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Character Sheet Archive

Please post your Conquests character sheet to this thread after approval. To get approval on your character sheet, please PM your full sheet, including Force powers, to PROXY.

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As the curtain falls / And devotion is measured in blood / Hear the monarch call / For the lost and the bitter

Darth Leto-Hesphora

Alias: Darth Leto-Hesphora; Imperatrix Leto

The Empress Darth Leto Hesphora, Imperatrix of the Sith; Warrior Queen of the Final Sith Order; Leto the Superator, She That Conquers; Daughter of the Veil; Divine-Titan; Sith’Ari

Name: Naïda Khai

Age: 450-ish; appears as a young woman

Sex: F

Species: Human/Near-Human

Homeworld: Dromund Kaas

Occupation: Empress of the Sith

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130 lbs. 345344768_570206034970346_4244534918141267341_n.jpg

Appearance: Leto is very much built like a warrior; she is tall and statuesque, with a slender, toned and athletic build honed by a long life spent immersed in battle. Her face is an echo of her mother’s, being also heart-shaped (though a little squarer) with slim, vulpine features and a light dusting of freckles. Her nose is straight and tall, and her eyes, accented by dark brows, are a deep, greyish blue-green. She has wavy, dark golden hair which reaches the middle of her back, and her complexion is medium-fair. The centuries of fighting she has lived show in the way she clenches her jaw and in the hard glint in her eyes.

Leto favors practical clothing in shades of deep blue, stone, and black; she likes comfortable pants, tunics, and cloaks. When she wears gowns, she opts for simple, somewhat ethereal styles. However, it is her battle armor which is most iconic: It is forged from rare alloy of a dark silver and blue hue, designed to repel blasterfire and lightsabers, and features a sleek breastplate decorated with inscriptions of Sith runes and geometric designs. Her pauldrons are articulated, stylized with the sigils of the Final Sith Order and her mother’s Hesperians on each shoulder; the armor also sports elbow cops, vambraces also engraved with Sith runes, and dark gauntlets with curved claws.


Weapons: Leto wields a Sith sword forged from a meteorite recovered on one of her earliest conquests. Its name is Spina; its alchemization acts as a conduit for Leto’s powers, focusing and intensifying them. (Grants +1 to Inquisitor Subclass powers)

She also wields a lightsaber with a pale, ice-blue blade.

She has also been known to wield a long spear forged from beskar gifted to her by allied Mandalorian clans.

345140290_1296228807992651_5492390512797874059_n.jpgOther inventory and equipment: Armor (Description above. Grants +2 passive Force Resistance). Original copies of Empress Hesper’s books: Vision of Eternity, The Hesperian Creed, and Beheld in His Eye: The True Annals of Red-Sith, Darth Dreadwar, and the Left-Handed God (only copy). Empress Hesper’s holocron. Mask of Lord Momin. Thought dowser. Holocron of Heresies. Countless other artifacts, tomes, holocrons, and more.

Vehicles: Three Vengeance-class SSDs; the Zealot, the Vanquisher, and the Crystal Knife.

Personal starfighter. Personal Lambda-class shuttle called the Laurel. Various speeder bikes and hovercraft.

Pets (if applicable):
A large Arkanian dragon named Brizo. Leto was given Brizo by her husband Midosea Hejaran as a courtship gift, several years before their marriage. It’s clear Leto cares more about Brizo than she does about Midosea.

Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, various bits of Sith languages, others

Description of Abilities: Leto is a precision weapon; she is an expert warrior and strategist, cunning and masterful with a blade or lightsaber, and with her intelligence and judgment. She commands battlefields with powerful martial expertise, as well as with her presence itself. Her skill as an Inquisitor also makes her a dangerous enemy, able to take what she wants from the minds of others and inflict unimaginable harm on those deemed disloyal or unworthy. Her natural talent as a sorceress also lends itself to her formidable reputation and power. Additionally, her training under her mother, Empress Hesper, shaped her into one of the most powerful Telekinetic Force users of all time.

345021808_982233099448061_2420997232074601833_n.jpgHer life as the Imperial Princess afforded her a wealth of opportunities and access to quality information and teachers, so her skillset beyond her training in the Force is varied and of the highest caliber. She excelled in everything that would make her a fit leader of an Empire– diplomacy, political science, strategy, war studies, history, and more. She is of keen mind and sharp tongue, a shrewd and just Empress.

Strengths: Brilliant, canny, and zealous. Leto is a powerful combatant, using her superior intellect and strength– both physically and in the Force– to subjugate and decimate her enemies. Has a diverse skillset developed over centuries. Flourishes in times of conflict, and excels under pressure. She is a seemingly unflagging font of energy and zeal. Ruthless and efficient. Ambidextrous, thanks to a certain wolf.

Weaknesses: Naïda was raised in the shadow of her mother, who she believes to be a goddess made flesh. This has created a great deal of turmoil for Leto, as she vacillates between feeling entitled to Hesper’s divine legacy, and feeling entirely unworthy of it. Her intense feelings of inadequacy have worn down her self-esteem over the centuries, and she is susceptible to flattery and manipulation. She feels she will never be as great a woman as Hesper was, regardless of whether she was actually a goddess or not. Her immortality is greatly taxing on her, as her vanity doesn’t allow her to slip on her youthful appearance. Passes judgment too quickly.

345248732_1384372348797318_5901952139965840667_n.jpgAlignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Domineering, bold, and spirited, Leto’s personality can be a lot to handle; she is known to be demanding and outspoken, though she tempers herself well with shrewdness, tactfulness, and an overall aura of cold calculation. Her personal brand of charisma is icy, exacting, and brutal. Ruthlessly pragmatic. Definitely what some would call an "ice queen". Leto is a devout Hesperian.

Fears: Growing old, losing her grip on the Empire, dying.

Likes: Brizo, her Arkanian dragon. Caf with cream and a pastry. Leto also enjoys space travel, stargazing, dejarik games, and winning.

Dislikes: Feeling out of control, and feeling like others are demanding of her.

Habits: Tucks her hair behind her ear when in thought. Clenches her jaw. Cannot go long periods without keeping up on her immortality.

Relationships/Love Interests: Midosea (mid-oh-say-ah) Tisandros Hejaran, husband. Mnemosyne, “it’s complicated”.

Family: Midosea Hejaran, a Mecrosa/House Mecetti nobleman, husband. Halia and Nerei, children, both 7. Empress Darth Hesper, mother. Orsanos Khai, father.

Masters: Imperatrix Hesper

Apprentices: None. Leto believes she does not need to train any apprentices as she believes herself to be her own legacy.

Reputation: Leto is a generally well-respected monarch, having led the Sith Empire with a (mostly) steady hand for over 300 years. Some may think of her as a tyrant, though, believing her constant conquests to be too aggressive.

Biography: Coming soon.

Force Powers

Level: 10 (350 skill points)

Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Inquisitor
Prestige Class: Warlock

Form I, Shii-Cho – 5
Form V, Djem So – 5
Form VI, Niman – 5
Form VII, Juyo – 5
Saber Throw – 4
Saber Barrier – 4
Trakata – 4
Mounted Lightsaber Combat – 4
Alter Damage – 3

Augmentation – 4
- Force Speed – 4
- Force Jump – 2
- Force Body – 5
- Enhance Attribute – 3
- Reduce Injury – 5
Battlemind (Warrior) – 5
Force Rage (Warrior) – 4
Breath Control – 4
Feed on the Dark Side – 5
Control Pain (Warrior) – 3 (FREE, Prestige Class Bonus) + 2
Teleport – 5

Force Sense – 5
- Precognition – 3
- Force Sight – 3
- Farsight – 3
- Psychometry (INNATE) – 3
Force Bond – 5
- Drain Life – 5
- - Death Field – 5
- Drain Force – 5
- Battle Meditation – 5

Telekinesis – 3 (FREE, Acolyte Bonus) + 2
- Force Push/Pull – 5
- - Force Whirlwind – 5
- - Force Burst – 5
- - Force Wave – 5
- Force Wound – 5
- - Force Choke – 5
- - Force Crush – 5
- Force Rend – 5
- Ballistakinesis – 4
- Levitation – 5
Mental Shield – 5
Telepathy – 5
- Affect Mind – 5
- Beast Control – 3
- Force Fear – 5
- Cleanse Mind – 5
- Force Illusion – 3
- Memory Rub – 5
- Probe Mind (Inquisitor) – 2 (FREE, Subclass Bonus) + 3
- Mind Shard (Inquisitor) – 2 (FREE, Subclass Bonus) + 3
- Force Subjugate (Inquisitor) – 5
Sith Lightning – 3 (FREE, Knight Bonus) + 2
- Lightning Saber – 1
- Sith Barrage – 4
- Summon Storm – 5
Force Resistance – 5
- Adiabatic Shield – 3
- Tutaminis – 5
- Force Barrier – 5
- - Protection Bubble – 5
- Energy Resistance – 5
Cryokinesis – 5
- Cold Aura – 2
Darkshear (UNIQUE) – 5
Force Stun – 5
- Force Stasis – 5
Force Kick (Warrior) – 5
Force Punch (Warrior) – 5
Dimension Shift – 3
Inflict Pain – 5
Phase – 3

Sith Magic
Waves of Darkness – 3 (FREE, Master Bonus)
Sith Runes – 3 (FREE, Class Bonus)

Sever Force – 10
Transfer Essence – 10
Transfer Essence [Object] (RITUAL) – 10
Dark Side Spirit – 10

Create Holocron (RITUAL) – 3 (FREE, Lord Bonus)

I need my golden crown of sorrow / My bloody sword to swing / My empty halls to echo with grand self-mythology
I am no mother, I am no bride, I am King
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Darth Dumé Xarxes


Nicknames/Aliases: Patriarch Annatar Adasca; Xarxes II; Jen’ari; Witch-King of Zeffo; Nightfather of Dathomir; Lord of the Drifting Citadel; The All-Knowing; The Black Blade

Theme/Battle Music: Mozart - Lacrimosa but it's ATTACK ON TITAN STYLE

Alternative Theme: Mozart: Requiem: Lacrimosa (Re:scored)

Audio Sample of Character Voice: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Miraak Voice Lines

Age: 132 (Born 484 ABY)
Sex: Male
Species: Arkanian/Sephi Hybrid (with traces of Dathomirian Zabrak)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Homeworld: Arkania
Throneworlds: Arkania, Zeffo, The Cron Drift
Occupation: Dictator, Cult Leader, Conqueror, Patriarch, Necromancer, Geneticist
Height: 7’2” (7’6” in armor)
Weight: 275 lbs (390 lbs in armor)


Physical Description: Exceptionally tall and broad-shouldered, though not quite so giantlike as his forefather, Annatar bears the musculature that made Drakul Xarxes imposing. Beneath his helm, which he rarely removes, Dumé’s eyes are pupilless, though the organic tech lenses that he wears give him the appearance of having golden eyes. His skin is like alabaster and, apart from a single scar on his left cheek from a fight with a Nydak on Dathomir, entirely without flaw. His angelic visage is framed by long locks of straight, silvery hair, untouched by a razor. It cascades past his shoulders when left to itself, though he occasionally braids parts of it and binds the ends with narrow golden bands. Like all Arkanians, he bears four digits on each hand and foot. With the exceptions of his hair color, shorter stature, and scar, he is the spitting image of his progenitor, Drakul Xarxes.

Languages: Galactic Basic, Dathomiri, Binary, Ancient Sith, High Sith, Mando’a, Arkanian, Huttese, Zeffo, Shyriiwook, Yautja, High Galactic Basic, Kaminoan, Hapan


Clothing: Dumé often bedecks himself in fine blacks, whites, and greens, generally sticking to a theme. The robes which flow on the outside of his armor generally reflect this, but when not wearing the armor—a rare occurrence—he wears short robes, generally of green, though he has been known to wear a black trench coat and slacks when he is out and about in an informal setting. He is fond of shoulder capes, much like the first of his name, and wears one in formal settings, usually of a deep green hue. He does not wear much jewelry, save for his enchanted talismans, which he wears on all occasions.

Armor: Dumé’s armor was forged through alchemical sorcery as a group offering between Darth Mogis and the most powerful sorceresses of Clan Amit. The Chromium armor, though not incredibly durable in its normal refined state, has been strengthened by alchemy, making it highly resistant to saber attacks and numerous other forms of plasma and laser damage. However, it is susceptible to high heat, hence the internal cooling system. Additionally, it has retained the natural ability of Chromium to resist radiation, making it highly effective in combating many local Arkanian bio-weapons.
The alchemical treatment also grants its wearer significantly-increased strength, much akin to the armor of Belia Darzu and Warb Null, and has utilized the lightning-resistant trait of alchemized material to increase the wearer’s ability to absorb and redirect lightning-based attacks (Lightning Empowerment +2) and channel it through the chest or palms in a powerful beam.
After the alchemical processes were completed, Dumé added some technological improvements. His boots are fitted with Gription magnatomic-adhesion soles, allowing for wall and ceiling traversal on most surfaces. His right wrist contains a lanvarok, while his left bears an energy shield (a gift from the Mandalorian crusaders on Arkania) and a sheathed blade. The suit comes equipped with a dro314931691_1525892094540244_6773913023145740494_n.jpgp shield, which can deflect laser fire in a 6-meter radius dome, and the whole of the suit is a sealed environment, allowing for space and water traversal without inhibitions.
Over the shining armor, he wears robes and a white or Hesperian green hood, usually depending on location. The helm of the suit can fully retract to reveal his face, or the interchangeable faceplate alone can be removed. The robes are constructed of armorweave, preventing an accidental fire or tear when in combat while also providing additional protection. Intricate designs hiding Sith runes amidst Arkanian calligraphy can be found across the armor, binding its strengthening enchantments.

Weapons: Dumé wields a songsteel-hilted dual-phase saber with a royal emerald blade, the metal being a gift as a child. The saber itself was created by Dumé during his studies on Dathomir. It has been adjusted to continue functioning underwater.
A more notable weapon in Dumé’s arsenal is the Sword of Order, the legendary weapon of Darth Drakul Xarxes. The sword is kept secure in a hidden vault underground on Arkania, in Dumé’s hidden sanctum. The blade retains its perpetual Ostrine chill, which is too large and heavy for most beings to lift.
Dumé has a Sith Sword, another relic from his ancestor’s past, as an alternative to the lightsaber, dubbed the Blackrazor. In addition to its blade being resistant to lightsabers, the weapon is enchanted to increase the effect of the wielder’s aura (+1 to Dark Aura), its dark and terrifying power causing fear and debilitating slowness in opponents. Though once crimson in color, Dumé’s magicks have stained the blade black as the abyss. Alternatively, he can conjure a powerful Spirit Blade when he must.


Equipment: Biotechnological lenses which allow for infrared, x-ray, and telescopic vision; a holocommunicator (kept in the wrist of one gauntlet); Supernatural Encounters: The Trial And Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon; The Holocron of Darth Drakul Xarxes; The Holocron of Darth Theamati; The Codex Potentia Deum of Archpriest Dagon; a Talisman of Concentration for use in dark rituals; numerous other holocrons and ancient texts from Dathomir, Arkania, and Zeffo.


Vehicles: Dumé’s flagship is The Crucible, a massive and intimidating Revenant-Class Super Star Destroyer, developed on Arkania during the research on recreating hyperspace technology for massive command vessels. The destroyer functions primarily as a command vessel. It has strong defensive capabilities, though it is not without an offensive array of firepower, most notably the strong gravity wells and axial superlaser, capable of destroying parts of large enemy ships. While the laser is not powerful enough to wipe out a planet, as some have been known to, it can obliterate small cities with ease. The vessel comes outfitted with a substantial array of starfighters, and a powerful deflector shield staves off aggressive direct firepower.
Another smaller vessel is the Naglfar, a relic of a bygone era that has been renovated by the Arkanian Patriarch. A sizeable Star Destroyer in its own right, the vessel has been outfitted with a new hyperdrive and powerful tractor beams to help it prevent enemy escape. The outside of the vessel crawls with zombies, and the shape of it streaking through the sky sends terror into the hearts of onlookers.
Dumé also possesses another two personal vessels. First is the Apocrypha, a replica of Lord Starkiller’s Rogue Shadow, with one of the more impressive hyperdrives in the galaxy and substantial cargo and living space. It is not without firepower either, equipped with an ion cannon, heavy lasers, and a quartet of tracking missiles.
His last personal vessel is a Belbullab-31 Starfighter, an improved model of the vessel piloted by General Grievous and one with which Dumé has had plenty of training over the last couple of years.

Pets: When Drakulkyle-punk-art-herring-gold-dragon-final.jpg Xarxes ruled Arkania, his beloved pet Saalokonhir, a massive and mature Arkanian dragon, accompanied him on many ventures. Thanks to their long lifespans, he has persisted as the pet of each Patriarch or Matriarch of Arkania. Reaching the latter stages of maturity, the dragon is absolutely massive and, thanks to Dumé’s ability of genetic manipulation, has grown to a behemoth size, rivaling the stature of their Star Dragon progenitors.
The offspring of Saalokonhir, a black Arkanian Dragon of substantial stature, is currently being trained and nurtured as he is raised and has been dubbed Ancalagon by the Arkanian Patriarch.
Dumé has also kept the Drexl hives in the Zeffo wilderness thriving, allowing them to repopulate. His favorite Drexl is named Glaurung and has been bred personally by Dumé from birth. The Drexl is now considered a Chrysalide creature, whom Dumé dominates through force of will and displays of power that cow the fellbeast.
Regular companions of Dumé are Cosmys and Dahmyin, twin Tuk’ata that he created. The reptilian canines are vicious and obey Dumé’s every command through his Spell of Creature Understanding.
Perhaps his most threatening pet is Shaylar, the Vornskr beast whom he favors even above his Tuk’ata. Vornskr acts as the family dog, having been trained well and mentally suppressed by the Patriarch by Sith Sorcery and a collar of Nihil Smokestone.

Personal Characteristics

Combat Skills: Dumé is a versatile combatant, well-versed in the many forms of martial combat. From his early days learning hand-to-hand combat with the Nightbrothers of Clan Amit to his lightsaber training under the tutelage of his mother’s Holocron, Dumé Xarxes has kept himself refreshed. He has integrated Arca Jeth’s “Way of the Arkanian Dragon” into his mastery of Djem So, allowing for rapid strikes that still utilize his full increased strength. He is aggressive with Sith Lightning, his preferred ability in combat, and debilitates opponents with his powerful Dark Aura, allowing his strikes to overwhelm them.
In combat, he utilizes the terrifying power of Shatterpoint to locate his enemy’s weaknesses. Then he presses upon them with a mixture of Dun Möch and strong saber or sword attacks. Perhaps his most horrifying combat ability is his immense appearance of calm, seeming to treat every encounter as if it is of no consequence to him that his opponent seeks to kill or injure him severely.
During the inner-rim retaliation to the unveiling of his flagship and its accompaniment, Dumé showed his skill in commanding a battle through the use of powerful Battle Meditation. His skill on the battlefield is nothing to be scoffed at, and he showed his might as a military commander when leading the resistance against pirate clans attempting to raid Arkania on numerous occasions. The moment his heavy boots touch the battleground, all are aware and in awe. While an alchemist and necromancer, Dumé has an affinity for Sith Lightning and remains one of the more notable users of the power living to this day, despite the competition. He makes excellent use of his pent-up frustrations, of which there are many, which come from being a ruler when invoking his emerald lightning.

Other Strengths: Dumé is a master of hiding his emotions, both physically and with the Force. His willpower, combined with a perfected mental shield, prevents the reading of his emotions, and he refuses to telegraph any of his movements and choices. Due to his Arkanian biology, he is exceptionally mathematically intelligent, allowing him to make complex calculations in moments, rivaling or exceeding most supercomputers (as Arkanians generally do). A geneticist and engineer by nature, he is the foremost researcher in medical, biotechnological, and genetic advancements in the galaxy at present and has made innovations in terraforming, farming, and medicine over the last five decades that have brought about an improved quality of life to a large chunk of the galaxy. His studies have resulted in him receiving doctorate degrees in law, philosophy, biology, chemistry, medicine, and bio-engineering, and he bears both a medical and legal license.
Having conducted experiments on his own body through the use of Art of the Small and Midichlorian Manipulation, Dumé’s bodily chemistry has been altered, allowing him to resist all known diseases, and even to build up a tolerance to some of the more deadly alchemically created plagues. His lungs filter out noxious gases, and both his bloodstream and gastronomic system have been altered to handle poisons. Certain neurotoxins will still affect him, though in a similar case to his disease immunity, he has some resistance to these.
One would be amiss to suggest that Annatar Adasca does not entertain guests well, and the balls he has thrown on Arkania, in addition to the fine dinners his guests are treated to, have the tendency to endear him to foreign emissaries, Sith or otherwise. But he does not maintain control of Arkania through mere appeasing of others, but through hard and calculated scheming. His skills in political matters and diplomacy were never dirtied during his time spent on Dathomir and grew refined through his tutelage by one of the most successful rulers in the last millennia.
Dumé’s mind contains vast deposits of knowledge, enough to accumulate multiple lifetimes of experience, absorbed through the ravenous reading of scrolls and poring over holocrons, to say nothing of the instruction by Drakul Xarxes’ ghost. His precise knowledge of galactic history, both well-known and scholarly, has only added to his skill as a politician.

Flaws: For all his achievements, Dumé’s public ego knows no bounds. He struggles seriously to admit any flaw of his to others in an effort to appear perfect. This is thus far only able to be shattered by the ghost of Drakul Xarxes, whom he is cowed by regularly. Dumé also tends to overanalyze everything, leading to extreme paranoia. While he wishes to be seen as perfect, his constant striving for perfection has left him worried perpetually about his ability to achieve that degree.

