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Dark Lady Makaria

Dark Council
Name/Title: Keres Dymos

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Orientation (optional): Demisexual

Homeworld: Cesya

Occupation: Nobleman’s wife (widowed)

Height: 5’4

Weight: 125 lbs

Physical Description: Deceptively dainty, Keres has a heart-shaped face and large eyes. With her pitch-black hair always carefully pulled back and her lips painted a sharp, crimson, red, she looks more like the politician’s wife she used to be than a Sith in her own right.

external-content.duckduckgo-4 10.59.55 PM.jpg

Clothing: Keres prefers simple clothing, usually in the style of an ao dai, usually in red and black. Given the choice, her clothing is flattering but modest. Her favored ornaments are hairpins, usually in gold.

Weapons: A basic lightsaber. A small blaster bought for her travels to Korriban.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 12.00.57 AM.png

Equipment: None

Vehicles: None

Languages: Basic

Combat Skills: Weak. She has been trained in Shii-Cho, but is not particularly deadly. Her skill with a blaster is mediocre and self-taught.

Other Strengths: Having spent a great deal of her life either observing her parents’ political machinations or assisting her husband’s, she is adept at using words to change the course of things to get what she wants. She mostly wins others over with warmth and affection.

Flaws: Her life on Cesta, while turbulent, was widely sheltered from the wider galactic sphere, and her experience with other cultures, lifeforms, and planets is thin on the ground. While manipulative and crafty, Keres doesn’t have the experience to plan far ahead. She can win the battle, but not the war. Along with that, because her warmth and friendliness is usually feigned, her loyalty is unreliable.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: A sweetheart’s smile hiding a viper’s tongue. It is not that Keres desires power, but she desires the power and stability to never be thrown from her place. And if this requires everyone else to be ground under her heel, then so be it. Warm and amicable to everyone she meets, she does her best to stay on the good sides of everyone she meets.

Fears: Keres desperately fears losing control of her life to outside forces again. The loss of her child and her arranged marriage were both out of her control, and she hated it. She has a more banal fear of icy roads and a rather inexplicable terror of ice-skating. She fears she’s going to crack the ice and drown.

Likes: Keres likes playing political games, and delicately setting people against each other. Larger social gathering where she can mingle with many people and learn more information much easier than in more intimate settings.

Dislikes: Loud people in general, especially in loud settings like travel ports, musical venues and the like. It overwhelms her.

Habits: She has a very set and routine morning, and she cannot stand for it to be interrupted or shortened. It ruins the rest of her day.

Masters: N/A

Reputation: Not particularly well-known, Keres is not exactly a social butterfly, but is generally helpful to anyone she meets.

Biography: Her story began as others did: with birth. Her mother, laughing, loved to retell the story of the fierce storm that had rattled the windows as she strained in labor. The last push, and a crack of lightning so close as to raise the hair on their arms. That had brought a last-minute change of names for her babe, from Jokaste, to Keres. Lightning-struck. Sometimes, it was more apt than it seemed. As a child, she had scorched walls and clothes with her rare tantrums. A burning curiosity had caused more than one jar or plate to wobble off the counter. It was not talked about, and Keres seemed to grow out of it soon enough.

Her parents were merchants, young and ambitious. Her mother owned textile mills, providing rich brocades and fine laces for the nobles of the Cadriaan system, and eagerly taking the chance to mingle with higher society. Her father was an equally ambitious merchant, from a family of freeworld merchants who had been granted titles two or so generations ago. But there was a balance there, ambitious, but not so much as to appear grasping. Servile, but not so much as to be invisible. Keres watched these interactions, large eyes taking in everything.

Her life progressed apace, neither exciting nor dull. Neither impoverished nor luxurious. In class, she was similarly suspended. When revolutionary students raised their voice, she turned her eyes away from their fiery gaze. When students spoke holy hymns to the nobles who strutted in front of them, she became deaf.

Her life continued, sedate. In time, she was given charge of a small textile mill, which made the lace trims for noble gowns and other items. She moved out of her parent’s house. It was a quiet, unambitious existence. The business grew slowly under her, exactly at the pace Keres could handle. At twenty-two, she finally allowed herself her heart’s desire: a child. She searched databases extensively, comparing DNA, predispositions, phenotypes, compatibilities.

Nine months later, she had her babe in her arms, warm and alive. It was the happiest she’d ever been. Her mother was thrilled, though her father gave the child a strange, flat look. She ignored it. Her siblings would marry well or inherit the business. Keres’ life would be small, exactly the way she wanted. Everything held in the palm of her hand, exactly as she desired.

“No? No,” she insisted, months later, eyes darting between her father’s imploring gaze and her mother’s shamed but determined expression. The argument continued, late into the night. In the morning, servants woke Keres and dressed and primped her.

Her guest awaited her in the front parlor, a smile she would almost call a smirk on his face. Her red lips smiled. Her eyes did not.

“My lord, of course I am happy to accept your proposal of marriage.”

Her lord husband, a son of a minor branch of the Cadriaan House, had ambitions, and those ambitions cost money. Keres’ family was wealthy and angling for status.

At best, their marriage was cool. At worst, petty. He would complain about the money he spent to keep her on his social level. Keres would roll her eyes and make pointed comments about overcompensation. Her only solace was her child, her little flame, living in her parent’s home. Keres never spoke of the child to her husband, though she knew he knew the child existed. She visited frequently.

Holos spread the news far and wide of the Butcher of Coruscant. A Sith. The videos, the pictures, horrifying. The absolute silence of a thousand dead bodies. It lingered in her mind, looping again and again. What brutality. What savagery.

What power.

Life proceeded again. Cold, empty, but existing. They stayed in separate wings of the house. And then- an illness, her child, her warmth, her flame, extinguished. Her husband was furious that she grieved.

They fought.

They fought again.

Until it came out, one night,

“That little brat of yours deserved it!” he’d screamed, spittle flying out of his mouth. She’d paused in throwing her sharpest hairpins at him. “Do you know what it cost to poison him?”

Keres had stilled, and felt something in her snap, very quietly, and she clutched her jewelry box tighter, as if it were a shield against his truth. A poison, to mimic illness, to kill her child. A child of her body, one that she had chosen, that she had created.

Her husband had been triumphant, eyes glittering that he had finally crushed her under his heel.

A hate filled her, so great it blocked out everything else, a sort of serenity. A layer of ice atop a boiling lake. She remembered the silent bodies. The power of a single woman.

It seemed that she blinked, and stood outside the manor, eyes watering from the smokey air. The jewelry box was warm in her hand. It was ugly, and she hated it, but it would fetch a good price.

She turned, and kept walking.

Rank/Level: 2- 60 pts - 9 skill

Base Class: Assassin (+1 Dexterity, +1 Perception)

Subclass (if applicable): N/A

Prestige Class (optional): N/A

STR (Strength): 6

FPR (Force Power): 8

DEX (Dexterity): 8

INT (Intellect): 8

CON (Constitution): 7

MAN (Manipulation): 10

PER (Perception): 9

DES (Destiny): 6

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):
  • Shii-Cho - 1
  • Augmentation - 1
  • Force Sense - 1
  • Telepathy - 1
  • Convection - 1
  • Detoxify Poison - 1
  • Shadow Armor - 1
  • Telekinesis - 1
  • Spell of Mimicry - 1
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Zareel Jhenan´doka

Active member
Dread Apprentice Zareel Jhenan’Doka

Zareel 11.jpg
Theme Music: White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

Name/Title: Dread Apprentice Zareel Jhenan’Doka
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Species: Balosar
Orientation: Pansexual
Homeworld: Balosar
Occupation: Sorcerer Apprentice, Midwife, herbalist.

Height: 1.60mt
Weight: 55kg
Physical Description: Slim with the almost fragile figure of someone who famished a big amount of her life, pale skin, brown eyes and curly red auburn hair. A pair of antennapalps, characteristic from her race, are usually retracted to remain hidden between her curly hair or the braids she normally wears. Long deep visible scars on each forearm, after the extraction of two parasites from Kelcium and a deep scar on her right tight from a badly treated exposed fracture. Over her whole body there are small marks caused by herself while testing animal toxins, venomous or healing plants.
Clothing: Zareel usually wears wide blouses of light materials in kimono style, also wide trousers and sandals or being plain barefoot. Shawls to protect herself from the cold are very common in her. For battle she prefers tight pants and combat boots, maintaining the style of blouses.
Weapons: A pair of saber tonfa, emulating the ones she took from the guard of the lab where she used to be imprisoned. A small vibro-knife. One blaster.

Equipment: A utility belt. Small first aid kit additionally carrying herbs (Millaflower, Behot, Gimer bush).
Vehicles: None
Languages: Galactic basic, Balosur, basic Huttese.

Combat Skills: Zareel is relatively proficient in the use of dual weapons/lightsaber, combining this with her training in Soresu and having more experience in the use of dual tonfas; growing to be a mostly defensive fighter.
Other Strengths: She has participated in alchemy lessons, acquiring in them at the moment and due to her level, only basic knowledge and practice.
As any balosar she posses Antennapalps in the top of her head, these appendixes allow her to “sense” the changes in the mood of others; mostly the negative ones, permitting her to know when is the most appropriate time to raise her defences or just run away.
The highly contaminated environment of her home planet and the constant abuse of drugs during her life had caused her to develop a natural resistance to toxins, drugs and venomous substances.
After her interaction with the Eye of Typhojem she developed resistance against Force Horror and Force Insanity
Flaws: Her insecurity makes her hesitate too much when making decisions, especially when involves potential physical damage. Due to her time being an addict, her body has become frail and lacks physical resistance or high stamina.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Observant, normally doesn’t engage in many conversations, preferring to listen and analyse the participants. A person of easy laugh, never seems to be taking completely seriously any situation; but that’s usually a copying method to deal with the fear of being misunderstood or her absolute social awkwardness.
She doesn't socialize in depth with anyone, attachments or alliances aren't an absolute for her; an ally can quickly become an enemy or a target if there is the prospect of a reward in exchange for its removal; because of this, is quite irregular in her sympathy and can easily change her mind about a person by minimal actions or for her own convenience. However, this doesn't mean that she will openly reveal her feelings.
Fears: Death, her arrival at the academy was directed by her desire to gain the knowledge to prolong her existence in some form.
Likes: Tea, reading during her free time, collecting and dry plants, smoking and strong drinks.
Dislikes: People over affective or over-sensitive, excessively sweet drinks, dress etiquette, whiny people, poor lies (if you are going to lie, try to be credible)
Habits: When concentrated in something, tends to chew her lip; stares blankly, blinking quickly when doesn’t know how to respond or react to something uncomfortable.

Relationships/Love Interests: None
Masters: Darth Catalyst

Born and raised in Balosar; as a child, she always helped her family in their business, even when Zareel never really knew what they were into. She just spent her days collecting herbs, mushrooms and delivering small notes to some people who look scared after reading them.
At the age of fifteen, the man for whom her father worked, ordered that she had to deliver a package. Even when she had never seen that man before, something put all her senses in alert warning her about him. The wicked smile of the man, or moreover, her father's sad smile; like he was trying to say something but didn't dare to. The man was, in fact, a chemist who was responsible for the production and distribution of death sticks and the package was a box full of them for a new client. The orders were specific, not a single unnecessary word, no questions, no delays. All with the same brilliant smile of someone who knows how to cause pain.
Her memories become quite blurred from that point, mostly out of fear and pain suffered; someone had been informed of the route she would take to make the delivery and intercept her, taking the box and her leaving her with three broken fingers and a small stab on her leg. Maybe it would have been better if she had just run away, there were a lot of possibilities, but she took the last and worst one; Zareel went back home, empty hands but thinking that it was just a small mistake and she could try again later.
That little mistake was paid with a broken arm and leg, also five years working on the drug's production, replacing her father. However, through that period of punishment, she took her time to learn more about plants and toxins; using the facilities of the laboratory when no one was looking she produced her own concentrations, taken from different plants or animals she could get in the proximities or in the same lab. As such, it was much easier for her to create more potent drugs, since those normally produced there were not enough for her after years of addiction.
While testing on herself some of the creations, she starts to discover her sensitivity to the force; being able to, with extreme concentration, metabolize the toxins and poisons quicker than an average person, even some other balosars. And as the years kept passing, she wasn’t the same terrified girl.
Employing the materials gradually accumulated during her tortuous stay, she instigated a revolt and finally managed to run away. This was the first time she took a life; her most important victims were the owner of the laboratory and a guard who was especially vicious, from whom she took the pair of tonfas with which he used to beat her.
Her first destination was her old home and the desperation of being reunited with her parents was her only fuel. Sadly, when she arrived, she found out that shortly after her departure her father had died in the hands of her mother. The woman had been the true responsible of her fate, the one who decided to sell her in the past as a slave; her intention was to make a profit from her work and discard the man who was no longer of use to her.
The severe exhaustion, the abstinence of the toxic substances she was already used to and the hunger, after long days without eating any food, did a lot more than her will, her heart was broken. Her mother had been the holiest of all things in her life and now she was gone; leaving in front of her just a beast who had fed on the little strength and hope she could have ever had. Without a second thought, while the woman tried to communicate with someone who could remove the disturbance that was annoying her, Zareel instinctively began to drain her energy. Work that was not too difficult, but that stopped when the woman fell weakened to the ground, just to be able to strangle her with the help of the sticks that she put against her neck. Once her mother wasn’t breathing anymore, she left.
After spending a few months wandering and hiding, afraid that anyone related to the laboratory could be pursuing her, Zareel enjoyed a small change in her luck; becoming a sort of resident midwife in a brothel, starting with the first aids for a woman who had suffered a miscarriage and providing later some drugs to improve the performance of some clients or decrease it in some particular cases.
That brothel received a wide variety of clients; a considerable amount of them were users of the force, giving Zareel a small view of some skills and feeding more and more her curiosity.
One day, while the music was at its full and the dancers had just arrived at the scenario; the apprentice of a client started to cause trouble; evidently had drunk too much and started to yell and complain about some money-related issues. Even if fights were absolutely normal in that place, security usually rectified those problems when things started to be uncomfortable and too noisy for the rest of the guests; but in this special case, the guards were busy controlling an angry Gamorrean. The drunk apprentice, aiming for his master with an unsuccessfully telekinetic push, tossed a table against three dancers; Zareel, who was drinking at the bar next to the scenario, stopped it in time. Then, standing between the client and the apprentice, she shot him with a small needle imbued with a paralyzing toxin; giving time for his master to take him out and also take care of him as he considered fitting.
She knew that he didn’t need her help, it was evident, but something inside her started to desire more; test herself, gain more strength, more power, more knowledge, somewhere out there somebody could enlighten her. Even when after a while she had grown to like that twisted place, she decided to leave to search the Sith Academy.


  • STR (Strength): 6
  • FPR (Force Power): 9
  • DEX (Dexterity): 8
  • INT (Intellect): 9
  • CON (Constitution): 7
  • MAN (Manipulation): 9
  • PER (Perception): 10
  • DES (Destiny): 8
Rank/Level : 5
Base Class: Sorcerer



  • Form I – Shii- Cho 1
  • Form III – Soresu 1
  • Form VI - Niman 1
    • Trakata 1
Force powers

  • Telekinesis 1
  • Telepathy 1
    • Mind trick 1
  • Force Resistance 1
  • Force Bond 1
    • Drain Force 1
  • Feed on Dark Side 1
  • Crucitorn 1

Cardun Vrek

Well-known member
Name/Title: Darth Mavros (Birth Name: Cardun Vrek)
Nicknames/Aliases: The Blackwing
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Orientation (optional): Heterosexual
Homeworld: Dantooine
Height: 5”11
Weight: 160 pls
Physical Description: Mavros is thin, with short black hair and brown eyes. His skin is pale, his eyes are often heavy looking, and his cheeks are sunken. This all creates the impression of someone unremarkable.

Clothing: Black Tunic, Trousers and boots, with a black cloak worn over the top.
Weapons: Red Lightsaber, Blackwing Crystal Lightsaber, Obsidian Shikkar, ‘Blackwing’: A Shortsword made of pure cortosis, alchemically imbued with the power of Drain Life (3), so when the blade cuts an enemy it also saps away their life-force.
Equipment: Armour: Sith Expeditionary Suit
Base later of plastweave plates, covered in self repairing Laminanium armour
Includes a built in shock system to deter grappling. With black hooded cloak worn over it. Commlink. Breath Mask. Datapad. Upgraded Electro Binoculars with thermal vision.
Vehicles: Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier
‘Dark Wind’- with upgraded engine and weapons system
Gundark Class Crusier
‘The Karaya’
600m long
3 KDY Destroyer-1 engines, a Class 4 Hyperdrive, an assortment of Laser Cannons, Turbolasers, Ion Cannons, Concussion Torpedoes, as well as 18 Starfighters as a complementary force.
Pets: Tuk’ata named Hyal
Languages: Fluent in Basic, Huttese, and Sith. Was taught Huttese by his mercenary uncle, and learned Sith whilst studying in the Academy.

Combat Skills: Mavros is a decent enough swordsmen, though prefers to use the force in combat. He is trained in the use of firearms but mostly eschews them unless he feels it absolutely necessary.
Other Strengths: Mavros is intelligent and good at reading people. He also has a knack for picking up Languages quickly.
Flaws: Physically he is not particularly strong. He also has a trust issue, and as such is unable to truly trust anyone. This leads to him being unable to form firm friendships or intimate relationships. This possibly stems from his parents rejection of him.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Mavros is cold and distant. Whilst he is able to understand and read emotions, he rarely shows many himself, and when he does, the expressions of emotion will be mild at most. He has a sarcastic edge and is intolerant of those he feels beneath him, and has little patience for them. He also has a dark and warped sense of humour, taking delight in the misfortune of others. He also believes in a meritocratic system, and reacts with disgust to those who follow those clearly less powerful than them. As such, he treats non-force sensitive Royals with contempt, as well as those who blindly follow them based simply on their heritage. In reverse, he holds respect for those with power who have managed to gain power for themselves. He also is an opportunist, and will take an opportunity to gain more power if it appears and he feels that he is able to take it. He cares little for Glory and believes honour to be pointless, believing them to be chains that hold one back from reaching their full potential. As such, he is truly loyal only to himself.
Fears: Mavros’ greatest fear is Death, or more specifically, dying before he has achieved his goal of understanding the deeper nature of the force. He also fears those beings of immense power that are far above him, but keeps such fears to himself.
Likes: Good food and drink, intelligent company and conversation, reading and studying.
Dislikes: Idiots, poor quality provisions, Hutts, sycophants.
Habits: Rubbing his right cheek when frustrated.
Relationships/Love Interests: None.
Companions: None.

Masters: Darth Halcyon- deceased.
Apprentices: Do’Mar Neelig
Reputation: Mavros is a Sith that keeps to himself much of the time. His rise to the rank of Master will have earned the notice of his fellows and those below, but to those above it is likely he would not be very notable, by choice.

Darth Mavros was born Cardun Vrek on the planet Dantooine in the Outer Rim. His parents, like most inhabitants of the planet, were farmers, who lived in small farming community out in the plains. Cardun spent his early childhood exploring the nearby surroundings with friends, as there was little else to do and he often found himself bored by his simple life. The only excitement in his life were the visits of his roguish uncle, a mercenary, who would teach his nephew how to handle firearms and speak Huttese, much to the consternation of his parents.

One day, he wandered far away from his home with 2 friends, and found a strange and ancient looking building he had never seen before. Despite his friends urging him away, Cardun ventured inside. Inside, he felt a feeling of cold and dread which filled him with fear, but also a power which called to him. That power was the dark side, the building he was in an ancient rakata monument which still held traces of their dark presence. From then on, Cardun realised he had a power no one else around him had, and he began to experiment with his newfound abilities, training himself to use them over the next few years.

Without an instructor, his progress was limited, but he managed to learn how to manipulate those around him. Even his parents became the subject of his experiments. Cardun sought to further his knowledge, and travelled to the ruins of the ancient Jedi enclave to see if he could find anything. He found only a forgotten ruin, but whilst venturing inside discovered, buried under rubble, something that called to him- something which echoed with the power of the dark side. It was a damaged lightsaber hilt, a remnant of the battle which destroyed the old Enclave from ages past, though at the time he did not know what it was. Nonetheless, he claimed it as his own, feeling its power. Eventually, his parents confronted him regarding his experiments with the force. Claiming that he was sick and required treatment, they angered Cardun to the point that in a fit of uncontrolled rage, he killed them both. Fleeing in the night, Cardun escaped Dantooine, vowing never to return. He stowed away on a freighter bound for Nar Shaddaa, hiding out on the Smuggler’s Moon for several months, at which point he worked to lose his native accent and adopt a new personality before deciding to travel to the Sith Empire to properly begin his studies of the force.

He enrolled in the Sith Academy and spent the next few years as an Acolyte before finally being taken on by the future Darth Halcyon as his Apprenticed. By this point Cardun was aged 24. Tormented by visions and nightmares regarding the death of his parents, something he ad never truly resolved, he was granted permission to travel back to Dantooine to confront what he had done. Cardun came to terms with the person he had become, and burned down his family’s homestead to symbolically put the past behind him. During that return trip, he was confronted by his maternal uncle, the reformed Mercenary Zarrit Teagol. Teagol attempted to persuade Cardun to abandon the Sith Order and journey with him to find a Jedi acquaintance to help him turn to the light, but after his nephew rejected the offer and committed to the Sith, Zarrit resigned himself to the fact Cardun was devoted to the Dark Side and then tried to kill his nephew, failing in the attempt. Cardun then remorselessly cut his last living relative down before leaving the planet. He then resumed his training. His Master sent him to the ruins of Malachor V, chasing a rumour regarding an ancient long forgotten forge. Cardun was accompanied on this mission by another Sith Apprentice, Jakul Zumon.

The two Sith made their way through the ruined planet, fighting against the planet itself as well as its inhabitants. Discovering the forge, they were forced to overcome a series of tests, the final test being a fight with a colossal Rancor that was accompanied by a riddle, which Cardun realised the answer to meant he would have to spill his blood or Zumon’s in order to pass. He therefore stabbed the Kaleesh in the back, killing him and completing the trial. He informed Zumon’s master that he had perished fighting the beast, though he eventually told revealed the truth.

His training continued with Cardun being marooned on the planet Dathomir by his master to test his resolve and will to survive. Though he nearly died upon crash landing on the planet, through his grit and determination he was able to survive an encounter with rogue mercenaries as well as a local Nightsister coven, managing to kill several of the Nightsisters before escaping the planet by stealing the freighter of a pilot that answered a distress call he was able to send out. For the final test of his Apprenticeship, he accompanied his master to the wreck of a long lost New Republic vessel still floating in space. This vessel had been carrying out secrets experiments with assets recovered from the imperial project known as ‘Blackwing’. The ship had experienced a breakout of the virus caused by the presence of a Blackwing Orchid on board, and the crew had been infected, as well as several Jedi that had been drawn to the floating hulk by the Dark aura of the Orchid. Forced to fight through hordes of infected crew members as well as the infected Jedi, Cardun was able to help recover the Orchid and other Project Blackwing related materials, though he nearly lost his sanity in the process. Following this, he was Knighted by his master and completed his apprenticeship, being presented with a pure cortosis shortsword dubbed ‘Blackwing’, as well as a second Lightsaber which contained a Blackwing Crystal.

Following his Knighting, Cardun delved into the study of Sith Alchemy, becoming proficient in the art. He was able to utilise Alchemy to empower Blackwing with extra properties. He also took on an Apprentice of his own, an Ithorian named Do’Mar Neelig. He pushed Do’Mar as hard as he had been pushed as an apprentice in order to strengthen the Ithorian’s will and resolve, forcing him to battle him not long after being taken as his apprentice. He then took his Apprentice back to Dantooine, to the very ruins Cardun was first awakened to his inner potential in, in order to see if the Ithorian could receive similar enlightenment. He was pleasantly surprised when his apprentice came out of the ordeal strengthened, though he did not say so openly. Whilst training Do’Mar, he continued his own researches into the old ways of the Sith, with the goal to one day become a master of the old arts of Alchemy and Magic. After Knighting his apprentice, he was granted the rank of Sith Master and was bestowed the title of Darth, taking the name Darth Mavros.

STR: 10
FPR: 16
DEX: 10
INT: 13
CON: 12
MAN: 13
PER: 11
DES: 12

Rank/Level: Level 30 Sith Master
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer
Form I-1
Form III-3
Force Sense-3
Force Push-3
Mental Shield-3
Force Shock-1
Force Lightning-4
Lightning Variant: Storm-4
Force Resistance-4
Dark Side Healing-2
Force Bond-2
Drain Life-2
Death Field-3
Drain Force-2
Inflict Pain-3
Imbue Item-3
Sutta Chwituskak-3
Qazoi Kyantuska-3
Forge Sith Artefact-3
Forge Sith Armour-3
Animate Golem-2
Animate Sith Statue-2
Invoke Spirits-2
Corpse Vision-2
Reanimate Dead-2
Spectral Dead- FREE

Loharr Talem

Legendary Member

Name/Title: Loharr Talem, Shadow Apprentice

Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Orientation: Straight

Homeworld: Dantooine

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (Occasional), Assassin

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 185lbs

Physical Description: Tall, average build. He has a soft, yet masculine face with a dark tan complexion. He sports a scar beneath his left eye, on his ocular orbit. His hair was once dark brown, while being black at the roots. He also used to have a braid over his left ear. Now, it is shortened, with no braid. Finally, his eyes are brown. Lightsaber scar on right bicep and left torso. His physique is lean and muscular, similar to that of a skilled acrobat.

Clothing: Simple cloth outfit, composed of grey and black fabrics. Silver ring with golden inlay insignia on the right pinkie.


Red Saberstaff (Separable):

-Lightsaber 1:

-Standard Crystal (Crimson Red)

-Waterproof Components

-Connecting Pommel

-Lightsaber 2:

-Standard Crystal (Crimson Red)

-Waterproof Components

-Connecting Pommel

Loharr_Talem_Saberstaff (wrong).png

Red Lightdagger:

-Attenuated Emitter (¼ inch Blade)

-Rubat Crystal (Crimson Red)

-Waterproof Components

Green Lightsaber (Disguise Weapon)(No Active Use):

-Standard Crystal (Emerald Green)


Equipment: Datapad (standard)

Vehicles: Star Courier (starship)

Pets (if applicable): Nibbles (Klutzy Gizka)

Languages: Basic, Huttese, Mando’a

Combat Skills: Vibroswords (Adept), Throwing Knives (Adept), Blaster Training (Adept), Echani Martial Arts (Tier 1). Being trained to fight and kill from an early age, Loharr has a moderate grasp on bladed weapons, hazing utilized both vibroweaponry and throwing knives, as well as hand-to-hand combat while undergoing his jobs. He also has some blaster training, but much prefers bladed or melee weapons, finding ranged weapons a lot less personal to his profession.

Other Strengths: Personal Disguise, Mixology, Cooking. As an assassin, Loharr has had more than a few missions where he needed to become someone whom he was not. He picked up a few skills during this time that weren’t necessarily killing related, but certainly interesting enough for normal, day-to-day life.

Flaws: Loharr despises working in teams, but will if ordered to. His perception of teams is that generally, other individuals get in the way, inhibiting the mission in the long run, rather than helping it along to its end. This perception is born mainly from semi-randomized groupings during numerous jobs taken as a Bounty Hunter on Dantooine when he was younger.

