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  1. corinthia

    Info Username Change Update

    Greetings, folks! With the forum upgrade last month, one of our new features is the ability for members to request to change their usernames through the forum itself. Now, instead of messaging me on Messenger or sending me a PM here to grovel for your username to be changed, you can simply...
  2. corinthia

    Notice Spoiler Policy for Movies - READ ME

    Spoiler Policy for Star Wars Films DO NOT post spoilers outside of designated spoiler threads (marked with a red "Spoiler" prefix) for TWO WEEKS following the premier or release of any new Star Wars feature film, in theaters or on Disney+. Untagged spoilers outside of designated spoiler...
  3. corinthia

    Notice Spoiler Policy for TV - READ ME

    Spoiler Policy for Star Wars TV DO NOT post spoilers outside of designated spoiler threads (marked with a red "Spoiler" prefix) for ONE WEEK following the release of an episode for currently running Star Wars television/streaming shows. Untagged spoilers outside of designated spoiler threads...
  4. corinthia

    Info What To Do If You're Banned

    If you've been banned... The first thing to know is that most bans are temporary, lasting between 24 hours and 3 days. Why was I banned? If you have been banned and do not know as to why, the first thing you can do is check your messages or your home page. One or both of these will have access...
  5. corinthia

    Info ESEF Glossary

    Eternal Sith Empire Forums Glossary [ Under construction ]
  6. corinthia

    Info Guide to Thread Prefixes and Tagging

    Thread Prefixes and Tagging The ESEF has two primary ways to help users categorize and tag new threads based on content. Post prefixes are selected from a drop-down list to the left of the thread title field; prefixes are already set, and you can find a list of all prefixes and what they...
  7. corinthia

    Info Rules of the Forum

    The Eternal Sith Empire Forum Rules Welcome to the Eternal Sith Empire Forums! This post outlines the general rules and policies of these forums. By registering as a member on this forum, you automatically agree to abide by the following rules. Spoilers The ESEF is a spoiler-free zone...
  8. corinthia

    Info Frequently Asked Questions

    We don't have any FAQs yet! Have a question about the forums? Please refer to Community Support in Communications. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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