Personality: His true personality is hard to pin down. To some, he may appear as a kind and warm host, to others, a benevolent ruler. Still, to others, a harsh and iron-fisted dictator, and to even more, a cold and calculating rival. Dumé is, at his core, an unstoppable force and an immovable object in one. When he sets himself toward a goal, it will be done, and when he refuses to budge, no opposition can sway him. He is proud and has the power to back up his pride, much to the dismay of those who attempt to undermine his desires.

Fears: Dumé Xarxes fears but two things. Unlike his ancestor, he does not fear being forgotten or being insignificant, for his achievements have already made that impossible. Instead, he fears death for its own sake, and he fears public humiliation. The first would mark an end to everything he has strived to achieve, and the second would be something his ego could never handle. His extreme paranoia has made relationships with others of any degree difficult.

Likes: Tea, wine, rare meat, success, the advancement of learning, the possession of power, flying on dragonback, starfighter piloting

Dislikes: Incompetence, unjustified boastfulness, braggarts, debaucherers, criminals, brutes, dim-wittedness, Nydak, most Acolytes

Habits: When frustrated, Dumé either spars with the Mandalorians or practices physical exercise. If he is bored, he reads and studies. Few days go by when Dumé doesn’t spend hours compiling notes and conducting experiments for the betterment of galactic life.


Relationships/Love Interests: Despite his age and station, and the patriarchal need for a spouse and heir, Annatar has yet to take a bride. He is uninterested personally, though he acknowledges that if his plans of galactic domination ever fail, a suitable heir will be necessary.
Companions: Darth Mogis, a white-masked human alchemist and Sith Lord who rose above the masses of Sith in the eyes of Dumé. A competent yet malleable individual who lacked the intelligence and cunning to plot against the one who would be his lord. It was he who primarily conducted the forging of Darth Dumé’s armor.

Friendships: There are few that Dumé can call close acquaintances and even fewer he could call friends. While he gets along with the Nightsister matrons of his clan and the Mandalorian crusaders on Arkania, the power disparity makes friendship impossible. Empress Leto may be the closest living thing Dumé has to a friend, for though he envies her position and power, the two get along due to respect for the power the other maintains.
Dumé had one friend as a boy, a Nightbrother named Tyr. He was the closest in strength and skill to the young Annatar Adasca, but was killed while they were out hunting wild Nydak on Arkania in the same bout that resulted in Dumé’s scar. Since then, Dumé has elected to evade attachments to others.
His working relationship with Seth-Ammon, a Shi’ido Dark Councilor from Rhelg, is mutualistic at best, and the pair cooperate better with each other than anyone else. For all his seriousness, Dumé finds amusement and joviality in the Bimm Darth Nocturnus, whom he shared some time with on Dathomir in times long past. Of the Circle of Lords, Nocturnus is, to Dumé’s mind, the most competent.

Family: Cendric Reza (father, deceased); Dreleya Adasca/Darth Theamati (mother, deceased); Amaunator Adasca, Darth Drakul Xarxes (great-great-grandfather, a Force Ghost); Jorah Tassak/Darth Eschaton (foster father, presumed dead).

Masters: Dumé was trained by the Holocron of his mother, Darth Theamati, a Sith Prophetess, and by the regular study of the texts and holocrons of his ancestors, not all of whom were Force Sensitive. He had no formal master but rose to his current station all the same. More importantly, the ghost of his long-dead ancestor, Darth Drakul Xarxes, from whom his name derives, has appeared to him on many occasions to instruct him in the powers of the Force and to provide him with knowledge from ages long past that is currently out of regular circulation in the Sith Academy.

Apprentices: Dumé sees apprentices as a distraction to his more significant goals and has thus far refused to take any on.

Reputation: Annatar Adasca is renowned as an effective monarch whose governance is conducted with a level of precision rarely seen in the galaxy before. While he has his critics, who like to claim that he rules by fear, his people adore him as a savior, a righteous ruler who never ceases to care for his people. Those who criticize him, however, do so with a healthy measure of wariness, as they and the rest of the galaxy are all too aware of what he is capable of.


Darth Drakul Xarxes passed on in 347 ABY, joining the Force as a ghost. When the Dark Age of the Sith began, he spent nearly two-hundred years providing for the people of Arkania, ensuring their needs were met and that as much aid as could be given to others in those times was so. He was survived by his eldest grandchild, the only one to show propensity in the Force to the same degree as he, Darth Themis, who took his place on the Council. Themis, daughter of Ladon, would sire a daughter of her own in her one-hundredth year, having been guided to near-immortality by Darth Xarxes’ ghost, whom she named Theamati. She, in turn, would likewise take her mother’s place, and she, many years later, would pass away, leaving her only child, Annatar Adasca, the later Darth Dumé Xarxes, alone.
Dumé was, unlike his predecessors, brought up parentless. His father, a noble Lord of Arkania, and his mother, a cunning Sith Lady, Matriarch of Arkania, and member of the Dark Council of the New Sith Order, were both taken from him at a young age. His parents fell victim to the deadly Noxene Virus, a lethal and ravenous disease that spread through Arkania mercilessly. Without parents and being far too young, Annatar was placed under the care of Darth Eschaton, an ancient servant of the Adasca family who had served as Black Steward of Veeshas Tuwan for hundreds of years, who sent him to Dathomir to be raised with Clan Amit. Without the tutelage of his parents, he lacked the familial bonds that had long been a staple of his lineage and did not share the same spirit of humility. Instead, Annatar grew bold, confident, and proud, using his mother’s holocron and the texts of Sith, Jedi, Nightsisters, Zeffo, and even the dreaded Rhandites – the remnants of Drakul Xarxes’ collections on Dathomir – to further his own knowledge and power.
By the time he had come of age, Annatar was already a formidable Force-wielder, capable of combating Sith twice his age with ease. The teachings afforded him by the ancient texts collected had given him access to knowledge most Sith had not seen since the War of Typhojem, and his poring over the Codex Potentia Deum, as Drakul Xarxes had, caused him to be moved towards dominion, the strategy before him being ripe for improvement.
Annatar wasted no time in returning to Arkania in secret, spending weeks in Veeshas Tuwan’s many secret underground laboratories concocting a vaccine to reproduce and distribute to his people. When he, at last, revealed himself to them and seized the throne from the corrupt steward, he was met with adoration and praise. The people lifted them up as their savior, and thus it has remained ever since.
Around this time, the ghost of Drakul Xarxes appeared to him and continued to do so to further his training and to form him into an individual worthy of Xarxes’ name. Over the course of several years, the elder judged the junior as ready, and the young Annatar received his name: Darth Dumé Xarxes, or Darth Xarxes II.
Dumé began his own conquests on famine and pestilence, terraforming the far side of Arkania into farmland, and using genetic manipulation through the Force to begin cellular reproduction in plant matter. Within a handful of years, Arkania became one of the largest exporters of food products in the galaxy. In addition to the Noxene Virus vaccination, he developed muscle and skin-grafting techniques without the use of bacta, allowing deep cuts, burns, and more to be healed much more quickly and effectively.
In more recent history, a group of Mandalorians following the Old Ways resurfaced on Arkania. A number of them had once served under Darth Drakul Xarxes as his Zealots but had turned to the Mandalorians when Xarxes I’s conflicts ended shortly after the True Sith War. They had remained in seclusion until the rise of a powerful despot such as Dumé, and they pledged their allegiance to him, acting as his Hands. The Way of the Iron Hand cult, as they came to be known, served as Dumé’s guard and closest soldiers in his following conflicts with pirates, insurgents, and the Inner Core worlds.
In the late 6th century ABY, the now Darth Dumé Xarxes unveiled himself to the Sith for the first time. He eventually joined them on Dromund Kaas, having spent some time in seclusion to more fully develop his skill in genetic manipulation, which had grown at this point to the level of the Midichlorian and beyond, having studied the notes of Sith from ages past. While his initial impressions of Imperatrix Leto were received as bold and perhaps insolent, he still proved his worth very quickly, and he joined her Hesperians at the behest of Drakul Xarxes’ ghost. He and the ghost alike took a disliking to Mnemosyne, finding her to have too much power and influence on the Empress, but he kept these thoughts well-guarded so that even the Imperatrix herself could not sense them. He now sits as one of Empress Leto Hesphora’s most powerful Councilors as a member of the Triumvirate, and he works consistently to ensure that the Order is run effectively.

~ • Skill List • ~

Rank: Level 9, Dark Lord of the Sith (225 points, 4 Godlikes)
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Alchemist
Prestige Class: Necromancer


Form I, Shii-Cho: 1
–Form V, Djem So: 4
–Tripzest: 3
Saber Throw: 3
Saber Barrier: 2


Augmentation: 3
–Force Body: 4
Feed on the Dark Side: 4
Dark Side Healing: 4
UNIQUE Fold Space: 5
Instinctive Astrogation Control: 4


Force Sense: 4
–Precognition: 5
Force Bond: 1
–Drain Force: 2
–Battle Meditation: 5
INNATE Shatterpoint: 5


Telekinesis: 2 (+ 3 FREE with Level 1): 5
–Force Push/Pull: 3
–Force Wave: 5
–Force Wound: 1
–Force Choke: 1
–Force Crush: 4
–Levitation: 4
Telepathy: 4
Mental Shield: 5
Force Resistance: 5
–Adiabatic Shield: 1
–Tutaminis: 5
–Force Barrier: 3
–Protection Bubble: 3
Force Lightning (Requires Force Sense): 2 (+3 FREE with Level 4): 5
–Chain Lightning: 5
–Lightning Bomb: 1
–Lightning Empowerment: 3 (+2 when wearing Armor)
–Force Storm: 4
–Force Maelstrom: 5
–Dark Aura: 3 (+1 when wielding Sith Sword)
Imbue Item: 2 (FREE with Sith Alchemist)
RITUAL Create Sith Holocron: 2 (+3 FREE with Level 7): 5


Sith Runes: 2 (+3 FREE from Sith Sorcerer): 5
Mutate Life: 3 (+2 FREE with Sith Alchemist): 5
RITUAL Create Chrysalide (Requires Sith Alchemist, Mutate Life): 5
RITUAL Create Tuk’ata (Requires Sith Alchemist): 4
RITUAL Create Leviathan (Requires Level 8+, Sith Alchemist, Sith Runes): 5
Sutta Chwituskak: 3
Qazoi Kyantuska: 3
Invoke Spirits (Requires Level 5+, Sith Necromancer): 4
Spirit Blade (Requires Level 7+, Sith Necromancer): 4
Sith Illusions: 2 (+3 FREE with Level 6): 5
Spectral Dead (Requires Level 8+, Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits, Sith Necromancer): 2 (+3 FREE with Sith Necromancer): 5
–Summon Sith Spirits (Requires Level 7+, Reanimate Dead, Invoke Spirits): 5
Doppelgänger: 1
–Force Phantom (Requires Doppelgänger): 5
Aspect of the Storm: 4
Spell of Creature Understanding: 3


UNIQUE, GODLIKE Art of the Small (Requires Level 7+): 10
UNIQUE, GODLIKE Midichlorian Manipulation (Requires Level 8+, Art of the Small, Sith Sorcerer OR Sith Assassin): 10
UNIQUE, GODLIKE Maxichlorian Transference (Requires Level 9+, Sith Sorcerer, Midichlorian Manipulation): 10
GODLIKE Wormhole: Force Storm (Requires Level 9+, Force Maelstrom, Instinctive Astrogation OR Instinctive Astrogation Control): 10​
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⚡️Lord Taranos, God of Lightning⚡


Name: Thorias Dragona

Nicknames/Aliases (optional): King Taranos I, Darth Taranos, The Stormlord, God of Lightning

Theme Music:

Voice Sample:

Rank: Dark Lord

Class: Sith Warrior, Marauder, Magus

Age: 216 years old (born 400 ABY)

Sex: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Tof, with traces of Nagai

Homeworld: Tof

Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith, Warrior-King of the United Firefist Kingdom

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 650 lbs.

Physical Description: Taranos is a massive man. Built like a tank and sporting massive muscles across his body, he could easily lift a fully grown human with one hand.

Clothing/Armor: He typically wears either silver or golden songsteel armor over his body. This is overlain by a black tunic. Typically, on his chest he will wear either three or six disks which have been inlaid with Runes by the Sorcerer members of the Dragona family. These Runes act as foci for his Lightning based abilities. Once he was crowned King, he added his flowing red cape made from armorweave to his attire. Sometimes the cape is topped with an animal fur pelt. Adorning his head is a winged helm composed of golden chromium.

• Two twin blue Lightclubs
• Bys (Hammer): A short-hilted Phrik hammer forged in the heat of a dying dwarf star. The hammer has been imbued by Force Weapon and refuses any wielder but Taranos.
• Stormr (Axe-Hammer): A long-hilted Phrik weapon also forged from the same method. One side of the head is a hammer, the other is an axe blade. It has also been imbued by Force Weapon, but doesn't carry the lone wielder restriction.

• Talisman of Translation: Allows for understanding of other languages.
• Shield Talisman

Vehicles: Typically traverses the Skyriver and Firefist on a modified ancient sailing vessel outfitted to withstand the rigors of space travel, but as a Dark Lord of the Sith, has access to whatever he wishes.

Pets: Has many pets within his Fortress, both large and small, but his favorites are his Ravens and Goat.

Languages: GBS, Sith, Tof, Nagi, Vahlan, Bocce, Old Corellian, Huttese, and others

Description of Abilities: He is naturally gifted with the whole breadth of the Lightning tree of powers as well as being an incredibly strong lightsaber and melee weapon head to head combatant.

Strengths: Physical strength, ruling his people, fighting, ranged combat, melee combat

Flaws: Being an ass, headstrong, stubborn, will seek out a fight

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Relationships/Love Interests/Family:
-Queen Consort Nilana Dragona (wife)
-Lady Danora Dragona (firstborn daughter)
-Asger and Alvar Dragona (twin sons)
-Marvana Dragona (mother)
-Reyscha Dragona (grandmother, Force Master)
-Lord Nihl II (great-grandfather, deceased)
-King Tonas the Uniter (great-grand uncle, deceased)
-Leviticus Dragona/Darth Nathemus II (great-great-grandfather, deceased)
-Sandara Dragona/Darth Nathema (great-great-grand aunt, deceased)
-Odious Dragona (son of Sandara, deceased)
-Darth Kaos III (daughter of Sandara, deceased)
-Draven and Ellisana Dragona II (twin son and daughter of Kaos)
-Sedriss Nathemus (great-great-great-grandfather, deceased)
-Queen Ellisana Dragona I (great-great-great-grandmother, deceased)
-Lord Nihl I (4-great-grandfather, deceased)
-Darth Kaos I (4-great-grandmother, adoptive, deceased)
-Darth Kaos II (sister of Nathemus, deceased)

Born on Tof in 400 ABY to the royal Dragona family, Thorias was quickly found to be Force-Sensitive and trained with his grandmother, Reyscha. Raised in a prominent Force-Sensitive family, Thorias had to carve out his niche. When he was given his signature hammer for his 10th birthday, he decided his main focus would be Force Lightning. In 450, he ascended to the Throne and became King Taranos I of the Dragona Dynasty.

In 551, he officially joined the Final Sith Order, even though he'd been training in the Force for 150 years. He quickly became a prominent member of the Order and developed bonds with Imperatrix Leto and another planetary monarch, Darth Dumé Xarxes. In 595, after a bloody Kaggath, he ascended to Dark Lord of the Sith and joined the Dark Council.

Powers: Level 9 (225 points)
3 free Telepathy, Sith Lightning, Create Holocron, Force Rage, and Augmentation
2 free Feed on Dark Side, Control Pain, Sutta Chwituskak, and Aura of Uneasiness

-Lightsaber Forms
Shii-Cho: 1
Soresu (Requires Form I, Shii-Cho): 3
Djem So (Requires Form I, Shii-Cho): 3
Jar'Kai (Requires Form I, Shii-Cho): 4
Tripszest (Requires Form I, Shii-Cho, winged species OR Levitation OR flight device): 5

Augmentation: 2(+3 free from Sith Warrior class)
Force Speed (Requires Augmentation): 4
Enhance Attribute (Requires Augmentation): 4
Reduce Injury (Requires Augmentation): 4
Force Body (Requires Augmentation): 3
Battlemind (Requires Sith Warrior): 5
Force Rage (Requires Sith Warrior): 2(+3 free from Level 6)
Feed on Dark Side: 2(+2 free from Sith Marauder Subclass)
Control Pain (Requires Sith Warrior): 2(+2 free from Sith Marauder Subclass)
Exceptional Senectitude (Requires Level 7, Evil Alignment): 3

Force Sense: 3
Precognition (Requires Force Sense): 5
Instinctive Astrogation (Requires Force Sense): 5

Telekinesis: 5
Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis): 4
Force Whirlwind (Requires Level 3+, Force Push/Pull): 2
Force Wave (Requires Level 7+, Force Push/Pull): 5
Force Wound (Requires Level 3+, Telekinesis): 3
Force Crush (Requires Level 6+, Force Wound): 5
Levitation (Requires Telekinesis): 5
Flamusfracta (Requires Level 5+, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis): 5
Mental Shield: 5
Telepathy: 2(+3 free from Level 1 basic ability)
Affect Mind (Requires Telepathy): 5
Comprehend Speech (Requires Level 4+, Telepathy): 1
Sith Lightning (Requires Force Sense): 2(+3 free from Level 4)
Chain Lightning (Requires Level 4+, Sith Lightning): 5
Lightning Saber (Requires Level 4+, Melee Weapon or Lightsaber AND Shii-Cho, Sith Lightning): 5
Lightning Grenade (Requires Level 4+, Sith Lightning, Telekinesis): 5
Lightning Bomb (Requires Level 4+, Sith Lightning): 5
Force Tempest (Requires Level 6+, Sith Lightning): 5
Lightning Variant Force Storm (Requires Level 6+, Sith Lightning): 5
Sith Barrage (Requires Level 6+, Sith Lightning): 5
Lightning Shield (Requires Level 5+, Sith Lightning, Force Resistance): 5
Lightning Aura (Requires Level 6+, Sith Lightning): 5
Lightning Empowerment (Requires Level 5+, Sith Lightning, Tutaminis): 5
Force Maelstrom (Requires Level 6+, Telekinesis, Force Wave, Lightning Bomb, AND Protection Bubble OR Lightning Shield): 5
Summon Storm (Requires Level 7+, Sith Lightning, Force Whirlwind): 5
Pyrokinesis: 5
Force Resistance: 5
Tutaminis (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance): 5
Force Barrier (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance): 5
Energy Resistance (Requires Force Resistance): 4
Force Weapon: 3
RITUAL Create Holocron: 1(+3 free from Level 7)

-Magic (allowed by Sith Magus Prestige Class)
Sutta Chwituskak: 3(+2 free from Sith Magus Prestige Class)
Aura of Uneasiness: (+2 free from Sith Magus Prestige Class)
Sith Illusions (Requires Level 3+): 5

Wormhole Force Storm (Requires Level 9+, Force Maelstrom, Instinctive Astrogation OR Instinctive Astrogation Control): 10
Sever Force (Requires Level 9+): 10
Lord Skyodis



Name: Lord Skyodis, the Shadow-Bringer
Rank: Lord of the Sith
Level: 7
Age: 86
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Unknown
Height: 5’9
Weight: 147 lbs
Appearance: Skyodis employs alchemical methods to conceal his true age and the toll his immerserment in the Dark Side has taken on his body. He has distinctive scars on his face which have been there since he was a child- a ‘gift’ from one of his overseers. His body is heavily scarred and branded, and his red hair is long, but brittle. He has deep set eyes and sunken cheeks, and his skin is pale, even under his mask.

Clothing: Skyodis normally wears simple reddish coloured garments. In most non combat situations he wears a set of simple red robes. In combat, he dons a set of light armour imbued with alchemical protection.

Weapons and Equipment: Skyodis’ owns two lightsabers, one with a red blade and the other with a violet blade, though he rarely uses them. He also has a dagger made of beskar which he used to kill his last slave master which he has carried with him ever since.
He also wears an Ancient Sith amulet which acts as a Talisman of Concentration, which he only uses in rare occasions when he requires total concentration.

Vehicles: ‘The Black Shadow’- an Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer that had been caught in a spatial disturbance centuries ago, which ripped it out of hyperspace and left the crew stranded, and left to die. Skyodis discovered the ship floating freely in space and salvaged it, retrofitting it and restoring it to power, though it lacks some of the weaponry of the original design due to centuries of decay and minimal resources.
‘The Fell Omen’: A TIE Hunter prototype found by the Skyodis on the Black Shadow, retrofitted and used for combat or when discreet travel is preferred.

Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Ancient Sith, High Sith, Huttese, Bocce, Binary, Shyriiiwook

Description of Abilities: Skyodis is an expert at using the arcane arts of the Sith in combat. Though skilled in the use of a lightsaber, he prefers to use his skills as a Sorcerer to defeat his enemies and support his allies on the battlefield.

Other Strengths: Skyodis possesses a genius level intellect, and despite growing up with no formal education was able to teach himself to read and write and speak several languages. Since joining the Sith, he has become both a keen strategist and highly knowledgeable of the lore and history of the Sith.

