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IC: Veloc Torv & Thalia T’Lara


"Do you have a minute?"

Ah shit.

“Uh, sure. But, um, only just a minute now! I, uh…yeah. But not here…I know a spot.” Torv stumbled over the words. He really didn’t want to have a conversation with the Asari…but he couldn’t just brush her off forever. Especially if they had to work together.

Ok, Torv. You can do this, you can…ah fuck, you can’t do this.

Torv walked in silence as they all departed the ship, keeping his distance from the rest of the team. He just wanted to go back to his place and have a drink…but no. He had to get this out of the way.

I gotta know, one way or the other…I guess.

Knox turned back to them and told them all he had a couple more people to pick up, and told them they were free to do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn’t die.

Heh. I wish I could die right now…

“Well, come on Asari.”
He beckoned her to follow him over to a bench that overlooked the view of the Omegan ‘skyline’. Two Volus were sitting on the bench, chatting idly.

“Scram, pipsqueaks! You’re on my bench.” He growled, and the two immediately jumped off the bench and waddled off towards the markets. Torv sat down and folded his arms.

“So…what do you want to talk about?” He asked, sounding a little nervous.

Thalia could feel her heart pounding away. She felt as if it would jump out of her chest at any moment. Her body felt as if she was shaking violently, but only on the inside. Her knees felt weak, as if they'd give out at any moment and she'd be laying on the ground. Yet they didn't.

Thalia continued to stand instead of taking a seat next to Torv. She turned to look at the skyline, trying to hide her own nervousness. She didn't want to have this conversation.

Do I really want to know? What if it's some bizarre reason? Or what if I'm wrong, and I seem like a creep?

What if she was wrong? She could always lie and make some excuse, she could say she wanted to have a private time with him. No. She needed to know, no matter the outcome.

You can do this Thalia. He's no different than any other person. Stop acting like a scared child!

She took a deep breath then turned and looked Torv in the eye, a false mask of determination covering her face. "Why do you stare at me and seem so nervous when I'm around?"

“Um…hmm. I…uh…had a run in with an Asari once. Years ago. Ever since then, I guess I’ve been…uh…jumpy…around them. Yeah.” He spluttered, without really thinking.

God dammit you idiot. Even I can smell your bullshit.

Thalia scowled at Torv's response. She knew he was hiding something. She didn't need her intimate knowledge of male actions to know he was trying to cover the truth. She couldn't just come off as angry, she needed to persuade him to tell her.

Her face quickly turned from a scowl to a smile, trying to hold it back. "What a load of shit." She said as she was laughing. "Jumpy, you? Oh come on now Torv, I'm sure a big bad Krogan like you isn't really scared of small and dainty me, are you?"

Torv grunted and got to his feet, walking over towards the railing that was all that prevented anyone from falling to the depths of the station. He grabbed it and looked out, thinking.

Come on, you big idiot. You can do this. You have to know. Damn it.

Torv sighed, turned round and sat back down. He opened his omni tool and flicked through a series of images.

“Let’s hope I haven’t deleted this…” he muttered to himself. No. He hadn’t. He looked at the image for a second, and then turned his wrist around to show Thalia a picture of an Asari that he hoped, no, prayed, she wouldn’t recognise.

Thalia gasped when her eyes fell upon the image that Torv had provided. Had they not been out in the open they would have needed oxygen masks from how much air she sucked in. She felt as if the color all ran from her face. She was in shock.

Why does he have a picture of her? Who the fuck is he? He must be trying to set me up. I'll have to kill him before he has the chance. But I can't let him know that I know.

"Why….why do you have a picture of her?" She asked in a shaky voice, trying to hold herself together.

Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

“Well…crap…you see…fuck. This is Velaria. She and I…we used to be together. A very long time ago. Must’ve been…fuck…nearly 200 years ago now. Lost track. I heard you mention her name and…that she was your mom…and, well…” He explained, terribly. He couldn’t finish the thought that had formed in his head.

Thalia felt like the entire station was spinning out of Orbit. Certainly all the color had left her now. She felt dazed and confused, as if she was at the edge of an explosion.

Him and my mother? Together? Like as in together, together? Oh that's a disgusting and disturbing thought.

"And what, you were hoping I could fill you in on her? Put you back in contact with your old flame so you could get a piece of ass? Come on, after nearly 200 years and you're still caught up on her? Mom must have been a freak before I was born if the two of you were knocking boots. But I suppose I can understand, and before you ask, yes my mother is single."

Torv stood up and punched the bench, leaving a Krogan fist sized dent in the metal.

“Still caught up on her?! She ran out on me! Told me one day she wanted to start a family with me. I even did that damn freaky mind thing with her, and then the next day she ran off! Took all the creds I had lying around with her as well. Never said a goddamn word! Trust me, I’m not still caught up on Velaria. Asari-“ he stopped himself before uttering the word ‘bitch’. He was breathing heavily. His blood was screaming for him to tear something apart.

