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Darth Kain

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This thread will be where all members of House Kain post their character sheets. To participate in any roleplay, members MUST post their sheets here and keep them updated.​
Darth Kain

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Character Theme Music

Character Summary

Darth Kain is the spawn of Abeloth and the former Vengeance of the Empress, who rests on the knife-edge between being a menacing Dark Lord of the Sith and a loving family man.​

Name/Title: Darth Kain

Nicknames/Aliases: The Beloved Prince of the Stars, The Seed of Chaos, The Dark Messiah

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Species: Old One Spawn (appears as human)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Dathomir

Planetary Claims: Vitae (Abeloth's Planet), Nevarro, Kashyyyk

Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith, Dark Councillor

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lb.

Physical Description: With dark hair, piercing green eyes, and a deep scar on the bridge of his nose, Darth Kain appears to be a handsome, young human. However, this is an illusion he maintains for the sake of those around him, as his True Form has inspired madness in any who have seen it.
His True Form is much more horrifying. His green eyes turn into stars in the center of black wells. His grin turns into a smile almost too wide for his head, with rows of needle-like teeth filling his smiling maw. His flesh turns an unnatural pale, and his limbs malform into twisted tentacles that are reminiscent of frayed knots. As he was born from fire, flame runs through his veins, causing the bright orange blood vessels to peek through his translucent skin.

Clothing: Often wears simple robing, save for special occasions where he dresses far more fashionably.

Weapon(s): Alchemized Sith Sword, forged from Spirit Ichor (as pictured below)


Equipment: (On his person at all times) Portable Holocommunicator, Datapad
(Not on his person at all times) The Holocron of Darth Gravid, an Eye of Typhojem (+6 Defense Bonus against Force Fear, Force Horror, and Force Insanity), scrolls of the Aing-Tii

Vehicle(s): Blacksmoke - YG-4210 modified to maintain modern standards of speed and travel; it is also equipped with a cloaking system and basic defense guns

Pet(s): Corvar - black Loth-cat with a large scar across its face, male

Language(s): Galactic Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, Ancient Sith

Description of Abilities: As he was born in a pit of fire, Kain has an unprecedented affinity for pyromancy. He can manipulate flames in unique ways, forming armor or even Force Storms from them. He also has an immunity to temperature-based attacks due to his ability; fire cannot burn him, and ice cannot freeze the inferno of his heart.
Beyond this, Darth Kain is well-educated in the ways of the Force. He has studied from scrolls of the Aing-Tii, the holocron of Darth Gravid, and the mysterious holocron known as the Eye of Typhojem (of which only Emperor Dreadwar possesses another of). His broad stretch of knowledge has afforded him a variety of powers, from Fighting Sight to Sith Alchemy. His powers of illusion are also unnaturally powerful, amplified by the Force Psychosis he has inherited from his mother.
When it comes to the blade, Darth Kain has practiced saber combat as an art form rather than a necessity. What he does know of swordplay is advanced, but he has not pushed himself to master it as he has with his Force abilities, as he realizes a powerful sorcerer will defeat a powerful warrior a majority of the time. With his lightsaber now replaced with a Sith Sword, however, he has simply begun translating what he can of his knowledge of Djem-So to swordplay.
Lastly, his bloodline affords him a certain amount of immortality on the same level of his mother; though he is much younger than her. It is theorized that the Mortis Dagger could slay either of them, but that has not been proven.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Kain has a peculiar personality for one of his station. He often presents himself as a kind and understanding Dark Lord, but he does not share this same kindness with those who either annoy or oppose him. In execution he is undoubtedly sadistic, twisting his victims both physically and mentally far beyond their limits. He boasts an inquisitive mind with his superiors, witty humor with his peers, and advice beyond his years for his subordinates.
With time he has also grown into a fatherly figure for his adopted daughter, Eva, displaying kindness and love that he shows no other but his lover, Darth Abaddon.