He also has a tendency to become laser focused within certain tasks he is either assigned or ones he takes on himself. This laser focus is good for performing tasks, but if he becomes too focused, he will develop a tunnel vision that will work against him, restricting him from altering his focus from things around him. Though admittedly, this does not happen very often.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality:Quiet, reserved, loyal. These are but a few of the words that describe Loharr. He isn't one for copious amounts of words, as he prefers to let his actions speak for themselves. He is reserved, for he lets those around them tend to be loose-lipped, because better them, than him. He tends to gather a lot of information simply by listening, and asking targeted/specific questions. He is this way when things are serious, like duels or missions.

When the situation does not call for things to be of a more serious nature, Loharr is more talkative, making idle conversation where he can and with whomever he can, provided it is within his station.

Loyalty is also something Loharr takes to heart. Simply put, he would rather sever an arm before letting anyone question his loyalty.

Fears: Darth Vesper and any member of the Dark Council and the Duumvirate.

Likes: Cheesesticks, Ships, Challenging Missions, Ship Building, Flavorful Foods

Dislikes: Shards, Mouse Droids, Excessive Heat, Slavery,

Habits: None yet developed.

Relationships/Love Interests: Teersa Ereste (Wife)


-Nero Threnn, a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter from Loharr’s early career, as well as sharpshooter and fighter.

-Teersa Ereste, a Human Assassin and Bounty Hunter from Loharr’s later career and time in the Empire. She is also his wife.

Friendships: Teersa Ereste

Masters: Darth Vizuul (Former), Lady Kore (Former), Lady Vesper (Current)

Apprentices: N/A

Reputation: The general consensus of those within the Empire is that Loharr is intuitive, entrepreneurial, hard-working, and talented with technology. His dedication is second to none and unwavering. One such member of the Empire even called him an innovative duelist and dangerous.

Biography: Loharr was born to modest farmers on Dantooine, in the Mosa High Plains region, northwest of Mosa Rishin. His parents, Jana and Kalus Talem, knew from an early age that Loharr was Force-Sensitive, since his father, was Force-Sensitive as well. Loharr would spend most of his days either playing in his families’ hut or out in their crop fields, as a young child, he was easily entertainable. His favorite game was Force Catch, which he played mainly with his father, when his parents’ weren’t tending to their moderate variety of crops.

His young, playful life was not to last though, for one day, a Jedi Seeker came. She knew Loharr was Force-Sensitive and tried to convince Jana and Kalus to let her take Loharr back to Coruscant so that he may join the Jedi Order. His parents refused. The Seeker left, but would come back several more times. Each time she returned, Loharr’s parents remained adamant in their refusal.

When Loharr was 6, the Seeker returned once more. This time, she would not leave empty-handed.

The Seeker unclasped her lightsaber from her belt and held it in her hand. Loharr’s mother held him close, as suddenly a brilliant, emerald green light emerged with a hiss, swinging at the Seeker. It was Loharr’s father. The Seeker ignited her own lightsaber, a radiant, golden yellow. Their lightsabers clashed with a screech.

The first to fall was Loharr’s mother, slain by a knife, thrown with the Force by the Seeker. Then Loharr’s father fell, slashed by the Seekers golden yellow blade. Seeing no other course at the time, the young Loharr fled. He had actually fled when his mother was killed, so he never saw his father get killed. But he figured his father met a similar fate.

It was the confusion of the fighting that allowed Loharr to escape, and by the time the Seeker realized that Loharr was not there, he was already beyond her grasp. She burned the hut and Loharr’s parents’ bodies to cover for her actions.

Little Loharr cried, as he was now alone and afraid, but he did the one thing he knew. He walked. He knew there was a settlement nearby, a town that he could hide in. Mosa Town it was called, and it would be his hellish home for a year, being mistreated and chastised by the townsfolk.

After a year living in the streets of Mosa Town, Loharr was approached by a woman by the name of Dana Carrana, a Bounty Hunter. She needed some assistance getting at her target, a local Rodian needed to be brought in, dead or alive. And so, 7-year-old Loharr Talem waited outside the cantina, and when the Rodian left, he followed. After a quick tail, the Rodian figured out that he was being followed and attacked Loharr. After a quick scuffle, the Rodian lay dead, a knife in his chest.

This kill, while sloppy, impressed Dana Carrana, and she would go on to mentor Loharr in the ways of Bounty Hunting.

After spending the next 16 years as a Bounty Hunter on Dantooine, Loharr would go on to leave his home planet for the first time, and travel to the Sith World of Korriban, where he would join the Eternal Sith Empire.

During that 16 years, Loharr would also locate and join a small sect of secretive assassins that deliberately worked to kill crime lords and other powerful thugs in order to dictate the politics of the criminal underworld of Dantooine. Discovering this sect would propel him deeper down the path of assassination.

During his time within the Empire, Loharr would become Apprenticed to several Sith Masters, though is currently Apprenticed to the Regent of his Great House, Lady Vesper. Also during this time, Loharr would be credited with the death of a singular Jedi Knight, Baldor Sif, while fighting in capital ship combat over the planet of Saleucami. He would even open his own shop, dealing in the business of space faring vessels from starfighters to capital ships.

A little later in his career in the Sith Empire, Loharr would temporarily return to Dantooine after a fellow Bounty Hunter and Mandalorian acquaintance, Nero Threnn, approached Loharr about a job. On this job, Loharr would meet the woman named Teersa Ereste. Teersa and Loharr would reluctantly marry immediately after the mission, convinced by Nero. From this obviously rocky relationship would slowly grow a budding romance. Though, admittedly, Teersa still spends her free time trying to stab Loharr when she suspects his guard is down.

STR (Strength): 9

FPR (Force Power): 7

DEX (Dexterity): 11

INT (Intellect): 9

CON (Constitution): 11

MAN (Manipulation): 9

PER (Perception): 9

DES (Destiny): 7

Rank/Level Apprentice (Lvl 10)

Base Class: Assassin

Subclass: Sith Stalker

Prestige Class: N/A

Skills [Points]:

-Form I: Shii-Cho [1]

-Form IV: Ataru (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) [2]

-Jar'Kai (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) [2]

-Saber Throw (Requires Telekinesis, Form I - Shii-Cho) [1]

-Augmentation [1]

-Force Sense [1]

-Telekinesis [1]

-Force Push (Requires Telekinesis) [1]

-Force Resistance [1]

-Contort [1]

-Conceal Essence (Requires Sith Assassin) [2]

-Force Stealth [1]

-Force Cloak (Requires Sith Assassin) [1]

-Dim Others Senses (Requires Sith Assassin) [1]

Darth Thana

Active member
Name/Title: Darth Thana, Dread Master of the Kissai. Beloved Usra

Nicknames/Aliases: Gemi Rogue

Theme Song:

Voice claim is: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones/ Emilia Clarke


Age: 24
Sex: Female
Species: Zabrak
Orientation: Bisexual

Homeworld: Iridonia
Occupation: Former Mercenary/Jedi hunter
*Creator of Cyber R Us
*Creator of DarkSide Living
Height: 5'4
Weight: 155lbs

Physical Description: Natural Skin, Black Long Hair, Small Black Horns, Purple Eyes, Slim/Athletic Body, Thin Vertical Tattoos Down Both Eyes

Black cloak with hood, normally black/grey/or red clothes (normally black pants).

1 Purple Light Pike,
1 Crimson Light Pike "Fury" (made of Beskar and coated with Cortosis)
1 Dual Blade Lightsaber (Purple/ come apart in middle)
1 Valyrian Steel Sword (Beskar/ Obsidian)

Death Watch Portable Shield,
Black Hooded Cape,
Cortosis Arm Guards,
Knuckle Plate Vibro Blade (coated with two different types of paralyzing agents lethal/ nonlethal),
Wrist comlink/datapad.
Amulet of Transformation (S'kytri),
1 Phrik Dreadwarian Tower Shield

*1 Heavy Exoskeleton Armor(alchemized to be Lightsaber resistant)Mixed with Aerogel, Crystaldirium & Songsteel "Dathomirian Hellfire"

*Holodroid- regular stock "Foxtrot"
- Downloaded with basic projections such has civilians from most sentient life. Pirates and thugs for combat practice.
- Duranium Metal
- hacking software (easy locks one turn, medium: 2 turns, hard: 3 turns)
-scrambler key

*BD-1 (Aiden)
- equipped with three refillable bacta shots + injector
- Optic: Thermal, Night Vision, Zoom 20m • Left Eye is projector, Recorder,
- Duranium Metal

*GHT DROID (Whiskey)
- Programming: Piloting, Mapping, Databank, engineering,
- Equipment: Enhanced Radar, small shield generator, Enhancer Scanner, Universal Computer Interface arm, micro engine, repulsers,
- Descrytion: (see pic) body mass is slightly smaller then a basketball, with shell made of Duranium

1/3 of a fortress on Oricon.
*E9-A Naiad-Class Starfighter "Dragonstar"

*Corellian HT-2200 "The Infinite Inferno"

*Venatrix class Star Destroyer "DreadFire" Co Owned with Darth Jina'tis from shadow shipwrights
Pets :Nexu= Alpha,
Varactyl= Omega,
Dire Cat=Beta,
Tu'kata=Dziri ("Hunter" in High Sith),
Gorgodon= Wrath
Rancor= Rage
Tusk Cat=

Languages: Galactic basic, Dathomiri, Zabraki, High Sith

Combat Skills:
Dun Möch
Alchemy (Taken Class by Lady Noxia)
Higher pain tolerance (Zabrak trait)

Other Strengths:
Strategic, Passionate & Comfortable with Death

Untrusting at Times, A Need to Fulfil a Task & Overconfidence.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Charming, loyal, Cold when Serious, Cunning & Observant

Love as it is a weakness that can be used against her but something that also is longed for.

Magic, Alchemy and reaching the peak of personal power/growth.

Whiny people, lazy people and egotistical lower ranks.

Habits: Drinker, likes to play with fire & has a need to spill blood out of boredom.

Relationships/Love Interests: NPC love Interest (Mytros)

Friendships: Darth Jina'tis, Darth Mirtis, Knight I-Ron

Companions: Mytros

Masters: Former Master Lord Feros, Former Master Lord Zox

Current Karros Zaruiel,
Former Zan'roc (Dead) ,
Former Apprentice Knight Kauldron

Reputation: Ruthless, Powerful Duelist with flair for pyro, Revered, Respected, Loved by those who know her but also feared by the same for her wrath and power.

Born on the planet Iridonia and hearing the stories of the past zabrak joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic, I was determined to right the wrongs of my people joining the rebels. I trained hard listening to tales of the nightsisters/nightbrothers, wanting to become a great Sith as I read anything I could on the philosophy of the Sith . I gained a satisfaction from killing a jedi for the first time as I became a mercenary, from that moment I knew I needed to find a place to grow among others like minded as I....I was drawn to the academy.

(96 points)
STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 13
DEX (Dexterity): 13
INT (Intellect): 13
CON (Constitution): 11
MAN (Manipulation): 12
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 12

Rank/Level: level 30 Dread Master
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Elementalist
Prestige Class: Sith Witch

Skills: (75)
Form I (Shii-Cho) -1
Form VI (Niman) -1
Telekinesis -3
Force Rend -2
Telepathy -4
Qâzoi Kyantuska -4
Mental Shield -4
Tutaminis -4
Flamusfracta -2
Waves of Hatred -3
Mesmerism -3
Surge of the Brier -2
Force Shock -2
Force Lightning -4
Convection -3
Pyrokinesis -4
Force Resistance -4
Force Barrier -4
Blood Magic -2
Dark Illusion -2
Blood Trail -2
Sith Illusions -2
Feed on Dark Side -3
Reanimate Dead -3
Animate Golem -3
Infernal Dead -3
Dwomutsiqsa -3
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Character Illustration:
Darth Volacius.jpg
Theme Music:
Audio Sample of Character Voice:
(Clancy Brown as Long Feng)

Name/Title: Darth Volacius (formerly Camion Ishar)
Nicknames/Alias: Scourge of the Jedi
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Species: Mirialan
Homeworld: Ossus
Occupation: Sith Master, Admiral (Fleet of House Cruor), Rear Admiral (Imperial Navy)
Height: 5’11
Weight: 195 lbs
Physical Description: Well built and muscular, various scars across his back, chest, arms, and legs; Golden yellow flesh, rigid cheekbones and sharp facial features; strong, square jawline; jagged, black tattoos on his chin, cheeks just below the eyes, and central forehead. Sickly yellow-red eyes from Dark side corruption; Short, black hair slicked back.
Clothing: light gray undergarments, dark burgundy tunic, black utility belt, black pants, Rear Admiral rank insignia, Steel gray plastoid composite armour including chestplate (worn under tunic), shoulder pads, gauntlets, knee pads, and boots.

-One single-bladed Lightsaber, crimson crystal
Volacius Sabre.PNG
-One single-bladed Lightsaber Shoto, crimson crystal
Volacius Shoto.png
-One ancient Sith Sword (+1 power bonus to elemental Force powers channeled through it, retrieved on Lotho Minor during apprenticeship under Lord Kain)
-‘Volacian Edge’ Saberstaff (Double-bladed Lightsaber, one blade generated by crimson barab ingot and crimson firkrann crystal, respectively)
Volacian Edge.jpg
-Wristblaster mounted to left gauntlet
(Note: the following are weapons in Volacius’ possession, but not normally on his person)
-Single-bladed Lightsaber, green crystal (x2)
Volacius Rugi Trophy.PNG
Volacius Borgie Trophy.PNG
-Single bladed Lightsaber, blue crystal
Volacius Dutch Trophy.PNG

-Grappling hook (mounted to right gauntlet)
-Stun grenades

-Modified TIE/D Defender (Modifications: Slightly enlarged cockpit, collapsible passenger seat doubling as bunk, small storage compartment)
-Angelus Mortis, Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer
Languages: Galactic Basic

Combat Skills: Volacius is balanced between his prowess in direct combat, and his tactical and strategic skills. He is known for making heavy use of Force Lightning and Pyrokinesis, as well as relentless Makashi, Juyo, and Jar’Kai onslaughts with a small variety of weapons he has accumulated across his time in the Empire, but his bulk lends itself well to overpowering enemies in hand-to-hand combat if necessary. In wartime, he serves in a command role, specializing in space combat but capable of effectively directing ground forces as well. He is also a capable pilot, particularly when in the cockpit of a starfighter.
Other Strengths: Volacius long ago cast aside any sense of honour or fairness, and is willing to play as dirty as necessary to survive, if not emerge victorious outright. He is also unconcerned with the opinions of his peers, preferring instead to simply pursue his own goals in the context of serving the Empire.

Flaws: Volacius is somewhat singularly-focused on eradicating the Jedi Order, or at the very least preventing it from rising from the ashes. He is, therefore, not fond of Sith infighting and rivalry, rendering him somewhat vulnerable to such endeavours, though not any less aware of them. Volacius will often attempt to avoid such situations rather than deal with them directly, as he prefers to keep his focus on who he views to be the true enemy. Volacius also struggles with social interaction at times due to both his troubled childhood and adolescent years and his singular quest to exact vengeance upon the Jedi, both of which contribute to a general apathy for most personal relationships. His hatred for the Jedi is also causing internal conflict within him, as at this point in his life he has spent years dominated by primarily negative emotions. Additionally, the disappearance of his longtime compatriot and close friend, Darth Kore (formerly Trinaya Dur), has taken an additional emotional toll on him.
Alignment: Chaotic Good. While Volacius is certainly selfish to some degree, he still does believe (or want to believe) that the things he does, no matter how unsavory or brutal, are for a greater good.

Personality: Volacius is generally agreeable, at the very least. While not the most talkative, the remnants of his Jedi heritage make him capable of some level of diplomacy. Volacius sometimes attempts to use this to his own advantage to gain the trust of his peers, as well as to keep control of his temper and appease his superiors.
However, more often than not Volacius comes across as a silent brute; his build is intimidating, and he is often very blunt and to-the-point.
He can sometimes be impatient, but is usually able to stop short of recklessness. He harbors extreme hatred for the Jedi and wants to fight them at every turn, and most actions he has taken since joining the Sith have reflected this goal.
He greatly enjoys Lightsaber combat and offensive Force powers, and though he wasn’t always fond of the hardships of training during his time as an apprentice, he now views such practice as both routine and important.
Fears: Losing his power; Dying a meaningless death, before exacting vengeance on the Jedi, or before determining who he really is once and for all.

Likes: Power, strength, cunning, discipline, effective strategy and tactics, unity against a common foe; achieving victory, particularly against unfavourable odds, commanding armies and fleets, flying a starfighter, killing his enemies, combat simulations, games of strategy and/or intellect, peace and security.

Dislikes: Weakness, lack of self-control, reckless waste of resources/poor strategy, infighting amongst allies, defeat, disrespect toward superiors, gratuitous violence (according to his own dubious tolerance), being sidelined in a battle, games of chance, endless and/or cataclysmic wars.

Habits: Training/sharpening combat skills, running battle simulations, running drills, meditating/building up well of emotions.

Relationships/Love Interests: Trinaya Dur

Companions: Ira Tekoa, (Stormtrooper) Captain Elian Bransk; (Navy) Captain Raigil Teltif and Crew, Starfighters and embarked Ground Forces of the Angelus Mortis

Friendships: Lord Kain, Darth Skyllan, Damian Kento, Trinaya Dur

Masters: (former) Sitri Yar, (former) Darth Kain

Apprentices: (former) Darth Skyllan, Ira Tekoa

Reputation: Stoic and cold, blunt but well-mannered, Known for commanding the fleet that defended the planet Hapes during the Civil War.

Camion was born into a Jedi family at the start of the Sith-Imperial War. During the Massacre of Ossus, he was one of the fortunate younglings to escape, though his parents were killed in the fighting. Having lost his parents very early in his life, he garnered a deep hatred for the One Sith who had taken them, but also a resentment for the Jedi who had failed to anticipate the attack and let his parents and many of his friends perish.
After several years on the run with his de-facto Master, Sitri Yar, he showed promise in the area of Lightsaber combat, using his hatred to fuel his ambition. His master became worried that Camion was giving in to the Dark side, and his worries were justified. Even after the death of Darth Krayt and the defeat of the One Sith, Camion’s feelings of hatred and anger were not quenched. Many of the One Sith’s members had escaped capture, leaving Camion feeling cheated and deepening his belief that the Jedi were not fit to defend the galaxy.
Soon after, he was assigned along with his Master and a team of Jedi to investigate the ruins of Vjun and ensure there was no One Sith presence there. The team was quickly ambushed upon arrival, and Camion was separated from the rest of the Jedi. He spent months surviving on his own, and completely gave in to the Dark side during this time. When he finally faced the One Sith who had ambushed the Jedi before, he was able to outwit and outmaneuver them. He escaped Vjun using a stolen Sith shuttle, killing one of them in the process.
Following this, Camion spent years on his own as a mercenary for hire, often finding himself employed by less-than-reputable organizations and individuals for equally unruly tasks. This saw him encounter the Jedi as enemies, and strengthened his resentment of them into full-blown hatred.
With the rebirth as it were of the Sith under Emperor Dreadwar, and the revitalization of the most ancient and forgotten Sith traditions, Camion eagerly clamored to their side for the chance to strike back at the Jedi, his allies and friends no longer. At the academy on Korriban, Camion chose to take up a new name for himself: Volacius.
Volacius excelled at his studies as well as his combat skills and Force powers, and was selected alongside Trinaya Dur as one of two Acolytes to embark upon a mission under the leadership of Darth Malos. The trio ventured out into the desert to locate the missing Acolyte Damian Kento. The mission would lead them to a ruined Sith Temple filled with undead husks and psychological horrors, and they would soon discover that an ancient Sith Lord, Darth Quetzu, had kidnapped Kento in hopes of transferring his essence into the young man’s body. Though hopelessly outmatched, through timely interference from an unexpected entity as well as Quetzu’s own madness and overconfidence, the pair of Sith hopefuls were able to kill the ancient Sith Lord and rescue the missing Acolyte. The events of the mission forged a strong bond between Volacius and Trinaya, one that would endure even after they parted ways and graduated from the Academy.
Some time after graduation, Volacius would be recruited by Dark Lord Kain for an undercover assignment to root out traitors to the Empire. He would pose as a Jedi and attempt to rally Jedi supporters to himself in order to expose them. The mission was a success, and his performance secured him a position as Kain’s apprentice. Lord Kain’s teachings greatly improved and expanded Volacius’ potency in combat, and the Mirialan would undertake several daunting missions for his master. Most notable among these were the retrieval of an ancient Sith Sword guarded by a horde of Technobeasts on Lotho Minor, and the ambush of a group of five Jedi on Naboo, of which Volacius dispatched three. He would take their Lightsabers as trophies, and after further training he was released from Kain’s tutelage as a fully-fledged Sith Knight.
Free to choose his own path in the Empire, Volacius joined House Cruor, becoming involved in both the House Fleet and the Imperial Fleet. The Mirialan Sith also trained his own apprentice, one Pallas Acherjon, culminating in a battle against Federation special forces during which the young S’kytri slew their Jedi leader, Knight Kemuel Hallsch. With the completion of this task, Volacius saw fit to Knight his apprentice, himself ascending to the rank of Sith Master and taking on the title of Darth.
Volacius continued serving in House Cruor and the Imperial Starfleet for the remainder of the cold war between the Empire and the Federation, however the sudden disappearance of Trinaya Dur, then Darth Kore, was a blow to his morale that he never truly recovered from.
With tensions between the Federation and the Empire blowing up into all-out war, Volacius was finally able to embark upon the quest he had spent most of his adult life preparing for: securing revenge against the Jedi. He participated in numerous battles, mostly as a flag officer, utilizing his Battle Meditation to secure victory after victory. Where possible, Volacius would engage in combat with Jedi, his furious anger let loose upon the Order he was born into.
He also participated in the following Civil War, though with far less enthusiasm, and to a far lesser extent. He preferred instead to keep his resources from being decimated in the conflict wherever possible, only engaging other Imperial factions when necessary, or when he felt they were a definite threat to the Sith as a whole, until the conflicts came to a close.
As the Civil War came to an end, Volacius was left with many unanswered questions. What had happened to the Emperor? Where was Darth Kore? What had he even been fighting for all these years? Though still loyal to the Sith and the Empire, Volacius’ drive has been shaken, and his desire to strike against the Jedi quieted somewhat.

Attributes (96 points):
STR (Strength): 14 (+1 Warrior Bonus)
FPR (Force Power): 18
DEX (Dexterity): 14
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 12 (+1 Warrior Bonus)
MAN (Manipulation): 6
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 8

Rank/Level: 31 Sith Master
Base Clase: Sith Warrior
Subclass: Sith Conqueror
Skills (80 Skill Points):

Lightsaber Combat Forms
  • Form I Shii-Cho — 1
  • Form II Makashi — 3
  • Form VII Juyo — 3
  • Jar'Kai — 4
Force Powers
  • Augmentation — 4
    • Force Jump — 3
    • Force Speed — 3
  • Force Sense — 3
    • Precognition — 3
  • Telekinesis — 3
    • Force Push — 3
    • Force Rend — 3
    • Force Wound — 3
  • Telepathy — 3
    • Mental Shield — 4
  • Force Shock — 1
    • Force Lightning — 4
      • Force Storm — 4
  • Convection — 1
    • Pyrokinesis — 4
  • Force Resistance — 4
    • Tutaminis — 4
  • Force Bond — 3
    • Battle Meditation — 4
  • Force Suppression — 4
Character Illustration



Name/Title: Nacros Telcontare, Butcher’s Harbinger, Apprentice to Sedriss Nathemus

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 46

Sex: M

Species: Arkanian

Heterosexual (tends to keep away from romantic entanglements as they are most often a distraction)

Homeworld: Taris

Occupation: Currently None

Height: 6’ 7”

Weight: 280 lb.

Physical Description: Nacros has a clean appearance. His face is etched with lines from years of hard work and fighting. Long white hair flows down to his shoulders. He is both well-built and well-toned.

Clothing: Black robes, black casual leather armor, full phrik armor

Weapons: Lightsaber (dark blue mestare crystal which forms a katanna shaped blade), 6’ beskar staff (talisman of concentration fitted in its center)

Equipment: Crushgaunts, phrik armor, and a wrist mounted Arkanian energy shield

Vehicles: None

Pets: Arkanian Dragon (named Melkor) (formed companionship during house civil war)

Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Rodian, Arkanian

Combat Skills: Masterly proficient in hand-to-hand combat due to a lifetime of experience, skilled in staves, staffs, swords, and lightsabers as well.

Other Strengths: Connections high up in multiple gangs, skilled in archery (can be used in combat, but leans towards a lightsaber/sword generally)

Flaws: Guarded, is not very trusting of others until they prove themselves, because of this, tends to work alone or only with a select few

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Loyal to friends, hard work ethic,

Fears: Betrayal, being caught unprepared

Likes: Admires quality craftsmanship in a weapon and armor, has an interest in learning the art of metalsmithing

Dislikes: Romantic entanglements, untrustworthy people, laziness

Habits: Tends to stick to the shadows and prefers to not be in the spotlight

Relationships/Love Interest: None

Companions: None

Friendships: Lord Nathemus

Masters: Lord Nathemus

Apprentices: None

Reputation: Fierce, Cunning, Loyal, Stoic


Nacros was born on Arkania, but taken by slavers. The slaves were treated very cruelly and abused what seemed to be daily. As he grew up, he was forced to grow a thick skin. It was a hard life, very little positive communication. Beatings were his only friend apart from the awful food provided when they remembered. When he was only 8 years old, he was sold to a few burly looking men by the traffickers. They told him nothing but locked him up in the ship's containment cells. It was a long journey. He did not know the time of day or even what day it was. He sat in his cell for what felt like weeks. Every now and then they would stop, and he would hear others being dragged onto the ship and put in a cell. He wondered what would become of this miserable life he seemed to lead.

The days went by, day in and day out, until one day he was brought out of the ship. It was here that he was then sold to a member of the UBS (Underworld Brawl Syndicate) in the underworld of Taris. It was a syndicate of Taris’ worst, all gathered in one place. The reason for this group, entertainment brought to them by other’s pain. These slavers bought and grabbed people from all over the galaxy just to provide entertainment and profit through betting. It was through great hardship that Nacros managed to survive. In the beginning he didn’t do very well. However, after befriending one of his fellow slaves, they were able to help each other survive.

Nacros grew tougher and tougher as the years went on. He wasn’t always the biggest fighter, but what he lacked in brawn he made up for in intelligence. He was able to outsmart many opponents and gain victory by fighting smarter rather than harder. He had learned how to take a hit and get back up. In essence, he really had learned how to lose, many times over. After a few years, he was becoming something of a crowd favorite with the locals. He discovered that he was quite a force to be reckoned with and enjoyed being so popular. His friend, however, began to grow jealous of him and eventually betrayed him by trying to kill him. In the end of the dispute, Nacros had to kill his only friend. It pained him so deeply being betrayed by his best friend that from that day forward, he became a loner. He never quite trusted someone the same.

He fought his way up through the UBS and, long story short, eventually earned the title of leader. This position made him a very rich man, and even very well-respected on more than one planet. This syndicate may have been based on Taris, but it was spread among various planets as well. As his rule over the UBS dragged on, he found himself beginning to get bored with the invariability. He often searched for something different, something that would challenge him.

