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Darth Xxys

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Rarely did two words instill fear like these did.


The Empress had responded a bit coldly to his inquiry but given the circumstances Xxys understood and took up a position to keep an eye on the doorway leading to the dungeons, beyond which were the hanger bays...and salvation. Her companion, a tattooed faced man of impressive bearing and a commanding presence had taken the Empress by the arm and was pulling her towards the stairs leading down into the bowels of the temple towards the tunnels beneath.

'Men cannot fight against Gods' his voice was pleading as he sought to direct her from her chosen path. Xxys nearly intervened but her response was to rebuff his seemingly panicked response and after a few terse words she turned to her children to calmed them as only a mother could. Strange to see this woman of such power and terror display a mothers care. It struck Xxys that throughout all this chaos this woman had been stalwart in her actions...and pregnant! She chose a few of her entourage to carry her children then with a calming breath she turned back to face the rest that followed. Now she was the creature Xxys knew and loved as his queen. Her eyes blazed with conviction and he could see her mind was fixed on her plan.

The Empress was on the move, but stopped just long enough to stand apon the throne and announce that any within the sound of her voice should follow her to the hanger. Likewise she sent a mental call streaming through the Force. It mixed with the horror broadcast by the invaders. Another was suddenly added to the cacophony of voices vying for space in his already cluttered mind. This one bade him go to the tunnels underground. He shook his head and again clammped down on his mental defences until his mind was quite. He would rather die out here in the open where he could see what was trying to kill him than in some hole waiting to be devoured.

The Empress had made her announcement and now was a whirl of skirts as she grabbed her companion by the arm and started towards the stairs leading to the hanger.

Xxys took up a position in the lead element spearheading the Empresses vanguard.

The doorways presented choke points and as he passed through the first set Xxys took the few (3) explosives he had from his belt pouch and placed them strategicly within the casing of the doorway. He deactivated the proximity detectors and synced them to the remote he would keep with him. Once clear he would detonate the mines and seal the doorway behind them.

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Darth Nathemus

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IC: The Sedriss
Location: Banquet Hall and heading towards the Hangar, Sith Temple, Korriban

Outside the Temple grounds, the invaders pressed forth. Their forces were incredible in size and breadth. The Empress' Shadow Ghouls kept attacking the zombies en masse, and the Sedriss' own creations had now joined the fray, clawing at any zombies and any other abominations of the invading army. The illusory Ghouls were indistinguishable from the real thing to the untrained eye, though perhaps very few could tell the subtle differences.

Nihl and Volshe were seemingly arguing over which path to take forward, and Nathemus' own input was in agreeance with the Empress.

But then he had a new idea. As he walked out of the throne room's reception room into the Banquet Hall, the dungeons and the tunnels beneath them seemed suddenly attractive.
//I've been beneath the Temple in the tunnels. I can see it being good for us if we simply wanted to hideout and survive, but Dreadwar knows this Temple inside and out. He would find us if his forces breach the shields.//

His thoughts were interrupted by the strangely calm voice coming over the loudspeakers. The shields had been deactivated somehow, likely caused by the enemy army overloading it. //Ha, well that is no longer an option. The shields are breached and they would find us sooner rather than later. We have to make for the hangars and leave as fast as we can. There's no saving the planet and Temple now. Korriban is lost.//

He still held a tight grip on each of his weapons. He'd been prepared for a fight this entire time, and the Fo Kitsana and Asimikots were still out for invader blood. As he made his way further into the Banquet Hall, Nihl requested that they all head down into the tunnels below. That leaving on a ship would take too long. Maybe he was right, but heading towards the tunnels would make the Stygian Sith sitting ducks. "Father, I do not wholly disagree with you," Nathemus began. His voice showed a great deal of concern. His family's survival as his main concern. "But you should listen to the Empress, especially in this moment. It may not be a good option, but it's the best we have."

Cordé was still near. He wondered what his sister's feelings may be about the situation. The bond they shared allowed him many links to her, but he chose true words instead. "Cordé, if this is our family's last ride, know that I wouldn't have our lives any other way. I'm prepared to fall this day, but if we make it through, everyone drinks on Nur in my Fortress."

Before his sister could respond, her mother issued a command for Nathemus and the Knight Master present to guard the Federation leaders. Though he'd love to run them through with the Kitsana any other day, if the circumstances turned to all out Galactic War, they were necessary. "Yes, my Empress," he responded. "Stazi, Fel, follow me to the hangars. It is time we leave this world."

But if he was to complete his task, protect the Federation leaders, and cloak their escape shuttle in more Sith Illusion, assistance was needed. It was a rare and often forgotten art, calling them. But it was an arcane power the Dark Lord was sure he was masterful in. As he moved through the hall toward the hangar, hoping Stazi and Sia trusted him enough to stay in tow, his mind reached out. He saw those he wanted the aid of in his mind's eye. One man was ancient. The other was fresh. One was a Warrior. The other a Sorcerer. //I invoke the spirits of Darth Malgus and Darth Wyyrlok III. Help me in my darkest hour, o great Lords who came before.//

Powers attempted: Invoke Spirits 5

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IC Lord Catalyst

Beneath the Sith Temple, Korriban

"Shields Deactivated."

Warning klaxons sounded around them. The automated voice made its announcement across the temple with a calmness whose irony betrayed its prerecorded nature.

"Shields Deactivated."

Catalyst would have found it almost hilarious were it not for the fact that those shields were the only thing between him and the demonic army that was assaulting the temple.

"Shields Deactivated."

You had one job, Kain. The squeezing grip of Apollyon's hand biting into his own would have caused him to wince, had he not been rendered numb from the shock of everything around them. A voice not quite his own whispered in his mind. There is a way to escape. Come to the hangars at once. Catalyst resisted the urge to look over his shoulder, instead reaching out with his mind to determine the source of the intruding thought. It felt like Volshe, but her presence in the force was scattered, diminished and spread amongst the army of walking dead that was shambling about the temple grounds. The hangars, in his mind, did offer a much more plausible means of escape. His TIE Phantom was in there, and its stygium cloaking device could guarantee him some measure of safety. There was also a fleet of capital ships. While he didn't doubt his own piloting skills, and he knew how hard it was to hit a starfighter with capital scale weaponry, especially an invisible one, he didn't exactly think his chances were high. He still felt confident there was something down in these catacombs that would offer them some salvation.

The voice tickled his mind again. Come to the hangars at once. His feet were already in motion though, and Apollyon helped make the rest of the decision for him. In a flash, her heeled-shoes were behind them and her scream nearly deafened his right ear.


And run he did. His heavy bootfalls echoed off the walls, accompanied by the slap of Apollyon's bare feet on the stone floor. Darkness yawned before them. Wet, acrid darkness, carrying the scent of blood. Catalyst had seen a lot in his days: the brutality of Order 66, the horrors of two galactic scale wars, exactly what a Kowakian monkey-lizard can do when latched on someone's face. Nothing prepared him for the sight that lay before him now. Piles of bodies were strewn about the cavern. Apprentices, wearing uncomfortable-looking facial coverings, slaughtered and left to be forgotten. The scent alone was enough to make him retch, and his heart grew heavy imagining the last thoughts that these unlucky souls had before their untimely demise. There is nothing to be done for them now. We have to escape.