Fear(s): harm coming to those he cares about, mild claustrophobia

Likes: painting, Tatooine Sunset (drink), horror vids, sparring, fire, Wookiees

Dislikes: swimming, romance novels, slavery

Habits: bounces feet when stressed, chews inside of mouth

Family/Relationship(s): Eva - Adopted Daughter, Darth Abaddon - Partner/Love Interest, Darth Viscretus - "Mother", Abeloth - Mother

Friend(s): Darth Skyllan, Darth Voidwalker, Darth Ānhrā Māhnîu, Darth Nathemus, Kint Dranlor, Darth Volacius, Darth Catalyst

Apprentice(s): Darth Volacius (Sith Master), Zorn (MIA), Aleister Zyn (Now Apprenticed to Darth Noxia), Baskara (Current), Bril'Kairn (Current)


Darth Abaddon - sister of Darth Apollyon, Kain's love interest -
Eva - former Jedi Padawan, adopted daughter of Kain -
Darth Bubonis - former Sith Acolyte, ally of Kain -
Helvara - servant of Darth Dreadwar, (potential) ally of Kain -

Reputation: Darth Kain is one of the more well-known members of the Eternal Sith Empire. Known for his meteoric rise to power, his generally likeable personality, and (most of all) his mastery of pyromancy, Kain is considered one of the most reputable Sith alive today.

Biography: It began with the cries of a woman, as most births do. But this woman, an offworlder named Delylah, was not screaming from the pain of childbirth. Maddened, Dathomirian cultists had taken her from her home, dragging her to the forest and pinning her to a tree. Their leader had died of disease, and they begged their goddess - The Mother - to give him life once again. In exchange for this life, the cultists believed they would need the life of Delylah's unborn child.
They cut it from her belly, tossing the bloody fetus into the flames of a great pit of fire. They danced and sang to their goddess as Delylah bled to death. But the Mother had no pity for these madmen, nor their leader. She did, however, have pity for this unborn child. And so she breathed life into the babe, birthing it in a womb of fire.
The baby crawled from the flames, driving the cultists even further into madness. Guided by his Mother, the babe crawled amongst the chaos and slaughter, making his way to the ship that Delylah had once used to come to Dathomir. His Mother set a course for the planet where her son was destined to survive: Kashyyyk. As her power began to fade as the ship grew further from Dathomir, she planted a subconscious ability into his mind: to disguise his True Form. He took the traits of Delylah and her husband, a Dathomirian warrior named Zul'tar, combining them into the form of a human newborn. The key to maintaining the illusion was the focusing of a single trait, one that could forever remain; a scar on the bridge of his nose.

The ship, crashed into the Kashyyyk jungle, was found by a tribe of Wookiees that made their home in the wroshyr tree nearby. They found the baby boy, taking him in and raising him to the best of their ability, despite the mystery surrounding him.
After being raised by the Wookiees for three years, a smuggler who often traded with Kashyyyk happened to spot the young toddler. The Twi'lek's name was Hassan, and he knew that this boy had no place among the Wookiees. And so he consulted with the family that had taken the boy in, coming to an agreement. Hassan went on to raise the boy, naming him Corvar and instilling a sense of virtue and whimsy in the young lad. However, Hassan knew that Corvar was gifted in the Force; after all, any time Corvar threw a fit, things aboard his ship would randomly set on fire.
Hassan had no love for the Jedi, and feared the Sith even more, so he took it upon himself to find material that would aid Corvar in taming his power. Smuggled Jedi texts, datacrons, and scrolls were occasionally found and given to Corvar. Though they made for dull reading to Hassan, the boy seemed to be fascinated. Seeing Corvar happy was perhaps one of the few things that brought Hassan peace in his chaotic life.
But all good things must come to an end. After stopping on Tatooine for business, the cantina that Hassan and Corvar were visiting was struck by a band of slavers. At only the age of nine, Corvar watched his adoptive father die, and he was taken as a slave thereafter.

For years the young boy toiled away as a slave. It was on Tatooine that Corvar learned the one thing that Hassan never taught him: how to hate. This hatred culminated during a horrible accident during the mining of a cave in the desert. As the slaves - children and the elderly, specifically - worked themselves to the bone, a Krayt Dragon arrived, threatened by these beings that were nearing its eggs. A cave-in separated Corvar and one of his friends from the rest of the group, leaving them trapped underground. His friend, a boy just a bit younger than him, died of exhaustion before help would arrive. Starving, Corvar forced himself to eat the remains of his fallen friend to survive.
After being found and returned to servitude, Corvar released his hatred on his masters. He set aflame their camp, burning them and any slaves foolish enough to fight for them alive. In his heart he would always remember the name of his slave master, the one who taught him the meaning of cruelty.

