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Game Star Wars Judgment Day: Part III of the Prelude to Requiem

Darth Kain

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Judgment Day takes place within an alternate timeline, intended more as a spiritual successor to the True Sith Trials, but in no way tries to be an official sequel.

Rules & Guidelines
  1. Keep all OOC chatter to a minimum. Only use OOC notes if accompanied by an IC post, and only if it is on-topic to the game. For OOC discussion, use the Prelude OOC chat on Messenger, or the frequent voice & video calls on the Discord server.
  2. No godmoding. Godmoding encompasses a wide range of unacceptable role-playing behaviors, including creating an invincible or overpowered character, taking control of and writing the overall plot or environment oneself (which is the GM's job), taking control of another player's character without their permission (referred to as godmodding), or otherwise playing the RPG as if one has activated "Cheat mode" or "Godmode" in a video game, exerting excessive power or influence beyond one's own character. While most forms of godmoding are explicit, there can be more implicit but no less offensive forms, such as describing another player character as weak and cringing when they are actually standing tall and proud, or hurrying through the game at an excessive pace, such as navigating an entire tomb to successfully retrieve an objective in a single post, entirely bypassing the GM's ability to gradually unveil the environment you will be exploring, and its associated puzzles, traps, and enemies.
  3. No autohitting. Autohitting is a form of godmoding wherein a player hits an enemy, whether it be a GM-controlled NPC or another player character, without permission from either the GM or the player. Instead, all attacks against an enemy must be described as attempted attacks, rather than successful attacks. The stats system, associated dice system, GM verdicts, and the interplay of writing combat (such as attempting to trap an enemy into being unable to plausibly escape an attack without godmoding) will determine success, not you.
  4. No metagaming. Metagaming comprises a player character possessing knowledge he or she realistically should not. This includes 'meta' knowledge (out-of-universe knowledge) that the player would know but the character would not, such as knowledge of the role-playing mechanics and its implications for combat, knowledge of obscure Expanded Universe lore or game-related secrets that the character would not plausibly know (for example, the fact that there is a different timeline where Leto Hesphora rules the Final Sith Order), or knowledge of what another character is thinking, feeling or planning simply because another role-player described it in their post. While most examples are explicit, there can be more implicit forms; a player character who seems to conveniently know things, guess things, deduce things or escape things using what is clearly out-of-universe knowledge will not be long tolerated.
  5. No powergaming. Also known as munchkinry, powergaming is a form of metagaming wherein one uses one's out-of-universe knowledge of the role-playing system to play with the sole intent to acquire power or artifacts for purposes other than storytelling, exploit or attempt to break the rules of the game or the metaphysics of the Star Wars universe to acquire greater power than is realistic or immersive, or create a character that is solely designed to be the most powerful build possible using one's analysis of the stats system and dice system (called min-maxing). This can also include killing new, less powerful players in ways that do not seem plausible within the story, for the sole purpose of trolling or griefing them, stealing their loot or equipment, increasing one's power, etc. More subtle but frequent forms of powergaming include the creation of unrealistically excessive equipment inventories designed to give one's character an unfair advantage; such Character Sheets will be rejected during Character Sheet submission. While some degree of in-universe munchkinry, in the form of a genre-savvy or postmodern character liable to deconstruct fictional tropes or cliches, or simply an exceptionally intelligent one liable to pursue the most realistic or rational option, may be tolerated, this type of character must emerge from plausible in-universe origins, and a character who seems to have such traits tacked on purely to powergame may be rejected at Character creation.
  6. The GM is the ultimate and sole authority in this RPG. The GM is yours truly, the game creator; there may, or may not, be sub-GMs created at a later point. The GM has the final say in everything. That means there is absolutely no arguing with the GM, whether it be over a verdict in combat or other GM call, creative control of the overall story and environment, an element of the game mechanics not to your preference, the level assigned to you at game start, or friendly reminders to post in a timely manner. It also means you enter this game, and potentially depart this game, at the sole discretion of the GM. If I, and I alone, deem you to be a negative influence on the game, it will be my decision to remove you regardless of your standing in the wider Order, and there will be no arguing with or appealing that decision. If I deem you to have been a negative influence in the Order in the past, or otherwise likely to cause problems in the game, it will be solely my decision as to whether or not you join this game, regardless of your standing in the wider Order, and I will brook no arguments or complaints over my decisions in these areas.
  7. All Character Sheets must have been sent to me via PM (on the forums or Facebook Messenger) for approval and then must have been sent to the Judgment Day Character Sheet Repository Thread. Do not post a Character Sheet in this thread or that thread without GM approval.

Judgment Day is set late in the year 168 ABY, beyond even the far-future of the galaxy known as the Legacy era. This era is part of the Expanded Universe continuity, also known as Legends; this means the events of the sequel trilogy are not part of the history of this continuity.

The reason the Legends continuity is used, rather than the new canon, is primarily due to the Legends continuity being more extensively developed than the new canon at present, the fact that the future of the Legends continuity is no longer being written and thus will not contradict the fanon of the Sith Trials games, and the precedent that official Star Wars role-playing adventure hooks and scenarios from Fantasy Flight Games still predominantly focus on the Legends continuity; thanks to this material, as well as the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic and other works, the Legends continuity continues to be developed, in a diminished capacity, under the Lucasfilm license in the Disney era. Nonetheless, following the example of both The Old Republic and Fantasy Flight Games, lore from the new canon, such as crossguard lightsabers in the style of Kylo Ren, may be freely utilized.

In past games in our fanon continuity, the fleeing Sith encountered an ancient evil beyond the Rim, the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Ku'ar Danar, who had awakened from temporal stasis in 5 ABY and remained hidden in the Unknown Regions ever since. Proclaiming himself the new Sith Emperor, Darth Dreadwar, the ancient wraith swiftly subjugated the New Sith Order, with the remaining leaders of the Sith, from Darth Talon to Darth Maladi, bending the knee before him.

Under Dreadwar's iron-fisted Rule of One, the Sith succeeded in reestablishing the Sith Empire across the Outer Rim, with Nihl's plan to infiltrate and subvert individual planetary governments succeeding in creating a loose, feudal regime. Signing an armistice with the still-fragile Federation, the Sith reinstituted the Sith Trials at their Temple on Korriban, to replenish their diminished ranks and prepare for the inevitable war. In 155 ABY, the time came to strike, and the Sith launched their invasion of Federation space. Yet despite recapturing Coruscant, slaughtering the Federation Senate, and butchering the Jedi, disaster struck the Sith when Emperor Dreadwar vanished at the Battle of Empress Teta. The succeeding reign of Dreadwar's Night Herald, Darth Insipid, lasted only three weeks before he, too, vanished on a mission to find the lost monolith of Mortis.

The New Sith Order, and its fledgling Empire, swiftly split into factions in a cataclysmic civil war that lasted over a year; House turned against House, while splinter factions, from Darth Annihiless' Brotherhood of the Sith to Perkunas Loki's Academy of Thule, tore at the fractured Empire's frayed edges. No sooner had Dreadwar's Hand, Darth Apollyon, secured the loyalty of a plurality as Regent than Kára Volshe emerged from the shadows, using her clout as the newly revealed Empress of Dreadwar to carve out a swathe of territory to restore the New Galactic Empire, ultimately joining forces with Apollyon with the goal of unifying the Sith beneath her as Empress of the Sith.

But the civil war came to an abrupt end. At a feast held by the Regent Apollyon - an effort to unify the fractured Sith and execute the infamous leaders of the Federation - an unforeseen enemy arrived to Korriban. A fleet of more than a thousand appeared in the skies of the Sith homeworld, blackened pyramids causing the Force itself to shriek in terror. Helming this fleet and the armies unleashed by it were the True Sith of the Unknown Regions, led by the likes of the vilified Darth Venomis, the monstrous Darth Cruor, and the betrayer Darth Dreadwar. It was a slaughter. Ceaseless undead hordes overwhelmed them with numbers, and the Dark Lords of the True Sith obliterated them with unbridled power. There was no hope of escape, of survival. The New Sith Order retreated into the bowels of the Sith temple, splintered and unfocused in their plans.

Until Darth Kain made his stand.

Giving the Sith a rousing speech as the new Beloved King of the Stars, the spawn of Abeloth left his allies to appear in the sands of Korriban, under the malefic multitude of eyes possessed by Mnggal-Mnggal. Knowing it would be his end, the Dark Messiah unleashed his power upon the True Sith in the form of an unstoppable storm of hellfire. And though Venomis snatched the life from Kain at that moment, consuming his soul, the vile creature could not hope to snuff out Kain’s flame. The firestorm raged through the overran Sith temple, disintegrating its walls and all that sieged it. Then the storm rose, cutting through the sky like a fiery blade and destroying nearly all of the True Sith’s fleet. Darth Venomis was slain, as were his millions of hosts that he brought with him to Korriban. Darths Dreadwar and Cruor were defeated, for the moment, though both returned inevitably. Through his sacrifice, Kain had given the New Sith Order their chance.

And they took it. Despite being chased by the last remnants of the True Sith’s forces, including the fearsome lords of Malleus, Andeddu, and Tulak Hord, it was Darth Hesper that led the New Sith out of Korriban’s tunnels, and with the aid of Kára Volshe’s fleet, off of Korriban entirely. Now dubbed the Final Sith Order, they were presented with the choice: to fight or to die. None chose the latter.

Though the two butted heads, Hesper and Volshe were able to lead separate paths to the same conclusion: the destruction of Typhojem and his followers. With the Blade of Nemesis destroyed, and with Volshe unleashing the full power of Tilotny, the Left-Handed God was defeated. The celestial Volshe disappeared upon Typhojem’s destruction, as did Darth Dreadwar, leaving only Darth Hesper to rise and claim the mantle as Empress of the Final Sith Order. And though Korriban was desiccated, Typhojem’s death strangely formed a multitude of dark side-potent worlds across the galaxy, theorized as physically manifested parts of his corpse. And with Coruscant wiped of all life at the beginning of the war, the Federation was left without its core. The surviving leaders of the Federation - Empress Marasiah Fel, Supreme Commander Gar Stazi, and the newly ascended Grandmaster Kei Durron - struggled just as much as the Sith in returning to the status quo, and the temporary alliance between the opposing governments would bring a short time of peace, so that both sides could recover.

This peace ended in 168 ABY, for war was declared. The Jedi sought to return to their former glory, and the Sith refused to allow their old enemies any modicum of control over the galaxy. It has only been a few months since the first shots were fired, and yet something strange happened. On the distant planet of Nysis, an ecumenopolis renowned for its status as a world of gambling and hedonism, was discovered to house the remnants of an ancient temple dedicated to ancient Force entities known as the Ones. The Jedi and Sith both demanded ownership of the world, and a battle between their forces ensued. On the eighteenth day of conflict, all communication from Nysis ceased. No word from the Jedi or Sith forces, nor even word from its unaffiliated denizens. Dead silence.

It was there that the Sith discovered a terrible truth: at the cost of millions of lives, a fallen hero of the war against the True Sith had returned. News returned to the new throneworld of the Sith, but it seemed that the Empress of the Final Sith Order had already learned of the Beloved King’s return personally. Their meeting… did not go well.

It had only been a matter of weeks since Kain’s return to the galaxy, and yet reports spread across the universe like wildfire. He claimed a throneworld of his own, one of the distant planets spawned from the dismembered flesh of the Left-Handed God. Perhaps strangest of all was that this world was dated to already be billions of years old, with its own species of people that now seem to worship the Dark Messiah as their God-King. His influence had only spread further from there, infecting nearby systems with his claim to all the galaxy.

The Sith were not the only ones with a vested interest in Kain’s play for power. The New Jedi Order, who matched evenly with the Final Sith Order in this war of theirs, worried about another source of darkness that would plague the galaxy. But they received a message from the most peculiar of sources. A woman, one of the heroes of the war a decade ago, sent for aid in running from the Beloved King of the Stars: his own adopted daughter, Eva. She had taken custody of Kain’s son and was trying to evade their father’s grasp.

But the Jedi were not alone in their pursuit. The Final Sith Order intercepted the message sent by Eva, and with the threat of what Kain can do once his family is whole again, a team received word from the Empress of the Sith. They were to find the young woman and the child in her possession. But they had not been instructed to move her to somewhere safe, oh no. Darth Hesper called for the execution of both her and the son of Kain, to forever keep them out of their father’s grasp.