Catalyst followed Apollyon's lead past the mountain of corpses as her grip tightened around his hand. He offered a comforting squeeze, a few droplets of blood dripping from the punctures she had left in his palm. The blades of his saberstaff flared to life, its orange glow accompanying the blood red of Apollyon's own in an attempt to light the way, and he held it high to cast its illumination as far as possible. Before them, darkness. Blacker than the space between the stars, a portal seemingly conjured from the shadows themselves absorbed the light that they produced. Next to the hole, a control console had been ripped from its box, and lay soaking in the still water, wires still tenuously connecting it to the wall. One of the undead carrying the remnants of Volshe's presence was examining the device, and Catalyst suppressed the mild discomfort he felt just looking at it. It's lifeless gaze fell upon them, and words that had no place sounding as comforting as they did erupted from its throat.

“Tell me what you require of me. I do not wish you to die.”

His first instinct was to send it headfirst into the shadows to scout the way ahead for them. That was the most useful task he could think of for the already-deceased thrall that accompanied them. Before he could enact his plan though, Kain strolled into view, his hand alight with eldritch flames. It brought a measure of warmth with it, and that warmth also extended into Catalyt's soul. There was some happiness to be found in Kain's survival. He wasn't sure what had happened in the tower, but while Kain's attempts at keeping the shield up had clearly failed, the fact that he was still here with them boded well.

As Kain walked past to examine the dark portal, Catalyst dared to look back towards the temple passage they had come from. The sounds of the battle above were muffled and muted, but he could hear the sound of plasma and steel clashing against each other, and shouted orders echoing down the steps. It appeared that many had stayed behind upstairs, either heading for the hangars or fighting to their dying breath. He worried for many of them, comrades and friends he had grown close to in this stage of his life. It wasn't so long ago that he had been roused from carbonite sleep to find a galaxy he barely recognized. Korriban had become his home in that time, a central steady factor in his otherwise chaotic life. And now, the one he pledged to serve, the one who had awoken him and blessed him with the coveted title of Sith Lord, the one who had given him his latest purpose, was now their aggressor, raining destruction around them and threatening to eradicate them, and the temple they stood in. He turned back and gazed into the darkness of the shadowy hole. Korriban was doomed, as were all who stayed in this temple.

To hell with it, then.

Powers used: Force Sense (2)

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IC: Darth Voidwalker
Location: Stairway of the Emperor's Tower, Sith Academy, Korriban

Descending the stairs from the Emperor's Tower was more silent than Voidwalker had hoped for, Kain had provided their next set of orders but nothing much more beyond that. Only a few seconds had passed before the academy alarms rang out with a message that repeated. "Shield deactivated. Shield deactivated. Shield deactivated." Words that stirred up fear and confusion, no matter the calming voice that called out the warning. It was unsettling how much fear could be brought by a voice so calm and monotoned.

Clearly he wasn't the only one bothered by the alarming message as Kain pushed past all of them without a single word spoken. Things were already bad, but if the shields had been deactivated and Kain was acting like this, then everything had just gone from bad to beyond disastrous. Voidwalker knew what he'd seen from his quick trip to the battlements when he went to retrieve Kain initially. Thousands of pyramid ships blackened the sky of Korriban, an army of undead, and Dreadwar himself leading the attacking forces. No things were not disastrous, they were cataclysmic.

Nearing the end of the stairwell back to the dungeons another voice cried out. "RUN!' This was not the calm and collected modulated voice of the alarm warning, no, this was a voice he'd heard many times and knew well. It was Lady Apollyon of all people. If her voice was filled with such fear and panic then there was no denying it. Chaos was upon them, brought forth by the Commander of Oblivion himself, Darth Dreadwar.

With the crushing feeling of darkness bearing down on him, the Force screaming in agony, and the realization that his own bloodline, his ancestor, was not only a traitor but the harbinger of the New Sith Order's destruction, Voidwalker felt ill. He felt as if he could collapse and just fall down the few remaining steps to the dungeon floor. He remained on his feet, his pace slowed, his body running instinctively on muscle memory leading him down the remaining steps. Had everything been for nothing? Mortis, Onderon, the Sith, was it all for nothing?

His feet touched down on the solid stone floor of the dungeons, but it didn't matter to him. Still wrapped up in his own thoughts, the pit of his stomach wretched and he felt as if he could vomit. He was trapped within his own mind, trapped like he'd been not so long ago after being attacked. But this was not the same, his own grief is what was holding him hostage now. There is a way to escape. Come to the hangers at once. The voice of the New Galactic Empress, Kàra Volshe, echoed within his own mind. Only to be replaced by the shaking voice of Sol Kira, snapping him back to the dreadful filled moments of reality. "I'm following the Empress."

Before Voidwalker had a chance to consult or even contest her choice, she was off. Running as fast as her legs would carry her into the darkness and back up the steps towards the banquet hall. She was gone, out of his sight. Voices and images quickly filled his mind. Voices of echoes and whispers, like of a ghost of past time.

"How did you do the hand thing?

"All I did was use the Force. I'm sorry if I scared you..."

"I was able to help you, which made anything.......worth it."

"We're friends now, and I want you to have this. That way you'll always remember me."

"What’s the Force?"

"I hope we see one another one day..."

"You hurt my friend!"

"Banished from Onderon!"

One day I will return to my home...

"They shine like the stars in the night."

"Banished from Onderon!"

Goodbye, Draven Nethervoid.”

I will repay the Princess for what she did...

These voices were not of some outside attack or the dealings of any Spector, they were mere memories of the time long ago when Voidwalker had first met Sol Kira. Unknowing of the fate they'd share together from that day forward. For the first time in as long as he could truly remember, emotions exploded within him. Emotions that he'd pushed way down and buried, now resurrected and blooming not with life, but real meaning.

He blinked a handful of times as the memories faded away, Kain had just started his descent down the stairs to the tunnels under the dungeons, and that's where Voidwalker was determined to head to next. Jumping in line with the rest of the Sith that was being shepherd in, he passed the Sith Lady he'd seen earlier standing in a crater, the one others called Darth Hesper. As he passed her on his way into the tunnel, he looked her in the eye and gave a respectful nod to her. She was a mystery to him, but he was just equally a mystery to her.

Starting his descent down the stairs, he kept his eye on Kain who was only about two bodies ahead of him. At this point Kain was the only one he could call an Ally at this point. Once Kain opened his hand and emitted a glowing white flame that illuminated the general area, it was easier to see and to be aware of one's footing. The last thing Voidwalker wanted was to fall...again. With Kain acting as a beacon and a literal guiding light, Voidwalker opened himself up to the Force best he could to hopefully make contact with another across the temple. Hopefully their shared bond through the Force would be strong enough for his message to be heard.

Nathemus, Sol Kira is heading to meet up with you and the Empress. Do all that you can to protect her. Protect her, guide her, and if need be, train her. Train her as we were and guide her along the path to what it truly means to be Sith. Tell her I will keep my promise to her, and she will meet with Draven Nethervoid on Onderon. You must do this for me.

Between the various stairways he had traveled up and down, along with everything that had happened in the short time, Voidwalker was tiring as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Even in the cold climate of the tunnels, sweat had formed on his brow. Walking through the underground tunnel, there was a putrid smell of decay mixed with old and fresh blood. He heard a squelching sound coming from under his boots. Lifting his right leg up, blood dropped from the bottom of the sole of his boot back to one of the various pools of blood where a magnitude of corpses, dead apprentices laid across the floor. How? How had this many apprentices gone missing with no one noticing? How long had this been going on?