Weaknesses: He does not possess great social intelligence and therefore has no real friends, and prefers to keep to himself. His independent streak means he is less likely to ask others for aid, as he sees it as weakness.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Skyodis is a man of few words, and has little patience for fools or sycophants. He is often cold, detached and logical, and humour is alien to him. His anger is difficult to rouse but when it is, it explodes out of him like an eruption from a volcano. He lives a spartan lifestyle- he dresses simply, does not partake in what he considers ‘weakening vices’ such as alcohol and narcotics. He sleeps on a bed made of stone out of preference, as he has never been able to adjust to any sort of comfort. He is fanatically loyal to the Sith, and is it said the only time that Skyodis was ever seen to smile was when torturing and executing traitors to the Sith Empire. Ruthless and utterly relentless, once he sets himself a goal he will see it done no matter the cost.

Fears: Returning to the status of a slave. Death. Being cast out of the Final Sith Order.

Likes: Victory in battle, and the battle itself. Reading and other scholarly pursuits.

Dislikes: Alcohol, Extravegence, Drugs, Fools, Sycophants

Relationships: He had no true friends, but possesses a working relationship with his fellow Circle Lords.

Family: He has no knowledge of any family he may have.

Masters: Trained by several different academy overseers. Primary master was a now deceased Sith Sorcerer named Darth Velys.

Apprentices: He has taken on several throughout his decades of service, however all died before graduation, unable to cope with Skyodis’ harsh training methods.


The child who would grow to become Lord Skyodis was born in 530 ABY. His homeworld and parentage is unknown, as he was born into a family that had been enslaved by nomadic pirates. He had no actual name, only being known as ‘runt’ due to his smaller frame during childhood. Raised in the cramped cells of slave ships, he was sold numerous times during his childhood, and sometimes was even gambled away as part of a wager. Forced to be ruthless and cruel to survive, Skyodis was forced to fight the other slaves for food and water, which was always in short supply. He grew up around death, and soon became numb to it. As soon as he was old enough he was put to work mining asteroids and small planetoids on behalf of his masters, which was backbreaking work and extremely dangerous. Casually beaten and tortured by his overseers, Skyodis would often pray to whatever gods existed in the Galaxy for the means to earn his freedom, and as the other slaves cried themselves to sleep, he taught himself to read and write with materials smuggled in by newly arrived educated slaves.

At the age of 18, he was sold again, to a group of slavers who had reopened the spice mines of Kessel. Forced to toil away in the spice mines, Skyodis’ inner rage and hatred towards his masters eventually began to awaken his force sensitivity. He began to see visions of himself standing in a room plated with gold and holding the severed head of his master, a ruthless Twi’lek named Goss Tar’et. One day, when one of the overseers began to whip him for taking a five minute break to drink a glass of water, the hatred and anger that had built up inside him for twenty years erupted, and Skyodis used the force to snap the man’s neck. Upon being found by the other overseers, Skyodis was thrown into ‘the pit’; a large and seemingly inescapable hole where disobedient slaves were left to die of thirst and hunger within earshot of their helpless fellows, who were forbidden to offer any kind of aid to them, or else be thrown in themselves.

Skyodis, however, drew upon his newly discovered ability and was able to sustain himself long enough that, when two overseers came to claim his body, he was able to kill both of them and use the rope they threw in to escape. From there, he travelled to his master's quarters, and, stealing Tar’et’s own beskar dagger, cut off the Twi’lek’s head and tossed it into the main mine shaft, which caused a full-on slave rebellion, which Skyodis used to cover his escape. He travelled to Jabiim, where he was pursued by bounty hunters. Recaptured and being prepped to be taken back to Kessel, a Sith that came to the planet by chance to refuel felt his power and offered the former slave the opportunity to train the ways of the force and serve the Sith, killing the hunters who had imprisoned him. He would be a servant of the dark side, though this time, he was given a choice. And he accepted.

Skyodis excelled during his Sith training, as his past experience of being forced to be ruthless to survive paid dividends, as he systematically and brutally eliminated his rivals to finish the top of his class and become a Sith. He was taken on as an apprentice by a Sith Sorcerer, who taught him how to master the more arcane aspects of the Dark Side, as well as battle tactics and strategy. Naturally gifted with a keen intellect, Skyodis devoted himself to studying Sith lore, galactic history, and the art of war.

Over the next several decades, Skyodis participated in several campaigns of conquest, using his arcane talents to give the Sith forces an edge. He began to form his own elite unit of ruthless soldiers known as the ‘Legion of the Dead’, from prisoners captured during his battles. He would split the captives up into groups and offer them a choice: death, or service. He informed them that they were all ‘dead’ already and that their lives belonged to the Sith. They could choose to die now, or give their lives in service to the Order at a later date. Those that chose to serve were made to fight to the death, with only the survivors joining the legion, who became Skyodis’ personal shock troops. Officers of the legion who failed in their missions were expected to give themselves up for summary execution after delivering their reports. The brutal training regime and indoctrination techniques Skyodis employs make his legion fanatically loyal to the Sith, with Skyodis giving every officer strict instructions to kill even the Shadow-Bringer himself should he ever betray the Empress or the Dark Council.

Decades of warfare and immersion in the Dark Side have warped Skyodis into a corpse-like figure, and he hides both his age and his true corruption by employing alchemists to create masks for him to wear.

Level 7: 100 pts, up to 2 Godlikes

Classes: Sith Sorcerer, Sith Thaumaturge, Sith Wizard

Lightsaber Combat: 10

Form I, Shii-Cho: 2
Form IV, Ataru: 4
Lightsaber Throw: 2
Saber Barrier: 2


Augmentation: 2
Force Speed: 2
Force Jump: 2
Dark Side Healing: 3
Feed on Dark Side: 2
Teleport: 3

Sense: 22

Force Sense: 3
Precognition: 4
Force Sight: 2
Force Bond: 3
Drain Life: 3
Death Field: 4
Drain Force: 3

Alter: 34
Telekinesis: 3 (Free- Level 1 pick)
Force Push/Pull: 3
Levitation: 3
Mental Shield: 4
Telepathy: 3
Force Fear: 3
Sith Lightning: 3
Force Storm (Lightning Variant): 4
Force Resistance: 4
Tutaminis: 4
Alter Environment: 3 (Wizard Pick)
Create Sith Holocron: 3 (Free- Level 7 Bonus)

Sith Magic: 12

Sutta Chwituskak: 3 (Free Level 4 Bonus)
Qazoi Kyantuska: 1 (+3 class bonus)
Odojinya: 3
Waves of Darkness: 1 (+3 Level 6 Bonus)
Mask: 3
Reanimate Dead: 3 (Free- Wizard Class pick)
Sith Illusions: 4
Sith Runes: 3 (Free-Sorcerer Class Bonus)

Godlikes: 10

Dark Side Tendrils: 10​


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Darth Achlys Character Sheet

Character Image:


Character Theme:
(Main theme)

(Secondary theme)

Name and Title: Darth Achlys (Alora Umbra)
Nickname/Aliases: The Melione, The Melione of the Hidden
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Orientation (Optional): Heterosexual
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Homeworld: Obulette
Occupation: High Lord
Rank: 7
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 130lbs
Physical Description: Long dark brown/ black hair, jewel- green eyes
Clothing/Armor: While in her lab and dealing with her “volunteers,” Achlys wears protective gear. In formal functions, simple, but beautiful dresses with not much ornamentation. In battle,

Weapons: an easily concealable blaster, a pair of lightsabers with blood red blades, a pair of daggers on spring- loaded wrist sheaths, a pair of small curved daggers, and some various poisons with antidotes.



Equipment: light armor, weapons, various poisons and their respective antidotes.
Languages: many
Personality: a bit unpredictable.
Relationships/Love Interests: Midosea (cousin), Jai Numan (lover, now deceased)
Family: Midosea, cousin
Biography: Alora was born on Obulette. Due to the famine and lack of resources, her parents seemingly abandoned her when she was three. Upon learning of her abandonment, she was taken in by her mother’s family.

She grew up under their roof and was sent to the Sith Academy when she showed Force potential. There, she met Jai Numan. After she had grown close to him, she was forced to kill him. Devastated, she threw herself into her increasingly questionable experiments with slaves and those found unworthy. She maintained her relationship with Midosea, whom she looks up to as a brother, and developed one with his daughters, to whom she gives questionable gifts, occasionally.

Through her dedication and hard work, she rose through the ranks to High Lord and became Lord Cold’s second in command in House of the Hidden. Which is where she still conducts her experiments and satiates her sadism and bloodlust.

Skills List
Class: Assassin
Subclass (Available at Level 3): Sith Poisoner
Prestige Class (Available as shown in the “Prestige Classes” Section of the Power List): Sith Nightwitch

Saber Skills:
Shii- Cho- 4
Jar’Kai- 4

Augmentation- 4
Enhance Attribute- 3
Reduce Injury- 4
Force Stealth- 1 (+3 Assassin class pts)
Contort- 3
Dampen Force- 3
Dark Side Healing- 4
Detoxify Poison- 3
Tapas- 3
Force Travel- 4

Force Sense- 3 (free lvl1 pts)
Force Bond- 4
Drain Life- 4
Death Field- 3

Telekinesis- 4
Force Push/ Pull- 3
Force Whirlwind- 3
Force Wound- 3 (free lvl. 4 pts)
Mental Shield- 4
Telepathy- 4
Cleanse Mind- 4
Sith Lightning- 4
Force Resistance- 4
Force Barrier- 3
Force Cloak- 4
Brew Sith Poison- 3 (free Sith Poisoner subclass pts.)
Sith Illusions- 3
Shadowstrike- 3 (free lvl. 6 pts)

Sith Magic:
Blood Magic- 3 ( free Sith Nightwitch Prestige class pts)
Blood Trail- 3
Dark Illusion- 3
Spell of Concealment- 3


Theme Music:

Name: Vidram Zod

Nicknames/Aliases: Darth Töricht, Rex Principius, The Iron Fist of Utapau

Rank: High Lord of the Sith

Class: Warrior [Paladin (Magus)]

House: (Warrior House)

Age: 232 years (Born 384 ABY)

Sex: Male

Species: Pau'an

Homeworld: Utapau

Occupation: Governor (ruling power) of Utapau

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Height: 2 meters (6'7 ft)

Weight: 199 lbs

Physical Description:

A tall thin figure, Vidram towers over most humanoids. His piercing yellow eyes, uncommon of the Pau'an look through and over most in his presence, other than the Empress and Triumvir. While he does present himself as a frail, slim diplomat who seems more interested in keeping the peace than ruling over lesser beings, his slender but muscular physique still allows him to be nimble yet punitive with a saber.


Lightsaber (Ghostfire Crystal)

Sonic Pistol

Wrist Laser

Cryoban Grenades

Fragmentation Grenades




Holographic Image Disguiser


Organic Gill


Super Star Destroyer "The Eminence"

Tie Silencer


Varactyl - "Turq"




Galactic Basic


Description of Abilities:

As a Diplomat and Paladin, Vidram is seen as a master negotiator or peacekeeper of sorts, but not due to a lack of lethality. His personality shows through his abilities as he doesn't often see those around him as his equal or worth his time and effort when it comes to a physical altercation.


Precise, persistent, loyal, conniving, intelligent


Perfectionist, arrogant, stubborn, controlling

Relationships/Love Interests:

2 Utai servants, Trazx and Yero



Like most of his species Vidram was born into the hierarchy of Utapau where both his mother and father served. Following in his father's footsteps he was soon elected Governor of Utapau and preceded to rule a his father did.

A life of royalty was something he grew accustomed to and the immediate perks were missed when he took his leave to begin training with the Sith. As an attempt to counter that Vidram brought along 2 of his personal Utai servants to assist him with his new undertaking, each of whom is there to make his current life as luxurious as possible.


Level - 8 (150 points/3 God-like)

Lightsaber Forms: 23

Form I, Shii-Cho - 2

Form IV, Ataru (Req. Form I, Shii-Cho) - 4

Form VI, Niman (Req. Form I, Shii-Cho) - 4

Saber Throw (Req. Saber Style, Telekinesis) - 3

Saber Barrier (Req. Saber Style, Telekinesis) - 3

Tràkata (Req. Shii-Cho) - 4

Focus Discipline (Req. Sith Warrior, Shii-Cho) - 3


Augmentation - 1 (+3 from Sith Warrior): 4

Force Speed (Req. Augmentation) - 3

Force Jump (Req. Augmentation) - 3

Inertia (Req. Augmentation) - 4

Remain Conscious (Req. Sith Warrior, Augmentation) - 3

Battlemind (Req. Sith Warrior) - 3

Force Rage (Req. Sith Warrior) - (+3 from Master): 3

Force Healing (Req. Level 4+, Sith Archon OR Sith Paladin)(+3 from Paladin): 3

Aura of Healing (Req. Level 7+, Force Healing) - 3

Teleport (Req. Level 5+) - 4


Force Sense (roll in Sense Force, Sense Force Potential, Prima Vitae) - 3

Precognition (Requires Force Sense) - 3

Force Bond - 3

Battle Meditation (Req. Level 5+, Force Bond, Telepathy, Precognition) - 3


Telekinesis - 1 (+3 from Acolyte): 4

Force Push/Pull (Req Telekinesis) - 3

Force Wave (Req. Level 7+, Force Push/Pull) - 3

Force Wound (Req. Level 3+, Telekinesis - 1 (+3 from Knight): 4

Force Crush (Req. Level 6+, Force Wound) - 3

Flamusfracta (Req. Level 5+, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis) - 4

Mental Shield - 4

Telepathy - 3

Force Resistance - 3

Tutaminis (Req. Level 3+, Force Resistance) - 4

Pyrokinesis - 4

Fireball Belch (Req. Level 3+, Pyrokinesis) - 4

Flame Aura (Req. Level 6+, Pyrokinesis) - 4

Force Light (Req. Level 7+, Sith Archon OR Sith Paladin, Good/Neutral Alignment) - 4

Golden Flash (Req. Sith Archon OR Sith Paladin) - 4

RITUAL Create Sith Holocron (Req. Level 7+) - (+3 from Sith Lord): 3

Phase (Req. Level 6+) - 4


Sutta Chwituskak - 1 (+2 from Sith Magus): 3

Aura of Uneasiness (Req. Level 4+) - 1 (+2 from Sith Magus): 3

Living Fire (Req. Level 5+) - 3


UNIQUE Art of the Small (Req. Level 7+) - 10

Force Ghost (Requires Level 7+, Sith Archon OR Sith Paladin OR Good/Neutral alignment AND Council Approval) - 10

RITUAL Sith Battlelord (Req. Level 6+, Force Bond, Telepathy) - 10​

Dossier: Klavius Reiix Fenris

Name/Title: Darth/Lord Klavius Reiix Fenris

Nicknames/Aliases: Fenrisúlfr (callsign), Time Treader, Bane's Wolf, Wolf, Fenris Wolf, Lobo, Death Wolf, Big Bad Wolf, Lobo De La Muerte, Úlfr Stríðsherra

Age: Unknown, Adult (presumably middle aged)

Sex: Male

Species: Shistavanen/Loth Wolf Sithspawn (albino)

Homeworld: Unknown (lots of rumors involving Lothal, Uvena Prime, and The Void/Chaos)

Occupation: Sith High Lord - Berserker/Shock Troop Warrior/Battlelord

Height: 2.8 Meters

Weight: 150 Kilograms

Physical Description: As a Sithspawn, Fenris is noticeably larger than the average Shistavanen. Towering over many different races and species whether he is on all fours or in bipedal stance, he automatically carries with him an intimidating presence. His body is covered with thick, unusual fur that appears to capture and utilize light and darkness to camouflage him. Ordinarily, his fur is decidedly white, void of any color at all, but depending on the lighting and the mood he is in, his coat can sometimes appear to be gray, brown, black, or a mixture of all of these colors. The same can be said of his eyes. They often appear to be yellow, but can shift between shades of blue and a fearsome red. He often wears warpaint and designs can sometimes vary. He also bears the scale-like markings of a Loth wolf on his forearms, legs, back, and face.

Clothing: He ordinarily wears a black cloak, trousers, and black leather wraps on his legs and forearms, but for heavy combat, he sometimes wears a pelt-like cloak draped over his broad shoulders that hangs to his heels. In such situations where it is necessary, he wears full body beskar armor, bracers and greaves, all interwoven with cortosis. He has a few helmets and faceplates that he will sometimes wear in combat as well.

Weapons: Twin sickles, Sköll and Hati, crafted from Lothal moon ore, phrik, and cortosis, one on each hip for dual-wielding, these weapons can be interlocked to create one long dual-ended weapon. He also carries one massive songsteel Sith greatsword, Ragnarök, strapped to his back for two-handed use. While he has a lightsaber, his dislike for technology prevents him from using it much. He also carries a DG-29 heavy blaster pistol in a shoulder holster under his cloak, which he doesn't use very often. He owns an antiquated slugthrower, but it is very rare if he is ever seen using this in combat or carrying it on his person. Another small weapon he owns is a palm-sized throwing star, its three points crafted to appear as the heads of wolves.

Equipment: A silent whistle made from the tip of a quivry's horn hangs on a strip of leather around his neck. Rumored to be blessed in the Force by the wolves of Lothal, it can summon a wolf wraith to aid him in combat. He also wears a massive songsteel ring on his right hand/paw that bears an insignia of the head of a wolf, jaws open wide in ferocity and hunger. While rumors circulate that this ring is alchemized in some form or another, the only rumor that is true is that Fenris has a mean right hook and this ring makes it a couple times meaner, just because of the size and solidity of the material.

Vehicles: I-7 Howlrunner - Dire Wolf
Eclipse Class Star Destroyer - Fenrir's Wrath

Pets: Nevermore (albino bonegnawer)

Languages: Shistavanen, Wolf, Basic, Mando'a, Kaleesh, ur-Kittât

Combat Skills: Fenris is savage by nature when it comes to battle. He has berserker capacities to his rage which can make him dangerous to friends and foes alike if his allies are not careful. Though an expert swordsman in the Vapaad and Jar’Kai forms, he can gut a light-armored opponent in less than five seconds, given the opportunity, with only his teeth and claws alone. When it comes to utilizing the Force, Fenris has a unique reach into his power. When he is in a berserker trance, he can utilize a number of skills from all three classes of Sith. This has amazing potential, but can be just as intensely dangerous to himself and his allies because these skills are used indiscriminately when he is in such a state of rage.

Other Strengths: Natural abilities include hyperspace tunneling and enhanced speed and stamina due to the nature of his species. His sense of smell and hearing is very keen. He is quite gifted in natural alchemy, identifying and combining plants and herbs that can administer healing. He also has a natural calming presence about him when he is among friends and allies. This helps to temper his berserker tendencies. Despite his dual nature, he does have solid mental strength, focus, and self-discipline. He is highly trained in creating controlled chaos in war settings and, while he loves to dive headlong into a skirmish or a brawl, he is not opposed to using firearms from a distance when it suits the situation. He is also a formidable pilot.


Flaws: Inclined to operate as a lone wolf in spite of his own teachings to rely on the strength of the pack. This is mostly because he knows the dangers of his own rage. He suffers with hit-or-miss partial memory loss when he has been in a berserker trance, often coming out of it confused and remembering little to nothing about the event.

Alignment: Chaotic/Good

Personality: Fenris is quiet and standoffish, valuing time in solitude over socializing, though he is able to adapt and navigate the social scene quite well when it suits him. He welcomes challenges readily and thrives on problem solving. Though he tries to go by the book, he will not hesitate to improvise when necessary. He tries to maintain a balance between his chaotic and orderly dual nature. He is decidedly spiritual in his own way, communing with nature in ways that are much deeper than most Sith. He is not fond of technology or the so-called "progress" it brings with it, having seen the damage it can do to the natural things he feels connected to. He is not readily trusting of anyone and most of his life is excessively private due to his borderline hermit-like tendencies. He is well aware of the beast he is capable of being and this causes him to behave like a bit of a recluse. Deep down, he does not want to harm anyone he sees as an ally or a friend.

Fears: Loss of self-control, which would lead to loss of freedom

Likes: Open space, wilderness, solitude, music, wandering, teaching, training (himself and others), exploring galactic history, holistic remedies, moonshine, the smell of fear

Dislikes: Being treated like a dog, being micromanaged, technology, unnatural medicines, destruction of nature, captivity, crowds, human hands

Habits: He whistles when he's in a good mood. His rage comes with a warning as he often utters a blood-curdling, roaring howl before he descends into blind fury. His dislike for human hands comes with a desire to remove them, so hands are often targets for his attacks on human opponents whether he is in his right mind or entranced in berserker rage. If hands are successfully removed, he collects them as trophies. He also has a bit of a drinking habit and moonshine is his weakness in the cantinas. He suffers with chronic hiccups when he overindulges.

Relationships: None

Companions: The Wendigo (affectionately referred to as Wendi) - Something of a disproportionately cobbed together droid bodyguard, crafted by Fenris's own paws. Modeled after the fearsome wendigos of myths and legends, this droid is original. Only one of its kind, armed with massive deadly claws and antlers and standing almost as tall as its maker at 2.3 meters. It communicates nonverbally, uttering hisses, chitterings, and the occasional unnerving howl/roar. This droid can double as a mechanical mount.

Friendships: TBD

Masters: Unknown (rumored to have been apprenticed to the ghost of Grievance Vexx supposedly confined to his ancient lair on Vassek III, or possibly the legendary Emissary of Death, Lord Draconis; though his chaotic nature causes additional rumors that perhaps the Sith General Reiis Invadator or the Dark Lord Joker might have somehow had a hand in his training. His hyperspace tunneling abilities make any one of these rumors have the possibility of being true.)

Apprentices: TBD

Reputation: Built largely around unfounded rumors due to his life being kept so private. The one truth in his public reputation is his berserker capabilities of disastrous proportions.