"Torv I'm sorry, I had no idea. My mother she….she can be difficult, trust me I know. Hell I didn't even know my mother had ever had a true relationship with anyone. The last time she and I spoke before I left home we had an argument and she was still stubborn even then."

Thalia stepped next to Torv, reaching down and running her hand over the dent from the Krogan 's fist. "It's funny in a way. Any time I was angry or would blow up, she always said I acted just like a rampaging Krogan. And come to find out she meant you." She turned and looked back at Torv, their eyes meeting and locking. "I promise you, I'm not my mother, and you have no reason to feel nervous around me. I'm sorry she hurt you, but I won't betray you. I'd hug you if I didn't think you'd rip my head off." She said playfully.

Torv’s breathing slowed. His hands relaxed. He even laughed at her last remark.

Nah. No way she’s my kid. Too diplomatic. What was I even worrying about?

“And to think, here I was terrified you were my kid. But nah, you’re way too reasonable.” He said, laughing. “But…how old are you? Just to be safe.”

"I don't know who my father is. Velaria never told me who he was. Even though it seems like everytime I did something that she didn't like she would say that I was just like my father. Every time I asked her she always gave me a different answer. It was always the same four responses, it just all depended on her mood. But to answer your question, I'm 183 years old."

Torv looked at the picture again…and then checked the date it was uploaded. It was the last picture he had taken of her. Just a few weeks before she left.

And it was dated 183 years ago.

“Well…shit.” He muttered, and then turned the info showing the date to her.

Thalia looked at the info Torv had pulled up and presented to her. The smile on her face quickly vanishing as she seen the upload date of the image.

There's no way! He has to be fucking with me. Is it really a possibility?

"Holy shit! This was uploaded not long before I was born. Do you think….do you think you might know who my father is? I bet that's why she left you, she was probably cheating and whoever it was must be my father! I've heard stories of you Krogans sharing partners. Who else was she mind melding with?"

Holy shit…well, she’s dumb enough to be half Krogan. Reminds me of my damn cousin.

“There wasn’t anyone else, kid. I know that for a fact because the skull of the last guy that even offered to buy her a drink is currently mounted on my wall along with two other idiots that made a pass at her.”
Torv grunted back, actually getting a little bit expasperated.

"And you said you're not caught up on her. But it sounds like you loved her. Like truly loved her. But then if there was no one else then…" Her mind raced, putting together all that Torv had told her. It hit her like a concussion round. "NO FUCKING WAY!"

Thalia took a stumbled step backwards from the realization, her head spinning. If she was right then….

Oh shit I hit on my own father! Eww that's so fucking gross! How was I supposed to know?

"Shit." She grumbled. Her body again feeling like it was shaking like she wanted to hit something. Thalia turned and punched the bench right next to where Torv had dented it, leaving her own smaller sized dent next to him. As she pulled her fist back she felt a small bit of relief but she still wanted to destroy something.

“Yeah. Shit. That’s why I was…a little nervous. I mean…what would you do when you realise you might have a kid you never knew about?” He sighed.

“Look…maybe we should…uh…”

I can’t do this. Fuck.

“Give each other some…space. Time to…uh…think. And then…maybe later…go for a…drink. Or something.” Torv stuttered.

It's only been my entire life with time and space, what's a little bit more now?

"Yeah…that sounds like a good idea. Time and yeah….I'll be at Afterlife later."

Reezka isn't going to believe this! I wonder what Aria knows about him…

"Yeah…….. I'll meet you at Afterlife later on?"

“Yeah…sure. I gotta swing by my place anyway. Grab some stuff. And pick up my Varren. See you there…Thalia.” He said, before immediately taking the chance to walk off towards the residential districts.

Well...that could've gone worse...I guess.

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IC: Genesis Anomaly
Location: Persephone, Workshop

As Knox left the workshop, Genesis’s light brightened for a moment to affirm. Once the door closed he rounded up his gear, and quickly began to create a blueprint. The blueprint came out faster than a normal organic would be able to create due to the Geth’s higher processing.

After creating the blueprint, he calculated each part, and plating he was going to need, and added it to the workshop’s inventory shopping list. He then titled the blueprint Project: Secure Anomaly, copied it over to his omnitool, and burned the original paper version.

After he finished his business in the workshop, he exited the ship, carefully avoiding surveillance, and entering the vents of the station. Before he continued he sent a message to Knox through his omnitool. “Knox. I am ready and available on comms. Due to current circumstances, it would be in best interest if I am not seen with the rest of your team and you. Just say the word through comms and I will have your back. The sooner we find a better way for me to hide in plain sight for more than a small while will indeed be beneficial.” Once the message was sent he waited where he was to see the direction Knox and company went.

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IC: Veloc Torv

Omega: Residential Districts

The chat with Thalia had gone better than he could have hoped for. He’d half expected her to be horrified at the thought of her father being Krogan, but instead, she’d taken it rather well, all things considered. Not even the looks of fear and revulsion from the Salarians and Turians that crossed his path as he made his way towards his apartment could dampen his mood.

