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Name: Taron Solo Ka'Kol
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Species: Hapan
Homeworld: Hapes
Occupation: Jedi Master/Jedi Ace
Height: 1.95m

Taron is tall and athletically thin, with bright grey, almost silver eyes and long red-brown hair. His body bears a few scars from training, and his wrists are scarred from an encounter on Yavin IV, a result of an escape from rope bindings after being captured by a group of Sith there.

Taron wields a matched pair of Silver Bladed lightsabers, the crystals of which came from a necklace belonging to his mother, passed down through the Hapan royals.

He carries an old and battered DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, with some aftermarket modifications that would have made it illegal in a different time. This was passed to him as an old family relic.
s-l400 (1).jpg

He also carries a small military Holdout Blaster tucked into a pocket of his boot, as an old friend of the family had always passed down the parable, "No. Always carry TWO blasters. Just in case."

Taron wears flight suits in traditional colors, eschewing the traditional robes for all but ceremonial purposes. His utility belt is filled with a data pad and comm link, rebreather, grappling hook, food and hydration capsules, a few spare power packs for his blaster pistols, and a small investigative kit. He also carries a small vibroblade tucked into a hideaway pocket on his other boot, and a Pilot's survival kit with signal equipment and ration capsules sewn into the padding of his flight suits.

Basic, Old Hapan, some Huttese and Catharese from his master.

Description of Abilities:
Taron found his niche in the Guardian caste of the Jedi Order. His desire to harness his emotions through discipline led him to crave the mastery of the traditional Jedi weapons, lightsabers and the Force. Through his devotion to these arts, Taron manages to quell the storm that boils inside him. But he found his true calling in the cockpit of a starfighter. Taron is not only a Jedi Ace, but the Order's Premier Instructor for new pilots. His ancestry served Him well, and it comes through in his skills in a star fighter.

Taron is determined and headstrong when he believes himself right, though he is not too stubborn to see compromise. He is a skilled negotiator and mediator, and is very personable, finding an appreciation for the point of view of all beings. He's also quick to make jokes to lighten the mood, and possesses a love for making others smile.

Taron worries of what he calls the "storm" that rolls inside him. He has also been known to have a hard time letting things go, and he has been known to be outspoken or brash about it at times. He also has the old family traits of being sarcastic and a bit arrogant at times, and he loves to argue for the sake of argument.

Taron is happiest seeing others happy. Making jokes and soliciting laughter are some of his favorite pastimes. He is also highly sensitive to the feelings of others, and doesn't like seeing people unhappy. He has no problem making a joke at his own expense if it brings a smile. Professionally, Taron is self assured and confident, having faith in his studies and abilities, especially in Fighter Combat.

Taron, along with his twin brother, was born to a royal daughter on Hapes. After his brother was taken at 6, Taron felt like a part of him was gone. But when Master Rasi Tuum found him a little over a year later, Taron was overjoyed to be reunited with his twin brother. His Force abilities had manifested a bit later, but had come on strong when they did.

His hopes were dashed, however, when Master Tuum informed him that the Temple had no record of his brother ever being there. After this news, Taron threw himself headlong into his studies. He accompanied his master along on numerous missions throughout the Galaxy.

During one investigation on Yavin IV, Taron was captured by a group of Sith led by Darth Insipid, and was presumed dead. However, he managed to escape and returned to the Jedi to recover. After this incident, he was knighted due to his handling of the situation and trust in the Force for guidance.

Taron continued to grow and learn, training and conducting missions for the Order, until the assault on Coruscant. Taron was among the few Knights and Masters who were able to get off-world before the Temple was leveled. During the escape, Taron's former Master was killed, as was his apprentice.

Now Taron, along with the other Jedi, has devoted himself to rebuilding the Order and restoring its place as the bastion of Peace and Good in the Galaxy, though he wrestles with the familiar presence he felt on Coruscant during the assault and evacuation. They've arrived on Tython, the ancestral home of the Jedi, deep in the core of the Galaxy.