Faceclaims: Death Wolf (Puss in Boots: The Last Wish) - [most common appearance], Blaidd (Elden Ring) - [berserker mode], Fenrisúlfr [feral mode]


Part I - The Beginning of Fenris: Fenris was taken from his home and his parents at birth by a Sith Dark Lady intent on making a Sithspawn for a servant. Some say he was born a Loth Wolf, captured on Lothal and infused with Shistavanen DNA and a heavy dose of Dark Side energy. Others say he was born an albino Shistavanen and infused with Loth Wolf DNA and Dark Side influence. Either way, his origins are a mystery, even to him.


As a pup, he was rigorously trained to be obedient to every whim of his master, being tortured physically and mentally for even the smallest shortcoming. He was fed altered and illegal ration packs to accelerate and enhance his growth, which led to him being gigantic as an adult. He spent much of his youth in fear, but inside, his heart was wild, craving freedom; to be a slave to no one. His harsh upbringing kept him in a subservient position for several years under his master. He was made to hunt and kill without real reason; drugged through more illegal ration packs and placed in fighting arenas for pure entertainment and gambling purposes; expected to be a mindless obedient beast designed to kill. As a young adult, he had a dream that his grandfather, appearing as a white Loth wolf, came to him and told him "I do not like you doing this kind of work." Fenris wasn't sure how he instinctively knew this wolf was one of his ancestors, but he never forgot the dream and resolved to be watchful for an opportunity to change his fate.

A turning point came when, as an adult, he was commanded to slaughter the wolf packs on Lothal and return to his master with the pelt of the alpha wolf. Coming face to face with creatures who looked like family to him--and, incidentally, reminded him of the dream about his grandfather--he could not carry out his master's command. When he returned to his master's starship without the pelt of the pack's alpha, his master deemed him a failure and declared that, as punishment, she would skin him alive and take his pelt instead. This was a mistake that would prove fatal for his master.

As Fenris found himself slammed down and held fast by his master's power in the Force and the woman drew her knife, Fenris acted upon pure primal instinct and it was kill or be killed. It was in that moment that his berserker rage in the Force first showed itself. How he managed to get free, Fenris couldn't recall. All he knew was that his master was unrecognizable by the time the wolf had exhausted himself in his savage rage.


Fenris then fled the starship in an escape pod, fur matted with the blood of his lifelong captor. He returned to the only place he could think of to go; he returned to Lothal, where he vanished among the wolves of the marshes for several years. During that time, he learned the ways of the wild wolves; how to commune with the natural ebb and flow of the Force and rely on instinct to survive. He thought he had discovered a form of true peace there, but he knew deep in his heart that it wasn't to last, for peace is a lie.

His master had been a Dark Lady--a member of the Dark Council of the Final Sith Order. In killing his master, he had unknowingly inherited the rank as a Dark Lord. A Sith reconnaissance squad was deployed to retrieve him from Lothal and bring him to the Empire to take his place among the rest of the Council. Fearing he was being hunted down for the murder of his master, he looked to the wolves for help. They had helped him discover his natural ability of hyperspace tunneling, but he never knew about the Vergence Scatter, the World Between Worlds, a place where entrance could be accessed through a portal in the Temple Eventide. The wolves knew that Fenris–though kin by half-blood–had a higher and more specific calling than they, so they led him to the temple and left him there under the watch of the Hesperians. Fenris had never seen anything like them before. He hadn't been subjected to the fighting drugs in a long time, but these creatures looked like celestial hallucinations. He tried to flee with the Loth wolf pack as they were leaving, but two very old, seemingly ancient wolves, jet black peppered with patches of gray on their faces, blocked his path. Through body language common to wolves, the elders turned him back toward the Hesperians, bathing him in their natural calming presence through the Force to help him cooperate. Though still unnerved–a feeling that grew stronger still as he took note of the Hesperians' very human hands–Fenris stayed among them, trusting the guidance of the wolves more than he trusted the Hesperians themselves. They taught him their wisdom and how to search time itself for answers and meaning in the present. But one day, word came that the Sith reconnaissance squad was very close. Fenris pleaded with the Hesperians to hide him and so, feeling there was something the wolf needed to learn for himself, they took him to the portal to the World Between Worlds and told him to hide there.

In the Vergence Scatter, Fenris wandered aimlessly, unsure of where to go. Then he saw a white wolf that seemed to appear out of nowhere in the strange realm. Following that wolf--who he was convinced was his grandfather--Fenris was led into other realms, unbound by time. He saw many things; some wonderful and some horrific. Birth and death, peace and war, love and hate. Beauty. Ugliness.

It is unknown just how long Fenris wandered, but his grandfather was there and he explained much to him.

"Return to your time now, my son," the elder wolf told him, "You will do well."

"No!" Fenris replied, "You have taught me so much and I know who you are. There is so much more I have yet to learn from you."

"You have learned everything you need...Lord Fenris. Now all you need to learn is how to say goodbye."


And unaffected by Fenris's pleas, the elder wolf disappeared and the Vergence Scatter crumbled away, leaving the Sithspawn wolf alone and surrounded by those who sought to capture him. The last thing Lothal heard of his presence was a blood-curdling desperate and feral howl as Fenris cried out in his own language for his grandfather to return. He then succumbed to the berserker rage, wounding and even slaughtering many of the recon troops before he was subdued by a well-placed tranquilizer dart with enough sedative to put a bantha into a coma indefinitely. The surviving troopers collected the unconscious wolf creature and transported him to the headquarters of the Final Sith Order, where he would be forcibly brainwashed into accepting his rank and role by the ruler of the Order herself.

Part II - The Binding of Fenris: Assuring him that the Council only wanted to test his strength, the Empress convinced Fenris to allow himself to be bound. If he could prove the truth of the Sith code by using the Force to break his chains, she would allow him his unchecked freedom.


"You have nothing to fear in being bound," she promised, "No harm will come to you."

Distrustful as he was, Fenris was not about to agree to this without some form of insurance.

"Do you swear by your right hand?" he asked her, bristling with indignation at her proposal.

"Of course," the Empress replied coolly, raising her right hand in affirmation.

"Mere words mean nothing to me, m'lady," Fenris growled, "Upon your word, give me your right hand."

She did not respond–only narrowed her eyes in suspicion.


"Give me your right hand," Fenris repeated, "If your word is true and you are to be trusted, you have nothing to fear... just as I have nothing to fear in allowing you to bind me."

"Don't do it, Empress!" Darth Taranos implored, "The wolf tries to trick you. He is not to be trusted."

"Silence!" Imperatrix Leto hissed, stepping toward Fenris.

The rest of the councilors looked on nervously as the Empress placed her hand between the deadly jaws of the Sithspawn wolf. Resisting the primal urge of biting down to pierce flesh and crush bone, Fenris did not harm Leto. Rather, he stood calmly while the rest of the Council approached him, chains in hand. They fed off one another's fear as they encircled the wolf's chest, neck, legs, and belly in the chains. It wasn't until he felt the chains tighten under the will of the Force, pressing him toward the ground, that he realized his trust was being betrayed.

"You must be broken, Fenris," Leto told him, "Proven humble before me."

"You lie! This was not the purpose of your test as it was told to me!"

Furious, the Sithspawn wolf crunched down on Leto's hand, severing it at the wrist. Partly in pain and partly in anger, the Empress roared in equal fury. Without hesitation, the Council brought their collective power against Fenris until he was prone before them all and being constricted by the chains. He flailed in rage and panic, but it was all in vain. The Council demanded his immediate execution, but the Empress had other ideas. A cunning smile twisted her face as she clutched her bleeding arm in her robes, ignoring the demands of her Council.

"I would kill you," she seethed, trying to mask her pain, "But your boldness gives me pause to consider you more valuable alive than dead. You shall live, Lord Fenris, but you shall live in chains until the Force in you is strong enough to break them."

Fenris snarled viciously, his berserker rage barely contained below the surface.

"I don't want to hear your lies anymore!" he spat.

Leto nodded to Lord Xxys, who promptly gagged the Sithspawn with Fenris's own sword, wedging the blade between the wolf's jaws. "Now you have no choice but to listen to the Empress, beast."


Fenris growled; shook his head; snarled and cried like a caged dog, but to no avail. Having exhausted himself fighting what the Council had done to him, he finally fell silent.

Confident that he was too tired to act on any further aggression, Empress Leto stepped forward.

"Now, humble Wolf, understand this," her voice carried the tones of deadly anger, though it was extremely controlled, "I could take back my hand in any number of ways, all of which would make you extremely uncomfortable, but I have decided to let you keep this prize. The Force will preserve it and in your belly it shall remain until the day of your death. The Council believes that day should be today, but...I have faith in you."

Even in his foggy state of exhaustion, Fenris knew the Empress not taking back her hand would be more of a curse upon him than a blessing. If being raised by a Sith Lord had taught him anything, it had taught him that acts of mercy often came with a cruel twist.

"You have devoured my right hand in defiance," she continued coldly, "But one day, when you have learned to accept and appreciate your place–which will be a step below my Dark Council because you are unworthy–perhaps one day you shall become my right hand in obedience; an enforcer of my will upon the Order. For now, we shall prepare you for a task you should be well-suited for."


With a dramatic gesture of her hand that remained, Empress Leto applied still more pressure to the chains around him, causing him to wince as the silver links dug into his skin.

" yourself, Wolf of Chaos!" she commanded, "Through your passion, gain your strength! Through your strength, taste of the power that is yours for the taking! Through that power, lay hold of victory! May your chains be broken and the Force set you free...Lord...Fenris."

With these words, Imperatrix Leto cast Fenris into a deep sleep, wherein she gradually softened his feral subconscious will against his future in the Final Sith Order. The chains she had bound him with were actually the mantle of responsibility and it was crucial to the future of the Order that he take his place in her Empire. Her hand was a small price to pay, for it would ensure that this Sith Lord...this animal...would be under her control until the day he breathed his last.

Part III - The Rebirth of Fenris: Fenris had no way of knowing he had been bound to an altar when the Empress and her council had taken him down. He spent weeks in unconsciousness while Imperatrix Leto worked tirelessly to break his subconscious will and rub away his clearest memories of freedom. In that amount of time, his body weakened as he was deprived of food, water, and sunlight. His fur dulled and his claws grew long and his skin began to cling tightly to his ribs. His muscles atrophied for lack of movement. Had he not been put to sleep, he might have died in this cruel confinement, but the Empress had ensured that this would not be so.

When he had reached sufficient levels of weakness, very near starvation and dehydration to the point of death, Leto summoned Lord Xxys.

"He is ready for the battlelord ritual," she told him, "Gather an army of warriors you wish to have bound to him. Open his veins and bleed him out; march them through his blood. He will survive the process."

"Not that I care much for his survival," Xxys replied with some disdain, "But...are you sure?"

"Yes," Leto assured him, "My hand will sustain him. The battlelord ritual will adhere to his pack mentality as a wolf and his loyalty to us and to the Order will be secured. We need what he has in order to create warriors as strong as--or perhaps even stronger than--the ones the Empire had in the past."

"So let it be written."

"So let it be done. Give him a few moments once I return him to consciousness. He needs to be awake for this."

Fenris came to with his body aching as though he had been beaten with the chains instead of merely held fast by them. His own sword still held his jaws agape; his tongue was swollen and his throat was dry. The chains had worn sores into his skin where they had pressed relentlessly upon him all this time. How he wished for death to free him from this torturous humiliation. As his eyes struggled to focus and take in the chamber around him, he realized he was in the same room where he had been bound. To his right, he noticed a shadow whom he quickly recognized as Lord Xxys, holding a dagger in one hand and lightly thumbing the edge of the blade with the other; as though verifying it was sharp enough to do a specific task. Fenris was immediately thrown back to the day his master had attempted to skin him alive and he snarled with an ever stubborn savagery.

"Still strong enough to be ugly, I see," Lord Xxys tsked with a shake of his head, "I shall remedy that."

Fenris was caught off guard when the Dark Lord removed the sword from between his jaws, but the perceived act of mercy was yet another act of cruelty as Xxys instead stabbed the sword through the bridge of the wolf's muzzle, puncturing it, his tongue, and his lower jaw. Fenris roared in pain, but this was too much for his weakened body to fight and he slumped against his bindings, resigned to his fate. Blood and saliva flowed freely from his jaws and his tired gaze followed Xxys as he watched the Dark Lord circle around him. He was vaguely aware of the stroke of a cold blade splitting his skin and sinew on first his right forearm, then his left, from his wrist to his elbow, then Xxys lifted his head and he felt the same sensation under his throat. Euphoria set in quickly as the wolf lost blood in copious amounts. He was unconscious long before the horde that was to be bonded to him began to march through his blood.


Somewhere in his fading consciousness, Fenris wondered if this was what it was like to die. If so, then fighting it so much didn't make sense. He felt nothing. Just cold. Seemingly unending cold...

The Empress could feel the threads of the wolf's life breaking, like the silken strands of a spider's web, fraying one by one. But he would not perish. One strand would not be broken and that would be enough. Fenris would live to bring completion to the Order.

Some time later, when the ritual was complete, Fenris's lifeless form lay upon the altar, blood now coagulating on the stone slabs underneath him. His face was contorted from the pain of the sword driven through his muzzle and his gums and tongue were pale but for the stain of blood upon them. The chamber smelled heavily of blood and death. Xxys, the Empress, and the horde waited in breathless silence.

"Pull the sword out," Leto commanded.

Xxys nodded and, bracing his boot against the wolf's muzzle, he jerked the sword free.

The pain that burned through Fenris's muzzle, jaws, tongue, and sinuses caused his otherwise lifeless body to seize up with an agonized gasp. Xxys might have dismissed this as the wolf's nerves, still clinging to life even after his spirit had departed, but he knew the Empress had meant what she said.

Fenris breathed. He coughed and he growled and he desperately tried to restore moisture to his throat by swallowing several times. Then he opened his eyes.

And he rose.

The chains snapped as though they were made of thread as the wolf gathered himself to his feet and released a howl that teetered on the edge of a Force Bellow, shaking the chamber and causing the Empress and the Dark Lord to cover their ears. It was several moments before the echoing quakes ceased and Fenris, staggered by exhaustion and blood loss, stood panting on all fours, each limb trembling under the strain just to hold his ravaged body up. He looked ready to collapse, but relentlessly strong at the same time.


"He survived." Lord Xxys could scarcely mask the awe in his whisper.

"Well done, Lord Fenris," the Empress chuckled, "You have passed your test. the Dark side."

With a flourish of her left hand, she used the Force to brush the broken chain fragments from the wolf's back. He shook himself like the beast that he was, staggering sideways as he came out of the shake. Not trusting his balance, he lay down panting. Leto waved her hand to a bystanding acolyte.

"Fetch him some water and feed him," she commanded, "Be swift or I will make sure you are his first meal."

The acolyte hastily scurried off, returning a short time later with what he had been sent for. At first, all Fenris cared about was the water. He drank desperately, as if his thirst might never be quenched; finally able to rid his throat off the taste of his own blood and the torturous dryness.

Foolishly, the acolyte stood there, staring in fear as the wolf consumed the water like an unquenchable fire, then finally turned to gorge ravenously on the food brought to him. Whether it was consciously or not, no one will ever know, but regardless, Force Drain put forth by the wolf dropped the acolyte like a stone. The poor fool was drained of his life force in a matter of seconds and the still ravenous wolf turned his hungry eyes toward the flesh husk left behind. A burial or funeral pyre for the acolyte would not be necessary.


"He is an animal," Xxys breathed, "Are you sure this is wise, my liege?"

"Calm yourself, Tribune," Leto replied seemingly unconcerned, "He is controllable."

As if by some unseen command that passed from the Empress to the Sithspawn wolf, Fenris stopped his ravenous feeding, shrinking back as though he had been kicked by an authoritative figure. The Empress looked at Xxys with a knowing smirk, then approached the beast.

"Rest now, Wolf," she spoke with gentle authority, "Your thirst has been quenched and your belly is full. You will need your strength to meet the purposes I have in store for you. You shall take this horde we have bound to you and you shall lead the Empire's house of warriors. But now you rest. You will be tested by the battlefield when the time is right."

Fenris did not need to be told twice to rest. Though he had been lying unconscious for weeks on end, the trauma of being bound and gagged, starved, bled out, surviving, and breaking Force-enhanced chains had all left him exhausted. He willingly laid down and was asleep within moments.

Once his strength was restored, his wounds healed, and his loyalty established, Fenris was deployed to war, where his berserker abilities were witnessed and observed by other Sith. Some saw his potential to be a secret weapon on the battlefield. Others still saw him as a curse and a threat to the entire Order, demanding once again that he be executed; at the very least, bound and confined where he would not pose a threat to anyone. The Empress, however, had other ideas; ones that would deny him neither his freedom nor his life.


"At eleven come the wolves, at twelve the tombs of the dead open."

Closing Notes: To this day, Klavius Reiix Fenris is still under control of the Empress, any belligerence tempered by the double-edged curse of her Force-preserved hand inside his belly, driving him mad with hunger, but also keeping that animalistic nature at bay to protect her Empire. He should never be mistaken for a mindless henchman, however. He is cunning and deadly and a force to be reckoned with when challenged. He is proud and wise and struggles to hold on to his dignity despite the curse he suffers. Very rarely does he kill without reason, but he doesn't need huge or many reasons to kill either, so caution is always advised when dealing with him. To provoke him would be foolish. The Empress's hand also keeps him attuned to her will and so he will maim and kill if she desires it, whether he wants to do it or not. Though he regards the Empress with some resentment for obvious reasons, he does wish to please her by fulfilling his duties and hopes to perhaps one day serve the Empire at an even higher capacity, for it is his pack and his loyalty belongs to the pack.


Rank/Level: Sith Lord/ Level 8 (150 points)
Base Class: Warrior
Subclass: Sith Conqueror
Prestige Class: Sith Magus

Lightsaber Combat (13 Points)
Shii-cho (+1)
Niman (+4)
Vapaad (+4)
Jar'kai (+4)

Control: (25 Points)
Augmentation (+3 Free, Sith Warrior)
Battlemind (+4, Sith Warrior)
Force Rage (+1, +3 Free, Sith Warrior, Level 6: +4)
Feed on Dark Side (+4)
Force Sustenance (+4, Level 8)
Control Pain (+2, Sith Warrior)
Force Travel (+4, Level 5)
Hibernation Trance (+2)
Dark Side Healing (+4, Level 8, Sith Magus)

Sense: (22 Points)
Force Sense (+3 Free, Level 1)
Precognition (+4, Force Sense)
Force Sight (+2, Force Sense)
Force Bond (+2, +2 free, Sith Conqueror +4)
Force Meld (+2, +2 free, Sith Conqueror +4)
Battle Meditation (+4, Level 5, Force Bond, Telepathy, Precognition)
Environmental Telepathy (+4)
INNATE - Shatterpoint (+4)

Alter: (80 Points)
Telekinesis (+4)
Force Wound (+4)
Force Rend (+4)
Telepathy (+4)
Mental Shield (+4)
Beast Language (+4)
Beast Control (+4)
Force Fear (+4)
Cleanse Mind (+4)
Memory Walk (+4)
Comprehend Speech (+4)
Sith Lightning (+4)
Lightning Empowerment (+4)
Lightning Saber (+2)
Force Resistance (+2)
Tutaminis (+4)
Force Barrier (+4)
Pyrokinesis (+2)
Fireball Belch (+4)
Force Bellow (+4)
Doppelgänger (+4)
Crucitorn (+2)

Godlike: (10 Points)
RITUAL - Sith Battlelord (+10)

Bonus Powers: (7 Points)
Sutta Chwituskak (+2 free, Sith Magus)
Aura of Uneasiness (+2 free, Sith Magus)
RITUAL - Create Sith Holocron (+3 free, Level 7)
Dreambubble (Free, Hibernation Trance)

Powers Total: 150 (+4 bonus perks)

Tymon Pavor

Darth Nocturnus


Nicknames/Aliases: Nightwitch Immortalis, there are some who call him…Tym.
Age: 113 (Born 503 ABY)
Sex: Male
Species: Bimm
Homeworld: Bimmisaari
Planetary Claim: Bimmisaari (Personal), Khar Shian (House of the Profane)


Height: 145 cm / 4’9”
Weight: 54 kg / 119 lbs
Rank/Level: 8
Base Class: Assassin
Subclass: Stalker
Prestige Class: Nightwitch

Physical Description: Short, muscular, hardy. Though he spends much time outdoors his skin is pale-hued. Has long white hair which is usually pulled back into a ponytail along with wild and bushy eyebrows of matching color, a beard which he is proud to boast of is often braided with ornamentation. Always appears well groomed, clean, and well dressed.

Clothing: A diverse and costly wardrobe of custom made clothing much of which is made with Shell Spider silks, Shadowsilks, and costly Shimmersilks. Almost always wears suits of maroon, black, and browns extravagantly embroidered in ruins and accessorized with priceless jewelry. He wears hard soled leather boots, nothing but the highest quality handmade brands.

Pets: His plants are housed in a massive greenhouse complex along with a healthy flock of native Tiga Loreng birds. Prized within his extensive collection are Murakami Orchids, the Worich which produces a seed pod that is ground into a fine black powder to be used for applying decorative patterns on skin or as a dye for cloth, Bloodflowers which are rare and beautiful Korribani flower with black petals and gold colored stems and leaves, and Norris Root.

Ever since his life on Dathomir he is often seen with various arachnids on his person and sometimes they will hide under his jacket, or in a boot, maybe even in his dense beard.

Weapons: Cane made of ornately carved Asaari tree wood which is deep and rich colored, wood is well worn with age having belonged to his Mother and her Mother before her, its head is a round black kyber that fits comfortably in his hand. The cane was designed by his Mother to serve two purposes, the second purpose was as a weapon, the top 1/3rd of the cane breaks apart from the shaft of the cane revealing it to in fact be a hilt for his multi tailed blood orange lightwhip. Also hidden on his person is a shoto lightsaber with matching blade color.