Only twelve years old when he regained his freedom, Corvar cut out the explosive tracker in his neck and put it in a pendant. He tried to sell it for credits but none would take it. And so he kept it, deciding to use what Force abilities he knew to become a freelance mercenary. Work came at a slow pace at first; after all, one would have to be truly desperate to hire a child. But he began to build a reputation, earning more and more paid jobs for years and years. He used these credits to visit the Aing-Tii, which he'd only heard of in Jedi texts written by Luke Skywalker. For the months he learned from them, he gained their trust, earning a scroll that detailed their ability of Fighting Sight before he was contacted by a mysterious figure. Upon meeting them, he learned who this figure was.
Darth Maladi.
She had heard of his ability, how he'd constructed his own lightsaber, and she offered him an opportunity to join the Sith Empire. He accepted, but she had a task for him to complete as a test; one of impossible proportions.
He was to find Kubjo the Hutt, a powerful crime boss on Nar Shaddaa, and overthrow his criminal empire. A tall task, but one that Corvar took on happily; after fourteen years of mercenary work, he was eager to become part of something bigger than himself.
And so he went to Nar Shaddaa, signing up to be a pit fighter in service to Kubjo himself. After a battle against two other fighters and a prototype spider droid, Corvar impressed the slug and was given an opportunity to rid himself of the debt he'd accrued by helping destroy the droid. He was to find the sword of Jen-Sin Caal in the abandoned mines of Corbos. And after an adventure with a fellow dark-side adept named Reaper, a Sith apprentice named Feros, and a droid named D-3PO, they found the sword, guarded by a living Leviathan.
After a grueling battle, the Leviathan was defeated, and Corvar brought the sword back to Kubjo the Hutt. But with his power in the dark side growing so exponentially, his Mother, the Beloved Queen of the Stars, appeared on Nar Shaddaa and told him of his origins.
His world unraveled. And as he felt himself transform into his true self, he realized that she was no liar. He was the son of Abeloth. He was a monster.

Corvar went on to join the Sith Empire, despite not fulfilling his quest to overthrow Kubjo's Empire; his work with Feros spoke volumes in his favor. He took the name of his old slave master, becoming the master of his own destiny. And so Darth Kain, the Beloved Prince of the Stars, was truly born.
He skyrocketed through the ranks of the Empire, becoming a Dark Councillor weeks after joining. Months later he earned the high esteem of becoming the Empress' Second, taking the title of Vengeance. It was at this elevated stature that he remained for quite some time, before he discovered the location of the Eyes of Typhojem. Ancient holocrons that supposedly held the knowledge of the Left Handed God in equal parts, Kain found them both and delivered one to Emperor Dreadwar while keeping the other for himself.
In this holocron he learned what it would take to become the Sith God he was born to be, and so he resigned from his position, journeying to Kashyyyk in secret. His time on the planet in his True Form unwittingly caused the inhabitants of the planet to suffer extreme bouts of psychosis, drawing the attention of both Jedi and Sith. When discovered by a group of Sith adventurers, Kain returned to the Empire with a furry companion he named after his old self: Corvar.

Since his return, he has gone on many a venture, most notably destroying the ice moon of Kelcium with a Force Storm. It was there, in the ruins of his destruction, he first met Darth Abaddon, whom he's now pursuing a romantic relationship with. Meanwhile he is currently raising his adopted daughter, Eva, who is a Jedi Padawan rescued from carbonite-induced slumber. He cares for no one in the galaxy more than they, save perhaps Abeloth.