Perhaps I'll compose a new piece in honour of the occasion. Yes, I’m sure she’d like that. I could even do a reading on the Persephone. They haven’t heard real poetry. Probably only that human garbage.

The sound of rushing feet caught his attention, and sure enough, Trox came bounding around the corner at the sound of his master’s approach. The varren leapt up towards Torv, who knelt down and began to pet Trox’s head.

“Who’s a good boy! How many Vorcha did you get? Bet you made your old man proud!” Torv said gleefully. Sure enough, there was a datapad attached to the Varren’s collar. Torv detached it and opened it, revealing a message.

‘Your Varren killed 6 Vorcha that were lurking around Afterlife. Credits have been transferred into your account as a sign of Aria’s appreciation.

  • Captain Preitor Gavorn.’

“Haha! Good boy Torv! I’ll get you a nice juicy steak before we leave. We’ve got a job, you know. Means we’ll need to go on a ship. You’ll like space. The colours are nice to look at.” Torv chuckled, patting the Varren again, who licked his gauntleted hand.

Torv led Trox around the corner and along a street towards his apartment. But when they reached the entrance, Torv stopped, pulling out his shotgun as he did so. Trox, reacting to his master, began to growl, and stood ready to charge. The door to Torv’s apartment had been pulled open. The access panel glowed orange as the door tried to shut itself but couldn’t.

What the fuck? Ooh…whoever did this is gonna pay with their fucking head.

Torv slowly approached the door, his weapon raised. As he approached, the access panel turned green and the door slowly slid open.

“Oh…fuck.” He said, taking in the scene before him.

The entire apartment had been ripped apart. The couch had been tossed halfway across the lounge. Every cabinet and shelf had been torn open and thrown violently to the ground. The scene was the same in every room. Someone had torn the place apart looking for something.

“No. No no no no no no. Where is it? WHERE IS IT?!!!!!!” Torv shouted, panicking.

The Kroganica.

His life’s work.

His Magnum Opus.

It had better still be where he had hidden it.

But as he charged into his bedroom, his heart sank. He had hidden the datapads containing his masterpiece in a safe underneath his bed. But the bed had been thrown up alongside the wall, and the safe was open.

“NOOOOO!!!!!” He dived to the floor, but it was too late.

Everything was gone.


The blood rage took control. He smashed everything in sight. He headbutted walls. Smashed windows. Tore apart furniture.

But nothing helped. He ended up sitting on the lounge floor, everything around him in ruins. Trox came and lay beside him.

“Whoever did this…I'm gonna find them. And I am going to tear them limb from fucking limb…” He growled. He looked up at the ceiling, and then stood up. Someone had shot holes into the ceiling, and those holes formed letters, which then spelled a name. A name he recognised immediately.


Veloc Gorgg, Torv’s cousin, and the slimy bastard that had wormed his way to the position of clan chief over Torv.

“I swear this on the blood of my ancestors. I will kill you. YOU HEAR ME, YOU FUCKING PYJACK BASTARD? I’M COMING FOR YOU!” Torv roared.

Ah, fuck. The job. I gave Knox my word, didn’t I. Well…maybe he could swing by Tuchanka. Or drop me off when we’re done. Either way, I’m killing that fucker. Even if he hasn’t destroyed my work yet.

Torv turned to leave, probably for the last time. He patted Trox on the head.

“Come on, buddy. Let’s go talk to daddy’s new friend about killing your dumbass cousin.” He said, and then together Krogan and Varren walked back towards the path that would take them back towards the port, and Afterlife.

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IC: Stygian Vard
Location: Omega

Loved ones? They've gone elsewhere.
Gear? Got all he needs for now.
Shopping for something else?

No. He's simply going to wait. Might as well. It wouldn't take long, he figured.

He took a breath just short of something that could be considered deep. It's like hearing news that your cancer was incurable.
That's what Omega is, after all: an incurable cancer. This place breeds malice and hate, disgust and envy, paranoia and hopelessness. And yet he feels peace.

For every world, every civilization that Stygian visited, the good always outnumbered the bad. It might not always have been more influential, but it always was more. In a disaster, for every vicious looter there were a hundred good people, people trying to save others, to help them in ways slight and substantial.

On Omega, it was perpetually the opposite. For every person feeding a starving person, there were 100 scumbags willing to try and rob them both. Or worse. You could be robbed multiple times in one day. Or worse. If he were to blow the entire station into dust and scatter it in the cosmic winds, the galaxy would likely be a better place, the result would be net good. You pluck a parasite from your scalp. You don't let it fester.

He looked outside. His whole life swirled peacefully in his mind. He had hate, immense disgust, unfathomable sadness for it all. Hate for the people who repeated the cycle of it all. Disgust that they wouldn't rise above it. And sadness in the fact he knew many of them couldn't, that they only do what they've ever known. They do it so they don't suffer as they did as children, as they saw their loved ones suffer.