Once there, Taron was appointed as a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi Council as they rebuilt their order. He also began standing up Ganner Squadron, an elite group of Jedi Pilots flying Incom XJ-9 Stealth-X Fighters. As Ganner Leader, Taron hopes to blaze to swath through the Sith Space Navy and reclaim territory for the Federation and the Jedi, forcing the Sith back to their rightful exile, and restoring peace to the Galaxy again.

Jedi Guardian

Jedi Starfighter

Prestige Class:
Jedi Ace

7 (Jedi Master)

(80 Points)
Fast Style - 4
Shatterpoint (Inherited) - 3

Force Valor - 4
Force Jump - 3
Force Speed - 4
Force Body - 3

Telekinesis - 4
Push/Pull - 4
Force Wave - 4
Force Direction - 4 (Free)

Force Sense - 4
Precognition - 4
Pathfinding - 4

Telepathy - 4
Mind Trick - 3
Mental Shield - 4

Force Resistance - 4
Tutaminis - 4

Force Bond - 3
Force Meld - 4(Free)

Force Reflex - 4
Dull Other's Senses - 4
Force Sustenance - 3
Alter Image - 3

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Ciric Hilde, Shieldmaiden of Rhen Var
Satir Hilde faceclaim 2.jpg
Satir Hilde faceclaim.jpg

Character Sheet:

Ciric Hilde

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Homeworld: Rhen Var

Occupation: Clan leader turned Jedi Padawan

Height: 5’11”

Appearance: A rough-and-tumble woman who is perpetually prepared for battle. Standing tall with broad shoulders, Ciric is fair-skinned, with gold-brown hair and brown eyes. She carries herself with assurance, projecting an aura of hard, but serene, confidence.

Weapons: Her primary weapon before becoming a Jedi was a munit’kad halberd, although not one made from beskar. Instead it was simply forged with iron and infused with durasteel, a replica of a weapon wielded by an ancient Mandalorian. Instead of giving it up in favor of a lightsaber when she became a Jedi, however, she opted to continue wielding it, although she hopes to upgrade it with beskar as she continues her journey. She also carries a blaster pistol and a “beskad” (again, made from more common materials, rather than from beskar)

Satir's halberd.jpg

Equipment: In addition to her Mandalorian halberd, Ciric also hefts a large, round shield, made of blast-resistant pine wood and iron. Most of the time, she wears thick layers of body armor made of wool and iron. However, when going to war, she dons metal plates, crowned by an ancient Mandalorian Neo-Crusader helmet from her ancestors - her armor is dyed white and, despite its age, has been well-cared-for. Nowadays, she also keeps essentials such as a comlink, medpacs, and a datapad on her, although she is still getting used to using them.

She also carries an ancient astromech droid processor and lens and sews it into her clothes every time she changes. She can't understand the droid, and it offers no combat abilities or anything that useful, but she carries it with her anyway as it was her closest companion growing up. She calls it "Ehn."

Satir battle armor.jpg

Satir's shield.jpg

Languages: She has learned to speak Basic as fluently as if it were her mother tongue; however, her primary language is a bastardized dialect of ancient Mandalorian.

Description of abilities: Unlike most Mandalorians, who focus on mastery of pure combat, Ciric is a hunter at heart, using her keen Force-enhanced senses to track her targets and survive in whatever harsh elements she finds herself in. Also unlike modern-day Mandalorians, she has much more of an affinity with nature than with technology. This is not her only specialty however. She has formed an unnaturally strong bond with her ancestral munit'kad halberd - a bond that she can now attribute to the Force. As an Exotic Weapons Specialist, her halberd is now like an extension of her body. Despite its unwieldy length and heaviness, she wields it with deadly grace, using it to pummel, slash, and smash her opponents. Whether tracking a target through desolate wilds or fending off a horde of enemies, Ciric is a capable and deadly foe.