The Jedi were successful in their mission, thanks to their steadfast dedication to their goal. The Sith were left split and disarrayed, not knowing whether to save or harm the children they’d been sent to murder. And now they were left with nothing.

Meanwhile, the former allies of Kain were summoned by their fallen friend, invited to his castle on the world of Hastur in secret. There he earned the allegiance of a few and the mistrust of the rest, though all agreed to aid him in stopping the true threat to the galaxy. A new wave of attacks from the forces of the Old Ones, led by the brood of Ooradryl.

Now there are many plans in motion. There shall be a peace summit between the major players of the galaxy, organized by Kain in an attempt to unify against the eldritch threat of Illathurion. But Kain’s attention is split, for he also wishes to negotiate with the Jedi for the release of his children back to his custody. And he must convene with the remaining Architects, Horliss-Horliss and Splendid Ap, to seek their aid and learn their secrets. And of course, he has sent a team of his closest allies to capture the hidden Daritha Nephthys, a True Sith agent hidden on the world of Verdanth. Thus begins Judgment Day, a day that will live in infamy for all the galaxy.

Orientation for New Players

Much like role-playing within the FSO, gameplay takes the form of text-based role-playing, specifically called T1 role-playing, with each player advancing the story by posting updates within this thread, describing the thoughts, actions, and feelings of their characters as if writing a chapter of a collaborative novel from their character's perspective. Other players contribute their own characters' actions and perspectives with their own posts, and the Gamemaster, or GM, provides the overall environment, direction, and moderation of the game, including non-player characters, like the level design and artificial intelligence of a video game. This game can be best described as being akin to role-playing in the FSO, a role-playing video game such as Knights of the Old Republic, tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, or the various Star Wars role-playing games.

However, this is considerably more formal than most role-playing games within the FSO. Updates are expected to be at least two paragraphs in length, with a preference for detail and quality; many players write posts of considerable length, totaling thousands of words. Role-playing, accordingly, tends to be at a slower pace; an update is required every week, responding to both your fellow players and the GM's weekly updates, which are typically posted within the next couple of days after.

This is also of considerably greater size and length than role-playing games in the FSO, even including What Remains and The Lost Jedi. Joining the game is thus a considerable commitment, to write what may often be over a thousand words a week for a period of a year or longer, though I hope it will not drag on so long.

This game is also separated into multiple strands of storyline called “tagsets.” Each tagset is a group of different players, tagged separately from another grouping by the GM (although GM updates tend to include posts, and according tags, for multiple tagsets, each separated by a clear divider), usually correlating with a specific, separate location, adventure or quest. Each tagset is rather like a campaign in Dungeons & Dragons, or a chapter with a radically different point-of-view, location and characters within the same novel or film (such as The Lord of the Rings). However, tagsets are understood to be part of the same overall game, to be largely happening at the same time, and are flexible and fluid; most tagsets evolve and diverge from an initial, larger tagset, and many tagsets meet, combine, exchange players or collapse upon the completion of a quest or plotline.

For example, in The Old Sith Trials, one tagset consisted of a mission to the tomb of Naga Sadow, while another consisted of two assassins journeying to Korriban to assassinate one of the players within the former tagset, another consisted of a Sith acolyte beginning her first day of training at the Sith Academy, and another consisted of a Dark Jedi and his companions traveling to Korriban from Onderon. All four of these tagsets encountered and merged with each other at different times over the period of several months of role-playing, correlating to the passage of approximately one day in-game.

Separating in-character (IC) gameplay from out-of-character (OOC) interaction is absolutely necessary to play this game. From a logistical standpoint, we do so by using different notations. At the top of every post, before the main body of your writing, you should write the following:

IC: Your character's name
Your character's location

All of your writing beneath this header should be entirely in-character; no OOC commentary or explanations, even in parentheses, should be embedded within the text.

You should finish your post by tagging the other players in your tagset (not all players within the entire game; look to the tags within the GM's own update to see which players are in your tagset), as well as the GM, beneath the main body of your post. You do this by typing the @ sign, and the username of the player you wish to tag; their username will appear in a drop-down menu, allowing you to click on the player. This will mean they will receive a notification when you tag them (and vice versa). Use the following format when writing your tags:

TAG: @Another Player, @Another Player, etc

You may write OOC commentary outside the main body of your post, either after the TAGs, or before the IC header. OOC commentary may include a list of abilities used during combat, a note of clarification, or simply a relevant comment. If you do write OOC commentary, use the format of the following example:

Powers Used: Force Speed - 2
Inertia - 1

OOC: I'm not diving behind Catalyst here, by the way, just hiding behind the rubble!

More importantly, however, in-character and out-of-character interactions must be wholly separated in terms of mindset. Aside from the aforementioned rule barring metagaming, it is important to remember this is just a game, and that all in-character interactions are purely and strictly for storytelling purposes. In the Order, role-playing is often casual, or merely an in-character overlay for primarily out-of-character dynamics for purposes of fun and immersion, particularly in social threads or chats. In these games, however, in-character immersion is absolute; players should play their characters entirely realistically and true-to-character, no matter where that takes them; given that most characters are Sith characters, this tends to mean that players should play their characters as the competitive, antagonistic, treacherous and murderous villains that they are.

In the FSO, executions accompany breaking the rules of the Order, and have out-of-character significance; in Sith Trials, on the other hand, in-game death has no out-of-character meaning. A character might die because they got unlucky with a trap in a tomb, took the risk of fighting a player character of higher or approximately equal level, treated a higher-level player character with disrespect (which is not against the rules, merely suicidal) and that player chose to respond realistically and initiate combat, or simply because they encountered a particularly lethal non-player character or situation and did not flee.

Permanent death is one of the many real consequences within this game; the stakes are real, and if your character dies, you will have to reroll with a new character. That said, death is uncommon overall; particularly foolish or risky gameplay tends to be required to incur a lethal outcome, although any kind of combat, whether it be with a player character or a non-player character, does carry the risk of injury and death.

The rating of the game is equivalent to a film rating of R (Restricted), or a video game rating of M (Mature). Mature, dark, and/or heavy themes and content, including but not limited to graphic violence, narcotic usage, profanity, sex, and disturbing encounters and backstories, are permitted within the writing, without the use of content warnings or the like. That said, the use of mature themes should be tasteful and literary in nature; X-rated smut is not the goal, nor is pointlessly offensive writing with the sole goal of being edgy.

Combat Mechanics & Dice

Judgment Day uses a core mechanic to resolve actions that cannot be intuitively or fairly decided by the GM or decided by the player without godmoding or autohitting: the GM rolling a virtual d20 die (an online, entirely random number generator, set between 1 and 20) on behalf of the player. In most cases, the use of dice applies to combat mechanics. Unlike Dungeons & Dragons or Knights of the Old Republic, your (the player’s) ability to persuade an enemy, or a fellow player, will come down to how well you can actually write persuasive dialogue or construct a powerful argument. Similarly, your ability to figure out, say, a puzzle in a tomb will depend on how good you are at actually solving puzzles, and how hard you try to solve it out-of-character, not your character’s arbitrary Intelligence score.

But in combat and other select situations (at the discretion of the GM), where the stakes are high against GM-controlled NPCs and fellow players alike and maximum fairness is appropriate, a roll of a d20 die, performed by the GM in response to a player’s attempted (remember, no godmoding, no autohitting) action, provides a useful pointer—a guideline for the GM, not a dogmatic mechanical rule—to resolve whether your character succeeded or failed at a task (e.g. an attack, the use of a skill or ability, or an attempt to save your character from harm).

The core mechanic works as follows:

  • You write your post, as usual, describing your attempted action.
  • When the GM writes an update in response (this may take the form of a necessary miniature update, in the case of rapid-fire player versus player combat, but will ordinarily be the usual weekly GM update), the GM rolls a virtual d20.
  • The GM adds relevant modifiers.
  • The GM compares the result to a target number.
  • If the result equals or exceeds the target number (set by the GM or given in the rules), your character succeeds at the task at hand; if the result is lower than the target number, you fail.
  • The GM will notify you of your roll, and success/failure, in an OOC note attached to his update, as well as write accordingly, of course, in the in-character text of his update.
  • Overall, you do not need to worry about finicky statistics, modifiers, and dice; like the turn-based combat in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, dice rolls are designed to be essentially “invisible” so as to not interrupt the flow or immersion of the game. The GM knows how it works, the GM will be doing all the work for you when it comes to dice, and you can concentrate on writing and enjoying the game as if it were merely a work of collaborative fanfiction; the only thing you need to pay attention to, once you’ve created your Character Sheet, is the in-character content of the GM’s updates, his out-of-character instructions/notifiers, and your fellow players’ updates.


Opening tags will be posted later this week. Do NOT respond to this thread until the opening tags have been posted first. Once the tags are posted, you will all have a week before I begin writing the next set of tags.
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IC: Pandora
The Howling Hawkbat, Nar Shaddaa

The air on Nar Shaddaa was thick with a medley of acrid smoke and the stench of desperation. Neon lights flickered erratically, casting their feeble glow upon the decaying structures that towered above the gloomy streets. This was a moon steeped in shadows, a hive of scum and villainy that thrived on the fringes of the galaxy.

As dusk settled upon the towering metropolis, the vibrant underworld emerged from the depths of its labyrinthine alleys. Swarms of aliens, their exotic features illuminated by the pulsating neon signs, prowled the streets with malice in their eyes. It was a world where lawlessness held sway, and power was the only currency that mattered.

Nar Shaddaa, a moon where dreams went to die and nightmares came to life, embodied the paradox of life in the Outer Rim. It was a place where the line between good and evil blurred, where desperation and ambition clashed in a dance as old as time itself. And as the last rays of sunlight vanished beyond the towering skyline, Nar Shaddaa came alive with an eerie luminescence, promising both fortune and ruin to those who dared to venture into its depths.

The Howling Hawkbat was once a hub of revelry and spirited escapades on this side of the moon, though it had succumbed to neglect and abandonment over the years. That was thanks to the Hutts that ruled, who raised renting prices so high in response to the True Sith War that not even a wealthy man would dare try to make a run of it here.

But tonight, a glimmer of life returned to the forsaken cantina. A warm glow spilled out as the heavy doors slid open, illuminating the cracked tiles of the entrance. Though recently reopened thanks to this little summit, the remnants of neglect still clung to the air, an ever-present reminder of its forsaken past.

The interior, though cleaned up, bore the signs of its former abandonment. Cobwebs clung to corners, gently swaying as the bustle of the gathering stirred the air. Dust particles danced in the radiance of the restored lights, lending an ethereal quality to the atmosphere. The once-vibrant murals that adorned the walls had faded, their once-bold strokes now mere echoes of happier times.

Mismatched tables and chairs, scavenged from various corners of the galaxy, filled the main floor. That floor, scarred by years of neglect, revealed the marks of countless spilled drinks and scuffling boots, its worn wood whispering stories of boisterous nights long gone.

It had been chosen as the ideal spot—if Nar Shaddaa could ever be considered such—for the peace summit that the Beloved King of the Stars had organized. It was neutral ground, not owned by the Final Sith Order, not under the protection of the Federation, and not yet claimed by Kain’s Kingdom. The few outsiders that knew of this meeting were paid handsomely and threatened indiscriminately. This would not be like the infamous feast on Korriban eleven years ago, where all the galaxy knew where they were, including their ancient enemy. This was a secret meeting, one that would hopefully provide some fruit.

No grand meals were provided for the attendants, since the risk of poisoning would simply cause any food made to become waste. All organizations attending the summit were advised to bring their own refreshments, both food and drink, to prevent the worry of such things.

The first to arrive at The Howling Hawkbat were Kain’s representatives. He was occupied with other matters and thought it best to leave his wishes to those he’d sent. Pandora led the charge, her massive, winged form barely fitting through the doorway of the dilapidated cantina. A pair of Hasturan warriors, nearing her in height, accompanied her. They each bore axes of enchanted obsidian. And arriving shortly after was none other than Kain’s Cursed Champion of the Stars, Voidwalker. A man that had forsaken the titles he’d earned in the Sith Empire, instead dedicating his life to preserving the galaxy in Kain’s name.

Next to make their appearance were the representatives of the New Jedi Order. In his stead, Grandmaster Kei Durron sent the fierce Sho Temm, renowned battlemaster of the Order. Accompanying him were a squad of Federation troopers, and another Jedi Master. This was a man that Sho grew to trust after their mission to Denova, one that he would not want to leave his side. Cal Vastrom, a patient man that would serve well in these proceedings.