Just up ahead was a doorway. A doorway that seemed to bring everyone to a standstill. This doorway seemed to cast dark waves of energy, or perhaps it was just Voidwalker's own fear finally getting the better of him. A thrall, one of Volshe's phantom creations even seemed frozen by it.

"I'm going to try something." Was all that Kain had said before staring into the void of the dark doorway. The moment Kain's words reverberated with Voidwalker's eardrums, a sudden realization hit him harder than a blaster bolt to the chest. The whole time I've been here, I've only wanted to return home, but this is my home. THE SITH IS MY HOME. No, it had not all been for nothing. It had all led me here to this moment.

"Kain, wait! The galaxy needs you, you must lead them now. You alone."

With an odd sense of calmness washing over him, Voidwalker took a step towards the doorway, looking back over his shoulder one last time he gave one last set of words. "Hail, to the King of The Stars." Then without another word, he stepped forward, preparing himself to step through the doorway.

I don't know what's on the other side, but I do this for all of you.

Powers Used:
Telepathy - 2
Force Bond - 4

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IC: Darth Vesper
Location: Sigma-Class Shuttle, Empress Teta Space

They had both reached for the controls and Vesper backed off and all was quiet for a brief moment before Rand Ko spoke up offering options as they arrived in the space surrounding Empress Teta. Sitting in thought, Vesper heard the Imperial Knight out, processing her options. It was kind of him to offer, however she had orders.

“Open up an encrypted transmission to the Empress Ketoteta tell her Coruscant has fallen,” Vesper paused and saw the look in Rand Ko’s eyes; it didn’t take a Mind Witch to tell that he was processing the most recent event that had occurred. The fall of Coruscant was on every one of the minds on the manifest list of the shuttle and would be for sometime. Vesper had once heard tales of entities capable of such destruction, she had a fair guess at who, what, even had done something so horrific and catastrophic.

“Inform her the Empress Viscretus says she is leave the sanctity of her home planet immediately and retrieve Antares Draco along with the federation and then rendezvous on Saijo. Inform her we shall meet her there.” She looked back to Rand Ko making a side note, “Who knows if whatever took Coruscant will take Empress Teta as well. There is no such thing as too cautious now.”


She waited for the transmission to be dispatched. “Now, make haste for Saijo.” She turned in the co-pilot's seat, the leather groaning as the chair moved fluidly with the Mind Witch, she rose to her feet awaiting his acceptance of her orders.

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Ic Xiannarr
The Dungeon, Potential Tomb of the remaining Sith, Korriban

A thin sheen of sweat was forming itself on Xiannarr’s top lip. Chaos feed hungrily on the air around him, turmoil was heavy in the small crowded rooms in the dungeons, this was the stench of death. Would it be the death of Korriban? Or of those who still remained on the planet's surface.

The Dread Master abandoned his attempts to help Ermir with a shrug, if the fallen overseer wanted to whinge and be difficult, let him. Instead, Xiannarr took to looking around the room Searching for anyone he could rely on to tell him what in the hell was going on. Lady Apollyon had said they were under attack, but from who or what Xiannarr still was unsure. Yet why then were they not storming the battlements and defending their home, what possible adversary could have so many of their order fearful and on the run.

A pit was forming low in Xiannarr’s stomach, he had spotted so many of their number, yet he couldn't help but feel worried for the Dathomirian Zabrak he could not see. Lord Sedicious was not present with their group.

“Where is Lord Sedicious? I have yet to see my old Apprentice among our number.” Xiannarr asked of the room. He knew the Lord had been here, and he had been most pleased to have the chance to reunite with the Zabrak following the feast. The Dread Master would feel more at ease in the company of those he knew well. As he spoke his eyes continued to scan the room for his missing saber. It wasn't a precious heirloom or even remotely irreplaceable nor was it the only weapon he carried. Yet Xiannarr knew he would feel more complete with it at his side.

“There is a way to escape. Come to the hangers at once” a voice whispered bodilyless into his mind. Unfamiliar yet not foreign, someone he knew of but did not know. It frightened Xiannarr to no end. He still had no idea how he got to be in the dungeons and now a voice was tugging him away to the hangers, was this how he got to the dungeons? Did some unknown entity drag him here against his will?. Xiannarr took a step back ready to turn on his heel and follow the voice, to flee unapologetically, and retreat to the hangers, where he was so clearly wanted. Perhaps he could find Lord Sedicious and his other allies along the way, but as he placed his foot down prepared to turn the unease in his stomach compounded, something else didn't want him going back now.

So he took a step towards the tunnels and immediately the unease lessened not as drastically as it had risen but enough for Xiannarr to know this was the direction he should go, to follow Lady Hesper and those who would charge into the tunnels. Would this be the salvation they seeked?

“RUN” came the dire yell from Lady Apollyon, as Lord Kain came thundering into view. “Hesper, they cannot be allowed to follow us. Bring this damned temple down on their heads.” Taking the hint that it was time to go, Xiannarr fell into step behind following the Lord of fire deeper into the tunnels. The smell was immobilizing, it assaulted the nostrils and forced Xiannarr to swallow the bile that had risen past his throat. How long the bodies had been left down here to rot was anyone's guess. What lies beyond that door?. Will it be their salvation or their ruin?.

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Hadzuska_The Jester

Well-known member
Dark Council
IC: Hadzuska
Dungeons, Sith Temple, Korriban

Emergency lights strobed red. “Shields deactivated. Shields deactivated. Shields deactivated.” Could be heard over the loudspeakers in the monotonous drone only technology could achieve.

Then Apollyon cried out. “RUN!” Pulling the manchild along with her down the stairs. She seemed terrified. A Sith Lady terrified? WHAT THE KRIFFING HELL IS GOING ON? Hadzuska, even though he had been stuck with the alias of Jester for close to five years now, was in fact no fool. He was not going to let them get out of his sight. If he was gonna die, he’d make sure that he was the last to die. And so he followed them down as fast as he could, down, down, down into the tunnels, still slightly unnerved from what he felt earlier.

They had both activated their sabers for a source of light, Hadzuska had begun to consider using his illusions to create a never ending torch, but before he could even begin the process a better light source showed up. Yet another Lord, one who seemed to come by fire naturally. Let them use their own power and I’ll save mine for better uses. He thought to himself.

Hadzuska used this light source to examine the surrounding area. All of the dead apprentices, such wasted resources. The glint of the discarded control console in the puddle of foetid water caught his eye. Reaching out to it but not willing to get too close to the Lord and Lady by the doorway, he summoned it to himself. There may be more information on it that explained what the hell was going on.

I’m going to try something.” Was the first and only thing he heard from the Lord with the fiery hands.

Then another voice spoke, and Hadzuska realized another had joined them. It was the one he had betrayed. Damn it. "Kain, wait! The galaxy needs you, you must lead them now. You alone. Hail, to the King of The Stars.” He seemed to be speaking to the other Lord. So he has a title. Interesting. He may be useful.