Strengths: Confidence, leadership, command of nature/elements, fighting in groups/against groups, tracking/hunting

Weaknesses: Using and fighting against advanced technology/in technological environments, small talk, bedside manner, temptation to the dark side in battle, dueling one-on-one

Personality: Fiercely loyal to her friends, Ciric is a courageous and calm presence both on and off the battlefield. Ciric can come off as brusque, but her genuine care for others and willingness to put them before herself reveal that her taciturn nature comes from a lifetime of silently watching over her clan, rather than from any hostility. On the battlefield, Ciric is a fierce warrior. She struggles with the temptation of the dark when she fights, for the dark side was how she best protected her people; however, she gains increasing mastery over her passions the more she trains with the Jedi.

Biography: Ciric hails from a clan descended from ancient Mandalorians, called the Rekkiade. Marooned on Rhen Var for centuries, every day was a battle to survive against the elements. Ciric was blessed with strange and unusual powers, ones which helped to protect her and those close to her on a daily basis. She learned how to use the snow and sleet to her advantage, how to conjure fire to keep her clan warm, how to control the weather and the dangerous animals that hunted them. As she began to discover and develop her powers, she felt as if a distant voice was calling to her through the snow, urging her to venture into the unknown.

One day, she resolved to discover what this voice was. Calling the clan together, she told them about the strange voice, and although none understood what she was talking about, all were loyal to her and trusting. Thus, they decided to follow her into the snowfields in search of the one calling her. After a week’s journey, they finally discovered it - a strange monument buried in a mountain. Venturing in alone, Ciric was confronted by a mysterious apparition, who told her that she was powerful in the Force and had a destiny beyond leading a small clan on Rhen Var. Leading her in meditation, he taught her how to send out a powerful signal through the temple that would summon powerful warriors of light called Jedi.

And arrive the Jedi did, touching down in their strange sky-vessels and approaching the clan. Cowed by the strange and powerful sorcerers, the clan nevertheless rallied to defend Ciric, thinking the Jedi to be avenging gods seeking to kill Ciric for desecrating their temple. However, the Jedi refused to fight the clan, instead subduing them through the Force and approaching the temple. Inside, they found Ciric communing with the Force ghost. Sensing her power, they told Ciric of her potential and that she could be a powerful warrior against the forces of darkness in the galaxy beyond Rhen Var.

Soliciting from them a promise that her clan would be kept safe and protected in her absence, Ciric ventured with the Jedi into the greater galaxy, becoming an Initiate, and then a Padawan as she sought to not simply protect her clan, but to protect the galaxy itself.

Class: Guardian
Sub-class: Exotic Weapons Specialist

Level: 3 (joined to fight in Jedi-Sith war)

Force Valor - 1
Enhance Attribute - 2
Force Speed - 1
Tapas - 1
Force Sense - 1
Force Track - 2
Precognition - 2
Telepathy - 1
Beast Trick - 1
Telekinesis - 2
Force Resistance - 2
Force Punch - 2
Force Weapon - 2
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Name: Kalum Alde
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Balmorra (by birth), New Alderaan (adopted)
Occupation: Jedi, Starfighter Pilot
Height: 5’11
Appearance: (See Picture)
Clothing: When not on duty with Ganner Squadron, Kalum wears a set of lightly coloured Jedi robes with a light brown cloak. When on duty, he prefers to wear a traditional orange flight suit and X-Wing pilot’s
Weapons: Green Bladed Lightsaber

DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Equipment: Commlink, Rebreather, Datapad, Food Supplement Pills
Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, Binary

Description of Abilities: Kalum is skilled with a lightsaber and has a strong connection to the force, though his relatively late entry into order means this connection is still somewhat untapped. He is also able to fly starfighters and other small craft skilfully .

Strengths: Quick thinker, intelligent and well educated, good physical condition. Well trained pilot. Trained in rhetoric and public speaking, and able to confidently hold a conversation.

Weaknesses: Had a closeted upbringing that had left him ignorant to some of the more darker sides of life in the Galaxy. Unresolved childhood trauma.

Personality: Normally calm and collected. Cares deeply about the welfare of others and has a strong sense of justice. Has a dry sense of humour.


