sister’s training seemed to be sunshine and rainbows, his training was intense and brutal. He was so tired of losing every sparring match with his Master, Samael, that he began to ambush him randomly, only to still end up losing. However the last time he attempted to ambush him was when he had just built his brand new lightsaber. It was the first time he ever saw his Master truly angry, and it terrified him. The heat alone that emanated off his Master charred his clothes without the flames ever actually touching him. Ash swore to never anger him again, for both Aster’s and his safety.

After Samael felt they both were trained well enough to protect themselves and work together, he began taking them into the field for hands-on experience. It was never anything too big that they couldn’t handle without him, but when it was he ordered them to run while he dealt with it personally. It bugged Ash that he was being ordered to run like that, but he also appreciated that it meant his sister was safe as well.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 11
DEX (Dexterity): 9
INT (Intellect): 10
CON (Constitution): 9
CHA (Charisma): 10
WIS (Wisdom): 10
DES (Destiny): 9

Rank/Level: 19
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): 26

Lightsaber Skills and Augmenting Force Techniques
Form I - Shii-Cho - 2
Form IV - Ataru - 2



Force Sense - 2
Precognition - 2
Force Bond - 2
Drain Life - 2
Drain Force - 2

Telekinesis - 2
Force Push/Pull - 2
Force Wound - 2
Force Choke - 2
Chain Lightning - 2
Telepathy - (+2 From Level 1 Bonus)
Sith Lightning - (+2 From Elementalist Bonus)
Cryokinesis - (+2 From Elementalist Bonus)
Force Resistance - 2

Sith Magic
Sith Runes - (+2 From Sorcerer Bonus)

Dathomiri Magicks

Theme Song:

Name/Title: Aster

Nicknames/Aliases: Dis-Aster (playful nickname from her brother)

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Species: Elfish Humanoid

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Nar Shadda

Occupation: Jedi Apprentice

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description: Fair skin, blue and green hair, and green eyes

Clothing: a sleeveless whiteish-lavender midriff singlet with thick red trim; purple and pink 3/4 cargo pants; and bandage-like straps around her arms and legs, both somewhat concealed, respectively, by brown (possibly leather) gauntlets, a pair of red short boots with black straps, and a purple choker

Weapons: Green Lightsaber, Green Light Whip

Equipment: Holocom

Vehicles: N/A

Pets (if applicable): Rib-Cat named Precious

Languages: Basic

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Lightsaber combat

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Connecting with Nature; Field First Aid for animals

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Clumsy

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Chaotic Good

Personality: Bubbly, Friendly, Wants to help others, A little naive

Fears: People getting hurt

Likes: Helping others

Dislikes: Bullies

Habits: Taking care of nature

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):

Friendships (if applicable): Ash, Samael, Voidwalker, Scarlett, Jamie, Declan, Susanna

Masters (if applicable): Samael

Apprentices (if applicable): N/A

Reputation: N/A

Biography: Aster was born a few minutes after her twin brother Ash. As they grew up together, she was unknowingly protected by him from the negative things in life. He just seemed to want to see her happy.

Unfortunately, some pirates came around and said that their father owed them money, which didn’t make sense as he would never associate with people like them. Ash and Aster were still taken hostage by the pirate’s crew though, holding them for ransom until their father could pay what he owed.

It was by miraculous chance they were rescued by a Devaronian. This Devaronian even risked his life to protect them from being hurt by a terrifying dragon. Aster asked the Devaronian to teach her so she could help others too. Ash surprised her by volunteering to learn as well which made her happy, she wasn’t going to be alone.

Master Samael seemed to be very kind, though when he thought they weren’t looking he looked really sad, almost as if he were in pain. She did her best to do well in her studies and make him proud. She didn’t like the pained sad look he seemed to try and hide from everyone, and just wanted to cheer him up.

After Master Samael felt they both were trained well enough to protect themselves and work together, he began taking them into the field for hands-on experience. It was never anything too big that they couldn’t handle without him, but when it was he ordered them to run while he dealt with it personally. Aster thought he was brave for doing that, and would have stayed anyways to help if her brother didn’t make run like they were told.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 11
DEX (Dexterity): 9
INT (Intellect): 11
CON (Constitution): 10
CHA (Charisma): 9
WIS (Wisdom): 9
DES (Destiny): 9

Rank/Level: 19
Base Class: Jedi Consular
Subclass (if applicable): Jedi Druid
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): 26

Lightsaber Skills and Augmenting Force Techniques
Form I - Shii-Cho - 2
Form VI - Niman - 2
Jar’Kai - 2
Exotic Lightsaber Combat - 2



Force Sense - 2
Precognition - 2
Force Bond - (+2 From Jedi Consular)
Merge Senses - 2
Environmental Telepathy - 2

Telepathy - (+2 From Level 1 Bonus)
Plant Surge - (+2 From Jedi Druid Bonus)
Beast Trick - 2
Beast Language - 2
Comprehend Speech - 2
Force Resistance - 2
Tutaminis - 2
Name/Title: Vajav Dorga, Darth Hiraeth
Age: 39
Sex: Masculine
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Korriban
Occupation: Poet, writer, Sorcerer
Height: 1.89
Weight: 85kg

Physical Description: Jet black hair, piercing grey eyes, and a face marred by a long deep scar crossing his nose and another on the right side of his upper lip, giving him a twisted smirk on the rare occasions he smiles.
Clothing: Often clad in dark, flowing robes and adorned with subtle but deadly weaponry.
Weapons: Dark red blade Lightsaber, set of 4 vibro-daggers.
Equipment: Med kit, breather
Languages: Basic