(Powers Used: Telekinesis - 4)

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Dark Lady Makaria

Dark Council
IC: Keres Dymos
Throne Room, Sith Temple, Korriban

There was a delay between hearing the monotone voice, and adrenaline flooding her system. The walls were washed in red, as if to prophesize their death. Cliché, perhaps, but suddenly, frighteningly, real. Caution froze her to the stone for a minute and she considered her options. This was, like below, a powerful group, who would take the brunt of fighting into their hands. This was a neat a safety net as perhaps she could have. Staying on a ship was as simple as boarding it. And the Empress was so very sure, and would be boarding with her children. Certainly it would be safe...

Another thought struck her. Why hadn't anyone else left, via the hangar? Yes, the shields were up, but before that. Keres, frankly, still did not know who was outside, but they were a bold and terrifying presence. If the Sith could not stand and fight, why flee to the dungeons? It was longer, more uncertain, with the threat of collapse all too real to an enemy making them run in terror. Why not just board the ships and flee? Something had made that either not an option, or a terrible one.

Keres turned, slipping through the chaos of the room to break free and run. Lord Kain had saved her, had wished for the Empress to go to the tunnels, and flee that way. The stone echoed with her pounding feet, and her ears roared with her rushing blood. This was the right choice. It had to be. There was no time for second-guessing, no time for planning. The shields were down, the enemy was at the gate, perhaps already entering.

The dungeons were, well, not exactly calming, but at least familiar. She rushed to the stairs, only slowing at the last moment to make sure of herself. Adrenaline made her feel sure of her footing, but the dark meant she had no idea who could be right in front of her, or what obstacles could lay ahead. Still, Keres didn't mince, taking the stone steps as quickly as she dared. What had seemed like an endless void of stone and dark now seemed urged on by her anxiety, spitting her out on the landing with haste.

The rot smell hit her, then. She had not remembered it over the fear of realization, but it hit her now, hard enough to stagger. She kept towards the back, uncertain. She had missed Lord Kain's words and now waited, tense. This, whatever it was, would either work, or force them to a new path.

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Darth Solus

IC: Darth Solus
Location: Korriban

A barrier stood before the group. Furniture rumbled and moved. Something was happening on the other side. Allies? Solus knew this was the direction of Lady Volshe, but who else was with her? Questions and concerns spun in his mind. The plan had become unclear to him. Pause and assess.

“My Lord, The way ahead is dangerous, I can sense it. But...I’m not sure about the dungeons. We don’t know if that path is secure or not. It could be even more dangerous than the path we’re on. I could break that barrier with a little effort, If you wish. But the choice is yours."

Everything Mavros said made sense. The small squad was unsure of the dungeons. Dungeons? Why is that a thought? Securing them would be a challenge and very few of the Sith around were trustworthy. The barrier bulged and groaned. Moving, as if… as if animated. On the other side Pravum stood, deep in a spell, Golems forming from the barricade. That’s one problem down.

The Commandant’s mind buzzed with a static charge. The barrier before them was, in fact, no longer present. A tactical pause was sometimes all that was needed, however the crone was clearly unwilling to wait.

“Let us take the way through the dungeons, Come along, children, Mind your step now!”

Solus’ eyes burned to the old hag. Control! His hands clasped as he watched the steps of the children move away from him. Dungeons… The Commandant’s face tensed instantly as the voice prodded him to go to the dungeons. Rage instantly filled him as Hesper’s “Persuasion” became present. His blood boiled in an instant and resistance filled his heart. His mind slammed closed. NO!.... Control, you must keep control!

The Devaronian began her walk away. Every step a slap in Solus’ face. Every child’s fearful glance a stab in the back. Control! Save Them! The Dungeons are not sound! There is no tactical advantage to burying yourself. STOP HER!

“Excuse me a moment, Mavros.”

Solus’ voice crackled with an electrical charge and his head turned slowly towards the crone walking away with his mission. Lightning danced across his finger tips as the Sith Lord rolled his arm to throw lightning through her old beating heart. However, a voice stopped Solus in his tracks. The Commandant turned his head to regard the speaker.

“No, no, come with me. Come with us. To the hangars.”

The Commandant paused and looked back to the old crone before allowing the lightning to dissipate and dispel into the ground beneath his feat. A quick shrug releasing the last bit of energy coiled within him. Volshe had given a new directive and new direction for his focus. Commands could be disguised; she clearly had a plan in mind.

“Mavros, advance to the hangers and reclear them for the entourage to follow. Reatith go with him and provide support. Children come with us immediately, we now have more protection and a more secure plan.”

His blood still boiled as he fell into place with the children, ushering them to join Volshe and the rest of the group. His eye’s glaring at the crone from behind his mask. I wonder if she knows how close death was. Solus shook the thought away, such things didn’t matter in this moment. For now, he would have to move forward. There was still the goal to survive and get off planet. Their chance may or may not have improved.

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(Passive) Electrical Aura-4
Mind Shield- 4

Darth Thana

Active member
Combo Between Darth Thana & Darth Mirtis (@Sith_Imperios )

IC Darth Thana, Dread Master
Location Dungeons

The Zabrak made haste having seen Hesper and her crew headed this way when thoughts entered her head to head towards the hangers. The internal battle died as she still had a feeling to rush to the closer option of the tunnels not back towards the danger she just escaped from. The adrenaline still pumping as she left the room where the zombies were attacking to hopefully make it out of this death trap temple. The ships had such an ominous vibes radiating by the reactions of the others here. No time to think about that until she could see what plan the others could come up with. Her arm still pained as she rushed into the dungeon, eyes darting until she heard steps behind her. Her instincts were to attack until she recognized the steps behind her. "Mirtis?!" Her hands were lifted ready to summon flames to attempt to scorch the intruder. Her eyes meeting his crimson scaled skin.

IC Darth Mirtis, General of Venom

Mirtis continued leading Darth Noxia and Metus attempting to reach the group. As he reached what may have been an opening, he was met with Darth Thana. And her hand was raised. “Whoa there! Thana it’s Mirtis!” He slowed to a stop. Ready to raise his defense, he showed his empty clawed hands. Though those could easily be turned into a weapon. “Darth Noxia and Metus are close behind me. I think we should continue on if your not gonna turn me to ash.” Mirtis chuckled.

Thana relaxed a bit when she recognized the sarcastic Trandoshan before she winced in pain having her badly bandaged forearm throb from the previous friendly fire. The Zabrak grabbed her left forearm to hold it against her now that she knew she didn't need to end the new guest's life like it had been another zombie. "You always were the laid-back one Mirtis. Are you guys backing anyone or just on the run to escape the mess outside?" Curious the Master was probing to see if they would need to follow each other as Thana was on the look out for the Lady Hesper. She couldn't quite place it but she had a pull to follow her out of the others who staked claim, if the stories were in fact real then she would likely be one to follow and protect.

Mirtis caught the wince of pain as Darth Thana pulled her arm back. “Unfortunately today is not as laid back as I would have preferred. I am bound to Lady Noxia’s service and who she supports is who I will support as well. But I do believe we are in persuit of Darth Hesper and her entourage. If we’re headed the same way, I can attempt to mend your wound.” Darth Mirtis felt an odd pull in the air. Though he could no distinguish what it was, it did urge him to continue on his way. He began reaching out to the force, not yet trying to use it to heal but to prepare himself to use it. Though Mirtis had no issue using the dark side, using an ability such as Force Heal. His view on the force was as complex as the force itself. Though at first he saw it as a weapon, learning of the different abilities and methods it’s used for; caused Mirtis to view it as craftsman who gave the wielders the tools they need. Some tools require to be forcefully taken while other require to be asked for.