Born on the factory world of Balmorra, Kalum was the son of one of the richest men on the planet, Tyrio Olaris, owner of one of the largest of the planet's many weapon manufacturing companies and a force in local politics. Looking to enhance his prestige with the Galaxy’s upper classes, Tyrio married Vela Alde, a noblewoman from New Alderaan. Tyrio had seemed charming and loving to Vela, but upon their marriage he became more cold and distant, making it clear that, like everything else in his life, he viewed the marriage as little more than a business transaction to make himself more presentable to Galactic Nobility. Once Kalum was born, and his legacy secured, Tyrio essentially separated from his wife, and left her to raise Kalum alone as he continued to focus on his only true love; the acquisition of wealth. Determined that her son would not grow up to be like his greedy, materialistic father, Vela arranged for a classical Alderaanian education for her son, having him tutored in philosophy, the arts, history, and languages. Kalum was raised to respect and appreciate everyone, regardless of rank or wealth, and his mother and tutors emphasised that peace was always preferable to conflict. He also learned how to fly airspeeders and small starfighters, and his instructors called his natural talent for such things ‘freaky’.

Once Tyrio found out that his money was being used to turn his son into a pacifist, however, he had the now 14 year old Kalum removed from his mother’s care and had her practically imprisoned in a penthouse that Tyrio owned, guarded by his own private security forces. Finally taking an interest in his son and heir, he began to groom Kalum to become his successor, imparting on the boy his own philosophy that wealth and power were the only two things that mattered, and that anyone that did not have either was simply a tool that could be used by those who had the wealth and power. He also emphasised that war was their families life-blood, and that trying to maintain peace was pointless, as it always led to weakness. Kalum rejected his father’s teachings, and tried several times to run away and return to his mother, which led Tyrio to become enraged and occasionally beat ‘some sense’ into his ‘pathetic’ son. He then decided that keeping Vela around was more trouble than it was worth and gave her a one way ticket to New Alderaan, telling her she would never see her son again. Kalum’s only solace was in his flight lessons, flying unarmed starfighters all around the canyons and skies of Balmorra. When he expressed an interest in applying to a flight academy, however, his father, horrified at the idea of his son becoming a ‘common pilot’, confiscated his ship, depriving him of his only remaining joy.

This only led Kalum to now try escaping the planet altogether. On one occasion in which Kalum ran away, when he was 16, he managed to get as far as Sobrik spaceport, intending in his desperation to try to steal a ship. He was approached by a Jedi named Shiara Volic, who just happened to be passing through. Sensing the boy was strong in the force, she sat and ate a meal with him, asking him why he was alone in a spaceport and why he seemed to be terrified. Just as he was about to explain, Tyrio and his private guards burst in and tried to take Kalum back to Tyrio’s residence by force. The Jedi Knight stood between them, saying it was clear that Kalum had no wish to go with him, even if he was his father and even ignited her lightsaber when Tyrio’s guards raised their blasters confrontationally. She then asked Kalum where he wanted to go, and he said, without hesitation, to New Alderaan, to see his mother. Tyrio said if Kalum left now, he was no longer his son, to which Kalum replied that in that case, he was glad Tyrio was no longer his father, rejecting both him, and his Balmorran heritage and his father’s name, taking his mother’s last name of Alde, and referring to himself as Alderaanian and not Balmorran.

Shiara took Kalum to New Alderaan, where he was reunited with his mother and introduced to the rest of his maternal family for the first time. He did not stay on his adopted homeworld for long, however, as Shiara told him that he was strong in the force, and would be able to be trained as a Jedi if he wished. Though initially hesitant to leave so quickly, it was Vela who encouraged him to join the Order, saying that the Jedi were the living embodiment of everything she had tried to teach him to be, and that to her, there was no greater honour than her son joining their ranks. And so Kalum left and travelled to the Jedi Temple for training, spending the next several years as an initiate, learning how to use his newly awakened abilities in the hope that he may one day become worthy of the rank of Jedi Knight, and help bring peace and justice to the Galaxy. His skills as a pilot drew the attention of Master Taron Solo Ka’Kol, who took his as his Padawan and recruited him into Ganner Squadron, the NJO’s elite starfighter squadron.