How could one enjoy a dinner on the Citadel when families here subsist off of crumbs, only to have even that taken from them from time to time? For all everyone's efforts, nothing changed.

And yet he feels peace.

Or is it emptiness?

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GM Update

IC: Cabal Knox
The Streets of Omega

The leader of this little band of misfits had a reply ready for the strange Geth that’d just messaged him. Quick, to the point. “Don’t fuck this up.”

He went his own way as the others went theirs. Torv and Thalia had gone to talk; what he wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in that conversation. Reezka he hadn’t seen, though he assumed she was running off to her boyfriend, wherever he was. Stygian seemed to be taking in the sights, if there were sights to see on a station like this. But it was like Knox said, so long as they were back on the Persephone by the time he was, and if they were in one piece, that was all he cared about.

The streets of Omega were as filthy as he remembered from the last time he’d been here, and he wasn’t just thinking about the dirt and grime. Predator’s eyes followed his every move, looking him up and down and trying to decide if he was worth the trouble to kill him and take everything he had. Batarians, vorcha… it didn’t matter who it was or what they looked like to Knox. If anyone made a move, he’d paint the walls with their brains and leave the bodies as a warning.

The transition from the docking bay to the marketplace was slow and steady, so gradual that you’d hardly notice the difference. But the contrast was still there. There were fewer street urchins begging for credits, thanks to the armed guards around the place. The lights here were brighter and more colorful, partially to make the market more inviting to customers but mostly so there’d be fewer shadows for thieves to lurk in. The thought brought a smirk to old Knox; he knew the biggest thieves on this station were the merchants themselves.

But they were the thieves he knew, and he’d happily pay their exorbitant prices if that meant he’d get what he wanted. A few quick transactions with some local junk dealers: an elcor, a quarian still on his Pilgrimage, and a woman far too old to be living on Omega were the ones he got the parts from. The delivery would be handled by security mechs and an old turian named Tekkus, who Knox knew well enough. Ace would get the scrap on board, and Genesis would have what he’d need to do… whatever the hell it was that needed doing.

But when it seemed all the small business was done with, and there was nothing left but getting to Rassar and his conveniently hired big-game hunter, well, there was one more wrench thrown into the day.

Somehow even Knox and his cybernetic eyes couldn’t see the hand reach out from the nearby alley, snatching him away to the side and pulling him into the darkness. His hand cannon was out of its holster like lightning. Instinct forced him to put the barrel under her chin. It was a woman that’d grabbed him, he realized. His eyes went wider when he recognized her.

He holstered the pistol, cursing.

“Is that how you greet people these days, Knox?” she asked, grinning all too arrogantly for a woman that just had a gun in her face.

He answered her with gritted teeth. “I could ask you the same damn thing, Lawson.”

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IC: Ezrai
Near the Docking Bay, Omega


The child was no older than seven. A human. Scruffy brown hair. Hazel eyes. Dirty and stinking of a boy that hadn’t been washed in weeks. Tears were in those eyes of his as he ran up to Stygian, who seemed to be lost in a sea of his own thoughts.

“M-mister, please help me!” he begged. “M-mama took something bad and is spitting up blood! I d-don’t know what to do! Please!”

He tugged on the turian’s robes, obviously desperate.

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IC: The Elcor Bouncer
Outside the Gates to the Afterlife, Omega


Standing ahead of the line of miscreants trying to enter the most popular club on the station was a lone elcor. And that was all that was needed.

“You tawk a lot of shit for a sshpecies that can’t even tawk right!” the human in front slurred. It was clear he’d already had plenty of libations before even getting here.

“Amused: how astute of an observation.”

“What the hell are you ssayin’ now? You tryna start somethin’, ass face?”

“With thinly veiled malice: are you?”

“Maybe I am! What’re you gonna do ‘bout it?”

It wouldn’t take a fortune teller to know that everyone here was about to see this poor drunk get smashed to a pulp if he kept it up at this rate. Thalia had been the first of the group to head toward the Afterlife, and she obviously had no worries about being stopped by the doorman with her reputation. Maybe she could get the bouncer to cut the idiot some slack. Or perhaps she could stay and watch a murder, whichever was her fancy.

Torv would no doubt want to participate in the murdering himself, as he’d caught wind of the human’s slurring just as he arrived. But maybe it was best to not get soaked in blood before an important business meeting with the Queen of Omega.

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IC: Nyreen Kandros
Rassar’s Stand, Omega

Straight to business; she appreciated that about him if nothing else.

“It seems my boss has taken an offer to help smuggle Red Sand onto Omega in exchange for more clout with the Eclipse,” she said. “I happen to have the docking bays and shipping information all on hand, ready to be passed to someone willing to stop those drugs from getting on the streets. The Blue Suns haven’t been too fond of the Eclipse’s drug trade pushing into theirs, have they?”

Rassar would know of Nyreen’s secret war against her own clan, the Talon mercenaries. They were small time compared to the major factions, and it seemed their current leader was willing to do anything to earn the favor of those larger groups. But Nyreen had principles, and those principles made for a worthwhile investment. With Plo’s help, she’d indirectly saved hundreds of lives while the volus earned thousands of credits. It was mutually beneficial and a relationship that made out well for everyone in the long run. Well, everyone except Nyreen’s boss.

