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Non-SW Justice League

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Justice League #1
Written by: @Darth Nathemus

It was a new dawn for the heroes of Earth 0. Having survived the Death Metal Crisis and the Dark Crisis, everyone had been through so much that they simply needed a fresh start. But being a superhero never ceases. In this life, you don't get a break. The League, among all the heroes, had been through the ringer. Most of the prominent and founding members had been briefly turned into weapons powering their own worlds by Pariah.

The League's A-Team, led by J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter and including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkwoman, the first Aquaman, Green Lantern John Stewart, and The Flash Barry Allen had been called away. The Legion of Superheroes of the 31st Century were facing their toughest bout yet against the forces of the Fatal Five, and they needed the heroes they admired from eons past to assist them in their darkest hour.

But, back in the present day, Earth wasn't exactly peaceful and prosperous. Villains took notice of the founding Leaguers being absent, and they began to step up their recklessness across the world. Fortunately, the world has many heroes. The Justice League left one of their most trusted members, the Flash Wally West, as the leader and the one who would assemble a new Justice League in their stead. Not only was Wally the Fastest Man Alive, but he was one of the smartest also. No matter the threat he would face, Wally knew exactly who would be on his team.

Simply calling them over JL communication devices would be too slow and impersonal. He hoped beyond anything that the new Justice League could be personal and of the people. Wally quickly gathered seven note cards, wrote the message up, dropped them in the hands of each member across the country, and was back at the Hall of Justice before the second hand moved five ticks on the clock. His message was simple:

"'Meet at the Hall of Justice in one hour.' -Wally West"

By the time the hour was up, all seven of the recruits had entered the Hall and they looked around at each other. Everyone smiled and was proud of how far each person had come. Some of them had been heroes for decades, some of them were much newer in comparison. "Thank you all for coming," Wally said. He was excited to see everyone had accepted his invitation. "As you all know, J'onn tasked me with forming a new League from among the reserve members. I'll introduce each one of you for those of you who haven't worked together in the past."

"Wally West, the Flash, the fastest man alive, but I've worked with each of you in the past.
Captain Nathaniel Adam, Captain Atom, as strong as Superman and has complete control over all forms of energy.
M'gann M'orzz, Miss Martian, a shape-shifting telepath who will keep us all mentally linked during missions.
Pat O'Brian, Plastic Man, indestructible and can turn his body into anything imaginable.
Carter Hall, Hawkman, has lived a thousand lifetimes, is an expert detective, and his symbiotic metal gives him a wealth of abilities.
Kaldur'ahm, Aquaman, can make water constructs and has the sea at his command.
Ty Long, Longshadow, extremely strong and can grow to planetary scale.
And Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern, the bravest Green Lantern of them all. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the core ranks of the Justice League! Let's go save the world."
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Justice League #2
With the formation of a new Justice League, the world once again had an elite group of protectors to keep it safe and free of harm. Ordinary people could look to their heroes and feel hope again after so many dark times in the last few years. But as hope grows, so too does dread. The light rises, and darkness always follows.

Over in Central City, a pair of tourists named Colm and Alex roamed through the Flash Museum. They looked through each exhibit of the Flash Family, the Rogues, and the other villains the Flashes have faced through the years. The two loved Superheroes, and they took any opportunities they had to study and gain knowledge of their favorites.

When Colm and Alex came to the villains section of the museum, they each stopped and took a close look at two of the exhibits.

The first read:

Johnny Quick of Earth-3
He was killed by a dark variant of Shazam during the Crime Syndicate invasion.
And the second read:
Inertia, Thaddeus Thawne
Frozen in time by Wally West after the vicious killing of Bart Allen.

The two men both said something that was inaudible to anyone else. Most of the museum goers just passed by Johnny Quick and Inertia as they didn't see them as important pieces of the Flash's history. Of course, the Crime Syndicate invasion happened over a decade ago, and Bart Allen had returned to the land of the living not too long after the Inertia incident.