Class: Jedi Guardian

Subclass: Jedi Starfighter

Level: 3

Force Push/Pull-1
Force Valor-1
Force Speed-1
Force Jump-1
Mental Shield-2
Force Stun-1
Mind Trick-1
Force Resistance-2
Magnify Senses-1
Force Meld-2 (FREE)
Force Direction-2 (FREE)
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Name: Esta Kira
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Onderon
Occupation: Jedi Initiate
Height: 6’0”
Appearance: Bright, almost unnaturally blue eyes, brown curly hair and fair skin. He has a scar on his face, tracing down to his neck. Muscular and thin.
Weapons: Green double bladed lightsaber with standard hilt, Iron-composite dagger.
Equipment: Commlink and datapad
Languages: Basic, Laithraic, Huttese, High Galactic (written), Binary, Bocce, Ewokese

Description of Abilities: Esta is quick on his feet, and is skilled in various uses of the Force. He is skilled at performing basic ship repairs after going from planet to planet as a child, and became very skilled at throwing knives and daggers after living with a smuggler for a few months.

Strengths: Extremely intelligent, can act quickly in stressful situations. Physically fit, and quick on his feet.

Weaknesses: A bit impulsive, often acting on emotion rather than thinking situations through.

Personality: Esta is cunning and smart, but very humble. He is also very quiet.

Biography: Esta was born in 136 ABY in Iziz, Onderon to Jak and Vorra Kira. He was the younger twin, his older sister was named Solisius. A few months after their birth, his mother claimed to have envisioned their future. In it, she said she saw her daughter killing all of them. Fearing this future, she sought out her former trainer, Tyrisai, and begged for his help. He claimed that Esta would be able to stop her, and offered to take him away from Onderon to train. After weeks of manipulating and convincing Jak, Esta was sent away with the man.

Although not a Jedi, Tyrisai was well attuned with the force. He trained Esta basic techniques, but was unable to train him properly. They went from planet to planet, only staying on one for a few months before leaving for somewhere new.

At 16, nearly 13 years after Vorra had left Onderon, she sought out her son. She found him on Tatooine, and Esta lived with her and his sister, Lucia, who was born 3 years after him. They lived peacefully on the desert planet, Jak visiting them every few weeks. They never spoke of Solisius, leaving Esta and Lucia in the dark about Esta’s twin’s existence.

At 19, Esta had returned home after work to find it destroyed. Lucia was distraught, and after further investigation, Esta saw his mothers blood on their wall. His Father came to them as soon as he could, and told them about the existence of Solisius, and said that she had been the one that killed their mother. Lucia left with him to return to Onderon, but Esta did not. Instead, he boarded a smuggler's ship and sought out the New Jedi Order, wanting to protect his family and the galaxy from the darkness of the Sith.

Class: Sentinel
Subclass: Shadow
Level: 3
20 points

Form I - Shii-Cho- 1
Form III - Soresu- 2
Telekinesis- 2
Telepathy- 2
Mental Shield- 2
Mind Trick- 2
Force Resistance- 2
Force Sense- 2
Farsight- 1
Force Sight- 1
Tutaminis- 2
Alter Image- 1
Force Fear- 2 (Free with Jedi Shadow Subclass)
False Dark Side Aura- 2 (Free with Jedi Shadow Subclass)

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Name: Charum Hakkor

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Species: Kel Dor

Homeworld: Dorin

Occupation: Baran Do Sage, Jedi Initiate

Height: 5 foot 10 inches


Weapons: Blue Single Bladed Lightsaber, DC-15s Side Arm Blaster

Equipment: personal com device, repair tools, data pad, med kit

Languages: Basic, Kel Dor

Strengths: Hakkor is experienced with piloting starfighters, has a preference for telekinetic abilities in combat and has past force training with the Baran Do Sages prior to joining the Jedi