Equipment: Always carries a smoking pipe and bag of personally hybridized Marcan herb for smoking, a flask of Shashay Idlewil liquor that never seems to run dry.

Is hyperspace capable, shielded, equipped with a stealth generator, and well armed, this luxury craft comes with a pilot droid and fully stocked bar. Tymon is a veteran pilot in his own right, and often times leave planetary space in command ships but depart in secret on his shuttle in order to deal with business of his own.

Languages: Speaks Galactic Basic Standard, Bimmini, Bocce, Huttese

Combat Skills: Extensive practitioner of Bakuuni Hand, Corellian Boxing, Akivan bare-knuckle boxing. Avid fan of all unarmed fighting sports, but only practices the bare-knuckle striking arts listed prior. Master with either a lightwhip, or shoto, just as good with both at the same time.

Alignment: Lawful Evil. Laws are a necessary “evil” required to maintain a well functioning society, those who are in control determine which laws are deemed necessary and he is that authority on Bimmisaari, as well as within his Khar Shian based Imperial House. He respects tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion.

Personality: Gardener and botanist, poet, avid reader and scholar (particular interest in Dathomirian Nightsister history, texts, and lore), enjoys fine cuisine and strong drink, has a deep respect for bare-knuckle fighting and has a personal drive to perfect his athleticism and skill in the fighting style. He is self-disciplined, curious, not one to take unnecessary risks, has an intense thirst for knowledge and new experiences, cultured, refined, almost always polite, sometimes even helpful and extremely generous, behind it all is a calculating mind and a devious spirit. All that he does is ultimately for his own benefit, and when it comes time for violence he engages with a ruthless zeal.

Weakness: Heavy drinker though he has a strong constitution and it rarely shows, there are times however where he drinks to excess. He can show signs of paranoia when he is drunk, this paranoia is always present though.



The only wine he will drink is Glastroan wine, made on Bimmisaari

Shashay Idlewil liquor

Teas, most he grows himself

Massassi-blossom tea
Pepper tea (extra caffeinated)
Ho’Din herbal teas (mildly narcotic and helps to gather information)
Kopi tea - slightly orange, delicious
Zsajhira berry tea
Behot - Mandalorian, citrus flavor and eases stomach.


Grey Gabaki
Korribanian incense


Bimmisaari isolates itself in the aftermath of the True Sith Wars and successfully navigates itself through the early years of the Dark Ages which are rife with galaxy-wide conflict and famine, it’s neutrality and reluctance to inject itself into galactic politics results in non-aggression from the slowly expanding Final Sith Order and Galactic Senate, and is all but ignored by the waring Mandalorian clans. In truth it has little to offer to any of these parties at this time, the luxury goods and wines it once exported are of little value now, while the planet's economy collapsed it successfully avoided widespread famine and civil war due to its lush forests and ability to provide the Bimm peoples with vital food resources.

After 33 years, in 190 ABY, Bimmisaari develops a trade relationship with the Crime Lords of Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, allowing an avenue to begin rebuilding its former export trade business and bringing much needed wealth and import trade goods to the weakened democratic Bimmisaari government. The next two decades are prosperous allowing the Bimm to rebuild and strengthen their society, but rifts were beginning to grow as the prominent Pavor political family takes influence from their Hutt trade partners and begin to develop business practices aimed at exploiting a poor yet ample working class within the furred Bimm population, who up until now had lived in harmony with the near-human Bimm.

220 ABY the Galactic Senate passes ultra-conservative policies which restrict trade to the Final Sith Order, this allows the Bimmisaari an opportunity to open trade with the Sith Empire, over the next decade Bimmisaari becomes the preferred trade intermediary between FSO and Hutt controlled space. The Pavor family benefits greatly from these trade agreements, through collusion with their Hutt trade partners, and thanks to their growing political and economic influence the powerful family successfully champions new laws aimed at dividing the furred and near-human Bimm peoples for the first time in their planetary history, this is historically seen as among the first of a series of aggressive political initiatives designed toward creating a ruling class of near-Human Bimm and a poverty laden working class of furred Bimm.

In 308 ABY, the year of Empress Hesper’s passing, the social restructuring of Bimmisaari is largely solidified and the furred Bimm are all but a slave caste toiling under a harsh regime of near-human Bimm still under the influence of the single most powerful and wealthy family on the planet, the Pavors. In secret, the matriarch of the Pavor family sends her most beloved granddaughter, Selûne born in 300 ABY, to Kaas City on Dromund Kaas in order to be evaluated for admission into the Academy, she is accepted and the Pavor family soon has the first of many Sith within their family lineage.

The following decades saw Selûne grow in power and knowledge and took a specific interest in the teachings of the Dathomirian Nightsisters due to her Master, Sister Banduri. 352 ABY, Selûne (pronounced: /sɛˈluːnɛ/ seh-LOON-eh or: /sɛˈluːneɪ/ seh-LOON-ay) Pavor aka Darth Chandra aka The Moonmaiden, now a full fledged Sith Master and veteran of the Letian Conquests returns to Bimmisaari and helps her grandmother consolidate political power both within the Pavor family and in the planetary government, within 3 years time her grandmother succeeds in dissolving what remains of the democracy and forms an autocracy, naming Selûne Pavor as the first Queen of Bimmisaari.

ABY 367 Darth Chandra becomes matriarch of the Pavor family, replacing her venerable grandmother who had passed away. She will spend the following years dedicating her work toward the empowerment of the near-human Bimm, dictating that the teachings of the shamanistic Nightsisters be spread far and wide, the heavily forested planet residents who are sensitive to the Force take to the practice readily. The furred Bimm species now live in fear of their once peaceful fellow near-human Bimm, and much like the Nightsisters of Dathomir enslaved their men the furred Bimm are slaves with no legal standing in Bimm society, though Bimmisaari sees some violence due to revolts at this time Darth Chandra crushes any resistance and solidifies the Pavor family as the ruling family under her sole leadership.

18 years into her reign in the year 373 ABY Darth Chandra decrees that Bimmisaari finally pledges as a formal member planet of the Sith Empire, a decree which will remain in effect until the present day. Until now the only Force training she had allowed was that which was passed down from her in order to exert control over any potential rival families, but from this point forward Force sensitive near-Human Bimm of all families were allowed to apply for formal training at the Academy on Dromund Kaas, due to nearly two decades of Nightsister lore, rituals, and training seeping into Bimm society most of those who attend the Academy take interest in Dathomirian witchcraft.

It was also during this year when Selûne becomes pregnant, though remains unwed, in 384 ABY she gives birth to twins Máni (pronounced: / ˈmɑːne), and Selene. By the time the twins were 5 it was clear to Selûne that only her son could touch the Force, though disappointed that she would not send both to Dromund Kaas for training, other plans were formed in order to ensure that Selene contributes to the family legacy. Representatives from the galaxy's best warrior classes are brought to Bimmisaari in order to train Selene in warfare, and military tactics from the likes of the Final Legions and Thyrsian Black Legions are incorporated into planetary defense forces.

While Selene spends her entire life on Bimmisaari and eventually becoming the next Queen, her brother stays in the Stygian Caldera in order to study the secrets of the dark side, upon achieving rank of master in 432 ABY travels to Dathomir to study first hand with the Nightsisters where he stays there until 503 ABY when his sister who had become pregnant late in life dies while in labor. Her child, Tymon, who is the sole heir of the Pavor royal family survives. Brother Máni (having never taken a Darth title) spends the next decade integrating himself back into Bimmisaari culture and society in order to serve as regent for his nephew, during this time he also begins Tymons training.

513 ABY Tymon travels to Dromund Kaas and enters the Academy to be trained as a Sith, like Darth Chandra he becomes apprentice to a Nightsister who mentors him on both Dromund Kaas and Dathomir for the next twenty years. 528 ABY Máni passes away of natural causes leaving Bimmisaari without a regent and forcing Tymon, now Darth Nocturnus, to return home. He finds the planet in the throws of the dark side, having thrived under the leadership of Máni, and with a fully developed and powerful Sith caste the planet has come to resemble a more luxurious and civilized version of Dathomir. Though young he is surrounded by competent administrators and generals who guide him during these critical first years of his rule, it is with their help that he fends off numerous attempts to remove him from power, but these years also give cause for him to feel paranoid about the motives of his fellow Bimm.
Recruiting an ally from his time on Dromund Kaas, a human Sith Conqueror named Salazar Tong, to brutally establish his dominance as the King of Bimmisaari. By the year 537 ABY nearly 1 million near-human Bimm and more than 7 million furred Bimm have been exterminated in a bloody crackdown of any who have expressed discontent or shown signs of disobedience, the ruthless justice exacted by Salazar worked brilliantly, and served to remind the Bimm species that the Pavor family was in full control just as it had been for the past 300+ years. At the end of these violent crackdowns Salazar was himself arrested and after a quick trial and even quicker verdict was executed for his war crimes against the near-human Bimm.

With order restored Darth Nocturnus was free to expand his influence both on Bimmisaari and within the greater Sith Empire, leaving regents behind to during his absences he spends much of his time on Dromund Kaas working his way into the upper echelons of the Sith ruling class. In the year 593 ABY he is elevated to the Circle of Lords, and spends the next 23 years helping to revitalize Sith culture and promote the cause of both the Empress and his home planet of Bimmisaari across the Sith Empire. While considered old by his species at the age of 113, he is powerful and strong thanks to his connection to the dark side, his loyalty to the throne is unwavering and is eager to see the Empire grow and thrive under the rule of Imperatrix Leto.

Force Powers: Level 8 (150 points)

Lightsaber Forms: (16)

(4) Form I, Shii-Cho
(4) Form VI, Niman
(4) Exotic Lightsaber Combat (Lightwhip)
(4) Jar’Kai

Control: (107)

(4) Augmentation
(4) Force Speed
(3) Reduce Injury
(4) Inertia

(3 free points + 1 points) Force Stealth

(4) Art of Movement

(4) Dampen Force

(4) Force Reflex

(4) Teleport
(4) Force Travel

(4) Force Sense
(4) Precognition

(4) Force Bond
(4) Battle Meditation

(3 free points) Telekinesis
(3 free points +1) Force Wound

(4) Telepathy
(4) Beast Control
(4) Beast Language
(4) Mental Shield

(4) Force Resistance
(4) Adiabatic Shield
(4) Force Barrier
(4) Protection Bubble

(4) Force Stun
(4) Force Stasis

(4) Force Cloak

(2 free points + 2 points) Dim Other’s Senses

(2 free points) Conceal Essence

(4) Create Force Wraith

(3 free points + 1 points) Shadowstrike

(4) Force Weapon

(3 free points) Create Sith Holocron

Sith Magic (17)

(4) Sith Illusions
(3 free points + 1 points) Surge of the Brier
(4) Animate Golem
(4) Spirit Blade
(4) Heartshadow

Godlike (10)

(10 points) Dark Side Tendrils
Face Claim: Matt Bomer

Theme Music:

Name: Lord Cold
(Birth Name: Kraitan Karr)

Nicknames/Aliases (optional): The Hand of Chaos

Rank: High Lord

Class: Assassin

House: House of the Hidden

Age: Born 357 ABY

Sex: Male

Species: Anzat

Homeworld: Anzat Prime

Occupation: Scientific Alchemist

Height: 6”0’

Weight: 210 lbs

Physical Description: Brown Hair, Light Blue Eyes

Weapon: A blue lightsaber, and a golden lightsaber (Aesthetic)

Equipment/Vehicle: Starwind-class pleasure yacht, Star Destroyer (Modeled after the Executor) Code named The Sinner, a ring that binds the witches of his home to him.

Pets (optional): A feral Anzat (Micael)

Languages: High Sith, Galactic Basic

Description of Abilities: Chilling

Strengths: Patient, Strategist

Flaws: Does not care about collateral damage

Relationships/Love Interests (optional): N/A

Alignment: True Chaotic

Biography: Born 357 ABY, he was taken from his loving mother’s embrace only hours after by a dark mysterious man who never showed his face to any of them. For five years he was raised by this man and his consort. All he could remember of the man was from the last day he saw him, covered in blood, dagger dripping, that bloody looking smile on pale skin, and those eyes. Those eyes that seemed to see deep into your soul, knowing any and all wicked things you have done, and would do throughout your life. Those encouraging eyes to live by passion, live every day as if it were your last. And that chilling cackle still rang in his ears as he saw the man’s consort, lifeless at his feet. The next thing he would remember he was in his room being cradled by the young woman named Alice, who he would eventually know as the Red Queen.

Life with the Red Queen was erratic, sometimes kind and nurturing, and at other times merciless. She raised him, taught him, and trained him, all whilst a mysterious benefactor of the Red Queen made sure he was adequately fed to control his more primal urges.

When he became a full grown man, his Master welcomed into their home more women that served her every order. Upon further study, they were witches that helped him study dark sorcery and alchemy. They were sworn to the Master of the House, the Red Queen, by ancient magics, and would follow the Master of the House’s every command.

Every year on his birthday he would request his Master let him leave and see what was out there past the walls they called home. And every year he was denied. But he was patient. That was until his hundredth birthday. She denied him once again, but he would not take no for an answer anymore. He approached her, the Force laced within his words as he spoke to her, his eyes meeting hers, unbreaking. As he got closer, with her in an unbroken unmoving trance, the proboscis slithered from his cheeks and into her navel. As he watched the light of life fade from her eyes he removed a ring from her hand and whispered to her that he was now the Master of the House, and no one would keep him trapped there any longer.

After that he gathered the witches, and informed them of the change in the hierarchy. He then took some of them with him and left the rest to tend the house while they were away to see the Galaxy.

Within the next fifty years he had perfected the art of the hunt. Within his first year he became proficient at focusing on lacing his words with the Force, going so far as convincing a force sensitive religious zealot that they could trust him. After that he began to focus on honing other techniques that would enable him to attain his meals.

He was officially discovered by the Empire seventy years after his initial leave from home. Shockingly, instead of executing him for the supposed murders of all those people over the years, he was kept on retainer by the Council to be unleashed on those that they deemed fit. It worked well enough, as long as he performed his tasks given to him by them, they looked the other way when it came to his personal feedings as long as it wasn’t going to affect them.

Over the years, boredom set in and he became more fascinated with Chaos. Poking and prodding, a whisper here and there to see what misfortune would befall those that he chose to watch. It was a game. A game he was more than happy to master from the shadows. There was on occasion someone that might figure out he was the mastermind of the game, when that happened, they would learn how he attained his chilling name.

During one of his games, another Anzati named Micael appeared and fed upon one of the pieces of the game, angering him. He captured the Anzati, and starved it, and then fed it. Back and forth, back and forth until they lost their mind completely, becoming feral, but remaining subservient to him as if they were his pet.

Rank/Level: 8
Base Class: Assassin
Subclass: Sith Spy
Prestige Class: Sith Shadow Mage
Skills: (150 points, 3 Godlikes)

Lightsaber Forms and Augmenting Force Techniques

Shii-Cho - 4
Form VI Niman - 4
Jar’Kai - 4
Trakata - 4


Force Stealth - 1 (+3 Free from Sith Assassin)
Contort - 4
Force Travel - 4


Force Sense - 4
Precognition - 4
Theran Force Listening - 2 (+2 Free from Sith Spy)
(Innate) Daen Nosi - 4
Force Shadow - 4


Telekinesis - 1 (+3 Free from lvl 1 bonus)
Force Push/Pull - 4
Force Wave - 4
Levitation - 4
Mental Shield - 4
Telepathy - 4
Affect Mind - 4
Force Fear - 4
Force Suppression - 4
Sith Lightning - 4
Force Resistance - 4
Tutaminis - 4
Cryokinesis - 4
Cold Aura - 4
Force Cloak - 4
Dim Other’s Senses - 4
Conceal Essence - 4
Phase - 4
Force Wound - 1 (+3 Free from lvl 4 bonus)
Force Choke - 4
Force Crush - 4
Shadow Strike - 1 (+3 Free from lvl 6 bonus)
Probe Mind - 2 (+2 Free from Sith Spy)
(Ritual) Create Sith Holocron - (+3 Free from lvl 7 bonus)

Sith Magic

Sutta Chwituskak - 4
False Light Side Aura - 4
Animate Golem - 4
Waves of Darkness - 2 (+2 Free from Sith Shadow Mage)
Spell of Concealment - 2 (+2 Free from Sith Shadow Mage)


Dark Side Spirit - 10
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Character Theme
Battle Theme
Orchestral Theme