It was around that time that a strange man approached him one night. The man identified himself as Lord Nathemus and stated that he was a Sith Lord. Nacros had heard whispers of the Sith before but had not realized how very real they were until now. Lord Nathemus went on to tell him that he had seen him once years earlier and thought he might have some potential. He had been passing through and sensed someone of great potential in the dark side. That’s how he came to find Nacros again. Lord Nathemus saw that the man he once noticed had indeed risen and become a person of power. Someone who understands what it means to lose and someone who had potential to excel in the Sith Empire. “I strongly recommend taking a moment to consider joining us. It would be a something to challenge yourself with and also be a chance to show people what you're really made of.” Upon hearing this, Nacros felt as though the Sith Lord exactly what he was feeling. He thanked the Sith Lord and said he wanted to think on it. Lord Nathemus consented and told him to reach out to him when he made up his mind.

Nacros dwelled on what he had been told, for it was something that greatly intrigued him. He often thought he was meant for more than this seemingly petty life but didn’t know what it was or how he would discover it. After a day or two of pondering this matter, he finally came to the conclusion that this was the path he was meant to be on. He long felt a feeling of complacency creeping into his life of familiarity and repetition. Nacros wanted to expand his horizons and to challenge himself. He filled in his second in command that he would be gone for a while. He made it clear how he wanted things to be run. He wasn’t all too sure of how accurately his second would follow his instructions, but it was a necessary risk.

Reaching out to the Dark Lord Nathemus, he was given coordinates and instructed to rendezvous there. He was on a new path, one that would lead him to becoming a powerful warrior of the Sith. He embraced his journey and was eager to learn the secrets of power and strength. Upon landing, he was welcomed and put into a few classes teaching him the basics of the system and how to ascend. “Respect your superiors, work hard, and you will do well here. Disrespect your superiors or show laziness, and you will be killed.” Simple enough thought Nacros. Not too long after his arrival on Korriban, he began to feel like someone was trying to communicate with him. There didn’t seem to be any distinct voices or words, but he knew, somehow, that someone was trying to reach him. He really didn’t understand it at first, and thus dismissed it for a few days. Soon though he was unable to ignore it any longer. He inquired to a few of his instructors on how communication through the force worked. They questioned his sudden interest, but he brushed it off as something he had stumbled across in one of his readings. Taking the advice of his instructors and some information from his many readings, he had a breakthrough one late night sitting in his room. It had only been a couple weeks, but it felt like he had been working at it for years. He was able to understand the incoming message.

“Prepare yourself! For unthinkable things are approaching quickly, your very existence will be changed. Go to Bosthrida; you must be ready for when I return.”, the voice said. Nacros was unsure what to think at first. “Was this someone messing with him?”, he thought it unlikely as it felt all too real and serious. He tried to reach out in response, “Who are you? What is coming? I don’t understand”. The voice was silent at first and he thought he may have missed his opportunity. Then suddenly the voice resurfaced, responding in a soft voice, “I am High Priestess Hesper, Dark lady of the Sith, and Butcher of Coruscant. Go to Bosthrida and await my return. The end approaches…. Have faith, and wait. My return is imminent.” As the voice trailed off, he knew the conversation was over. The influx of information engulfed his thoughts, churning and swirling around like oceans during a violent storm. He knew of the Butcher of Coruscant. The story was known through the entirety of the galaxy. “The Butcher of Coruscant wants my help?", the thought lingered in his head for a few moments. Then he switched his focus, “I must obey her command”.

He normally wouldn’t go anywhere near something so strange and out of the ordinary, but somehow it just felt right. It was almost as if destiny was at work; the will of the Force brought him through his life for this moment. This would change his life forever, and whatever it would be, he knew it was his purpose. He would be honored to serve such a prestigious member of the Sith; he knew not what she saw in him, but he would make his goal to not let her down. He immediately started making preparations to travel to Bosthrida where he would come face to face with destiny. As to what awaited him, he had no idea, but he was eager for the adventure that was sure to be waiting for him. “May the dark side flow through me and guide me…”, his final thought fading out of his mind as he began his preparations.

Attributes: (Total = 66pts)

STR (Strength): 10
FPR (Force Power): 8
DEX (Dexterity): 8
INT (Intellect): 11
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 4
PER (Perception): 9
DES (Destiny): 6

Rank/Level: 5

Base Class: Warrior

Subclass: None

Prestige Class: None

Shii-Cho: 1
Juyo: 1
Augmentation: 1
Telekinesis: 1
Telepathy: 1
Mental Shield: 1
Beast Language: 1
Convection: 1
Force Sense: 1
Force Resistance: 1
Force Wound: 1
Force Bond: 1
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Name/Title: Darth Mirtis
Nicknames/Aliases: General of Venom, Architect of Syn
Sex: Male
Species: Trandoshan
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Homeworld: Trandosha
Occupation: Droid shop Owner/ Vehicle shop Owner
Weight: 225 Lbs
Physical Description: Red scaled reptilian humanoid with purple eyes. Black blood courses through his body. (fusion of Tribune Noxia’s and my own.) Allowing the battlelord Darth Mirtis to venture as far as possible from her.

Clothing: Besides normal covering wardrobe, he wears a his black hooded cloak made from shell spider silk.

Songsteel Katana

Songsteel Shield
Echani Shield

Hunter’s Armor: Imperios’s Custom Armor
Weight: 23 kg= 50 pounds

-Bilayered pressurized/sealed body glove
-cuirass plating
-shoulder plates
-pauldrons (forearm and brachial plating)
-greaves plating
-plated boots
-shinguard plating
-Imperios’s cortosis weave gauntlets

Armor plating:
-synth-leather baselayer
-cellular padding base
-Nylasteel mesh with duranium weave -2mm duraplast lamination
-dyed synth-leather
-beskar iron spikes

Shield arm guard:
Palm interface that opens and closes shield with press of a button.
11 flanges of songsteel that open clockwise, when fully open it locks forward. Lava crystals contained within sapphire caps.

Ring of Battlelord (has Tribune Noxia’s blood)
1 Cortosis weave broadsword
1 Alchemized Cortosis Short sword
Knuckleduster Cortosis weave
Ornate Flask

Sith Infiltrator- Lengh:26.5 m, Primary armament 6 low profile laser cannons, Hyperdrive: Sienar SSDS 11-A Class 3

Languages: Dosh, Basic, Huttese, Echani, Sith, High Sith, ancient Sith, Shyriiwook, High Galactic,

Combat Skills: Teräs Kasi, Echani Martial Art, Swordmanship

Other Strengths: Regenerative ability, enhanced strength, Infrared vision, cold-blooded reptilian trait,
Flaws:Cold environments can lower my brain function till death if I don’t do something

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: quite and observant at first; he actually is friendly so long as you stay on his good side. A hunter a heart, he seeks to hunt all kinds of fauna across the galaxy.
Fears: Darth Kain, Suffocation from being buried alive, being burnt alive by Darth Kain,
Likes: Trandoshani Flatcake, Droids, Hunting,
Dislikes: slavers
Habits: Always Eager to find something to Hunt.

Relationships/Love Interests:
Fangos, Brother of Mirtis, Jedi
Gragrik, Father of Mirtis, Jedi
Etilin, Mother of Mirtis, Dead.

Friendships: Darth Thana, Darth Jina’tis, Knight I-Ron,

Masters: (Former) Darth Inanis
Apprentices: None
Reputation: Regent of Trandosha appointed by Lord Cruor and Battlelord to Tribune Noxia; Darth Mirtis, formerly known as Imperios, would think he’s somewhat well known. He vanishes time to time, consumed in his studies and training. He started as a Death Warrior from House Cruor, and co-founded the droid shop with Knight Shadowsun.
He rose to Knighthood under Darth Inanis. Mirtis is known to drink Flameout, smoke, and hunt; not to mention his unique red scale and purple eye combination also give him away as a unique looking Trandoshan.

Biography: Birthed on Trandosha, he was raised a hunter alongside a brother who hatched at the same time he did. The brother and father left right before Imperios was sold by his mother for a case of flameout. Luckily he excelled in slicing and programming, droids especially. Which helped earn his meager keep.

From there he would eventually kill his slavers and join a man who took him off the streets, seeing the Trandoshan’s potential. The man was an Echani, and an old one at that. His second was a Fallanasi woman who was held in high regards among the entire crew. She would teach the young Trandoshan how to read and write a handful of languages. She even imparted lessons on Force Scribing, after he found her “secret” written notes. They spent a year with a Fallanasi tribe, learning of the White current as well as other more obscure teachings of the force.

Two humans and a jawa made up the rest of the team. The humans taught him about keeping a ship’s maintenance as well as piloting. The Jawa had many droids and droid parts so they spent time reprogramming, and fixing them, while still completing any bounties they were sent on.
He worked with a merc group until a job landed them on Hoth where they were slaughtered by an ambushing group of mercenaries hired to kill them. Though it was bloody, only Imperios survived the encounter. This was only because fire from seemingly out of nowhere attacked the enemies and set them ablaze. The Fallanasi woman died in Mirtis’ arms as he dragged her body onto the ship during the escape.
He took the Sith Infiltrator his captain owned and made his way to his home world to get a sense of what to do, now that they were all gone. Though one of the first things he did was take the woman’s body back to the village that had taught him their use of the Force.

He hunted game where he could find it and sold his skills to those who hired him. But he never wanted another team that close to him again, nor did he want a repeat of events such as the ambush.
On a venture back home, a whisper called to him within a deep forest on Trandosha. Slowly it drove his curiosity and led him to a destroyed ship with a skeleton body hanging on some vines to the left of it ship. However a red glow caught his attention. A synthetic crystal was taken from the skeleton’s hand and as he peered into its glowing red light. Anger built within him. The dark side taking hold of him, the empowering energy as he closed his hand around the crystal.

It was from there he made his way to the academy. Once graduated he joined House Cruor and go on to be Darth Inanis’ apprentice. After beating her in a duel and becoming a Knight, Imperios would go and make use of himself wherever he could in the empire, even kill his deceiving Mother in a failed attempted to invade Kashyyyk and neighboring planets. From his endeavors, the council granted the Knight the rank of Master. But this was only the beginning of what would come. The Chapter of Darth Mirtis was only beginning, and he knew it was time to get to work.

Rank/Level: Master, Level 30
Base Class: Warrior
Subclass: Sith Paladin
Prestige Class: Sith MasterBlade

STR (Strength):17(+1)
FPR (Force Power):18
DEX (Dexterity):10
INT (Intellect):8
CON (Constitution):15 (+ 1)
MAN (Manipulation):6
PER (Perception):12
DES (Destiny):8

Force body-1
Enhance Attribute-1

Force Sense-4


Mind shield-4
Beast Trick-1
Beast Language-1
Alter Image-1



Force Resistance-4
Adiabatic Shield-1
Force Barrier-1

Dimension Shift-1
Force Punch-4
Energy Blade-1
Create Sith Wraith-1
Force Shockwave-1
Force Track-1
Force Generation-1
Force Immersion-2
Force Scribe-2
Force Supression-1
Force Weapon-1
Imbue Item-4
Magnify Senses-1
Many Shades of the Force-1
Sense Force-1
Shift Sense-1
Soft to solid-3
Prima Vitae-1

Force Sith Weapon-4

Force light-1
Force Heal-1


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Darth Dreadwar

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(Source: Official illustration of Darth Dreadwar by Chris Cold for Lucasfilm-licensed EU novel
Star Wars: Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon by Joe Bongiorno)

🔺 Theme Music 🔺
(Source: Original commissioned theme song composed by Ace_Garp)

🔺 Audio Sample of Character Voice 🔺
(Source: Andy Serkis as the Witch-King from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Extended Edition)

Name: Ku’ar Danar (transliterated as
Coqui Tanar in Galactic Basic)
Nicknames/Aliases: Augustus Calcultine Dreadwar
Sith'ari (Sith), translated as Magnus (High Galactic, literally All-Powerful or Magnificent) and Emperor of the Sith (Galactic Basic)
Jen'ari (Sith), translated as Dark Lord of the Sith (Galactic Basic, literally Lord of Darkness)
Dan'ari (Sith), translated as the Dread-King of Nilrebmah (Galactic Basic, literally Dread Lord)
Dathka (Sith), transliterated as Darth (Galactic Basic) and Daritha or Darr tah (Rakatan), translated as Immortal God of the Sith or Infinite Emperor
Age: 7,190
Sex: Male (original body)
Species: Force entity (formerly human)
Homeworld: Nilrebmah XIII (adopted), born on Alsakan
Occupation: Emperor of Zakuul (current), Emperor of the Sith Empire (former), Dark Lord of the New Sith Order (former)
Height: 6' 6" (in phantasmal form)
Physical Description: Dreadwar's true spirit is without form, and void, a terrible Force storm of conscious dark will brooding in perpetuity far above the dead, sunless planet to which it is bound—Nilrebmah XIII. Casting his dark shadow across the galaxy, however, Dreadwar physically manifests as a Force phantom, taking the form of a ghastly wraith of sheer, palpable darkness, billowing with mists of spectral power and shrouded by dark side energy. He also possesses host bodies of varying forms.
Clothing: In phantasmal form, Dreadwar is clad in the tattered black robes he wore when he died, seven thousand years ago, hood raised over a visage of pure emptiness, all-concealing cloak shrouding the breastplate of ancient Sith armour beneath, forged from pure cortosis in the fires of Malachor V and strengthened by the alchemy of the dark side. From voluminous sleeves extend dark gauntlets of the same, with cold metal claws serving as stygian digits.
Weapons: None—although he can summon swords and other weapons from pure dark side ichor.
Equipment: Various Sith artifacts, Force relics and eldritch technological devices rumoured to be from other realms, some stored in his personal sanctum, some hidden under his robes on his person or the person of his host bodies, including, but not limited to, the twin Great Amulets he forged to enslave the Jen'jidai and ensure human dominance over the Sith (later worn by Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma), the Gauntlet of Elcho Kressh (worn as a bracer on the right arm), the armband of Ludo Kressh (worn as a bracer on the left arm), the Gauntlet of Crassus (worn on his left hand), a Shadow Crown (used to control and possess hundreds of Pawns, enslaved by implants of nihil smokestone and the arcane Sith Battlelord ritual), the Yoke of Seeming, a talisman of ensnarement, the Sith Abattar, the Oracle Stone, the Phobis Devices, a talisman of transformation (into an Arkanian dragon, used to deceive the Zakuulans into thinking he is the reincarnation of Zildrog), Rin Shuuir's healing amulet, a Totem of the Elementals, a Totem of the Familiars, the Void Stone, the Crown of Verity, soul snares, a molecular disruptor, the Wraith Box, a Rakatan mindspear, and the Rakatan Mind Prison in which he was once trapped. He also possesses multiple ancient Sith holocrons, his own included, and an ancient machine within his Monolith on Nilrebmah XIII capable of transmuting matter.

His most prized possession, however, is his phylactery, the object to which his immortal spirit is bound: the planet Nilrebmah XIII itself. Dreadwar has taken great effort to preserve his immortality, taking from Nilrebmah XIII multiple pebbles of the nihil smokestone in which his spirit is imbued and scattering them in remote locations across the galaxy. Although the Darkstaff he created from Nilrebmah's smokestone has since been destroyed, numerous of these contingencies remain hidden, and thanks to his ability to rub his own memory, the last pebble, jettisoned into the intergalactic void millennia ago with a Gree hyperspace cannon, is hidden even from him. Dreadwar's contingencies are many, and Sith stasis caskets known as oubliettes, containing alchemically created bodies ready to receive his spirit, vessels implanted with nihil smokestone and even clones with flash imprints of his personality and memories, are scattered throughout interstellar space and buried beneath the surfaces of worlds.
The Wrath of Vader, a Devastator-class Star Dreadnought 66 kilometres in length with 6,600 turbolasers, 6,600 heavy turbolasers, 1,000 heavy ion cannons, 100 tractor beam projectors, 1,500 point defense laser cannons, 300 proton torpedo tubes, 1,000 mass driver cannons (including flak cannons and micrometeorite guns), and superweaponry: particle disintegrator warheads, 1 axial superlaser, 2 lateral ion cannons and 1 quantum crystalline ram. The Wrath of Vader has a crew of 882,000 and carries 12 Imperious-class Star Destroyers, 600 TIE Raptors, 2,000 TIE Drop Pods, various other assault and support craft, and 300,000 Sith zombies.


One of at least four Star Forges created by the extinct and enigmatic Infinite Empire before the Republic even existed, this dark side space station is anchored not to a conventional yellow star, like the famed Forge destroyed above Rakata Prime, but to a supermassive black hole—called the Gunninga Gap—at the heart of twelve extragalactic stellar clusters orbiting the galaxy known as the Nihil Retreat. It is the Star Forge, beyond the rim of the galaxy itself, that is Dreadwar's true lair of power, visible in the sunless skies of his homeworld of Nilrebmah XIII, dragged into the gravity well of that same baleful singularity. While the destroyed Forge above Rakata Prime converted stellar energy into inanimate matter to create droid armies and infinite fleets of spaceships, and other Forges, such as those above Makatak and Tulpaa, are more tailored towards the creation of biological matter for purposes of terraforming as well as creating armies of dark side abominations, this Forge, designed for cosmic engineering and xenoforming as well as the creation of military materiel, outputs both.

Extending from the Star Forge's central observation deck is a long metal causeway, resembling a landing pad, stretching like a bridge towards the lip of a mysterious vortex of contorted red energy called the Valtaullu Rift. Some say this roaring hyperspatial vortex is Dreadwar's true form, others say it is merely a Gree hypergate, and still others fear it is one of the six gates of Chaos itself. Seemingly exposed to vacuum and the howl of the unnatural cosmic wind, yet with its atmosphere preserved by magcon fields, the causeway serves as Dreadwar's celestial throne room, with the dark form of the Emperor brooding atop a circular platform at the very end, surrounded by the forbidding red glow of the Perann Nebula and a thousand shattered asteroids hurtling towards the heart of the void.

Orbiting the Gunninga Gap is an accretion disc of shattered rock, the husks of dead ships, and multiple planets straining in its gravitational pull, from Nilrebmah XIII to the planet Angrhand (known also as Rhand or Rhandiir). Yet not all of these celestial bodies are there by deign of gravity, but rather by design of Dreadwar. Within the scarlet clouds of the Perann Nebula lie many artificial space habitats, created—much like the artificial world of Iokath—through the disassembly of the entire Zakuul system into raw materials. The largest of these is a worldcraft called the Ringworld of Omicron Dawn. Unlike the worldcraft created by Palpatine, the Ringworld is not a habitation sphere, but rather a habitation ring, also known as an orbital ring. Although superficially resembling the orbital ring surrounding Iokath, the Kuat orbital shipyards, and Ringo Verda, the Ringworld is, in truth, derived from ancient Celestial technology, constructed through Dreadwar's study of the legendary, now-abandoned Ianane Ring.

The durasteel superstructure of the ring is covered in rock, soil and water, with a breathable atmosphere retained against the pull of vacuum by the same force which provides the worldcraft artificial gravity: centrifugal force created by the rotation of the ring. Much like other worldcraft, an artificial luminary, created by a Zakuulan sun generator in the centre of the ring, provides the light and warmth of a sun. To walk on the ring's surface is akin to walking on any terrestrial planet, save for the spectacular sight of the ring rising into the horizon on either side, yet the surface area of the ring—unlike the less effective spherical forms of Palpatine's worldcraft—is equivalent to that of twelve Coruscant-sized planets, allowing all the population of Zakuul to live their lives of utopia upon its surface. The ring has many continents and habitats, each corresponding to particular themes, from the historical to the prehistoric, from the modern to the ancient, and featuring many cities; the city of New Zakuul, also known as the Spire, is larger than Coruscant's Galactic City, grander than the old Zakuul City and the Old World, and reaches high beyond the atmosphere of the ring alongside skyhooks, space elevators and space stations, including a multitude of smaller space habitats, spherical, cylindrical and more. A central artificial superintelligence, a mental extension of Dreadwar's Infinite Throne and speaking with the voice of the Emperor, oversees the ring and its complex nanotechnology. Although guarded by the forces of the Infinite Fleet, the Ringworld can flee the system if required, thanks to powerful hyperdrives.
The Infinite Throne, a towering ancient Sith throne of alchemically treated obsidian capable of floating and flying thanks to powerful repulsorlifts in its base. Built to replace the legendary Eternal Throne of old, the sophisticated machinery within the throne's base affords Dreadwar mental control over both his ringworld and a mysterious fleet of apocalyptic machine ships recently sighted in the darkness of the Unknown Regions, whispered to hail from the intergalactic void and held in great fear by the Yuuzhan Vong. The throne is stored below the circular throne platform of the Star Forge, rotating into view from beneath retractable hatch doors when Dreadwar desires his seat. It also doubles as an open-top Sith meditation sphere, with a magnetic containment field to protect against vacuum, sublight thrusters, and a small hyperdrive; it is not uncommon for Dreadwar to meditate and scheme in the cosmic abyss of the hyperspace vortex. The statues of two Tuk'ata, enchanted to attack intruders, guard the throne.


A vast pterosaur named Woden, taken from the hellish volcanic skies of Nilrebmah XII, about which Dreadwar's sunless homeworld, Nilrebmah XIII, once orbited like a moon. Worshipped as a legendary sky god of war on Onderon from the most ancient days of Danar's rise, and said to have sired many a fell brood on Mandalore, Ammuud and the demon moon of Dxun, Dreadwar uses the flying creature as a mount. Mutated by Sith alchemy, the beast is as an ageless terror from a bygone age, and those who have seen its great shadow and heard its distinctive horrifying screech as it plunges into the atmospheres of hapless worlds swear it is as impervious to vacuum as the legendary Star Dragons of yore.

“Behold,” the Witch-Queen of Endor prophesied, glimpsing in her feverish visions the dark century ahead, “a black horse, and its rider was Dread, and War rode with him.” A six-legged fell steed of Cianap, with black leathery skin, demonic horns and glowing red eyes, Chillwind runs like all the forces of hell are astride its back. Seemingly replacing Dreadwar's black Endorian horse, Chillsoul, killed at the battle of Empress Teta, some say this foul beast cannot be slain like its master's previous steed, and Dathomirian witches, familiar with the black sorcery of necromancy, do not miss the faint smell of rot that follows Chillwind like a plague.
Languages: Old Galactic Standard, Mid-Galactic Standard, High Galactic, Galactic Basic, Old Coruscanti, Olys Corellisi (Old Corellian), Sith (all variants), Myke, Arkanian, Rakatan, Hapan, Selkath, Huttese, Mando'a, Twi'leki, Defel, Croke, Tiss'shar, Tionese, Ssi Ruuvi and more, acquired over a thousand lifetimes.
Combat Skills: Immensely powerful in the Force and a master of Sith wizardry, Dreadwar is well versed in conventional powers, and boasts a repertoire of more recondite abilities, including necromancy, essence transference, Deadly Sight, Force Phantom creation and Force Drain on apocalyptic scales. Dreadwar is familiar with ancient Sith swords and poisoned daggers, yet prefers to rely on his dark genius and silver tongue to get out of a tight spot if his sorcery is unavailable to him.
Other Strengths: Genius intelligence of a cold, calculating empiricist obsessed with rationality, with exceptional analytical ability and prodigious scientific knowledge, particularly in areas of biology, genetic engineering, cloning, astrography, cosmic engineering (including star lifting and the construction of megastructures from worldcraft, skyhooks and other space habitats to Dyson spheres as large as Iokath), quantum physics, evolutionary psychology, palaeontology, meteorology, artificial intelligence (and related fields such as mind uploading via entechment and flash imprinting), nanotechnology, quantum computing, and transapientism. Aside from scientific expertise, an all-around academic scholar and polyglot, well-versed in galactic history, philosophy, economics, finance and military tactics and strategy, as well as obscurities of the occult and mythology. Glacially calm and logical, even in stress. Extremely adept at understanding, reading and manipulating people. Highly creative, with a penchant for out-of-the-box thinking.
Flaws: Arrogant, overconfident and stubborn. Unable to feel sympathy, although he views this as a strength. Prone to boredom, and taking unnecessarily complex steps to alleviate it. Prone to procrastination. Well-concealed obsessive-compulsive traits. Hopelessly out of his depth when it comes to lightsaber combat.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: A callous, cynical and amoral rationalist, this high-functioning sociopath ultimately hopes to remake the universe in his image, ridding the galaxy of death and forging a technological utopia based on the principles of utilitarianism and transapientism. To that goal he brings a ruthless, diamond-like clarity of cunning, a cold and pervasively unfeeling personality with shallow emotions, and a ferocious power of mind obsessed with immortality and infamous for its ability to exploit even the smallest circumstances or weakest powers to their zenith.

Most of his superficial personality is borrowed from holofilms, plays and books, the chameleon's fluidity of a pathological deceiver that obscures a deep and abiding melancholy bordering on misanthropy. He has no caring for social conventions, enjoying violating taboos and covertly revelling in eccentricity, and indeed has little caring for anything at all, beyond his grandiose goals of ultimate godhood, amusing himself across his immortal existence, and his scientific pursuits. Genuinely curious about the natural world and the secrets of the universe, Dreadwar views the Force as but another natural phenomenon whose mysteries will be unravelled through the methods of rationality, akin to electricity and gravity, granting him omniscient knowledge and omnipotent power.
Fears: Fear of failure, pathological fear of death.
Likes: Intelligence, rationality, logic, science, space, debate, interesting discussions, fashion, sex.
Dislikes: Stupidity, incompetence, emotion, ideological dogma, closed-mindedness, politicians, Jedi.
Habits: Behind the mask of Emperor Dreadwar—the latest role donned by the pathological actor that is Ku'ar Danar—is a secret (or not-so-secret) hedonist, indulging in the pleasures of the flesh through a menagerie of host bodies. His mastery of essence transference affords him a manner of artificial reincarnation, and until more recently donning the responsibilities of public power as Sith Emperor, Dreadwar habitually lived multiple lifetimes through possession, ranging from the banal to the absurd; a merchant to a Mandalorian, a farmer, a hero, a villain, even a Jedi. Desiring to experience everything, Dreadwar makes an earnest attempt at reading every book and writing better ones, travelling to every world across the galaxy, creating and uplifting civilisations, and living every conceivable life. His host body of Edworion is a cigarra smoker and recreational glitterstim user, dejarik player, occasional gambler and full-time hedonist, regularly throwing extravagant parties and feasts at his palace on Zakuul, occupying his leisure time with horseback riding, tomb raiding and artifact hunting, and is rarely seen without a glass of Alderaani bloodwine on his throne's armrest.
Relationships/Love Interests: Vahl (former Queen, believed long-dead), Ishtar Kressh (former Empress on Zakuul, divorced), Kára Volshe (Empress at the time of Dreadwar's disappearance), various past wives from previous 'lives' (all long-dead) and contemporary concubines and casual partners.