The sith witch was contemplating if she should take him on his offer, once he openly spoke of following Darth Hesper it changed her mind. "Alright please do, I was taken down on my way inside when everything broke out." Thana still had reservations on this as sith can easily kill one another and it being such time between where this pair had worked alongside each other being a factor. A small pain radiating up as she extended her arm to the trandoshan, focusing on her will power of her upbringing to fend off the pain. A sudden feeling washed rapidly over Thana's whole body like freezing cold water, chills running up her arms like needles. She couldn't shake what caused the feeling, when she spoke "Something is wrong, hurry we need to go. How far are Lady Noxia and Metus we must catch up to Lady Hesper...." The words had a panic tone to them as he would likely see her Obsidian colored eyes look back to heard a sound further down the tunnel but waited for Mirtis to heal.

By her tone, Mirtis believed he felt the same as Thana in that moment. Feeling something wrong, Thana was correct in her statement. “Not far behind. Less with this brief pause.” Mirtis then held out his clawed hands up to the hurt arm Thana raised. He concentrated on his connection, not forcing the power but asserting his presence and his need for it. He attempted to heal her wounds. He needed allies to survive this. And this would further show his own usefulness so that he not be casted aside as an inconvenience.

Just before anything could begin, the alarms filled their ears. A voice echoing from the loudspeakers:

"Shield deactivated.

Shield deactivated.

Shield deactivated."

With a single look toward each other and a nod for confirmation. They stopped what they were doing and began their pursue of Darth Hesper once again. Thana pulled away her arm from the red skinned Trandoshan Mirtis as they both went into a full sprint to towards the dungeons. Footsteps rushing past the pair but they kept themselves focused on reaching their destination. Thana's obsidian eyes locked on to a figured in the mildly lit hall which she had hoped was the Hesper.

Both of the Sith masters stopped almost dead in their tracks, breathing heavily as they bowed their heads in respect to Darth Hesper before continuing onward to what they hoped for was a safe spot to begin their attempt at healing.

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Reatith followed his Master, confused and oblivious. The situation seemed to be spiraling out of control very quickly. The Sith he had always looked up to were scrambling in the face of their enemies. What was the point of the power they held if they couldn't do anything when it counted the most, and to top it off he himself was still only an Apprentice with barely a basic understanding of the force.

His dark thoughts troubled him as he followed his Master through the halls yet again. Ahead there was shouting as Lord Solus and the old crone ...spoke... to each other. Before Reatith began to listen to them Lord Solus ordered him back to the hangar yet again. The anger that crossed the Consulate of Carrions face was impossible to ignore. He was much more furious than the Umbaran was.

"Yes Master."

He turned on his heel and sprinted toward the hangar. On the way, once again he called upon the Force to conceal himself from sight and from the force. Ready to fail yet again, as it seemed that he and many of his fellow Sith were now prone to do.


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Zareel Jhenan´doka

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IC: Zareel Jhenan´doka
Location: Dungeons, Sith Temple, Korriban

For the moment, while they decided which route to take Zareel had remained still leaning against one of the walls; her head felt like going back and forth and ached. She felt something horrendous was happening but at the same time, a small voice in her head forced her to push everything she could feel down into the depths of her thoughts; hidden, not to be seen, as the wounds of her childhood or fate of her mother. Later, if she was lucky, she would be able to process it all a little more.

Everyone was running and moving with urgency; plans and hypotheses circulating around them, theories about the best escape routes or reason for such an attack... who cared? The least weighty question was why you were being betrayed or attacked, the relevant thing was to run away first.

"Shield deactivated"

But now, even her recently acquired resolution seemed to falter in the face of uncertainty. How much time did they have in their favour before they would be intercepted?

"Shield deactivated"

Squeezing the handle of the tonfa hard, she hit her thigh with it, forcing herself to take a step and then another. The Apprentice was slowly beginning to pick up the pace with those advancing into the tunnels; however, the alert helped her remember how to move her legs at a much more decent speed.

"Shield deactivated"

The last time she paid real attention to the alert being repeated, it reverberated within her, urging her to run; almost as if by moving away from the sound she could be a little safer, a pinch more shielded from all the things that were descending onto the temple.

She had lost sight of her master and cursed her own slowness, yet she was not the only one; besides, she knew he was at the front of everyone else from what she had caught between assigned orders. A few were reaching that same route, Lords, masters and familiar faces from the battlements a few minutes ago that Zareel did not bother to completely identify.

Carefully and taking advantage of her smaller size, Zareel slowly sneaked her way to the front. At least, putting herself to a distance where was easier to keep knowledge of what was happening, but evading excessive risks. After some advance, In the distance ahead, she could vaguely hear Lord Catalyst and Lady Apollyon come to a halt. She had heard her shout for them to run as the alerts were activated, but at this point, they no longer seemed so convinced of moving at full speed.

Part of the reason for the pause reached first her nose and then her eyes in the dim glow of the sabers and the light that Lord Kain could provide. It may have been the warning alarm still ringing in her head, the fear; or perhaps the tricky brightness combined with the fear that led her to briefly see herself, bathed in blood, lying on the floor of the dungeons.

The lump in the balosar's throat returned without warning, and as best she could she muffled a sob; quickly lighting the tonfa in her right hand to provide herself with a secure light of her own. She inhaled deeply, gazing carefully at those bloodied bodies while repeating to herself that this was not and would not be her. "You have no right to freeze, you're not laying there on the floor. Now, pull yourself together!"

Now a dark passageway seemed to be the only way forward; Zareel bit down on her tongue in restraint, waiting for an answer from those who were trying to discover what awaited them. She had avoided a certain and horrible death and now she had to get rid of another one.

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Darth Cruor

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Darth Cruor
Wight Wastes, outside the Sith Temple, Korriban

White hot pain surged through every fiber of his being causing his nervous system to be set aflame, he screamed in agony for what seemed like an eternity, or was it the shield that screamed? He couldn't be sure. Eventually blackness raced in at him from the outer edges of his senses threatening to overcome him, but before doing so receded and revealed a scorched hellscape before him.

Looming large in the center of his vision were the angry burning red eyes of his master, Typhojem, all else fell away under his gaze leaving just the Master and Apprentice. Cruor’s flesh began to boil and smoke due to the mere presence of the great Dark God, his return meant the end of all things. The fiery eye granted it's apprentice reprieve from his suffering and slowly blinked out of existence, a soothing darkness washed over him tempting him to stay in that quiet and comfortable place, but it was only a temptation and just as before the darkness receded away from him.

Andeddu, Hord, and Malleus had served their purpose well and given the fallen Taral time to recover, their power was wasted in this endeavor as they should be rushing to the temple to hunt the living prey sheltered within rather than guarding an invincible monster who was lying in the dirt. The sickly sweet smell of scorched flesh still filled the air, he knew it was his own, a painful but temporary setback. Already he could feel the unliving tissue of his body repairing itself, he drew upon The Dark to potentially quicken his return to the battle.

Unwilling to allow himself to continue to be seen in his current undignified position, the Battlelord commanded his broken and burned body to rise.