Skill Sheet

Rank/Level: Dark Lord of the Sith, Level 42
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Wizard


Strength - 10
Force Power - 20
Dexterity - 10
Intellect - 13
Constitution - 13
Manipulation - 12
Perception - 10
Destiny - 20


Augmentation - 3
Force Speed - 4
Force Jump - 2

Force Sense - 3
Farsight - 4
Instinctive Astrogation - 2
Precognition - 1

Fighting-Sight - 5

Telekinesis - 5
Force Push/Pull - 4
Force Wave - 4
Force Wound - 1
Force Choke - 4
Telekinetic Kill - 5

Levitation - 2

Telepathy - 5
Mental Shield - 5
Mind Trick - 4
Force Illusion - 5
Alter Image - 4
Memory Rub - 5

Force Shock - 1
Force Lightning - 1
Lightning Bomb - 1
Force Maelstrom - 1
GODLIKE Wormhole: Force Storm - 10 (Modified into Force Fire Storm)

Convection - 5
Pyrokinesis - 5
Fireball Belch - 5
Flame Aura - 5
FREE Wormhole: Force Fire Storm

Force Resistance - 5
Adiabatic Shield - 3
Force Barrier - 5

Protection Bubble - 5
Tutaminis - 5

Dark Side Healing - 2

Force Bond - 2

Inflict Pain - 4

Alter Environment - 5

Force Bellow - 2

Flamusfracta - 5

Shatterpoint - 2
Dark Transfer - 5

Deadly Sight - 5

Fold Space - 5

Force Stun - 1
Force Stasis - 5

Ionize - 3

GODLIKE Supernova - 10
Character Sheet Template

Character Illustration (optional)

Theme Music (optional) Combichrist “Sent to Destroy”
Audio Sample of Character Voice (optional)

Name/Title: Bril’Kairn, Shadow of the Stars


Age: 25

Sex: Male

Species: Twi’lek

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Ryloth

Occupation: Assassin/Mecenary

Height: 6’4

Weight: 220lbs

Physical Description: Lethan Twi'lek (red skin) with green eyes. Black tattoos covering the body including lekku. Red and black cybernetic right arm crafted from durasteel capable of withstanding kinetic impacts. Mark of Kain gifted by Lord Kain upon his forehead.

Clothing: Black shirt, pants, boots and gloves. Black durasteel cuirass, vambraces, pauldrons, and greeves all with red accents. Durasteel mask to hide face when on a mission. Black duster worn over armor.
Black training robes.

Twin curved hilt crimson sabers capable of connecting together to form a saberstaff.

DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

Duel short barreled ELG-3A Holdout Blasters kept at the back of his belt or inside his jacket when wearing a suit.

"The Punisher"
Slugthrower shotgun sidearm. Double barreled 12 gauge smoothbore capable of firing a variety of ammo. Carries 26 Flechette, 26 Dragon's Breath and 26 Standard Slugs at a time.

Hidden Daggers
Daggers with blades equivalent in length to Bril's forearms. Strapped to his forearms, they remain hidden until his wrists are flexed, activating an internal mechanism propelling the blades forward. Relaxing his wrists deactivates the mechanism, hiding the blades once more.

"The Executioner”
Single-action army revolver. Customized using parts machined from both an E-11 as well as carbine parts from a DL-44 of which Bril owned at one point. The traditional wooden grip has been replaced with polymer from the stock of the carbine parts while the barrel has had weight added to it to better control it’s heavy recoil. Using parts from the E-11, a break action system has been added, allowing for a faster reload time than the traditional side gate. Due to the size of the .454 Casull rounds used, the six shot revolver remains a single action requiring the hammer to be pulled each time the weapon needs to be fired.

Czerka Outland Rifle
Bolt-action slugthrower sniper rifle chambered in .454 Casull. Includes optical systems and bayonet attachment. Gifted by Lord Xxys.

Phrik Tower Shield
Given by the Sedriss of House Dreadwar to the Order of Dread Knights.


Class: Galactus Series
Length: 13m
Engines: P-s4 Twin Ion Engines (2)
Hyperdrive: Class 6 Hyperdrive
Power Plant: Solar Ionization Reactor
Shielding: Light Deflector Shield Generator
Armament: Dual Lasercannons (1), Dual Ion Cannons (1), Anti-Missile Octet.
Complement: N/A
Consumables: 3weeks
Crew/Troop Size: 1/0
Roles: Fighter Vessel, Interceptor Vessel

Detailed Explanation of Hull: See above graphic for visual of vessel. The hull of this craft is constructed from the Imperial Standard material, Doonium.