In the year 5 ABY, a shadow fell upon the forgotten world of Zakuul, deep within the Unknown Regions. Edworion, wandering in the swamps with his elder brother Arlann, saw the shadow, and straightaway fell to the ground as one stricken mortally. The shadow spoke. It spoke of returning Zakuul to its lost splendour and days of glory, and strange powers and allies that it would bring to Zakuul, if only they were willing to cast aside the Old Gods, and the reverence of the Emperors of old, and accept a new demon saviour. And so Edworion let the shadow into his heart, and spoke the words of the shadow, and the shadow called him Emperor's Voice. Over 150 years later, Zakuul stands figuratively and literally transformed under the benevolent rulership of Edworion, who they venerate as the holy Ari; no longer the Eternal Empire of old, nor the Eternal Alliance that followed, but a new empire under the Infinite Emperor, into which strange red-skinned beings pour every day, bolstering the power of the Infinite Throne. On the Ringworld of Omicron Dawn, the people of Zakuul, blinded by the utopian technologies of virtual reality, cosmic engineering, endless resources and immortality via entechment, do not see that they are but puppets of some sinister building force, their Emperor Edworion but the possessed puppet of Darth Dreadwar the Magnificent.

Dreadwar's personal assassin and Jedi killer, HK-74 is a 4th-degree assassination and combat droid belonging to the infamous HK-series. Combining the strengths of the HK-77 model with the legendary Phase III dark troopers, HK-74 is designed for infiltration, extraction and assassination, sporting a unique black stealth chassis of cortosis-woven stygian-triprismatic polymer over a durasteel exoskeleton as tough as starfighter armour, a personal cloaking device, and eerie glowing photoreceptors allowing infrared vision. Its offensive and defensive capabilities are considerable, with the right arm replaced by a composite-beam laser double blaster with a built-in flamethrower, the left typically wielding either the pure cortosis sword or flak cannon slung over its back with a built-in carbonite projector, jet boosters built into its feet, and powerful Verpine energy shield and Mandalorian melee shield generators.

A Chiss Admiral of the Infinite Fleet and Sith acolyte originally hailing from Csilla, Ayis Letharis is a lethally effective military commander and combatant whose instinctive mastery of battle meditation saw her rise swiftly in Dreadwar's forces in the Unknown Regions after defecting from a sect of Chiss Sith known as the Obscurum during the Shadow War. With a cobalt lightsaber as icy as her heart, and a subtle command of dark side sorcery learned from those strange red beings that now patrol the Empire of Zakuul, Letharis' loyalty to Dreadwar has been rewarded with command after command, although her ascent to the top of the Zakuulan military was stymied by the hatred of Ishtar Kressh, and she yet answers to one Grand Admiral Cain.

Dreadwar's former wife on Zakuul, Ishtar Kressh is a hybridised member of a species believed extinct—or, at least, has never been glimpsed beyond the darkness of the Unknown Regions, where many elder things lie. A half-human, half-Kissai priestess descended from the ancient Sith Lord Ludo Kressh, Ishtar was divorced to make room for a marriage to Darth Viscretus, for which she nurses great resentment, albeit tempered by powerful loyalty to her former Emperor. Ishtar dresses in the traditional apparel of the ancient Sith, including pleated gowns of sheer linen and dresses of vermillion silk, with the gilded sandals of Aleema Keto, in the sinuous forms of serpents, winding up her calves, collars and necklaces of colourful stone beads or gold draped around her neck, exotic headdresses and hats such as tall cylindrical crowns and vulture-headed caps, and a plethora of jewellery, including bracelets on the biceps and wrists, a signet ring, toe rings, anklets, a multitude of jingling drop earrings, and a tongue piercing. Her makeup is heavy, her eyeliner composed of the glittering blue powder of crushed dung beetle shells and worn winged in the ancient style. Although a powerful Sith sorceress adept in the arts of Tund and Rhand, she is utterly untrained in use of physical weapons, melee or otherwise, and is wholly ignorant of conventional Force powers. Possessing a flair for the melodramatic, she is adept in etiquette, politics and protocol, and loves the finer things in life, from great literature, poetry, statuary, architecture and art to fine dining, honey wine and hunting.

The Praetor (or commander) of Dreadwar's personal elite Tiss'shar guard, known as the Raptorian Guard, Danarychus has charcoal skin with reptillian yellow eyes, lethal toe claws, and incredible speed, agility and acrobatic ability, capable of leaping twenty meters into the air and scaling walls vertically. Clothless like many members of his race, Danarychus finds the gold and white plasteel armour worn by many of the guard, in the Zakuulan style, overly encumbering, preferring instead to maximise his natural talents; however, he does wear a bandolier bearing two vibroswords, and fights with a large, blue-bladed lightsaber pike. Named in honour of Dreadwar, he has trained to fight and protect his god-king since the day he was hatched.

The ancient court magician of King Adas and now serving Darth Dreadwar in the same capacity on Zakuul, Raspir was born a Sith pureblood on the planet Korriban, but during the abortive invasion of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, he was captured and his consciousness ensnared in a Rakatan mind trap. Nearly 28,000 years later, Elder Ruthic, of a surviving remnant of Rakata hiding in the Unknown Regions called the Tulpaa tribe, unwittingly released Raspir into a Rakatan body when she banished one of her enemies to the mind trap in which he was imprisoned. Swiftly gathering power in the Rakatan Archipelago, Raspir taught Ruthic how to create new Star Forges and regain her people's lost connection to the Force. Far from having benevolent intentions, Raspir is a manipulative servitor furthering the designs of his dark masters, knitting together the Rakata of the extinct Infinite Empire with the power of the ancient True Sith.
Friendships: A long-enduring alliance with Darth Cruor, born from their shared service to the Old Ones in the Hundred-Year Darkness. A recent alliance with Darth Vassago, born from their meeting on the Star Forge and mutual respect bordering on admiration.
Masters: Darth Nemesis.
Apprentices: Many, including Dathka Graush, Darth Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Darth Apollyon, Darth Arach and Darth Hesper.
Reputation: The public persona of Darth Dreadwar is a carefully cultivated act, successfully maximising a reputation of sheer terror, malignant narcissism and genius cunning. His devouring of worlds during the Dread War brought the Galactic Federation to a swiftly signed armistice and introduced Dreadwar to the galaxy as an apocalyptically powerful foe, his vainglorious god complex underpinned the creation of the exhaustive protocols of obeisance and a fervently religious cult of personality in the Sith Empire (fostering a culture of excessive, worshipful devotion even among the most secular Sith), and his followers know that to lightly annoy Dreadwar—with the slightest act of disrespect, coy comment or display of inadequate intelligence—is a death sentence. Although inwardly calm and indifferent, the role of Dreadwar has been seen to shriek in frustration and punish failure with cruelty, an intentional attempt to inculcate a reputation worthy of a holodrama villain, and thereby effectively rule the Sith through fear.

His dark genius is legendary, and feared above his pride and power; a wheels-within-wheels, layer-upon-layer mentality enmeshed in a web of manipulation and clever, creative thinking that makes his enemies perpetually fear they are playing into his hands; “One level higher, I play” has become a dreadful reminder to friends and foes alike of Dreadwar's mastery of game theory and ability to perceive, and outwit, his opponents' moves on the metaphorical dejarik board.
Biography: An ancient Sith entity who has lived a thousand lives and worn a thousand guises, the early life of the former Sith Emperor, Darth Dreadwar, is veiled in mystery. From the fragmentary chronicles of Sith Lord Skaysh and the writings of Jedi archivist Orb Telorn, it is possible to piece together the true and original identity of the undying Dark Lord whose Empire now dominates the galaxy: a man of flesh and blood named Ku'ar Danar.

Born in a forest village on the planet of Alsakan in the year 7,036 Before the Battle of Yavin, Danar's birth is said to have been an unhappy one; his mother was a peasant woman by name of Circ'ara, and in those days when Alsakan was yet primitive and ruled by the cruel vagaries of feudalism, marrying a fellow commoner without the blessing of the lord who owned the land was considered a great crime, for it deprived the liege of his barbarous right to the first night. Incensed upon discovering Circ'ara's secret marriage to a cartwright named Gethendar, the cruel king of Archais, Rik'ar Danar, killed her husband and raped the peasant who had dared defy him, and from this concupiscent act of violation came a young fi (or boy) with Rik'ar's dark hair and Circ'ara's angular features. Naming him Ku'ar in the native High Galactic tongue (meaning “to damn to the pit”), Circ'ara raised the boy in her village alongside her late husband's children. They treated their half-brother cruelly, and the chronicles of Lord Skaysh accredit this to his appearance, which, Lord Skaysh fancifully described, was “as unto a cacodaemon of the caverns of Malachor, with eyes of evil intente and spine twisted like his bellicist minde; surely the Bogan [an ancient name for the dark side] had curs'd him even then!” While Lord Skaysh seems to indicate Danar possessed early signs of dark side corruption, it is more likely he was simply born with a congenital deformity, perhaps even a cripplement; later sources from the era indicate nothing unusual about Danar's appearance or health in adulthood, however, so Skaysh's account may simply represent an exaggerative or outrightly false attempt to malign Danar's early connection to the dark side (reminiscent of Darth Nyriss' fanciful stories regarding the childhood of Sith Emperor Vitiate).


Rik'ar Danar and Circ'ara, 7,036 BBY.

Early in Ku'ar's childhood, his pera (or father) returned to the village with an army, to pillage the land as punishment for their siding with a rival duke from the Ten Valleys. The villagers were slaughtered, including Circ'ara's other children, but her revelation of Rik'ar's bastard spared her life, and Ku'ar was taken by Rik'ar's army back to his fortress, separated from his mother to be raised in the cloisters of Rik'ar's demented cult, for Alsakan had long ago been poisoned by insidious secret practices practiced by the nobles who traced their lineage to the ancient Killik Sith artisan who had ruled that world in the days of legend, preserved by the lineages of the Previls and Bindalins, the Tionese colonists of Daritha Xim, and the remnants of the Kashi Mer. Here, in anathemic rites to foul deities with unpronounceable names, young Ku'ar suffered abuse after abuse at the hands of preening priests, and in this loathsome congress Skaysh said the fi's pera played a role. Beaten, brutalised and isolated, Ku'ar grew into a bitter and cold-hearted youth, nurturing his hatred for his father even while Rik'ar, after years of initial cruelty and then indifference, grew increasingly impressed with his bastard's intellect, honed as it was not through any curriculum of tutoring as a highborn might receive, but through Ku'ar's own voracious appetite for reading in the dark and dank loneliness of his cell.

Circ'ara's interventions on behalf of her son gradually gained traction, and Rik'ar, at last, allowed her to reside in the castle and play a role in Ku'ar's upbringing. In the dark and dreary times of that ancient era, ambition equalled survival, and Circ'ara was perceptive enough to see that her own lot in life was dependent on leveraging Ku'ar's success into her own. Encouraging Rik'ar to legitimise his lowborn son in light of the unexpected murder of his highborn heir, Circ'ara treated Ku'ar with the care he had been denied for years, and his prodigious intellect and grasp of tactics and trickery had the chance to shine, at last, in battles against invasive tribes. The abuses subsided, and the court became accustomed to Ku'ar's presence—and extraordinary talents. At last, when Rik'ar's old wife died, Circ'ara saw her chance, and on the day Ku'ar was finally granted the surname of Danar, she was made Rik'ar's queen. Throughout his early teenaged years, Circ'ara enveloped the all-too-eager Ku'ar in schemes to kill her husband and seat Ku'ar on the throne; Lord Skaysh wrote of an aberrantly affectionate bond between the two, but as always, such ancient sources must be distrusted, as intimations of incest and other deviance were frequent tools of slander by historians of antiquity.

What is known is that Circ'ara genuinely loved her son, manipulative though she learned to be, or at least on the score of his mother Ku'ar wrote no evil; the fragments of his diary might suggest a similar affection for his father at first glance, based on passages referring to “missing [my father] at the parade today,” but a closer examination of the passage reveals a more macabre meaning: Ku'ar's shot with an arrow had gone wide, one of seemingly many failed attempts. After the failed assassination, Ku'ar fled the castle, and of his late teenaged years little is known, beyond that in the course of his meagre existence in the wilderness of the Ten Valleys, he met an offworlder: a Mentor of the Jal Shey rationalists, a nomadic order of Force-users dedicated to understanding the Force not through spiritualism and superstition, but through pure reason. Noting in Ku'ar a marginal Force-sensitivity that had eluded the notice of all but the most perceptive soothsayers, the Jal Shey Mentor, whose name is lost to history, took Ku'ar offworld for the first time, and thus Ku'ar began his training in the ways of the Force, slipping off the pages of history into a murky period of life attested to only by Dreadwar's own didactic tales: tales of travelling every world known to the fledgling Republic, pursuing every secret of the arcane, and courting every sect of Forcecraft, from the Matukai of Karvoss to the Vindicators of Cheelit.

The fate of his mother is not known for certain—although an appendix of the later Archaiad claimed one “King Riquar killed his queen, Cirqui, in a drunken rage”—but the fate of his father is: killed by the telekinetic hand of an adult Ku'ar upon his return to Alsakan, spirit imprinted in a clay death-mask by Jarvashqiine blood magic so that he might suffer eternal torment. Ku'ar ceased his galactic wanderings to become a reclusive scholar on Alsakan for a time, pursuing the secrets of its ancient inhabitants as a professor of archaeology; whatever he found spurred him to move on once more, and in an era when it was ordinary for practitioners of other disciplines to be welcomed among the then-decentralised Holy Order of the Jedi Knights, Ku'ar's mastery of astrography and knowledge of the Force saw him become a skillful Jedi astrographer, leading navigation teams beyond Republic borders into the fabled Outer Rim Territories. In reality, Ku'ar Danar sought a specific destination, recovered from occult scrolls on Alsakan: a tenebrous world called Malachor V. There, surrounded by the emerald bane-fires of the Trayus Core in which he forged his baleful suit of armour, Danar discovered the caliginous secrets that had so enthralled him, scrolls that spoke of secret dimensions and ancient terrors writhing in the darkness beyond the galaxy's rim. “The truths of the cosmos,” Danar read, enraptured, “are not intended for the sane.” To the astonishment of a man who had long dismissed the occultism of his childhood in favour of materialistic empiricism, he discovered a holocron through which mental communion could be established with an apocalyptic deity sealed beyond the Gunninga Gap, a being that called itself Darth Nemesis, the Father of Shadows.


Ku'ar Danar, Jal Shey rationalist and Jedi astrographer, 7,003 BBY.

Danar was inexorably drawn to the promised power of the dark side, and, apprenticing himself to the imprisoned god, left Malachor V for Korriban, guided by the whispers crawling in his skull and secret star charts imprinted upon his mind's eye by the psionic beacon of the Trayus Core. The secrets and spells of the Old Ones had swollen Danar's power and pride, and the Sith purebloods of Korriban were no match for the rites of Qâzoi Kyantuska, by which Danar mentally enslaved the natives and tore their knowledge of magic from their heads. Danar's expedition team, fearing the growing darkness in Danar as much as the tribal Sith, fled the Stygian Caldera, while Danar tarried on Korriban, learning all he could from the Sith practices of sorcery, and creating a great nation that grew to encompass much of Korriban. When he came into the fullness of his power, he took upon himself a new name (although he credited it to the whispers of his “secret master in Illathurion, where the Elder Gods lie and the True Sith die”): Augustus Calcultine Dreadwar.

Lord Skaysh accredited the name to Danar's reverence for “Dread Typhojem,” seemingly another name for the Father of Shadows, while Orb Telorn believed the name honoured Dread Rur, instigator of the Lesser Schism of the Terrible Glare during the earlier, but not forgotten, era of the Pius Dea Crusades. Whatever the case, Dreadwar took care in choosing the titulature of his new position. From the High Galactic tongue of Alsakan, spoken by the galaxy's nobility, he took the title Magnus, literally translating to the All-Powerful, the Great or the Magnificent, but meaning Emperor or Lord of Lords, and the title Daritha (or Darth, in the modern Basic), which had passed to the Tionese from the Rakatan Darr tah, and thence from the ancient Sith Dathka, meaning Ruler of Worlds; from the Sith's native tongue he took the title Sith'ari, the exalted title of Sith god that King Adas and his successors had chosen, which Dreadwar viewed as analogous to his title of Magnus, and created his own title, to distinguish himself from the preceding Sith kings, of Jen'ari, translated today as Dark Lord of the Sith, but meaning then “the hidden lord,” for Dreadwar would rule from the shadows and spread the hidden arts among the receptive. Thus did Dreadwar not only become the first to rule as Dark Lord over the Sith, but also the first Sith Lord (or Ari) born to human blood.

Taking a lowborn Sith named Graush as his apprentice, Darth Dreadwar left Korriban in the care of his vassal (who expanded his dominion to over two-thirds of Korriban) to enact the designs of the dark side, returning to the ranks of the Jedi and hiding the results of his navigation expedition—and his true nature. Leveraging his ostensible credentials as a Mentor of the Jal Shey to teach as a Jedi Master at their Academy on Ossus, Danar secretly enticed dozens of Jedi to the dark side, including members of his old expedition team, first inciting dissidence through a series of controversial speeches, and then deceiving and enthralling eager pupils through lending them amulets he secretly constructed to enslave their minds to a master amulet he alone possessed, instructing them to forge their own amulets in turn, and thus enslave all their peers to his will. When at last the Jedi cast out the recalcitrant pupils after an explosive confrontation in the Jedi Council, the resultant Second Great Schism devolved, between the years 7,003 and 7,000 BBY, into outright war, with the backing of Dreadwar's growing fiefdom on Alsakan, which had long contested Coruscant for control of the early Republic and was all too easy to manipulate into aggression. Called at the time the Thirteenth Alsakan Conflict, the war would ultimately be dubbed, after a century of bloodshed, the Hundred-Year Darkness.


Darth Dreadwar during the Hundred-Year Darkness, 7,000 BBY.

Leading the Heresiarchs, as the Dark Jedi schismatics called themselves, as his alter-ego Darth Dreadwar, and being a principal leader of the Jedi war effort as Master Ku'ar Danar, the Jedi had no idea one of their own had orchestrated the entire war, and even now played both sides; only later Jedi historians, among them Orb Telorn and Sli'Lon Tahar, put together the pieces and came to suspect Dreadwar had pulled the strings all along. Yet the Hundred-Year Darkness was not a simple tale of good being pitted against evil. While Dreadwar possessed the hearts and minds of many, the Heresiarchs, according to the writings of Sorzus Syn in the Book of Sith, were attacked by the Jedi first (perhaps at the incitement of Danar), and their attempts to master Dreadwar's hidden teachings—motivated by transapientist aspirations of healing the sick, restoring dead worlds, creating new life and realising immortality—were unfairly persecuted by oppressive Jedi Sentinels who chased them from star to star; according to the manuscript of Larad Noon, the Heresiarchs even viewed themselves as the “true Jedi” (like those, deemed heretics, who had recused themselves from their fanatical pro-Republic counterparts during the reign of the genocidal Pius Dea), alleging their teachings were stolen by the Jedi who remained loyal to Coruscant. Nonetheless, although initially embracing the full spectrum of human emotion, from transcendent joy to the depths of despair, the Heresiarchs gradually grew bitter and resentful, and thus this ostensible hidden side to the Force, that which was called Bogan and is now called the dark side, became known for its hate and cruelty; although the alchemies Dreadwar taught them achieved some success, with their chosen leaders imitating Dreadwar's own feat in extending their youth for centuries, Dreadwar's promises of raising the dead revealed themselves to be ashen deceptions, for the arts of Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut he taught them only reanimated the shambling ruins of corpses, bereft of soul and life. All the while, Dreadwar and his Sith compatriots, from Cruor of Malachor to Graush in his lair at Naos, laughed in the growing darkness.

Not all of Dreadwar's activities during the Hundred-Year Darkness are chronicled, for his name was expunged from the galactic records by the Jedi after the war, who did an exceedingly thorough job. Nonetheless, it is known that Dreadwar taught some of the greatest master geneticists of his time on the icy world of Arkania, where he brought the Sith teachings and constructed the great library of Veeshas Tuwan; so too did he bring forth the Cold Coil cult of Cold Danda Sine, to aid the forces of the Heresiarchs; and in all his efforts it is said he was aided by a wicked sorceress who had beguiled him and taken him into the most debaucherous depths of the dark side, a sorceress with skin white as melting snow and hair golden like the rising sun. Her name, too, is lost to history, as is her provenance, for Dreadwar only called her “my Queen, the Witch-Queen of Ambria,” yet in the myths of the nomadic Vahla it is difficult to miss the similarities between their goddess Vahl and that terrible sorceress-queen who once ruled the mixed indigenous species of Ambria, and bore unto Dreadwar sons and daughters who were raised vain and cruel. Nor, too, do the similarities escape the keen historian's eye between the great tower that Sith sorceress built, with all her Vahlan slaves, and Dreadwar's own strange experiment in the Nilrebmah system, which he conquered in the furious haste of malice, and over which he proclaimed himself dread-king.

The moons of Nilrebmah II had long been home to an ancient and mysterious civilisation that worshipped the Sith gods, and it was this people that Dreadwar subjugated to his will, directing them to harvest the Force-sensitive nihil smokestone of Nilrebmah X and build from it a great tower reaching unto heaven, with eight thousand steps, on the diminutive world of Nilrebmah XIII. All the while, as the slaves worked over the decades, Dreadwar directed the war that embroiled the galaxy. Yet a number of the Heresiarchs had begun to tire of the Dark Lord's manipulations, and cast aside their amulets. For what cause, they asked, did the war drag on for decade after decade, every advantage always nullified by a disadvantage? For what reason had Dreadwar directed them to engineer beasts called Leviathans, to capture the souls of Jedi in blister-traps by their thousands, and a great crimson crystal that captured the same? It was as if the war were being extended by design, neither side able to gain the advantage, the power of the dark side being fuelled by every death and channeled into its master, the spirits of the victims being gathered for some great and insidious purpose. So, too, did the Heresiarchs grow wary of their fanatical brethren, those who retained their amulets and embraced the funereal trappings of the macabre cult that Dreadwar perpetrated, who called themselves the Jen'qo (Dark Path, or, Way of the Dark) and donned the title of Darth, who worshipped Dreadwar as a god and promised immortality in the footsteps of the Dark Lord. Finally, when news reached them of Dreadwar's queen, and a great ritual that had destroyed all Ambria and split the Force asunder with the screams of a million lives, they acted.

In what would become the final days of the war, the Black Legions of the Heresiarchs split from the Dark Path, and marched with their former Jedi enemies on the armies of Dreadwar. There, on the slopes of Nilrebmah XIII, at the foot of the great tower of the Monolith that now stood tall and proud in the completeness of Dreadwar's scheme, they did battle against the Dread-King. All was prepared, precisely as Dreadwar had intended; after one hundred years, the purpose of the war was ready to be revealed, in its most dreadful hour!


Darth Dreadwar during the Ritual of Nilrebmah, 6,900 BBY.

Standing atop the Monolith, constructed to focus all the power of the dark side, his great Darkstaff of nihil smokestone held aloft in his hands to conduct its most tenebrous purpose, Darth Dreadwar began the great ritual he had devised in all his cunning, in all the genius of his arcane theorising. The battle was a lure, a trap, and Dreadwar laughed aloud as the thousands of Jedi and Dark Jedi, arrayed before him, and the Massassi warriors they fought, began to die, their life-essence flowing like a river of sheer Force energy into the Monolith, through its infernal machinery, and into him. So, too, did the thousands of Jedi spirits preserved for such purpose, in the great crystal he had built and the Leviathans his pawns had deployed; every death from one hundred years of war, flooding into him; every life on Nilrebmah XIII, the entire civilisation he had subjugated in all its millions, the beasts of the field and the fowl of the air, the bacteria in the soil, feeding him! Dreadwar threw back his cowled head, and with a howl of victory, his body vanished in an explosion of white energy, his powerful spirit freed from the confines of mortal flesh, fed by the death of an entire world. As all his enemies fell, a dark shape coalesced atop the frightful silhouette of the Monolith, purest shadow in the ghastly mockery of a man's form. Dreadwar, the Magnificent. Dreadwar, the Immortal. Dreadwar, the God.

Apotheosis was his.

The ground quaked beneath his feet, as with an effortless flick of his will, the planet of Nilrebmah XIII began to move. The stars would align, the Elder Gods would return, and Dreadwar the Magnificent would be one of them, the power of all he had sacrificed empowering him beyond the limits of mortality. Where his queen had failed, for she had not prepared sufficient sacrifice to survive the energies she had unleashed, he had succeeded; his spirit was now imbued into the nihil smokestone of an entire planet, and by virtue of his deific power that planet was now mobile. Yet it was at this moment that Dreadwar's intent failed him, for as the blockading Jedi fleet in space above witnessed in horror the death of their kin upon the ground, the very planet lurching through space towards neighbouring Nilrebmah XII, a great being of light appeared in the Nilrebmah system. Those most ancient entities called Celestials were not blind to the manipulations of Dreadwar and the mad science that now perched him on the precipice of omnipotence, and, sworn to keep the Elder Gods sealed and not willing to see a new god rise, the Celestial called Wutzek entreated the Jedi and joined his power to them, and together they created a great wall of light. As Dreadwar's spirit took flight towards the heavens, prepared to run amok across the cosmos and bring the entire galaxy to heel, the wave of light side energy rose to meet him—and the power of the dark side was broken.

His connection to the unlimited reserves of Force power was interrupted, and when the light faded, Darth Dreadwar was sealed, bound to the world he had devoured, the Monolith that yet brooded over a now shattered landscape, and the Darkstaff that lay by his empty robes. Wutzek departed, the Jedi stared after the deity that had saved them in wonderment and bewilderment, and at last, when they sensed the malice on Nilrebmah XIII could not escape, they followed that fading figure of light into hyperspace, to Corbos where the last remnant of the Heresiarchs did battle against those loyalists of Dreadwar called the Dark Path. When only a handful remained, the Dark Jedi surrendered; eleven of them Heresiarchs, led by high general Ajunta Pall, and a twelfth, Ortan Cela who is called Andeddu, the last of Dreadwar's Darth cult. Imprisoning the captives, the Jedi at last exiled the twelve beyond Republic borders, where, guided by the star maps Dreadwar had left them, Sorzus Syn let her compatriots to Korriban, and, killing King Hakagram Graush (for his father Dathka had since been assassinated, his spirit passing into his own crystal that Dreadwar had furnished him), became the Dark Lords of the Sith.

In the manuscripts they left behind, the Exiles' account of Dreadwar's greatest success, and the prophecy of his return, was studied by the Jedi, and yet, as years passed, was all too easily forgotten, history becoming legend, legend becoming myth: “Of the Nilbrebmah system, it is written that the configuration of the spheres was shifted by the power of the Sith. Therefore, thirteen became twelve, and twelve became two. Like conjoined twins, married by forces against nature, dancing forever in infinity. At the end, the light will break the monolith of the master. Until that day, the darkness rests in its shell, shielded against all light.”


Darth Dreadwar after the Ritual of Nilrebmah, 5,000 BBY.

For millennia, Dreadwar brooded in the darkness of Nilrebmah XIII, which now orbited Nilrebmah XII like an impossibly-sized moon—twin planets dancing in the dark. Over time, life returned to the world, yet nature retreated from the foul darkness of Dreadwar to take possession of the upper atmosphere; thousands of miles above the dust-laden surface of blasted black sands and obsidian, earth and trees grew, forming the false shell of a living world above a dead underworld of utter darkness. Confined though he was, the Exiles were not wrong in describing Dreadwar's ritual as a success; he had his power, and his lifelong goal of immortality, and the skeletons of all he had slain were reanimated to be his foul subjects, joining the beasts of his alchemical devisement to forever patrol the darkness of Nilrebmah XIII. Millennia he had to think, and scheme, and in his cunning he surely imagined ways he might be freed from his world to roam the stars once more.