Arriving rather unexpectedly was a man who claimed the title of Emperor, though not of the Sith. This was Lord Huskac, a creature of dark power that held much of the Federation’s territory in his clawed grasp. Soldiers loyal to him and only him were by his side, and they would not miss the wary glances sent in their lord’s direction.

Other representatives invited by Kain began to file in. Nobles of various houses, senators that did not fear such a gathering, and even some fanatics that called themselves kings and queens. One such King was the King-Consort of Onderon, the husband of Lady Kolasi. Avery Sunka was here with an accompaniment of Onderonian guards, but his wife was strangely absent. He knew why, of course, as did Empress Hesper, but any others would find her disappearance mysterious, to say the least.

But, arriving last was none other than the Imperatrix of the Final Sith Order. This bar did not receive her with nearly as much fanfare as she would have grown used to, but few would dare believe that was an issue for her. By her side were her Hesperian Guard and two Lords of the Sith Order. Darth Makaria was with her, having been the one sent by Kain to negotiate this meeting in the first place. Then there was Lord Voxyn, who was likely glad he had not been sent on another dangerous errand with apprentices in tow.

In the center of the cantina rested a large wooden table, with seats enough for the significant representatives of the evening but none for the rest. Soldiers, knights, guards, and other warriors stood as their lords and ladies began to take their places. This was going to be a long night.

TAGS: @corinthia, @Helkosh, @Voidwalker, @Darth Voxyn, @Cardun Vrek, @Dark Lady Makaria, @skira


IC: Damian Kento
Sith Temple, Pyxis


The Sith Temple on Pyxis stood like a blackened tooth against the serene backdrop of the temperate world. Perched atop the craggy peak of the world’s greatest mountain, it loomed with an oppressive weight, casting a long and ominous shadow across the landscape. The once-pristine white snowfall of a week ago had now surrendered to the subtle thaw of morning, slowly trickling down the rocky terrain, carrying away its pristine purity and leaving behind only a muddy reminder.

The courtyard within the temple's sinister embrace was an ominous expanse, its fresh stones and statues acting as silent witnesses to the dark arts that unfolded there. As the chill of the planet's fading winter clung to the air, the apprentices engaged in their grueling training exercises. Their breaths mingled with the icy winds, as if exhaling the very essence of malevolence.

Under the watchful gaze of the Sith statues, each apprentice honed their skills in a relentless pursuit of power. Their movements were calculated, swift, and precise, their bodies bending in unnatural ways as they unleashed raw aggression upon their training partners. The echoes of clashing lightsabers reverberated through the courtyard, the metallic symphony a discordant harmony of violence and desperation.

Occasionally, a gust of wind howled through the temple grounds, carrying with it the whispers of forgotten demons. Their disembodied voices seemed to emanate from the very stones, murmuring wicked secrets and ancient incantations. It was as if the temple itself held the essence of their malevolent spirits, imbuing the air with a palpable malevolence. Though in truth, one could not blame the temple itself for such things. This planet, one of many spawned from the death of Typhojem, was potent in the dark side.

As the sun broke free from the grasp of the thickening clouds, its weak rays cast a feeble glow upon the courtyard. The snow, now reduced to patches of slush, reflected a distorted version of the apprentices' struggles, each footfall a reminder of the relentless march toward darkness.

“Enough!” the voice rang out.

All apprentices here ceased their dueling, their sweat-covered bodies thankful for the momentary reprieve. Their eyes all found their teacher for this day, a man younger than some of them, but undoubtedly far more learned than all combined. He was but a child when the True Sith came to Korriban, and he was one of the first to be honored as a teacher of Hesper’s new Sith Academy.

“We’re switching up partners before we head back inside,” said Damian Kento. “Mihi, you’re with Sharkish’Ki. Mardinga, you’re with PROXY.”

The PROXY droid stood from its designated place, staring lifelessly at its new target. It transformed itself, a hologram enveloping its skeletal, metallic form like a cocoon of flesh. Horns adorned the top of its head, its skin was crimson and tattooed black, and its eyes were a fierce golden shade. Any student of history worth their salt would recognize this as Darth Maul, one of the many pawns used in the gambit of Darth Sidious. But a pawn of Sidious was worth far more than any apprentice of this era. Mardinga would look to prove that wrong today.

Meanwhile, Sharkish’Ki and Mihi now stood across from each other on their side of the courtyard, their weapons already drawn. All three of the apprentices had been dueling for more than a half hour now, and though their sabers had been set to non-lethal, the absolute agony of each blow they’d all sustained made this one of the worst training sessions they’d had in weeks. At least with Kento instructing, if they did well enough, he’d make sure they got a nice meal afterward.


@Mardinga, @Sharkish’Ki, @Mihi Gaudens


IC: Kain, the Beloved King of the Stars
Jedi Temple, Tython


The Jedi Temple on Tython stood as a testament to the harmony between nature and enlightenment, a sanctuary nestled amidst the verdant splendor of a world untouched by the ravages of time. Majestic towers of ivory rose from the earth, reaching towards the heavens with graceful arcs and delicate spires, their ethereal beauty mirroring the wisdom and serenity of those who dwelled within.

Enveloped by ancient trees, their canopies interwoven like a tapestry of emerald and gold, the temple exuded an aura of tranquility that seemed to seep into the very soil upon which it stood. Whispers of a gentle breeze carried the scent of blossoms and moss, mingling with the soft melodies of unseen creatures that made their homes among the ancient groves.

As one ventured through the temple's hallowed halls, the air was imbued with a palpable reverence. Sunlight, filtering through stained glass windows adorned with intricate depictions of celestial harmony, painted the polished stone floors with a kaleidoscope of colors. Shafts of ethereal light danced upon the mosaic tiles, reflecting the eternal struggle between darkness and light, and illuminating the path of those who sought wisdom and guidance.

The archives, a labyrinth of knowledge and enlightenment, housed ancient tomes and scrolls meticulously arranged upon towering shelves. Here, the wisdom of countless generations of Jedi resided, their words echoing through the hallowed halls like a symphony of enlightenment. Scholars and seekers delved into the depths of knowledge, their eyes alight with the anticipation of uncovering the secrets that would shape their destinies.

Outside, in the sprawling gardens that surrounded the temple, the harmony between the Jedi and the natural world flourished. Serene ponds, their surfaces shimmering like liquid glass, cradled vibrant lilies and lotus flowers, their delicate petals kissed by the gentle ripples of fish that glided beneath. Trees, ancient and wise, stretched their branches skyward, their canopies providing shade and solace to those who sought respite from the world's tumult.

High above, the spires of the temple reached towards the celestial realm, their tops adorned with intricate carvings of galactic constellations. At night, as the heavens revealed their jeweled splendor, the temple seemed to bridge the realms of mortals and the divine, embodying the connection between the Jedi and the cosmic forces that guided their actions.

In this haven of wisdom and serenity, Padawans undertook their sacred training, guided by the wise masters who had dedicated their lives to the preservation of peace and justice. In the courtyards, they engaged in graceful and purposeful movements, their lightsabers flickering like distant stars, a reflection of their disciplined spirits and unwavering devotion.

It was a shame, then, that so dark a creature would be arriving here.

The Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Kei Durron, had sensed the impending arrival of Kain the day before. The Beloved King of the Stars had made no attempts at concealing his intentions, allowing the Force to give its paltry warnings. That is why Durron had no attended the peace summit himself, for his presence would be needed here, should things go awry.

Kain ascended those perfect ivory steps, head bare of any cloak or crown. He was dressed as a traveler, wearing a simple jacket and jeans that would not be out of place in that cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Beside him was a Devaronian, one that did not seem at all pleased to be here. Though as they approached the temple’s entrance, a pair of guards approached them in turn. Their white and golden armor matched their surroundings beautifully, though Kain would not hesitate to char them should he desire.

“There is nothing for you here, Spawn of Abeloth,” said one, his finger instinctively hovering just beyond the ignition switch of his saber pike.

“You and I both know that is a lie,” Kain answered. He then turned his attention skyward, toward the ivory tower that no doubt held the Jedi Council chambers.

His voice roared with the power of a star dragon, echoing across the mountains and valleys and sending fauna running and flying in retreat. “Durron! If you wish to avoid bloodshed, then you will allow me entrance to your temple. You and I have much to discuss!”

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IC: Apollo
Within the Jedi Temple, Tython

Thunder roared with the voice of his own father. He could scarcely believe what he had heard. It had to have been an echo in the Force, something that the Jedi had taught him about. Yes, that had to be it. There was no way that his father would have come here, here where the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy convened. It just wasn’t possible!

He turned to the woman that he had been left in the care of, a favor to his sister who’d gone on a mission of her own. Apollo had only recently grown used to her lack of eyes, but she was a sweet lady. “Miss Brooke! Is that…”

One of the Jedi Knights that had rescued him, Keldro Unmar, had also been in the room when the voice reverberated across the temple walls. They’d been preparing for a class on the basic history of the Jedi Order, but it seemed such things were to be postponed. If Kain was here, then that meant Apollo was in danger of being taken. To the Jedi, this was something that could not come to pass.

But was that so horrid a thing for Brooke, who had known Kain as more than the monster that the Jedi made him out to be? It was for her to say, and her to say alone.

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IC: Kain, the Beloved King of the Stars
Veeshas Tuwan, Arkania

The home of Darth Drakul Xarxes rested here on Arkania. Its jagged spires pierced the frigid air, reaching towards an unforgiving sky that seemed perpetually shrouded in a veil of swirling snow and icy mist. Blackened and warped stones, as if forged in the heart of a nightmare, formed its walls. As one ventured closer, the chill in the air intensified, seeping into the bones and chilling the soul. Whispers, like maddening incantations, carried on the icy winds, emanating from the very walls themselves. It was as if the keep possessed a sinister sentience, a dark consciousness that reveled in the fear and despair of those unfortunate enough to draw near.

In the heart of Veeshas Tuwan, a chamber lay hidden, a place of unspeakable horrors and forbidden knowledge. Within its confines, ancient tomes with pages of frozen skin whispered of eldritch truths and the cyclopean horrors that lurked beyond the veil of sanity. A single pedestal, upon which a viridian sphere rested, emanated an aura of malefic power, its glow filled with blasphemous secrets that threatened to unravel the fragile fabric of reality itself.

Kain’s arrival had done much to warm the place, and accompanying him here was Khatt Douw, the mysterious servant of the missing Jen’nu. Xarxes was present, of course, before either had arrived.

“It’s time, then,” Kain said. Despite his best efforts to conceal his emotions, both of his allies could sense his trepidation here. He had spoken with entities nestled in the heart of Beyond Shadows, creatures like his own mother, many times. But he had never encountered one such as the Architects, let alone two of Tilotny’s own siblings. “What must we do, Lord Xarxes?”

@Drakul_Xarxes, @Jen’nu


IC: Darth Vaer
The Darkstrider, Loitering in the Gananth System


The Gananth star system, a desolate expanse shrouded in an aura of foreboding darkness, bore witness to the ominous presence of the Sith fleet. The void was populated by a sinister armada of vessels, an assembly of doom and destruction, their hulls adorned with the emblem of the Final Sith Order—a chilling symbol of the Empress's dominion.

Among the fleet, Star Destroyers of various make loomed like monstrous beasts of the void, their metallic hulls glistening with an unsettling malevolence. Each ship bore the marks of battle, scars etched deep into their surfaces, testaments to the merciless campaigns waged in the name of Sith supremacy. Turrets bristled along their lengths, armed to the teeth with turbolasers and ion cannons, ready to unleash torrents of devastating firepower upon any who dared to challenge their might.

Within the command centers, officers in black robes and sinister visages scoured over holographic displays, their eyes reflecting the cold gleam of ambition and loyalty to the dark side. The air was heavy with tension and anticipation, each member of the crew acutely aware of the delicate nature of their mission. They waited, their hearts thrumming with the promise of chaos and treachery, should the peace summit in the neighboring Y'Toub star system falter.

Or worse, if some ancient threat deigned Nar Shaddaa a fitting battleground to reenact the invasion of Korriban.

Among this impressive fleet of destroyers was the Darkstrider, the personal command vessel of Darth Vaer. He was but one of two Dark Councillors that had been tasked with this mission, to wait and see if the Empress would need their assistance. Knowing what little he did of Kain, thanks to the memories of the woman on Vitae, he was hoping that the Beloved King did not know of their presence here. One firestorm would be enough to raze this entire fleet, even in all its might and splendor.