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Powers Used: Force Body 5, Reduce Injury 5


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Final Triumvirate
Dark Council
IC: Darth Drakul Xarxes
Korriban, the Tunnels

The figure of the Nightfather hustled through the tunnels ahead of Hesper, as she had commanded. A disturbance obstructed his view, always a disturbance. He muttered a curse as the shorter figure of Darth Kain approached him, and he kept pace with the Beloved Prince, now elevated, attempting to stay close to the powerful eldritch being.

Xarxes had no need of Kain’s light, his Mqaaq’it already able to gaze upon the entirety of the prismatic and infrared spectrums. The darkness blinded him not, though the burst of flame the Prince produced did, momentarily, cause him to shake his head, his normal eye having already adjusted to the dark.

His command to Hesper resounded in his ears, and while he understood Kain to not be subordinate to Hesper, nor Hesper to Kain, he had to admit that he agreed with the sentiment. While he doubted it would put an end to the True Sith’s plans, every ploy to slow them was necessary.

A tendril of alien thought tapped his mind uninvited. There is a way to escape. Come to the hangars at once. The eye need not be all-seeing to guess from whom this came. Under normal circumstances, the sheer power of the commander would likely have been enough to coerce Xarxes to obedience. But the will of the Dread Lord would not be shaken today, not when his loyalty to Hesper and the survival of the Sith hinged on it. A bellowing NO echoed through his conscience, denying the command any satisfaction, instead following Hesper’s heeding.

The sense of creeping dread that enveloped the whole of the gathered Sith began to crescendo with the alarm of SHIELD DEACTIVATED repeating, over and over. They had done it. The forces from the skies had broken through. Now, more than ever, Xarxes hoped Hesper would heed the Prince and seal the backways. Whoever was still topside, may the Force have mercy upon them.

Refocusing his attention to perception, and still keeping pace with Kain, now too with Apollyon and Catalyst, the Nightfather looked forward, perceiving not with sight, but the infrared and telescopic vision of his Vong biot, attempting to catch signs of any potential speed humps in their path forward.

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Abilities Used:
Equipment Used:
-Vong Mqaaq'it


IC: Darth Volacius, Scourge of the Jedi
The Sith Temple, Korriban

“Shield deactivated.”

The words felt like icy claws in Volacius’ spine, scraping across each vertebrae down the length of his back as if one of the skeletal soldiers from the beginning of the attack had followed him all the way down to the dungeons to slash at him once more.

“Shield deactivated.”

Fear rose up within the Mirialan’s chest. His stomach tightened, and his breaths became as rapid as they were shallow.

“Shield deactivated.”

Anger washed over his heart next, followed closely by the frustration that arose from his growing confusions. Kain must have defeated the intruders singlehandedly, as Voidwalker had inferred, otherwise the Beloved Prince would not have descended to meet them. But if that is the case, why have the shields still been disabled?!

“Shield deactivated.”

And if the shield is down, then… Volacius shuddered, the frigid talons of fear once again sliding down his spine. Without a word, the Mirialan Sith Master raced forward, passing the one called Sol Kira as she foolishly decided to risk moving toward the imminent doom that was perhaps moments away from breaching the Temple walls. Determined to remain at Lord Kain’s side, Volacius hurried down the stairwell to the tunnels, noting a peculiar sense of relief as he made his choice. Certainly the presence of his former master would serve to provide a modicum of safety, but for whatever reason the notion of travelling to the tunnels in their own right was appealing to him, even though logically the tunnels at best represented no more danger than what faced them atop Korriban’s rusty dunes. But they did not necessarily represent less danger either, nor did they necessarily guarantee Volacius’ survival, much less escape.

As Volacius rushed to catch up to the Beloved Prince of the Stars, a foreign voice made itself heard in his mind, something that the Mirialan Sith seldom welcomed, let alone enjoyed. There is way to escape, it purred, promising a glimmer of hope. Come to the hangars at once. Volacius cursed himself for the momentary lapse in his mental shield, and diverted some of his attention to immediately attempting to revitalize it. The idea of going to the hangars was a welcome one, and under better circumstances, the Rear Admiral would have rejoiced at the opportunity to pilot a shuttle or fighter to safety. But without the Temple’s shields to provide them with cover, Volacius doubted that he would have the time to make it back to the hangars and prepare a ship for takeoff. And even if he could, it would be exceedingly difficult to execute the evasive manoeuvres needed to avoid being shot down by the enemy fleet with a shuttlecraft. Though Volacius would have preferred to escape to orbit and monitor the situation from the bridge of a Star Destroyer, he knew that now—as always—his best option was to stay close to Lord Kain and obey his commands.

As he descended into the darkness, Volacius slowed his pace so as to avoid tripping, scowling at the deathly stench that had begun to assault his nostrils. Like many of the Sith retreating with him, he too felt the need to procure a light source, and following Kain’s example Volacius called upon the Force to conjure up a flame, entwining his ancient sword in a brilliant but carefully controlled blaze and turning the weapon into an improvised torch. The light from so many Lightsabers, as well as Kain’s hand and Volacius’ sword revealed what the fetid smell had already hinted at: there were hundreds of freshly murdered apprentices lying dead below, no doubt having been slaughtered by the strange, red-skinned woman and her entourage of infiltrators earlier in the day. For a brief moment as he examined the corpses, he felt fortunate that this attack hadn’t happened when he had merely been a student.

Lord Kain’s intention to “try something,” drew Volacius’ attention, and the bulky Sith Master quickly rallied to his side once more. Leveling his sword in his left hand, and activating one of the blades of his saberstaff in the right, Volacius took up a defensive posture a short distance from where his former master stood. He didn’t know how long Kain needed to accomplish whatever he was trying to do, but if the enemy penetrated the stairs that had deposited them here, Volacius would fight to provide cover for the Beloved Prince, and buy as much time as he could. As far as the Mirialan Sith Master was concerned, Lord Kain was the Emperor now.

And he was their only hope.

Telepathy 3 — Mental Shield 4
Force Resistance — 4 (continued)
Jar'Kai — 4 (opening stance)

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Zareel Jhenan´doka

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IC: Knight I-Ron and Apprentice Karin
Location: Hanger Bay, Temple of the New Sith Order, Korriban.

"Behind closed eyes realize your sight"
Albert Bouchard.​

I-Ron for a moment was the master of his own universe. It was not auto-Pilot like before where he conducted himself like a mindless drone. It was not an instinct-based movent like he always despised so much.

No, it was beyond survival.

The flourishing of new ideas and paths, brought thanks to what seemed to be the end of the world, the reckoning.

New ideas started emerging in her mind, the pool of thoughts rejuvenating anew, instead of the dank water most Sith minds were.

The only viable path was the Via Dolorosa.

Thru the tunnels, out of the sight of the advancing Fleet that could destroy any airborne ship.

"Come, Karin. There Is much to do once we exit this place."

She ordered her apprentice to follow. The Shield-Wall was now destroyed, the advancing Army was soon to breach the gates.

She needed More and more power. And The currents of the dark side danced with Mechu Deru incantations, trying to make them obey her wishes in order to make them obey.

Her objective: to overclock the droid body, bringing More Energy usage to elicit More dexterity and strength from the servos.

And whether that worked or not, she started to conjure something else to invite More protection.