She handed Rassar the datapad, and a quick scan of it would prove her honesty had not changed. Six ports and fourteen shipments of Red Sand scheduled within the next six weeks. If this stuff got on the streets, it’d turn Omega into a biotic bloodbath. That wasn’t good for business.

Moments after accepting the pad, a familiar, even more-expected face arrived to see the surprisingly popular volus. A human with unnatural, glowing blue eyes. Cabal Knox made it here alive and apparently with all of his credits. That was good.

“Rassar, Tanix,” he said. Those strange eyes looked Nyreen up and down; if she didn’t know better, he looked like he was scanning her down to the bone. If he was looking for a weapon, he would have seen her sidearm but not much else. She found similar on his belt, though his pistol was far from concealed like hers. He wanted people around here to be wary of him, to stay away. If only he knew how many others he’d be encouraging to try and take that gun off him and use it. “Am I interrupting something?”

she answered. “I was just leaving.”

She turned to the volus and the drell, giving them a respectful nod. “We’ll talk later over holo.” And with that, Nyreen Kandros disappeared back into the bowels of Omega.

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IC: Genesis Anomaly
Location: The Vents, Omega

While Knox walked through the marketplace, stopping from time to time to make purchases, Genesis shadowed him from within the vents. All was well until Knox was suddenly grabbed and pulled into a nearby alley.

By the time Genesis repositioned himself to have Knox in sight, and the one that grabbed him in his scope, aiming right between the eyes of the woman in skin tight leather, they broke apart and separated. Of course, it was Omega. It was probably some former fling trying to hook up with Knox. Thankfully he had the right head on his shoulders, and knew the mission came first. Better to get this done ASAP before someone learned there was a Geth on the station.

He continued on until he came to another stop. These organics liked to talk too much. They were so slow. Genesis focused in, but was too far to hear anything. Knox seemed to know the Volus and Drell, but he was eyeing the Turian with what seemed suspicion. She seemed to think so as well since she departed soon after his arrival. Genesis however kept her in his sights until she was a safe distance away from the Captain.

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IC: Veloc Torv

Torv made his way towards Afterlife, having dropped Trox off at the hanger bay on the way. He knew Aria T’Loak, the de facto ‘Queen of Omega’, wouldn’t take well to a Varren walking into her Nightclub. Especially one like Trox, who had a taste for Salarian flesh. He didn’t want to cause a scene.

Well, not again. The last time he had come here, Torv had nearly ripped a Turian mercenary’s arm out of its socket.

‘Oh crap…I should probably keep Trox away from the cook. Just to keep Knox happy.’

Torv reached the entrance to the Nightclub and walked towards the entrance, not even bothering to join the back of the line of people hoping to gain entry to the closest thing Omega had to a Royal Palace. He paused as he heard some dumbass human mouthing off to the Elcor bouncer.

He laughed at the sheer stupidity on display, and then realised that this provided him a chance to get in the bouncer’s good graces, at least for a while.

S’pose if I get rid of this idiot he’ll probably let me in.’

“Who are you calling ‘Assface’, you little shit?” Torv growled, and then grabbed the human by the scruff of the neck with one hand, utilising his natural Krogan strength, and then walked over to the barrier on the left side of the walkway that led to Afterlife. He dangled the drunkard over the edge, smirking at the human.

“Apologise, human. Unless you want your face to look much much worse than an ass when they scrape what's left of it off of the ground.” He growled, letting his grip loosen just a little so the man would slip just a little lower towards death.

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(GM's NOTE: Torv rolls an 18 in his attempt to manhandle the drunkard, succeeding in doing so.)


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IC: Thalia T'Lara
Outside of Afterlife, Omega

After what had been an exhausting conversation with Torv, Thalia just wanted a break. After that entire interaction, she just felt mentally drained. She wanted to cut loose and have some drinks, and there was no better place than Afterlife. Plus it was a good chance to check in with Aria, and see what else she could learn about Knox.

Her plan was set; have some drinks, dance, speak with Aria, and of course be a flirty tease with her bestie, Reez. It was a good way to get the idiot offworlders to spend their money buying them drinks with the hopes of getting lucky. It was a far too easy game, and if anyone ever got out of line, Hercy got to step in and have his own sort of fun.

As Thalia walked towards the entrance of Afterlife, she passed by the long line of patrons waiting to gain entry. She was busy with her own thoughts and problems to pay attention to any of their complaints as she sauntered on by them all.

Oh shit I forgot I told Torv I'd meet up with him. Ohhhh fuck. Why did I agree to that? Wait, do I call him Torv? Father? Or do I call him Daddy? No! No! No! Definitely not calling him Daddy.

It wasn't until she was approaching the doorman that she realized what was going on. Some drunk human asshole was hassling the Elcor bouncer.