Others were in this fleet, aboard their various starships should the need arise.

Darth Arach, Darth Vitani, and Knight Zareel accompanied Lady Kolasi upon the latter’s light freighter, thankfully on the far side of the fleet from Vaer’s vessel.

Darth Eschaton, originally meant to attend the summit in Lord Xarxes’ stead, was tasked by the Empress to this post instead. He stood aboard a ship from Arkania’s fleet, waiting—perhaps in vain—for something worth his time to happen.

Black Fury was also a part of this fleet, piloted by Darth Mavros. His protocol droid was no doubt chirping in his ear right about now, and he was no doubt brooding about something right now.

And though all waited for the word of their Imperatrix to guide them one way or the other, all received entirely different orders from the admiral leading this fleet, one by the name of Admiral Garston.

“We have discovered a ship amongst the fleet that is not a part of our records. It bears no insignia, save its name on the hull. The Tsushima. The ship is currently offline, and we are unable to get any solid readings on lifeforms aboard it. I’ve received word that we’re to investigate it rather than outright destroy it, though I won’t say I agree with the assessment. Command has issued the task to the Sith Lords and Knights among the fleet, and I daresay none of you wish to disappoint the Empress. Good luck to you all, and keep your comms handy.”

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IC: Eva
Wild Jungle, Verdanth


Verdanth, a lush and vibrant world nestled amidst the far reaches of the galaxy, bore witness to the interplay between the primordial beauty of nature and the encroaching tendrils of darkness that lurked beneath its emerald canopy. This jungle planet, a verdant tapestry of life and death, seemed to pulsate with an unspoken malevolence, a testament to the sinister influence of Darth Nephthys, a dark presence that had woven itself into the very fabric of Verdanth's essence.

As one ventured deeper into the heart of the jungle, the air grew heavy with humidity, suffused with the earthy aroma of decaying vegetation. Towering trees, their gnarled branches reaching skyward like skeletal fingers, cast long shadows upon the forest floor, creating an ever-shifting tableau of darkness and dappled light. The vibrant flora, with leaves of iridescent hues, whispered secrets known only to the untamed wilderness.

She had learned of this place and of Nephthys in a dream, a vision of this dark woman torturing and destroying one of the few Sith she had grown to care about. Darth Catalyst had apparently cut ties with the Order, according to her sources, and now he was in danger of falling to a survivor of the True Sith on this distant jungle world. Eva was not going to have any of it.

She arrived only minutes before she saw the ships appear in the atmosphere.

Her vessel, a Jedi fighter, was concealed well enough beneath the canopy. But those starships were massive. She did not know who they belonged to, but whoever they were, they just made this mission of hers a whole lot more complicated.

* * *

Nathemus, Volacius, and Catalyst had arrived in orbit of Verdanth with their respective ships, no doubt eager to see this task done. Darth Nephthys was to be captured at any cost, for she could be the key to earning the trust of Hesper and the others at the peace summit. If they failed here, well, there were certainly worse fates than death to be had here.

The jungle, where Nephthys’ hideout no doubt lay, was far too thick to land in for such large ships. Shuttles would fare better.

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Ic: Keldro Unmar
Within the Jedi Temple, Tython

Keldro gazed over the classroom, before him sat young Apollo. The boy had changed so much since their return from Denova. Growing confident and secure in his surroundings. Keldro had often found himself wondering just what had transpired in the boys young life.

Accompanying him was Brooke, a somewhat unknown figure to Keldro. He had not seen much of her before the confluence on Tython, and the rebuild of their Order. Still he welcomed her presence, and apollo certainly always seemed more at ease with her around.

On the desk in front of him sat a hand full of books and tomes, scrolls and even a tablet. All of them relics depicting the history of the Jedi Order, for that was what Apollo was to learn today. A topic the child approached with far more vigor and interest than anyone Keldro can remember.

The Lesson would unfortunately be cut short and Keldros blood ran cold, as a voice Boomed out

“Durron! If you wish to avoid bloodshed, then you will allow me entrance to your temple. You and I have much to discuss!”
It reverberated around the room and no doubt through the entire Temple.

Though Keldro didn’t recognise the voice, Apollo went pale.

“Apollo … what is it child?.” There was no urgency in his voice, only concern. Keldro wanted to protect the boy and something had clearly spooked him.

Turning his attention to the lady in the room.
“Madam Brooke. Would you mind taking a look?, there should be a holopad just outside this room, perhaps there’s some notice of whatever the hell is going on?.” He flashed her a warm smile as he gave a slight nod towards Apollo, trying to silently communicate his intent to comfort the Child.

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IC Brooke
Within the Jedi Temple, Tython

It had only been a week or so since Brooke arrived at the Jedi temple, and already things were turning for the worse. Her friend Eva had left just a few days back to take care of some personal business, deaf to the pleadings of Brooke. Something about saving a friend she saw in a vision. The irony was lost to Brooke, who could only watch her friend disappear into the void of space.

It wasn't all disappointment at the Jedi temple though. Before she left, Eva had entrusted Brooke with looking after her brother, a young boy named Apollo. Brooke could sense the same fiery aura in him that had surrounded his father, though it was interspersed with other sensations and colors. Still, the boy radiated a power she had only seen once before. It took her some getting used to, being unaccustomed to the role of caretaker. Apollo seemed to take a liking to her though, perhaps due to Eva's trust in her. That was enough to convince her to stay.

Today, they sat in a classroom accompanied by one of the Jedi Knights that lived here in this temple. Keldro, she had heard him called in passing. He was nice enough, though Brooke still couldn't help but distrust him a little. Still, though, he was here for Apollo's safety and that brought her some measure of comfort.

“Durron!" A voice like thunder echoed through the walls of the temple. "If you wish to avoid bloodshed, then you will allow me entrance to your temple. You and I have much to discuss!”

Brooke covered her ears, though the voice still rang in her head. It sounded like... “Miss Brooke! Is that…” Apollo's voice cut through the ringing in her ears and her mind. She slowly brought her hands down and smiled softly towards him. Clearly they had thought the same thing.

“Apollo … what is it child?” The Jedi had spoken up when he noticed Apollo's reaction to the shout. “Madam Brooke. Would you mind taking a look? There should be a holopad just outside this room, perhaps there’s some notice of whatever the hell is going on?”

Brooke couldn't help but giggle a bit at his request. "That seems like a strange thing to ask, don't you agree Apollo?" She exaggeratedly waved a hand in front of the blindfold she wore to cover her empty eye sockets. "No, there is no need, Master Jedi. You heard the voice, just like we did. Can't you sense it? A fire like Apollo's but brighter than a star." She stepped towards the wall, seeming to stare right through it and towards the entrance of the temple. "There's only one person it can be."

What happened to you Corvar?

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IC: Samael
Location: Jedi Temple, Tython

The world was peaceful. No malice could be felt from it. But it felt wrong. Tython was not a world Samael had the pleasure of ever seeing until today, but something felt off about the world. Too peaceful maybe? No, it was that it was too perfect.

Samael had the hood of his cloak up, far enough to cover the points of his horns. But he was completely visible as if a glow surrounded him within the dark cloak. As close as Kain was he could probably hear the slight crackling of flames from the devaronian.

There is nothing for you here, Spawn of Abeloth,” said one, his finger instinctively hovering just beyond the ignition switch of his saber pike.

You and I both know that is a lie,” Kain answered. He then turned his attention skyward, toward the ivory tower that no doubt held the Jedi Council chambers.

His voice roared with the power of a star dragon, echoing across the mountains and valleys and sending fauna running and flying in retreat. “Durron! If you wish to avoid bloodshed, then you will allow me entrance to your temple. You and I have much to discuss!

Samael cleared his voice enough to gain notice from the Avatar of God. “Maybe, don’t threaten the guy that can give us the most direct avenue to your goal without conflict?” Samael rubbed his temples for a moment to fend off the inevitable headache that was sure to come from this meeting. “Ya know what, why don’t you let me talk to the guards before we start yet another unnecessary war.

Without waiting for a reply from Kain, Samael stepped forward. “In a more tactful way of saying it, we would like to speak with Master Kei Durron, err rather Grand Master Kei Durron. It’s been awhile. We would like to avoid conflict if necessary, though as the Spawn of Abeloth, as you called him, put it he will if forced into it. This is a beautiful world, full of nature, peace and harmony. I’d hate to see it ruined because a couple of guards forsook the Jedi Code and attacked in anger at having us here, instead of keeping the peace. It would be immoral to bring so much chaos down in a place meant to be harmonious. So I implore you, take the option of peace, and allow us to speak to the Grand Master. The sooner we do, the sooner we leave. Right?” His words were not laced with anything but common sense, something, it seemed, alot of people were missing today apparently.

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IC: Dark Lady Makaria
The Howling Hawkbat, Nar Shaddaa
Everything about this place, from the flooring to the very air reeked of neglect and abandonment. As a place for a council of great powers it was... underwhelming. Secretive. It worried her. This was the place where allies met quickly and secretly, not enemies. She didn't like it, and she didn't like arriving last and allowing others to dictate the field. She scanned the room, noting players and followers. Her gaze snagged on Avery, and her brow puckered briefly in concern as she saw him alone. Where was Kolasi? Surely she would want to be here, wouldn't she?

Forcing her mien calm again, her brow smoothed and she kept her gaze moving. The Jedi had not sent their Grandmaster. Pressing troubles at home? Or a show of disrespect that they did not intend to take this seriously? Hard to know, and Makaria didn't feel comfortable trying to find out with so many factions and alliances in the room. Makaria was glad they had brought their own supplies, though she had her customary poisons on hand if the chance arose.

She kept a careful distance from the Imperatrix, angling her body a little towards Kain's representatives, as if wishing to join them. It felt wrong to not present a united front, but Makaria knew the benefits of people assuming an undermining of the Imperatrix's power. Their lips got loose, and their ships got sunk. All she had to do was wait.

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IC: Grand Master Kei Durron
Location: Jedi Temple, Tython

Tython. It had always been a lush, breezy, and beautiful planet. The last few years had been no different. With the New Jedi Order re-establishing it as their Homeworld, Tython had known an era of peace ever since the True Sith War ended. But it now seemed like the other powers that be in the universe wanted to go back to war.

War. What is it good for?

The aged Jedi Grand Master was deep in thought and meditation, quietly levitating above the Temple's tallest spire. His meditation always relaxed him, especially in times of disturbance or crisis. He was unsure what type of time this day would be, as yesterday the very Force itself and warned him that Kain, the so-called Beloved King of the Stars, was on his way to Tython. Of course, Kain was a hero of the True Sith War, destroying the fleet that invaded the Sith Homeworld, but more importantly, killing the vile 'deity' Mnggal-Mnggal.

But Kain was supposed to have died in his hero moment. Sith Lords who returned from the dead or attempted to gain dominion over death had been a problem ever since the first Sith Lords over seven millennia ago. This should be no different, but something told Kei that it was.

And then the voice boomed. It scared critters and plants alike. His presence was so dark that it unbalanced the very nature of the forest that the Jedi Temple stood within. The Grand Master did not appreciate it. But the deed had been done, and Kain was here already threatening bloodshed. Durron exited his meditation and descended his Levitation from the top of the Temple down to its guarded doors where Kain and his companion were conversing with the Temple Guards. His Convor familiar, Raia, was not far behind.

When he touched the ground, he stood tall and Raia perched on his right shoulder. Kain was shorter than he expected, but Kei knew full well now who the companion was. "Welcome to Tython, Lord Kain, Samael. I'm afraid I cannot allow any blood to be shed this day. But, why have you come here? If you wanted to kill us, you'd have already done so. That's not what brought you here."

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IC: Master Cal Vastrom
The Y’Toub System

He could see the end of everything. The slow decay of the galaxy. Everything, everyone, was gone. The darkness was closing in, creeping ever closer, and the light was fading away, becoming little more than a dim speck on an increasingly black horizon.

And at the centre of it all, stood the boy.

The boy was going to kill him, like he’d killed the rest. He had to act, he had to kill the boy.

Because the boy was going to kill him.

Cal Vastrom opened his eyes, being roused from his meditation by the ship’s intercom announcing their arrival in the Y’Toub system. Ever since Denova, the dream, or vision, or whatever it was he had experienced whilst knocked out on that shuttle had stayed with him. It haunted his dreams, and whenever he sat to meditate it forced itself to the forefront of his thoughts. After they had brought Apollo to the temple Cal had given him a wide berth. He was a child, yes, but Cal could never shake that image of Apollo standing in the wake of a dying galaxy he had experienced in that…whatever it was.