It is here that the historical record becomes once again fragmentary. Dreadwar's ultimate success in devising a means of escaping Nilrebmah XIII is attested to by his own tales of adopting many masks and living numerous lifetimes across the millennia, from the simple life of a farmer to a Mandalorian warrior, using his powers of possession to explore the limits of conscious experience; this may not have been solely indicative of a desire to enjoy his newfound immortality and freedom, but perhaps partly born of prudence and caution, desiring to avoid again attracting the attention of the Celestials. Yet there are also numerous accounts of Dreadwar's appearance in the historical record between the Golden Age of the Sith and the Great Sith War, and these accounts, although sometimes contradictory or at least difficult to square with established history, all suggest sinister manipulations towards some inscrutable secret end, perhaps indicating it was not prudence that stayed Dreadwar's hand, but patience.

According to Orb Telorn, it was Darth Dreadwar who first tutored Naga Sadow in Sith alchemy, bestowing upon him the title of Darth, and it seems altogether too coincidental that it was Naga Sadow who then led a Sith Empire that had been sheltered for two thousand years into renewed contact with the forgotten Republic, beginning the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY; although Orb Telorn did not record how Dreadwar might have escaped his confinement on Nilrebmah to become master to a Sith hybrid born on distant Ziost, Freedon Nadd—himself a later apprentice of Dreadwar who fled his harsh training, after failing to overthrow him, to then learn from Sadow and ultimately slay him—spoke of Sadow's radical ability to “give flesh to departed spirits,” perhaps indicating he embodied the spirit of Dreadwar in flesh, or that Dreadwar taught him such arts; certainly, a mummified body preserved in the Great Temple on Korriban, alleged to be Dreadwar's own, may indicate truth to this tale, and through this vessel, it is said, Dreadwar not only directed the spirit of Freedon Nadd in his corruption of Exar Kun, but counselled the reborn Palpatine millennia later, resurrecting his fallen spirit from Chaos into a cloned body on distant Byss. Alternatively, Dreadwar's influence may have won free thanks to the Darkstaff being liberated from Nilrebmah XIII by an unknown discoverer, or, perhaps, through a unique ability to project the seeming of his spirit across the galaxy through anchoring corporeal astral projections known as Sith phantasms to the sapped life-force of innocent victims; the writings of the Sith Lord Darth Vectivus indicate he learned this technique, later mastered by Lady Lumiya, from the holocron of Dreadwar.

Aside from tutoring Sadow, it is known that Dreadwar played a hand in instigating a Third Great Schism that tore apart the Jedi Order in 4,250 BBY, manipulated Viscountess Mireya of the Vjunite House of Vassago into taking control of House Mecetti of the Tapani during the same era, and, according to the account of Jedi Master Chamma in the Noetikon of Secrets, schemed to recreate the Sith after their fall in the Great Hyperspace War, attempting to seduce Chamma and his Jedi compatriots to the dark side on the planet Athiss in 4,400 BBY alongside two other frightful Sith apparitions believed to represent the loathsome spirits of Vodal Kressh and Darth Cruor. Yet the most remarkable tale of Dreadwar's activities during this period comes not from ancient authors, but from a more recent historian, known for his controversial theories regarding ancient evil gods and believed lapse into madness, known as Arhul Hextrophon. According to Hextrophon, several members of the Rebel Alliance, shortly after the Galactic Civil War, related to him a most unusual tale of time travel; allegedly, their experimental hyperdrive malfunctioned during a test flight, casting them thousands of years into the past, to the year 3,996 BBY. There, they claimed, after acclimating to the galaxy of the distant past, they learned of the existence of Darth Dreadwar from a dying Sli'Lon Tahar, a Jedi Master who had discovered Dreadwar's Monolith on Nilrebmah XIII in 3,998 BBY.

Confirming Tahar's tale through their own research in the great Jedi Library of Ossus, aided in this task by Orb Telorn and his apprentice Dace Vinagar, the temporally stranded adventurers sojourned to Nilrebmah XIII fifteen days later, encountering the alchemical abominations of Dreadwar and his slumbering undead army. Yet, as has become typical of tales involving Dreadwar, the rebels discovered, too late, they were playing into his hands; Dreadwar lured Vinagar to the unlit underworld of Nilrebmah, seducing him to the dark side, and manipulating him into finishing Dreadwar's great ritual. Dreadwar would be fully freed from Nilrebmah, he claimed, and restored to the fullness of his power. Vinagar did as he was bade, activating the infernal machinery of the Monolith, only to curse the wraith in rage as the ritual began to devour his own body. Yet in the Monolith of Nilrebmah was an ancient supercomputer, used in Dreadwar's old ritual, capable of transmuting matter itself, and letting his rage amplify the power of the ritual, Vinagar was transformed by the great machine into a draconian hydra of pure energy, just as Nilrebmah XIII again began to move, on a collision course with Nilrebmah XII.

Yet once again, Dreadwar's eldritch schemes were interrupted. Having raided the tomb of Dreadwar (likely the empty tomb constructed on Korriban that was ultimately used by both Tulak Hord and Naga Sadow, and came to be called the false tomb of Naga Sadow), and recovered his holocron, Exar Kun's apprentice, the ultimately redeemed Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma, arrived in the Nilrebmah system in a Krath warship. Shooting down the transformed Vinagar, Qel-Droma reached out with his mind, meeting Dreadwar's own in a powerful battle of wills. Summoning a Force storm with the power of the Darkstaff, the heavens were set ablaze. Amid the cosmic cataclysm, the rebels attempted to foolishly escape into the hyperspace wormhole Dreadwar had created, yet the moment Nilrebmah XIII impacted Nilrebmah XII, all fell still. Through the power of the Force, Qel-Droma had turned Dreadwar's own power against him, and frozen Dreadwar in time, along with the entire Nilrebmah system.

It would be in 5 ABY that the Nightsister Silri, having recovered Dreadwar's holocron from Palpatine's private vaults and being led by its star charts to the lair of its creator, broke through the stasis field surrounding Nilrebmah, which was in the midst of collapsing after being disrupted by the dark side shockwave of Palpatine's death at the battle of Endor shortly prior. Dreadwar was awakened, and with him his ghastly army, rotting bodies grinning behind their ancient helmets, preserved in the carbonite that kept them from the dust. The ritual, twice interrupted, at last completed. Nilrebmah XIII collided with Nilrebmah XII, casting a great degree of debris into the vacuum of space, yet although its shell collapsed and exposed the true surface of its underworld, Nilrebmah XIII was not altogether destroyed. The wrecked and misshapen ruin, the shattered amalgamation of two planets, bearing the great and abysmal crater of the terrible collision, gouged like a vast wound bleeding lava, continued to move. The rebel adventurers, now returned to their own time, fled in time to report their fantastic tale to Arhul Hextrophon, yet they could not help but look back for one last glimpse at the Nilrebmah system, and saw that strange sight, Nilrebmah XIII followed by a trail of shattered rock, missing tumbling pieces the size of small moons, disappearing into hyperspace to the west, as if moving towards the Unknown Regions.

Dreadwar would not be seen in known space again until the year 150 ABY. Contemporary Sith historian Erastus Sallacine speculates Dreadwar spent the next century building up his forces in the Unknown Regions, manipulating many of the conflicts that disrupted the New Republic and successive Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in the intervening years, from the strangely synchronous invasions of three separate races from the Unknown Regions—the Ssi-Ruuk, Nagai and Tof—to the Mindor campaigns of the sorcerer of Rhand known as Cronal, even nearly killing Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, with the assistance of Darth Cruor and the shadowy spectres of four other Dark Lords of unknown provenance, in a Celestial Monolith in the eldritch Chiloon Rift in 45 ABY, which the famous twins had investigated following Dreadwar's possession and empowerment of two Columi criminals known as the Qreph brothers. When Dreadwar at last revealed himself to remnants of Darth Krayt's New Sith Order fleeing advancing Federation forces into the Unknown Regions, the One Sith were swiftly brought to heel, their surviving leaders, among them Darth Nihl, Darth Talon, Darth Maladi, Darth Insipid and Darth Haretisch, bending the knee before the mysterious ancient Sith Lord who they now proclaimed Sith Emperor. Leading the New Sith Order in a conquest of the Outer Rim Territories, Dreadwar succeeded in establishing a foothold in known space and rebuilding a Sith Empire; on the world of Korriban, Sith trials and training began anew as an armistice with the Federation allowed Dreadwar the chance to replenish the New Sith Order's depleted ranks. Breaking the armistice in 155 ABY, Dreadwar directed the Sith Empire to assault the Federation, yet during the battle of Empress Teta, Dreadwar inexplicably vanished. His Night Herald, Darth Insipid, claiming to have betrayed Dreadwar to his ensnarement in an ancient Celestial trap, declared himself the new Emperor, and his own disappearance mere weeks later resulted in Dreadwar's Empire fracturing into civil war.

Of the final fate of Darth Dreadwar, nothing can be ascertained, but his fanatical apprentice Darth Apollyon swears the Dread-King will return. “That is not dead which can eternal lie,” she whispers, reciting a line from Dreadwar's frightful grimoire, From the Darkest Way of the Force, “and with strange aeons, even death may die.”


Darth Talon before Emperor Dreadwar in his throne room on Korriban, 155 ABY.

STR (Strength): 9
FPR (Force Power): 20
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 20
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 20
PER (Perception): 15
DES (Destiny): 14

Rank/Level: Level 50 Dark Lord of the Sith
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer
Augmentation: 1
Force Jump: 3
Force Speed: 3
Force Sense: 5
Farsight: 5
Precognition: 4
Force Sight: 5
Telekinesis: 5
Force Push: 5
Force Whirlwind: 5
Force Wave: 5
Force Rend: 5
Force Wound: 5
Force Choke: 5
Telekinetic Kill: 5
Force Crush: 5
Levitation: 5
Ballistakinesis: 5
Telepathy: 5
Mental Shield: 5
Cleanse Mind: 5
Mind Trick: 5
Beast Trick: 5
Memory Rub: 5
Force Shock: 1
Force Lightning: 5
Lightning Variant: Chain Lightning: 5
Lightning Grenade: 3
Lightning Bomb: 3
Lightning Variant: Force Tempest: 5
Lightning Variant: Force Storm: 5
Lightning Variant: Sith Barrage: 5
Lightning Shield: 5
Force Maelstrom: 5
Summon Storm: 5
Convection: 1
Pyrokinesis: 5
Cryokinesis: 5
Cold Aura: 3
Force Resistance: 5
Adiabatic Shield: 5
Force Barrier: 5
Protection Bubble: 5
Tutaminis: 5
Dark Side Healing: 5
Force Bond: 5

Drain Life: 1
Death Field: 5
GODLIKE Hunger: 10
Drain Force: 1
Battle Meditation: 5
Feed on Dark Side: 3
Inflict Pain: 5
Force Reflex: 5
GODLIKE Force Ghost 10

GODLIKE Transfer Essence 10
GODLIKE Transfer Essence: Object: 10
GODLIKE Art of the Small: 10
Force Scream: 5
Shadow Armour: 3
Flamusfracta: 5
Shatterpoint: 3
Dark Transfer: 5
Darkshear: 5
Deadly Sight: 5
Dimension Shift: 5
Doppelganger: 1

Force Phantom: 5
Fold Space: 5
Create Force Wraith: 5
Force Suppression: 5
GODLIKE Eternal Hatred: 10
Enhance Force Sensitivity: 5
Force Plague: 5
Force Stun: 1

Force Stasis: 5
Mechu-deru: 3
Midichlorian Manipulation: 5
Phase: 5
Psychometry: 5
Imbue Item: 1
Sutta Chwituskak: 5
Qâzoi Kyantuska: 5
Dwomutsiqsa: 3
Waves of Darkness: 5
Forge Sith Artifact: 5
Forge Sith Weapon: 5
Forge Sith Armour: 5
Mutate Life: 5
Create Tuk'ata: 5
Create Hssiss: 5
Summon Leviathan: 5
Animate Golem: 5
Animate Sith Statue: 5
Invoke Spirits: 5

GODLIKE Force Walk: 10
Reanimate Dead: 5
Reanimate Sith Undead: 5
Summon Terentatek: 5
Sith Illusions: 5
Spirit Blade: 3
Blood Magic: 5
Spell of Concealment: 5
Sith Runes: 5
Sith Battlelord ritual: 5

Reiis Invadator

Legendary Member
General Reiis Invadator

Reiis.jpg48419184_158190008479471_1421072998844071936_n.jpgInvadator 7.jpg118718537_238529207474609_5934015435064421189_n.jpgInvadator 4.jpg

Theme Music:

Audio Sample of Character Voice: Claire Danes as San from Princess Mononoke (no clip available).

Name/Title: General Reiis Invadator, Lord of the Sith, Marchioness of House Cruor
Nicknames/Aliases: “The General” / “Mistress of Mayhem”
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species: Human (cyborg)
Homeworld: Mandalore
Occupation: Sith Lord, puppeteer of the Mand’alor
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115

Physical Description: Pre-cyborg: Reiis Invadator has a short, slender figure, though athletic despite her build. Fair skin. Brown hair/brown eyes. Still slender and short, but has lost all limbs but her left arm.

Clothing: The General customarily dons black robes paired with a faceless and mirrored black mask (picture above). She also is in possession of two sets of cortosis-weave armor (see pictures), the dagger-fingered set being used primarily in heavy battle situations.

Weapons: Invadator visibly carries only her Darksaber, though her armor and cortosis-weave prosthetics may be considered weapons as well. A cortosis-weave lig sword, however, is hidden somewhere in her robes. She has also taken the lightwhip and cat o’ nine tails of her fallen apprentice, Malivit, but does not always carry these.


Equipment: Her sealed life support system consists of a respirator (which can filter chemical and biological weaponry). Her mask is required to breathe “normally,” though limited organic breathing may occur if the system is disabled.

Vehicles: Victory Class II -- The Apathos


Pets: Dire cat (about one year old)

Languages: 1) Basic, 2) rudimentary Kaleesh

Combat Skills: Nothing in particular, though she is a decent aim and can manage herself well in hand-to-hand combat.

Other Strengths: Reiis is sharp, and can process details very quickly when she applies herself. Her ability to adapt on the fly makes her particularly adept at unconventional tactics and maneuvers, of which she is quite proud.

Flaws: While anger is a benefit to any Sith, deep down inside, Reiis has a capacity for blinding rage that has the power to take over all rational thought and unleash mental and physical chaos. She is typically able to control this, but sometimes it leaks out, making her momentarily unstable and wildly unpredictable. Of course, her life support system is also a weakness.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Reiis Invadator somehow manages to be both talkative and eerily quiet at the same time. Known widely for being intensely private, little is known of the more personal aspects of her life, though she is not one to mask her opinions. She personally cares for few, although her duties have broadened her concern to include many more than in her earlier days. A born leader, she rather liked the silence and loneliness of the upper echelons of power. Stubbornness -- though presently tempered by responsibility -- is one of her trademarks, and it is often buttressed by a sharp and unfiltered tongue. Her determination, however, is seen best in her previous work throughout the Sith Empire. She prides herself in her creativity and brutality in battle, but is typically not the first to press for a fight (much unlike her earlier days). The brute force of a competitive personality and a fiery temper has found a suitable companion with cool rationality.

Fears: Reiis fears death only for those she cares about. And torture. She wouldn’t like that one bit, for herself or others.

Likes: Honesty, dueling, remaining active within House Cruor

Dislikes: Liars, cheats, the pompous elite, blaster fights

Habits: Reiis had a very bad habit of not thinking before she acts. While she isn’t dumb, her peaks of chaotic energy have been known to turn her into an absolute dumbass at all the wrong times.

Friendships: Grievance Vexx

Masters: Dark Lord Immortalis Draconis

Apprentices: Malivit (deceased), Drakul Xarxes, Kielor, Sharkish'Ki

Reputation: The General is known for her ambition and combative personality, but is also regarded as very hard-working, dedicated, and determined. Some view her as mysterious, as she is also an intensely private individual. She is also known to be an intense warrior, and an inventive and capable duelist. Bold and outspoken also describes her well.

Biography: (Early years temporarily omitted). Invadator was fortunate enough that a Jedi Padawan and his Master found her and lied about her identity, hiding the Darksaber and training Invadator as a Jedi to spare her from an untimely death.

Which...did not come easily.

Despite the rigorous training any Jedi endured, Invadator remained stubborn and strong-willed, with a temper to match, isolating her from many of the other Jedi. Still, she remained an eager, if difficult, student and formed a close bond with her Master -- much of a father figure to her -- despite his own belief in the emotionless Jedi philosophy. Yet the stalwart morality that had spared Invadator’s life on Mandalore was one that later took both her Master’s (and his own Master’s) life as their own beliefs contradicted those of the Jedi at the time. And soon, Invadator found herself on the wrong side of the Jedi’s opinion without her Master to filter her. Much unbeknownst to her for many years, Invadator was sent on a suicidal mission with another Padawan friend of hers, the death of whom led to Invadator’s first brush with the Dark Side as she massacred their attackers in an event she, even today, cannot recall. Her only memory of that episode was the bloodied, torn room in which the bodies of the dead had inexplicably disappeared. Seeing her change, the Jedi no longer needed clandestine plots to murder her and openly attempted to kill her. Invadator managed to escape, with a deep-seated hatred for the Jedi burned into her soul.

Invadator would stumble about the galaxy for a short period of time before coming across a small Sith Empire that whisked her into another time period, quickly involving herself in their tutelage and taking on well to their teachings. However, it seemed this episode of her life was not meant to last, either. After being savagely whipped, losing all but her left arm, and being burned to within an inch of her life, Reiis Invadator became the cyborg she is known to be today, forever encased in a life support suit. It was during her time in this Empire that she met, tried to kill, and eventually befriended Grievance Vexx, a Kaleesh cyborg and the firstborn son of General Grievous. Despite the cultural opposition of the Sith to any sort of amiable friendship, Vexx and Invadator became friends and allies, forming a bond from mutual trust and respect. [Amended for TST: A mission in another time would end with Invadator riddled with blaster fire.] [Omitted for TST: But with her run-ins increasing within that Empire, she was exiled, her training unfinished -- a surprisingly peaceful affair as it did not come with a death warrant -- and Invadator left to wander the galaxy once more. Invadator does not speak much of the events that happened directly after her exile. She did, however, miraculously run into Grievance Vexx, and Reiis vowed to never leave her friend ever again. Vexx is the only being alive to have gained Reiis’ full and blind trust. The two traveled to Kalee, saving the planet from an old nemesis of Vexx before eventually finding their way to the Sith Empire -- this one being far larger than the first.]

Reiis finally finished her training and rose quickly within the ranks to first become the Head of House Cruor, then a Dark Lord of the Sith not terribly long after. She maintained the position for some time, eventually retiring and remaining in the Empire as a Lord.

STR (Strength): 13
FPR (Force Power): 12
DEX (Dexterity): 15
INT (Intellect): 16
CON (Constitution): 14
MAN (Manipulation): 5
PER (Perception): 13
DES (Destiny): 14

Rank/Level: Sith Lord, Level 37
Base Class: Warrior
Subclass: Saber

Shii-Cho - 1
Makashi - 4
Ataru - 2

Dark Side Tendrils - 10
Fold space - 4
Doppelganger - 4
Augmentation - 3
Force Jump - 3
Force Body - 3
Force Speed - 4
Force Sense - 4
Farsight - 3
Precognition - 4
Telekinesis - 4
Force Push - 4
Force Rend - 4
Levitation - 4
Telepathy - 4
Mental Shield - 4
Comprehend Speech - 2
Force Shock - 1
Force Lightning - 3
Force Resistance - 4
Force Barrier - 4
Tutaminis - 4
Battlemind - 3
Inflict Pain - 3
Reduce Injury - 4
Force Reflex - 4
Transfer Force - 4
Force Bond - 4
Force Empathy - 3
Dark Aura -- 4

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Name/Title: Darth Xiannarr
Nicknames/Aliases: Former Weapon of House Vassago before his departure
Age:35 appears in his 20s

Sex: Male

Species: Human
Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Serrano

Occupation: Sith Master

Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 114 kilos

Physical Description: Tall and well built, Tone defining muscles and long tied back hair Left arm replaced with a high tech mechanical arm (left)

Clothing: Plain black tunic, Sith robe (Black)

Weapons: Twin Black handles curved Lightsabers that interconnect into a s shaped curved saberstaff. Two brittle Cortosis daggers strong enough to withstand 3 strikes each from a Lightsaber before breaking for good
Mechno arm- Left
Arm stats:
Strength: this arm is around 2.5 times as strong as a human arm, using synthetic muscle cords and fibres to increase contraction time and force. The feeling in the arm can be dulled or entirely shut off in the case of injury or for a battle.
Armor: most of the hand is constructed of alchemized metal, enabling it to absorb most types of energy and force attacks, and even catch a lightsaber and hold it there. The forearm and biceps are highly durable and can take several shots from a standard blaster.

Equipment: Pocket rebreather with an aquatic underwater attachment, Credit pouch, Comm link

Pets (if applicable):

Languages: Basic, High Sith , Huttese, Shyriiwook

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Hand to hand combat, Military mindset, Natural leader, Good commander of troops, can pilot most ships due to academy Imperial training however hasn't had to fly himself for many years due to the use of academy ships and a personal pilot

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Doesn't take everything at face value, will not write someone off based on rumours , needs to see it for himself. Has Spent the last 13 years studying all aspects of the Echani Martial arts

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Power orientated and will do anything for it even to go so far as to sever his oldest ties

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Lawful Evil

Personality: Forward thinking, always looking to take the next step, Headstrong and resilient. Long term Goal is to become a Lord of the Sith

Fears: Dying, not having enough power

Likes: Sabaac, Spice (addiction) and a Cornelian whiskey after a long day
Dislikes: Disobedience, and being blamed for things he didn't do. the Jedi for the Stoic believes and the waste of the force as well as any who would stand in his way
Habits: Traveling back to Serrano and spending the night under the stars. Spice Addiction

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both):
Friendships (if applicable): Darth Nathemus, Darth Voidwalker, Darth Sedicious
Masters (if applicable):
Apprentices (if applicable): Dwomutsiqsa ( now Lord Sedicious)
Reputation: Former Weapon of House Vassago

Born on the planet Serrano, Darth Xiannarr was a troubled often violent child utilising his burst of dark side power to harm and manipulate those around him, as such it wasn't long before Sith contacts reported him to their masters, who soon after took him from his home and brought him to the academy.

Years Passed as he made his way through the academy ranks, pledging himself to the House of the Emperor and finding as close to a family as a Sith could find within the ranks of the Dread house on Nilrebmah, before his graduation the aspiring Sith was sent on a mission to the planet Dathomir where he built his twin lightsabers and helped to insinuate a Sith ruled Dathomir and Hapan.

Upon his return Xiannarr lodged in the academy and dove head first into training an apprentice of his own, Dwomutsiqsa a man revered in knowledge who quickly surpassed Xiannarrs own knowledge and skill and fast became a Lord of the Sith, yet to this day remains a steadfast ally and friend. Rising to the rank of Master Xiannarr, following the reopening of House Vassago Xiannarr would leave the Dread halls and joined the ranks of the Undying Lord. It was here that Xiannarr would Develop his saber skills alongside the Sith magic that he learned from House Dreadwar to build himself into a Sith Warlock.

It would not be long after this that Xiannarr would sell his raider Class Corvette and disappear into the unknown regions without a trace or even a goodbye, severing all ties to House Vassago and the Empire that raised him. Now he was back Among the Halls of the Dread House were he first begain his journey, no one truly knows where his loyalties lie or what his intentions were.

STR (Strength):18
FPR (Force Power):18
DEX (Dexterity):10
INT (Intellect):10
CON (Constitution):10
MAN (Manipulation):8
PER (Perception):12
DES (Destiny):10

Rank/Level: level 30 Sith Master
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Elementalist
Prestige Class (optional): Warlock
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):
Saber form-

Shii-cho -1
Djem so-2

Augmentation- 1
Speed -2
Sense -1
Force sight -1
Telekinesis -3
Wound -2
Choke -2
Crush- 4
Mental shield -4
Shock -1
Lightning -2
Convection -1
Pyrokinesis -2
Fireball belch -3
Force resistance -3
Tutaminis -4
Dark Side healing -3
Force bond-1
Drain life -3
Drain force -3
Feed on dark side -2
Sutta chwituskak-2
Qazoi Kyantuska-2
Aura of unease-2
Face claim*
Lightsaber pic (both are the same)
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Character Illustration (optional):
Theme Music (optional):
Audio Sample of Character Voice (optional):

Name/Title: Death Knight Rayge Vigör

Nicknames/Aliases: Lieutenant of House Cruor, the Avatar of Fury

Age: 29 (born 127 aby)

Sex: M

Species: Zabrak (Iridonian)

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: Iridonia

Occupation: Death Knight (mercenary prior to joining the Empire)
Sphere of Commerce
Sphere of Arts & Culture

Height: 7'4 (post-transformation)
(6'1 pre-transformation)
(8' in armor)

Weight: 325 lbs (post-transformation)
(210 lbs pre-transformation)
(425 lbs in armor)

Physical Description: Pale skin, dawning the traditional, tribal-like, tattoos, that Zabrak are notorious for. No hair, only his horns, forming a circular pattern around his head, in a crown-like shape. His face wore broad features, chiseled jawline, and piercing orange eyes, that were accented by the way his tattoos ran across his face.

Clothing: Traditional warrior robes, in black, with a few modifications made and armor, added from some time as a mercenary.
He also has a full set of alchemized armor gifted from his master (lightsaber resistant)

Weapons: He has now taken on the challenge of not only wielding a single lightsaber but practicing in the art of Jar'kai and trying his hand at dual-wielding, Crimson/Orange.

After defeating Gunnar Rayge acquired his split saber. After some modifications, he now wields them, both sides sporting a blood orange blade.

Silenced laser pistol
Alchemized Mustafarian Blade (can be infused with lightning)

Equipment: Rayge carries no additional equipment other than his clothing, armor, and weaponry.


Pets (if applicable): n/a

Languages: Iridonian, Zabraki, Galactic Basic

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): Being raised on Iridonia, Rayge is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and well versed in many melee weapons (swords, staves, bludgeoning weapons, such as maces, etc.)

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): Enhanced physical strength and speed from a ritual performed on him by Lord Xarxes.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Self-conscious, easily succumb to self-doubt which later fuels his rage and fury.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Neutral

Personality: Like most warriors of his race, Rayge is proud, strong, confident, dedicated, intense, and extremely focused.

Fears: Weakness, emptiness

Likes: Training, Studying, meditating

Dislikes: any substance that may hinder his connection to the force or ability to perform his techniques. Those who seem to be a thorn in the side of not only him but the Empire as a whole.

Habits: is quick to accept a challenge and prove his worth to all who would witness it. A bit overconfident but humble enough to not make rash decisions that could get him killed.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):
All have passed by my hand guided by Lord Xarxes

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): n/a

Friendships (if applicable):

Lord Drakul Xarxes, former master. Rayge still refers to him as such and often still seeks him out for guidance.

General Reiis Invadator, former master of his former master and former head of his house. The General was there with open arms along with the rest of house Cruor when Rayge first discovered the Empire.

Lord Cruor, former now reinstated Head of House. Another among the list of mentors for Rayge. Also provides guidance when sought out by Rayge.