Name: Apollo
Titles/Rank: Darth Maldeus
Species: Hybrid (Human/Force Demon/Old One Spawn)
Age: 459
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Home Planet: Vitae
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, Sith Lord
Appearance: Maldeus has the appearance of a fair man in his late twenties, possessing light brown hair and very few wrinkles. He stands a little over six feet tall and has an average, verging on athletic build. Most striking about him is his eyes, which are heterochromatic with his left eye being a striking green, and his right being a sinister amber.
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 180 lb.
Picsart_23-05-06_20-07-11-036.pngClothing: The Mask of Maldeus (as pictured) - When dressed as Darth Maldeus, Apollo opts to wear a sinister mask to conceal his face from any who may know him outside of the Sith Order, as he intends on keeping the existence of his alter ego secret from his friends that he’s accumulated.
Sith Attire - As a Sith Lord, Maldeus tends to wear dark robes and light armor, changing from time to time and rarely sticking to one set.
Standard Attire - When dressed as his usual self, he typically wears comfortable-but-practical attire that’d not be out of place for a smuggler or low-grade mercenary.
Picsart_23-05-06_20-11-20-172.pngWeapons: Maldeus’ Wrist-Mounted Lightsabers (as pictured) - a pair of wrist-mounted lightsabers, which he uses as a surprise attack and last resort when his blasters aren’t cutting it; also used so he may simultaneously wield a blaster or blasters.
Apollo’s Rotary Blasters - owning another pair of weapons, when acting as Apollo or even as Maldeus he will tend to rely on his trusty blasters, each packing enough punch to tear off limbs and send defending lightsaber blades bouncing back towards the wielder at the cost of a need to constantly reloaded every eight shots per blaster.
Apollo’s NT-245 Blaster Rifle - used only when taking down an enemy from long-range, Apollo sees this weapon as overkill for most beings, due to its reputation as a tank-buster and its disruptor capabilities.
Equipment: Datapad, Comm Unit, Translator Device
Picsart_23-05-06_20-15-53-194.jpgShips/Transportation: Apollo’s Freighter - “Aethon” (as pictured) - a newer class of freighter, made to be lighter and faster than most other ships in its class. It possesses fairly standard firepower and defenses, with room enough for six passengers to sleep comfortably and enough space to smuggle small to medium-sized cargo.
Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Galactic Sign Language, Bocce
Description of Abilities: Much of Apollo’s life has been dedicated to hiding his Force abilities with techniques taught to him by his older sister, Eva. After her passing into the Force, he spent many decades afraid of his power, refusing to partake in the pull to the dark side he’s always felt. But with time, he learned to overcome his fears, and to use his abilities to aid in making a living. After becoming a mercenary, Apollo has acquired plenty of experience in marksmanship, close-combat fighting, espionage, and more. But things changed when he encountered Pandora, who unlocked the Fleshbane that rested within him. His Force abilities have surged, but the disease is potent enough that it is overriding his natural immortality, aging him for the first time in centuries. He’s since joined the Final Sith Order to cure his affliction, and has also made use of its stores of knowledge.
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Most of Apollo’s life has been spent with an “I don’t care about your problems if I’m not paid to” attitude. That’s not always been the case, mind you, as he has a few friends here and there, and he’s been pleasant to many others. But in the end, he’s only ever served himself, and will do anything it takes to survive.
Fears: Death, Growing Old, Discovery
Likes: Hardcopy Horror Novels, Honeyed Whiskeys, Spicy Food, Starry Nights, Women That Can Sing
Dislikes: Digital Novels, Crowds
Habits: Drinking Alcohol, Neurotically Checking Sensors Around Vitae Every Day
Family/Relationships: Darth Kain (Father - Deceased), Darth Abaddon (Mother - Deceased), Eva (Adopted Sister - Deceased)
Friends: Garga (Old Business Partner), Karri Bellrunner (Ex-Girlfriend), Silus Starr (Best Friend)
Reputation: Much like his father before him, Darth Maldeus has skyrocketed through the ranks shortly after joining the Sith Order, earning both the respect and ire of his peers. As Apollo, however, he is renowned for being unnaturally long-lived in his line of work, especially since he appears to be a human, despite him never claiming to be one.
Backstory: He was born in what was perhaps the most tumultuous year of the galaxy’s history, one-hundred and fifty-seven years after the battle of Yavin and only weeks after the arrival of the True Sith to Korriban. His father died on that dreadful planet, sacrificing himself to destroy millions upon millions of the hosts of Mnggal-Mnggal, the loathsome Darth Venomis. His mother’s last breath was spent on naming him. “Apollo,” she whispered, dying with the newborn babe in her arms. Left without his mother and father in a galaxy at war, all that was left to shelter him from the incoming wrath of the Left-Handed God was his older, adopted sister: Eva.
She took him from the place of his birth, the now-deserted homestead of Kain and Abaddon on the world of Vitae. His memories of that war were faded and distant, more remembrances of Eva’s emotional state than anything else. He could feel her fear, her anxiety, her dread. But most of all, he felt her hope. Hope that the galaxy could somehow overcome this, that the Force would guide them toward their intended destiny of defeating the True Sith and their malevolent god. And she was right, in the end.
The supposed last of the Star Wars ended the same year it began, and with its end, the galaxy was left in utter disarray. Eva and Apollo had been supported by members of the New Sith Order —now dubbed the Final Sith Order— but the former refused to be taken into their ranks, still holding to her heart that the Sith and Jedi both were corrupted, broken Orders, and that there was no wisdom in trying to right the wrongs of either. She took Apollo to the world of Tenara, as that was the furthest planet they could reach, and settled down as a farmer.
Eva raised Apollo with reverence for his Force abilities and potential, as both were massive for someone so young. Despite many years of failing to contain his abilities, sometimes leading to the destruction of farm equipment and even nearly destroying an entire season’s worth of harvest, Eva maintained her patience with the boy. He grew wary of his abilities with time, even fearing the harm he could cause his little family if he did not contain these powers. But that did not stop him from becoming rebellious in his teenage years, especially when locals always told stories of ancient pirates that had hidden their treasures around the planet.
At the age of sixteen, Apollo struck out and left behind the farm where he’d been raised, disappearing for two months on a quest to find the treasure of the long-dead pirate Jaxen Hawk. This long period of solitude led to him reevaluating why he had gone on this journey in the first place, with him eventually settling on the potential for enough credits to finally afford a ticket off-world for both him and his sister. Eventually, Eva caught up to Apollo, scolding him for running off without warning and risking his life for this. He did convince her to aid him in finding this treasure, however, and after a week of hunting for it together, they finally discovered Hawk’s ancient stash of gold and kyber crystals in his long-lost tomb. But they quickly realized that this old pirate was more sinister than they’d known, and a powerful darksider to boot. Hawk’s spirit assailed them, and though Apollo and Eva escaped with their lives and a small haul of the loot, Apollo accidentally hit Eva with a wave of telekinetic power and knocked her unconscious. Originally believing he’d killed her before she stirred, Apollo became fully petrified of his abilities now, refusing to use the Force for the rest of his days and begging Eva to teach him ways to conceal his power.
Apollo saved what money he could get for the treasure they’d been able to bring back with them, and also saved a small portion of the funds they received for selling their crops, for the next thirty-eight years. He still intended to see the stars one day, and by this point, he knew he was fundamentally immortal like his father once was, as he had not aged at all since he hit his early twenties. But things took a turn for the worse when Eva was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder, a hereditary disease that had been exacerbated by her long carbonite freeze back when she was a child. Her muscles grew weak, and she grew frail enough that she soon required a wheelchair to move. Doctors only gave her another five years to live. All of Apollo’s savings went to her treatment, but there was no cure. Her connection to the Force and those treatments helped extend her life well beyond her expected death date, but in the end, she decided to pass on to the Force rather than continue to suffer in this mortal body. She died in the year 221 ABY, and Apollo was left alone to run the farmstead.
He maintained their home for another twenty years before deciding that it was time to fulfill his dream of exploring the stars. After selling their home and visiting Eva’s grave on the twentieth anniversary of her death, Apollo finally bought his ticket off the planet, leaving Tenara behind him.
His first stop was on the world of Korphir, which was much more densely populated than he was used to back on Tenara. There he found work in various factories and small businesses over the course of twenty-two years, interacting with enough people that he finally began to overcome the social dread that spawned from the rather lonely first century of his life. He gave love a chance when he met a human woman named Scarlet, whom he cared for very deeply throughout their seven-year relationship. Things turned sour when it became clear that he was not interested in marriage or children, whereas she certainly was. A few months after their seventh anniversary, the two split, and Apollo had no contact with her since then.
Wanting to leave Korphir behind, and wanting to capitalize on a mining opportunity, Apollo moved to Usta that same year. His time there was brutal and hectic, with workplace brawls being commonplace and the poisoned air of the planet proving deadly to anyone whose protective gear malfunctioned. It was here that Apollo finally used the Force again, a full century after he vowed to never use it, to save his coworkers from a tunnel collapse. This convinced him that his powers were not to be feared, but rather should be directed towards helping those that need them.
He moved to Barison shortly after, a water world whose people had largely renounced technology for religious reasons. Though it took time to earn the people’s trust, Apollo became a guard for trader ships across the seas, defending them from pirates for a little over a decade. One particular offworlder by the name of Garga took notice of Apollo’s gift for security and violence around this time, offering him a job working on Feena. It was a world of business and trade, though that also made it a hot spot of criminal activity from the less fortunate and Garga needed someone talented to help keep his shipments safe. Apollo accepted the little green man’s deal and traveled with him to Feena.
After six years, Garga took notice of Apollo’s lack of aging, and the two began to tell each other stories from their extended lifetimes. The two became good friends and confidants, with Apollo ascending to becoming a business partner of Garga’s after a few more years.
Five decades passed before Apollo grew tired of living the comfortable life of a wealthy man, deciding to retire from his and Garga’s trading business. Garga understood the sentiment and encouraged Apollo to explore as much of the galaxy as he can. And he did just that, first going to B’trilla for four years and acting as a vigilante, going after crime syndicates and thugs in the streets. Unfortunately, his work earned the ire of the B’trillan government, and eventually, it became a non-stop hunt for his capture or murder. Rather than go either route, Apollo found a way off-world and made it to the nearby planet of Chenowei, though his problems were far from over.
On Chenowei, a fanatical religion known as the Church of Light was in power, and they did not take kindly to Apollo’s presence. But thankfully for him, he was not alone in earning the ire of these fanatics. A small band of revolutionaries earned Apollo’s support, and after two years, they won their war against the Church of Light. Their leaders on Chenowei were killed and supplanted with a Council made up of the most popular of the revolutionaries, though when offered a place on that Council, Apollo declined. He’d grown tired of the constant fighting for the past decade and knew all too well that revolutions were cyclical. And of course, the Church of Light had a presence in the nearby star system of Elamposnia, and would no doubt attempt to reclaim their lost world. The revolutionaries were preparing for that conflict, but Apollo had no intention of being involved. After all he’d done and seen in the short war, his part in it was over.
He moved back to Feena, where he lived off of his savings for five years before working freelance jobs here and there. Garga kept in contact with him, business still booming on his side of things, but Apollo did not return to the corporate world. During the course of twenty years, he had many relationships with various women, ranging from humans to Twi’leks to Chagrians, but he never settled down for longer than a year. He was growing bored with living the quiet life now, and he needed something more exciting to keep his attention.
Despite Garga’s warnings, Apollo traveled to the planet Corbos, hearing of an ancient treasure in its depths. He had no fears of dark side spirits now that he was much older than the last time he encountered one, and he had no fear of hurting the two mercenaries that accompanied him on this journey - Moth and E’krest. Deep within the mines of Corbos, they discovered the skeleton of a long-dead Leviathan, and within its ribcage rested a pyramidal holocron. Unfortunately for Apollo, the mercenaries turned on him, taking the holocron and trapping him within the mines. It took over a week for him to escape, and over a year to receive transportation off the planet, though his ride was thanks to Garga.
Having learned that Moth and E’krest traveled to Dromund Kaas and sold the holocron for a fortune, Apollo went there to exact revenge. And exact it he did, murdering both of them, though foolishly doing so in public. He was arrested and imprisoned for murdering them, serving twenty years of a torturous sentence in a Sith prison.
A riot in the prison provided the cover he needed to escape, along with his ability at concealing his presence proving fruitful. But as he attempted to get off-world, he learned that a Sith agent by the name of Godrik had facilitated Apollo’s escape. Godrik had taken notice of Apollo’s uncanny youth and sensed his power in the Force, and wanted to train Apollo as his apprentice so that he could advance in the ranks of the Final Sith Order. Apollo murdered him instead, using Godrik’s ship to leave Dromund Kaas behind.
He ran to the world of Capella, where he hid as a droid maintenance worker for a few years before eventually returning to Feena. Garga by this point had aged considerably since their first meeting, and Garga questioned what Apollo could actually be if he’s not even aged a day in the past century. Apollo revealed who his father was, which concerned Garga deeply. This estranged them for a good while, and Apollo finally turned to becoming a full-fledged mercenary.
Thousands of jobs and dozens of relationships flew by over the course of a hundred years for Apollo, and with that time the Final Sith Order grew even more powerful than they had been previously. He doubted that they’d still be looking for him this long after his prison escape, especially considering they’d marked him as just a human when they took him in, so he had little worries about earning the ire of the Sith these days.
But he settled down all the same, for a time. He met the woman who he truly believed to be the love of his life, a beautiful Hapan girl by the name of Trista. In the nearly-350 years of his existence, and after dozens of relationships, she was the first woman he married. Though they tried, they never could successfully have a child. But that never soured their love. The only thing that interfered with it at all was the tragedy that struck Feena in the year 566 ABY.
A conflict between rebels and Sith enforcers broke out in the city where Apollo and Trista resided, resulting in the deaths of a dozen Sith, hundreds of rebels, and thousands of innocent bystanders. One of those bystanders was none other than Trista, killed in an explosion set off by the rebels as a means of distracting the Sith forces. Apollo mourned her death for over a decade and began to loathe the multiple rebel cells that had sprung up across the galaxy. His mercenary work resumed a little under a year after she died, and he was quick to take any contracts posted by the Sith that targeted the rebels he felt were responsible for the death of his wife.
In the year 580 ABY, Apollo first met the Zabrak named Silus Starr, a fellow mercenary. The two worked together on many jobs, covering each other’s backs and quickly building a strong friendship that lasts to this day. Ten years later, Apollo met a woman by the name of Karri Bellrunner during a job. It was more a relationship of lust than love, as both would attest, and their romantic pursuits of one another ended mutually, though they still work together and are good friends nonetheless.
The entire complexion of his life was altered over a decade later, 604 years after the Battle of Yavin. He took on a contract enlisted by a mysterious woman offering plenty of credits, and all he had to do to receive them was meet her at a space station in the Stygian Caldera, a place known as Nosoi. It was there that he met her, a woman claiming to be from the distant, unheard world of Hastur. Her name was Pandora, and she claimed to be an old servant of his father. When Apollo tried to dispute her claims, she unleashed something within him that he had never known was there.
The Fleshbane Virus, the originator of the Noxene Virus that killed billions on the world of Arkania, had been gestating inside his body even before he was born. His mother had been possessed by a demon known as Envilyn, and the disease was that creature’s greatest creation, locked away inside Apollo as a curse he never knew existed. A cloud of Fleshbane spread across the entire station, melting the flesh and dissolving the organs of all but Apollo and Pandora, the latter standing over the former and watching as the disease had its effect on him. For the first time in his life, he felt mortal. He was beginning to age, and it terrified him. Demands to know why Pandora did this to him were met with vague riddles and warnings, and an offering of advice.
The Final Sith Order was his only hope of curing himself.
And so he made his way back to Dromund Kaas for the first time in over a century, and after far exceeding every other acolyte in the Order at the time, Apollo earned the title of Darth Maldeus. Seven years later, he ascended to the rank of Dark Councilor, despite living a double life. His friends and allies beyond the Sith have no idea he is the enigmatic Maldeus, and he means to keep it that way. He simply wants to reach high enough heights within the Order to learn of a cure, or perhaps enlist the aid of its most powerful members to help him do so. But otherwise, he has no love for the Sith, still haunted by the death of his wife and his imprisonment at their hands.

Skills Sheet

Sith Lord (7)
Class: Assassin
Subclass: Sith Brawler
Prestige Class: Sith Sharpshooter



  • Form I: Shii-Cho - 1
  • Form III: Soresu (Req. Shii-Cho) - 1
  • Exotic Lightsaber Combat (Req. Shii-Cho and another lightsaber form) - 3
  • Tràkata (Req. Shii-Cho) - 1
  • Augmentation - 2
    • Force Speed (Req. Augmentation) - 4
    • Force Jump (Req. Augmentation) - 1
    • Force Body (Req. Augmentation) - 3
  • Force Stealth (Req. Sith Assassin) - 3 (FREE from Sith Assassin)
  • Contort (Req. Sith Assassin) - 1
  • Detoxify Poison (Req. Sith Sorcerer or Sith Assassin) - 1
  • Force Reflex (Req. Level 5+) - 2 (FREE from Sith Brawler)
  • Instinctive Astrogation Control (Req. Level 5+) - 2
SENSE (13)
  • Force Sense - 3
    • Precognition (Req. Force Sense) - 3
    • Force Sight (Req. Force Sense) - 1
    • Farsight (Req. Force Sense) - 1
  • Shatterpoint (INNATE) - 4
  • Force Bond - 1
ALTER (57)
  • Telekinesis - 4 (1 + 3 from Level 1 Bonus)
    • Force Push/Pull (Req. Telekinesis) - 3
      • Force Wave (Req. Level 7+ and Force Push/Pull) - 4
    • Force Wound - 3 (FREE from Level 4 Bonus)
    • Ballistakinesis (Req. Telekinesis) - 2 (FREE from Sith Sharpshooter)
  • Mental Shield - 4
  • Telepathy - 2
    • Affect Mind (Req. Telepathy) - 2
    • Force Fear (Req. Telepathy) - 4
    • Cleanse Mind (Req. Level 5+, Telepathy, and Mental Shield) - 3
    • Force Suppression (Req. Level 5+ and Telepathy) - 4
  • Force Resistance - 4
    • Adiabatic Shield (Req. Level 3+, Force Resistance, and Telekinesis) - 1
    • Tutaminis (Req. Level 3+ and Force Resistance) - 4
    • Force Barrier (Req. Level 3+ and Force Resistance) - 4
      • Protection Bubble (Req. Level 6+, Force Barrier, and Adiabatic Shield) - 4
    • Energy Resistance (Req. Force Resistance) - 4
  • Dim Other’s Senses (Req. Sith Assassin) - 2
  • Conceal Essence (Req. Sith Assassin) - 4
  • Dimension Shift (Req. Level 7+) - 1
  • Force Direction (Req. Level 3+) - 4 (2 + 2 from Sith Sharpshooter)
  • Force Punch - 2 (FREE for Sith Brawler)
  • Shadowstrike (Req. Sith Assassin, Force Sense, and Telekinesis) - 3 (FREE from Level 6 Bonus)
  • Create Sith Holocron (RITUAL, Req. Level 7+) - 3 (FREE from Level 7 Bonus)
  • Dark Transfer (Req. Level 7+ and Shatterpoint) - 10


Name/Title: Darth Amphetra Morr, She Who Encircles The Sea

Nicknames/Aliases: The Maiden of the Veiled Waters, Queen of Nautolan

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Species: Nautolan

Orientation (optional): Pansexual

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Occupation: Underwater dancer/fighter/hunter

Height: 6’0

Weight: 200lbs

Physical Description: Amphetra is curvaceous and well-muscled, and her striking white face and white tentacle markings contrast beautifully against her aqua skin. Her large, pure-black eyes give her a deceptively youthful look, which takes away from the sharpness of her teeth. She also loves adding jewelry to her head tendrils, anything to emphasize their luxurious thickness.

Clothing: Amphetra wears remarkably functional clothing as a Sith, though she’s probably too fond of midriff-baring tops to be safe. But when not being a good, practical Sith, Amphetra loves airy, flowing clothing or simple, form-fitting clothes. Having grown up with little need for clothes underwater, she finds most clothing heavy and restrictive.

Weapons: Eschewing a lightsaber, Amphetra instead has an energy blade. When she ascended to the Dark Council she used that most ancient of Sith rituals to forge herself a mace, called Gravemaker. A pair of vibroblades. And a pair of electrified escrima sticks. A ranseur. She collects weapons the same way other people collect stories.

Equipment: Medium-weight armor, well maintained but curiously little-worn. Well-worn light armor, good for deflecting blaster shots, and the first good set of armor she could afford. She has a beautifully crafted ceremonial set, intricately detailed, and beautifully appointed.

Vehicles: A personal speeder for travel, and small personal craft for interstellar flights. Theoretically she has other ships under her sway, but she doesn’t make personal use of them.

Pets (if applicable): A granular poison frog named Chara.

Languages: Nautila and Basic were her first languages. Later she learned Zabraki, Huttese, and drips and dregs of other languages as she visited other planets during her travels.

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Amphetra has learned several martial arts in her time, though she has not had the luxury of staying in one place long enough to master any. She prefers the dance-like styles, such as Juego de maní, or capoeira, though she dabbled in teräs käsi and enjoyed it. She primarily uses the Force to augment her fighting skills.

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): As a Nautolan, she is stronger and faster than average, with a natural hunting instinct. She is also an excellent swimmer, and easily adapts to harsh climates. She’s fairly charming and gregarious and can flawlessly keep up the mask for short stints.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Amphetra frequently overestimates herself. Not only does she see herself as a top predator, but her narcissism means she sees herself as special and as exceptional, even without proof. She tends to discard that which she considers boring, even if it would be smart not to. She is immensely proud of her heritage and abilities, and will sometimes forego using the Force or learning techniques that would benefit her if she considers it ‘cheating’. She always outs herself in the end, and has frequently ended relationships over it.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Chaotic Lawful

Personality: Amphetra is manipulative, demanding, and loves being the center of attention. She’s naturally quite egocentric and always wants to be perceived positively, or at least be feared. She has lived a life of such hardship that she loves luxury and hoarding wealth. By her nature as a predator, she is also driven and prone to tunnel-vision when given a goal.

Fears: Quietly, Amphetra fears being beaten, especially by someone she considers her lesser, a strange juxtaposition.

Likes: Expensive foods and fabrics, exercise, performance, a successful hunt.

Dislikes: Being cold, finding out she’s been tricked. Dreary administrative work or the boring legwork of hunting something down.

Habits: Long swims on a weekly basis, and regular morning training.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): N/A

Friendships (if applicable): Something of a friendship with Lady Vasirion after the hunt they competed in after becoming Dark Councilors.

Masters (if applicable): N/A

Apprentices (if applicable): N/A

Reputation: Fearsome and unyielding. Her lax attitude and fun-loving nature can make her seem approachable, but it’s a trap, and she’s always willing to attack anyone under her.


She had known, in the same way she had known she was hungry, she had known she was loved. Amphetra had been born in the dark waters of Nautolan with her clutchmates to parents who loved them as dearly as they loved the sea, and that was dear indeed. Especially in these dark times, when blood lapped against the foamy crests of waves, and dark magic incinerated planets like a match being lit. Four children was quite a lot then, when there was little enough to go around, but they were Nautolan, and they would survive.

Artemisia was quick and fast like a little silver herring, giggling as she scooped up half a school of fish, or snatching octopi from their homes. Penelope wasn’t much of a seeker, but she braided the pearls they found in oysters into shining ropes, and the kelp she pounded into strands to weave them nets and other sundries. Eurydice was their long-wanderer, vanishing into the cold depths and returning like a ghost in the night.

And Amphetra? She was their hunter.

Fish and eel at first, then the squid and other larger prey. Finally, the dolphins and sharks. The pride she had felt when she killed her first whale, as small as it was, and hauled it home to her family.

She never asked why they didn’t live in one of the few remaining cities their people had, or even in a small community. Her mother and her mother’s mother had both been, relatively speaking, strong in the Force. In the cities, that meant being taken by a mercenary gang, trained as a conscript and sent to fight a war that had seemingly been going on for millennia. Her grandmother had escaped after being taken, and she’d trained her daughter to hide her power. Her daughter had been even more cautious, taking her spouse to the remote depths of the ocean to ensure their freedom.

And it had been freedom. Amphetra could play in the Force, using it to help sense prey or turn a fight. Her sisters used it in their own way, and never resented their mother’s choice.

But one day, a dogfight over the waters had led to someone being injured and floundering in the waters, and Amphetra had happily dragged him down into the depths until he stilled. When she brought her kill home, her mother had been horrified, and bewildered at Amphetra’s (and her sisters’) lack of reaction.

What was the difference if the prey could speak or move as they did? Meat was meat. Her mother’s explanations failed to help explain why this was so taboo.

This set off something else as well. An itch under the skin, a curiosity about the world that Amphetra had never had before. So she said goodbye, and followed her curiosity wherever it took her.

It took her many places. She was strong and adaptable and took up odd jobs, both criminal and benign. She smuggled herself on ships on the slow journeys between planets. Underwater dancing brought her money and celebrity, as well as belligerent and tactless admirers who thought that their money bought her time.

It did, but not in the way they wanted. Her tank, after all, was just another hunting ground. It wasn’t her only one, but she liked hunting in the water best.

But even that became boring and repetitive, and Amphetra was wary of her Force powers and their growth. She was not a cerebral Nautolan, and she had no idea about how to master them or how to grow them the way she wanted. Not to mention that suspicions about her kills were beginning to swirl. The Jedi were already off the table, she knew enough about their namby-pamby attitude to hate it. But the Sith Empire… that was a real consideration.

Like her rise from the ocean, it was a leap of faith, and it plunged her into a world that she understood perfectly. Her own strength, her own independence, all honed into cruel mastery.

Rank/Level: Dark Councilor, level 7

Base Class: Warrior

Subclass (if applicable): Sith Marauder

Prestige Class (optional): Sith Masterblade (no lightsaber or saber forms)

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): (100 points, 2 Godlikes (cost 10)). Max 4 pts.

