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  1. Undying Master Xiannarr

    Other Dark Empire

    I’m trying to find out , does “Dark Empire” have an actual comic or book detailing its story or is it just an Rp guide
  2. Undying Master Xiannarr

    Discussion Hypothetical Duels

    A place to discuss who would win in certain scenarios.
  3. Undying Master Xiannarr

    Official House Vassago Barracks

    House Vassago - Home of the Undying Welcome to the Noble Halls of House Vassago. Here we strive for nothing short of excellence. To join our ranks you must show a dedication not just to nobility, but to upholding the hierarchy, remaining civil, Diplomatic and knowing that to bear our moniker...

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The Eternal Sith Empire Forums is a new home for one of the largest online Sith roleplaying and fan communities on the internet. We welcome you to join us in discussing lore, socializing, sharing fanart and fanfiction, roleplaying in our vast number of RPGs, and more.

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