You tawk a lot of shit for a sshpecies that can’t even tawk right!”

The fuck is his problem? The doorman doesn't give anyone shit, he just does his job and enforces Aria's rules. Hell, he's probably the most chill bouncer next to Herc.

What the hell are you ssayin’ now? You tryna start somethin’, ass face?”

With thinly veiled malice: are you?”

Oh this is gonna be good to watch. This asshole has it coming.

Maybe I am! What’re you gonna do ‘bout it?”

Thalia was watching the Elcor to see what his next move would be when another all too recently familiar voice stood out from everyone else.

Who are you calling ‘Assface’, you little shit?”

Oh this guy is really fucked now.

Thalia stood and watched as Torv grabbed the drunk human up and walked off with him. Seeing how Torv responded and stepped in to assist another brought a sense of joy to her. Whatever Krogan genes she shared were rioting within her with Krogan pride. She was proud to call herself his daughter.

As Torv dangled the human over the railing, threatening to drop him if he didn't apologize, Thalia wanted to show Torv the pride of her Krogan nature that had kept her alive this long. Thalia stepped away from the bouncer and made her way over to her father. She stepped next to him.

"It's not worth it." She stated, seemingly to Torv. "He won't learn any sort of lesson, he'll just do it again to anyone he thinks he can bully." Thalia turned her head to look at the human, dangling like a fish on a spear. "Look at him, he's already terrified. He's probably about to piss himself as it is. Don't give him the chance to apologize, Human's like him are all the same. I say you let go and let him fall, Father."

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Tanix watched as a Taurian female spoke with Rassar. He did not know who this Taurian was though she certainly knew who Rassar was. Rassar seemed unperturbed by the presence of the Taurian, though knowing what little he did of the Volus, he probably wouldn’t have shown if he were concerned. Rassar was straight to business with the Taurian, asking what she had for him. Well, demanding it, really.

She informed Rassar of her employer's shipment of Red Sand to Omega and told him that she had the shipment information. The less of that stuff on the streets, the better, Tanix thought. He hated the stuff, highly addictive garbage.

Tanix saw another walk up while the Taurian spoke, this one was a human male who addressed both Rassar and Tanix while eyeing the Taurian with what Tanix assumed was suspicion. The Taurian in turn excused herself and left. This was a weird day.

"We'll you know who I am" Tanix said to the new arrival. "But I don't know who you are. Would you care to make introduction?" He asked as he studied the man before him.

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Rassar Plo
Market District, Omega

“Uuuuhg” Rassar sighed under his breath. Amplifying an already vicious turf war was a delicate and cautious idea. Nyreen was right about one thing, the influx of this amount of Red Sand was bound to turn whole swaths of the station into chaotic mess.

It was not that Rassar didn’t appreciate Nyreen’s integrity, integrity to certain degrees was present even at the levels of the underworld. Encouraged in the honor among thieves as it were manner. Equally in matters of business, one's reputation as a swindler or person of ill repute was always bound to catch up with a being. Keeping agreements and contracts while seeing them through was always good business. It was her drive to maintain certain principles that Rassar had always been concerned about. She was playing a very delicate balance… one that could be used against her. At least in the pit of snakes that was Omega. She could very easily have had a decent career in C-SEC. Rassar mused on the thought of such before bringing up the information she had transferred over to his omni-tool.

Nyreen would never be the type of being who could put up with such a cage. Afterall there were snakes everywhere, at least here you could see them more easily.

Rassar briefly scanned through the first bits of information on his omni-tool. His mind was already taking in the numbers and logistics of what was detailed out in the information provided by Nyreen.

The branches of scenarios began to play out in his mind. Alternate avenues to explore and exploit. Invest in. His mind was calmly processing potential paths.

Again letting the totality of this amount of Red Sand through would unbalance the illicit drug trade ecosystem on Omego. Though there was room to let enough of it through though, to follow Nyreen’s plan and draw a profit both off the sales, but also the information that would be moving about as rival factions searched for a way to outmaneuver one another. Even the most stout cronies could not resist exploring the rumor mill double down on the investment. Everything was here regarding information to ensure that enough misdirection could transpire to keep both the Blue Suns and Eclipse grinding each other down while allowing Talon to continue to maintain their shadowy and backseat status.

Some of the profits could be used to fund weapons for Talon-clan perhaps.

A human arrived. His brief pleasantries and jabbing query showed his confident and somewhat cocky nature. In reality one could tell by the tone of his voice that he did not care if he was interrupting anything at all. This was how these mercenaries operated. Which was ultimately to be expected and fine.

Nyreen took her leave, alluding to the idea that Rassar and her would talk more about this later.

“Calab. Can I be of service to you? Earth-Clan.”

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IC: Stygian Vard
Location: Omega

Within the weightless throes of melancholy, that soft explosion in the solar plexus that stretches one's awareness far beyond one's own self and unto the universe, one might remain still for hours. Stygian did for some time. Others walk by, carrying their own conversations. But to Stygian, it as if he is alone. The loneliest places could always be found amidst others, after all.