Praying with Karin (even if she didn't believed) I-Ron conjured up an image, a dark shadow that could help her survive the onslaught. The dark father was to be summoned, Shaitan himself.

Regardless of the invocation worked or not, both women ran towards the siths and to the tunnels. If God had answered her prayers then soon that figure would come to their aid.

Powers Used:
Mechu Deru - 3
Sith Illusions - 3

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Darth Traya

Lady of the Sith, the Saarai-Kaar, the Dark Sun


(Image credit to maiarcita)
IC: Darth Traya

Location: The Balcony of the Fountain Palace, Hapes

The beautiful, choking heave of the Ducha’s final gasp fueled the interweaving pattern of Traya’s bejeweled hands. She thought she sensed Dhe’s aura moving behind her, but it was only blurred with little describable movement. She believed he’d performed some action that ended the ducha’s life swifter than the amphistaff venom, but now was not the time to inquire.

As she reached out with the Force she felt the minds of the nobles surrounding her fall into a deep hypnotic thrall. This was not her doing, but she’d felt the same aura enthralled minds under the Gun of Command. Their obedience must have been the work of Dhe, her beloved king.
She kept weaving her hands and her fingers while reaching out to touch as many Hapan minds as she could grasp. She could not possibly convince each mind to fall subservient to her, yet she had faith her skills with tricks of the mind would yield a satisfactory result. She needed guardians beyond Dhe.

Necro Solaar whispered something in her ear, his words as vile as the forked tongue of a reptile. Traya had no choice but to ignore them as best as she possibly could. She needed to channel as much focus upon the spell as possible. A few sentences roused her attention. The mention of Dromund Kaas certainly stood out. She allowed the name to fuel her cause, and her desire…to further press her imposing will into as many of the Hapan populous as she could. Her hands flourished in final sway as she chanted.

“Qazoi Kyantuska!” She sang in the manner of a Dathomirian witch singing the sacred spells and projected her will to enslave as many as she could.

She scanned the auras of her subjects, hoping to sense some of them to change and quell; indicators she’d either succeeded or failed. She mulled briefly over Necro Solaar’s scathing words and wrenched back from the proximity of his presence. Where Emperor Dreadwar’s aura manifested as a looming void in the Force, Necro’s aura presence was akin to a dank dungeon that teemed with rats and roaches and gagged her with the imagined stench of mold and feces. His aura hummed and droned akin to an angry nest of raptor wasps, yet how much of that was true to his character was beyond Traya’s sight at the moment.

He was wrong though….whatever profane Darkness she sensed consuming some part of the galaxy would not wait for her, and her aspirations. She did not have the luxury of waiting for a return…if it….if this thing that felt like Nihilus did not consume her, then her companions….her friends….would do far worse than merely consume her.

“There must always be a Darth Traya….” whispered the echo of a ghostly memory.
Her last will….her final hope and dreams for Hapes needed the spark of existence now.

Still… Necro did possess a valid point. She needed to mobilize the fleet now, and there was only one way to begin.

“Then I shall prepare us for the stars.” She acknowledged.

Meanwhile, in the throne room, her illusion hardly possessed a moment to gasp its last before the blaster bolts tore the Queen Mother’s visage apart in a spray of charred flesh, shattered teeth, and skull fragments. The Queen Mother’s body sagged lifelessly across the throne, bright crimson stained the white marble and pooled at the dias. The sun-disk helm slipped from her blonde curls to reveal a blaster savaged face completely devoid of eyes. Only charred sockets glared up emptily at the Twins. At the very least Traya hoped the illusion might distract the sisters, soon enough their paths were likely to cross.

Power Used:
Force Illusion: 3 (sustained)
Qazoi Kyantuska: 4 (cast)

IC: Dhe Ta Dalv

Location: Balcony of the Fountain Palace, Hapes

Dhe stared at the nobles with hatred blazing in his eyes, he hardly regarded the Ducha’s death. She was merely another mark his needles had found and eliminated. His painted lips trembled in anticipation of saying the words, of condemning those who tormented him and all of his gender to subversion.

But the pallid stranger spoke instead, the direction of his words were unclear, and phrased in such a manner it could have applied to both Aurelia and himself.

“How bold of you, now I do suggest not doing anything further to upset the nobility, lest we deal with a mutiny the moment we depart the Transitory Mists, and prepare the fleet for battle.” the pale stranger advised.

His next directives were directed at the Queen Mother, Dhe committed them to memory, as he was certain Aurelia needed every bit of focus she could muster. She sang out the spell that Dhe dreaded the most in Queen Mother's arsenal. The spell that held the possibility to render one a helpless marionette to her will. Dhe had fallen prey to its clutches during his fruitless attempt to assassinate her. To this day he did not know if the love he felt for her was a projection of her power, or his own will once he was granted freedom.

Now for her sake, he hoped her power had grown. He couldn’t help but frame her form in this moment. To cherish her desperate beauty as she cast her spells to the masses, trying to exercise both liberation and enslavement. She truly was the Chume Hapes needed, at least from his vantage point. He looked again to the nobles gleaming in their silks, gold, and jewels.

“Keep your weapons primed, you shall defend Aurelia Chume, myself and our allies to your deaths.” he all but spat out the words to his slaves.

He’d swallowed the bitter bile of hatred at the advice of Necro Solaar. He could mercilessly order these nobles to commit their suicides, or he could use them to his advantage. Create a vanguard for Aurelia when she was in desperate need.

He turned to address Necro for the first time.
Care to tell me who you truly are, stranger? Why did you come here? What is your purpose? I am the only one truly devoted to Aurelia Chume…apart from her pet at least..” Dhe spoke without bothering to disguise his masculine tone. “If she aligns with you, then I should know thy purpose. You…don’t appear to have Hapan blood, so I don’t believe you're a Raider.” he remarked, his tone betraying characteristic Hapan distaste for something that didn’t possess aesthetic beauty.

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Jedi Council
IC: Darth Feros
Moving to the Underlevels
Sith Temple


Feros had no time to get used to using his body again. It was old hat anyway, and they had no time to spare. Things were moving at a rapid pace, and Feros suddenly had no intention of dying here now that he'd just started living again.

The sound around them was deafening, with the shuffling and scraping of footwear against the ancient stone walkways. Beings were screaming and shouting, pleading with those in front to move quicker. He was near the rear and could just make out a head over the wave of bodies not far ahead with long, shockingly blonde hair. Hesper!

"Lady Hesper, we have to organize this somehow or it's going to turn into a stampede before we can stop it." He tried shouting to her. With the Force receding around them he had little hope of augmenting his voice to make himself louder.

He knew they'd be coming soon. He wasn't sure how long the shields would hold, but with waves of skeletons crashing against them, they'd be overloaded sooner rather than later.

His heart was pounding like a hydraulic jack in the cortosis mines. Feros drew in a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He'd been in worse situations than this. His mind drifted back to a mine shaft, and diving down the throat of a leviathan with no more than a lightsaber. Or was it a sword? It had been so long ago.

"No. No, this is worse. This is Dreadwar with an army." He told himself.

"You talk about him like he's some sort of God." Krayt hissed inside his head.

"He's as close to a God as any living man has every come. Now shut up and let me work. We can argue like I'm some sort of madman later." Feros said.