Lord Grievance Vexx, a sith lord holding rank among the brothers of Cruor and also among the list of Rayge's mentors.

Rayge has many others he would refer to as friends but isn't sure where they stand.

Masters (if applicable): Lord Drakul Xarxes

Apprentices (if applicable): Kymorian (former), Malignus (former)

Reputation: Loyal, Driven

Biography: Rayge, grew up in Iridonia, where he was born to be a warrior. Being amongst the few light skin Zabrak in his tribe, he was ridiculed from a young age and thought very little of. During his ritualistic trials, he proved himself to be a great warrior and overcame the skepticism that followed him through his early years of life. While proving that he was a true Zabrak warrior, he tapped into something that he couldn't explain and used it to his advantage while facing death during his trials. Having had witnesses to these events, he began to be groomed as a Night Brother, and for his new life on Dathomir. Later, discovering what his true fate was to be, he sought out a way off of Iridonia before he was to be sentenced to his time on Dathomir. He was able to slip away on a freighter, leaving his home planet behind him. While traveling across the galaxy as a common mercenary, Rayge had heard of the Empire and the Sith Warriors amongst their ranks. Being intrigued by the thoughts of once again being a true warrior and knowing of the curse of his gifts, he sought out the empire. With hopes of becoming a great warrior once more, and seeking help for the gifts he had discovered, he joined the sith academy.

After what seemed like ages, Rayge had impressed a fellow gray-skinned Zabrak enough for him to be taken as his apprentice. Knight Makarov Amit broke and molded Rayge into a true Sith warrior having him survive trial after trial while offering him a gift of enhanced physical abilities but not without sacrifice. Rayge was tasked with slaughtering his loved ones whom he hadn't laid eyes on since leaving his homeworld years ago. He did as his master asked and now dawns a set of alchemized armor that their blood was used as a sacrifice for. Rayge has gone on to have 2 failed apprentices of his own and currently searches for one that will prove themselves worthy and successfully finish his training.

STR (Strength): 16 (15+1 from warrior)
FPR (Force Power): 10
DEX (Dexterity): 14
INT (Intellect): 8
CON (Constitution): 14 (13+1 from warrior)
MAN (Manipulation): 5
PER (Perception): 9
DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level (e.g. Level 40 Dark Lord of the Sith): Level 20 Sith Knight

Base Class: Sith Warrior

Subclass (if applicable): Sith Marauder

Prestige Class (optional):

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

• Form I Shii-Cho (1)
• Form VII Juyo (3)
• Jar'Kai (3)
• Augmentation (1)

• enhance attribute (1)
• Telekinesis (3)
• force push (2)
• force wound (1)
• force choke (1)
• levitation (1)
• Telepathy (3)
• mental shield (3)
• Force shock (1)
• force lightning (2)
• Force resistance (3)
• force barrier (3)
• tutaminis (3)
• Force Rage (1)


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Name/Title: Kielor, Beast of Cruor, Soldier of Venom

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Occupation: Ex-mercenary

Height: 183cm

Weight: 105kg

Physical Description: Light brown hair, kept short. Grey eyes. Handsome but not stunning. Middle aged with fine lines beginning to mark his face, however no significant wrinkles, nor visible scars or other distinguishing marks. Athletic. He is heavily muscled, weighing 105kg at just over six feet tall. 100% own body parts intact and organic.

Clothing: He usually wears Black Sith Robes & Tunic over an armorweave flight suit, along with black high cut combat boots. He also possesses durasteel plate armour, resembling Sith Eradicator armour, including the helm. Kielor also owns various outfits for formal occasions and casual attire.



Main hand lightsaber: a long, indigo bladed traditional lightsaber. The hilt is fluted with 3 protruding prongs extending from the emitter.

Offhand lightsaber: a curved hilted saber with a gleaming red blade. The blade of the offhand is shorter than the main hand weapon.

DC17 side arm

DC17m weapons system (assault, ordinance & sniper attachments).

Assorted explosives: 6x Stun, 6x Smoke, 6x Concussion, 6x Cryo Grenades, 6x Incendiary, 6x Fragmentation, 6x Ion & 6x Plasma Grenades


Ring of the Battlelord (Lady Noxia’s favour)
GLiS Emergency Medpac
Multiple bandoliers and commando carry gear to suit the DC17m system.
Survival kit containing: thermal blanket, several glow rods, collapsible grappling hooks, high tension wire, stim pills, bacta spray, additional wound dressings, water purification tablets

Vehicles: Wayfarer Series personal Starfighter


Class: Wayfarer
Length: 7m
Engines: Ion Engines (2)
Hyperdrive: Class 4 Hyperdrive
Power Plant: I-a3b Solar Ionization Reactor (4)
Shielding: Deflector Shield Generator
Armament: Laser Cannons (2), Proton Torpedo Tubes (2)
Consumables: 2 Days
Crew/Troop Size: 1
Roles: Fighter Vessel
Detailed Explanation of Hull: See above picture. The hull is constructed from Durasteel,
Detailed Explanation of Weaponry: The weapons onboard the Wayfarer Series Fighter are simple. The Twin-Linked Laser Cannons are located at the tips of the “wings” of the vessel and they fire in sync with one another. The Torpedo Tubes are located at the front of the nose and can be fired together or independently.
Shield System Details: The shields on the Wayfarer Fighter are standard shields. Not strong enough to withstand more than a glancing blow from a Turbolaser, but plenty enough to survive for a bit against Laser Cannons.
Engine and Reactor Details: As shown in the above photo, the engines are set just back on both sides of the cockpit. The reactors are the same type off of the TIE Series.
Ship Pitch: A simple ship in design and purpose, the Wayfarer Series Starfighter is a vessel that, if utilized correctly, can grant an advantage upon the battlefield. This vessel has enough agility to support a pilot who engages in space combat or exploration, perhaps even both. A beautifully simple ship with plenty of potential.

Pets: ‘Rags’ - Tuk’ata:

Claimed from the Tomb of Marka Ragnos in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban (Beasts of Cruor RP). She is a hulking specimen of the species with a reddish-black hide.

Languages: Basic / Rudimentary Huttese

Combat Skills: Proficient in armed and unarmed combat - trained at early age by an Echani combat specialist while making a living as a teenager in Grakkus Arena. His 20 year career as a mercenary has equipped Kielor with the ability to use most military grade weaponry. Routinely dual wields lightsabers, and adores the art of lightsaber combat.

Other Strengths: extensive experience in planning and completing military operations, assassinations and extractions. Comprehensive survivalist skills. Very pragmatic.

Flaws: Despite his ruthlessness, Kielor just wants everyone to have a good time, and so has a bad habit of agreeing to more than he should. He has incredibly high expectations of himself and has the occasional crises of confidence and frequently second guesses himself. Predisposed to over-analysing.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Calm and pragmatic, Kielor is an honourable man despite his capacity of ruthlessness. He is a realist, and understands the role which violence and fear play in life. Despite only recently joining the Empire, he has a deep knowledge and love of the Sith, their history and traditions. He considers himself a traditionalist in terms of his future as a Sith, and values the power of the darkside and his combat ability above technology and equipment.

Fears: Small spaces

Likes: Combat and Corellian Whiskey. Tuk’ata, Terentatek and other Sithspawn. Occasional indulgence, but generally quite conservative and withdrawn.

Dislikes: grandstanding, unnecessary violence, celery.

Habits: a dabbler in Sith alchemy. Spends a copious amount of time combat training.

Companions: only his Sithspawn, Rags

Affiliations: House Cruor, Beasts of Cruor, Soldiers of Venom

Masters: General Reiis Invadator

Apprentices: Nil

Reputation: unknown, suspect little known to the wider community

Biography: His father taught him enough of combat to get by as a young child. He had always been incredibly fast in combat, however did not realise that this was a result of his force sensitivity. He first realised that he was able to use the force to manipulate objects following the death of his father, when he telekinetically bludgeoned his employer to death with a heavy metal chair. 

Following this incident Kielor fled Coruscant as a stow away on a smuggler vessel, where he ended up on Nar Shaddaa. With no home, money or friends, he got by stealing and robbing for a time, before being picked up by a recruiter for Grakkus the Hutt who indicated that there was plenty of money in the fight pits for someone with his capability.

He spent roughly 3 years on Nar Shaddaa, primarily getting by as a pit fighter, where he was able to hone his skills in melee combat in a variety of scenarios; unarmed combat, blunt weapons, edge weapons, the list goes on. Kielor took combat training from numerous tutors on Nar Shaddaa, however most notably from an Echani woman by the name of Astri Fenni. Fenni instructed Kielor on unarmed combat techniques as well as how to properly use a range of melee weapons.

While not a mother figure, Fenni looked out for Kielor and helped him to find a life outside of Grakkus Arena. At the age of 17 Kielor was introduced to a small, elite mercenary squad, who gave him an opportunity to work with them. His one shot experience with the group of 4 human mercenaries led to a twenty year career with the squad.

The Mercs, Salad Company, were neutral to allegiances, and would take work from the Hutts, the Federation and the Sith Order. Tasks were typically recovery or neutralisation of specified individuals; on several occasions those individuals having been accomplished force users. 

Of the 4 mercenaries, one was also a skilled force user from Chandrila, named Trus Saldaa. Trus tutored Kielor to better understand and control his force power. Having identified his remarkable melee combat ability, they focused on lightsaber combat, augmented with force powers that would help him to overpower opponents.

Working together with Salad Company, Kielor became proficient in planning and executing missions. He became a strong survivalist, and undertook many missions on his own, using his guile and cunning, together with his impressive combat skill to overcome his objectives. Trus and Kielor built a strong relationship, and despite their mutual affection for each other it was obvious that Kielor was destined for more than just the life of a warrior for hire. Eventually the Chandrilan was able to convince Kielor to expand his capability in the force and to join the Empire, where powerful Sith would be able to teach him how to draw more deeply on its power.

The Sith Academy was not what Kielor had expected, although he didn’t really know what to expect. The higher ranks were ruthless, and he quickly learned to keep his head down. He dwelt largely in the shadows for the first month or more; watching, getting to know how things worked in this new community, who to avoid, who to look up to.

No longer a mercenary, Kielor was now a Sith Acolyte. He joined the Great Sith House of Cruor, where he found himself among like minded individuals; those who valued strength in combat. It was a house of warriors, and that resonated with the now middle aged human.

Kielor’s first engagement in the Empire was to join the Acolytes and Apprentices dueling tournament, pitting his combat ability against other Acolytes and Apprentices, many of which had far greater training and experience. He was fortunate that the Head of House Cruor, General Reiis Invadator, Dark Lady of the Sith, had agreed to assist him with dueling against other force users; training which would see him make his way all the way to the final of the tournament where he would ultimately be defeated by Apprentice Kint Dranlor, apprenticed to Emperor Dreadwar himself.

Kielor would eventually be apprenticed to General Invadator, who would teach him how to harness the power of the darkside of the force, how the Empire functioned and how to command the respect of his peers.

STR (Strength): 10

FPR (Force Power): 10

DEX (Dexterity): 10

INT (Intellect): 9

CON (Constitution): 10

MAN (Manipulation): 4

PER (Perception): 9

DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level: Level 14, Sith Apprentice

Base Class: Sith Warrior

Subclass: Sith Marauder


Form I Shii Cho: 1

Form VII Juyo: 2

Jar Kai: 2

Telepathy: 1

Beast Trick: 2

Augmentation: 1

Telekinesis: 2

Force Sense: 1

Force Blast: 2

Force Resistance: 2

Tutaminis: 2

Hibernation Trance: 1

Feed on the Dark Side: 2

LEVEL 14 (21 Skill Points, 72 Attribute points)


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Character Illustration (optional)


Theme Music (optional)

Audio Sample of Character Voice: Grimaldus (Helsreach Film, Warhammer 40k)

Name/Title: Kint Dranlor

Nicknames/Aliases: Omegon

Age: 42 standard years

Sex: Male

Species: Zabrak, genetically modified

Orientation (optional): Heterosexual

Homeworld: New Dolla

Occupation: Sith Sorcerer of House Dreadwar

Height: 2.5 meters

Weight: 215 kg

Physical Description: Large, imposing, and with grey and black tattoos crisscrossing his skin, with massive musculature and sharpened horns adorning his head. Typically seen in armor.

Clothing: When not in armor, he typically dons black padded Sith robes with numerous inner pockets and a blast resistant coating. He also typically wears a cloak made from the skin of a slain Terentatek, granting him a level of protection against force and saber attacks.

-Cybermatrix hammer hydraulic strength increasers, combined with Psiberstuff independent actuators, enable Omegon to move much more freely, as if wearing light armor as opposed to heavy, though not boosting his strength beyond his unarmored level.
-Built in Kiroshi optics thermal and rangefinder in the helmet, along with sound enhancement and filtration.
- Outer layer of armor is composed primarily of beskar and durasteel, with songsteel reinforcements in the chest, shoulders, and other various locations. Gauntlets are formed of alchemized and enchanted metal, and covered in runes to enhance spellcasting and protection, as well as sharpened fingertips.
- The armor itself provides a +1 to conceal presence, as well as an affinity to Lord Dreadwar due to its time in his sarcophagus, sometimes causing him to hear whispers.

The armor is jade blue in appearance, and features hydra Iconography, scales, and many symbols or runes mark its surface.


-A blade of flame which can block lightsabers. Can deflect, absorb, store and unleash energy-based attacks (such as Force Lightning and blaster bolts). The blade is magically sharp, able to cut through any metal. When one runs one's hand (or another object) up the blade, producing friction, the blade is ignited; the sword radiates fire and intense heat, and contact with an enemy will result in the enemy being set alight. Obtained from the false tomb of Lord Dreadwar.

- Alchemized glaive enchanted with force phase, enabling him to perform maneuvers similar to those in the lightsaber form known as Trakata. It is forged from the iron in the blood of Omegon’s family and hometown, who he slaughtered to forge his blade. It acts as a personal force Nexus for Omegon, strengthening his will and power when drawn. In its haft, there sits a ring of nihl smokestone, which binds it to his control and no others, so that he can direct it without effort. However, the blade also contains a terrible curse.

- MRP-4 Mandalorian Ripper: a heavy disintegrator pistol equipped with slug and scatter rounds.


Explosives: 6 Specialized smoke bombs

- Talisman of concentration: A talisman embedded in a necklace. It concentrates the power of the dark side.
Function: A character wearing one of these is able to maintain the use of the Force indefinitely without exhaustion for the span of 15 minutes, allowing one to 'spam' Force lightning and other powers without being GMed for godmoding. In addition, the amulets draw on and amplify ambient Force energy into concentrated blasts of colourful energy, allowing one to fire beams of raw dark side power from the amulet that can blow apart walls, enemies and even spirits. However, any character below Level 5 using these amulets is unable to control the build-up and release of energy; the amulet will fire off randomly (decided by the GM)
- Talisman of transformation (Tuk'ata): A small ring with an inset jewel. The jewel is grey.
Function: When wearing this talisman, one is able to transform into a Tuk'ata at will. The transformation is reversible.
- Talisman of transformation (Pterosaur): A small ring with an inset jewel. The jewel is emerald.
Function: When wearing this talisman, one is able to transform into a pterosaur at will. The transformation is reversible.
- Talisman of transformation (Rancor): A small ring with an inset jewel. The jewel is brown.
Function: When wearing this talisman, one is able to transform into a rancor at will. The transformation is reversible.
- Talisman of translation: A talisman, embedded in a tiara.
Function: Allows one to read, write and understand ancient Sith.
- Shield Talisman: An amulet that takes the form of a golden necklace. It harnesses the power of the dark side to protect the user against hostile attacks.
Function: A character wearing one of these talismans automatically absorbs the first five attacks or 'hits' against them, so long as these attacks are physical or energy-based in nature. Mental attacks and Force Drain are not defended against.
- Vials of alchemical acidic venom and zombie saliva/brain matter
- Terentatek skin cloak providing some defense against force attacks and lightsabers.
- An ordinary Tarot deck, which he wears on his hip and occasionally uses to try to read the future.

Strike class medium cruiser

20 turbolaser batteries
10 heavy turbolaser batteries
12 laser canons
8 ion canons
3 tractor beam projectors
6 warhead launch systems
2 Teljkon mace launchers to initiate boarding actions
Each weapon system is operated by mind slaved servitors, who have been cybernetically and permanently implanted into the ship to increase its accuracy and precision.

Hyperdrive class: 1.5
Sublight speed: 900 kph
Armor, shields, and engines: 1 class 2 hyperdrive, 1 backup class 4 hyperdrive, medium phrik and durasteel hybrid armor defense armor with copper mesh underlayer, high class energy shields with point defense projectile prediction technology, using medium modified shield generator technology.


Required crew: 80
Ideal crew: 120

Carrying capacity:
20 starfighters
4 dropships
12 drop pods
200 various troopers

Length: 450 meters

Description: Packing a very large payload for its relative size, the strike class medium cruiser is Omegon’s choice transport across the galaxy. It’s hangars and barracks have been converted, and rather than holding walkers, tanks, and 1000+ soldiers, it now holds a much smaller force alongside a series of shrines and Omegon’s personal quarters, training ground, and forge. It contains 24 levels, 3 of which are devoted to Omegon’s quarters, training area, and forge. This makes up a total of 120,000 square meters, and it contains Backup systems, holo-displays, exotic weapons, and scientific experiments fill the room in neat and orderly rows. Ancient Sith Magic protects the room, along with countless automata and other more exotic guardians. While there are other weapon forges onboard the ship, this is also the location of Omegon’s private forge. It contains an advanced Sith alchemical forge with exotic ingredients, and many advanced 3D printing and weaponry design facilities. There are also tanks for growing biological projects, and many ancient or exotic weapons line the walls. Very few are allowed here, and in fact, as of right now only Omegon truly knows what the room possesses.

At the center of the ship rests a temple dedicated to the Former Emperor Lord Dreadwar. Within, there is a great statue of the Dark Lord, along with numerous artifacts in some way connected to him, including (but not limited to) the previous helm of Lord Nathemus, the Helm of Lady Traya, the Helm and sword of the fallen Lord Neoplix, and an ancient Dread Athame. The Temple is guarded by a large number of traps, guards, and spells. There are massive combat automata, Vong bioforms, and enchantments designed to trap those entering the temple unbidden.

3 levels above this, separated by maintenance corridors, blast doors, and access hatches, is situated the command center from which the ship is piloted. Around this is situated the astral choir: These are two dozen Sith acolytes who are Force sensitive, but not strong enough to be used elsewhere. And so, their minds are linked to that of the pilot, and their strength and life force are added to his, amplifying his abilities yet further. Within and around this sphere, the command center is located. Primary tactical displays, navicomputers, and control systems for the ship are all located here, with secondary systems elsewhere on the ship.

In the rear of the ship, attached to the engine compartment, there is a shrine to the Rot God, the Mnggal Mnggal, kept under constant watch and guard. If any issues arise, the shrine can be doused in superheated plasma, evaporating everything inside instantly to prevent infection spread.

Pets (if applicable): N/A

Languages: Galactic Basic, Ancient Sith, Dollan, and a little Huttese. He is also proficient in thought-mark, a sign language he developed for swift and efficient communication in combat when stealth is necessary.

Combat Skills (brief summary, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Abilities section): Omegon spent the first 20 years of his life fighting in gladiator pits, and has developed an intensely practical and efficient method of melee combat. Having received additional personal training from Lord Vexx and Lady Invadator, he is extremely skilled with most all blades, specializing in glaive and sword combat.
More than a combatant however, he is a planner and a tactician. He sees tables, data, maps, and designs, and turns them into plans and weapons of war. He uses his forge and his alchemical abilities to win an advantage in battles before he is even engaged in them and specializes in developing exotic and powerful weapons to turn the tide of a fight.
This skill aided him much in his later life when he went on to become a hunter, where he honed his ranged combat skills to a fine edge, and eventually took a ranged combat lesson from Lord Xxys. While these ranged combat skills are now a little on the rusty side, he is still more than proficient with most ranged weapons.

Other Strengths (brief summary, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Abilities section):
- NeuroSaav Hifold Sensory package, including Kiroshi optics dodgeball implants, neuro Saav eye implants, and soundcom auditory implants.
- GenTech bio-Muscle Weave, enhancing physical stats by a factor of 4 due to his size.
-Replitech’s tuffbone skeletal rebuild, tripling bone strength and increasing density.

Flaws (brief summary, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Abilities section): Tendency towards pride and narcissism, which often blinds him to risks he is taking, and while he maintains a close circle of allies, he finds it difficult to trust those outside of this circle. He is also relatively low skilled when it comes to manipulating others, mainly due to the fact that he has never had a need for such things.
In addition to this, he has begun developing some mutations due to issues with his vat grown body. These typically manifest as small tendrils/tumors slowly growing on the outside of his body. He burns these off, leaving portions of his body scarred. They are typically hidden with bacta or his armor, but this doesn’t prevent him from being paranoid that someone might find out.
He also is viewed with disdain by many of the higher ups in his own culture, due to vat grown entities normally being used as slaves. They view him as beneath them, and this infuriates him, pushing him to try to prove them wrong.
In physical combat, he attempts to analyze and predict his opponent’s actions. His swift mind is able to do this quite rapidly, but when he is facing more than 4 skilled opponents, his ability to predict and combat them begins to drastically decrease, and he often is forced to result to reactionary fighting rather than predicting and pre-planning. In addition, though he is still skilled at range combat, he is no longer the expert he once was due to his time focusing on melee and closer ranges.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Lawful Neutral

Personality: Brutal, cunning, and powerful, Omegon focuses on perfecting and bettering himself to the best of his ability, while achieving power and climbing the ranks of the Sith empire. He takes multifaceted and heavily logic-based approaches to problems and believes in the power of knowledge and cunning over all else. He shrouds himself in mystery and deceit and is determined to fight off destiny’s clutches and take the victory he feels he deserves.

Fears: Omegon fears nothing more than dying before his time and being forgotten. He is obsessed with power and legacy, seeing it as the ultimate

Likes: He has a great love for contingency plans and preparedness. He rarely goes into a fight without at least 3 plans. He also loves to confuse and overwhelm his opponents at every turn, never letting them relax.
He also has a love for crafting weapons and gear and is always searching for new material to experiment and forge with.

Dislikes: Disrespect, underestimated. He believes he has earned some level of respect from many and hates to be looked over as a useful tool.

Habits: when he becomes excited during combat, he tends to bare his sharpened teeth in anticipation.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): 6 bodyguards, known as part of the Lernean guard, who may accompany him on occasion. (CSs sent separately)

Friendships (if applicable): Lord Xarxes, Knight I-Ron, Lord Anhra Mahniu, Lord Sedicious, Lord Nathemus, Lady Hesper, Lady Invadator

Masters (if applicable): Former Master Darth Dreadwar

Apprentices (if applicable): Apprentice Exilius

Reputation: Trusted friend to some, feared enemy to others, Omegon has established his reputation as a duelist and fighter a level above most, always seeking a new challenge to overcome or a new duel in which to claim victory. Most know of his ambitions to the dark council and his plans to ascend to the rank of Lord, and his cunning and knowledge when it comes to science, Sith magiks, lore, and technology are also well known.


Biography: Born upon the planet New Dolla, Kint learned from a young age what hardship was. Life was hard for everyone; it was simply the way things were. His father was a wealthy nobleman, who made his fortune producing and selling exotic weaponry, but this status did not protect Kint from the vicious traditions of the planet.

Every child was forced into dueling pits to be trained in combat from the youngest years of childhood. In and out of the ring, any method that could be used to get ahead was seen as legitimate. There were few laws, and if one could get around them, they were to be applauded, not stopped. This built a strong population, and Kint was amongst the strongest. Making a name for himself from an early age, he achieved the title of Potens year after year, a prefix to indicate the best duelist in their class.

At the age of 12 he found himself drafted into the Jedi academy on a nearby Republic world after a Jedi witnessed him fight and saw the force potential within him. However, it was not long before he abandoned this temple; they sought to hide away the very rage and cunning that had brought him success in the first place. And so, he turned his back upon them, traveling back to his home planet only to find his mother and father enslaved, conquered by another noble. Enraged, Kint slew the noble and his family, before taking his portion of the family fortune and products to form a hunters guild known as the Masarian mercenaries.

These elite soldiers served as his personal team for years, pulling off jobs others would have thought impossible, fighting Sith, Jedi, cultists, monks, demons, and ghosts. Eventually, he encountered the hidden Sith empire, and his path was changed forever. Stealing the body and identity of a Gen’dai apprentice through a mind trap, he gained the personal attention of the Emperor, and became his apprentice.

He rose through the ranks rapidly, too rapidly in fact. His still-young age and his pride swiftly got to him, and while he gained a seat on the dark council, and took by force a great Sith house to call his own, he made enemies and did not follow the decorum laid down by the empire. In a confrontation with the empress, he was condemned to death, and executed by the emperor with a flick of his hand.

But that was not the end for Kint Dranlor. No. The emperor did not wish him dead, but rather sent him into a pre-prepared clone body, to become his apprentice once more with a new face, and now going by his own name, rather than a stolen one. He graduated, becoming a Knight and a member of the Emperor’s house. Now, he serves the emperor as a scalpel, enacting his will upon the empire, gaining power and influenced, and ever so slowly, rising through the ranks. He takes the title Omegon, for he considers this both the end and the beginning, and brings finality with him wherever he goes.


STR (Strength): 12
FPR (Force Power): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 16
CON (Constitution): 10
MAN (Manipulation): 7
PER (Perception): 11
DES (Destiny): 8

Rank/Level (e.g. Level 40 Dark Lord of the Sith): 25 (50 skill points, 90 attribute points, 1 godlike, max skill level 3)
Base Class: Sorcerer
Subclass (if applicable): Alchemist
Prestige Class (optional): Artificer
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):

Telekinesis - 3

Augmentation - 2

- Force Speed - 3

Force sense - 3

- Precognition - 3

Telepathy - 1

- Mental shield - 3

Dark side healing - 3

Force resistance - 3

Tutaminis - 3

Mechu Deru - 3

Create Force Wraith - 1

Sith Illusions - 3

Imbue item - 1

- Forge Sith weapon - 3

- Forge Sith artifact - 3

- Forge Sith Armour - 3

Sutta Chwituskak - 2

Qâzoi Kyantuska -3

Force bond - 1

Force channel - 1

Drain force - 3

Mutate life - 3

Feed on Dark Side - 1

Sith Runes -3
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Final Triumvirate
Dark Council
Name/Title: Sol Kira


Nicknames/Aliases: The Red Death

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Homeworld: Onderon

Occupation: Sith Apprentice

Height: 5’5

Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description: Long, light reddish brown hair. Yellow eyes. Pale skin. Countless scars across back, a brand on her cheek from a demon, and the Mark of Kain on her forehead. Cracks across skin that glow, and Left arm is covered by a demon gauntlet that cannot be removed.

Clothing: Preference for dresses and other clothing befitting a high-born woman
Weapons: Sol owns and primarily uses a red-bladed lightsaber with a black hilt of standard design. She also utilizes a small iron-composite dagger, which is kept concealed in a leg strap. She also owns a Krath Sword, which is lightsaber resistant and serrated to cause hemorrhaging in its victims. The sword is also magnetized.