But he pushed it to the back of his mind, he had a job to do here, in the present. And it was making him just as uneasy. A peace conference, to be held on Nar Shaddaa in secret with minimal security. The Jedi delegation, which consisted of himself and Master Temm, were travelling on a nondescript cargo freighter to avoid prying eyes, accompanied only by a squad of federation soldiers. Cal couldn’t shake the nagging feeling this could be a trap laid by Kain to eliminate anyone opposed to his rulership. In his mind, the Grandmaster had made the correct call sending Master Temm as his proxy. Everyone in the Galaxy knew what Kain had supposedly done to Korriban. And then there were the reports from Nysis.

They could be flying towards their own deaths. Cal stood up and pulled on his robes, which he wore over his armour. The robes hid the armour from view well enough that he doubted anyone would notice. This may be a peace conference, but it could also be a ploy. His lightsaber was hung on his belt, visible to anyone who looked at him. He walked out of the cramped cabin he had spent the voyage inside and walked down the narrow corridor towards the freighter’s main hold, where he found Master Temm. Cal walked up to the battlemaster, smiling at the Kel Dor, who he’d found an increased appreciation for after the mission at Denova was concluded.

“So, Master Temm, how do you think this conference will pan out?” Cal asked. “Hopefully you won’t need to knock me out this time.” He added with a soft chuckle.

Temm turned toward the younger Jedi Master. He seemed exasperated. “We won’t be bullied by the likes of Kain and Hesper, Master Vastrom. I have no doubts that this supposed war on the horizon is a ploy by Abeloth’s spawn, something to turn our focus toward so we can ignore his expanding borders in the Outer Rim.”

“Yes, I can’t help but find the timing of this very convenient. He appears out of nowhere with an army at his back, begins expanding his territory, and then when the rest of us begin to take notice, suddenly there’s a grave threat that only he can lead us against.” Cal replied.

“Exactly. There’s a reason why I chose you to accompany me, Cal.” Sho seemed to beam with pride. “We’ll watch each other’s backs, and make sure neither buys into the bantha dung that Kain tries selling us. Maybe we’ll make use of this summit, and get Hesper to cease her attacks on the Order in favor of attacking this Kingdom that Kain’s built. Either way, we won’t be tools in someone else’s war. Never again.”

Cal tipped his head in appreciation of Master Temm’s complement.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence, Master Temm. I shall do my best not to let you down.” Cal replied, and then, he bit his lip, thinking. “As for Hesper, we should be wary. This conference could be a trap set by Kain, or, the Sith may have planned a few surprises too. If we could somehow persuade Hesper and the Sith to agree to a ceasefire whilst we deal with Kain, I think that would be a good result. At the very least, it will give us time to rebuild our defences.” He reasoned.

“I agree. Let’s see this done.”

“Indeed. We can’t let Kain have his way. If there is a Great War coming, he needs to prove it. With hard evidence. Otherwise, we must stand against him.”
Cal concluded.

And if we stand against him, he won’t get the boy. And if he doesn’t get the boy, my vision won’t come true.

Cal hadn’t spoken to anyone of the vision he experienced on Denova. Jedi who dwelt too long on vague visions of the future tended to get lost in them. And Cal was no seer.

He smiled again at Master Temm and walked over towards a small couch in the main hold, and sat patiently as the freighter moved in to land on the Smuggler’s Moon. The pilot announced they had docked, and Cal followed Master Temm and their escorts out on the docks they had been assigned to land in. Cal moved quickly, not wanting to linger for too long, eyes scanning the rooftops and side streets for any hint of an ambush, all whilst he reached out with the force to detect any danger. But they arrived at the cantina that was to be their meeting place with no trouble.

It seemed that Kain had chosen not to appear at his own peace conference. Either a sign he saw the matter as being somehow beneath him, or because something else was at play here. Both possibilities made Cal feel uneasy, as did the strange, extremely tall aliens that were part of Kain’s delegation. Were it not for the presence of the Sith, apparently named Voidwalker, who had appeared out of a teleport on Denova on Kain’s behalf, and, according to Eva and Master Temm’s accounts, had jumped into their escape shuttle before being thrown out by Eva, Cal would’ve had no idea who these tall, winged aliens were here to represent.

Let's hope this Voidwalker doesn't hold grudges...

Others began to file in, nobles, senators, Kings and Queens- including the King Consort of Onderon, but not his Queen…the one who had invaded his mind. If he had not been a Jedi, and had not been trained his entire adult life to let go of such negative feelings towards others, he may have been tempted to get even with the Queen of Onderon. But he knew such an act would be wrong. The King Consort was not responsible for his wife’s actions. Another notable attendee was a man Cal had only heard of- the ‘Emperor’ Lord Huskac, an opportunistic Sith who had risen to power in the Tapani sector whilst the Federation had been occupied with Hesper’s Sith.

How many has Kain invited?

The Sith Empress herself was last to arrive. Cal was surprised she had come in person, and wondered what she would make of Kain, and Grandmaster Durron both choosing to send proxies rather than attend themselves. It also made Cal strangely less tense. If the Sith were planning on exploiting this conference to launch some sort of attack, he doubted Hesper would have come in person and risked her own life. She was accompanied by her guards, and two Sith Lords. The Hapan male he vaguely recognised from Denova, the other, a woman, he did not.

The board is set, and the pieces are in position. Let’s see who makes the opening move.

Cal took his assigned seat next to Master Temm, and waited, with a look of polite interest, to see who would speak first.

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IC: Darth Mavros
Aboard the Black Fury, in the Ganath system

Well, this is kriffing pointless.

Mavros was sitting in the cockpit of the Black Fury, his feet resting on the edge of the console as he leant back in the pilot’s chair and looked over his datapad, making annotations to the journal he had made chronicling his time on Dantooine. It was all he could do to keep the boredom from consuming him. He understood Empress Hesper wished to keep a fleet on standby if there was any trouble at this peace conference, but why he had been ordered to form a part of it was a mystery to him. He was a Sith Lord, after all. He had better things to do than sit around in the Ganath system for however long it took for this damned conference to be over and done with.

“Your tea, Master.” F-3PO chirped in his annoyingly over-polite voice as he walked into the cockpit carrying a steaming cup of herbal tea.

“Oh. Yes. Set it down for me.” Mavros replied, rolling his eyes. He had only set the droid to making the tea to get it out of the cockpit. But now, F-3PO had sat back down in the co-pilot's seat.

“Master, you do not appear to be piloting the ship.” F-3PO stated. Mavros sighed with exasperation, stowing the datapad away in a compartment.

“It’s on Autopilot. Standard holding pattern. Just like it was the last three times you pointed that out.” Mavros replied coldly.

If it wasn’t for the HK program inside this thing, I’d have scrapped it months ago…

“Oh, I see.” F-3PO replied. Mavros took the cup of tea and drank it slowly whilst the droid watched on. It was annoyingly well made.

“Did you like the tea, Master?” F-3PO asked, tentatively.

“It was satisfactory.” Mavros answered, now watching the same squadron of fighters pass by on their patrol route for the sixth time.

I could be doing something actually worthwhile.

He thought his promotion to Sith Lord would have led to more interesting duties. Instead, he was on ‘stand by’ with a Sith fleet. Glorious. The conference would likely end with nothing being agreed upon. The Sith and the Jedi would never submit to Kain’s rule. No, the whole thing was a waste of time. Better to just get rid of Kain then resume the war. He had died before, after all. The Galaxy hadn’t missed him that much. Life had gone on.

But what if…he’s right?

That notion had been playing around in Mavros’ head. Kain had been warning of a coming darkness, apparently. A greater threat the Galaxy had to unite to defeat. Even greater than Typhojem. Mavros had assumed it was all an elaborate trick to use the galaxy’s memories of the True Sith war to his advantage as a ploy to gain power. To draw all of the leadership into Kain’s influence, and then, take full control. He had been capable of great feats of power. Korriban and Nysis were evidence of that. And also why gathering a large fleet to respond to a potential attack on Empress Hesper was, well, stupid. If Kain could devastate entire worlds, a fleet would be nothing.

But this was a Lord Vaer run operation, the same idiot who had barely escaped Nysis with his life after getting stabbed by a rogue Sith. Intelligence was clearly not one of Vaer’s strong suits. Mavros was glad he was on a small, fast craft as opposed to a large, but extremely slow to maneuver Star Destroyer. If Kain did show up looking to wreck this fleet, Mavros would hopefully have enough time to escape, a luxury those aboard the Star Destroyers did not.

What a loss Lord Vaer would be for the Sith…

Mavros was considering going for a nap when the console flashed, showing an incoming transmission from Admiral Garston, the Naval officer nominally in command of the fleet. Nominally, because even a mere Sith Apprentice theoretically outranked him. Mavros leant forward to listen.

“We have discovered a ship amongst the fleet that is not a part of our records. It bears no insignia, save its name on the hull. The Tsushima. The ship is currently offline, and we are unable to get any solid readings on lifeforms aboard it. I’ve received word that we’re to investigate it rather than outright destroy it, though I won’t say I agree with the assessment. Command has issued the task to the Sith Lords and Knights among the fleet, and I daresay none of you wish to disappoint the Empress. Good luck to you all, and keep your comms handy.” The Admiral stated, his voice echoing out the comm unit.

“How incompetent are the idiots that serve in the Order’s navy?” Mavros asked aloud as he sighed deeply. How did no one else in the entire fleet not notice this mystery ship until now? How could they be so blind? Did they not have scanners? Did they not have karking eyes?

“Shall I send a reply with your question, Master?” F-3PO asked, looking at Mavros with his blank expression.

“No, of course not, you idiotic pile of scrap metal. Just sit there and be quiet until I ask you to do something!” Mavros snapped back. The droid remained quiet.

Of course, I have to go investigate. They can’t just blow it up, no, that would be too karking simple for the great Lord Vaer. No, lets send people to investigate the damn mystery ship. And let’s send Sith Lords, not the thousands upon thousands of grunts we have crewing our ships and serving our army.

Mavros took a deep breath before switching the comm unit to enable him to reply. “This is Lord Mavros aboard Black Fury, moving towards Tsushima now. Send a platoon of soldiers and scanning, technical and engineering teams to meet us. If command wants this ship searched, we shall need as many men as can be spared to search it.” Mavros responded, doing a remarkably good job at keeping his tone polite. The truth was, as pointless as this mission was, given the fleet could blow the ship into smithereens in seconds, it gave him something to do other than sit and wait for a call that might never come. Mavros sat forward in his chair and took manual control of the ship, steering it towards the ghost ship that had appeared in their midst. He pushed the thruster control forwards, increasing his speed. The Tsushima came into view as he flew towards it, and Mavros pulled back on the thruster, assessing what he saw before him and looking for an entry point.

Let’s see what can go wrong this time under the command of the great Lord Vaer…

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IC: Darth Drakul Xarxes
Veeshas Tuwan, Arkania

The recesses of Veeshas Tuwan had changed much since the days of the True Sith War. No longer were the walls lined with technological sarcophagi pumping drugs into the bodies of unwilling -- though deserving -- victims. No longer did a seeing stone of great power lay upon a pedestal at the center of the room. In a sense, one did, but it was a far darker and more powerful relic than the paltry palantir Darth Xarxes had used before. Nay, this was the Eye of Typhojem, a holocron of unspeakable significance, containing both a Gatekeeper and his tormented prey within, to say nothing of the keys with which to look into the depths of Dark Illathurion, Beyond Shadows, to the home of the Architects.

The Nightfather was unused to seeing any form of hesitation in Kain's face, but even now, he saw a slight hint of nervousness in the Beloved King's microexpressions. He sought to alleviate that.

The other individual he was less sure of. It was true that Khatt Douw was an emissary of great importance sent by the long-lost Jen'nu, but nearly everything about her thus far had been off-putting, strange, and perplexing even to the one who thought himself "All-Seeing."

Tread carefully, Kain," he said softly. "That is the first necessity. You've no doubt noticed the runes placed around the pedestal in a wide berth. I've prepared these to assist in bypassing the Gatekeeper once more. My last apprentice required me to communicate with him, and he is far more powerful than any Gatekeeper I've encountered before. He torments for pleasure, and were it not for my previous victory, we might well be evaporated simply by peering within, as I know you are familiar.