Weakness: is not the best lightsaber duelist, prefers a dogfight to a duel

Personality: Kind and caring but doesn't always understand humor and metaphors

Biography: Charum Hakkor was born on Dorian, his parents both worked as mechanics at the near by space port and would often bring him with them to work because they couldn't afford a baby sitter. He learned a lot about starships and how to fix them and modify them on all these trips to work with his parents. When it was discovered that he was force sensitive he was allowed to join the Baran Do Sages where he learned some of the ways of the force but he also continued to come home and help his parents with their work. By the time he turned twenty five his parents were the chief mechanics at the space port and were no longer hurting for money. By the point Charum wanted to leave Dorin, to see the Galaxy and the people of the Galaxy. He decided the best way to do that was to join the Jedi and learn more of how to use the force to help. He managed to buy an old Delta 12 Skysprite cheap and with his parents help he fixed it up and modified it, installing a hyperdrive into the ship so it didn't need a hyperspace ring. Once it was ready he left Dorin and went looking for the Jedi.

Class: Jedi Starfighter

Lvl 3

Form 1: 1

Instinctive Astrogation: 2

Force Sense: 2

Precognition: 1

Telekinesis: 1

Hassat-dur: 2

Ballistakinesis: 1

Force stun: 1

Force Valor: 1

Mental Shield: 2

Force speed: 1

Telepathy: 2

Mind trick: 1

Force Sight: 1

Force Meld: 2

Force Direction: 2Screenshot_20220701-212004~2.png

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Name: Korelei Laheera

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Species: Keshiri

Homeworld: Kesh

Occupation: Jedi Initiate

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Appearance: Shoulder length silver hair, lilac skin, blue eyes, slender but slightly more muscular build, wears more decorative jedi robes like those worn by the long ago jedi of the high republic.

Weapons: cleansed Lignan crystal single bladed dual phase white lightsaber, sonic blaster pistol, beskar parang.

Equipment: data pad, wrist comm, med kit

Languages: Basic, Keshiri, Ancient Sith

Strengths: Quick and strong, skilled with a lightsaber, empathetic and always tries to help those who need it.

Weaknesses: She was born and raised on Kesh completely surrounded by the Sith influenced culture of the world and struggles to work past everything she's been taught to believe so she can follow the path of the Jedi.

Personality: generally cheerful, tends to be fairly sassy, kind and caring and always to help those in need

Biography: Korelei was born in 133 ABY on the planet Kesh. Her family wasn't high in prominence, it hadn't had a force sensitive member since the death of her great grand father so when she showed to be force sensitive it was met with excitement from her family who saw her as a chance to bring power and respect to the family. When the time came for her to be trained her mother gave Korelei her great grandfather's lightsaber, one of the old lignan powered sabers from the days the Sith were still stranded on Kesh, and she was taken by her new master to be trained at the Kesh Sith Academy. She did well in her training but hated every minute of it, she was a caring individual that didn't like seeing others suffer and was repulsed by her master and the other sith. One day when she was out on a mission with her master she stole a ship and fled, leaving the sith order behind and looking for the Jedi, hoping they would take her in.

Class: Jedi Peacekeeper

Lvl 3

Form 1: 1

Form 5: 2

Telekinesis: 1

Force Valor: 1

Force Jump: 1

Force Speed: 2

Mind Trick: 1

Force Sense: 1

Alter Damage: 2

Cryokinesis: 2

Force Resistance: 1

Telepathy: 1

Mental Shield:1

Ionize: 1

Magnify Senses: 1

Malacia: 1

Force Stun: 2

Ice Image: 2Screenshot_20220701-211715~2.png


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Jedi sheets.


Seath.the.Scaleless.full.1350502.jpgName: Ormr’Oryx.
Age: 1,973.
Sex: Unclear.
Species: Duinuogwuin.
Homeworld: Xuaquarres.
Occupation: Jedi Exile. Hermit.
Height: 12,2 meters - 40 feet.
Appearance: An ordinarily striking creature marred by lengthy physical degradation, Ormr’Oryx is a being that rarely escapes notice. Its once jagged scales have taken on a soft and fleshy appearance, their color fading from a grayish blue into a stark white. This has lent it a bodily appearance more reminiscent of a deformed human, overtaking its draconian roots. Its diaphanous and colorful wings have been retained, but its eyes are all but invisible against its veiny and horned face. A pair of humanoid arms extend from its body, though multiple legs are missing. Its lower body has become a distorted mass of bulky scales and spikes.

