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One Shot An Attack on The Sinner

Darth Cold

Well-known member
Dark Council
IC: Hidden High Lord Cold
Location: The Sinner, Personal Living Quarters

The High Lord sits in the middle of the room meditating with his icy blue eyes closed shut. His breath measured, inhaling, then exhaling. His breath producing a frozen mist as he exhales indicating the beyond below freezing temperatures of the room. The ship shudders just before the power goes out.

And so it begins… again.” Without opening his eyes, he addresses the would-be assassin. “Does your boss think so low of me that he would only send you to kill me? No.” The High Lord chuckled. “You went off plan. You thought you could kill me yourself.” The High Lord opened his eyes finally and turned to greet the would-be assailant who was frozen in ice from the neck down, mid-strike with a dagger. The High Lord smiled friendly at him. “I like you. You get a stay of execution for now.” The Anzati caressed the cheek of his new prisoner. “Your friends however, they won’t be as lucky as you.” With one last friendly pat upon the prisoner’s face, the High Lord vanished.


Location: The Sinner, The Bridge

Where in the hell did they come from, Sergeant?” The Officer questioned as he ducked down behind a console, narrowly missing being hit in the head with a blaster bolt.

I don’t know sir. They just came out of nowhere.” The Sergeant replied.

Well it doesn’t matter for now anyways. We need to secure the bridge before ‘he’ gets involved.” The Officer ordered.

You are too late. The Master has already entered the fray.” The woman finally spoke, her voice hollow, followed by words neither of them understood spoken with such hatred they could not comprehend. “Sutta Chwituskak!” A bolt of emerald energy left her hand and landed directly mid center of one of the enemy assailants. “If you do not wish to meet the Master’s ire, I suggest you stop hiding and follow your own order.” She was back to her hollow voice.

You heard the lady, let’s go!” The Officer ordered, still hiding behind the console like a hypocrite.


Location: The Sinner, The Engine Room

Come on Tryth, we need to reverse the engines and send this bad boy into the planet before they know what’s happening.” A scrappy young girl told her friend.

The Aqualish working on the engine just waved his hand at her indicating he didn’t want to hear it.

Yeah Tryth, you need to reverse the engines and send this bad boy into the planet before I know what’s happening.” The sinister voice of the Lord spoke, bouncing off the walls all around them. The girl started to shake in fear as she recognized the voice, but as she opened her mouth to call out to her friend, a golden lightsaber blade activated piercing through the Aqualish’s mouth before slicing up and out of their skull. “Oops. Too late.

The girl shrieked in terror as the room’s temperature began to drop significantly. She turned to try to run away, but found that her footwear seemed to have been frozen to the ground. “Oh, don’t leave on my account. We have oh so much to chat about after all.” More explosions go off, shaking the ship in the process. “I guess not. Blame your friends for this, not me.” Cold said nonchalantly as he decapitated the girl in one swing of his golden blade.

The High Lord sighed with annoyance as he felt the presences of everyone on the ship, looking for the highest amount of hostiles he could find to unleash his frustrations on. There.


Location: The Sinner, The Bridge

Sir, are you ever gonna help us with these hostiles like the Lady said, or you just gonna keep barking orders.” The Sergeant called out.

How dare you! I’ll have your rank stripped when this is over, you just wait and see.” The officer retorted in anger.

The air began to grow cold as a portal of icy blue opened up behind the advancing hostiles. The men who served on that bridge knew exactly what that meant. The chill of fear absconded down their spines, but they all knew what was required of them. If they didn’t do as was required, they were all going to die.

With renewed vigor the soldiers and officers on the bridge heightened their defense. The High Lord seemed to dance amongst the enemy, lights of blue and gold appearing and disappearing as the enemy dropped one after the other. Once the Sith had entered the battle it seemed to take little to no effort to vanquish the enemy that just previously caused them nothing but problems. Once the last remaining enemy combatant realized the truth, they surrendered hoping not to die. The rest of the crew knew that this man just surrendered himself to a fate worse than death. Their Lord came through the portal alone. Their Lord’s eyes were bloodshot with Dark Side corruption. His mind, though still functioning highly, was more feral than normal. Those on the bridge knew that someone’s life was forfeit to their Lord’s hunger the moment he stepped through the portal. Unfortunately for the enemy who surrendered, he would suffer so none of them would have to.

Before they knew it the Anzati was upon them, his proboscis already snaking up through their naval. The crew looked away at the gruesome sight. The woman however approached her Master without fear of him lashing out at her as well. The screams of the enemy as they were subjected to this horror made the crew flinch throughout their suffering. Once the screams subsided the High Lord rose from his meal, the proboscis slithering back into his cheek pockets.

Too bad we couldn’t have kept this one to interrogate further, Master.” She said bemused, showing regular emotion in her speech for the first time in front of the crew.

Luckily I had the foresight to look into that then. I have one on ice in my personal quarters I intend to question later, my pet.” He chuckled. Holly. Report. He ordered through a telepathic connection to the Witch. Flashes of visions of everything that happened on the bridge were shared before the Witch began to fall to the ground, her Master catching her. “Easy there. One breath in, one breath out.” As she steadied herself, she curtsied to the High Lord and backed away.

His eyes shifted to the hypocritical officer. “Oh Admiral.” He addressed the officer with a song in his voice. “Why don’t you step forward so I can address you.

The officer was shivering in fear, but he knew if he didn’t do as commanded he might share a similar fate as the enemy that surrendered. “M-m-m-my Lord.

What makes you think, that when my ship is under attack, that you can cower and hide while still giving orders.” Cold pointed to the Sergeant that talked back. “Sergeant, come join us, why don’t you.

The Sergeant approached as commanded. “Sir.

Admiral, did you tell this young man here that you would have his rank stripped for saying aloud what I would expect you to be doing?

N-n-n-no my Lord. I said I would have his rank stripped for arguing with my orders.

Right. Right.” Cold turned his head to the soldier. “Congratulations Captain, you get to witness first hand what happens to cowardly crew members on my ship, that from now on you will be running directly under me.

W-w-w-wait. W-w-w-w-what?” The Admiral’s shivering, though still fear induced seemed to take a different turn as his breath began to frost over. “P-p-p-p-please g-g-g-give m-m-m-m-me an-an-an-another ch-ch-ch-chance.

N-n-n-no.” The High Lord mocked as the Admiral exploded into bloody icy spikes and viscera.

Captain, I will be retiring to my quarters. If anyone but you or Holly here disturbs me until I say otherwise, the good Admiral here should prove a good example of what I might do. Am I understood.

Sir, yes Sir!” The newly appointed Captain saluted. “As you say my Lord.

Good. And don’t mind the screams. They aren’t going to be mine.

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