"However, these wards, crafted through the highest of runic tongues, will reinforce our minds as we speak to him, and what lies beyond that will require the same runes for our sanity. Your relatives are by no means cruel, but they are horrifying to behold in their full glory, for the mind can only handle so much. You, Kain, will likely have a smoother run of things due to your biology and brain matter, and I am simply returning to them, having been unfazed before. But Khatt, you must be cautious, for it will be beyond description, and you will behold things you should not be able to."

The hulking mass of metal raised a hand gently, a torch of emerald flame moving in a circle around the perimeter of the runic marks, a faint glow intermixing with the torch's light. As it encircled the area, the Nightfather lowered his hand, stepping forward towards the Eye, careful to avoid the bloody script upon the ground.

"Now, Kain, recall your mother…"

…And he began to weave his hands above the Eye.

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IC: Darth Eschaton
Aboard the Tithonus
Commander Rassema Sol paced the command deck, sweat building up on her furrowed brow. Despite the nerves she experienced in the presence of Darth Drakul Xarxes, the foul being here was somehow worse. Even being in the vicinity of the mutilated Muun was repulsive, and every leer from his perpetual grin sent shivers down the Mirialan's spine.

The aforementioned figure currently stood gazing out into space. At least, that's what Rassema supposed, given that his face was completely covered, save for his evil mouth and cracked chin.

Not a speck of space dust was obscured to the supernatural vision of the Black Steward. He sensed every particle, watched as they collided with each other, the transparisteel viewports, the side of the ships gathered in this fleet, all smaller than the Tithonus.

The obnoxious voice of Admiral Garston crackled over the ship's loudspeaker, conveying orders from on high. It was something to do, certainly, but by the orders of that infernal Empress, something Eschaton was not inclined to. The way he saw it, the whims of Empress Hesper were as worth following as a breadcrumb trail on Zyggeria, which is to say not at all.

His head, crowned with a trap of stygian iron, turned to face the ships other Sith Lords walked within. He thought for a moment of how he could destroy them, how he could entertain himself with their entrails rather than silly games of chase where a perfectly cast spell could incinerate the object of their pursuit. But alas, his master had given strict instructions to follow reasonable commands from outside the Arkanian hierarchy. This was one such case.

He turned on his heels, grinning wide at Commander Sol through cracked and bloodied lips, flashing his jagged, yellowed teeth her way. "Instruct your underlingsss to prepare my vessel. The Tsushima awaits my arrival."

His gravelly voice bit upon the ear, causing Rassema pain at his words. For such a simple order, Eschaton turned it into a message of cold glee, a sickening thought. Nevertheless, she follow through, and within minutes the shuttle was in the expanse of space, slowly making its way to the directed ship.

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IC: Lord Volacius, the Wrath of Kain
Location: Bridge of the Angelus Mortis, Verdanth Orbit


A chill of anticipation ran down Volacius’ spine as the angular prow of the Angelus Mortis jutted out of hyperspace. The Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer’s deceleration had placed it above Verdanth’s endless tangled green jungles and swamps, though some small lakes and rivers that dotted the surface were also visible. Volacius spared a glance toward the black hull plating and ominous green lights of the enormous Eclipse Star Dreadnought that had emerged a few thousand kilometers away from the Angelus Mortis. Lord Nathemus’ Harbinger was a technological marvel, if not somewhat cumbersome for their current assignment. Nevertheless, the fighter squadrons and ground forces it carried far surpassed those of the Angelus Mortis, and Volacius would never complain about having too many assets.

“Captain Teltif,” Volacius called, turning in his spartan chair at the center of the bridge to face the veteran human officer who’d served him faithfully for many years, “deploy reconnaissance flights and begin scanning the surface for humanoid life signs. Coordinate with the Harbinger’s captain, and establish regular fighter patrols. Activate gravity well projectors, and have my fighter prepped for launch.”

Volacius then stood up and strode to the nearby holotable. His fingers tapped mixed red and blue keys at the table’s embedded console, transmitting to both Nathemus and Catalyst on a secure channel. “Lord Catalyst, Lord Nathemus. Before we begin our search, I suggest that we refrain from deploying ground forces, at least for now. The terrain on the surface is ill-suited to our larger walkers and repulsor tanks, and I doubt Stormtroopers will do much good against a True Sith devotee. Lord Nathemus, I have ordered the use of my ship’s gravity well projectors, and I suggest you do the same for your own vessel. We don’t know if Nephthys has a ship, but if she does, we don’t want her to escape with it.”

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IC Catalyst
In Orbit over Verdanth

Catalyst paced the bridge of his Raider-class corvette, grumbling under his breath. Kain had given them the location of their quarry just hours ago. The plan was for himself, Volacius and Nathemus to reconvene and discuss the best plan of action. He had shown up mere minutes ago, only to be greeted with the sight of the Harbinger hanging in space over the planet. He knew Nathemus was going to bring a kilometers-long ship, but he was still not thrilled with the idea of announcing their presence so bombastically. It went against every ounce of his training as an Inquisitor and an assassin. Now there was little doubt in his mind that this Darth Nephthys they were supposed to be hunting down had seen the gargantuan dreadnought that carved a swath in the sky. At least he hadn't brought something the size of a Death Star.

Volacius's choice of vessel wasn't much better in Catalyst's mind, though it was at least significantly smaller while still dwarfing his own ship ten times over. The Pellaeon-II Star Destroyer was a more manageable, if still cumbersome capital ship that had more than enough firepower to render this planet lifeless. Still, the fact that neither of them thought that a stealthy approach would offer some benefit instead of a show of force made him curse out loud. His bridge comms chirped and he collected himself to recieve a transmission from Volacius's vessel.

“Lord Catalyst, Lord Nathemus. Before we begin our search, I suggest that we refrain from deploying ground forces, at least for now. The terrain on the surface is ill-suited to our larger walkers and repulsor tanks, and I doubt Stormtroopers will do much good against a True Sith devotee. Lord Nathemus, I have ordered the use of my ship’s gravity well projectors, and I suggest you do the same for your own vessel. We don’t know if Nephthys has a ship, but if she does, we don’t want her to escape with it.”

The Lord of Linguistics had to hold his tongue to prevent a lash of sarcasm from targeting Volacius, though his eyeroll would still likely be noticeable. "It's certain that Nephthys is very aware of our presence on this world," he stated, trying to keep his voice as even as possible. "I'm sure she's gone deep into hiding by now and is waiting patiently for the three of us to walk headfirst into a trap. So," he quirked his lip in a somewhat-forced smirk, "who wants to be first in line?"

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IC: Avery Sunka
Nar Shaddaa

It was like a funeral march. A damned funeral march, marching through a port on Nar Shaddaa, with the King of Onderon at its head. That’s what it looked like to others, at least, as they made their way towards the Cantina where the rest of their party seemed to be waiting.

Beast riders, dressed in black leathers and dark metal suits of armor followed closely behind, all armed with various blasters and swords. They’d become Avery’s personal guard after he became King, and though they weren’t needed often, he deemed it necessary for them to come today. Avery, matching with the rest of those that followed him, wore all black armor as well. The only note of color was a small golden accent on his chest and shoulders, as well as a golden chain with a ring attached to it on the left side of his chest.

Their Queen’s Ring, specifically.

I hate this bloody planet,” Avery commented as they approached the cantina. The one closest to him, Derrik, nodded in agreement.

It’s sort of… gross,” He said, the rest all making their own separate comments after. All of them silently hoped this meeting would go by quickly, and they’d be able to leave quickly. But, of course, these affairs always seemed to last far longer than they expected.

When the King Consort finally made his way to the table, he kept his head high, but eyes straight ahead. He only strayed from this to bow his head towards the Empress. The others, though, he avoided looking at them. They’d whisper, that much he was certain of. Why would the Dark Lady of Madness send her husband in her place to such an important meeting?


A few weeks prior…

Avery hummed silently as he rocked the small boy in his arms, singing a folk song he’d learned from the Wildlands as a child. He remembered singing it to his wife when she’d wake up screaming from her wretched dreams, often it seemed like the only thing that would bring her back to him. Apparently, it calmed their newest child as well.

We’ll be coming out of hyperspace momentarily,” A voice he did not care to recognize came over the speaker into the baby’s room, and was followed by the familiar jet forward as they slowed their approach. Surprisingly, Jon did not seem to care at the sudden change in momentum. He finally cooed softly, a familiar sign of him sleeping.

Avery sighed, laying the babe down and kissing his forehead before leaving the room, and walking towards the cockpit. The workers on the ship all stopped and quickly bowed towards him as he walked by, though he didn’t stop to greet them as he typically would.

As the large port view came into sight, he’d almost thought he imagined the large forest planet that laid before them. Endor was as beautiful as it had been described to him, and if they were to die soon, he was glad he’d be able to see it in person before then.

Who knew, perhaps the galaxy would implode on itself while they were there. At least he’d be surrounded by the wilderness, then. Something that made it feel like he was home.

My King,” One of their advisors said, standing and bowing as he entered the cockpit. The King smiled, resisting the temptation to laugh. He and his wife had joked a few months prior that they’d never get used to that.

It had felt like forever since that day. The calm before the storm, he supposed.

We’ll have the transport ready soon. You all may want to get ready now.

Yes, thank you,” He replied, taking another look at the planet before making his way to his children’s rooms. They both were eager to get off the ship too, it seemed. And luckily, were both old enough that he trusted them to prepare themselves without his help.

He walked across the hall to his own chambers and sighed, pausing before opening the door. He grabbed his things quickly and left before he lingered too long. Being there without his wife was too painful, even now.

Before he began making his way back towards where they’d board the transport, he found himself standing in the middle of their medical wing, having realized he had been lost in thought so much he walked here.

King Avery,” A droid beeped, and Avery’s eyes wandered to the droid, then around the room. Until eventually falling on the large bacta tank in the center of the room, the blue glow radiating the area around it.

And his wife, floating unconsciously inside.

Her vitals?” He asked, his voice cracking at the sudden rush of emotion.

Stable, King Avery,” The droid answered, its metal hand reaching out to offer a data pad to him. Avery looked it over, nodding a few times before returning it to the droid. He stepped closer to the tank, until his hand eventually reached the glass.

He leaned his head against it, listening quietly to the soft hum of the machines keeping his wife alive.

Come back to me,” He whispered softly in Onderonian, and then turned to walk out.

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IC: Lord Huskac
The Howling Hawkbat, Nar Shaddaa

"And the warrior must never forget that he and his adversary are not the only ones in that equation. Sometimes, all the universe may hang in the balance.", - Grand Admiral Thrawn

The dilapidated shell of a cantina in which the galaxy's most powerful leaders were meeting seemed a humorously apt metaphor for the state of the galaxy itself to the least well-known invitee, Lord Huskac, Emperor of the Tapani Sector (and by right of conquest and occupation, many more worlds across the Core region of the galaxy and its surrounding Colonies). After decades of war, the galaxy, once full of life and joy like this cantina once had been, was now also populated by mainly ghosts and refugees, tattered with destruction and tainted with rot. The people that once used this room for merriment were now either dead or damaged, and the people in it now were either the most effective butchers or the most resilient survivors.

Huskac noticed a few curious glances being shot his way, tiny interactions missed by human eyes made palpable in the waves of the Force to a man whose mortal sight had long since given way to another, purer form of viewing the world. I wonder which they'll call me when this is all over, he thought to himself before stretching his thin, dry lips into a wicked grin. Horrible tyrant, or beloved savior? That would depend, at least in part, on the outcome of this meeting. But for now, to these people, he was nothing but a mysterious stranger.

Huskac glanced at his escort, a small number of well-trained and well-armed men and women from the Tapani Sector, sworn by oath to serve their anointed Emperor. Once, long ago, before the Federation and the Final Sith Order, before the New Republic and the Old Republic, the Lords of Tapani lay their swords down before a man named Shey, from the noble house Melantha. He established an Empire that lasted for millennia, and Lord Huskac restored both that Empire and that name to power, christening himself Shey Tapani II, Emperor of the Expanse and all its conquered worlds. He'd then proceeded to disband the Shapani sub-sector, declaring the former Freeworlds his domain and killing anyone who dared to say otherwise, and shortly thereafter, began his campaign to take the Core. After all that, his very inclusion here seemed an acknowledgement that he'd officially become a galactic power. Perhaps even a galactic superpower.

Whatever the case, it appeared that the being that made Huskac the most nervous, the semi-legendary demigod known as Kain, would not be attending this evening, having sent representatives in his place, a move which, although to a degree made Huskac feel slighted, ultimately put him a little more at ease. He took his place at the negotiating table, and waited for whatever proceedings had been prepared to begin.