Detailed Explanation of Weaponry: The Galactus Interceptor comes equipped with 3 weapons, one of them for defensive purposes. It’s primary Dual Lasercannon armament, and its secondary Dual Ion Cannon armament. Starting off, the Dual Lasercannons are mounted close to the main body of the vessel, tucked underneath the cockpit and hugging the fuselage.

The Dual Ion Cannons are also mounted to the hull, but instead of hugging the fuselage, they are hugging the wings, so to speak.

Finally, the Anti-Missile Octets, which is the defensive ordnance onboard the vessel, are for countering homing projectiles that have locked onto the vessel.

Shield System Details: The Galactus Interceptor is a vessel that does have a shield, but it is a Light DSG variant, meaning that it can’t take as many hits as standard shields. It’s strong enough to take several hits from enemy Lasercannons, which is enough to give the pilot ample enough time to react to any vessel attacking and/or tailing them.

Engine and Reactor Details: This vessel comes equipped with standard engines and reactors seen throughout other Imperial Naval Fighters and Interceptors, giving it no more an advantage or disadvantage over the others around it.

Pets (if applicable):
None. Yet….

Jawa Trade Talk

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Expert marksman
Guerilla tactics expert
Fairly decent swordsman

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Talented assassin with a fair amount of charisma. A creative mind and a silver tongue. Physically fit and keeps himself in shape. Has his own moral code he lives by.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section):
Doubts himself at times. Will turn to a blaster before the Force or even his lightsaber. A beautiful woman is near kryptonite. Will silently question orders. Has bouts of insomnia at times.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil):
True Neutral.

A bit of a joker with a sense of humor for almost anyone. While his fuse is long, when it’s lit expect either a silver tongue or blaster bolt. Will flirt out of desire or necessity for his mission. Loyal to a fault. Maintains his own moral code.

Someone going looking for his daughter.
The consequences of failure.
Lord Kain.

Certain Cantinas on Nar Shaddaa

Harming children
Running for his life
Being trapped

Cigarra smoker
Bourbon drinker

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):
Korin Narciss- While she serves as Bril’s personal bodyguard in secret she is also is lover.

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both):
Korin Narciss- Personal Bodyguard/Enforcer

Talek- Mandalorian Mercenary/Brother in Arms/Adoptive Father

Friendships (if applicable):

Masters (if applicable):

Apprentices (if applicable):
Daclen Steelborn


Born on Ryloth, my father left when I was an infant. He was never seen nor heard from again. My mother remarried to another man. Things were good for awhile.
We were like any other family trying to make a living and be happy. Eventually things took a turn for the worse. My parents took to drinking. It started slow at first but progressed over time. As I grew older most of the treatment from them became considerably more harsh.
Many nights I ran into the jungle surrounding our home, hiding in the shadows to escape their wrath. In my anger I began to find solace in darkness and the silence of it. Eventually I ran stowing away on a ship bound for the Outer Rim. I worked various scams to survive until I ran afoul of a local gangster. When they attempted to execute me, they discovered my Force Sensitive nature, I was immediately put to work.
A year into my service to the Hutt I gained a family of my own. After several years of the best happiness we could obtain, it came crashing down. The night I was to be released from the Hutt's service I found my wife murdered and my daughter taken. It didn't take much thinking to realize I wasn't strong enough to save her as is. Thus I pledged my loyalty to the Sith and became apprenticed to one of the Empire's most prolific Lords.

During the course of my apprenticeship I continued to track my daughter's trail. Eventually it led me to a home on Corellia belonging to none other than my sister. I know now the decision I made was for the best. My apprenticeship ended soon after and I was given the Mark of Kain. I was Knighted and had become the Shadow of the Stars.

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 9
DEX (Dexterity): 13
INT (Intellect): 9
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 10
PER (Perception): 9
DES (Destiny): 8

Rank/Level: 15 (22 skill points/78 attribute points)
Base Class: Assassin
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Brawler
Prestige Class (optional):
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Mind Trick-1
Force Sight-1
Force Cloak-1
Force Shadow-2
Lightsaber Combat
Form I-1
Form II-1
Form IV-1
Form V-1

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