Weapons: Its own body.
Equipment: Its own body
Languages: Basic. Duinuogwuin. Bocce. Bothese. Huttese. Mando’a. Durese. Rodese.
Description of Abilities: As a Duinuogwuin, Ormr’Oryx is blessed with a variety of abilities aside from Force sensitivity. The most obvious is its large size and ability to fly, enabled by natural repulsorlifts. Beyond this the species possesses considerable durability and longevity, including the ability to regenerate at a fast rate, potentially live for millennia, survive in the void of space, and move through hyperspace unassisted. True to their appearance they are also capable of breathing superheated gas, reminiscent of fire.
After falling in with the Jedi Order, the New Sith Wars necessitated extensive study of Sith powers and how to combat them. This pushed Ormr’Oryx to learn advanced abilities rooted in the Light, to counter its shadowy adversaries.

Strengths: With centuries of wartime experience under its scales, Ormr’Oryx has accrued a capable military mind. He is highly adaptable and perceptive, and more than willing to apply those traits without mercy. The ability to fly, combined with maneuvering skill surpassing any technological fighter, makes it a terrifying aerial threat.
Weaknesses: Despite its allegiance, the dragon is far more aggressive than its comrades, and will resort to devastatingly deadly force without much provocation. When combined with arcane deformities and limited skill in direct physical combat, it is ironically quite vulnerable to aggression akin to its own.
Personality: Stern and somber, Ormr’Oryx tends to present itself with a reserved dignity. It tends not to speak its mind in public, remaining largely silent and contemplative. In battle it is a blur of animalistic ferocity, fighting with unrestrained conviction. Despite its great age and harsh experiences it harbors a surprisingly altruistic and hopeful outlook, believing firmly that the Light will eventually prevail.

Born during the Draggulch Period and the accompanying New Sith Wars, a Star Dragon mysteriously found its consciousness in the void of space, far from companionship. Wandering explored and unexplored space for centuries, it came upon countless civilizations across the nomadic odyssey.
As the journey continued more and more planets were found marred and devastated. The protracted war against the New Sith Empire leaving unbridled carnage in its wake. As Ormr’Oryx approached the Core Worlds and Colonies, the overwhelming sorrow and suffering spurred it into joining the war. Eventually falling in with the Jedi Order, it would fight alongside them across multiple wars throughout the following centuries. From aiding the Jedi Master Murrtaggh in the war against the Dark Underlord’s Black Knights, to the disastrous retreat at Mizra, and the defeat of Darth Rivan at the Battle of Almas. Through it all Ormr’Oryx would devastate its adversaries, in victory or defeat, always weary and worried of what may be its bane. But it was not to last, as it would not see the conflict to its end.
During the Sictis Wars, while embroiled in battle with the forces of Belia Darzu, the dragon was struck by an inexplicable surprise attack, inflicting a deadly degenerative disease. Whether the attack was a curse or a virus, the dragon would never know. Its once enormous strength dwindled at a meteoric pace. The end was seemingly in sight, setting a singular path towards The Graveyard of Dragons. It would not reach that either. Flung out of hyperspace by a spatial anomaly, Ormr’Oryx crashed on a distant moon. Landing in a cavernous mountain range, all it could do was curl up in a grotto and lose consciousness.
Over the following decades the once might Jedi dragon would gradually connect to the flora and fauna of the star system. Eventually touching the minds of its native population, it would become a mythical figure to them. With the aid of the neighboring Diathim, Ormr’Oryx would gradually regain its strength, though its body would forever remain deformed.
More than a millennia later, it would find, or perhaps be found by, another Jedi in exile…

Class: Jedi Shadow.
Level: 3 (War enlistment).