"Everyone listen! Form two lines and file down the hallway and down the stairs, or we're going to waste time and trample one another. And stay quiet! None of us will hear anything over this din!" Feros tried to reach out to the Lords and Ladies nearby in the Force, or what was left of it.

"We need to get them organized. If not, they're going to end up killing us with them." He only hoped they could hear.

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Grievance Vexx

Dark Lord Krigsbefallaf
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Dark Council
IC- Lord Grievance Vexx
Korriban - Sith Temple, Subterranean Tunnels

The monotone electronic voice is muffled through the earth and walls and floors above, but the message is clear as it meets the sensitive audio receptors of Grievance Vexx.

“Shields deactivated...shields deactivated...”

This new time period just keeps getting better and better, the Krigsbefallaf thinks to himself, Why the hell did I agree to this again? Then he spies a barely perceivable shadow moving ever downward into the unknown tomb of darkness below the temple. Ah, yes.

Despite the fact that he knows they are all in dire straits, Vexx purposefully ignores his own fear. He does not want to feel the distracting palpitations of the heart or the shallow breathing that goes hand-in-hand with panic. He has his mission: guard Draconis. Had he no purpose to focus on, he might not seem so unshaken, but this single order consumes his focus until it has ensnared his very existence.

Still, he is also mindful of Reiis Invadator, keeping her within his sight as well. They just need to find their way out of here. The tinnitus still assaulting his senses is maddening. He would love nothing more than to get out of here and away from the high concentration of power and its wielder’s ill intent against them all.


“Master, please tell me you know where to go down here,” he mutters as he comes close enough that Draconis will know without a doubt that he is being followed by both of his apprentices. Vexx can feel a pull in the Force that seems to be calling for all of them, but his own affliction is so disorienting that he is plagued by uncertainty trying its hardest to push him toward panic.

Then he sees it: chaos unfolding as panicked Sith pack into tunnels like dying rabbits at a construction site. Seeing this, hearing the screaming, feeling primal fear at its rawest, causes him to wish he could turn and flee the other way. He wants no part in the disorganized chaos; it is only more frustration for him on top of the tinnitus; it fogs his clear thinking and laser focus; it makes him want to kill the ones who refuse to listen to reason and calm the hell down!

Just when he is about to turn around and go back the other way—to certain death, he is sure, but he would rather die alone than be counted among the the mindlessness of the terrified—he hears a voice of reason, struggling to be heard over the panicked cacophony. He does not know the speaker, but he respects the attempt he is making to bring some semblance of order to the masses. The one called Darth Feros seems to have a level head about him and this alone stalls Vexx from making an about face.

He feels something swell inside him; that familiar call to take charge on the battlefield before your own men’s uncontrolled fear gets everyone killed. A feral growl rumbles in his chest as he makes eye contact with Feros, the glance saying something akin to “I’m in your corner” before he speaks.


“You heard the man!” his otherworldly modulated voice cracks like thunder in the cavernous tunnel, “And if you did not hear him, that is your own fault! Shut up and listen! There is a reason most beings have two ears and one mouth: so we may listen twice as much as we talk. If you really want to die, keep it up. I may kill some of you myself before whatever comes for us has a chance to. For those who want the hope of survival, calm yourselves. Nothing good ever comes from this type of panic and, as intelligent Sith, you all must know that whatever is out there is only feasting on this fear and growing stronger, yes? Stop feeding the monster and steel yourselves!”

He can sense the presence of Hesper close by, so at least there is some reassurance that a regrouping of sorts is taking place—however chaotic it may be. Still tethered to his original mission, his senses heightened toward Draconis and Invadator; they are his top priority, but if he can find a way to aide in the big picture, he will remain tuned to that as well.

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Chapter VIII: New Life
IC: Ānhrā Māhnîu.
Location: Approaching the Eternal Fleet, near Bosthirda.

When It All Falls Down:

The psionic strings slithering about in the void touched nothing. There was no trace of life or mental activity, towards good or ill. He couldn’t even sense anything from the alien formation. Could these be automated?
If so that left him with only his second plan.
Only for said plan to be interrupted immediately, as a slight sliver in the universe spiraled into a swing, accompanied by an alarm and three warships springing from hyperspace. These seemed to be of comparatively ordinary design, a refreshing change after his more recent encounters. The displayed message indicated they’d been pulled out as well, meaning they just might be swayed into cooperation.

image0-2.jpgThe Jen’nu had to wonder why so much was happening all at once, only to receive more.

Transcendental desecration reverberated through every subatomic particle comprising his body. The very might that flamed through him erupted in a cosmic hurricane of abhorrent agony.

With his senses on high alert, the shock of the cataclysm incinerated every cell of his being in a freezing inferno, leaving only the void. Even the power through which he sensed the cosmos twisted and snapped upon him. From crown to toe every piece of his being was scattered in a different direction
With a rasping gasp he recoiled in his chair, body parts contorting around the surrounding material. A shearing scream erupted from his throat, and even that remained unheard, the suffering too fierce to vocalize in any way. In the end he could only slump in his seat, his body and brain attempting to resettle.

In the root of his mind he was left to merely speculate on the catalyst behind this cosmic backlash. An empyrean disturbance of such severity would require an astronomical amount of death and destruction in a comparatively microscopic amount of time. Triangulating a list of locations that could accommodate such an event took only a few seconds, but there was no evidence to sharpen his specificity. The scale of the backlash itself was alarming. The aerial battle over Korriban returned to the forefront, along with the tenebrous mass of power that had borne down on them. It had radiated pitch darkness the likes of which he had only sensed from a single other being.

But this was above and beyond any and all of that. Even if nearby Bosthirda had housed Darth Dreadwar himself, even he should be utterly incapable of something like this.

He retreated deep inside himself, trusting the power of Sedicious would be enough to maintain their physical concealment. For now he needed solitude, even within the power that overlaid the universe. Besides that there were certain things and thoughts he would rather not show at the moment.
It was a power that had struck him with terror beyond all computational assessment. He had found the universal pre-eminence that he had searched for, and it was not on his side. With this realization swirled a quasar of otherworldly wrath and all-consuming desire. This was the purpose of his existence: a power beyond what he had felt, and the numinous annihilation of the sacrilegious abomination behind this atrocity.

IMG_6710.jpgHis lives would return to him. And it would begin at this very moment.

With the divine vision of Vong implants, he glared into the void of space and its now lifeless inhabitants. Yet even in death they would still be his. Life and Death and Rebirth would all bend along his fingertips. Eyeing the dilapidated corpses through the viewport, he pointed at the closest one with his left index finger. With a sharp jerk it shot upward, at a mechanically precise angle.
‘’Ja’ak.’’ With a switch of direction his finger charted a new line.
‘’Vexok.’’ And finally a horizontal line, finishing the traced triangle, just as he completed the chant:
‘’Savaka.’’ The first of three.
‘’Ja’ak. Vexok Savaka.’’ The ethereal drawing was repeated.
‘’Ja’ak. Vexok Savaka.’’ The third trigon was completed. Now to finish. The left hand slashed from left to right, and back again. The deep snarl of his voice returned, with the rage of a scourge and the faith of a god, tempered by the inexorably calm accuracy of a machine.

‘’Tsaiwinokka Siqsakut.’’
His hand was raised toward the nearest body.

Powers used:
Art of the Small - 10
Reanimate Spectral Undead - 3

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