But upon his robes he felt a tug. A small boy, tears streaming down his pale face, asking for Stygian to save his mother' life.

Stygian had long forsaken the ideas of gods. But never had he sealed the possibility that it was all some simulation, created by a higher intelligence or some extremely distant progeny.
Regardless of whatever it is, it feels… well, he just isn't sure.

But at least he feels something, now.

"Take me to her, boy."

Stygian knew it was possible he was simply part of some gang, or some gang's tool. Perhaps he is going to his death. But if he doesn't help, then he might be sending a mother to her', and a child to a life filled with sorrow and a hatred for the universe. He'd be just like every other thug here.

He couldn't contact the others. Even if they would help, which Stygian is sure they won't, they had yet to exchange contact information, though he sorely wished someone had been with him. He could only rely on his tactical sensibilities and whatever wisdom his years have given him.

The fire of love and compassion often wanes within one, and is smothered beneath a trillion tons of malice when on Omega. But those who truly have it will never cease the motion of the feet, the writing with the hand, nor the feeling of the heart.

One must embrace the pain they feel from others, if they are become the strongest they can be.

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GM Update

IC: Cabal Knox
Market District, Omega


“I’m Cabal,” he said, introducing himself to Tanix and correcting Rassar, “Cabal Knox. I’m here with a job opportunity. For both of you.”

A cigarette found its way to his fingers, and a spark of flame from a lighter in his other hand was not far behind. The first puff he blew high in the air to avoid creating an issue for the volus’ envirosuit. Smoking was instinctive in talks like these; it helped clear his head and made the words come out easier.

“Aria pointed me in your direction, gave me dossiers on the both of you. Your talents and experiences around the galaxy are precisely the sort of thing I’m looking for.” Another drag of his cigarette came and went. “I’ve assembled a team. A team that could help me take down a band of Batarian slavers that hit my home decades ago, and now are terrorizing the Terminus Systems again.”

He turned his glowing eyes to the drell, giving a grin. “Even your brother, Ace, is on-board as my pilot.”

His gaze found Rassar now. “A million credits is what I’m offering. What do you say?”

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IC: The Drunkard
Hanging Off the Edge, Omega

Fear had taken hold of him the moment he heard that he’d pissed off a krogan. That fear turned to pure terror when that krogan’s hand found the scruff of his neck, lifting him off his feet like he was still a small child. When his feet were no longer hanging above the floor, he began to whimper, all anger in his body at the elcor draining in a stream down his leg.

“Please, don’t lissten to that crazy bitch!” he pleaded. “I’m ssorry! I won’t come ‘round here no more! Don’t do this!”

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IC: Ezrai
Alleyway, Omega

The turian gave chase to the boy, who did not seem to cheer up when he had found someone willing to help his poor mother. They left the area near the docking bay, heading toward the apartment buildings just down the street. The air smelled of spilled alcohol and smoked herbs. No one on this station that lived here could do it sober, it seemed. Perhaps accepting reality was impossible when your reality was as awful as it was here.

They rounded a corner, past an open ventilation shaft, and into an alleyway. Sitting on the ground, with blood dribbling from her mouth and nose, was a human woman.

Ezrai ran up to her, hugging her and beginning to cry. She seemed fully conscious, returning the embrace and holding her son close. That was when Stygian realized that she also had bruises. Recent ones. Her bottom lip was busted and swollen. She was bleeding, but not because of any drugs. She’d been attacked.

ezgif-1-f6defb7177.jpgAnd the thugs that’d attacked her had surrounded the cyborg turian.

They were vorcha, cackling like hyenas. Six of them, three on either side of the alley.

“I’m sorry, mister,” said the child. “They were going to kill us if I didn’t.”

“Gahh!” one of the vorcha hissed. “Quit crying, little human! And you, Turian! Give us credits! Maybe we let you all go.”

Ezrai stared up at the fiends. “But you said--”

The vorcha drew a pistol, aiming it at the boy. “No more words! Only credits!”

Unfortunately for these vorcha, they had not only attracted Stygian to this little alleyway. If he was not too focused on trailing Knox, Genesis would have overheard the vorcha as they were planning their assault on the lone turian. And there was a spot he could hop out of the vents… just behind where a trio of the vorcha stood.