Force Valor > 2
Dampen Force > 2

Force Sense > 2
- Instinctive Astrogation > 2

Telekinesis > 2
- Levitation > 2

Telepathy > 2
- Mental Shield > 2

Force Resistance > 2
- Tutaminis > 2

False Dark Side Aura > 2 (Jedi Shadow)
Force Fear > 2 (Jedi Shadow)


b13721aef6e9c12d7e438531862741be--dark-souls-amazing-art.jpgName: Sigryn Alina.
Age: 32.
Sex: Female
Species: Miraluka
Homeworld: Alpheridies.
Occupation: Luka Sene (formerly). Jedi Exile. Healer. Soothsayer.
Height: 6’2.
Appearance: Dressed in simple and plain robes, the immediate impression she may give off is that of a religious recluse. Despite her relatively young age, her plain face is littered with lines, bearing ill thoughts and memories. As is customary of Miraluka, her empty sockets and matted dark hair are covered by a headdress.

Weapons: Lightsaber pike. Curved metal blade, gifted to her on Iego.
Equipment: Holocom. Small Jedi courier.
Languages: Basic. Miralukese. Galactic Sign Language. Binary (droidspeak).

Description of Abilities: Trained for her entire life in two organizations devoted to the Force, she has worked to hone her native abilities as a Miraluka. Her native ability to see without eyes has been bolstered by alternative abilities related to sense and empathy. Highly perceptive as a result, she leaves no opportunity lost in the martial defense of her allies.

Strengths: In addition to abilities related to the Force, she is an able pilot, and has undergone lengthy medicinal training.
Weaknesses: For all of her training and skill she is prone to great emotional distress stemming from her previous experiences. As a result she may easily be overwhelmed by intense situations. Her empathetic nature can present great vulnerability.
Personality: Largely tender and cautious, she is a being of great empathy and compassion. She will go to great lengths to protect all lives in her care, at times even the enemy. Unfortunately she is often hindered by her emotionally sensitive mind, and harbors unusual bitterness towards the galaxy and the conflicts she partakes in. In spite of that, her selfless nature is never in question.

Born into the Luka Sene on Alpheridies, Sigryn Alina would be raised in, and by, the organization. Her life would be entirely uprooted by the Sith-Imperial War. At the tender age of 5, the Luka Sene was targeted by the One Sith. Amidst the inferno of a voracious massacre, she was carried away in the hopes of finding shelter with the Jedi Order.
This was not to last either, as the Massacre of Ossus would drive them underground. Finally finding a measure of safety in the Hidden Jedi Temple at Taivas, she would spend the following 7 standard years overseen by the Jedi Order in exile, led by Masters K’Kruhk, T’ra Saa, and Tili Qua. In the concealed ship-temple, she would find a measure of peace longer and deeper than her entire previous life. Eventually she began training to become a Jedi herself.
Her newfound life and training would be cut short by the One Sith attack on Taivas. Once again forced to flee, she became one of the several Jedi who reached Bastion thanks to the sacrifices of Drok; Te Corso; Sayar Dun’La; Nat Skywalker, and T’ra Saa.
Following the final Battle of Coruscant and the death of Darth Krayt, she remained with the Jedi until the Federation Civil War ten years later. Following the outbreak she would enlist as a Jedi healer for Alliance to Preserve the Republic. Despite the eventual Alliance victory, she grew increasingly bitter and disillusioned with the political systems of the galaxy, and the Jedi Order’s involvement with them. Following the end of the war, she would request and receive a leave of absence from the Order. Heading aimlessly for the Outer Rim, she did not intend to return. By chance, or by will of the Force, she would come upon a call leading her to the Extrictarium Nebula and the planet Iego. There she would become a local healer and soothsayer. As she came into contact with the local Diathim, she would come into contact with an ancient dragon, once the Jedi ally Ormr’Oryx.
With the galaxy engulfed in darkness, and the Jedi Order attempting to rise again, they are both bound to return to their old allies…

Class: Jedi Healer.
Level: 3 (War enlistment).

Form I - Shii-Cho > 2

Force Valor > 2
- Force Speed > 2

Force Sense > 2
- Force Sight > Innate

Telekinesis > 2
- Levitation > 2

Telepathy > 2
- Mental Shield > 2

Force Resistance > 2

Hibernation Trance > 2

Force Heal > 1 (Jedi Healer)
Revitalize > 1 (Jedi Healer)

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