Powers Used:
Force Sight 5 (recurring hereafter)

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Kolasi’s Dreamscape
IC: Lady Kolasi
Princess,” Korrian’s voice filled the young girl’s ears as she was pulled from her sleep, sighing softly as she opened her eyes to the soft glow of the Onderonian sun rising through her window.

It’s Life Day, Princess. We need to get you up for breakfast,” The maid spoke again, walking over to the girl’s dresser to begin getting her clothes. Solisius sat up slowly, the blanket falling down off her shoulders and towards her bed as she stretched slowly. Her scarred back and shoulders were a bit less tender than they had been the day before, perhaps Korrian had put bacta on them the night prior.

Bacta… bacta… her mind seemed to get stuck on the word, repeating it over and over until her lungs felt as if they were filled with the liquid. As if she couldn’t breathe. She grabbed at her throat, clawing at it as she struggled to get anything out at all.

Until she felt a hand on her shoulder, and suddenly, she was in the dining room. Fully dressed, as if she had slept through all of it. It was her father’s hand on her shoulder, leaning down to peck the top of his daughter’s head before he sat down.

Happy Life Day, Solisius,” He said, his voice more kind than normal. Though, that was to be expected. Life Day, it seemed, was the only day she could ever truly enjoy with her Father these days. There was no yelling, no anger. Just peace.

Happy Life Day, Father,” She responded, smiling at him as best as she could manage. It was better this way. Faking it until you make it, that’s what Korrian had described it as.

It felt like she’d drank poison when she had to do this, though. Pretend that everything was fine. That her life wasn’t the way it was.

I thought today we could try a bit of flying a speeder. You need to learn one day, just in case,” Her father started, taking a small cup of caf and sipping it.

But before Solisius could respond that she wanted to, before she could respond how she was supposed to, it felt as if she had became possessed. Like the world had cracked, and she could see everything and nothing all at once.

You taught me how to fly a speeder,” She said, her voice monotonous as a flood of memories hit her mind out of nowhere.

I will today, you mean,” He replied, raising a brow at her as he bit into some of the fruit. Solisius looked down at the utensils in front of her, a small silver knife sitting beside her right hand.

You taught me how to fly a speeder when I was fifteen. It was one of the last happy memories I had, one of the last good Life Days we had.

What are you talking about, Solisius?”

You would’ve never given me a knife,” She said, still staring at the silver thing.

This isn’t real.”

But before the young princess could grab the knife, the entire world split in two, with her falling right down the center of it. Millions of worlds and people all merging into one, and her falling into the heart of it all. She wanted to scream, she wanted to fight. But she couldn’t move, all she could do was fall. And fall. And fall.

Until the entire world went black.


No!” Sol screamed as she shot up from her sleep, only to feel an arm wrap around her bare stomach. She went to smack it away, only to be met with another arm grabbing for her hand. She looked to her side, still panicking as she tried to fight off whatever was grabbing at her.

Until her bright blue eyes met the green ones staring back at her. Eyes she had become all too familiar with, eyes that felt like home.

Shh, it was just a dream,” Avery whispered softly, releasing her hand only to move his own up to her scarred cheek. Her breathing began to slowly return to a normal state, and she sighed before she finally spoke.

I’m sorry,” Sol whispered, and he simply shook his head, pressing his forehead against hers.

You’re my wife now. Our lives are bound together. Don’t apologize for waking me, no matter the reason,” He replied, speaking their planet’s fluent tongue rather than basic. Sol’s eyes wandered over to the wedding dress she had worn the day before, laying perfectly on the chair where she had left it.

Though… had she left it there?

As Avery began to hum a song she had heard before, her mind began to race. The world spun, but she remained fixated on that dress. It’s color a perfect white, without any evidence of it even being worn.

Avery,” She started, her voice shaking as she tried to make sense of all of it. But the sound of him humming continued, echoing in the chasms of her mind.

What is it?” He asked, though the humming continued. The image of him laying in front of her seemed to flicker, as if he were an image being broadcasted before her by a holocom.

When I left my wedding and came back to you, it was raining… it was raining and my dress was covered in mud. I changed into something your mother had made me…” She paused, her hand reaching up to her husband as he continued to flicker away. But the humming continued, becoming more muffled. As if she were underwater, or deaf.

Come back to me,” She heard him say, though his lips did not move.

Stay,” The mirage of her husband seemed to plead, and her hands moved to her ears, her mind screaming as pain similar to that of a bolt of lightning shot through her head, feeling as if she'd burst.

Come back to me,” The voice repeated, and she screamed. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed. She screamed until her lungs filled with fluid, and the world went dark once more.

Endor System
A few week's prior to present day

When Kolasi’s eyes opened, they initially burned. She tried to cough, though she found her mouth was covered by something…

A rebreather. A rebreather was in her mouth, and her eyes were burning from the liquid surrounding her body. She looked up, seeing the light above her, and swam upwards towards it. A few seconds later, the cold air of her ship hit her skin, and she coughed the rebreather out of her mouth and continued until her chest ached.

Queen Solisius,” A droid nearby exclaimed, and she felt metal hands grab her arms and hoist her up until she sat on the metal floor, the cool material causing even more goosebumps to go up her spine. A thin sheet was laid against her back, and she wrapped the blanket around her as her senses adjusted to the sudden change. The light, it seemed, was the worst of them. She hid away from it the best she could, curling her body into a ball on the floor and tucking her head towards the ground, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

Queen Solisius, you’ve been asleep for over a week. It may take a bit for your senses to adjust to the sudden change,” The droid beeped at her, and she waved it away.

I’m fine… My husband. Where is my husband? And my children?”

On their way to Endor, Queen Solisius. The shuttle down left a little bit ago.”

Endor?” She asked, but her mind was already searching for a reason. Why would her husband put their family on this ship, away from their home, when she was in such a state? Why had she been in a bacta tank at all?

But her mind found what she sought before the droid could answer. Lucia. Lucia was on Endor. At least for the month. They’d talked about taking their children to her before they needed to return to their duties with the looming threats against the galaxy. And Lucia had been visiting the forest planet on vacation. She was supposed to return to her home soon. And Jon. She remembered her labors starting quickly, and her contractions worsening. A droid had said the child wasn’t breathing. She remembered grabbing a knife, and cutting into her stomach before Avery could stop her.

But after that, she remembered nothing.

My family. I need to be with them. I-,” She said, but sucked in a sharp breath as she attempted to stand up. She looked down to her stomach, seeing a wound that was nearly healed, though not entirely. It was deep, and looked as if it were a zipper going down her sternum and towards her waist line.

You cannot walk, Queen Solisius. According to my records, King Avery will return to the ship in a few days.

Dwomutsiqsa,” She whispered, black smoke pouring slowly from her hand until a singular figure stood before her. Not as large as they typically were, though it would do.

I’ll manage,” She said, cringing in pain as the shadowy figure lifted the small woman and carried her out of the room. Before she knew it she was on her own shuttle, though much smaller, moving swiftly down towards the planet. She had clothed herself in pants and a cloth wrap of to cover her chest, not wanting to waste time caring how she looked, only that she was covered properly. Her hair was still wet from the bacta, and she pulled at the knots in it and braiding it back while she waited impatiently to reach the ground.

The soft thud of her landing came sooner than she expected, and she winced from the sudden shock to her abdomen as it landed. She moved as quickly as she could manage out the door, the smoke demon following beside her as a sort of crutch, holding her arm firmly to keep her upright.


She spotted the other transport, though could see they’d been long gone before she arrived. Perhaps they were nearby? They couldn’t have gotten far, surely. But all thoughts of where they were ceased when the voice of a small girl came from behind her, and Kolasi thought she’d sob then before she even laid eyes on her.

Momma?” Sommer’s sweet voice spoke out, and before she could turn fully to see her, her daughter already had her arms braced around her lower legs. She winced, gently pushing her daughter back before leaning down to hug her.

Soon enough, her son, her baby, and her husband came too. All of them hugging the Good Queen, all of them feeling at home, even this far away from it.

Around a week before the beginning of Judgement Day

I hate this planet,” Kolasi said to her husband as they stepped off the transport, receiving a smile from him as he placed a hand on her back and began walking.

Trust me. I do too,” He replied, and she smiled back at him. A few people attempted to approach them, though they both waved them off. Unfortunately, Kolasi was all too familiar with where they needed to go. Even all these years later, the memory of seeing her mother again was still fresh in her mind.

Of course he’d come here, she thought. It’s here, or with Lucia. And it was doubtful he’d risk running into his eldest daughter while around Lucia, even after all these years. Even after she’s spared his life, and helped him flee their home before her Aunt could kill him.

Of course he’d come to the last place his wife had been alive.

The small home came into view, and Kolasi nearly stopped at the sight of it. It wasn’t too late. Perhaps she didn’t have to do this.

You say the word, and we’ll turn around and leave. The Empress is supposed to be sending us the details of the meeting soon. We can just wait until then. Maybe even return to Onderon.”

If we had time, I’d say yes,” She said, smiling softly at him. He nodded, kissing the top of her forehead and moving aside to let her lead the way. They approached the house, Kolasi knocking only once at the door before waiting for a response.

And when it came, the air left her lungs.

There was her father, appearing much older than he had the last time she had seen him, with a red piece of fabric wrapped around his chest and up to his head.

Solisius?” He said, almost not believing it himself. But the familiar glow of her blue eyes told him all he needed to know. That was his daughter. Standing before him. Wrapped in black clothes with her hair darker in color, and braided back.

Father,” She replied, stepping beside him and into the house. Avery followed, though allowed Jak to step back inside before doing so. Kolasi pulled the door shut with a flick of her wrist, and Jak sighed as he looked at the door, then to her.

Lucia said you may come. I hadn’t even tried to believe you’d come back here…” He stopped, looking towards the wall of the kitchen. The home was just as small as she’d remembered it being, though with a few minor furniture changes.

Yes well, we needed a place to stay a couple days before traveling again. And she said you wished to see me, I’d hate to disappoint you,” Her last thought came out a bit more sarcastically than she’d intended it to be, but she supposed she meant it that way. Jak’s brow furrowed at his daughter’s obvious attitude, and perhaps out of habit he opened his mouth to correct it. But one look from her Beast Lord husband, and the former King knew better.

It’s not much, but there is a guest room. Make yourself at home, it’s the least I can do after…”

After what?” Kolasi asked, interrupting him. He’d hated that too, but still said nothing about it. Perhaps he didn’t really have an answer. After she saved him? After leaving her to fight a war he started? After everything that occurred during her childhood?

Well, I’ll let you both get settled then. Down the way there’s a cantina. The food is decent enough,” He said after a few moments of silence, walking towards the door and leaving his daughter and son-in-law standing there, in the middle of his home.


The twin suns had set on Tatooine when Kolasi laid restless in her bed. Her husband slept next to her, though with his blaster beside their table. They had locked the door, though there was no telling if her father would be able to open it regardless.

But her mind raced. Perhaps it was because of the warmth in their room. Or, perhaps the more obvious reasoning was that her father was sleeping under the same roof. For the first time in well over a decade, Kolasi and her father slept in the same home as one another. Though, just as it felt in her childhood, it was his home, not hers.

The Dark Lady moved her husbands arm gently away from her waist, whispering to him that she’d be back. He nodded, though she wasn’t sure if he’d actually heard her or not.

She walked lightly out of the room and towards the kitchen, trying her best to be quiet as she searched for milk to help her sleep.

The sound of a cup hitting the table made her nearly jump out of her skin, though she didn’t scream as she hit the wall beside the cooler to see who was behind her.

Her father stood there, holding his own cup as he moved the glass over to another chair, sitting across from it. Kolasi was skeptical, though she took the bait anyways.

Couldn’t sleep?” Her father asked, his voice soft as he sipped from his cup.

Sleep seems to escape me most days. I think the only time I slept soundly was…” She paused, looking at her father as he looked back, listening intently. She tried to read him, tried to know if his intentions were good, or if he merely wanted something from her.

Well, it wasn’t like he could do anything to her or her family now.

When I was pregnant with Sommer. I thought about you often those days,” She finished her thought, and watched as the corner of her father’s mouth turned up into a soft smile.

You have a daughter?”

And two sons. I’d assumed Lucia had told you, or you heard from somewhere else.”

Lucia avoids talking about you to me unless I mention you, and I avoid news about our home most days,” He explained, and Kolasi nodded. It made sense, she supposed. She had avoided it too during her exile.