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Kirk Connors

Character Illustration (Face claim): Scott Bakula

Theme Music:

Audio Sample of Character Voice (Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer):

Name: Kirk Connors
Nicknames/Aliases: Jonathan Harding, Malcolm Simms, Traviss Katrine
Age: 27
Birthday: March 8th, 2157
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Earth (Toronto, UNAS)
Occupation: Operative for Systems Alliance
Weight: 191 lbs
Physical Description: Average muscular build for an Alliance soldier, faded green eyes, rectangular chin smattered with stubble, short, straight dark brown hair contrasting caucasian skin, harsh brow, scar on left side of jaw from shrapnel (acquired when the Bucharest suffered damage at the Battle of the Citadel)
Clothing: Alliance crew uniform, Alliance navy dress blues, Classic black suit and tie with black slip-on dress shoes; navy blue hoodie over a blank white T-shirt, with black cargo pants and surplus military boots
Weapons: M-8 Avenger, M-23 Katana, Omni-blade, survivalist kukri knife
Equipment: Medium Onyx Armour, utility belt, Omni-tool, compact canteen
Vehicles: N/A, whatever is provided to him for each mission
Pets: Pike (Maine Coon house cat)
Languages: English (1st), French (conversational), German (learning), Italian (learning)
Combat Skills: Experienced with operation of turrets and the main mass driver cannon of a Geneva-class Cruiser, experienced flying the F-61 Trident fighter, trained in use of M-8 Avenger and M-23 Katana, trained in use of omni-blades, retains standard Alliance education on space and ground tactics and strategies.
Other Strengths: Determination, compassion (for those he deems innocent or defenseless), serviceable investigative skills.
Flaws: Hypocrite (excuses himself for acts he’d condemn others for), moderately xenophobic (mainly against Batarians and Vorcha, nominally against Krogan and Turians), somewhat overconfident.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Connors values candor; he neither uses nor appreciates high-strung language or pleasantries (unless absolutely necessary). Though he likes the rule of law, he isn’t afraid to bend or break it if he thinks it will do some good. He’s an extroverted introvert and knows it, and is good at managing his limited social energy. Despite his hatred of crime, Connors is fairly laid back when surrounded by his Alliance comrades or others he respects; even dark humour will elicit a chuckle from him, so long as he finds it clever. Connors has a tendency to get a bit gung-ho in combat if he feels that risk of injury or death is minimal, but usually locks such feelings down when things get truly dangerous.
Fears: Being captured/tortured by Batarians, Geth, Reapers, being brainwashed, dying alone, insects
Likes: Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew, Councilman Anderson, C-Sec, the Citadel, the Alliance Navy, Humanity, Quarians, Asari, justice, killing (people he deems evil), hot chocolate, cats, dogs, Geneva-class Cruisers, F-61 Trident fighters, hot chocolate, historical fiction, World War Two history, learning languages
Dislikes: The Citadel Council, Omega, Blue Suns, Eclipse, Blood Pack, other mercenary groups and gangs, Cerberus, other terrorists, Batarians, Vorcha, Geth, Varren, mechs, biotics
Habits: Cleaning weapons, drinking hot chocolate, training/practicing his skills, watching vids on the extranet, reading fiction, reading history
Relationships/Love Interests: N/A
Friendships: Richard Jenkins (deceased), Kenneth Donnelly, Gabriella Daniels
Reputation: Known to the crew of the SSV Bucharest and to Kenneth and Gabby as personable and reliable, seen as a potential rising star in the Alliance Navy.
Kirk Connors was born to a poor Canadian family in the slums of Toronto. His mother was caught in the crossfire of one of Toronto’s various gang wars, shot and killed when Connors was only twelve. His father, a factory worker, was eventually consumed by grief and drank himself to death. These events, among others, left Connors hateful of most criminals. Alone at the age of 17, and unwilling to approach any of the gangs he loathed for protection, Connors enlisted in the Alliance Navy to escape Earth for greener pastures.
Extremely wary of biotics after learning about the health complications associated with L2 implants, he was nevertheless convinced to accept L3 implants during training. Connors showed promise as a helmsman and proved a decent shot in firing range exercises, but ultimately found his place as a naval gunner, where he proved ready and eager to lay waste to whatever pirates, mercenaries, or slavers dared oppose the Alliance.
His faith in the fleet would be shaken mere months after his first posting, however. Serving aboard the SSV Bucharest, Connors personally fired numerous slugs into the hulls of Geth warships at the Battle of the Citadel, and witnessed firsthand the awesome power of Sovereign.
Following the battle, Connors requested to be transferred to the Marines, where he would further develop his biotic abilities.
Connors, like many who fought Saren’s forces at the Citadel, believed Shepard’s warnings about Sovereign and the Reapers. He had hoped to follow in Shepard’s footsteps, or perhaps even join his crew, however the untimely destruction of the SSV Normandy and the subsequent Council and Alliance backpedaling on the Reaper threat left his plans in shambles. Nevertheless, Connors’ aversion to criminals kept him from joining Cerberus in spite of their rumoured interest in fighting the Reapers.
Now, as human colonies in the Terminus systems suffer deadly assaults by mysterious marauders, the Alliance—ever hesitant to deploy its forces and risk war with the Batarians—has assigned Connors a new mission: to discover the whereabouts of the leader of these ruthless attackers and eliminate him with extreme prejudice.

Level: 1
Class: Vanguard
Assault Rifles — 1
Driving — 1
Grenades — 1
Medicine — 1
Medium Armour — 1
Melee Weapons — 1
Piloting — 1
Shotguns — 1

Adrenaline Rush — 1
Charge — 1
Stasis — 1
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