1. corinthia

    Casual Training on Tython: Sparring Ring [Open RP]

    [ Open RP ] Against the lulling rush of a waterfall, the iconic thrum of lightsabers filled the air of a large, open ring jutting out from the side of a verdant mountain. This space was on the far side of the Northern Temple on the venerated planet Tython; it was a sparring ring, a wide arena...
  2. corinthia

    Formal A Confluence on Tython: The Rebuilding of an Order [Open RP]

    A Confluence on Tython ~ 155 ABY ~ IC: Jedi Master Chalcedony Isosi Kast Tython - The Northern Temple Ruination. Calamity. Collapse. Thoughts like storm clouds gathered in Master Kast's mind; the end of her cane clacked loudly on the polished stone floor of the hangar as she walked from...
  3. Darth Vesper

    Cantina Kenobi's Cantina (IC)

    Kenobi’s It was a dark and stormy night, the sleeting rain cut like a lightsaber through the tarps outside the semi durasteel, semi stuccoed building that resided in the main entertainment district of Tython. Tubes, cables and pipes wound about wildly in random directions connecting the...
  4. Catt

    Casual RP: A Chance Meeting

    IC: Initiate Elliana Location: Jedi Monastery, Mount Passvaal (Open RP) On the river moon of Al'doleem, azure waters wound their way through the copper earth. This place stood as a testament to the beauty of time. The canyon walls and great spires had been weathered and worn away by wind and...
  5. corinthia

    Official * The Temple of the New Jedi Order *

    Welcome, followers of the Light, to the Temple of the New Jedi Order. Here begins your journey to become a Jedi; here, the Light Side glows brightly and steadfastly, granting strength and serenity to the Knights, Masters and Padawans who serve our Order. To be a Jedi is to uphold the virtues of...

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