Equipment: Sol carries little, usually only a holocommunicator. She has a gauntlet made from the skin of a demon, obtained on Coruscant. Although any force power embedded into it has been removed, the demon-skin material is extremely dense, enhancing the damage dealt when punching and protecting from shrapnell, knives, and swords. It cannot defend against blasters, lightsabers, or other energy-based firearms.


Vehicles: N/A

Pets (if applicable): Two gizkas.

Languages: Basic, Onderonian, Huttese, High Galactic (written)

Combat Skills (brief summary, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Abilities section): She has an aptitude for throwing knives. She also has a proficiency for stealth from spending a year hiding on freighters.

Other Strengths (brief summary, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Abilities section): She has knowledge in a wide variety of subjects from being privately tutored for most of her life. She has a particular aptitude for philosophy, having studied it in college.

Flaws (brief summary, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Abilities section): Sol is emotionally detached due to a lifetime of abuse, and is incapable of love. She was poisoned by her father at a young age, and is now incapable of having children. She is timid in social situations, rarely contributing to conversation. Addicted to tabac. Suffers from schizophrenia and anxiety.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Lawful Evil

Personality: Sol is a quiet, timid personality. Often hiding in plain sight, she rarely socializes when she can avoid it, although she is deliberately improving her social skills. Despite this, when she does speak she is very elegant, speaking in the manner of a sophisticated, high class socialite due to her privileged upbringing. She suffers from a dual personality caused by the possession of a demon. In this, she gains more self confidence and is more intense and intimidating than before. When she speaks a deeper, more sinister voice can be heard underpinning her natural voice.

Fears: Snakes

Likes: Obtaining knowledge, reading, training.

Dislikes: Disobedience, ignorance, vulnerability.

Habits: Smokes as a result of her addiction to tabac.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): N/A

Companions: N/A

Friends (if applicable): Braell Jinzle (formerly, deceased)

Masters (if applicable): Knight I-Ron Butterfly

Apprentices (if applicable): N/A

Reputation: Sol has yet to establish a reputation for herself.

Biography: Sol Kira was born into royalty in 135 ABY on the planet Onderon, in the city of Iziz to Jak Kira and Vorra Kira. She believed to have witnessed the murder of her mother at her father’s hand when she was a mere three years old; however, she would later learn that her mother had left out of fear of what Sol would turn into, something she witnessed in a vision, taking Sol’s twin brother Esta with her. Throughout her childhood, Sol was subject to constant torment from her father, who physically and emotionally abused her. As a result, Sol became completely detached from her emotions. She was kept shuttered from the outside world for most of her life, never properly developing social skills. She received a full education through private tutorship from the ages 5-14. At the age of 14, she was admitted to the University of Ov Taraba, and four years later, at the age of 18, she graduated with a degree in Philosophy. This was her first experience outside of the palace without constant supervision. While studying at Ov Taraba, she met a boy named Braell Jinzle, who became her first love. Shocked at the emotion she felt for him after a life completely closed off from her feelings, in a fit of passion she accidentally killed him, discovering her Force sensitivity in the process. It was at this time that she finally committed to escaping Onderon and her father out of fear of retribution for murdering Braell. Sneaking aboard a cargo freighter, she spent the next half year hiding in shipments, until one day she began to feel a calling to a particular freighter, destination Korriban. Upon arriving on Korriban, she enrolled in the Sith Academy. Soon after, she began her Apprenticeship under Knight I-Ron Butterfly. In her apprenticeship, she was cursed with voices in her head that drove her into madness. In an act of desperation, she sought out the demon that purged her mind with his mark on her cheek, needing to rid herself of the voices. In doing so, she made a deal with the demon, which led to him possessing her. Although she still has full control of her body and mind, it is now shared with that demon. In the possession, her skin was cracked from the overpowering energy loss of the demon as he left his own body to possess hers. The demon gauntlet that he had previously gifted to her was burned into the flesh of her left arm, making it impossible to remove. The demon gauntlet was stripped of any power it held, and was done so in an act of punishment from the demon, who was displeased at how little Sol had used his gift. She is no longer haunted by voices and is now slightly more aware of demons surrounding her, who therefore are more aware of her presence and the presence of the demon that possesses her. She currently remains in her apprenticeship under Knight I-Ron Butterfly.

STR (Strength): 8
FPR (Force Power): 9
DEX (Dexterity): 8
INT (Intellect): 9
CON (Constitution): 8
MAN (Manipulation): 8
PER (Perception): 8
DES (Destiny): 8

Rank/Level:Level 5
Base Class: Sorcerer
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):
Form I - Shii-Cho - 1
Form III - Soresu (Requires Form I - Shii-Cho) - 1
Telekinesis - 1
Telepathy - 1
Mind Trick (Requires Telepathy) - 1
Force Shock - 1
Force Resistance - 1
Cryokinesis - 1
Feed on Dark Side - 1
Deadly Sight - 1
Force Blast - 1
Soft to Solid- 1
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Darth Sedicious

Dark Council
Jedi Council
Character Image:

Night King menacing.jpg

Theme Music:

Audio Sample of Character's Voice: Richard Dormer as Lord Beric Dondarrion


: Darth Sedicious, Dread Lord of the Kissai, Kursk of the Sedriss
Nicknames/Aliases: Lord of Decay, Darth Execrable (origin in companion CS), Breath of Cocytus

Age: Chronologically in his 50's.
Sex: Male

Species: Dathomirian half-zabrak
Homeworld: Dathomir (world of origin), Rhelg (home of residence)

Occupation: Sith Lord, Lord of Rhelg, Sith alchemist and sorcerer

Height: 5'8
Weight: 175 lbs

Physical Description:
The spirit ichor flowing through him extended not only his youth and lifespan but enhanced his body as well. This enhancement was one of the only things that stopped Sedicious' body from decaying to a pathetic Sidious-esque state after putting himself through intense Force-training on the mind and spirit. Naturally, his appearance, regardless, changed: the crimson flesh and atramental tattoos had both faded to a bluish-grey; the strong, short, bony horns elongated slightly and transfigured, turning to ice; and his eyes' fiery red suns turned to a icy, hypnotizing blue, windows to an endless frozen sea.
Fortunately, and thanks to Lord Ānhrā Mahnîu, he had clones created.

Two wraps of frost had he acquired. And so, two robes would he create, each identical at a glance but a closer look reveals the difference. Gold-stitched and ostentatious, each thread of gold is weaved into art. Sedicious wears a Tundite-tapestry mantle: the art depicted the unravelling of reality upon the exposure of the Force as an illusion. Adjusted for his size, one may fit neatly beneath his armor, and the other is used as a robe itself.

As a Sith lord and ruler of a Sith Holy World, he may don more regular Sith clothing, such as golden collars and belts. He will never, however, wear sandals. He always wears tuk'ata leather boots. Indeed, under his robes he usually still wears an environment-sealed alchemical bodysuit, as he did even in his days as an apprentice. He is still practical.

Dark Armor — Sedicious had used dark armor granted to battleslave guards of the Sedriss as a master. But now, he sees no real use for it, as he uses a Force Phantom for most interactions, rarely truly leaving seclusion, and his mastery of ordinary essence transference provides a suitable failsafe.

Adornment of the Kursk — After achieving sufficient rank and power and demonstrating loyalty to the Sedriss, Sedicious was granted his request for the creation of self-designed Stygian swordbreaker gauntlets. These gauntlets are alchemically enhanced for lightsaber-resistance and have three fins protruding from the side, and are meant to catch and trap bladed weapons. These fins curve backward at the tip and are coated with pure cortosis on the inside of the fins, allowing Sedicious to "break lightsabers" if caught. Sith under Sedicious have created their own designs, with his underlings having often been seen with retractable, launching, and golden versions and even wrist-lanvaroks variations.

Sith Spear — Sedicious uses this spear (the king of weapons) in place of a scepter. Created from the metal and magics of both his second Sith sword and his first spear, this 6'8" damascus Sith spear is built almost entirely upon the same principles and methods as a Sith sword, thus it is capable of all the same, including a absorbing energy and the status as a minor Force nexus. The golden head and tail portions of the shaft are both capable of unscrewing and detaching for changes in tactics, turning into a sort of a short sword. Glows with its wielder in a cold silver aura during intense combat.

The blade extends from the mouth of a golden Sith wyrm. The imagery arose from a Sith tale of a great wyrm which arrived from the heavens spewing silver flames of entropy.

A shredded shroud of the illusion-enhancing wrap that once enveloped Sedicious' first spear has been wrapped beneath the wyrm.



Force Mask — the first and most treasured of Sedicious' alchemical creations. This small dark grey raven-headed sigil does not mask his presence in the Force, as the name would imply, but emit waves that cancel out ripples in the Force he makes while using the Force, stopping his enemies from noticing any of his machinations or power usage.
It is supernaturally tough, preventing a stray blaster bolt or lightsaber stab from destroying it.

Night King Sigil.jpg

Amulets of Concentration — these two emerald gems are socketed into fingerless golden gloves meant to emulate those worn by Darth Naga Sadow. Black-dyed, they blend well into the scheme of his armor.

Talisman of Counterspell — this circular pendant depicts the Eye of Dreadwar. As a Sith sorcerer to the core, Sedicious knew the nearly unparalleled danger of spells cast on oneself and the constant danger of such in a Sith empire. As such, he crafted this.

Wraps of Frost — Burial shrouds drenched in dark energy of the dead. These wraps of frost were peeled from the foul bodies of two Sith mummies. The runic raiments have been turned into robes for Sedicious to wear.

Snowblind Crown — Sedicious once owned a helmet with a great many features, from anti-assassin capabilities to all-around utility to mental defense, this helmet was invaluable to his survival and an equalizer. However, as Sedicious changed, so too would the helmet. Eventually, the helmet would be destroyed, its alchemical parts used to create a crown. Strong but primitive, the crown only retained its mental defense capabilities. It is a helmet with greathelm similarities that shields him from the environment.

As a part of the aristocratic nobility of the Sith, as well as exceptionally capable in mental domination, infiltration, and usage of numerous arcane and esoteric abilities, Lord Sedicious is capable of acquiring nearly any ship he desires.

A heavily altered Jiaasjen-class star palace is his choice of flagship.

The Pallid Mask:
Classification: Jiaasjen-class, stealth carrier
Dimensions: 900m x 900m x 900m

The Pallid Mask is a heavily altered stealth destroyer designed in the class of an ancient Sith pyramid ship. The alteration is so extensive that classification was changed from stealth destroyer to stealth carrier. Its armament and complement has been halved in order to allow it to fulfill a unique Force-oriented support role.

The entire original complement was replaced with several TIE reapers and updated Droch-class boarding ships to insert elite infantry, such as Massassi and Sith Undead into battle. Both ships often carry two or more Kissai priests to augment these forces (such as cloaking the ships via illusion to aid infiltration, and/or to provide healing, and so on).

By removing so much of the armament, The Pallid Mask trades firepower for space and cloaking power.
This space has been used for meditation chambers, so that Force-bonded Kissai may group together and affect the battlefield via group meditation, melding for a time into one mind, extending their awareness and enhancing their ability to use the Force—for example: turning a few enemies' weapons into dust via Sith Illusions, casting Waves of Darkness in chokepoints, using a telepathic link to enrage a Massassi warrior, and so on.
There are also training rooms, where one may find Massassi in their own violent meditations.

Dark Side Dragons, gathered with great difficulty, have been ripped open and alchemical equipment keeps them producing Force ripple cancelling waves, as the ship would be a massive glowing target in the Force otherwise.

The Pallid Mask, as property of the aquatic world Rhelg, is also fully submersible.


Wreathing Shadows:
The prized complement of The Pallid Mask, Wreathing Shadows is a Sith Meditation Sphere with an onboard AI. Despite being its complement, Wreathing Shadows is Sedicious' personal transport, and is rarely onboard or even near the ship. It is also submersible.

Damask — named after Darth Plagueis, Sedicious acquired him as only a pup. As it grew, Sedicious found him to be a shy and passive creature, if exceptionally intelligent. Seeking to leave no weakspots, Sedicious put Damask through Sithspawn aggression training, but to little avail. Failure after failure to increase the ferocity of Damask, Sedicious left him to fend for himself… on the haunted world of Garn.

When Sedicious returned to retrieve him, if he had survived, Sedicious had seen that Damask had changed, and not just in size. Full-grown, Damask's body was stained an ochre yellow, his mouth stretched in a toothy rictus grin, and his eyes' red were bled, replaced with an empty black. Staring into these invoked a palpable and smothering sense of fear in most, but to Dark Side users this can lighten their mood, with Damask's intelligence fostering a sense of humor endearing.

As formidable scholar, polyglotism came as a by-product of his intellectual thirst, and knows multiple arcane languages, though his well-travelled life led him to learn more common tongues as well, and they are:
Dathomiri, Paecian, Hapan, Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Bocce, Aurebesh, Sith (all variants), Rozzum, Droidspeak, Draethos, Muun, Arkanian, Huttese, Shyriiwook (understanding), Mando’a, Cheunh, Vaagari, Rakatan, Durese, Kaleesh

Combat Skills:
Sedicious' strength always came down to his intellect. His lack of strength, stature, and speed has forced him to focus on technique above all else. As such, he needed to know thoroughly the strengths, weaknesses, and nuances of every style of combat. From hand-to-hand martial arts to saber forms, Sedicious knows them in and out, even those he doesn't use. He is, thus, rarely surprised in combat. Born a Nightbrother, Sedicious became deeply familiar with the usage of numerous martial arts, namely Echani and Stava, and primitive weaponry, such as maces, shields, axes, swords, spears, and bows.
He mastered both Makashi and Shien/Djem So when he still used a lightsaber, so he remembers them exceptionally well.
He has kept learning, of course, and learned K'tara during his time as a Sedriss guard.

Sedicious specializes in the creation of illusions and the use of necromancy, as well as psychic warfare with Affect Mind, Qâzoi Kyantuska, and Battle Meditation.

Other Strengths:
Entire libraries of knowledge are stored in Sedicious' mind. An intellectual omnivore, he possesses thorough and extensive knowledge of a great number of subjects, from social science to physical science, from art to warfare, and so on. This epistemological gluttony extends to Force orders as well, including, of course, the Sith (ancient through Rule of Two and One) and the Blackguard.

His former mentor Entheos gifted him knowledge of Flow-Walking, allowing him to see events and learn things nearly no other could (such as Darth Vitiate's consumption of Ziost, the death of Darth Plagueis, and, indeed, how and why there are underwater cities on Rhelg).

The extreme Force-training Sedicious has put his mind and spirit through (exerting himself telekinetically to near exhaustion, conjuring many Force Phantoms and Sith Illusions at once and coordinating them to the very best of his ability and beyond, folding space around a large object and doing so rapidly until it is damaged, absorbing enormous amounts of energy, and so on) had the purpose of sharpening his ability to use the Force, coordination skills, and ability to regenerate Force energy and persist while tired (although this did alter his physical state).

He is completely untrusting of others and always checks his surroundings for traps and treachery. This, however, did not stop him from befriending others, only keeping in mind the capability of others to betray.

Learning from an Eye of Typhojem, along with his past experiences—such as with Summon Demon, has granted him resistance to abilities that induce fear, such as Force Insanity and Summon Fear.

The trauma of perpetual abuse in his young age by the Nightsisters and the original Sedicious has left in him a spark of paranoia, driving him to check with compulsion his environment for traps and the like, as well as to dominating the minds of others unnecessarily, possibly ruining plans, destroying possible (and current) allies, and garnering the ire of those above him.
He is quick to underestimate his own power, but even faster to overestimate his own intelligence.
No matter how much he meditates, no matter how often he tells himself and others, and no matter how often he deals with spirits he cannot escape that part of him that fears death, suppressing it thus.
Nearly all respect he shows is shallow, seeing all but the most powerful and intelligent to be his equal (or, in most cases indeed, his inferior), a danger when facing superior telepaths and the like.
Suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, though it is well-controlled, with Sedicious using the emotions it conjures to strengthen his connection to the Dark Side.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Sedicious is on the surface aloof, particularly unfriendly in a dispassionate manner. Beneath the surface, however, he is passionate and burns often with utter contempt. Despite his dedication to the idea of harnessing cold anger—an idea which he learned from the writings of Plagueis and Sidious—violent outbursts are not rare, although these usually occur for unusual reasons (disrespect may not invoke his fury, but creasing a page in a book [his or not] most certainly would).

In his youth, he was articulate but not well-spoken. As he has grown in age and rank, he has come to see the value of eloquence and dramatically increased his skill in oratory, learning via Flow-Walking from the ancient Sith orators who held audiences of thousands spellbound (literally, as they disguised their spell-weaving as mere oratorical gestures). As such, he is sometimes given to poetic language, spicing his language with allusions whether to intimidate his intellectual inferiors (which to him is nearly everyone), to persuade the masses, or garner camaraderie with equals.

He has no concept of personal honor or ethics; he is amoral, never thinking in what is right or wrong—only in what is best, what works, and so on. Despite this, he is fully capable of empathy and does not ignore it.

Fears: Having conquered most of his fears long ago, there remains only two: memory loss and, in some small part, death.

Likes: Meditation, reading, experiencing melancholic vistas, and Sith sorcery. Using Force Phantoms in conjunction with Flow-Walking to explore places (such as the depths of Rhelg and Kamino, the floor of Kashyyyk, and sifting through time with them). He also enjoys affecting the minds of others---though not necessarily dominating them---and spiritual manipulation such as spectral necromancy and essence transfer. Exploring the breadth of Force power capabilities.

Dislikes: Weakness to common vices, such as drug addiction and alcoholism. Ignorance and stupidity, and especially these in their most pathetic forms of sexism, racism, and Forcefulism. The bloodthirsty, the pretentious, the simple.

Relationships/Love Interests: None.

Companions: Xendebule, Crassius Domind, Heresci, Satai Odana, Ellis Lightningstrider, OneOneFourDee

Darth Nathemus — his first mentor, to whom he holds deep appreciation. Darth Nathemus taught him much of Sith lore and many spells, including Qâzoi Kyantuska and Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut.

Entheos — his last mentor, who taught him of the Rhandites and their beliefs, and teaching him Darkshear, and Aing-Tii techniques, such as Fold Space and Fighting-Sight. Entheos gave Sedicious one final lesson, one in Flow-Walking, before disappearing with little trace.

Darth Drakul Xarxes — as they come from similar backgrounds and hold many similarities, Sedicious naturally sees him as a friend, even going so far as requesting Entheos to teach him as he did Sedicious. When he became a master, Sedicious was happy; when he was granted lordship, Sedicious was animated; when he ascended to the Dark Council, Sedicious was honored.
Though they have similar backgrounds and interests, they hold very different beliefs, though Sedicious does not currently see this as a major problem.

Darth Ānhrā Mahnîu — they had fought in the battlefield of thought and memory to a stalemate. But he has never seen him as an enemy. Indeed, he is one of the few Sith genuinely respects and sees him as a friend (though Sedicious knows of his callous nature).

Knight I-Ron — though I-Ron is in several ways the image of someone Sedicious detests (a religious zealot), Sedicious sees the qualities of a great Sith shining brightly within him, such as discipline, cunning, and valor. As such, he holds no ill-will toward I-Ron and hopes to see him succeed. I-Ron's defeat of a Sith much stronger than him won him Sedicious' respect.

Knight Kint Dranlor — an imposing and intelligent Sith who Sedicious had taught the fundamentals of Sith sorcery and some spells to. Knight Dranlor awakened an ancient force on one of Rhelg's moons. This force birthed the Rhelgian shock troopers. Sedicious looks on Dranlor with a kind eye, seeing his intellect, cunning, and ambition.

Darth Skyllan — Sedicious sees Skyllan as someone who is genuine yet capable, as such someone who he can trust (more than others). He respects Darth Skyllan's will to do what is necessary.

Darth Traya III — they entered the empire at the same time; both shared a love for sorcery and the mind; and both are Dathomirian. An endearing coincidence that sowed friendship. Darth Traya III has impressed Sedicious more than once. However, her refusal to grant freedom to the Nightbrothers fractured this friendship.

Darth Xiannar — a Sith battlemage who took on a Sith battlemage as an apprentice. Sedicious learned from Xiannar an important lesson—always cover your bases. Though Sedicious has ascended beyond him and has evolved past battlemage and into a true Sith sorcerer, he does miss the presence of his friend and former teacher.

Sedicious is also friends with his companions, though their respective descriptions of friendships will be on their CSs. Sedicious has altered their minds and implanted trigger words and phrases—or "words of power"—in their minds, planting them deep, out of view of consciousness, for their use as backup plans.
Words are different for each, usually, though the effects remain; one word may invoke frenzy, another will jolt them with fear, and yet another will strike them into comatose, and so on.

Darth Xiannar (last master, missing)
Sedicious (failure, dead)

Knight Knavish
Odachi (executed)
Amira Syphex (current)

Biography (heavily abridged):
Born on the hottest summer night in the Fields of Naboo, Sevre Callous was born with skin as vermillion as the celestial dome of his parents' home planet, Dathomir, the same location he would be brought to soon after his birth to live as a Nightbrother. Strong in the Force and with a keen mind, Callous was paid increased attention, though to a slave that is always dangerous. Though he was quick to learn and very skilled, he was physically smaller and weaker than the other Nightbrothers.

The Night of the Ichor Moon, as it would be known, would leave the Nightsisters stricken with Force Psychosis, a boon to the unaffected Nightbrothers, who would be taught sorceries and greater things beyond what was once their limit. Callous, showing a natural aptitude for sorcery, became a battlemage, which gave the tribe much success in their ventures beyond Dathomir.

It would not last long, as a Sith acolyte named Sedicious would slaughter the majority of the tribe. Callous would trade his freedom for his brother's life, and stepped thus into a new life of slavery. Callous would be intimately familiar with Dark Side artifacts in his time, forced as he was to gather, examine, and test such.

Within a rotting tomb on a Dark world of ruin, Callous discovered an artwork of a countless-armed deity with great, smokey draconoids. Behind it, within an corrosive mist, was a paper with the Sith spell "Dwomutsiqsa" (or "Summon Demon" in Basic). Sedicious, having believed Callous learned too much, forced Callous to perform the spell incorrectly. The spell turned on its caster, but Callous fought the catanoia-inducing horror, impressing Sedicious to the extent he took Callous as an apprentice and renamed him Dwomutsiqsa.

Years after Sedicious' death, Dwomutsiqsa would join the Sith academy. Ascending to Darth, he took the name Sedicious, but not in honor of his former master. He would be granted lordship, some time after.

Reputation: Sedicious is known to be a "walking encyclopedia" and his knowledge of the Force and lore is respected nearly universally. Known, much to Sedicious' flattery, as a vaunted Sith sorcerer.

Attributes - 102 points
STR: 8
FPR: 18
DEX: 8
INT: 18
CON: 10
MAN: 16
PER: 14
DES: 10

Rank/Level: Sith Lord, Level 35
Base Class: Sith Sorcerer
Subclass: Sith Alchemist
Prestige Class: Sith Necromancer

Skills - 100 points

Force Powers:

Force Channel - 1
Force Sense - 3
Telekinesis - 2
Telepathy - 4
| Mental Shield - 4
| Mind Trick - 4
Force Resistance - 4
| Tutaminis - 4
Cryokinesis - 1
| Cold Aura - 1
Force Bond - 1
| Drain Life - 1
| Battle Meditation - 4
Doppelganger - 1
| Force Phantom - 4
Dimension Shift - 1
Darkshear - 4
Fighting-Sight - 1


Force Ghost - 10
Transfer Essence - 10
Flow-Walking - 10

Sith Magic:

Qâzoi Kyantuska - 4
Dwomutsiqsa - 3
Forge Sith Artifact - 4
Mutate Life - 3
Invoke Spirits - 3
Spectral Dead - 4
Sith Illusions - 4
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*GM Approved*

Name/Title: Metus Aurelius, Dread Knight of the hunt. Soldier of Venom
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Species: Human (Corellian)
Orientation: Hetero (open to and has partaken in interspecies relations before)
Homeworld: Corellia
Occupation: Sith Knight
— Second of the Sphere of Arts & Culture
— Second of the Sphere of Records
— Agent in the Sphere of Assimilation

Height:Height: 5’11.5”

Weight: 70kg

Physical Description: A red glint stares out from beneath the black of a hooded cloak. When the hood falls back a bald head emerges. One eye a gleaming scarlet jewel, the other a burning glow of amber. Deep grooves cut in a symmetrical pattern cover his face and forehead, the results of ritualistic self mutilation. As the robe falls to the floor it reveals a lean yet dense musculature. A broad set of shoulders and chest tapering down to a narrow waist, like a cobra with its hood extended. Calloused hands grip a lightsaber, his knuckles and arms littered with faint shadows of scars that healed long ago. Though he is human in physiology, there is scarcely any humanity left to look upon.


Clothing: Metus’s day to day attire ranges from loose fitting breathable linens suited for the jungles of Corellia to tattered black Sith robes.
On occasion he sports a more tribal aesthetic with bones, vines and interesting stones he’s found woven into leather (of questionable origin) skirts and arm coverings. More often than not he dons face paint of various patterns; comprised of powdered minerals, bone and blood.



— Lightsaber powered by a qixoni crystal: Grants faster and stronger moves; enhances force abilities to give a slight edge in battle but does not count as +1 to abilities. Considered a “tie breaker” in duels. (Description given as per the Sphere of Commerce. Acquired during final trial)



— Dual phase saberstaff of more ancient design with blood orange crackling blades (acquired during final trial)

— Sith sword (song steel, acquired during final trial)

— Karambit style weapon fashioned from a nydak horn (Taken as a trophy)


— Beskar dagger (taken from Darth Xinil as a trophy)


Special: Prosthetic eye made from quartz with gold vein inlay and an obsidian iris; it houses, as it’s pupil, a garnet containing the blood of Tribune Noxia. Bonds me to the Tribune as a battle lord, allowing damage received to be redistributed among the other battle lords by Lady Noxia on my behalf. (Must be in physical range of Darth Noxia)

[Armour forged by Darth Yggdras, helm forged by Luna Ray]
Set of durasteel/songsteel alloy plate armour over a cortosis mesh weave underlay. The bracers however are a majority cortosis/durasteel alloy; cortosis bracers given to him by Darth Traya reforged to be more durable yet retain their ability to disrupt lightsaber blades.


A helm of the same durasteel/songsteel alloy, the face section being not only the visage of a Yuuzhan Vong, but the steel has in-fact been in plated onto the skeletal face of a Vong warrior, dispatched by Metus’s hand.


Vehicles: The Apocalyptica - Bellum class cruiser
Class: Bellum
Length: 750m
Engines: Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 Ion Engines (4)
Hyperdrive: Class 7 Hyperdrive
Power Plant: Solar Ionization Reactor
Shielding: Deflector Shield Generators (2)
Quad heavy turbo lasers (2)
Octuple light turbo lasers (4)
Double heavy ion cannon (1)
Flak cannons (4)
Flares (2)
Complement: 18 Starfighters
Consumables: 8months
Crew/Troop Size: 2,400/700
Roles: Blockage Vessel, Assault Vessel

Pets: Tuk’ata - Kun Annun

Languages: Galactic basic, some old Corellian (not near fluent/just enough to insult people)

Combat Skills: Metus is naturally kinetically intelligent; having spent most of his life so far traversing the forests of Corellia, hunting for food, escaping predators and warding off intruders. Due to his slightly smaller stature among warriors, being more akin to the likes of Maul rather than Vader or Malgus, he often uses this kinetic know-how to redirect momentum, throw his opponents off balance and counter with deadly force. A real life comparison being Judo; yet with the intent to kill with as few strikes as possible. With weaker opponents Metus will usually toy with them, break their morale. But when going up against stronger opponents he’ll try to end the fight as quickly as he can, finding blind spots, prying open cracks in their defences and exploiting anything that presents itself.