Kolasi reached into her pocket, pulling out the small locket normally around her neck. She opened it, and handed it to him. Jak’s smile widened as he looked at the small photo.

That’s Oron and Sommer. I gave birth to their brother, Jon, a few weeks ago.

She looks like you,” Jak commented after a few minutes, still staring at the picture with almost amazement. Kolasi didn’t allow herself to be bitter at it. If she had, she would have killed him right there and been done with all of it. He’d almost taken it all away from her. Every smile and laugh she had shared with her children should have never happened, and it was because of him.

He handed the small chain back to her, and she closed the locket before putting it back into the pocket of her nightdress.

Your hair is darker now,” Jak commented, and Kolasi laughed lightly.

It was Lucia’s idea. She thought people would be less likely to recognize me if it was different. I wanted a few weeks away to recover before returning to them.”


The Sith.”

He didn’t contemplate questioning that. No matter her reason, he knew better than to question anyone hiding from the Sith Order. And if she was as powerful as he imagined she was, it would have to be a good reason.

Kolasi finally took a sip of the warmed blue milk, smiling at the familiar sweet taste. When she was a child, Korrian would bring her some when she struggled to find sleep. Though rarely, it would be her father that would bring her it. He always did know what was happening, even if it was done in secret.

I wanted to… apologize. By now you know what your Mother believed. I allowed my own mind to be poisoned by her paranoia. It was the beginning of the end of all of it. It almost cost us our home, our lives as we know it. And it… I cannot begin to even imagine the impact of what I… what I did,” He was a stuttering mess throughout, something Kolasi had never heard him do before. He was a ghost of his former self. But it was during his long speech, that she began to notice the specific differences in his appearance. He was much thinner, his skin a bit darker, yet somehow still pale in comparison to others on the planet. His hair completely gray. Different parts of his limbs bruised, though none looking as if he’d been attacked.

You’re sick,” Kolasi said as he paused, and he seemed to gulp as he looked at his eldest daughter. She hadn’t asked, nor did he need to confirm it. It was quite obvious now. They stared at one another for what seemed like forever, the silence hanging in the air.

I came here to kill you,” She finally spoke, pulling a vile from her things and placing it on the table. “One of the last vials of poison we found in the crypts. I destroyed the rest of them. But that one. The orange liquid. I remembered that one. Your doctor was always careful to only dispense half of it. It felt like acid in my veins, and hurt even weeks after he injected it. I was going to inject you with all of it, then leave you here to die like I did Mother. It seemed fitting, even poetic,” She almost laughed at the end of it, but held back from doing so.

I’d deserve it. I’ve been ready to die for a long time. If that gives you peace, then do it and be done with it.”

Is there a point?”

That silence returned, though this time, the uncomfortable feeling was quite apparent from both of them.

Lucia. And Esta. I didn’t kill you for them. They deserve to be with their Father again before you die. I won’t take that from them,” She said, taking the poison and standing from the table. She walked towards her room, wiping the stray tear that had managed to fall down her cheek.

Perhaps you really aren’t as terrible as she imagined you’d be,” Jak stated as her door slid open, and she paused before entering.

No. Despite the best efforts from you both, I’m not.”


They were gone before the suns began their rise into the sky. The King and Queen of Onderon set out on yet another mission, though this time, they’d be separate.

I have a bad feeling about this,” Avery stated as Kolasi pulled her ring from her hand, attaching it to his chest plate and sighing. Avery pulled his own ring off, handing it to her and watching as she attached it to her own armor. It wasn’t a good idea, not in the slightest. But it was their best option. She wished to appease the Empress, after the events with Lord Kain it was her only choice. And someone else needed to go to this meeting in her place.

We’ll be fine. We’ve survived everything so far, what’s a small bit of time apart with the rest of a lifetime together?”

Lord Vaer will be up here. I know you dislike him.”

I can handle Lord Vaer. He may be… well, I won’t say what he is. But he’s not going to do anything to me. He’ll merely be an annoyance to be around,” She said, smiling at him. They packed their armors away, and prepared to board their separate ships to leave one another.

Do I need to say it?” He whispered in her ear in Onderonian, and she laughed as she pulled him into an embrace.

I’ll always come back to you. We’ll see one another soon. Now, go be the King Onderon needs you to be,” She said, and he laughed before kissing her.

And, just as soon as they had gotten to be together, they went their separate ways once more.

IMG_6591 2.jpg

The Gananth System
Present Day

We will not be investigating that ship, Admiral. Not first, at least. We shall wait a bit for someone else to verify its safe to even step on. Send some of your men there first, and report back to us,” Lady Kolasi replied swiftly to the Admiral, pausing and smirking before she spoke again.

Unless Lord Vaer wishes to go in place of them. I’m sure he’d love to do that, for the good of the Order, of course,” She shut off her end of the com before any of the rest aboard her ship could chime in their thoughts. Though they’d still be able to hear him, and the others, if they were to respond. She turned her chair to face the rest of them, smiling slightly before she spoke. She wore a black and red jumpsuit, and while not on her body, had her demonic gauntlet sitting near her chair.

I’d like to talk to you three about the events that happened on Denova. I do not wish to go against the Empress, clearly. Nor do I wish to go against Lord Kain. Whatever happens on this excursion, let us all do what we need to do for the betterment of the galaxy, not for the betterment of one side or the other. I care little for sides in politics, I care more for myself. I’d rather not have life as we know it get destroyed, not if I can help it.”

Her hand moved to her stomach, still unable to kick the reflex she had been used to for so long. It was flattened, much more than it had been when they’d last seen her. The only evidence of her pregnancy was the small bump in her lower abdomen, but even that seemed to be much more typical for how she normally looked. She moved her hand to her lap, clasping it in the other as she sighed.

Let us hope our dear Admiral responds to us soon. I’m in the mood to argue.”

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IC- Darth Arach
Lady Kolasi’s Freighter

Arach leaned her head against the back of her seat, attempting to relax. Most of her mind was alert and ready should there be any trouble. The rest kept returning to assess the progress of her daughter’s training.

It has been nearly a month since she told her daughter the basics of who her family really was and why her father hasn’t returned home. Scarlett was smart and quick. It took her a day to process most of the information she had been given. When Arach knew that Scarlett was okay, she began Scarlett’s training with teaching her how to meditate and basic knife work. The child had picked up her lessons well and she had already progressed enough to where Arach felt comfortable advancing her to a longer blade, or maybe a practice lightsaber. That is if she kept to her promise about practicing while her mother was away.

The sudden beeping of the comms broke through Arach’s reverie. She lifted her head as Kolasi answered. The assassin listened to the orders being given and her brow furrowed. Something about it felt off. How in the hell did a ship just appear in the middle of our fleet without anyone noticing?

Arach smirked in amusement at Kolasi’s dismissal, though her curiosity was piqued. She settled back in her seat once more, then stretched her senses out toward the mysterious ship.

Who are you, little one? Where did you come from?

Force Powers Used:
Force Sense- 5

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IC: Sedriss Nathemus
Location: The Harbinger, over Verdanth

The time had now arrived for the three to conduct their mission. Though he would have preferred to kill the target for what the True Sith had done to Korriban and the rest of the galaxy, Nathemus understood exactly why her life was unfortunately a necessary one. The Harbinger rolled out of hyperspace and into the surrounding orbit of Verdanth, a planet that the Sedriss had never visited before. Here, the True Sith agent had been located through the join efforts of Kain and Kolasi through the arcane art of Flow-Walking.

As the ships of his compatriots entered the system, Nathemus was pleased to see that Lords Volacius and Catalyst had not deserted him in the task they'd been given. Surely it would be a perilous one, but for Dark Lords of the Sith, they could handle any danger thrown their way.

"Captain," the Sedriss began to address the Dreadnought's captain. "Send squadrons of cloaked fighters to the planet along with a contingent of probe droids. Scan for life forms and especially seek out ones that are solo. I believe this Nephthys to be alone, but I am uncertain at this time."

The Sedriss then pulled his holocommunicator from a compartment on his left leg armor and viewed the transmission from Volacius. The Wrath of Kain had much more fleet command experience than Nathemus, and he trusted his judgment. "And engage our gravity well projectors. We don't want any ship to leave this system. Thank you, Lord Volacius. Now, let us all hope our forces actually find something down there. I don't fancy being caught in a trap, Catalyst, but if we can trap our target, we'll have Nephthys at our mercy forthwith."

After he had said this, he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander on the currents of the Force, channeling it through his senses and hoping to see what the near future held for them. Would they succeed, or would they meet their doom?

Powers Used:
Force Channel: 5
Farsight: 5

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IC: Catalyst
In orbit above Verdanth

A twitch of annoyance pulled at Catalyst's lip as he listened to Nathemus's response. Already, swarms of fighters were leaving the Harbinger like flies buzzing around a wet wampa. A few ships from Volacius's ship had joined the fray, and together the mist of fighters began descending to the surface of the lush world. Catalyst had no navy of his own to send down with them, nor would he have volunteered his own forces if he had. He already knew the answer wasn't going to be found by scanners and squadrons. A forest that dense would obscure anything attempting to get a reading, let alone prevent visual confirmation. A smart Sith would easily be able to conceal themselves among the vegetation even without the aid of the Force. But, he supposed he would let the children play with their big shiny toys.

Catalyst switched off his holopad before his impatience got the better of him. Why even bother coming to this overgrown greenhouse if all we're going to do is scan it from orbit? He gave a brief nod to the ship's commander. "Contact me if anything of import happens, Captain," he spoke with a tone that reeked of boredom. "I don't expect our scanners to locate one person on a planet teeming with life, but you're welcome to try. I'll be in my bunk." And true to his word, the Lord of Linguistics stepped out of the bridge and retreated to his cabin.

Calling it a cabin was a strong word. As the highest ranking person aboard, and a former Sith Lord to boot, Catalyst enjoyed the benefits of an opulent bedchamber. In his mind there was no reason to forsake comfort for efficiency. He had a large bed, more than capable of hosting additional company if the moment called for it, a personal refresher and a chilled beverage compartment. This was where he stopped first, grabbing a bottle of Arkanian sweet milk and pulling the stopper out. He took a long pull from the bottle before sitting on the edge of the bed. Nothing else to do but wait. Catalyst gazed down into the bottom of the bottle, watching the creamy liquid swirl and splash against the glass. He wondered for a long while about his place in all of this chaos. He wondered why Kain had chosen to pair him with the likes of Nathemus and Volacius, neither of whom he was sure had ever thought an independent thought in their lives. He wondered just how they would get the information they needed once they found Nephthys, assuming she was even alive when they found her. Well, death isn't necessarily a problem. He smirked to himself. Step one was still to find her. While Volacius and Nathemus had more than enough modern scanning equipment at their disposal, Catalyst could at least reach out. He set the bottle down and closed his eyes, letting the ebb and flow of the Force wash over his consciousness.

Powers used:
Force Sense (3)

TAG: @Darth Kain @Darth Nathemus @Volacius
IC: Voxyn
The Howling Hawkbat, Nar Shaddaa

A peace summit. He could be back in his lab on Upekzar working on perfecting the creation of his Leviathan but no. He’s at a peace summit Kain called for on Nar Shaddaa, of all places. Voxyn hated city planets, and this one in particular, the Smugglers Moon was disgusting. Filthy, polluted, and infested with lowlifes and criminals, the moon was as bad as the Hutts that owned it, if not somehow worse than them. He did not understand why the Empress had wanted him to join her and Lady Makaria at this peace summit; surely there were others more skilled in negotiation that she could have brought. He at least was not being forced to babysit a group of apprentices again.

Looking around, he took in his surroundings. Judging from the gathered crowd, he guessed they had been the last to arrive. The Jedi Grand Master was not here; instead, he found two of the Jedi he had seen on Denova were present. Kain was also nowhere to be seen, Voidwalker and some infernal winged creature were his representatives. All the major players in the galaxy and apparently some of the minor ones, Voxyn thought as his gaze fell on various individuals he did not know who claimed the titles of King and Queen and Emperor, were either present or had representatives here.

Turning to look at the Hesperian Guard nearest to him, taking in the veiled head, the dark circlet and dark armor of the individual before planting the foot of the spear he held into the ground in front of the guard for him to take, then turned his attention to the Empress and the crowd around them. He didn’t need the spear in his hands for the summit but if this went south he was going to have some fun running it through someone unfortunate enough to get in his way.

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