Combat Skills: Trained in hand-to-hand combat and a variety of melee weapons.
Other Strengths: He possesses a keen intellect and a strong sense of determination.
Flaws: His emotional scars make it difficult for him to trust others and form meaningful connections. His sour attitude and cynicism can also alienate those around him
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: He carries himself with a confident and menacing air. Has a sour attitude, often cynical and sarcastic. He is a solitary figure, preferring to keep to himself and trust very few. He is also driven by a desire to find his wife, hoping to either win back her love or seek vengeance for her betrayal. His years of isolation have left him lacking trust in others, making it difficult to form alliances.
Fears: He has lost his fear of death, but doesn't want to find an end before he can give closure to his feelings. In the past, he used to fear being alone or useless
Likes: He finds solace in poetry, often comforted in the words of ancient Sith texts and poetry.
Dislikes: Feels a heavy rejection over viscous textures, doesn’t like bitter beverages.
Habits: Reading or reciting poems, sometimes he repeats verses as a mantra depending on his mood.
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Viann (Wife, presumed dead)
Friendships (if applicable):
Masters (if applicable):
Apprentices (if applicable):

Born in Korriban, Vajav doesn't have many memories of his family, nor that he cares about their whereabouts. Any relevant memories start from the moment he was received at the Sith temple. From that day the Empire became all for him; the order among chaos, the power to control it too. His heart, mind and soul were poured into becoming a capable tool for the Empress and the council; nothing could stray his sight from that goal, except for Viann.

After the day they casually crossed paths during their training, his heart decided to make room for something else for the first time. However, this newfound feeling didn't pull him apart from his duty. Instead, it gave him deeper reasons to keep growing and reveal to his love that he was worthy of her attention.

After she finally had accepted him, they started a life together and even some years passed where they established a strong and full of trust relationship; they had become the sole support each other had decided to accept besides their power.

A couple of weeks before the attack of the true Sith, Vajav and Viann finally got married. Life was smiling at them in a way he had never known. After years of devoted service to the order, they decided to take a small break; they would set course to a more relaxing planet to forget about their worries for a little time; even considering the possibility of having children. However, the preparations had taken longer than he had thought but he preferred to have any potential situation covered. Despite that, as he prepared everything for their long-awaited honeymoon; just a couple of nights before the appearance of the true Sith in Korriban, she disappeared.

One of his deepest fears turned up true when, after seeking her desperately he came to the painful resignation that he had lost her. Had she been ambushed? Had she been in the wrong place during the attack? The survivors had been so scarce… the information didn’t travel as fast as in the past, everything seemed more a rumour or a gossip rather than a reliable report.

The pain of losing her forced him into years of solitude in the house where they were supposed to establish their life together, waiting for his death.

Though he had decided his fate, this one never reached him; the so-long-awaited destruction of his new residence never came and life kept painfully going on as if he wasn’t suffering.

Day after day he just managed to live by the bare minimum, isolating himself from anything and anyone; the walls on his heart and mind growing as much as the visible walls growing continuously around his cabin.

Years had passed when the only person with whom he kept contact arrived with startling news; his wife was alive… and married. His informant didn’t have further details but notified him anyway, thinking it would be of help to provide him with the needed closure.

Without a doubt this recent information drastically shifted Vajav mindset; he stopped waiting for death, and he finally got the necessary motivation to abandon his auto-imposed isolation, but he still wanted to recover her desperately. It didn’t matter about her recently acquired partner or her actual life; Vajav just desired her to reveal to him why she left and when she’d be back.

He just needs to know that to be sure she can stay alive but only with him.

At present he has decided to put himself at the service of the empire once more; whatever is threatening the galaxy needs to be stopped so he can seek her. She can't die by no other hand than his.

LEVEL 25 [Master] - Equivalent to Level 6
Base Class
: Sorcerer
Subclass: Elementalist
Prestige Class: Wizard

Attribute points: 90

STR (Strength):
FPR (Force Power): 11
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 13
CON (Constitution): 12
CHAR (Charisma): 9
WIS (Wisdom): 11
DES (Destiny): 11

1° Level 13
2° Level 8
3° Level 4
Godlike 1
(Can replenish four 1st-Level Slots, two 2nd-Level Slots, and one 3rd-Level Slot per Short Rest.
Can also replenish one Lesser-Godlike Slot per Long Rest, or one Standard-Godlike Slot per two Long Rests)

Skill Points: 50


Form I, Shii-Cho: 1
Form III, Soresu: 2


Augmentation: 1
Feed on the Dark Side: 3
Dark Side Healing: 2


Force Sense: 1
Force Bond: 1
Drain Life: 2
Death Field: 3


Telekinesis: (Free acolite +3)
Force Push/Pull: 2
Force Wound: 1
Mental Shield: 2
Telepathy: 2
Cleanse Mind: 2
Force Suppression: 2
Sith Lightning: 2
Force Resistance: 3
Tutaminis: 3
Force Barrier: 2
Pyrokinesis: (Bonus Subclass +3)
Cryokinesis: (Bonus Subclass +3)
Crucitorn: 3
Soft-to-Solid: 2

Sith Magic:

Sutta Chwituskak: (free lvl 20 +3)
Sith Illusions: 3
Aura of uneasiness: 2
Sith Runes: (Free class +3)
Spell of Structure: 3


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