  • Augmentation - 3 (free)
    • Force Speed - 4
    • Force Jump - 4
    • Force Body - 4
    • Enhance Attribute - 4
      • Short Term Memory Enhancement - 2
    • Inertia - 4
    • Reduce Injury - 4
    • Remain Conscious - 4
  • Battlemind - 4
  • Force Rage - 3 (free)
  • RITUAL Forge Sith Weapon (Sith Masterblade, Imbue Item, Sith Runes) - 4
    • Imbue Item - 3
    • Sith Runes - 3
  • Telekinesis - 3 (free)
    • Ballistakinesis - 4
    • Force Push/Pull - 1
      • Force Wave - 3
    • Force Wound - 3 (free)
      • Force Crush - 4
  • RITUAL Sith Holocron - 3 (free)
  • Energy Blade - 3 (free)
  • Art of Movement - 4
  • Feed on Dark Side - 2 (free)
  • Control Pain - 2 (free)
  • Emptiness - 3
  • Force Reflex - 3
  • Force Sense - 2
    • Farsight - 3
    • Force Shadow - 3
    • Restful-Sleep-in-Danger - 2
  • Battle Meditation - 4
  • Eternal Hatred (GODLIKE) - 10
  • Dark Side Spirit (GODLIKE) - 10

Facetune_07-05-2023-21-15-09.JPGFacetune_12-11-2022-21-06-00 2.jpgFacetune_07-05-2023-21-16-49.JPG

Lilith Kira-Sunka
Darth Vasirion, (Beast) Queen of Onderon, Beast Lord of the Wildland Tribe Amroth, Snake Butcher

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Homeworld: Onderon

Occupation: Dark Lady of the Sith, Queen of Onderon

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Physical Description: Long brown hair. Light skin. Unnaturally bright blue eyes, though they can change to yellow/orange. Scar across right eye. Slight muscular build.

Clothing/Armor: Light armor similar to Cinnagar weave armor. Often wears blue and gold colors, though will tend to wear less fancy clothes as well.

Weapons: Red Double-Bladed lightsaber with gold hilt and blue emblems, iron-composite dagger, yellow-colored lightwhip, Longeing whip, and shock whip.

Equipment: Commlink, holopad.

Pets: A large red scaled Arkanian Dragon named Hera, A Drexl named Azrael, and a (deceased) ruping named Arius.

Languages: Basic, High Galactic (written), Onderonian, Sith, Binary

Combat Skills: Extremely skilled in Sith Sorcery, as well as hand-to-hand combat from training as a Beast Rider and fighting in the Onderon-Dxun war.

Other Strengths: Light and agile on her feet, with great ability to move quickly and effectively from one place to the other.

Flaws: Vengeful and ill tempered.

Personality: Lilith is quite quiet, often times, allowing others to speak before her so that she may gather what information she can.

Fears: Losing her family

Relationships/Love Interests: Jahdiel Amroth

Family: Emi Kira (Mother), Aren Sunka (Father), Lewys Sunka (Brother), Louka Sunka (Brother), Ronin Kira (Cousin), Dontair Kira (Uncle, deceased)

Biography: Will be posted on May 31st.

Skills List
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Wizard

Saber Skills:

  • Form I - Shii-Cho - 2
  • Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 4
  • Mounted Lightsaber Combat (Requires Shii-Cho, appropriate vehicle or pet) - 4
  • Exotic Lightsaber Combat (Requires Form I, Shii-Cho, AND one other lightsaber form) - 4
  • Augmentation - 1
  • Force Speed (Requires Augmentation) - 3
  • Force Jump (Requires Augmentation) - 3
  • Feed on Dark Side - 4
  • Force Reflex - 2
  • Force Sense - 1 (+3 Free from Level 1 Bonus)
  • Precognition (Requires Force Sense) - 4
  • Force Sight (Requires Force Sense) - 4
  • Farsight (Requires Force Sense) - 4
  • INNATE Psychometry (Requires Force Sense) - 4
  • Force Bond - 4
  • Drain Life (Requires Force Bond, Sith Sorcerer) - 4
  • Drain Force (Requires Force Bond, Sith Sorcerer) - 4
  • Environmental Telepathy (Requires Level 4+, Force Bond, Telepathy, Beast Language, Sith Elementalist) - 4
  • Telekinesis - 4
  • Force Push/Pull (Requires Telekinesis) - 4
  • Telepathy - 4
  • Mental Shield - 4
  • Beast Control (Requires Telepathy) - 4
  • Beast Language (Requires Telepathy) - 4
  • Sith Lightning (Requires Force Sense) - 4
  • Force Resistance - 4
  • Tutaminis (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance) - 4
  • Force Barrier (Requires Level 3+, Force Resistance) - 4
  • Pyrokinesis - 4
  • Alter Environment (Requires Level 4+, Sith Elementalist) - 2 (+2 from Sith Elementalist Subclass)
  • Alter Form (Requires Level 5+, Sith Wizard or Sith Witch) - 4
  • Force Scream - 3
  • Plant Surge (Requires Level 3+, Sith Elementalist) - 2 (+2 from Sith Elementalist Subclass)
  • Create Holocron - 3 (Free from Level 7 Bonus)
Sith Magic:
  • Sutta Chwituskak - 1 (+3 Free from Level 4 Bonus)
  • Qâzoi Kyantuska - 1 (+3 Free from Level 6 Bonus)
  • Dwomutsiqsa - 4
  • Odojinya (Requires Sith Thaumaturge) - 1 (+3 Free from Sith Wizard Prestige Class)
  • Waves of Darkness - 4
  • Sith Illusions (Requires Level 3+) - 3
  • Sith Runes - 1 (+3 Free from Sith Sorcerer Bonus)
  • Blood Magic (Requires Level 5+) - 4
  • Dark Illusion (Requires Level 6+, Blood Magic, Force Lightning, Sith Illusion) - 4
  • Blood Trail (Requires Blood Magic) - 4
  • UNIQUE Flow-Walking (Requires Level 8+) - 10
Character Illustration: [In Progress]
Theme Music:
Audio Sample of Character Voice:
(Jolene Blalock as T’Pol)
Faceclaim: Jolene Blalock

Name/Title: High Lady Kulshedra (Miremi Talhan)
Nicknames/Alias: Tempest of the Sith
Rank: High Sith Lady
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Species: Mirialan
Homeworld: Anaxes
Occupation: Circle of Lords, Admiral in Imperial StarFleet, Owner of Lianna Fleetyards, Head of the Imperial Shipyard Guild
Height: 5’10
Weight: 145 lbs
Physical Description:
Lean and fit, visible muscles in arms and legs; large, full lips, dark blue eyes (turn tickly orange-yellow when using Dark side powers); straight, medium-length jet black hair
For Combat — Black and dark gray tunic, Black pants, Black knee-high boots, Dark gray utility belt, steel gray armoured boots, armourweave padding on shoulders, forearms, thighs, and chest
For Parties/Formal Gatherings — Black off-shoulder dress, gradient fades to violet below the knees; Black utility belt disguised as black sash, violet pointed-toe slip-on shoes
Weapons: Single-bladed Lightsaber, Purple crystal; Sword of Volacius (+1 bonus to elemental powers)
Equipment: Armourweave lining for previously-listed (combat) clothes, outfit overlaid with steel-gray plastoid-durasteel hybrid armour plates on the shoulders, chest, forearms, thighs, and shins
Vehicles: Modified Kain-class Star Destroyer Durus Procella, restored Lambda-class Shuttle
Languages: Basic, Droidspeak/Binary, Huttese
Strengths: Cunning, ruthless, values efficiency, knowledgeable on history of space combat
Flaws: Selfish, hedonistic, elitist
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Kulshedra is generally posh, often to the point of snobbery. Though she is not always conscious of it, she tends to brag about her possessions to others—whether it be about personal belongings and collectors items, or her shipyard facilities and personal starships. Kulshedra is cunning, however. She is as double-minded as someone can get, always shifting her personality and her mannerisms as best she can to suit the people around her in an effort to get what she wants from them, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Her facade can be broken if she is sufficiently enraged or if she determines an individual or group has no more value to her, however.
Likes: The Sith Code, (having) authority, (having) power, manipulating people, making her enemies suffer, alchemized weaponry, the Dark side, contingency plans, cheating death, loyalty and fanaticism (of others to her), cities, being wealthy, efficiency, indoctrinating people (to revere and serve her), expensive wine, expensive caf and hot chocolate, upper-class society, commanding warships (for power projection), designing warships, racing ships, podracing, collecting artifacts
Dislikes: The Jedi Code, being subservient, being powerless, being manipulated, being made to suffer, the Light side, bad plans, disloyalty (of others to her), being poor, cheap food and drink, lower-class rabble, slums
Habits: Drinking caf in the morning, Drinking wine, Showing off her riches, Stopping halfway through a new ship design
Relationships/Love Interests: N/A, uses them for convenience—pleasure or advancement
Friendships: N/A, uses them for convenience—pleasure or advancement
Masters: Lord Maldeus
Apprentices: [REDACTED]
Reputation: Respected for her quick rise through the ranks and her drive to reestablish a modern Imperial armada. Some thumb their noses at her unapologetic opulence.
Miremi was born in the slums outside of Pols Anaxes. Her parents, a disgruntled Jedi Lord-hopeful and his wife, had double-crossed the Djarin clan of the Mandalorians, and were assassinated by their warriors when Miremi was only 5-years-old. With nowhere to turn, Miremi became a runner for the Sidewinders, one of the many gangs operating in the area. The leader of the Sidewinders, a Nautolan named Santo Kisk, had a soft spot for her and made it his mission to keep her safe from a distance. Miremi was cared for until she was 11, when one of Kisk’s lieutenants, Harl Vintora, murdered him and took his place. Miremi never knew that Kisk had been watching out for her, but she could never shake the feeling that there was something off about Vintora.
Miremi continued working for the Sidewinders until she turned 15, and Vintora summoned her to his office and attempted to take advantage of her. Overwhelmed by fear and anger, Miremi unleashed a burst of Force Lightning that seared Vintora’s arm. He recoiled, and while he was incapacitated, Miremi swiped his blaster from his desk and emptied half its clip into his head and torso. Knowing the rest of the gang would retaliate once they discovered Vintora’s body, Miremi stole a landspeeder and fled to a neighboring city. Miremi knew very little about the force at the time, but decided that the only way to keep the Sidewinders from hunting her down was to learn to harness her own abilities. Smugglers working with the Sidewinders had mentioned the existence of a “Final Sith Order,” that endured in the Stygian Caldera and its surrounding regions, and with no other leads Miremi lied to gain the pity of a spaceport guard so she could stow away aboard a civilian transport bound for Corellia.
She spent the next 4 years bouncing between odd jobs and accumulating as many credits as she could, then applied for a position in the Corellian Engineering Corporation, for which she was initially denied due to lack of prior experience. She applied a second time, and manipulated the interviewer to give her the job. Working for CEC, Miremi became familiar with starship operations, and hoped to eventually purchase her own starship. Her past caught up with her after she turned 20 when a group of mercenaries hired by the Sidewinders tracked her down. Though Miremi survived the ensuing shootout, the damage caused to CEC property resulted in the loss of her job. Miremi was enraged at the news, arguing fiercely that she ought not be fired for the crimes of mercenaries, however her anger only made things worse, and security droids were summoned to escort her onto the streets. Instead of complying, her anger manifested into Lighting again, destroying the droids and allowing her to steal a freight vessel which she used to leave Corellia entirely.
With a ship at her disposal, but limited fuel and no safe haven to flee to, Miremi decided to brave the dangers of the hyperlanes to make a run for the Stygian Caldera and learn if the stories she’d heard about its Force-wielding inhabitants were true. She stopped at Korriban in hopes of refueling, but was only about to witness the great scar that stretched across the planet before moving on. Her vessel barely made it to Dromund Kaas, where she made contact with space traffic control. Upon expressing her desire to master her latent abilities, she was intercepted and captured by the Imperial StarFleet and then transferred to the Sith Academy on the surface.
With proper guidance, she was able to exponentially grow her strength in the Force, honing her existing powers and acquiring new ones as well. Chief among these was the discovery of her potential for Battle Meditation; combined with her previous experience with starships back on Corellia, Miremi began to see that if she became more powerful, she could leverage her talents to gain a position of authority and wealth, and relentlessly trained to pursue that goal. Her drive and progress caught the attention of Darth Maldeus, who took Miremi as his apprentice and trained her to Knighthood. During her apprenticeship, Miremi discovered the long-hidden Sword of Volacius, abandoned in the depths of Kaas City’s landfills. Meanwhile, Miremi also began working with the Imperial StarFleet, but was disappointed that many of their warships were hopelessly outdated.
After training [REDACTED] as her apprentice, Miremi rose to the rank of Sith Master and took the name Darth Kulshedra at age 22.
Her rapid rise in both power and status was intoxicating, but Kulshedra still wanted more. Hoping to make herself indispensable to the Sith, she began working on plans to revitalize the Imperial StarFleet and turn it into a truly modern fighting force. To that end, Kulshedra sought out the world of Lianna, where the remnants of centuries-old shipyard facilities remained, though largely abandoned. Kulshedra lead a small force to conquer the planet, and immediately began putting every available resource toward the restoration of the Lianna Fleetyards, as well as the design and construction of new Imperial warships. These efforts soon produced the Kain-class Star Destroyer, and Kulshedra personally oversaw the construction of the first line of these vessels, sending the first ship as a gift to Empress Leto Hesphora, and keeping the second for herself. For her dedication to the Imperial Military, Kulshedra was elevated to the rank of Sith Lady.
Now, Kulshedra continues her work on Lianna, expanding the Fleetyard, ordering the construction of additional Kain-class ships, and designing the rest of the Imperial StarFleet’s modern ships.

Rank/Level: Level 7 Sith Lady
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Warlock
Skills (100 Skill Points):
Form I Shii-Cho — 1
Form II Makashi — 3
Form III Soresu — 3
Form VII Juyo — 3
Augmentation — 4
Force Jump — 3
Force Speed — 3
Force Sense — 3
Precognition — 3
Telekinesis — 3 (3 free points from level 1)
Force Push/Pull — 3
Force Rend — 3
Levitation — 3
Telepathy — 3
Mental Shield — 4
Affect Mind — 3
Sith Lightning — 4 (2 free points from Elementalist)
Chain Lightning — 3
Force Storm — 4
Lightning Shield — 3
Pyrokinesis — 4 (2 free points from Elementalist)
Cryokinesis — 4
Alter Environment — 4
Force Resistance — 4
Force Barrier — 4
Tutaminis — 4
Force Bond — 2
Battle Meditation — 4
Drain Life — 4
Battlemind — 4 (3 free points from Warlock)
Force Suppression — 4
Sith Runes — 3 (3 free points from Sorcerer)
Sith Illusions — 3 (3 free points from level 4)
Create Sith Holocron (ritual) — 3 (3 free points from level 7)
Dark Side Healing — 4
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High Lord Ekrizdis Cygni VII, the Fell Swan


Character Image: The Sandman (comic version)

Character Voice Claim: N/A, They speak in a very high, musical, and undoubtedly alien voice which I have yet to encounter within media.

Character Theme:
Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors- Cradle of Filth

Name and Title: High Lord Ekrizdis Cygni VII

Nickname/Aliases: Dreamer. The Fell Swan.

Age: 37 (possibly)

Sex: Non Binary, Biological male. (they/them/he/his)
both pronouns are accepted but prefer they/them.

Species: Nagai

Orientation: Aromantic Homosexual

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Homeworld: Nagi

House: House of the Hidden

Occupation: Governor of Taris
Artist and Musician

Height: 7 ft

Weight: 170 lb

Physical Description:
Like most Nagai, Ekrizdis Cygni is towering, lank, gaunt, and alabaster skinned with thick black hair, high cheekbones, and distinctively pointed ears. They possess highly unusual bright gray eyes, which some might even term silver. At times they even flash unnaturally bright, akin to stars. Ekrizdis is biologically male, yet tends to dress in heavy, flowing robes that obscure gender proportions, and wears gleaming diamonds, rubies, and sapphires on their fingers, around their neck or as ear studs, and always wear winged eyeliner, eyeshadow, and black lipstick, further blurring the boundaries of gender. Their nails are claw-like, varnished in black, and studded with crystal gems. Their hair falls well past their shoulder blades if left down, yet typically it’s teased into a foot-high tangle. They rarely wear shoes. The majority of their limbs are lacerated with scars from psychosis-induced self-harm, or blades or lightsaber grazes, a weakness that’s hidden under layers of clothing.

Ekrizdis chooses not to wear body armor plating, and instead wears layers of black velvet and silk robes, over a traditional electromesh body bodysuit. They possess a full wardrobe of elegant suits and dresses but typically chose unadorned robes for daily wear.

A silver-bladed lightsaber with a gently curved hilt.

7 Hemotoxic poison-coated throwing needles.

7 Neurotoxic poison-coated throwing needles.

7 hand-forged Tehk'la blades, two of which have cortosis edges. All are equipped with vibration cells.

Kob Sonic Blaster

Swiftcut Foil

Serrated Krath blade, which causes hemorrhaging. (worn strapped across his back, hidden under several layers of cloth)

An insectoid-styled battle helm which is not only aesthetic and functional, but also filters out many common gasses, contagions, or poisons.

An egg-sized ruby necklace passed down among the Cygni cult said to originate from Cygnus Luc’idus. Sentimental value only.

Datapad. Oil paints. Canvases. Sketchbook, pencils, and charcoal. Drawing tablets. Spray paint cans. Parchment-bound book of poetry.

Clove cigarettes, death sticks, spice, glitterstim.

Pockets filled with sand from various worlds.

7 small pouches of Cortosis fragments.

Songsteel gauntlet worn on right hand.

Flash Bombs. Cryoban grenades. Smoke bombs. Sand bombs.

Healing stims.

Safe Bunker on Nagi.

Vehicles :
High-End Model Swoop Bike.
“The Seventh Siren” Swan class escort frigate.

Pets :
7 unnamed swans
A blue and silver gizka, Shipsbane VII.

Nagian, Galactic Basic, Tof.

Combat Skills:
A well-trained Makashi combatant, yet far more likely to incorporate sorcery and assassin strike and fade tactics.

Other Strengths:
Naturally swift and incredibly agile, and emotionally steadfast after years of mental instability.

Ceaseless struggle with paranoid schizophrenia that overshadows all of their remembered life. While possessing high functionality and adaptability, this illness and a host of others torture their mind ceaselessly. Regulated medication does nothing, while recreational drugs bring some brief comfort. Comorbid diagnoses include arithmomania, C-PTSD, OCD, ADHD, memory loss, addictions, and anxiety.


At default shy and introspective, but confident enough to speak and mingle well in a crowd. Intelligent, and even charming when needed. They typically make little effort to hide their eccentric nature but go to great effort to hide mental instability. They recognize when overwhelmed and attempt to isolate if possible. They are driven by emotion and passion; seeking both a blank stretch of wall to create art and the elusive grasp of power and knowledge. They firmly guard their child, their Sith allegiance, secrets, honor, talents, and weapons. They are not ashamed of their gender nonconformity, or their homosexuality. They might be perceived as cold if they fail to respond to emotional stimuli, yet this is a common trait of their illness.

Fears: Corpses in advanced decay. Injury or the death of their daughter.

Likes: Art, music, spice, stims, and alcohol. Odd numbers. Sand. Swans. Silver. Daggers. Stars. LGBTQA+ community.

Dislikes: Even numbers. Juice. Food not cooked within their sight, or tested within sight. Homophobes, transphobes, enbyphobes. Mannequin people. Corpses.

Habits: Highly skilled in painting, drawing, and sculpting. Also occasionally performs guitar in a goth band in Lower Taris.

Relationships/Love Interests: No romantic partner, only occasional casual lovers.

Adopted daughter, 12 years old.

Companions: Matthew, a service raven trained to aid in snapping Ekrizdis from visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, and coaching during psychosis.

Friendships (Optional): TBA


Elder sister who is presumed dead.

Vega Cygni VII, adopted Nagai orphan, raising as their own “cygnet.”


Master (For characters with a Master): Formly Empress Hesper

Apprentice (For characters with an Apprentice):
Austin Kohler (?)

Reputation: Ekrizdis is proud of their reputation that constantly challenges the status quo. Be it in gender expression, their highly eccentric nature, art, dueling or teaching. They possess a sharp mind, an ambitious expansionist drive, and also generosity and compassion in measured doses.

In the year 157 ABY, the first of the Cygni line, Cygnus Luc’idus disappeared, and was presumed dead. He informed none of his destination or intention, but he left his ruby necklace in possession with his sister, but it’s unknown if that was a goodbye or a promise to return.

Following her brother's loss, Deneb Luc’idus trained in the Force and created a progeny of Sith adepts and cultists known as the Cygni of Nagi. They held a prophecy that one day, the seventh Swan would guide them to glory. While these Force adepts were somewhat of a local legend, they never rose in prominence. At least until the year 607 ABY when a Nagai emerged from the shadows, reclaimed the ruby, and proclaimed themselves as the chosen 7th Swan of the Cygni line. While unable to prove their birth or bloodline, the Sith Lord displayed devastating power that proved either by chance or blood; they were the Seventh Swan. Six other Cygni cultists joined Ekrizdis yet all but five fell at the hands of conquest. The remaining cultist Ekrizdis adopted as their daughter, or “cygnet”, and named her Vega Cygni VII. She suffers similar mental affections as her adopted parent, yet shows far less control or lucidity.

Ekrizdis Cygni VII recalls very little of their life prior to 607 ABY. They feel older than their biological age, but that could be merely an effect of living with crippling mental illness for so long. They know they were born, raised and trained on Nagi, and faintly remember a beloved sister, and initial Sith training, but even these memories are hazy, and could very well be delusions. It can only be deduced that in 607 ABY, Ekrizdis emerged from a merciless psychosis that left childhood and upbringing memories a fragmented mess, all they were certain of was their name and origin. However, now they have been thriving, and making progressive strides in controlling their illness, and even reduced dependence on alcohol and drugs. They dropped any pretense of being a cisgender male and began using nonbinary pronouns. Ekrizdis poured themselves into devotion to the reawakening Sith Order, and while keeping his true allegiance a secret, managed to ascend as the Governor of Taris, the planet they coveted more than their origin world. Under the guise of ascension being a democratic vote, Ekrizdis’ exotic, whimsical, generous and inclusive nature finds them rather well received on Taris. Ekrizdis wishes to see the Sith thrive, and is willing to devote their blades, their mastery of stealth and fearsome sorceries to the cause.