After they started to move on to the next exhibits, they started to hear loud rumbles and screams coming from outside. It was a giant toy robot piloted by the Toyman! The robot was loading its massive dart launcher full of explosives, when Plastic Man exited his form as a jet in the air and morphed into a toy chest, taking the explosive dart launcher within himself and dropping his teammates, Longshadow and Captain Atom to the street below.

"Didn't your mother teach you to play with Nerf instead of darts, Toyman?" Plas asked him. Longshadow uttered the words, "Inuk Chuk!" and he immediately grew to the size of the robot. With a strike of his right fist, the robot fell towards the ground. Before it could fall, Captain Atom reached out and transmuted the robot into a flock of birds and caught the falling Toyman in his arms. "Toyman, you're going to Iron Heights for a long time," Captain Atom told him.

Alex and Colm were able to see most of the commotion through the front windows of the museum, and they came out and shouted to the heroes, "Thanks for saving the city!" The heroes smiled and nodded back towards them. The two gave them sly grins.

The police finally arrived on the scene to take the Toyman away, and Plastic Man, back in his standard form, handed the giant dart launcher to Longshadow to take back to the Hall of Justice, while Plastic Man and Captain Atom would continue their patrols.
Justice League #3
In another universe, three members of that reality's Justice League sat around a half empty round table. The trio had just held a private memorial service for two fallen members that had perished in the previous day's battle. This had never happened to this League before, and Superman, Batman, and Lightspeed did not take their losses well.

Batman stood up from his chair and slammed his fist into the table. "We have to do something! Sitting here moping won't bring them back. It wouldn't be what Arthur and Bruce would have wanted. And the invaders won't stop with our world. They want ultimate power. They'll kill versions of us across the Multiverse until they get it."

Lightspeed looked at Kal, then looked back at Batman before speaking up. "Remember when I met the Flash of Earth 0 a couple months back? He comes from the reality of which all the Multiverse is born. I know his vibrational frequency. I can get us there, we will warn their Justice League and help them if the invaders have already got to their world."

Kal and Batman smiled for the first time in two days. Kal said, "That's what heroes do. We trust you, Linda. Get us to Earth 0." The pair walked over to Lightspeed and placed their hands in hers. Cracks of golden lightning erupted and arced around the trio of heroes. In a flash of the lightning, they vanished.

Back at the Hall of Justice in the main universe, the remaining members of the League were examining the Toyman's weapon. Wally had it completely disassembled and all the components laid out on the floor. Carter looked them over and told his compatriots, "This weapon didn't come from our world. These parts are all different. They're what you'd find on Earth 3."

Kaldur immediately recognized the universe designation. "The Crime Syndicate's world. They must have some ulterior motivation to try to come back here."

No sooner than he said this did a golden lightning bolt strike near the weapon parts. The trio of heroes stepped forward, revealing themselves to the Justice League. Jessica and M'gann immediately went on the defensive, but after a moment M'gann calmed herself when she saw them. Wally was extremely surprised when he saw Lightspeed. "Guys, this is Lightspeed. She's Earth 32's variant of my wife Linda. And these are the Justice Titans."

The green skinned man bearing Krypton's symbol of hope stepped forward and spoke up. "The people of my world call me Super-Martian, but my name is Kal J'onzz. This is my husband, Batman." Batman stood by Kal and took off his red-eyed Bat helmet, revealing his quite recognizable bald head, and said, "But you all can call me Lex."

Kaldur mused in his mind. //Superman and Lex together. That's weird in any universe.//

Lex continued on saying, "Unfortunately we're not here on a happy note. Two invaders from other universes showed up in ours and after a long fight, they killed our teammates Aquaflash and Batlantern. Arthur and Bruce are dead because we couldn't stop them. But your world has faced them before."

Wally raised an eyebrow and asked Batman, "Don't keep us in suspense. Who are they? Who killed them?"

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