Other Strengths: He’s rarely taken by surprise in regard to the actions of others. Being self serving and gratifying, Metus believes that most sentient beings suppress their true desires to a degree; even the Sith. He expects the “worst” from people at all times; assumes no one is trustworthy. Driven enough to do what ever he can get away with, wise enough to know when to reign his desires in.

Flaws: His strength in being cautious of people also manifests as a reluctance to work with others; and a ‘get them before they get you’ attitude. He has almost no fear of death itself, which causes at times a dangerous lack of self preservation instinct. He sees conflict encounters as black and white, he’ll either die or he’ll become stronger; a no loss situation in his eyes.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Personality: Metus is primarily about his own fulfilment, being true to himself, indulging in what ever depraved desire he has at the time. Some see his behaviour as chaotic or meaningless, when in reality he merely adheres to the mantra of “Do what thou wilt”, however being not so similar to the real life tenet of Thelema. Metus views the universe as an intrinsically meaningless place where destruction and decay reign over all else. It’s this view that lead him to adopt the counterpoint or coping mechanism of giving himself purpose in making sure he was as true to himself as he could possibly be; darkest desires inclusive and living a life of no regrets or “what if?”

However Metus isn’t so arrogant to think he can get away with what ever he wants when ever he wants it. He’ll do almost anything he can get away with if it suits his desires. He is a sadomasochist, taking extreme pleasure in ritualistic self mutilation and inflicting pain on others. A creature of experience he pushes his senses to their limits in the attempt to sample everything the universe has to offer before his inevitable expiration.

Fears: Deception; he fears living a lie. He subconsciously fears being drawn close to people and developing an exploitable attachment to them, which sits at odds with his wish to be accepted for who and what he is. He harbours a deep fear of rejection seeded from his childhood.

Likes: Collecting - this ranges from weapons of slain enemies, digits from slain enemies, the skin of slain enemies and interesting looking stones.

Dislikes: Arrogance and self aggrandisement.

Habits: Deviancy, light substance usage, tobacc habit.

Relationships/Love Interests: N/A

Companions: N/A

Friendships (if applicable):

Masters: Darth Traya

Apprentices: Aaric Tritum

Reputation: To his apprentice he’s a dark, twisted and at times terrifying force. To his own master he’s a blood thirsty, scorching furnace with an appetite for destruction. To others Metus is an afterthought. He’s a recluse, keeping to himself mostly and speaking only when it benefits him. Those that do know him from his Sphere positions would call him intelligent and above all else, driven.

Metus’ earliest memory was of that cluttered room. Weapons parts scattered across benches, holoprint schematics of ships and ordnance. He was born and raised in a black site weapons and battle cruiser prototyping and development facility. Located in a remote and uninhabited dense jungle region of the core world of Corellia. The true intent of the compound was hidden from the boy. He knew his parents were scientists... Engineers who made machines of destruction. Even into his teen years he knew not who and what his parents truly served.

During a powerful tropical storm that Metus had been caught up in and forced to find shelter under a stone overhang, the attack began. Hearing weapon fire and screams the boy was helpless. Only 7 at the time, through the savage storm he rushed back to the compound to find only one survivor.

Vilas, the lone survivor of an un-sanctioned and off the record raid on the facility was gravely injured. And upon meeting the boy concocted the lie that he’d been sent that morning to aid in a project when republic commandos carried out their unlawful seizure. Vilas was in fact a Jedi.

Over 10 years Vilas worked tirelessly to reconstruct a craft to get them off world and back to Coruscant, hopefully to get the boy to a new home. Due to the clandestine and politically sensitive nature of the Jedis failed mission, no call for help would be heeded. Any civilisation was too far to travel on foot. And no doubt there were agents placed to watch for his resurface, to deal with him one way or another.

In that decade the Jedi cared for and nurtured the boy out of a crippling sense of guilt and duty. The two became close friends and Metus looked up to Vilas. The Jedi had coached him through the grief and mourning the loss of his parents. But Vilas sensed something in him. A darkness. Something he dare not uncover.

Around his 17th birthday, Metus stumbled on a hidden room within the compound, finally succumbing to a “call” he’d been advised to ignore for years. It appeared to be outfitted by Vilas as a kind of meditation chamber. He found what he would later learn to be holocrons... one Sith and one Jedi. Feeling an overwhelming pull, Metus stepped where he knew his mentor would not be happy to find him. That little pyramid emitting such a crushing dark energy and yet beneath it all a familiar warmth he could only identify as the embrace of his mother. Metus reached out, with what and to where he did not know. A vision flooded his mind.

Vilas confronted the young man in the chamber but it was too late. Metus had learned the truth. The dark side of the force had revealed to him the truth of his parents demise. Vilas was directly responsible for his parents death, delivering the killing blow to both as they fired upon him.

The Jedi ignited his lightsaber. He urged to young man to block out the vision, that he had been shown a lie. Seething rage filled Metus. He agreed with Vilas. He had been fed a lie, his whole life.

Something welled up inside Metus, a power he’d never felt. He exploded with rage, a wave of force energy threw the Jedi back against a wall. His bones breaking overshadowing the sound of the impact itself.

Over another 10 years Metus would immerse himself in a solitary life. Hunting both food and scavengers that eventually found their way to the old compound. The darkness in Metus grew over the years, the holocron speaking to him, tempting him further. Until one day a ship landed nearby, a ship belonging to the Sith Empire.

After some time and searching within the Empire, Metus garnered the attention of Dark Lady Traya and became her apprentice. It was during his first task that Metus would change forever. He was forced to gaze into a cursed mirror. The glass reflected his subconscious and showed him horrific, mind shredding visions. In the space of a few short moments he’d seen thousands upon thousands of years of war and death on a cosmic scale. His psyche was broken and remade in the fires of war. Leaving him an insatiable and brutal warrior that revelled in every kill.

Metus would go on to impress his master, killing a Yuzaahn Vong warrior, defeating her personal guard Darth Xinil and gravitating toward the darker aspects of the universe after suffering mind shredding visions within a mysterious mirror. Shedding the last vestiges of his attachment to the memories of his mother within the tomb of Ludo Kressh, destroying his prized ring, and even showing his willingness to sever himself from the Dark Lady, Metus rose to the rank of Sith Knight. Upon being knighted the warrior adopted the “family” name of Aurelius, an ode to the Miraluka Sith formerly known as Aurelia; the woman who set him on his true path. He now seeks to carve out his own story.

STR (Strength): 14
FPR (Force Power): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 9
MAN (Manipulation): 9
PER (Perception): 9
DES (Destiny): 5

Base Class: Warrior
Subclass (if applicable):
Prestige Class (optional):

Skills: Level 20 (36 points)

Shi Cho - 1
Djem So - 1 (Requires Shii Cho)
Juyo - 1 (Requires Warrior/ Shii Cho)
Force Discipline - 1 (Requires Warrior/ Shii Cho)
Augemtation - 1
- Force body - 2 (Requires Sith Warrior/Augmentation)
- Force speed - 2 (Requires Augmentation)
Battlemind - 1 (Requires Sith Warrior)
Telekinesis - 1
- Force Push - 1 (Requires TK)
- Force Burst - 3 (Requires TK)
- Force Wound - 2 (Requires TK)
Ballistakinesis - 3 (Requires TK)
Telepathy - 1
- Mental shield - 1
Force Resistance - 1
- Tutaminis - 2
Force reflex - 2
Force Punch - 2
Spear of midnight black - 2
Corruption - 2
Force Shock - 1
- Sith Seeker - 2View attachment 1030


Darth Arach Character Sheet
GM Approved


Name: Darth Arach

Title: Harbinger of the Serpant and the Dark Wyrm, Overmistress of Beasts and Toxic Poisons

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 22

Sex: female

Species: human

Orientation: heterosexual

Homeworld: Rikku

Occupation: none



Physical Description: Arach has long black hair usually pulled back into a braid, molten gold eyes, and pale skin, with a thin scar on the underside of her right forearm.

Clothing: Dark shirt and leggings, they are tight enough not to snag on anything, or grabbed at during combat. Something that could help her blend in with the local population.

Weapons: a lightsaber, a dagger made from the bone of an animal.

Equipment: her weapons, judgement, the Force, improv weapons, and a ring given to her by Darth Talon.

Vehicles: none

Pets (if applicable): none

Languages: Basic

Combat Skills (brief summary of general combat strengths, including non-Force-based skills not reflected in Skills statistics section): her basic combat skill is scraping because she grew up on the streets, since becoming a Sith, her ability increased and she incorporates the Force when she can

Other Strengths (brief summary of general strengths, including non-Force-based strengths not reflected in Skills statistics section): She can quickly pick up on the custums of those around her, she has a general idea of what can be used for survival, or marketable, if needs be.

Flaws (brief summary of general weaknesses, including non-Force-based weaknesses not reflected in Skills statistics section): Arach can be a bit naïve and trusting when it comes to people she perceieves as friends. On the flip side, she can be a bit of a loner. She can be honorable to a fault.

Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Neutral Good

Personality: can be mischievous, somewhat unpredictable, easy going, which can change in a snap if provoked, fiercly loyal to her friends, she is honorable.

Fears: Arach’s deepest fear is losing her Sith family like what happened with her blood family.

Likes: loyalty and honesty

Dislikes: killing people she knows, but she will do it without hesitation with good reason

Habits: keeping to herself and observing those around her

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): none, currently.

Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both): none

Friendships (if applicable): have teleported to the past,

Masters (if applicable): former apprentice of Darth Dreadwar

Apprentices (if applicable): former master to Darth Syren and was briefly master to Saadi (both have not come with her)

Reputation: something she doesn’t think about

Biography: Isa’s parents and most of her colony had been wiped out by an organic virus that caused those infected to become a type of zombie and eat their neighbors. Her parents were among those eaten when she was ten. A close friend of her parents raised her until she was sixteen, then died of a heartattack. The girl who would eventually become Arach was on the streets and learned how to take care of herself.

She, eventually, befriended another girl, who was later murdered by a canabalistic group of savages known as Raiders. Young Isa discovered her powers and slowly killed her adopted sister’s murderers.

When Isa was eighteen, she was discovered by a passing Sith and brought to the temple on Korriban, there she was aprenticed to Dreadwar and chose the name Arach. From there, she went on missions with Darth Haretisch and a few other Sith, where she advanced rapidly through the ranks.

After the completion of her first mission to the Korriban desert, the young assassin felt her master’s disappearance. During her rage, she was contacted by Darth Talon. In exchange for help in avenging her master, Talon gave Arach a ring to help the younger woman conceal her thoughts.

Upon her return from her second mission, Arach was given anapprentice and was made a High Lord.

Before long, the god Typhojem was released by the one she had considered a friend, Lord Haretisch, who had murdered her apprentice, Syren, who had taken Arach’s place in the ritual.

Arach has blacked out towards the end of the Battle of Mortis.

STR (Strength): 11

FPR (Force Power): 14

DEX (Dexterity): 14(+1)

INT (Intellect): 13

CON (Constitution): 14

MAN (Manipulation): 13

PER (Perception):13(+1)

DES (Destiny): 10

Rank/Level (e.g. Level 40 Dark Lord of the Sith): Lvl 39 Dark Lord of the Sith

Base Class: Assassin

Subclass (if applicable): Stalker

Prestige Class (optional): Shadow Mage

Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein):
Shii-Cho- 4
Tr`akata- 3
Augmentation- 3
Force Jump- 3
Force Speed- 4
Force Sense- 4
Force Sight- 3
Telekinesis- 3
Force Rend- 4
Force Wound- 4
Telepathy- 5
Mental Shield- 5
Cleanse Mind- 2
Mind Trick- 4
Beast Trick- 3
Ballistakinesis- 4
Force Illusion- 4
Alter Image- 3
Comprehend Speech- 3
Force Shock- 4
Force Lightning- 3
Chain Lightning- 2
Contort- 4
Inflict Pain- 3
Convection- 3
Cryokenisis- 3
Conceal Essance- 5
Force Stealth- 4
Transfer Force- 3
Force Cloak-3
Waves of Darkness- 1(+3)
Spell of Concealment- 1(+3)
Shadow Strike- 4
Farsight- 2
Mindspeech- 2
Force Resistance- 5
Godlike Darkside Tendrils- 10
Godlike Flow- walk- 10
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Jedi Council
GM Approved CS

Name/Title: A'Sharad Hett


Nicknames/Aliases: Dread Lord Darth Krayt, The Dragon Reborn

Age: 204 (Born 47 BBY)

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Orientation (optional):

Homeworld: Tatooine

Occupation: Sith Lord

Height: 1.95 M

Weight: 92.98 KG

Character Theme:

Fighting Theme:

Voice Claim: Ron Perlman - The Lich (Adventure Time)

Physical Description: Krayt, while larger than original, is much the same. Taller than before, his commandeered body is every bit as muscular. Instead of white, his now-dreaded hair is Red-Brown, normally tied back in a tight tail. His right eye is a deep emerald green, and his left, while a good mimic, is cybernetic, having been replaced before he took the body.

Clothing: In typical One Sith fashion, Krayt sports red, steel, and black colors. His armor is deep crimson, with brushed beskar plates along the chest, abdomen, and shoulders. Often this is accompanied with a long back traveler's robe.

Weapons: Krayt carries two lightsabers. One is a rebuilt mimic of his Jedi hilt, wrapped in nerf leather and adorned with hand carved Tusken Beadwork. The other is a commandeered crimson curved hilt , taken from the body he inhabited.
Krayt's Lightsabers:


Equipment: Standard Utility Belt with food and hydration capsules, hook, holocom, and data pad. His left eye is cybernetic and sports infrared and thermal imaging, as well as the capability to penetrate through some walls and bulkheads.

Vehicles: Bes'uliik Fighter

The Dragon's Maw (Formerly Hand of Feros)

Pets (if applicable): None

Languages: Basic, Hapan, Huttese, Tusken, Bocce, Ancient Sith

Combat Skills: Aside from being a brilliant lightsaber duelist, Krayt is also adept in the physical force aspect of the Dark Side. He views the Dark Side as a tool to destroy anyone who stands in his way, using it to choke, crush, or reduce to ash. He knows the art of gaffi stick fighting from his childhood among the Tuskens, as well as the martial art of Teräs Käsi.

Other Strengths: Krayt is a master Manipulator. He is also very calm and patient, as evidenced by his decades-long planning to take the Galaxy. He is also an adept Pilot, as shown in his performance above the arena on Geonosis. He is very well versed tactically and technically, and is well-read in the history and traditions of the Ancient Sith.

Flaws: As a matter of habit, Krayt gets locked into his own obsessions. He is brash and egotistical, and has a very high sense of both self-purpose and self-importance. He is driven to the point of flaw by his own goals.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Krayt is still locked in his original goal of uniting the Galaxy for peace and order. He is quiet, not overbearing, and not quick to anger. He remains collected in most situations, almost to an unnerving degree. He has an intellectual's habit of guiding others to the answer instead of just revealing it. He's also very secretive in his goals. He is very careful with his trust, having been betrayed before.

Fears: Krayt is terrified by the idea of his prime goal being unmet. He also still has a healthy fear for the pains associated with the biots of the Yuuzhan Vong. And a new fear, the torments of Chaos, from being dead.

Likes: Krayt is very partial to being in control, and will sacrifice almost anything for it. He adores winning or being right. He also prefers order to chaos and disorganization. He's also very partial to color coordination, mainly in schemes of red, black, and metal color ways.

Dislikes: Krayt still harbors ill will towards anyone with Skywalker blood. He loathes the Imperial Knights and anything to do with the Remnant. He doesn't like things moving beyond his ability to control. Also, having done it twice, he isn't a fan of dying.

Habits: Krayt drums his fingertips when he's becoming impatient. He also has a habit of overtalking, and condescending to anyone he deems beneath him.

Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable):


Friendships (if applicable): Darth Maladi, Darth Talon

Masters (if applicable): Sharad Hett, Ki-Adi Mundi, An'ya Kuro, XoXann, Vergere(to some extent)

Apprentices (if applicable): Darth Maladi, Darth Talon, Various One Sith, Bhat Jul (deceased Jedi Padawan)

Reputation: Feared by nearly all that knew him, Darth Krayt was once the Emperor of the Galaxy, ruling his One Sith with an Iron Fist. His careful planning and preparation for his Sith invasion was flawless, drawn out patiently over decades. Those in his closest circle were fanatically devoted to him, because of a strong charisma and conviction he exuded. Not quick to explode in anger, but rather cold and calculating in his behavior. Confident, bordering on arrogant, with a love of taunting his opponents.

Biography: Born to a Jedi father, Sharad Hett, on the planet Tatooine, he was taken by Ki-Adi Mundi and trained as a Jedi by the Cerean master, and later the Dark Woman An'ya Kuro, after his father was murdered by Aurra Sing. Hett would later use his anger to defeat Sing in battle while serving as a Jedi Padawan. He served as a renowned General during the Clone Wars. He was even the only Jedi that Anakin told about his butchering of the Tusken Village in his fit of rage and revenge. Hett kept his secret until long after the war and the Jedi were over.

After Order 66, Jedi Master Hett thought he was alone, the last Jedi to have survived. He returned to Tatooine, and became a War Leader, leading several Tusken clans on raids against encroaching human settlements. These raids eventually led him to the edges of Owen Lars' moisture farm. At this point, Obi-wan Kenobi stepped in, and the two fought a brutal duel on the barren plains. During the duel, Kenobi removed Hett's mask, a great dishonor to the Tusken people. He was outcast from his clans and defeated in battle, and asked Kenobi to finish him off. Kenobi refused, forcing Hett to swear an oath on his Father's honor to leave Tatooine and never return.

After his departure, Hett became a bounty hunter, eventually tracking a bounty to Korriban. After killing the man for threatening to expose him, Hett heard a voice calling to him from within the ruins. There he found the Holocron of XoXann, the ancient Sith Lady. She spoke to him, and opened him to the Dark Side, which he justified as "simply pretending," in order to learn new powers with which to take revenge on Darth Vader, who he had learned was Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Sidious, the Emperor. However, he stayed in the Tomb far longer than he thought, and upon exiting, found they were presumed dead above Endor. Hett left then for the Unknown Regions, in order to "lose himself."

While in the Unknown Regions, he was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, and placed in the Embrace of Pain. While in the Embrace, Hett met Vergere, a former pupil of Sidious. She taught him to use his pain and anger to fuel himself. At this point he also received his vision of the New Sith Order. He spoke many times with Vergere, and eventually broke free, destroyed the ship, and returned to Korriban. There he took the name Darth Krayt, after the fearsome dragon of his home world.

Krayt returned, however, to a massively split Sith Order, the Dread Darth Vassago having been deposed, and the factions splintering into many. Krayt chose to align himself with the Red Sith faction, preaching of unity and order, and making the faction his own. He soon proclaimed himself Dark Lord of the Sith, renaming his faction as well. The One Sith.

After returning, he eschewed the Baneite "Rule of Two," instead adopting the Rule of One, in which all Sith would be one, and ruled by One Sith. Krayt and his few One Sith lay dormant, and at a point even tried to recruit Lumiya, former apprentice to Vader. She refused, instead choosing to side with her "Creation," Darth Caedus, whom he tolerated as a distraction to draw attention away from his growing Order. He also later ignored The Lost Tribe, as well as numerous other Dark Lords, as pretenders to the Order, and not true Sith. He stayed in stasis caskets for years-long stints during this time, knowing the biots the Vong left in him were killing him slowly.

He was eventually approached by a Moff of Roan Fel's Empire, and entered into an alliance with Fel. He used his apprecntice and alchemist Darth Maladi to sabotage a Jedi-Backed Vong Teraforming effort, ruining the public opinion of the Jedi and the Alliance. He revealed the existence of The One Sith, fighting on behalf of Roan Fel, and the Sith-Imperial war began. Once Ossus was purged of Jedi, Krayt rapidly overthrew Fel, and installed himself as the Galactic Emperor.

Krayt ruled for seven years before being betrayed by his Voice, Darth Wyyrlok III. However, using a combination of Cade Skywalker's healing powers, the Alchemy of Muur, and Essence Transfer, he survived, reanimating and healing his own body and conquering death.

Following the second battle of Coruscant, Krayt was defeated, and his body cast into the Coruscanti Sun. His spirit, however, survived, taunting Skywalker even as his body was disintegrated. At that moment, however, Krayt felt a different, though similar, presence. Someone had flow-walked into the moment, and Krayt possessed the unsuspecting Sith, Darth Feros, who was also a Skywalker descendant. Krayt was not strong enough to completely destroy Feros' consciousness, instead crushing it down and locking it away, essentially hijacking the body.

Krayt learned soon that Feros was a Lord and General in the newly founded Sith Empire, sacking the Jedi temple under the command of Darth Hesper, who had single-handedly killed the entire Senate. Krayt played along as Feros until returning, realizing that the Empire was, itself, a parody of his One Sith. Their Emperor, Darth Dreadwar, he decided, was a traitor to the Order, and it was best he was now gone.

Aboard the massive World-Ship Hand of Iron, Krayt reached out through the Force, searching for Loyalists to him, and announcing himself to them as the Dragon Reborn. He realized that some had not simply bent the knee, and instead remained loyal to him and his vision. Some even hailed him as a Messiah of sorts, citing his return after death as the will of the Dark Side itself. He also realized that they had doubled in number since the disappearance of Dreadwar, and called to them, gathering them into his fold.

Sitting now on an Iron Throne of crimson and steel, in armor of crimson and Beskar, The Dragon Reborn rules over his Dragon Sith, fighting the splinter groups for dominance over the Galaxy as he should say. Yes, always as he should say.

Rank/Level Sith Lord/Level 38
Base Class: Warrior
Subclass (if applicable): Sith Paladin
Prestige Class (optional):

STR (Strength): 13
FPR (Force Power): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 12
INT (Intellect): 12
CON (Constitution): 13
MAN (Manipulation): 13
PER (Perception): 12
DES (Destiny): 13


Lightsaber Skills
Form I: Shii-Cho - 2
Form VI: Niman - 4
Jar'kai - 4
Saber Barrier - 3

Force Powers
Force Resistance - 4
Tutaminus - 4

Battlemind - 4

Force Healing (Light Side Power) - 3

Telekinesis - 3
Force Push - 3
Force Wave - 3
Force Rend - 4

Force Wound - 3
Force Choke - 4
Telekinetic Kill - 4

Force Shock - 3
Force Lightning - 4

Augmentation - 3
Force Speed - 4
Force Jump - 3
Force Body - 4

Force Sense - 4
Farsight - 3
Precognition - 4
Force Reflex - 4

Feed on Dark Side - 4
Shatterpoint - 4
Control Pain - 4

Force Ghost - 10
Essence Transfer - 10
Eternal Hatred - 10


Dorrian Shadowsun

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Character Sheet Template

Character Illustration:a5069e93ae2097a9e096288adb615378.jpg
Theme Music:
Audio Sample of Character Voice:

: Dorrian Shadowsun – Iron Knight
Nicknames/Aliases: Fel-Flame Demon
Age: 125
Sex: Male
Species: Maelibus
Orientation (optional): Pan
Homeworld: Lego
Occupation: Sith Knight
Height: 10'
Weight: 525lbs

Physical Description: Tall, broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, and hyper-muscular. His skin appears to be made on unpolished granite and is the color of burnished copper. 8 horns adorn the top of his head, 4 rows of 2 each. They sweep back, following closely the shape of his head. A row of spikes traces the top of his shoulders and trails down the outside of his arms to the elbow, where they end in a large spike, thick, muscular hands with razor-sharp claws that can rend flesh and stone alike. Another row of spines follows the curve of his collarbone and trails down his chest and abdomen to just above his genital region. The final row of spines starts at the base of his neck and travels all the way down his spine, to the tip of his 3-foot prehensile tail, which culminates in a sharp, serrated bone spur. Muscular legs support his massive frame atop large, taloned feet. A row of smaller spines starts at his hips and trails down the outside of his legs to his ankles.

Clothing: (Heirloom Armor) Verpine set (Passed down from father)
Weapons: 2 Single-bladed Lightsabers, 1- Custom Glaive
Equipment: Sith Robes & cloak
Vehicles: Iron Demon – 10-person transport craft.
Pets (if applicable): 1- Green/Gold Gizka, Very friendly.
Languages: Maelibus, Common
Combat Skills: Advanced Scouting techniques, Burrowing, Terror Tactics, Darkvision
Other Strengths: 8-10 times stronger than standard human(increased gravity and genetics), Enhanced physical attractiveness (species based),
Flaws: Extreme cold, Hates Laws/Rules, Anger
Alignment (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil): Neutral Evil
Personality: Aggressive but reserved. Won't waste energy on pointless actions but will not back down from a challenge or a fight.
Fears: Being alone (mate), Being Forgotten
Likes: Lava/Hot locations, Tunnels/Underground, Causing Fear, Power
Dislikes: Snow, Protracted Diplomatic Engagements, Whiny People
Habits: Pyromaniac
Relationships/Love Interests (if applicable): Sophie (Undetermined as of yet)
Companions (optional; may include brief summaries of Companion characters, links to full Character Sheets posted in the Campaign Guide, or both):
Friendships (if applicable): Unknown
Masters (if applicable): None
Apprentices (if applicable): Ky'skara – Iron Apprentice
Reputation: Loyal but distant
Biography: Born into violent warring tribes, Dorrian quickly learned that it is kill or be killed. Being a different color than most of his race, he was shunned from a young age. Despite his obvious prowess on the field of battle. At the age of 25, Dorrian killed his former commander after a botched tactic killed over 100 of his fellow Maelibus. He soon fled his home-world on a passing freighter and ended up on Nar Shadda. Dorrian was rapidly picked up by one of the lesser Hutts for the Pits. 25 years later, Dorrian is sold in a Pazzak game to an impetuous Sith lord to pay off a debt his Hutt “owner” had. After discovering that this know-nothing Sith was in fact quite mad, he killed him during a rather unstable experiment. Taking his lightsabers as trophies, Dorrian left to find his own way. Countless fights, gang wars and incursions with the law, Dorrian was finally able to barter his way off of Nar Shadda and get to Korriban. (Shortened Version)

STR (Strength): 15
FPR (Force Power): 10
DEX (Dexterity): 5
INT (Intellect): 15
CON (Constitution): 15
MAN (Manipulation): 5
PER (Perception): 10
DES (Destiny): 9

Rank/Level: Sith Knight – Level 20 (Equivalent level 5)
Base Class: Sith Warrior
(if applicable): Mauler
Prestige Class (optional): Knight
Skills (game mechanics only; listing all chosen Skills and Skill Points therein): 36 Skill Points/ 84 Attribute used

Shi-Cho – 1
Vaapad – 1

Augmentation – 2
Enhance Attribute – 2

Force Shock – 3
Force Lightning – 3

Convection – 3
Pyrokinesis – 3

Force Resistance – 2
Tutaminis – 2

Concentration – 2
Feed on the Dark Side – 2
Inflict Pain – 2
Force Reflex – 2
Force Bellow – 3
Flamusfracta – 3

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