Ekrizdis occasionally believes they might be the reincarnation, descendant, clone or idealized manifestation of Cygnus Luc’idus, yet they have not found seven ways to prove this theory thus ultimately dismiss this.

Skills List
Sith High Lord, Level 7 (100 points)
Class: Assassin
Subclass : Sith Stalker
Prestige Class: Shadow Mage

Saber Skills: 9 Total
Shii-Cho: 1
Makashi: 3
Soresu: 2
Trakata: 3

Control: 19 Total
Augmentation: 3
Speed: 3
Jump: 3
Force Stealth: 1 (+3 free from Sith Assassin): 4
Contort: 3
Dampen Force: 4
Teleport: 2

Sense: 8 Total
Force Sense: 4
INNATE Shatterpoint: 4

Alter: 48
Telekinesis: (+3 Free from Level 1): 3
Force Push/Pull: 2
Force Wound: (+3 Free from Level 4): 3
Force Rend: 3
Mental Shield: 4
Telepathy: 3
Affect Mind: 2
Force Fear/ Horror/ Insanity : 4
Force Illusion: 2
Dreamscape: 2
Mnemotherapy: 3
Force Resistance: 2
Tutaminus: 4
Malacia: 3
Dim Others Senses: (+2 from Sith Stalker): 2
Force Cloak: 4
Conceal Essence: 1 (+ 2 from Sith Stalker): 3
Sand Levitation: 3
Shadowstrike: (+ 3 from level 6): 3
Deadly Sight: 4
Crucitorn: 2

Sith Magic: 6
Spell of Concealment: (+ 2 free from Shadow Mage): 2
Waves of Darkness: (+ 2 free from Shadow Mage): 2
Qazoi Kyantuska: 4
Sith Illusions: 2
RITUAL Create Sith Holocron: (+ 3 Free from Level 7): 3

Godlikes: 10
Dark Transfer: 10

Leo Gorgano Tritum


Theme Song:
BB's Theme - Death Stranding OST

Biography (WIP):

Leo was born and raised on Obulette: The stronghold of House Mecetti and home to the powerful Mecrosa Order. Though 'Tritum' was his family name, they had been sidelined for generations and was known for nothing more than the scant few notable house members of many millenia past.

Leo grew up being mocked even by the branch members of the ruling Hejaran family and their close relatives and allies. Even going so far as to suggest the Tritum line had been tainted by Jedi-Pelagian blood. Something that the Sith Knight Aaric Etherall Tritum was once suspected of even as he led the charge during the sacking of Pelagon: The homeworld of the Jedi-loving House Pelagia and House Mecetti's sworn enemies.

Despite all this, Leo's family always supported him and kept him from lashing out; Drilling into him that 'Tritum' would one day become a name meant for greatness once again. That to be great was to show it with strategic action, not mere words. This made an impact on the young Leo; deciding that he would direct his anger, hate and frustration into his studies and training. He would become a shining example of strength and honor. He would meet every slander, every obstacle and prove to the rest of House Mecetti that 'Tritum' was a name that deserved respect.

The chance quickly came as soon as his force sensitivity was discovered. He was brought to the Mecrosa Order's attention where his raw force abilities coupled with his talent in fencing earned the Tritum scion enough praise to be sent as part of the order's regular batches to the Sith academy on Dromund Kaas to be trained as full fledged Sith.

There he slowly rose up in both rank and ability, gaining the attention of an aspiring master who moulded Leo into a cold, calculating warrior. Yet despite the ruthless and unforgiving environment he was in, Leo stood fast in ensuring he always gave both friend and foe alike the honor they deserved in his own Sith way. It was something the both the academy and his master could not purge.

Leo ultimately completed his training and was knighted as Darth Legatus. Upon his return to Obulette the common Tapani citizenry greeted him with respect and reverence. However, he was greeted with little more than indifference and apathy by House Mecetti nobility and the Mecrosa Order despite his rise within the Sith ranks. To them, he still had not accomplished any feats worthy of their recognition within Tapani space.

Not to be discouraged, Darth Legatus decided to join the Mecetti House Guard forces; commissioned as a Captain due to his Sith rank and proven battle prowess. Unfortunately, Tapani-style politics hampered his efforts to contribute in any meaningful way; being given security assignments and guard duty.

One such assignment allowed him to watch over Empress Leto's twin daughters Halia and Nerei. Though only 7 years old, both girls showed great intelligence and maturity; being responsive to Leo's offer to teach and guide them in the ways of the Sith and of Tapani culture on top of being their bodyguard.

The Emperor consort Hejaran noticed his two girls becoming close to the Tritum scion and subsequently looked to reduce the amount of rounds he would be assigned as their bodyguard to limit their exposure to him.

One day, his family called Leo back to their home so as to gift him with a very peculiar family heirloom...

Name/Title: Leo Gorgano Tritum

Rank/Level: Knight

Base Class: Warrior

Subclass: Sith Paladin

Nicknames/Aliases: Leo

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Orientation (optional): Straight

Homeworld: ObuletteMecetti Province, Tapani Sector

Occupation: Mecetti House Guard Officer

Height: 2 m / 6.5 ft

Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
Physical Description:
Bleached white, neck length hair that is swept back and tied into a short polytail. Tall, lean with a toned and muscular body and wide shoulders.

- Wears clothes typical of the Counts of Serenno, similar to Count Dooku.
- Mabari Armorweave cape and vest.
- Durasteel bracers and greaves.
- Duranium Armor covering entirety of left arm.

- Standard lightsaber with red blade
- Alba Leonis
(An sword alchemized with level 3 force lightning produced and gifted by Darth Baleros in 155 ABY during Aaric Tritum's knighting ceremony. Handed down as Tritum family heirloom)
- Model 22T4 ISB Special Holdout Blaster

- Personal shield generator with spare diatium power cells

Vehicles: Generic speeder bike

Pets (if applicable): None
- Basic
- Herglic
- Mrlssi

Combat Skills:
As befitting his Tapani heritage, Leo was found to be adept at fencing and was exceedingly natural at it to the point of being similar to one of the 'Saber Rakes' of old Tapani legend. This has supplemented his lightsaber style to be one of accuracy and precision regardless of the style he chose to learn. His family's links to House Mecetti and the Mecrosa Order are such that he was also taught the basics at spycraft.

Other Strengths:
He was homeschooled in his younger years and this has provided him with an education similar to (but not on the same level) as the academies found during the heyday of the Tapani sector. This allows him to think critically and strategically on the fly.
Because of his training, Leo's fighting style is weak to brute force attacks if any manage to catch him off guard or work around his dodges, parries and ripostes. He hates anyone who belittles his family history and Tapani heritage.


Lawful Neutral


Cold, calm and calculating. Possesses an air of nobility and gravitas. Not easy to anger, but will lash out if his convictions are challenged. Though his apprenticeship had dissuaded him, he still finds the capacity to act out of honor even against enemies that have gained his respect. He is gentlemanly but also aloof depending on who he is talking to. He feels that everything and everyone has the capacity to serve the Sith and the Empire.

His disdain against indiscriminate killing and allowing persons to live when his own logic and reason deems it prudent has made him somewhat of a rare find within the Sith Order.

That, and because Leo has almost zealotrious respect and devotion to Empress Leto and the Sith Order; together with his convictions regarding honor, he chose the path of a Paladin.

Harm coming to the sparse few that he cares or is interested about. Fears that his heritage will be lost to time.


Pursuing persons of interest, Endrolian ground apple juice (Fermented because it makes the drink slightly alcoholic despite its original non-alcoholic form)


Anyone who belittles his family and heritage.


Says "What a waste" if someone or something dies or is destroyed before It can be used for the good of the Sith Order/Empire, drinks Endrolian Ground Apple Juice frequently during down times.
Relationships/Love Interests:





Leo's reputation is mostly limited to within the Sith Order. Nothing noteworthy as of yet.

(Level 5: 50 points)

- Shii-Cho (3)
- Makashi (3)
- Shien/Djem So (3)
- Saber Throw (3)
- Augmentation (3) (Free: Sith Warrior Bonus)
- Force Jump (3)
- Enhance Attribute (3)
- LIGHT Force Healing (3) (Free: Sith Paladin Bonus)

- Force Sense (3)
- Precognition (3)
- Telekinesis (3) (Free: Level 1 Bonus)
- Force Push (3)
- Force Choke (3)
- Mental Shield (3)
Alter (Continued)

- Force Lightning (3)
- Lightning Saber (2)
- Force Resistance (3)
- Force Barrier (3)
Alter (Continued)

- Force Kick (3)
- Force Stun (3)
- Force Blast (3)

Leo kneeling.pngkatana.jpgDuranium arm.JPG
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Name: Hakon Andor


Rank: Apprentice

Class: Warrior


Age: 17

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Naboo

Occupation: None

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220

Physical Description: as seen in the photos

Weapon: 2 single hilt lightsabers with red crystals each.

Equipment/Vehicles: none

Pets (optional):

Languages: Basic Huttese, Mandoa, Galactic basic

Description of Abilities:

Force Augmentation: 1 point

Force Sense: 1 point,

Force Resistance: 1 point, Telekinesis: 1 point,

Force Push: 1 point,

Force speed: 1 point,

Force Jump: 1 point

Lightsaber Skills(Chosen forms):

Shi-Cho: 1 point

Makashi: 1 point

Jar'kai: 1 point


Born to Mara' Li and Decon Andor who was a fallen Sith apprentice, The woman was once a Jedi who she betrayed for Decon born to a Mandolin Clan whom she betrayed for the Jedi order, learned the ways of the dark side from her lover.

She trained her son to make sure he was ready to join the ranks of the sith one day.

The boy knew of his uncle's failure, but not of his father's death.

His mother only gave him two names Malgus and The Dark Lord Xxys, But nothing more; these are names Hakon had heard as his mother listened to his father's letters to her. But were they friends or did his mind have too many feelings racing through his senses?

But his mother knew that Hakon's lust for power, knowledge, and his passion for learning more would be a threat to her exile there on Naboo, Without a word or feeling the day she took him to a transport shuttle to leave he looked at his mother with cold and calculating eyes and lifted her off the ground and tossed his mother aside and he

boarded the vessel without a word and he left Naboo and never looked back.
Character Image:

Character voice Claim: Geoffrey Rush

Character Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Hector Barbossa theme

Battle theme: Ruff Ryders’ Anthem By DMX

Name: Hector Samhain

Nickname/Alias: Captain Samhain

Title: None


Sex: Male

Species: Arkanian

Orientation: Bi

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Homeworld: Arkania

Occupation: Gang leader

Height: 6’3

Weight: 150 Pounds



Two red Lightfoils

Pets: Kowakian Monkey lizard named Jack

Language: Galactic Basic, Arkanian

Combat skill: taught enough to stay alive and take control of the group I was running with.

Other Strengths: Mental fortitude from people being able to tell what I was thinking of doing and decent enough strength and speed to get what I wanted and speed enough to get away when what I wanted got me involved with the galactic police force most of the time.

Flaws: Very cocky and arrogant, prone to flights of fancy, and not very trusting.

Personality: Greedy, heroic

Fears: Afraid of dying or being eaten by any giant monster

Likes: Apples and getting any amount of credits any way he can

Dislikes: Anything that talks back to him

Habits: eats apples and sits listening to gossip about his group and himself

Companions: Jack the Kowakian Monkey Lizard

Friendships: Jack the Kowakian Monkey Lizard

Family: Parents(dead by his hand after learning that they worked against his gang with the galactic police and wanted their son arrested.) Grandparents( dead before he was born)

Skill List

Class: Sorcerer

Subclass: Sith illusionist (locked until Level 3)

Prestige Class:(Locked until Level 6)

15 points

Lightsaber Skills:2

Affect MInd:1
Beast Control:1
Consume essence:1

Force Sense:1

Dathomiri magic:1
Revitalization of the whuffa:1

Mental shield:1

Force resistance:1



Sith lightning:1
Name: Gunnar Raynor

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Ashas Ree

Occupation: Former King of Village Kvasir, Head of Security of his tribe; 'The Unchosen.'

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 255 Lbs.

Physical Description: Fair-skinned and built, Gunnar is large in stature and has a muscular heavy build. His body is adorned with Tattoos from his time with a group of spice addicts on his home planet of Kitel Rhand. A few scars reside under his ice-blue eyes. Blonde/brown hair which is braided and has decorative beads holding together a long ponytail. He has a somewhat long beard that has patches of grey.

Clothing: Gunnar prefers simple clothing, he was never one for indulging in the finer things in life. He wears the clothes of commoners that are in current system to blend in. Said clothes are usually covered in a weathered, oversized robe, dark in hue.

Weapons and Equipment: A single Shoto-Style red lightsaber is Gunnar's go to for Melee combat just because of its' nature. He is still learning the ways of the Force. That being said, his Warrior culture has blessed his upbringing with the ways of Martial Combat; the saber was just a gift from his Mother. He is a fierce fighter and the Shoto is just an equalizer. He would much prefer steel to steel combat but that is not the way this galaxy works. He has dual WESTAR-35 blaster pistols holstered on his hips.

Feral and resourceful, his Father taught him that anything can be used to kill, even words. His Father was a rather coarse yet real person. Thus, Gunnar is well aware of his surroundings at all times and may be considered a brawler by many. Using the environment and a silver tongue to his advantage. He grew up with little and needs little besides the necessities.

Vehicles: N/A

Pets: N/A

Languages: Galactic Basic, Shyyriwook.

Combat Skills: Echani grappling technique, Galactic Boxing. Gifted in archery weaponry but also grasps martial armed combat well.

Other Strengths: A strong, Hardy Warrior, able to withstand most environments with little to none. Foraging wildlife and self-sustaining were a staple among his clan.

Flaws: Protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Gunnar is a watcher, studying the room most of the time until he needs to step in. Most of the time it gets him into trouble. His alcohol addiction does not help his cause.

Fears: Spiders, Heights.

Dislikes: Cowards, Outspoken individuals seeking attention, 'One-Uppers'.

Habits: Deathsticks, Ale, Using both of these as he hunts for sustainability for his tribe.

Relationships: Family, currently no current romantic relationships after the death of his queen, Jeanere.

Companions: N/A

Friendships: Aquaintences mostly. The rest are of his family.

Masters: High Lord Fenris

Apprentices: None

Reputation: A fair individual but if a law was broken within his tribe, he was known to be a cruel judge in their punishment. Such laws were made for a reason and should not be repeated. To make an example is showing every action has an opposite reaction.

Faceclaims: (Ragnar Lothbrook (Vikings Series; History Channel.)

Bio: It begins in a small village on the Planet of Ashas Ree. A nomadic Warrior tribe of humans populate small areas around the forested outskirts of a large complex of buildings perched higher than the valley these humans inhabit.

Gunnar was born to Clan Raynor; considered advisors and Jarls to all of the other tribes. For most of his early life, Gunnar trained in the way of the blade and fist as most of the other boys had, this was the customs within the tribe. Gunnar however, exhibited something the rest of the tribes had not experienced before. Some sort of 'Magic' abilities.

Toppling a hut when he was going through a bout of anger when he would argue with siblings, shoving people off before he had made physical contact. The qualities the tribes had observed had made Gunnar feared within his people. It was unrefined and careless to one's who knew the ways.

Gunnar would not be royalty, his abilities would make him a general of the small tribe that had stayed together since the Sith had re-emerged here. The tribe had executed many scouting patrols but the wildlife was far more dangerous. Wolves roamed the landscape and Gunnar hears of a tale of a Cryptid Sith-Spawn through loose lips in camp. He amassed a Scouting party equipped to kill a wolf pack. Out of 13 only 7 came back destroyed not only physically, emotionally as well. All survivors had wounds. Gunnar felt responsible for the massacre and waited until nightfall. He addressed the wounded Warriors and Shieldmaiden who remained;

"I know many of you have come to fear me.. I've not been blind to the whispers that flow through our people.. You have right to be afraid and I cannot explain this magic that runs through me but I assure each and every one of you this.

I will bring Vengeance down upon these animals. I, Gunnar Raynor, of Clan Raynor will go ahead alone and vanquish these Beasts, including that Werewolf that leads them! So rest, friends. Go home to your families and drink a horn of Ale! For your bravery! Our tribe and the ones who cannot be here for the Glory! You have done well, but this is unfinished and I will see to it, whether I end up dead or alive! our Gods will remember this sacrifice!

He would scout ahead. He lived as a recluse after his initial training and worked better alone, living from foraging and hunting the small game of this land. The man was dependent upon nobody when alone yet vulnerable when responsibility plagued him.

One night as he slept alone, he awoke to the beating sound of a Wolfpack running nearby, not too far, not too close. He continued to lay still until it passed; Maybe his scent would miss.This was the opportunity. He would follow the pack to their Alpha and finally end his tribes suffering. He gathered his steel and followed the trackings left through the soil and foliage until he could see the walls of the complex that had pervaded his forest. It was the same dim-lit steel entrance that he remembered however there was less guards than the last time he had seen it. Maybe the fortress had become lax after nobody had challenged them. Gunnar pulled his hood up and approached the gate stealthily through the forest until he ended up with his back against the adjacent wall to the gate.

There was a change in guard shifts and he was surprisingly able to slip through the gate unnoticed.


Form I: Shii'Cho-2


-Force Rage-2

-Force Speed-1

-Force Jump-1


-Force Push/Pull-1


Affect Mind-1

-Beast Control-1

-Beast Language-1

Force Weapon-1
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Name/Title: Loqa, “Hersir Loqa Fenris, Fenrisian Skjaldmaer of the Feral House, First of the Fenrisians”
Aliases/Nicknames: R3115-NT, Lambakappi, Savage, Wolf Girl, Forest Stalker, “Hey Weirdo”
Callsign: “Screaming Husky”
Age: Young Adult, age indeterminate
Sex: Female
Species: Human clone, unknown lineage
Homeworld: Lothal (by her choice, actual origins unknown)
Occupation: Sith Lord, Warrior
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 113
Physical Description:

She is slight in such a way that does not allude to her physical strength, with pale skin and dark cropped hair. Her eyes are brown. But not much except her face and feet are visible past the cloaks. On her arm is a serial number tattooed into her skin: R311-5NT


While most of her clothing is covered in a great fur, hooded cloak, she wears scraps of her old standard-issued clone garb and whatever else she has scavenged since then, including some small adornments. She is entirely barefoot.

A traditional bow of carved wood, not unlike ornate antlers with luminescent blue swirls carved and painted into it.

Two obsidian daggers. A blaster pistol.

-Medpack, with anesthetics.

Vehicles: Able to fly nearly all classes of starships, she prefers to hitch a ride or simply commandeer vessels as needed.

Pets: Some have heard her speak of a pet puppy, but none have seen it. Also, a Loth Cat named Reiis.

Languages: Many, but primarily Basic

Combat Skills: Versed in most forms of weaponry as well as hand-to-hand combat.

Other Strengths: Very agile. Can run on many surfaces in bare feet.

Flaws: She is incredibly naive and takes almost everything literally. She has a very warped concept of danger, hierarchy, and rules.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Unsocialized among the rest of society, she possesses stunningly few filters and doesn’t always know when to keep her thoughts to herself. Tact is not in her vocabulary. She’s very determined, but only for the things that interest her. Incredibly loyal when she wants to be, she also doesn’t know how to hide her emotions. This one wears her heart on her sleeve, but also sees nothing wrong with it.

Fears: Losing her pet puppy.

Likes: Food, discovering new weapons, naps in the sun, her puppy.

Dislikes: Cloning facilities, people who are mean or threatening, ration bars, the destruction of trees.

Habits: Instead of walking, she just sort of…bounces around.

Companions: Klavius Reiix Fenris

Friendships: Klavius Reiix Fenris

Masters: n/a

Apprentices: n/a

Reputation: None yet

Faceclaims: San from Princess Mononoke

  • Originated in Cloning facility
  • Encounter with wolves as a child
  • Programmed and trained as a clone
  • Partially raised by wolves in the wilds of Lothal
  • Possibly associated with Klavius prior to his abduction or Klavius's parents after his abduction

Rank/Level: Level 8 – Dark Lord / Triumvir (150 points, 3 Godlikes)

Base Class: Warrior
Subclass: Mauler
Prestige Class: Sharpshooter

(150 points, 3 Godlikes) (4 max for each power, 10 for each godlike)

Mounted Lightsaber Combat1
Focus Discipline (Sith Warrior, Shii-Cho)2
Stance Discipline (Sith Warrior, Shii-Cho)2
Augmentation (+3, Sith Warrior)4
Force Speed4
Force Jump4
Art of Movement4
Control Pain*4
Force Reflex4
Force Sight4
Force Track4
INNATE - Psychometry4
Instinctive Astrogation4
Truth Sense4
Force Bond*4
Battle Meditation*4
Force Push/Pull4
Force Burst4
Force Shockwave/Pulse4
Force Wave4
Force Choke4
Force Crush4
Force Rend4
Mental Shield4
Beast Language4
Beast Control4
Comprehend Speech4
Force Resistance4
Force Barrier4
Force Rage (+3, Sith Warrior)4
Force Punch (+2, Sith Mauler)4
Force Kick (+2, Sith Mauler)4
Force Direction (+2, Sith Sharpshooter)4
Ballistakinesis (+2, Sith Sharpshooter)4
Force Wound3
Force Sense (+3, Level 1)4
Dreambubble (Free, Hibernation Trance)0

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